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    Boss FAQ by chris2001

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/19/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                         Secret of Mana Boss Guide
                   Version 1.0 (Last updated 19 May 2002)
                             by Chris Brennan
    0. Contents:
    1. The boring but necessary stuff...
    1.1 E-Mail info
    1.2 Copyright stuff
    1.3 Version history
    1.31 Future plans
    1.4 A little about the game...
    1.5 A little about this boss guide...
    2. Bosses
    3. Strategy notes
    4. Credits
    5. Copyright and random info again
    1. The boring but necessary stuff...
    1.1 E-Mail:
    christojb2001@yahoo.co.uk is my e-mail address for everything to 
    do with my FAQs. I usually check my e-mail every other day at least,
    unless I'm overly busy. During holidays though (Easter, Xmas, Summer) 
    I don't always have Net access, so don't be surprised if you don't get 
    a reply for a while at these times. Any recommendations, praise, 
    (constructive) criticism, and corrections to this boss guide are welcome.
    1.2 Copyright stuff:
    This work is Copyright 2001/2002 Chris Brennan 
    (christojb2001@yahoo.co.uk). It is for personal use only, and may not be 
    reproduced without the author's permission (if for some warped reason 
    you do want to put this on your site, e-mail me with details). And 
    kiddies, plagiarism is baaaaad, so don't do it... ;)
    1.3 Version history:
    1.0 (19 May 2002) - Originally intended as a full FAQ/Walkthrough, this has
    now become a more detailed boss guide. Added boss info to boss strategies,
    which were already in place. Added some more detail to soime bosss strategies.
    1.31 Future plans:
    By the next update (v1.0) I should have...
    - Haven't got a clue what I'm going to add/change if anything. Any 
    suggestions are welcome... :)
    1.4 A little about the game...
    Ahhh, old school SNES RPGs... aren't they great? And Secret of Mana 
    (henceforth SoM) was, and indeed still is one of the best. An 
    action-orientated RPG along the same lines as the equally wonderful 
    Zelda games, SoM is one of those games that I can keep playing through 
    without getting bored. My play through the game while writing this 
    walkthrough was about my 8th time through the game (albeit spread out 
    over 5 years or so...), so I can vouch for its replay value. The plot 
    is good, if a little unoriginal, and it has a great multiplayer option, 
    a rarity in SNES RPGs. Whether you’re playing SoM for the first time 
    (where have you been?), or the tenth, this guide is here to make sure 
    you don’t run into trouble.
    1.5 A little about this boss guide...
    The guide will obviously contain spoilers, so read ahead at your peril! I'd
    advise you only to use it if you're having big troubles with a certain boss,
    that way you can be sure nothing is being spoiled. I'll assume you're playing
    single-player, although nothing really changes in multi-player except you will
    have a (hopefully) more intelligent ally than the computer, who seems to like
    trying to get killed.
    2. Bosses:
    Boss: Mantis Ant
    Location: Underneath Potos
    HP: 150
    MP: 10
    Weak against: None
    Yawn... he's really easy. If you levelled up to level 3 or 4 and 
    equipped the bandanna you'll be able to block most of his attacks. Just 
    hit him a few times with your level 1 sword attack and he'll die, simple. 
    Even if you do somehow manage to die yourself you'll be revived anyway, 
    so there's no need to panic. For defeating the Ant you'll receive a Sword's 
    Orb, which can be used to improve your sword later on.
    Boss: Tropicallo:
    Location: Dwarf Village
    HP: 315
    MP: 0
    Weak against: None
    Easy. He pops up in one of three places, just hit him when he does and 
    he'll disappear again, only to pop up in one of the three places again 
    for more punishment. Ignore the two Bramblers, they can revive if you kill 
    them, and concentrate on Tropicallo. Use the time while he is buried to 
    charge up your level 1 sword/spear attack, then let him have it when he 
    reappears. The pumpkin bombs he fires out do little damage, so don't worry 
    too much about them. He should bite the dust after a couple of minutes. 
    Your reward for defeating it is a Spear's Orb.
    Boss: Spikey Tiger:
    Location: Elinee's Castle
    HP: 520
    MP: 21
    Weak against: None
    He can be surprisingly difficult for a boss at this early stage in the game. 
    Be careful and keep your distance whenever possible. It may be a wise idea to 
    equip yourself with a ranged weapon here to make things easier. His rolling 
    attack (whether it be the ground or air attack) can knock you unconscious, 
    so beware. When he jumps up, just run towards the furthest corner of the 
    area. Hit him, then move away, as he counters almost always after being 
    hit. If the girl and/or Sprite die (which is quite likely) don't bother 
    reviving them unless you really feel the need to. When he jumps up to one 
    of the higher areas, either equip the bow and continue hitting him (it's 
    the only weapon that you can attack him with while he's up there) or use 
    the time to charge your sword/spear attacks up (you should have at least 
    one of them at level 2 by now). Spikey can cast Fire Bouquet and use 
    Fire Breath (which is nasty) while he's up there. Be sure to heal once 
    you get reduced to 40 HP or so. He shouldn't take long to kill, and the 
    quicker the better as far as you're concerned. Once done, a Boomerang's 
    Orb is your reward. 
    Boss: Tonpole/Biting Lizard:
    Location: Undine's Cave
    HP: Tonpole 600, Biting Lizard 770, 1370 combined
    MP: Tonpole 0, Biting Lizard 6
    Weak against: Fire (Salamando)
    The Tonpole is easy - imagine a Rabite but with a lot more HP. Just keep 
    attacking and soon the Tonpole will morph into a Biting Lizard. He doesn't 
    look all that tough, and, well he isn't really. The key here is to attack 
    him from a diagonal position so he can't eat you. What I mean is, get 
    yourself into a position where he is diagonal to you, then move in, 
    attack, and move out again. Using the whip or boomerang might make this 
    fight a little easier too. If you are unfortunate enough to get eaten, 
    switch characters (press Select) and hit him quickly to limit the damage 
    done. Once you've dealt enough damage, he'll start casting Cure Water on 
    himself - don't panic, just keep pummelling him and he'll give up the 
    ghost eventually. If the girl or sprite die there's no real need to revive 
    them - you can win the battle on your own easily enough. A Glove's Orb 
    is your reward for disposing of the Lizard.
    Boss: Fire Gigas:
    Location: Underground Palace
    HP: 850
    MP: 66
    Weak against: Ice (Undine)
    His weakness, unsurprisingly is Ice. Have the girl cast Ice Saber on the 
    hero, and keep the sprite busy casting Freeze. When he morphs into a lot of 
    small fireball-like things, that's the time to charge up your sword attack 
    and heal if necessary (you can't target him with melee or magic when he is 
    in this form). When he resumes his initial form, continue to attack him. 
    He casts Exploder on all party members which is nothing to fear (~30 HP of 
    damage each). You should be able to kill him fairly quickly, and you get an 
    Axe's Orb for doing so.
    Boss: Evil Wall: 
    Location: Pandora Ruins
    HP: "Face" 300, "Eyes" 300 each, 900 combined 
    MP: "Face" 99, "Eyes" 0
    Weak against: Earth (Gnome)
    This boss can be annoying if you don't keep a relentless attack going. Go 
    for the eyes first, the "face" keeps casting Cure Water on itself anyway. 
    Keep hitting them with level 2 sword attacks, and try and conserve your 
    magic for now. When the eyes "die", they can be revived, but with very few 
    HP and so a couple of level 2 sword attacks should be enough to see them 
    off again. The face mainly attacks with Freeze and the eyes use beam attacks 
    which are quite easy to dodge. Once both eyes are gone, the wall will start 
    to move. Errr, better kill it quickly then, don't you think? Those spikes 
    suddenly look a little bit threatening... This is why you've (hopefully) 
    been conserving your magic thus far. Cast Stone Saber on the hero, and keep 
    pummelling it with Gem Missile and level 1/2 sword attacks. You should kill 
    him with plenty of time to spare. A Bow's Orb is your reward.
    Boss: Kilroy:
    Location: Underneath Dwarf Village
    HP: 900
    MP: 18
    Weak against: None
    He is easy. Hit him with level 2 sword attacks and have the Sprite keep 
    casting either Gem Missile or Freeze, depending on which is at the higher 
    level. If they're both at the same level, Freeze works a little better. Let 
    the girl cast Ice or Stone Saber on you if you want, but it's not necessary - 
    the fight's easy enough without it. After a while he'll start moving a little 
    faster courtesy of a wheel that just seems to appear below him. Just keep 
    attacking him in the same way and he'll soon become scrap metal. His hammers
     can turn you into Moogles (kupo!) and he can cast Lunar Boost on himself 
    (attack up, defense down). You get a Javelin's Orb for killing him.
    Boss: Jabberwocky:
    Location: Water Palace
    HP: 950
    MP: 90
    Weak against: Earth (Gnome)
    Keep moving when you're not attacking - that way it's heads can't get at you 
    as easily. The Sprite should be busy casting Gem Missile and/or Earth Slide, 
    and have the girl cast Stone Saber on the hero and heal when necessary. The 
    hero should be using level 3 sword attacks (charge them while the Sprite is 
    casting magic, then release them a few seconds after the spell hits). The 
    boss' melee attacks can knock you unconscious, he can use poison gas (no 
    great threat) and he can cast Acid Storm on your party (~55 damage each and 
    defense down, nasty). When one of it's heads disappears you know he's close 
    to death, so keep up the pressure. A Bow's Orb is your reward for killing 
    Boss: Spring Beak:
    Location: Upper Land
    HP: 950
    MP: 90
    Weak against: Earth (Gnome)
    Quite easy. He is hard to hit with physical attacks and very mobile, so 
    don't bother trying to hit him with your weapon. He can easily damage you 
    if you get too close too, so keep away as best as you can. Magic is your 
    sole damage dealer here. Have the Sprite continually casting Gem Missile, 
    and the boss will fall shortly. 5 castings of level 2 Gem Missile will kill 
    him. He can cast Thunderbolt (~50 damage each), but he shouldn't get the 
    chance to. You'll receive a Boomerang's Orb upon its defeat.
    Boss: Great Viper:
    Location: Cave near Matango
    HP: 1330
    MP: 8
    Weak against: Air (Sylphid)
    Use either Air Blast or Thunderbolt continually. Attack quickly with your 
    sword when he stays still, using Thunder Saber, but be wary that he can 
    pygmise you if you get too close (shrink you, meaning you do practically 
    no damage and take more damage when hit. Use Remedy or Med Herbs to restore 
    normal status if this happens). When he disappears, use the time to heal if 
    necessary. If you have Sylphid at level 2 this should be an easy battle. 
    You get a Sword's Orb, and an exit opens up to the north, so go through it.
    Boss: Boreal Face:
    Location: Ice Country
    HP: 1100
    MP: 12
    Weak against: Immune to magic
    Remember Tropicallo? This guy is basically a souped-up version of him. Magic 
    is ineffective here, so just use charge-up attacks on him (charge up when he 
    disappears, hit him when he fully re-emerges). He'll emerge in one of the 4 
    corners of the area when he burrows underground, so just wait for him. His 
    attacks are pretty weak and shouldn't cause you too much bother. He can cast 
    burst however, which is quite nasty (you'll know its coming when he dances 
    about for a few seconds instead of spitting the pumpkin bomb he normally 
    does). As soon as he's cast it on you, get the girl to cast Cure Water on 
    all of you to recover. He takes a while to kill, but should pose no great 
    threat to your health. If the girl and/or Sprite die (it's easily possible 
    if you aren't careful), don't bother reviving them - you can win the battle 
    on your own. You get a Bow's Orb for killing Tropicallo Version 2...
    Boss: Tonpole/Biting Lizard (x3):
    Location: Ice Palace
    HP: Tonpoles; 600 each, Biting Lizards; 770 each. 
    MP: Tonpoles; 0, Biting Lizards; 6 each.
    Weak against: Fire (Salamando)
    Very, very easy, depsite their deceptively high HP. Just focus standard 
    attacks on one at a time and when the Tonpole you're focusing on morphs into a 
    Biting Lizard, hit it with a couple of Fireballs and keep up your melee 
    attacks, but take care not to be swallowed (approach the Biting Lizard from a 
    diagonal direction). If any of your party are swallowed, switch character 
    quickly if necessary and hit the Lizard to release your character. They can 
    cast Cure Water, but you'll be damaging them at a far faster rate than the 
    rate at which they're healing themselves, and they have very little MP anyway.
    Once one of them is dead, repeat this whole process for the other two, and 
    you'll be victorious very shortly.
    Boss: Frost Gigas:
    Location: Ice Palace
    HP: 1140
    MP: 99
    Weak against: Fire (Slalmando)
    Easy. Hit him with your charge-up sword attack, and have the Sprite cast 
    Exploder or Fireball on him continually. If he casts Ice Saber on you, 
    counter with Flame Saber, and keep attacking and curing when/if necessary. 
    When he morphs into lots of little pieces, that's the best time to cure if 
    you need to and charge up your sword attack.  He casts Acid Rain a lot, 
    which does surprisingly little damage as well as his standard melee attack 
    and his Freeze Breath, which is his one annoying attack (it freezes you and 
    does decent damage, use Remedy or a Medical Herb to restore condition). He 
    should fall quite quickly though if you have level 1-2 Salamando for the 
    Sprite. You'll receive a Boomerang's Orb for defeating him.
    Boss: Mech Rider:
    Location: Near the Sandship
    HP: 980
    MP: 18
    Weak against: None
    He looks pretty cool, but that's about as good as it gets as far as he's 
    concerned. Use your highest level attacking magic on him (almost certainly 
    Gnome or Undine) as well as charge up sword attacks when you get the 
    chance. He'll cast Speed Up on himself, which has very little noticeable 
    effect, and fire missiles at you, as well as speeding into you. His attacks 
    are weak though, and you should get through the fight without having to 
    heal - it really is that easy. After you've done enough damage, he'll run 
    off, leaving you with a Whip's Orb as a little pressie (how kind of him!).
    Boss: Minotaur:
    Location: Fire Palace
    HP: 1200
    MP: 99
    Weak against: Air (Sylphid)
    His weakness is Sylphid, so cast Air Blast and/or Thunderbolt and he'll
    die quickly. He's easy to beat, although he casts Earth Slide on you for
    quite a lot of damage, so be ready to cure quickly if he does. He'll turn a 
    reddish colour and speed up a little when he's near death. You get a Javelin's
    Orb for beating him.
    Boss: Doom's Wall:
    Location: Northtown Ruins
    HP: 1180
    MP: 99
    Weak against: Light (Lumina)
    He looks just like Evil Wall (the boss you fought in the Ruins by Pandora),
    but he attacks quite differently. Your strategy however should be exactly 
    the same as it was before. Attack the eyes first with charge-up attacks,
    and maybe a little magic if you're struggling then use your highest-level
    magic on the "Face" (probably Freeze or Gem Missile). The Face can revive 
    the eyes, but they'll have little HP and be easy to re-kill The Wall's 
    attacks are generally nothing to concern you, although it can cast 
    mid-level Thunderbolt and Energy Absorb for decent damage. The Face also 
    uses a move called Cave-In which is somewhat annoying - be ready to heal.
    Unlike Evil Wall, Doom's Wall doesn't move once the eyes are dead, so
    there's not much of a rush to kill it. A Whip's Orb is your reward for 
    destroying the Wall.
    Boss: Vampire:
    Location: Northtown Ruins
    HP: 2250
    MP: 99
    Weak against: Light (Lumina)
    He'll jump around a lot - be sure to chip in with attacks when he's on the
    ground, and keep on the move while he's airborne. Just keep casting any 
    high-level magic on him (his weakness is Lumina, and you don't have Lumina 
    yet..) and he'll soon die. If he sends the hero to sleep, just switch 
    characters and keep casting. He'll use some mid-level magic, mainly Undine,
    but it shouldn't be anything to worry about. You get a Boomerang's Orb for 
    killing him.
    Boss: Metal Mantis:
    Location: Northtown Castle
    HP: 1220
    MP: 40
    Weak against: None, but he's still a wuss ;)
    Oh dear. He is pathetically easy - don't waste your magic, just hit him with
    level 1-2 charge up attacks and he'll die quickly. His one relatively 
    damaging attack, Fire Beam, is perhaps the easiest attack to dodge in the 
    game. If it does hit you and you get engulfed, just use Remedy to restore 
    status. If you must use magic, just cast a few higher-level spells (he has 
    no spell weaknesses or strengths) and he'll be toast soon enough. You get a 
    Glove's Orb for defeating him.
    Boss: Mech Rider II:
    Location: Northtown Castle
    HP: 1258
    MP: 30
    Weak against: None
    He's quite quick and you're in a very small area, so attack quickly. Just
    have the Sprite reel off a few Gem Missiles or Freezes at a time, and hit 
    him with your sword (don't bother charging past level 1) if you get the 
    chance. He'll attack you with his charging attack (which can knock you 
    unconscious) as well as missiles, but you should kill him quickly enough so 
    that you don't have to heal more than once or twice at most. Once you've 
    dealt enough damage he'll run off again, leaving a Javelin's Orb behind.
    Boss: Lime Slime:
    Location: Palace of Darkness
    HP: 5000
    MP: 99
    Weak against: Dark (Shade)
    A lot of people seem to make a lot of fuss about how hard this guy is, but
    I really don't think he's that difficult. The main difficulty lies in the
    fact that you have very little room for maneuver, and some of his attacks 
    are annoying. Just be ready to heal at a moment's notice and if anyone dies,
    revive them immediately. Magic isn't all that useful, as the boss has no
    magical weaknesses (except Shade, which you don't have yet..), so you'll be 
    relying heavily on charge-up attacks. You can try casting a few Gem Missiles/
    Freezes at a time for moderate damage if you want, but the battle is possible 
    (and probably quicker) to win without magic. Having your allies set 
    agressively (top-left) on the action grid with charge-up attacks set to level
    4 or so will help too, as will having Speed Up cast on all of you. He can cast 
    Dispel Magic, which is little to worry about as the Sprite's magic isn't 
    needed and curing can be done with items if necessary. He attacks mainly with 
    blobs of slime that he fires at you, but also has a few spells, albeit weak 
    ones at his disposal. He just attacks very relentlessly and can freeze/engulf 
    you when he turns blue/green, so keep an eye on your HP and use Cure 
    Water/Remedy as needed. He gets smaller as you damage him, so this is a good 
    indicator of how damaged he is (it saves you using Analyzer, anyway... :P).
    Boss: Blue Spike:
    Location: Gold Tower
    HP: 1980
    MP: 99
    Weak against: None
    Remember Spikey Tiger? This guy's just a more powerful version of him, but he's
    actually easier to beat than Spikey because now you have magic and the area
    you're in is less enclosed here. Just have the Sprite fire away with any 
    high-level magic (Freeze seems to work best for me..) and hit him with 
    low-level charge attacks, simple. When he goes up onto one of the ledges, just
    equip the bow and keep attacking. He'll use a few different attacks but none 
    of them are very life-threatening, just keep one eye on your HP and be ready to
    heal if the need arises. The first time you "kill" him he'll come back to life,
    but with few HP, and should be easy to finish off for good. You'll receive a
    Boomerang's Orb for killing him.
    Boss: Gorgon Bull:
    Location: Gold Tower
    HP: 2470
    MP: 99
    Weak against: Air (Sylphid)
    Incredibly easy. Cast Thunder Saber on the boy, then have the Sprite cast
    Thunderbolt continually, steling a hit with your sword every now and then if
    you want. He has fairly damaging spells and a nasty charge attack, but if
    you act quickly you need never see them. You get a Bow's Orb for killing it.
    Pathetic Boss: Dark Stalker:
    Location: Tasnica
    HP: 510
    MP: 60
    Weak against: Light (Lumina)
    Just hit him a few times and he's dead. I didn't put the word pathetic there 
    for no reason, you know... :)
    Boss: Shadow X1, Shadow X2, Shadow X3:
    Location: Cave on top of the Lofty Mountains
    HP: X1; 999, X2 and X3; 800 each
    MP: 0
    Weak against: None
    As long as you're level 42 or so, this is pretty easy. Don't bother with any
    offensive magic, as it is ineffective here. Instead, use Moon Enrgy on the
    boy, and hit them with charge-up attacks (normal attacks seem to be 
    ineffective). You may want to use Lucid Barrier too for extra protection. 
    Concentrate your attacks on one of them at a time (use the Targeting menu), 
    and they should be gone before long. They don't use magic, only physical 
    attacks, but if you get trapped you will probably die, so keep moving at all 
    times. Heal if/when necessary.
    Boss: Aegagropilon:
    Location: Mana Palace
    HP: 3016
    MP: 99
    Weak against: None
    Don't be fooled by that cute name - this guy is quite nasty. He'll use
    Dryad's magic often (Wall, Sleep Flower, Burst) and his physical attacks 
    pack a punch too. I'd suggest not using offensive magic, as if he casts Wall
    at the wrong moment it can *really* screw you over. Also, don't let him trap 
    you in a corner, as if you do you may as well just reset. The best strategy 
    to use is to cast Moon Saber on everyone, then Moon Energy on the hero, and 
    melee away - use standard attacks, charge-ups leave you too vulnerable here.
    Keep recasting them as necessary, and healing too. If he uses Sleep Flower,
    counter immediately with Remedy or a Medical Herb - he has a nasty habit of 
    double-casting Burst on sleeping characters, and a sleeping character hinders 
    your mobility too - which is really important here. If the character you're 
    controlling is sent to sleep, press select to switch character, then cure. 
    Heal if any character's HP drops under 100 (it shouldn't though if you're 
    using Moon Saber..). He doesn't seem to have that many HP, so you should be 
    able to dismiss of him quite quickly. You gat a Spear's Orb as your reward.
    Boss: Hydra:
    Location: Mana Palace
    HP: 3382
    MP: 99
    Weak against: Fire (Salamando)
    Pretty easy, especially if you have the Sprite's Salamando at level 3 or 
    above. Cast Flame Saber on the boy, and keep casting Fireball on the Hydra
    while using charge-up attacks in-between castings. His attacks are generally 
    weak, he mainly uses Undine but has a nasty mone called Fire Breath which can 
    engulf you in flames (stopping movement and spell-casting). Just use Remedy or
    a medical herb to counter if this happens. You only need to heal if your HP 
    drops into double figures. One of the Hydra's heads keeps disappearing and 
    reappearing as you damage it, just ignore that (just because the head 
    reappears doesn't mean the Hydra is healing..). You'll get a Whip's Orb for 
    beating him.
    Boss: Kettle Kin:
    Location: Mana Palace
    HP: 1230
    MP: 33
    Weak against: None
    Pretty simple. If you feel daring, try casting Moon Energy on the boy, then 
    Lucid Barrier and meleeing him, but otherwise I'd just keep your distance and 
    use any of your high-level magic (Freeze and Gem Missile work well), as his 
    melee attack where he spins around and clobbers you all is pretty nasty and 
    Lucid Barrier won't last long. If he casts LucidBarrier on himself, of course 
    it would make sense to scrap any melee you're attempting and just use magic 
    to finish him off. As before, when he's near death a wheel appears below him 
    and he speeds up, but you should be able to kill him quickly enough from here 
    to make sure that isn't a threat. He has few HP, so the battle will be over 
    quickly, and you'll get a Bow's Orb for killing him.
    Boss: Snap Dragon:
    Location: Grand Palace
    HP: 1215
    MP: 6
    Weak against: Fire (Salamando)
    I don't really know why I classified him as a boss - I guess it nust have been 
    that groovy boss music... Anyway he's easy, just cast Fireball/Exploder a few 
    times in succession and he's as good as dead. I don't really know if he has 
    any other attacksbesides the "eat you" attack, because I didn't even let him 
    get a chance to try. He should die in seconds... literally, and you get a 
    Javelin's Orb for killing him.
    Boss: Hexas:
    Location: Grand Palace
    HP: 3465
    MP: 69
    Weak against: None
    She has a few attacks which are best described as annoying. Pygmus Glare 
    pygmises (shrinks) one of your characters - use the Midge Mallet immediately
    if you have it - otherwise cast Remedy or use a Medical Herb. Dispel Magic
    cancels one of your characters spellcasting abilities for a while. Anyway, to
    beat her cast Moon Energy straight away on the Boy, and have the Sprite busy 
    casting Salamando (Fireball and/or Exploder), although maybe Gem Missile 
    would be better if you have it at a higher level. Your main source of damage
    here is the Boy, keep using low-level (I recommend level 3) charge up attacks 
    and with Moon Energy you can do up to 600+ damage per level 3 charge-up hit. 
    Just keep at it, she takes a while to kill, but if you keep using the Midge 
    Mallet, recasting Moon Energy and healing when needed you shouldn't even come 
    close to dying. Like I said, she's more annoying than deadly. You'll get a
    Whip's Orb for defeating her.
    Boss: Mech Rider:
    Location: Grand Palace
    HP: 4327
    MP: 38
    Weak against: None
    He can and will cast Wall on himself, so it would probably be a good idea to
    use offensive magic sparingly here, although try and hit him with a few Gem 
    Missiles/Fireballs before he first casts Wall. You should, cast Moon Energy as 
    usual, thenjust attack him with standard attacks - he's too quick to make 
    charge-ups effective. He'll occasionally be stupid and try to cast Speed Up on 
    himself while his Wall is still on, thus giving you a nice little boost. If 
    you notice he is able to cast Speed Up on himself, then fire off a few more
    spells in his direction, or alternatively you could use a low MP cost spell
    like Analyzer to test to see if his Wall is still active, but I suggest you 
    don't bother and just keep attacking him with weapons instead. He can knock you 
    unconscious when he speeds across the screen, so be careful and heal quickly.
    It may take a while, but he should die with little trouble. A Spear's Or is
    your reward.
    Boss: Dragon Worm:
    Location: Pure Land
    HP: 3525
    MP: 99
    Weak against: Air (Sylphid)
    Have the Girl cast Moon energy and Thunder Saber on the hero, and have the 
    Sprite casting Air Blast or Thunderbolt. He mainly uses Earth spells, Earth
    Slide being the most damaging, although he can petrify and pygmize you with 
    his attacks, so be ready to cast Remedy or use the Midge Mallet at a moment's 
    notice. When he disappears off the screen, that's the best time to cure and
    recover status, as well as recasting Moon Energy and Thunder Saber if you wish
    to or need to. Try to keep your meleeing to a minimum though, and don't use 
    charge-ups, as the DragonWorm can hurt if you let him get too close. Once he 
    is defeated you get an axe's Orb and can exit the area to the north.
    Boss: Snow Dragon:
    Location: Pure Land
    HP: 2800
    MP: 99
    Weak against: Fire (Salamando)
    As usual, you can use Moon Energy if you wish, along with Flame Saber, but you
    may just find it easier to sit back and have the Sprite continually cast
    Fireball. He of course uses Ice magic mainly, and has a pretty decent melee
    tail attack. Just keep your distance and cast away, then when he disappears
    from the screen is a good time to heal up if you need to. You'll get a Bow's
    Orb for defeating the Snow Dragon.
    Boss: Axe Beak:
    Location: Pure Land
    HP: 2800
    MP: 99
    Weak against: Ice (Undine)
    You could try attacking him with the bow if you want, but I'd recommend you 
    throw melee out of the window altogether in this fight. He is a fire-based
    boss, so of course you'll be wanting to use Undine against him, Freeze more
    specifically. Stay clear of him and you'll avoid the worst of his attacks -
    the fight is rather easy though. When you beat him you'll get a Javelin's Orb.
    Boss: Red Dragon:
    Location: Pure Land
    HP: 3000
    MP: 99
    Weak against: Ice (Undine)
    Basically just look above at the strategy for Axe Beak, as the same applies 
    here, although the Red Dragon has some nastier spells (prepare to be burned,
    make sure you're ready to cast Cure Water once your HP gets under 200 or so),
    and you may need to use Remedy too. If you wish you can use melee here - it's
    a little more effective here than against Axe Beak, just use Moon Energy/Ice
    Saber on the hero and try low-level charge-up attacks. For defeating him you
    will receive a Glove's Orb.
    Boss: Thunder Gigas:
    Location: Pure Land
    HP: 4462
    MP: 99
    Weak against: Earth (Gnome)
    He's offensively quite dangerous, so you'll want to kill him quickly. Cast
    Stone Saber and moon Energy on the hero and use low-level charged attacks when
    you get the opportunity, and have the Sprite chain together a few Gem Missiles
    at a time. You may need to cure a few times - the bast time to do so is when
    he "splits" into small orbs - he can't attack you then. Defeat him and get a
    Sword's Orb.
    Boss: Blue Dragon:
    Location: Pure Land
    HP: 3200
    MP: 99
    Weak against: Earth (Gnome)
    You need to use essentially the same strategy mentioned above for the Thunder
    Gigas, although this time melee is less effective, so you may just want to
    stick to reeling off a few Gem Missiles at a time and curing when necessary, 
    ideally when the dragon flies off screen. He is slightly weaker offensively 
    than the Thunder Gigas, so this fight should be relatively easy. Upon his 
    defeat you will recieve a Boomerang's Orb.
    Boss: Buffy:
    Location: Mana Fortress
    HP: 4200
    MP: 99
    Weak against: Light (Lumina)
    No, not the vampire slayer, but... err... a vampire, much like the one you 
    faced in the Northtown Ruins. Use Light Saber and Moon Energy on the hero,
    coupled with low-level charged attacks, and also have the girl cast Lucent
    Beam for huge damage. He will most likely use Wall at some point or other,
    in which case you can use Dispel Magic if you have it at a high enough level,
    you can keep casting a low-MP spell like Analyzer, where it doesn't matter if
    it reflects to you until the Wall is removed, or (probably best) you can just 
    stick to meleeing him with Light Saber and Moon Energy. Set your allies to
    offensive on the action grid and use Moon Energy on them too if you wish - it
    can make this fight a little shorter, if riskier. Once he is defeated, you will 
    receive..... nothing. Damn. Oh well.
    Boss: Dread Slime:
    Location: Mana Fortress
    HP: 5000
    MP: 99
    Weak against: Dark (Shade)
    Okay, this guy is annoying. Very annoying. He will attack very quickly and
    relentlessly with big blobs of slime, so be quick to cure if needed - try not
    to let your HPs drop lower than 200 or you may well end up dead before you 
    know it. He has a few nasty spells too - the threat of which can be 
    neutralized by casting Wall on all characters. Melee doesn't work too well 
    here, although a Moon Energy/High-level charged attack combination can work
    quite well if you're willing to take a risk. The best way to kill him is have
    the Sprite reel off Dark Force spells - Dread Slime is weak against Shade. If
    you've raised Shade to level 6 or above you should be okay. One thing to note
    with Dread Slime is as he takes damage he increases in size, until he fills 
    the whole screen. His size is a decent indicator of how close to death he is
    (well, it saves you from using Analyzer anyway... :P).
    Boss: Dark Lich:
    Location: Mana Fortress
    HP: 6666
    MP: 99
    Weak against: Light (Lumina)
    This is one of those "Turn the volume up!" moments, the music here is great! 
    Unfortunately, the boss is annoying, and will take quite a while to kill. 
    Don't bother with melee here, even with Moon Energy and Light Saber your 
    weapons do no significant damage to him. Instead, cast Wall on yourselves to
    protect from some of his spells, then go on the offensive. Lucent Beam and
    Fireball seem to work best, althoguh you might want to use other Sprite magic
    if your Salamando is at a low level (it shouldn't be though..). His beam 
    attacks are easily avoidable, and his spells will be reflected by Wall, 
    leaving him with little in the way of offense, so just keep whittling away at
    him with spells of your own. Eventually, he will bite the dust.
    FINAL Boss: Mana Beast:
    Location: Outside the Mana Fortress
    HP: 9999
    MP: 99
    Weak against: Light (Lumina)
    He has 2 main attacks - he will swirl around in a pretty spiral shape and 
    crash into you or he will just forget about the fancy stuff and charge 
    straight at you. At regular intervals, he will fly slowly past you, this is
    when you have the girl and Sprite *both* cast Mana Magic on the Hero, and
    smack the Beast into oblivion. Don't bother with any offensive spells, they do
    no damage at all - even at level 8, just concentrate on hitting him with the
    Mana Sword when you get the chance. Also, when he charges at you, if you cast 
    Cure Water or a similar spell (defensive, affecting whole party) a few seconds
    before impact, you can avoid taking any damage at all! This takes some 
    practice to time though, and it's a little cheesy, so try not to use it... ;)
    Once the Beast dies, you can sit back, relax, and watch the groovy ending.
    Congratulations! You've just beaten one of the best RPGs of all time!
    3. Strategy Notes:
    - The Action Grid and weapon selection. If you're playing single-player, 
    put your non-player characters in the lower-left corner of the action grid 
    and equip him/her with a ranged weapon (bow, boomerang, javelin, whip). 
    This provides generally the best balance between offense and defense.
    I normally use the following weapon setup...
    Hero - Specialise in Sword and Spear
    Girl - Specialise in Whip and Javelin
    Sprite - Specialise in Bow and Boomerang
    If you're playing with friends, then that setup is definitely changeable,
    but I think it makes the best usage of your 2 computer allies in 
    single-player games. Finally, feel free to experiment with the level of 
    charge-up attack your computer allies use (select it on the action grid 
    - Continuous casting. With many offensive spells it is possible to 
    continually cast them at enemies (bosses) while not giving the enemy a 
    chance to respond. Cast the spell, then as soon as the spirit (Gnome, 
    Undine or whoever) disappears, cast the spell again. If you've done it 
    right, the two spells should hit one after the other, and you can repeat 
    the process to pull off many casts in a row. Damage done by continuous 
    casts can never exceed 999 though (the damage of continuous casts is 
    registered only after the spells have stopped hitting, so they're damage 
    is added up), so don't keep casting for too long! This trick loses 
    effectiveness later in the game, where spells damage on their own gets 
    close to 999 anyway...
    - Levelling. If you find you're having trouble with a boss or in a certain 
    area and even this great guide isn't helping you, go back to a previous area 
    and try and gain a couple of levels. It's amazing how much easier being a 
    couple of levels higher can make an area (I found this to be especially 
    true with the Pure Land).
    - You can escape taking damage from a spell cast on you by simply exiting 
    the area you are in before the spell hits you. Of course, this doesn't work 
    against bosses though... :(
    4. Credits:
    Thanks go out to (in no particular order...)
    - Square - For making this and many other great games, of course!
    - Dallas Scott and AstroBlue - For their great FAQ writing guide. Go see 
    it at www.dallasmac.com/faqwarp/ - it's a must for any prospective FAQ 
    writers who want to know how to get started.
    - CJayC (www.gamefaqs.com webmaster) - For making probably the best game
    resource site out there and hopefully putting this guide up.
    - Entity (www,neoseeker.com webmaster) - For putting this guide up too.
    - Dave J - I still remember our 30-hour SoM marathon all those years ago.. :)
    5. Copyright and random info again:
    This work is Copyright © 2001/2002 Chris Brennan 
    (christojb2001@yahoo.co.uk). It is for personal use only, and may not be 
    reproduced without the author's permission, and if for some warped reason 
    you do want to put this on your site, you must e-mail me first and get my 
    permission! And everyone, plagiarism is baaaaad, so don't do it or nasty 
    things will happen...
    The following sites have permission to use this FAQ:
    The latest version of this guide can always be found at www.gamefaqs.com.
    Contact me via e-mail (christojb2001@yahoo.co.uk) or AIM (Darksyde XVIII) if
    you have any questions/suggestions/comments.
    _,.~'End of Document'~.,_

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