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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Snow Dragon

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 04/16/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    | SECRET OF MANA FAQ/Walkthrough |
    Complete with everything you could possibly imagine for this game - 
    walkthroughs for every area, compendiums for spells, weapons, items, 
    armor, and monsters, and all other manner of things related to Secret 
    of Mana!
    Written by Snow Dragon (C) 2001-2002. All rights reserved.
    I. Updates
    II. Introduction and Notes
    III. Story
    IV. Controls
    V. Menus
    VI. Complete Compendium of Spells
     a) Undine
     b) Gnome
     c) Sylphid
     d) Salamando
     e) Lumina
     f) Shade
     g) Luna
     h) Dryad
      ** Quickest Ways to Level Up Magic!
    VII. Complete Compendium of Weapons
     a) Swords
     b) Spears
     c) Axes
     d) Boomerangs
     e) Gloves
     f) Bows
     g) Whips
     h) Javelins
    VIII. Complete Compendium of Items
    IX. Complete Compendium of Armor
     a) Helmets
     b) Gauntlets
     c) Suits/Dresses
    X. Complete Compendium of Monsters
    XI. Walkthroughs for All Areas
    XIII. Cool Secrets and Tricks
    XIV. Credits and Copyrights
    4-7-02:  Well, it appears my brainchild needs some touching up after  
             all. Nothing too major here, you'll see changes mostly at the 
             top of the document and in the Credits and Copyrights section. 
             Due to the immense size of this thing, you won't see a whole 
             lot of difference. It really only matters to me. 
    4-15-02: Thanks to Ruben van Ophuizen, I now have useful information on
             the concept of Targeting. Thanks a lot, Ruben!
    I gotta say, this is my favorite video game of all time. That is no 
    lie. My friends can testify to that. This walkthrough is nothing less 
    than a dream of mine. Therefore, I'm not going to give the walkthrough 
    for my favorite game ever the shaft. It's getting my best treatment. 
    You still have to be aware of a few things though, so you don't get 
    confused by the layout of this immense file.
    ** I think it is especially important if you have never beaten the game   
       to not read the spoiler section. If you've never completed it then 
       would be in your best interest not to look at this section.
    ** If you're having trouble with anything, only look at the section 
       that refers to what you're having trouble with. This isn't meant to 
       read through in one sitting (unless you're analyzing this whole 
       document waiting for me to slip up somewhere along the line).
    ** The walkthroughs are presented in an easy-to-comprehend step-by-step 
       arrangement. The walkthrough for an area is presented as follows:
    + Steps are presented in the easy-to-comprehend step-by-step 
      arrangement I was just talking about. Each step is indicated by a 
      sign such as the one that precedes the previous sentence.
    ** Boss battles are indicated by the boss's name surrounded in 
       asterisks (*).
    ** The walkthroughs start at the point that you get kicked out of 
       Potos. Anything that happens at or before Potos Village is counted 
       part of the story section.
    ** I swear this game is cool. If it wasn't I wouldn't be doing this 
       huge walkthrough that, in all honesty, is a waste of time. Well, I 
       don't guess it is - I mean, I'm living out one of my minor dreams, 
       which is to write an FAQ/walkthrough for this game. So there you 
    ** If you should feel the need to contact me for some reason, my
       e-mail address is <eubanks1084@hotmail.com>. Reach me here for any
       additions I need to make to the walkthrough, or any ideas that would
       make it better (I would appreciate the latter greatly). Also direct 
       questions about the game to this account.
    The world of long ago ... ravaged by war over the power of Mana. Its 
    power was released, and the Mana Fortress was built as a conduit for 
    its strength. Several people went to war trying to stop the fortress, 
    but it was extremely powerful. In the end, one Mana Knight rose up and, 
    using the power of Mana, won the war for everybody. The power of Mana 
    was contained, but the war had resulted in what was almost the total 
    annihilation of the world. Very few things were left alive.
    To prevent another apocalyptic misuse of magic, the power of Mana was 
    sealed in eight seeds guarded by eight elementals: Undine (water), 
    Gnome (earth), Sylphid (air), Salamando (fire), Lumina (light), Shade 
    (darkness), Luna (the moon), and Dryad (Mana itself).
    "But time flows like a river ... and history repeats..."
    S E V E R A L   Y E A R S   L A T E R . . .
    You, the hero, and your friends Timothy and Elliott are playing on the 
    bridge over the waterfall, looking for treasure. You're not supposed to 
    be there though, and you know it. As you follow Timothy and Elliott, 
    you slip and are barely able to cling to the bridge. Your loyal buddies 
    run over to save you, but you release your grip and plummet to the 
    bottom. Not knowing what to do, Timothy and Elliott run away.
    You land at the bottom of the waterfall, amazed that you have survived 
    such a plunge. In any event, it's time to figure out where you are and 
    how to get home. You look around the area, trying to find a path that 
    leads back to the village. Along the way, you hear a voice calling your 
    name ... where is it coming from?
    The only trail you can find is blocked off by tall grass, and you 
    quickly deduce that a sword will be needed to continue. As you look 
    around, you notice exactly what you need to return to Potos Village. 
    It's lodged in a stone located in the middle of the pond. You go to it 
    and attempt to pull it out. What you see as your ticket home is about 
    to become so much more...
    A ghost appears and delivers a message to you. You now bear the most 
    powerful sword in all the world. So not only do you have a decent lawn 
    mower, you have a pretty good weapon too. You eliminate the meadow 
    plants that were once a wall keeping you held in, and advance to the 
    right. There are Rabites here ... but what would they be doing in a 
    place like this?
    * Get to Potos Village.
    * Obtain four candies.
    * Put your character's level up to 2 and your weapon's level up to 1.
    Candy (I consider that special at this point)
    + Keep fighting on this trail until you have four candies (the maximum 
      that you can store) and you have built your sword up to level 1. Your 
       sword is now officially the Rusty Sword.
    + When you get to Potos, find your friends in front of the Elder's 
    * Defeat the Mantis Ant.
    * Learn what getting the sword means in relation to what is now
      happening both locally and in the rest of the world.
    * Get banished from the village forever. (What a goal!)
    Mantis Ant
    Sword's Orb, 50 GP in the Elder's House, any armor that you buy in the 
    + Talk to the crowd gathered in front of the elder's house. Elliott
      will fight you to the center of the village, at which point a tremor
      starts up. A hole opens in the ground, and you both fall into it. The
      Mantis Ant is in this hole.
    * MANTIS ANT *
    | 150 HP | 20 MP | 10 EXP | 100 GP |
    Even though the Mantis Ant will probably overpower you severely when 
    you fight him, there is no reason to use your candies. Given that for 
    some inexperienced kid like you is going up against an opponent as 
    tough as this creature is, a man (known as "Man) at the surface will 
    revive you with a Cup of Wishes every time you lose all 59 of your hit 
    points (you did build to level 2, correct?). You can't avoid the Ant's 
    magic, but keep struggling against him and you will win the battle. 
    When you win, the villagers will realize that you hold the true Mana 
    Sword in your hands.
    + A group will convene inside the house. Everyone votes unanimously to
      banish you from the village. The Elder tells you that you can take
      what's in the chest downstairs.
    + Go downstairs and get the 50 GP in the chest.
    + Talk to the Elder when you go back up the stairs.
    + Leave his house and go to the armor shop. Buy everything that is
      available except for Overalls. You already have a pair of Overalls.
    + When you are absolutely ready, talk to the man at the southeast end
      of the village. He will ask if you are ready to leave Potos Village
      forever. When you say yes, he will let you by. Go past him and he
      will go back to his original position. You are now never allowed to
      enter Potos again, but you can actually go back with the help of a
      nifty glitch (see the Cool Secrets and Tricks section).
    So your quest begins...
    Go to the Walkthroughs for All Areas section for help with the 
    remainder of the game.
    Directional buttons move you in their respective directions (Up moves 
    you up, Right moves you right, and so on).
    B is the default attack button. Hold B to harness your mental abilities 
    and do a super attack. A meter will slowly go up, and when it is full, 
    release B to perform the special attack.
    A makes your character break out in a dash.
    Y accesses your character's item ring.
    X accesses your other characters' item rings. Press X repeatedly to 
    switch between them.
    L and R allow you to check your weapon and magic levels on the Level 
    Select switches characters.
    Start brings another player into the game.
    Flammie Controls
    For help with the control scheme when aboard Flammie, look for the boss 
    strategy for Mech Rider 2. Flammie's controls should be located 
    immediately after that section.
    The menu system in Secret of Mana is consisted of rings. Press Up and 
    Down to rotate back and forth between the menu rings. Push B to select 
    an option when it is at the top of the ring. There are several 
    different types of rings, and each has different functions.
    Item Ring
    All characters have this ring. It is the one that stores both your 
    expendable (i.e. items with limited use) and permanent items. Target an 
    item in the top box and press B to use it. If you must select a 
    character to use the item on, point the hand to the desired person and 
    press B again to use it, as with Candy or a Cup of Wishes.
    Weapon Ring
    All characters can access this ring as well. Press B when the weapon 
    you want to use is in the top box. It will flash, indicating that you 
    have chosen it. Press B again to equip it, or press Y if you change 
    your mind. If another character currently possesses the weapon that you 
    chose, you will switch weapons.
    Game Configuration Ring
    All characters have access to the game configuration ring. In this 
    one there are several options that have to do with changing settings in 
    all areas of the game, whether you choose to change individual 
    settings, control schemes, or even window color and pattern. A list of 
    the functions follows:
    Level: Check up on weapon and magic statistics. You will first see your
           current weapon stats, which consist of a number in the form X:XX
           where X is the current level and XX is the number of experience
           points you have with that weapon. There are 100 experience
           points per level. Press B to highlight a weapon. At the bottom a
           window will appear that will list the number of orbs you have
           obtained for that weapon and any special attributes it might
           have, such as if it is effective against a certain monster or if
           it tangles a monster.
             Press R to check magic levels on the girl and the sprite. Like
           weaponry, magic has 100 experience points to a level. Press B to
           highlight elementals and get a quick rundown of the spells in
           that category.
    Action Grid: Change the fighting style of your characters. Set the
                 character's image near the bottom of the grid to make him
                 or her stay away from monsters. Position the image at the
                 right of the grid to make them guard you, where they
                 attack only when they feel that you are threatened. At the
                 top is Approach, where they will get near the monsters but
                 only attack occasionally. Finally, set them at the left
                 side of the grid to make them attack aggressively. This is
                 a good option if you want the computer to build experience
                 at the same time as you.
                   Once you have chosen the fighting style you prefer for
                 the desired character, select the level that you want them
                 to charge their weapon to when attacking. Most of the time
                 you will want this to remain at 0.
    Controller Edit: Change the control scheme. To do this, hold down the
                     button whose command you wish to change, then press
                     Left and Right to cycle through the commands. If a
                     button already carries the command you choose, the two
                     buttons will switch commands. Press Select to exit
                     when you have the controls as you want them.
    Window Edit: Edit the background color and pattern of the message
                 window. Press Left and Right on the D-pad to choose a
                   The background color will be a conglomeration of the
                 amounts of red, blue, and green. Hold A and press Left or
                 Right to adjust the red, hold Y and press Left or Right to
                 control the amount of green, and hold X and press Left or
                 Right to control the amount of blue. Once you have it set
                 the way you like it, press Select to exit.
    Equip: This is where you don armor that you have bought or found. There
           are three sub-rings in this option.
             The helmet ring allows you to equip things you wear on your
           head. The suit ring allows you to put on suits, dresses, and
           other items of the sort. The gauntlet ring is for equipping
           gloves, wristbands, and other kinds of hand armor. To equip a
           new piece of armor, highlight it and press B twice.
             All the sub-rings have a trash can that allows you to throw
           away armor you no longer need, but sell useless armor for money
           instead of trashing it. You can always use more money.
             See the Complete Compendium of Armor for a full list of all
           the armor items you can buy.
    Targeting: Mistaken was my previous stance that Targeting is totally
               useless and only good for identifying monsters. Ruben van
               Ophuizen has sent me news stating exactly the opposite.
               Among other things, Targeting can be used to detect enemies
               in hiding (such as sand spiders in the Kakkara desert), but
               its best use relates to your allies. Select a monster with
               the target, and your partners will begin to focus all their
               attacks on that one monster! (Especially useful against
               Wall Face and the three Biting Lizards, so says Ruben.)
    Status: Choosing Status brings up charts that reveal both individual
            statistics and other factoids about the game up to your current
            point. Here's a mock-up of what it basically looks like:
    o----------------------o o-----------------------o
    |            NAME      | |STRENGTH ???           |
    | (picture   LEVEL     | |AGILITY ???            |
    | of person) HP ???    | |CONSTITUTION ???       |
    |            MP ???    | |INTELLIGENCE ???       |
    | EXP.            ???  | |WISDOM ???             |
    | FOR NEXT LEVEL  ???  | |ATTACK ???             |
    o----------------------o |HIT % ???              |
    o----------------------o |DEFENSE ???            |
    |MANA POWER          8 | |EVADE % ???            |
    |  O O O O O O O O     | |MAGIC DEF ???          |
    o----------------------o |                       |
    o----------------------o |                       |
    |MONEY          ????GP | |                       |
    o----------------------o o-----------------------o
    Not perfect, but close enough. Press B to cycle between all the 
    characters' statistics and press Y to resume the adventure.
    Magic Ring
    Unlike the other three rings, only the girl and the sprite have access 
    to the magic ring. There are eight elementals, but each ring will have 
    seven icons because only the girl receives Lumina magic, while Shade is 
    exclusive to the sprite. Each elemental gives way to a sub-ring 
    containing a choice of three spells, which you can then cast unless 
    that character is in the middle of another action.
    I) Undine
    Cure   2MP
    Heals one member/all members of your party.
    Remedy   1MP
    Stops health drainage from poisoning. In this sense it works exactly 
    like a Medical Herb.
    Ice Saber   2MP
    Coats your weapon with an ice layer. Allows you to "frosty" monsters 
    (turn them into snowmen temporarily).
    Energy Absorb   1MP
    Hit points are taken from the enemy and given to the sprite. The higher 
    the level this spell is, the more energy you will suck from the enemy. 
    This spell, like most, is also more potent if only used on one enemy.
    Freeze   2MP
    Balls of ice rain down on the target, causing damage.
    Acid Storm   3MP
    Acid rain pours down on the target, causing minor damage and bringing 
    down defense.
    II) Gnome
    Defender   2MP
    Increases the target's defense.
    Speed Up   3MP
    Increases one/all of your characters' hit and evade.
    Stone Saber   4MP
    Coats your weapon with a rock layer. Allows you to petrify monsters.
    Earth Slide   3MP
    A ball of mud and earth falls on the enemy and causes damage.
    Gem Missile   2MP
    Diamond shards rain down on the target.
    Speed Down   1MP
    Vines greatly slow down the movement of the target.
    III) Sylphid
    Analyzer   1MP
    Gives you statistics for a certain monster. Also tells you which 
    elemental will activate an orb.
    Silence   2MP
    Confuses the enemy, causes backwards movement.
    Thunder Saber   3MP
    Coats your weapon in a layer of thunder. No special effect.
    Air Blast   2MP
    The enemy is struck by hard gusts of air.
    Thunderbolt   4MP
    A large lightning bolt strikes one or all enemies.
    Balloon   2MP
    Immobilizes the target enemy(ies).
    IV) Salamando
    Fire Bouquet  3MP
    One of the girl's few offensive spells. A small ring of fire engulfs 
    the enemy and causes damage.
    Blaze Wall   4MP
    The enemy is surrounded by a wall of fire. Damage is done and some 
    attributes are temporarily lowered.
    Flame Saber   2MP
    Coats your weapon in a layer of fire. Allows you to engulf enemies in 
    Exploder   4MP
    Enemy is caught in an explosive blast.
    Fireball   2MP
    A series of fireballs homes in on the target.
    Lava Wave   3MP
    Lava pools surround the enemy and cause damage.
    V) Lumina (girl only)
    Light Saber   5MP
    Coats your weapon in a layer of light. Does severe damage to dark and 
    undead monsters.
    Lucent Beam   8MP
    Swift rays of light damage the enemy.
    Lucid Barrier   4MP
    Protects one/all characters from physical attacks.
    VI) Shade (sprite only)
    Dispel Magic   4MP
    Cancels another spell's effects.
    Evil Gate   8MP
    Enemy is engulfed by the powers of ... well, an evil gate.
    Dark Force   2MP
    The enemy is engulfed in darkness. Only useful if used repeatedly.
    VII) Luna
    Moon Saber   3MP
    Coats your weapon in a "moon" layer. Allows you to confuse enemies.
    Change Form   5MP
    Temporary change one monster into another monster. The type of monster 
    varies depending on the level of the spell. 
    Magic Absorb   1MP
    Take magic points from an enemy. The higher the level of this spell, 
    the more magic you will suck from the enemy. This spell, like most, is 
    also more potent if only used on one enemy.
    Lunar Magic   8MP
    Decreases an enemy's attack, hit, evade, and defense temporarily. When 
    an enemy is in this dilemma, they are considered "burned out."
    Lunar Boost   2MP
    Increases your attack, but lowers your evade.
    Moon Energy   2MP
    Endows you with a cool burst of moon power.
    VIII) Dryad
    Wall   8MP
    Protects one/all characters from magic assaults.
    Revivifier   10MP
    Resurrects a dead ally. In this sense it works exactly like a Cup of 
    Burst   _MP
    The enemy is surrounded by small explosive bursts.
    Sleep Flower   _MP
    Temporarily knocks an enemy unconscious.
    Mana Magic (both girl and sprite)   _MP
    Endows your weapon with the power of Mana so that you can do effective 
    damage to the Mana Beast.
    Quickest Ways to Build Up Magic!
    So you don't use magic, you're a weapons-only kind of guy, and all this 
    talk, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. It's still good to have it 
    powered up for a time that you do need it. So, I have devised what I 
    know to be the fastest, most effective ways to build up magic for every 
    elemental. Some do not take long at all, some may take upwards of an 
    hour-and-a-half - it all depends on how high your magic level is. In 
    any case, here it is for your convenience.
    By the way, my favorite place to build both weapons and magic is the 
    Upper Land, unless I happen to be in the Pure Land or the Mana 
    |Magic Type  |Girl                     |Sprite                    |
    |Undine      |Go to an inn and use     |Go into battle and use    |
    |            |Remedy repeatedly. Sleep |Freeze against monsters   |
    |            |as needed to refill your |who are weak against      |
    |            |magic.                   |Undine, Energy Absorb     |
    |            |                         |against those that aren't.|
    |Gnome       |Go to an inn and cast    |Go into battle and use    |
    |            |Defender repeatedly. Once|Speed Down until you're   |
    |            |again, sleep if your     |out of magic. Sleep or use|
    |            |magic runs out, and with |Faerie Walnuts as needed. |
    |            |this elemental, believe  |                          |
    |            |me, it will.             |                          |
    |Sylphid     |Find an enemy that can't |Use Air Blast on monsters |
    |            |get to you and Analyze it|until you run out of magic|
    |            |to death.                |points, then refill and   |
    |            |                         |repeat.                   |
    |Salamando   |Go into battle and cast  |Cast Fireball on monsters |
    |            |Fire Bouquet, one of the |in the place where you    |
    |            |girl's few offensive     |like to build up magic.   |
    |            |spells, on everyone. I   |                          |
    |            |promise you this goes    |                          |
    |            |faster than using Flame  |                          |
    |            |Saber over and over.     |                          |
    |Shade       |n/a                      |Find a good place to build|
    |            |                         |magic and cast Dark Force |
    |            |                         |repeatedly.               |
    |Lumina      |Find a place where you   |n/a                       |
    |            |can restore your magic   |                          |
    |            |for free, such as the    |                          |
    |            |Water Palace or the Wind |                          |
    |            |Palace (I recommend the  |                          |
    |            |latter) and cast Lucid   |                          |
    |            |Barrier unceasingly.     |                          |
    |            |Takes next to forever.   |                          |
    |Luna        |Head for your magic      |Find a spot where enemies |
    |            |building place and cast  |can't easily reach you and|
    |            |either Lunar Boost or    |use Magic Absorb on them  |
    |            |Moon Energy repeatedly.  |over and over again.      |
    |Dryad       |Go to your magic building|Cast Sleep Flower multiple|
    |            |area and cast Wall until |times, then Magic Absorb  |
    |            |you're at the level you  |to refill your MP.        |
    |            |need to be at. Takes the |                          |
    |            |longest of all to build. |                          | 
    NOTE: An exclamation mark (!) indicates a weapon's highest level. Every 
    level 9 weapon except the sword has an orb which is given as a treasure 
    from an enemy.
    Also if a weapon at a certain level has a special attribute or is 
    effective against a certain type of monster, it will be listed below 
    the level it corresponds with. Example: if at level 3 a weapon is 
    effective against plants, the listing will look like this:
    Lv. 1  Basic Weapon
        2  Better Weapon
        3  Plant Killer
           ** Effective against plants.
    I) Swords
    Lv. 1  Rusty Sword
        2  Broad Sword
           ** Raises agility/evade %.
        3  Herald Sword
           ** Effective against slimes/lizards.
        4  Claymore
           ** Inflicts damages on insects, etc.
        5  Excalibur
           ** Effective on evil/undead enemies.
        6  Masamune
           ** Increases critical hit %.
        7  Gigas Sword
           ** Strength is up by 2.
        8  Dragon Buster
           ** Effective against dragons.
        9! Mana Sword
    II) Spears
    Lv. 1  Spear
        2  Heavy Spear
        3  Sprite's Spear
           ** Balloons enemies.
        4  Partisan
           ** Effective against slimes/lizards.
        5  Halberd
           ** Confuses enemies.
        6  Oceanid Spear
           ** Puts enemies to sleep.
        7  Gigas Lance
           ** Strength is up by 2.
        8  Dragoon Lance
           ** Effective against dragons.
        9! Daedalus Lance
    III) Axes
    Lv. 1  Watts' Axe
        2  Lode Axe
           ** Effective against plants/fish.
        3  Stout Axe
           ** Constitution is up by 2.
        4  Battle Axe
           ** Effective against plants/fish.
        5  Golden Axe
           ** Inflicts damage on insects, etc.
        6  Were-Buster
           ** Use against animals/birds/beasts.
        7  Great Axe
           ** Effective against plants/fish.
        8  Gigas Axe
           ** Strength is up by 5.
        9! Doom Axe
    IV) Boomerangs
    Lv. 1  Boomerang
        2  Chakram
           ** Effective against slimes/lizards.
        3  Lode Boomerang
           ** Slows enemies down.
        4  Rising Sun
        5  Red Cleaver
           ** Inflicts damage on insects, etc.
        6  Cobra Shuttle
           ** Poisons enemies.
        7  Frizbar
           ** Effective against slimes/lizards.
        8  Shuriken
           ** Raises critical hit %.
        9! Ninja's Trump
    V) Gloves
    Lv. 1  Spike Knuckle
        2  Power Glove
           ** Inflicts damage on insects, etc.
        3  Moogle Claw
           ** Puts enemies to sleep.
        4  Chakra Hand
           ** Raises intelligence/wisdom.
        5  Heavy Glove
           ** Inflicts damage on insects, etc.
        6  Hyper Fist
           ** Effective against slimes/lizards.
        7  Griffin Claws
           ** Poisons enemies.
        8  Dragon Claws
           ** Effective against dragons.
        9! Aura Glove
    VI) Bows
    Lv. 1  Chobin's Bow
        2  Short Bow
        3  Long Bow
           ** Use against animals/birds/beasts.
        4  Great Bow
           ** Confuses enemies.
        5  Bow of Hope
           ** Effective on evil/undead enemies.
        6  Elfin Bow
           ** Raises intelligence/wisdom.
        7  Wing Bow
           ** Confuses enemies.
        8  Doom Bow
           ** Raises critical hit %.
        9! Garuda Buster
    VII) Whips
    Lv. 1  Whip
        2  Black Whip
           ** Slows enemies down.
        3  Backhand Whip
           ** Raises agility/evade %.
        4  Chain Whip
           ** Effective against slimes/lizards.
        5  Flail of Hope
           ** Effective on evil/undead enemies.
        6  Morning Star
           ** Inflicts damage on insects, etc.
        7  Hammer Flail
           ** Slows enemies down.
        8  Nimbus Chain
           ** Inflicts damage on insects, etc.
        9! Gigas Whip
    VIII) Javelins
    Lv. 1  Pole Dart
        2  Javelin
        3  Light Trident
           ** Use against animals/birds/beasts.
        4  Lode Javelin
           ** Balloons enemies.
        5  Fork of Hope
           ** Effective on evil/undead enemies.
        6  Imp's Fork
           ** Balloons enemies.
        7  Elf's Harpoon
           ** Raises intelligence/wisdom.
        8  Dragon Dart
           ** Effective against dragons.
        9! Valkyrian
    By the way, this section covers things that you buy at shops that 
    aren't classified as armor. It is also the place where you can look up 
    the permanent items you receive during your quest (such as the Flammie 
    Type of item: Healing agent
    Normal price: 10GP (20 at Neko's)
    What it does: Heals one character for 100HP
    Type of item: Healing agent
    Normal price: 60GP
    What it does: Heals one character for 300HP
    Type of item: Healing agent
    Normal price: 300GP
    What it does: Heals one character completely.
    Type of item: Magic replenishing agent
    Normal price: 500GP at most shops, 1000 from Neko
    What it does: Restores 50MP.
    Type of item: Defensive tool
    Normal price: 900GP (only found at Neko's) 
    What it does: Can avoid physical attacks from enemies, but cannot use
                  your weapons.
    Type of item: Reviving agent
    Normal price: 150GP
    What it does: Restores a dead ally completely.
    Type of item: Poison remedy
    Normal price: 15GP
    What it does: Stops countdown of poison damage. Does not reverse
                  effects of poison.
    Type of item: Musical instrument
    Normal price: Received from King Truffle after defeating Mech Rider 2
    What it does: Summons Flammie so that you can fly to different places.
    Type of item: Magical hammer
    Normal price: Received from dwarf in Dwarf Village, but can only be
                  gotten once you have access to the Upper Land
    What it does: Shrinks/unshrinks one/all characters.
    Type of item: Belt
    Normal price: Received from King Amar when you give him the Sea Hare's
    What it does: Reverses the effects of moogling. Can also turn you into
                  a moogle, if you feel so inclined.
    I have devised a chart for this section in the interest of saving 
    space. Here is a sample item from the chart:
    |NAME OF GAUNTLET                 |DEF |WHO CAN EQUIP IT?|
    |X Gauntlet                       |50  |hero, sprite     |
    |Y Gauntlet                       |48  |girl             |
    I assume that this an easy enough chart to understand, so I need not 
    trouble you with meaningless explanations of its mechanics. The first 
    chart is for helmets, the second chart covers gauntlets, and the third 
    chart is where you will find the suits and dresses. Any questions? I 
    thought not.
    NOTE: I did not include prices - you can figure those out as you buy 
    armor. I put stats so that when there is an opportunity to buy multiple 
    new pieces of the same type of armor (e.g. when you get to Kakkara, you 
    can buy the Golden Vest and the Chest Guard, both of which you have not 
    yet seen for sale), you don't waste money on something weak.
    I) Helmet Chart
    |NAME OF HELMET                   |DEF |WHO CAN EQUIP IT?|
    |Bandanna                         |2   |hero             |
    |Hair Ribbon                      |3   |girl             |
    |Rabite Cap                       |5   |sprite           |
    |Head Gear                        |7   |hero             |
    |Quill Cap                        |10  |girl, sprite     |
    |Steel Cap                        |13  |hero             |
    |Golden Tiara                     |17  |girl, sprite     |
    |Raccoon Cap                      |21  |all              |
    |Quilted Hood                     |26  |girl, sprite     |
    |Tiger Cap                        |32  |all              |
    |Circlet                          |38  |hero, sprite     |
    |Unicorn Helm                     |55  |all              |
    |Dragon Helm                      |66  |all              |
    |Duck Helm                        |78  |girl, sprite     |
    |Needle Helm                      |140 |all              |
    |Cockatrice Cap                   |142 |all              |
    |Amulet Helm                      |143 |girl, sprite     |
    |Griffin Helm                     |145 |hero             |
    |Faerie Crown                     |145 |girl, sprite     |
    II) Gauntlet Chart
    |NAME OF GAUNTLET                 |DEF |WHO CAN EQUIP IT?|
    |Wristband                        |1   |hero, girl       |
    |Elbow Pad                        |2   |all              |
    |Power Wrist                      |4   |all              |
    |Cobra Bracelet                   |6   |all              |
    |Wolf's Band                      |8   |all              |
    |Silver Band                      |10  |all              |
    |Golem Ring                       |13  |all              |
    |Frosty Ring                      |16  |all              |
    |Ivy Amulet                       |20  |all              |
    |Gold Bracelet                    |24  |all              |
    |Shield Ring                      |29  |all              |
    |Lazuri Ring                      |35  |all              |
    |Gauntlet                         |90  |all              |
    |Ninja Gloves                     |91  |all              |
    |Dragon Ring                      |92  |all              |
    |Watcher Ring                     |93  |all              |
    |Imp's Ring                       |94  |all              |
    |Amulet Ring                      |95  |all              |
    |Faerie Ring                      |100 |all              |
    III) Suit/Dress Chart
    |NAME OF SUIT/DRESS               |DEF |WHO CAN EQUIP IT?|
    |Overalls                         |3   |hero             |
    |Kung Fu Suit                     |4   |girl             |
    |Midge Robe                       |7   |sprite           |
    |Chain Vest                       |10  |all              |
    |Spiky Suit                       |13  |hero, sprite     |
    |Kung Fu Dress                    |17  |girl             |
    |Fancy Overalls                   |22  |all              |
    |Chest Guard                      |28  |girl, sprite     |
    |Golden Vest                      |34  |all              |
    |Ruby Vest                        |43  |all              |
    |Tiger Suit                       |52  |hero, sprite     |
    |Tiger Bikini                     |64  |girl             |
    |Magical Armor                    |78  |all              |
    |Tortoise Mail                    |95  |hero, sprite     |	
    |Flower Suit                      |115 |girl             |
    |Battle Suit                      |139 |all              |
    |Vestguard                        |240 |all              |
    |Vampire Cape                     |243 |girl, sprite     |
    |Power Suit                       |245 |hero             |
    |Faerie Cloak                     |250 |girl, sprite     |
    ** A brief note: I have compiled these statistics in the order that you 
    encounter them in the game. Put in this order, one could suppose that I 
    am arranging them from weakest to strongest, although sometimes this 
    isn't true.
    | 20 HP | 0 MP | 1 EXP | 2 GP |
    ATTACKS: Spins at you; bites you
    SPELLS: None
    | 36 HP | 10 MP | 3 EXP | 8 GP |
    ATTACKS: Bites you if you approach it
    SPELLS: Sleep Flower
    | 60 HP | 0 MP | 3 EXP | 7 GP |
    ATTACKS: Rolling attack that covers a small radius; can release spores
             that knock you unconscious.
    SPELLS: None
    Buzz Bee
    | 65 HP | 0 MP | 4 EXP | 11 GP |
    ATTACKS: Charging attack; can shoot needles that poison you.
    SPELLS: None
    | 55 HP | 18 MP | 7 EXP | 10 GP |
    ATTACKS: Charging attack
    SPELLS: Balloon
    Kid Goblin
    | 64 HP | 0 MP | 8 EXP | 14 GP |
    ATTACKS: Various weapons
    SPELLS: None
    Green Drop
    | 40 HP | 0 MP | 10 EXP | 12 GP |
    ATTACKS: Duplicates itself (three at a time max); can poison you
    SPELLS: None
    Chobin Hood
    | 80 HP | 0 MP | 12 EXP | 17 GP |
    ATTACKS: Bow
    SPELLS: None
    | 140 HP | 6 MP | 30 EXP | 36 GP |
    ATTACKS: Punch, hard kick
    SPELLS: Cure Water
    Eye Spy
    | 100 HP | 15 MP | 28 EXP | 30 GP |
    ATTACKS: Releases Chobin Hoods; moogle ray
    SPELLS: Cure Water
    Polter Chair
    | 128 HP | 0 MP | 21 EXP | 22 GP |
    ATTACKS: Jumps at you; won't attack unless you touch it
    SPELLS: None
    | 140 HP | 18 MP | 35 EXP | 29 GP |
    ATTACKS: Jumps at you; fires small beams from its mouth
    SPELLS: Cure Water
    | 150 HP | 8 MP | 38 EXP | 36 GP |
    ATTACKS: Various weapons
    SPELLS: None
    Ma Goblin
    | 130 HP | 18 MP | 42 EXP | 80 GP |
    ATTACKS: Various weapons
    SPELLS: Mix of Gnome and Undine (Cure Water, Defender)
    Chess Knight
    | 135 HP | 15 MP | 36 EXP | 38 GP |
    ATTACKS: Leaps at you; uses horn
    SPELLS: Speed Up
    Tomato Man
    | 40 HP | 46 MP | 65 EXP | 96 GP |
    ATTACKS: Summons Zombies
    SPELLS: Fireball, Moon Saber
    | 150 HP | 20 MP | 50 EXP | 48 GP |
    ATTACKS: Poison mist, hand-to-hand combat
    SPELLS: Unknown
    Evil Sword
    | 125 HP | 24 MP | 64 EXP | 60 GP |
    ATTACKS: Lunges, slices, swipes - typical sword attacks
    SPELLS: Moon Saber
    Water Thug
    | 145 HP | 10 MP | 77 EXP | 65 GP |
    ATTACKS: Uses fork - can swing or throw
    SPELLS: Cure Water, Acid Storm
    | 130 HP | 40 MP | 91 EXP | 79 GP |
    ATTACKS: Spins at you; bites you
    SPELLS: Cure Water, Acid Storm, Energy Absorb
    Steamed Crab
    | 110 HP | 25 MP | 110 EXP | 180 GP |
    ATTACKS: Throws claws <- very dangerous; bubbles that knock you out
    SPELLS: Thunder Saber
    | 186 HP | 0 MP | 125 EXP | 96 GP |
    ATTACKS: Chucks rocks at you in a circle
    SPELLS: None
    Nemesis Owl
    | 122 HP | 24 MP | 100 EXP | 88 GP |
    ATTACKS: None
    SPELLS: Silence
    | 100 HP | 16 MP | 124 EXP | 97 GP |
    ATTACKS: Uses his tail
    SPELLS: Sleep Flower
    Kimono Bird
    | 160 HP | 48 MP | 145 EXP | 120 GP |
    ATTACKS: Summons Pebblers
    SPELLS: Thunderbolt, Air Blast
    Sand Stinger
    | 200 HP | 10 MP | 170 EXP | 144 GP |
    ATTACKS: Poison stingers
    SPELLS: Defender
    Spider Legs
    | 230 HP | 21 MP | 188 EXP | 156 GP |
    ATTACKS: Draws you in using sand trap and hurts you
    SPELLS: Earth Slide
    Pumpkin Bomb
    | 160 HP | 4 MP | 1 EXP | 12 GP |
    ATTACKS: Spin attacks, self-destruction
    SPELLS: Burst
    | 190 HP | 16 MP | 240 EXP | 180 GP |
    ATTACKS: Lunge, bite, same old wolf routine
    SPELLS: Speed Down
    LA Funk
    | 100 HP | 20 MP | 265 EXP | 190 GP |
    ATTACKS: Poison gas balls
    SPELLS: Acid Storm, Freeze, Energy Absorb
    | 180 HP | 16 MP | 300 EXP | 204 GP |
    ATTACKS: Rotating spear attack, charges at you while inside his shell
    SPELLS: Cure Water, Ice Saber
    Blue Drop
    | 380 HP | 0 MP | 330 EXP | 216 GP |
    ATTACKS: Duplicates itself (three at a time max); frosties you if
    SPELLS: None
    Mystic Book
    | 190 HP | 99 MP | 370 EXP | 264 GP |
    ATTACKS: None, but flips to nudie pages occasionally - just wait
             patiently :)
    SPELLS: Lucid Barrier, Air Blast, Freeze
    | 200 HP | 99 MP | 330 EXP | 213 GP |
    ATTACKS: None
    SPELLS: Freeze
    Weepy Eye
    | 165 HP | 80 MP | 370 EXP | 264 GP |
    ATTACKS: Moogle ray
    SPELLS: Lucent Beam
    Mad Mallard
    | 200 HP | 0 MP | 215 EXP | 174 GP |
    ATTACKS: Throws eyeball-like things at you; summons Pumpkin Bombs
    SPELLS: None
    Robin Foot
    | 300 HP | 22 MP | 740 EXP | 800 GP |
    ATTACKS: Bow
    SPELLS: Flame Saber
    Dark Funk
    | 100 HP | 20 MP | 268 EXP | 192 GP |
    ATTACKS: Poison gas balls
    SPELLS: Blaze Wall
    Red Drop
    | 380 HP | 0 MP | 330 EXP | 216 GP |
    ATTACKS: Duplicates itself (three max); engulfs you in flame if touched
    SPELLS: None
    | 240 HP | 25 MP | 400 EXP | 264 GP |
    ATTACKS: Fires missiles at you
    SPELLS: Freeze
    Wizard Eye
    | 200 HP | 50 MP | 530 EXP | 504 GP |
    ATTACKS: Moogle ray; summons Weepy Eyes
    SPELLS: Cure Water
    | 230 HP | 32 MP | 450 EXP | 264 GP |
    ATTACKS: Jumps into you
    SPELLS: Defender, Speed Up, Speed Down
    | 138 HP | 64 MP | 582 EXP | 312 GP |
    ATTACKS: Throws forks, can spit mini-fireballs
    SPELLS: Fireball, Fire Bouquet
    Grave Bat
    | 210 HP | 25 MP | 446 EXP | 258 GP |
    ATTACKS: Rushes at you
    SPELLS: Energy Absorb
    | 125 HP | 36 MP | 685 EXP | 516 GP |
    ATTACKS: Duplicates itself; can engulf you in flame
    SPELLS: Lava Wave
    Armored Man
    | 250 HP | 20 MP | 633 EXP | 540 GP |
    ATTACKS: Uses a mace
    SPELLS: Defender
    Dark Ninja
    | 523 HP | 22 MP | 1850 EXP | 1440 GP |
    ATTACKS: Uses a sword, illusionary hiding techniques, self-destruction
    SPELLS: Flame Saber, Speed Up, Burst
    Fierce Head
    | 308 HP | 80 MP | 928 EXP | 864 GP |
    ATTACKS: Fires a pygmizing beam; summons Grave Bats
    SPELLS: Dark Force
    Dark Knight
    | 200 HP | 56 MP | 996 EXP | 1020 GP |
    ATTACKS: Swings a mace
    SPELLS: Wall, Lava Wave
    Bomb Bee
    | 310 HP | 40 MP | 863 EXP | 528 GP |
    ATTACKS: Poison stingers
    SPELLS: Unknown
    Trap Flower
    | 144 HP | 50 MP | 800 EXP | 532 GP |
    ATTACKS: Bites you
    SPELLS: Sleep Flower, Energy Absorb
    | 185 HP | 0 MP | 928 EXP | 720 GP |
    ATTACKS: Pokes you with beak; can turn you to stone
    SPELLS: None
    Beast Zombie
    | 320 HP | 48 MP | 1065 EXP | 708 GP |
    ATTACKS: Runs and leaps at you
    SPELLS: Acid Storm
    | 324 HP | 30 MP | 1385 EXP | 816 GP |
    ATTACKS: Can use tentacles
    SPELLS: Magic Absorb
    Nitro Pumpkin
    | 420 HP | 20 MP | 1300 EXP | 468 GP |
    ATTACKS: Snorts smoke from nostrils. When he uses Burst, he transforms
             into a normal Pumpkin Bomb
    SPELLS: Wall, Sleep Flower, Burst
    Shape Shifter
    | 350 HP | 0 MP | 1140 EXP | 1500 GP |
    ATTACKS: Transforms into other monsters
    SPELLS: None
    Metal Crawler
    | 450 HP | 44 MP | 1563 EXP | 1020 GP |
    ATTACKS: Tail attack; blows fire that can engulf you; spinning spike
             attack; can poison you
    SPELLS: Wall, Sleep Flower
    | 390 HP | 52 MP | 1472 EXP | 960 GP |
    ATTACKS: Stinger can set you on fire
    SPELLS: Defender, Gem Missile
    | 580 HP | 41 MP | 1755 EXP | 1200 GP |
    ATTACKS: Petrifying breath; can lay eggs containing Eggatrices
    Kimono Wizard
    | 408 HP | 80 MP | 1660 EXP | 1080 GP |
    ATTACKS: Summons Metal Crawlers
    SPELLS: Thunderbolt
    Captain Duck
    | 300 HP | 99 MP | 3390 EXP | 2444 GP |
    ATTACKS: Pumpkin bombs; looks like he shoots eyes out of his butt
    SPELLS: Exploder
    Eggplant Man
    | 125 HP | 16 MP | 368 EXP | 240 GP |
    ATTACKS: Summons Needlions
    SPELLS: Lucid Barrier
    Heck Hound
    | 550 HP | 40 MP | 1964 EXP | 2450 GP |
    ATTACKS: Summons other wolves
    SPELLS: Blaze Wall
    | 560 HP | 44 MP | 2300 EXP | 2965 GP |
    ATTACKS: Spear; can turn feet into wheels and ram into you
    SPELLS: Light Saber, Moon Saber
    | 423 HP | 64 MP | 2074 EXP | 1620 GP |
    ATTACKS: Poison attack; throws harpoons; spits energy balls
    SPELLS: None
    Doom Sword
    | 411 HP | 32 MP | 2190 EXP | 2640 GP |
    ATTACKS: Charging attack
    SPELLS: Stone Saber
    National Scar
    | 630 HP | 58 MP | 2425 EXP | 2600 GP |
    ATTACKS: Shoots missiles; summons Imps
    SPELLS: Wall, Evil Gate
    Ice Thug
    | 440 HP | 40 MP | 2680 EXP | 2850 GP |
    ATTACKS: Spinning fork; throws multiple forks simultaneously
    SPELLS: Cure Water, Acid Storm, Freeze
    Griffin Hand
    | 600 HP | 99 MP | 3090 EXP | 2560 GP |
    ATTACKS: Jump attack; can render you unconscious
    SPELLS: Silence
    | 628 HP | 38 MP | 2550 EXP | 3200 GP |
    ATTACKS: Scatters spores; rolling attack
    SPELLS: Wall
    | 632 HP | 99 MP | 3540 EXP | 2160 GP |
    ATTACKS: None
    SPELLS: Freeze, Evil Gate
    | 599 HP | 28 MP | 2800 EXP | 2430 GP |
    ATTACKS: Needles can petrify you; lunges while shaped like a football
    SPELLS: None
    | 388 HP | 99 MP | 3700 EXP | 2100 GP |
    ATTACKS: Poisoning, several other harmful physical attacks
    SPELLS: Acid Storm, Energy Absorb
    Master Ninja
    | 400 HP | 44 MP | 4388 EXP | 2760 GP |
    ATTACKS: Very fast physical attacks with swords and ninja weaponry.
    SPELLS: Stone Saber, Wall
    Fiend Head
    | 1150 HP | 99 MP | 3868 EXP | 2280 GP |
    ATTACKS: Poison breath
    SPELLS: Dispel Magic
    Wolf Lord
    | 280 HP | 50 MP | 4210 EXP | 2400 GP |
    ATTACKS: Punches and kicks
    SPELLS: Cure Water, Lunar Boost
    Metal Crab
    | 533 HP | 28 MP | 3230 EXP | 2846 GP |
    ATTACKS: Claws, bubbles
    SPELLS: Light Saber
    | 230 HP | 99 MP | 4036 EXP | 2280 GP |
    ATTACKS: Harmful rays shoot from eyes
    SPELLS: Stone Saber
    | 300 HP | 99 MP | 4570 EXP | 3600 GP |
    ATTACKS: A really strong morningstar
    SPELLS: Light spells
    ** Note that the walkthrough here starts from the moment that you get 
    kicked out of Potos. If you want to look up anything that occurs before 
    you get kicked out of Potos, go see the Story section.
    Jema told you to go to the Water Palace, so you need to go there.
    * Find the Water Palace.
    Rabite, Lullabud, Mushboom
    + You have two options when you leave Potos: you can either walk to the
      Water Palace and gain experience (recommended), or you can take the
      Cannon Travel just to the right (I never take this route). If you
      wish to use the cannon to get to the Water Palace, don't worry about
      paying; Jema will have already paid your fare. If you walk, read the
      sign to the south and take the correct path.
    + The storyline has sort of a branching path here - one of the few in
      the game. If you read the sign that says BEWARE OF GOBLINS and talk
      to Dyluck at the Water Palace, you will get captured by goblins on
      the way back, and will consequently meet the girl. She will run off
      before you get a chance to learn her name though. If you do neither
      of the two things I just mentioned, the goblins will not take you
    + Be sure and find Neko's shop. Although Neko is extremely pricey and
      has several items you do not yet need, his is a good place to stay
      the night and save your game.
    + Talk to Jema at the front door of the Water Palace. He will go in. Go
      in and he will tell you to follow him.
    * Talk to Sage Luka about the sword and your destiny.
    * Energize the Mana Sword with the water seed.
    * Obtain the Spear.
    + Press the green buttons to open up bridges that lead you to Sage
      Luka. Talk to her to initiate a conversational sequence.
    + When Jema goes off, talk to Luka further about the sword. She will
      ask you what you are afraid of. Either answer is acceptable. When
      she asks you if are willing to be the one who re-energizes the Mana
      Sword, say yes. You will hold the sword up to the seed. Doing this
      allows you to raise your sword's level once you have gotten it
      forged by Watts, which you cannot do yet.
    + Talk to Luka. She will restore your health and save your game. She
      will also tell you to go to Gaia's Navel. Looks like it's back on the
      road again. Once again, you have two choices. You can take the Cannon
      Travel Service, which you now have to pay for, or you can walk, which
      I strongly advise.
    * Raise the Spear to level 1.
    * Find Pandora.
    * Locate Kippo Village and buy better armor.
    * Enter Gaia's Navel.
    Rabite, Mushboom, Lullabud, Buzz Bee
    Chain Vest, Elbow Pad (the two pieces of armor you should buy when you 
    get to Kippo Village)
    + If you get captured by the goblins, watch that sequence and then move
    + Go east to the fork in the path. Pandora is south, so go that way.
    + Exit Pandora to the west.
    + Fight and go all the way west until you reach Kippo Village.
    + Find the item shop and buy the Chain Vest and Elbow Pad. If you took
      substantial damage on the way to Kippo, rest at the inn and save.
    + Go north to Gaia's Navel and take either path. They both lead into
    + If you want to buy things from Neko and save, go in the cave to the
      right. Otherwise, enter Gaia's Navel through the left passage.
    * Find the Magic Rope.
    * Locate the Dwarf Village and the switch you need to hit to gain
      access to it.
    * Defeat Tropicallo.
    * Accept the sprite into your party.
    * Get the bow, the boomerang, and the axe.
    * Get Watts to start forging your weapons for you.
    * Have the sword and the spear forged.
    * Buy armor for you and the sprite.
    Blat, Kid Goblin, Green Drop, Tropicallo, Brambler
    Spear's Orb, Magic Rope, bow, boomerang, axe
    + Fight the Blats when you enter the cave. They can use the Balloon
      spell, which immobilizes you, so kill them quickly.
    + If you want to gain a quick level before moving on, fight the Green
      Drops and allow them to reproduce once you kill one. If you allow
      them to duplicate themselves in this manner, you can quickly gain
    + Soon you will come to a room with lava, which is impassable. Go in
      the room all the way to the left and fight the Kid Goblins. At the
      end of this long corridor is the switch that drains the lava. Hit it
      with either weapon.
    + When you go back in, the lava is gone. Go south.
    + In the next room, go as far west as you can. Go up the stairs,
      battling the Green Drops if you wish, and go in the room.
    + Kill the Kid Goblins and shake open the chest to reveal the Magic
      Rope. If you are stuck in a dungeon or find that the enemies are too
      difficult for you to battle, you can use it to transport yourself
      back to the entrance.
    + Keep trudging ahead until you hear party-style music. You will not be
      able to go up the steps and into the door yet. The steps are all too
      low for you to reach the plateau. Go through the east door and fight
      the Kid Goblin guarding the switch. When he becomes one less burden,
      swing at the switch. A hole will open in the ground. Go back through
      the door - you can now access the Dwarf Village.
    + Talk to all the dwarves outside. They have been having problems with
    + Buy new armor at the armor shop.
    + Go to the door with no label. Inside should be a forking path. Go to
      the left for a little entertainment.
    + Pay 50 GP to see the show. First you will see a bad appearance by the
      Rabiteman ("Take one Rabite and one man, and you have Rabiteman!"). I
      can't tell if the hero is cheering or booing, but they do tell him to
      pipe down. That still doesn't give much away.
    + Then a sprite from the Upper Land will appear onstage. You will hear
      his sob story about being brought here in a great flood and losing
      his memory. The sprite's manager will ask for a 100GP donation. Fork
      it over and leave.
    + Go in the door to the right this time. You will discover that you
      have been conned. Totally embarrassed, the two will refund the 150GP
      you gave them.
    + Leave and go see Watts the blacksmith.
    + When he tries to forge your sword, his hammer will give off a divine
      glow. He realizes that he is tempering the Mana Sword. With the rush
      of power flowing through his mallet, he decides to make a weapon. He
      asks you to come back later when he has completed it.
    + When you leave the smithy, a tremendous earthquake will rock the
      village. It's time to fight Tropicallo.
    | 315 HP | 0 MP | 80 EXP | 132 GP |
    Tropicallo's main annoyance is that he shoots those stupid pumpkin 
    bombs at you. If you almost let one fall on you but then move at the 
    last second, you might be able to prevent getting hit by them. If the 
    Brambler (the vine that moves toward you) starts to corner you, find 
    its source and strike it. It will retract back to the root and move to 
    another section, and it can actually be killed quite easily as well.
    Use candy if you get in a jam.
      Tropicallo is very hard to hit with your sword. Equip your spear, as 
    it not only has better range but has higher attack. If you hit him as 
    soon as he pops out of the ground, he will probably not be able to fire 
    a pumpkin bomb. After a few moments of running around hitting him, he 
    will be dead. You will obtain the Spear's Orb, which you can take along 
    with the Sword's Orb to Watts for tempering into a better weapon.
    + The sprite will then join your party.
    + Buy him some armor, as well as some for yourself if you haven't done
    + Visit Watts. He will give you his Mana-charged axe and show you a
      faster way out of the cave.
    + Leave the cave and build up the spear and the sword and the three
      weapons you just got in the cave. Build them up for both
      characters. This will take the better part of an hour.
    + When you have FINALLY finished building your weapons, go to Pandora.
    * Find the girl.
    * Build her up on all of your current weapons.
    * Build the hero and the sprite up on the glove.
    + Enter Pandora and go to the easternmost part of town (not the ruins).
      When you go up, you should make it to Pandora's castle.
    + Go through the one-way castle until you see the girl storm out of her
      room, proclaiming that she hates her father. Her father has already
      arranged a marriage for her, but she wants to marry Dyluck.
    + When she finds you, let her follow you.
    + Name her.
    + Go out into the world and build her up on all the weapons you have
      obtained thus far.
    + Build the hero and the sprite's glove skills.
    + Go to the Haunted Forest (north of Gaia's Navel).
    * Find out what happened to Dyluck.
    * If you did not find the girl in Pandora, rescue her here.
    * Obtain the whip.
    Blat, Chobin Hood, Mushboom, Eye Spy, Polter Chair, Spiky Tiger
    ** Depending on whether or not you found the girl in Pandora, you may
       or may not have to fight some Werewolves at one point. Even if you
       do not fight them to save the girl, you will face them in Elinee's
    Boomerang's Orb, 50 GP in a chest, whip
    + Whoever you control here, they need to have the sword so that you can
      cut through grass and kill Chobin Hoods more efficiently.
    + Meet Neko, save your game, and buy as many healing products as you
      can hold (Royal Jam is optional).
    + In the warp up ahead, one of two things can take place depending on
      if the girl is in your party or not.
        If she is with you when you enter the forest, you will advance to
      the next screen in the normal fashion.
        If, however, you did not go to Pandora to accept the girl into your
      party or if you had her at one point and then she left you when you
      entered Gaia's Navel, you will have to rescue her from a duo of
      Werewolves. If this happens, kill them both. This can be a rather
      difficult undertaking if you do not have sufficient armor and healing
        Either way, move on.
    + In this area, go to the left and cut down the stone statues with the
    + Move down the stairs and slice the plant life to the right.
    + Step on the teleportation pad.
    + There should be another one up and to the right. This one does not
      send you anywhere, but instead causes the cliffs above to fall into a
      formation that you can walk across.
    + Backtrack through the teleporter and go all the way to the one in the
      lower left corner of the area.
    + Follow the path to the next teleporter. It is the up the leftmost
      flight of stairs on the north side of the screen. If you go up the
      first stairway, you will see two posts situated on parallel cliffs.
      You have no use for these yet, so move on.
    + Walk the trail to the last transport pad. Although there are forks in
      the road at some points, they all lead to the same place eventually.
    + Once you arrive at Elinee's castle, take the eastern path. It will
      lead around to the main door.
    + Step on the switch to open the gate and advance northward.
    + If you touch some of the chairs in the next room, they will come to
      life. These are known as Polter Chairs (Polter is apparently short
      for Poltergeist, as in a ghost or demon). Even if they are easy to
      kill, it is probably for the best at this point to avoid them.
    + Take the northwest path in the room with the Eye Spies.
    + If you can, fight the Werewolves from a distance. The bow and the
      boomerang are effective against these monsters if you wish to avoid
      hand-to-hand combat.
    + Step on the next switch that you come to. It appears that you do not
      yet know the button's effect.
    + Go downstairs.
    + Talk to the man in the first cell to open them all. He will give you
      some fragmented advice that should help you out. Even in a catatonic
      state, some people can be useful.
    + Run to the right to find Neko. Save and stock up on as many healing
      tools as your funds will allow.
    + Go back to the button north of the dungeon. All three characters must
      stand on it to activate it.
    + Avoid the Eye Spy and go in the northern door.
    + The wall to the west is blocking your progress. Go up and to the left
      to find a switch that will move it out of your way.
    + Avoid the Polter Chairs in Elinee's room and approach her. She sends
      Dyluck to Pandora and will not unseal the Underground Palace. When
      she goes to Spiky Tiger's chamber, follow her.
    + Prepare to fight what is probably the most difficult boss in the
      entirety of the game.
    | 520 HP | 21 MP | 210 EXP | 288 GP |
    Spiky Tiger is the hardest boss to fight in the entire game because 1) 
    you have no magic at this point, and 2) he is so aggressive with both 
    his magical and physical attacks. I hope you have all the little 
    candies and chocolates and Royal Jams that your little body can hold, 
    because you're probably going to end up needing to use all of them if 
    you're a novice. Experts can probably get away with using a little less 
    than that, but stay stocked up in case he rages on you.
      Spiky Tiger is most difficult if you're playing solo. Keep your 
    fingers trained on the B and Y buttons. Do not even think about using 
    charged attacks - you'll never get a single free moment to gather all 
    that power. Equip the spear, sword, and axe on your three party members 
    to start. These are the hardest-hitting weapons and will do the most 
    damage while he's on the ground. When he leaps up to one of his 
    pedestals, take out either the bow or the boomerang to hit him, as your 
    ground-level weapons won't do anything now. He tends to use his heavy 
    fire magic while up here, so if someone gets engulfed in flames, switch 
    characters to continue fighting.
      On the ground, avoid his roll attack if at all possible, even though 
    it's extremely difficult. His rolling is highly erratic, but covers 
    just about the entire area of the ground. If you are hit by the roll, 
    you will be knocked unconscious briefly. Again, switch characters to 
    stay in the game. You will also pass out if you are hit when he lands 
    from a jump. Use the weapon strategies I listed in the second paragraph 
    to overcome him, and go treat yourself to a night on the town when you 
    finally do - you deserve it.
    I strongly recommend fighting this boss with a friend or two!
    + Elinee will be on your side after you win. She will let you have the
      contents of the two chests she owns - 50 GP in one, the almighty whip
      in the other.
    + Once you have these two items, leave the castle. There are no enemies
      to stop you.
    + When you make it outside the castle, Luka will summon you to the
      Water Palace. Go there immediately.
    + Remember the stakes that you couldn't do anything with that were
      located just before the path to the castle? When you have equipped
      the whip, the view will adjust accordingly when you are across from
      one. Press your attack button to leap to the other cliff. The warp
      here will land you just outside the Water Palace. Just go north and
      in the door.
    * Defeat the Biting Lizard.
    * Receive Undine's magic.
    * Get the Pole Dart.
    * Build up the whip and your new javelin.
    Iffish, Tonpole, Biting Lizard
    Glove's Orb, Undine's magic, the Pole Dart
    + Find Luka and talk to her. She will tell you that Undine is in a cave
      just east of the palace. When the conversation is over, save and
      restore yourselves, then leave and take the eastbound path.
    + Fight the Iffishes outside the cave. These are your most formidable
      opponents yet (outside of bosses), so if you have trouble, go in the
      cavern to skip them.
    + There are more Iffishes in the first room.
    + When you enter the next room, you'll see the strangest little thing
      there in the middle...
    Tonpole  | 600 HP | 0 MP | 50 EXP | 0 GP |
    Lizard   | 770 HP | 6 MP | 210 EXP | 348 GP |
    The Tonpole is about the closest thing you'll get in this game to a 
    lifeless, defenseless blob. It looks like a Rabite, only pink ... and 
    scarier. It has no plan of attack or defense, so attack it mercilessly, 
    but be careful once it turns into the Biting Lizard.
    As the name implies, the Biting Lizard will try to use his sizeable 
    mouth to eat you and quickly dwindle your energy. He will stick his 
    long tongue out when you are in front of him and draw you in. Either 
    mash buttons or get the aid of a companion to release you. Obviously, 
    the best solution would be not to approach him from the front! Attack 
    from an angle so he doesn't quite know where you're coming from. His 
    constant curing is also a menace. When he is dead, he will collapse in 
    a heap, and you will obtain the Glove's Orb.
    + Go through the door ahead and talk to Undine. She will bless both the
      girl and the sprite with her abilities, and explains to the boy that
      he gets no magic now, but that his use will become apparent at a
      later time.
    + You will also receive the Pole Dart.
    + Leave and go to the Underground Palace, located deep in the depths of
      Gaia's Navel. The entrance is in the Dwarf Village.
    + First though, build up the javelin and the whip to their highest
    + When that's done, go to the Dwarf Village and enter the Underground
      Palace. Make sure your Undine magic is at level 1 at least. It does
      not take long at all to build up.
    + Use Freeze on the crystal orb to drain the lava.
    * Build up both the girl and the sprite's Undine magic to level 1.
    * Gain the Gnome's magic.
    * Seal the Earth seed.
    Goblin, Ma Goblin, Chess Knight, Green Drop, Fire Gigas
    Axe's Orb, Gnome's magic
    + Go up through the door. Run up to the Goblins and Ma Goblins and kill
      them all. You may get hurt more than you want to if you try to use
      long-range weapons.
    + In the larger chamber, go east and then south through the door.
    + Touch the switch all the way at the bottom.
    + There is another switch on the opposite end of the area. Hit it too.
    + Once you have activated both of these, go to the middle. The fire pot
      that was blockading the stairway is no longer there.
    + Equip the whip for when you come to the poles in the next room.
    + Go north.
    + Avoid the Chess Knights and continue to move north.
    + You'll meet Gnome in the stage room. He is not very cooperative, and
      will run off when he senses Fire Gigas coming.
    * FIRE GIGAS *
    | 850 HP | 66 MP | 326 EXP | 360 GP |
    This is the first boss that you will get to use the magic bombardment 
    trick on, which will from here on out be referred to as "rapid-fire 
    magic." Although this is a cheap trick, it will help novices beat the 
    majority of the bosses in the game with minimal damage done to you and 
    your allies. Experts may prefer a more strategic approach or, in the 
    interest of challenge, could even do away with magic altogether to ante 
    up the game's difficulty.
    Obviously, Fire Gigas couldn't have met you at a worse time. Make sure 
    the sprite has his maximum amount of magic points. To execute rapid-
    fire magic, press Y and cast the spell you want again as soon as the 
    spell's corresponding elemental disappears. In this case, you want to 
    use Freeze. Use Freeze over and over and over again until you run out 
    of magic. It shouldn't even matter how much damage you do to him - he 
    should die after you deplete your magic supply. You will get the Axe's 
    Orb once you accomplish your task.
    + Go into the room to the north. In order to thank you for getting rid
      of Fire Gigas, Gnome will bestow his magic on the girl and the
    + Run up to the seed and seal its power. You can now build your magic
      up to level 2.
    + The sprite will then recall everything in a flood of remembrance. He
      remembers that he came from the Upper Land, and that you need to go
      there. You do not have the opportunity to go there yet, but once you
      have done everything you need to in the first part of the world, the
      cannons will open up and you can continue your journey there.
    + For now though, go back to Watts and have any weapons forged that
      need it. Your next stop is, once again, the Water Palace.
    * Ask Luka where Jema is.
    + When you arrive back at the Water Palace, talk to Luka. She will ask
      if you want to save your game and heal yourself, then wonder why Jema
      hasn't returned from Pandora yet. Hmm ... is THAT where he is? I had
      no idea! :)
    + Before you come here, work on all your weapons and magic until they
      are at their maximum levels. Remember that your magic can now go up
      another level, meaning you will have to work on Gnome for two levels
      to get it maxed out.
    * Before going, max out your weapons and spells and buy some Faerie
    * Find Jema.
    * Figure out why the Pandoran citizens are in such a catatonic state.
    * Find out the truth about Dyluck and the girl's friend Phanna.
    Tomato Man, Zombie, Chess Knight, Evil Sword, Wall Face
    Bow's Orb, Sword's Orb, Spear's Orb, 50 GP in a chest (4x)
    + Make sure your weapons and spells are at optimum power before coming
      here. It will not take long to build the sprite, but the girl takes
      forever. Just warning you now.
    + When you get to Pandora, talk to a green-clad girl with shimmering
      blue hair. Her name is Phanna, and she is the girl's best friend.
      If you try to chat with her, she will disappear. Go south to the
      ruins and find out what's going on.
    + When you make it to the ruins, the girl will punch the guards out of
      the way.
    + Do not fight ANYONE in here, I repeat, ANYONE. All the enemies have
      extremely high evade and can hurt you very badly. Do not veer off the
      path and go in any dead-end rooms. There is one path you must take -
      no switches, no whip poles, nothing fancy. Run like there is no
      tomorrow. You will pay with your life if you stop to fight the Tomato
      Men and Zombies.
    + Once you make it to a chamber with several guards, heal as needed
      before confronting Thanatos. He will feed you to Wall Face, who would
      love to have your energy, as Thanatos puts it (loosely).
    * WALL FACE *
    | 920 HP | 99 MP | 580 EXP | 720 GP |
    Target all your spells at the middle eye. Wall Face likes to use Freeze 
    and Energy Absorb, and he can use them to his heart's content with his 
    99 magic points. Don't worry about trying to kill the other two eyes - 
    just focus your efforts on the middle one. You can use spells on it 
    even if it is closed tightly. To beat Wall Face, bombard him with Earth 
    Slide, one of the sprite's Gnome spells. If you have Faerie Walnuts, 
    use them as the need arises. Bombardment will do Wall Face in quickly.
    + Once you beat Wall Face, Thanatos will realize that you aren't just
      some wimpy opponent. He will take off, vowing to get you next time.
      Meanwhile, the mechanical demeanor of the Pandorans will have been
      lifted. They are all back to normal, except Phanna and Dyluck, whom
      Thanatos is keeping in his clutches.
    + Find Jema and talk to him.
    + When you go back to town, go to the castle where you found the girl.
    + Enter the main door and find the king's room. Go in the small room to
      the left of the thrones.
    + Talk to the king. He will remove the guard blocking the treasure room
      since he realizes that you are the one destined to save the world.
      There are several things that you need to get in here.
    + Four of the chests contain 50 gold pieces. The others hold a Spear's
      Orb and a Sword's Orb.
    + Once you have these things, leave and go back to the Water Palace
      (yes, again).
    + The armor shop now stocks armor. Buy some Cobra Bracelets, which is
      all you should need.
    * Learn that the Water Seed is missing.
    + Talk to Luka. She will tell you that the Water Seed was stolen, most
      likely while Undine wasn't at her full strength. The water told her
      that it went to Gaia's Navel ... or deeper ... so guess where you
      have to go now? Gee, I wonder :)
    * Regain the Water Seed.
    Whip's Orb, Javelin's Orb
    + The entrance to the thieves' ship is located in the Dwarf Village.
      Jema will handle the Underground Palace; you tackle the ship.
    + Walk in front of the hole to enter it.
    + Go downstairs once you are on the ship.
    + Head right and then up. You will find an orb for your whip.
    + Enter the large metal doors to find the boss of the Scorpions. They
      have no choice but to leave you to their robot, Kilroy.
    + When they leave, go through the doors to the north.
    * KILROY *
    | 900 HP | 18 MP | 686 EXP | 650 GP |
    Kilroy, unlike the last two bosses you've fought, has no weakness, so 
    you're going to have to take him down with your good old weapons. Never 
    thought you'd have to do that again, didja? Oh mercy. Don't panic. 
    It'll be over sooner than you think.
    Since they used the water seed to pump up Kilroy, his systems have gone 
    all out of whack. This will make him harder to kill.
    Don't let his hammers hit you or you'll get moogled. Although it is fun 
    to stay in the form of this weird little thing that can't do a blessed 
    thing, you need to cast Remedy as soon as possible to keep fighting. 
    Since he is slow-moving, it is easy to hit him with charged attacks. 
    Set your allies' action grids to Attack so that they can help. Healing 
    agents will help immensely here since his hammers are bound to hit you. 
    Once you destroy him, you will earn the Javelin's Orb.
    + The Scorpion gang will skip town once you destroy him.
    + Now that you have recovered the Mana seed, go forge all your weapons
      that need it. If for some reason you return to the thieves' ship, you
      can escape using the Magic Rope. See? It's not TOTALLY useless!
    + Go forge your weapons at Watts's shop and build them up.
    + Before going back to the Water Palace to return the seed, build up
      every single weapon for every single character. Yes, this will take a
      long, long time, so just quit your whining and do it. Only go to the
      Water Palace once you have leveled up your arsenal.
    * Defeat the Jabberwocky.
    * Receive your orders to go to the Upper Land.
    * Reseal the Mana seed of water.
    * Get the Midge Mallet from the Dwarf Village before leaving.
    Iffish, Water Thug, Jabberwocky
    Bow's Orb, Whip's Orb
    + Geshtar is holding Luka captive and demands the seed. He will see you
      and try to stop you.
    + When you have the choice between handing the seed over or running,
      choose running. Geshtar will knock you back. You won't be able to
      move, and he will take the opportunity to throw you to his horrific
      pet, the Jabberwocky.
    | 950 HP | 90 MP | 800 EXP | 768 GP |
    Jabberwocky likes to use Acid Storm to suck up your defense. The effect 
    is only temporary though, so don't worry about a permanent lowering. 
    You must destroy both of his heads to defeat him. Use a combination of 
    weapons and magic.
    Jabberwocky is weak against Earth Slide. Use it rapidly, and slice him 
    with weapons between castings. As long as you are equipped with enough 
    magic points and a few Faerie Walnuts, the Jabberwocky will be no 
    problem at all. You will receive the Bow's Orb for your hard work.
    + Talk to Jema. He has prepared a cannon to take you to the Upper Land.
      He will also give you yet another Whip's Orb.
    + Talk to Luka and reseal the Water Seed. Also heal and save before you
    + When you part ways, she tells you to seek out Sage Joch and
      reactivate the seeds in the remainder of the world. Visit some other
      places before leaving.
    + Go to Gaia's Navel and go back to the Dwarf Village. Talk to the
      small man standing in front of the hole that leads to the thieves'
      ship. He will thank you for stopping by and give you the Midge
      Mallet, which returns you to normal size if you are shrunk. Don't
      visit Watts just yet, though.
    + Find the Cannon Travel Center just south of Potos Village and choose
      to travel to the Upper Land.
    * Save the Moogles' village from the Pebblers.
    * Find Watts and Neko.
    * Do some major leveling up.
    * Open the path to the Wind Palace.
    Silktail, Steamed Crab, Water Thug, Pebbler, Nemesis Owl, Crawler, 
    Kimono Bird, Springbeak
    Axe's Orb, Glove's Orb, Boomerang's Orb
    + You will land in the wintery section of the Upper Land. Several weird
      little creatures will be running around. These are called Moogles,
      and their village has been overrun by Pebblers. You need to save
      their village and return it to them.
    + Find Watts and forge all the weapons you can up to this point. This
      will mean you'll need to spend a while building your weapons up.
    + Go south to the spring section (pink trees) and find Neko. Buy Quill
      Caps for the girl and sprite.
    + To the east is summer. There are two northern pathways; take the one
      to the west.
    + This should lead to an empty area filled with porcupine-like
      burrowing critters. These are the Pebblers that the Moogles wish to
      be rid of. Kill them all and then leave.
    + The Moogles should be in their own rightful area now. Get the orbs
      for the axe and the glove in the chests. Both Watts and Neko take up
      shop here now.
    + Forge the axe and the glove.
    + Talk to one of the Moogles. The sprite will now remember a little
      poem that should help you out: "Walk the seasons from spring to
      winter, spring again and you can enter."
    + Head back to spring.
    + Go east to summer, north to autumn, west to winter, and south to
      spring. You should hear a noise indicating that you have done exactly
      what that little ditty said you should.
    + When you make it back to spring, you'll hear a noise to the right.
    + Go to the right and north.
    + The village will be a total wreck. You'll hear a cawing noise.
    + The boss music will play. Head north.
    | 720 HP | 99 MP | 1090 EXP | 864 GP |
    Springbeak uses a variety of Sylphid spells. Among his arsenal are the 
    ever-annoying Silence, Balloon, Air Blast, and the mighty powerful, 
    highly injurious Thunderbolt. Weapon use is futile unless it's a long-
    range weapon such as the bow or the boomerang. Like the Jabberwocky 
    before him, Springbeak is weak against Earth Slide. If the sprite's 
    magic is at max, you won't even have to use a Faerie Walnut to beat 
    him. Three good pummelings with the level 2 Earth Slide will do him in. 
    You'll receive the Boomerang's Orb when you finish fighting Springbeak.
    * Seal the Wind Seed.
    * Obtain the magical powers of Sylphid.
    Sylphid's magic
    + Go north and into the castle after Springbeak is deceased.
    + Talk to the sprite's grandfather to hear a somewhat moving story.
    + He will tell you of the white dragon that leaves in a cave near the
      town of Matango. Sylphid will become your master also, and the old
      man will heal you all and give you the opportunity to save your game.
      Take advantage of it.
    + Seal the Wind Seed. You can now build your magic to level 3, but wait
      until you reach Matango to work on it.
    + Find the spring section of the forest and go west.
    + Analyze the crystal orb using the girl's magic. Sylphid's magic will
    + Use the sprite's Air Blast spell on it to clear the trail.
    + After getting rid of the orb, go west and north. Avoid all Crawlers.
    + When the path forks, take the one where the Silktail awaits you.
    + Enter the cave to the far north.
    + Avoid the Kimono Bird and the Pebblers he releases. Use the axe to
      clear out the stalagmites.
    + When you exit the cave, you will be in Matango, a town inhabited by
      peaceful Mushbooms.
    * Find King Truffle and learn about the white dragon.
    * Enter the cave of the white dragon.
    + Find Fung Castle, the home of King Truffle. There are two doors. One
      leads to an item shop. Enter it first.
    + Buy Wolf's Bands and Fancy Overalls for everyone and a Steel Cap for
      the boy. When you have equipped these things, sell your old armor.
    + Go in the castle's main entrance.
    + Forge the boomerang. Watts is to the left.
    + Talk to King Truffle in the throne room. He knows right away that you
      are the ones the legend speaks of. He'll tell you he has a treasure
      for you upstairs to the right.
    + Get the Javelin's Orb by the bed upstairs.
    + Forge it too.
    + Go in the inn and work up the girl's Undine and Gnome magic. Work on
      Sylphid in battle by analyzing everything you can.
    + The man guarding the exit to the lower right has moved. You can now
    + Go through the door and enter the cave to the north.
    * Defeat the Great Viper.
    * Find the white dragon.
    Water Thug, Steamed Crab, Crawler, Kimono Bird, Pebbler, Nemesis Owl, 
    Great Viper
    Sword's Orb
    + Stock up on Faerie Walnuts before coming to the cave. Work on the
      sprite's Sylphid magic until you have used three Faerie Walnuts.
      Save a lot of magic for the Great Viper.
    + Make your way through the cave, fighting the enemies with weapons
      and magic both. If at all possible, avoid Kimono Birds. Use your
      Thunderbolt spells on Pebblers if they appear though.
    + Keep going until you find a crystal orb. Analyzing it reveals that
      Gnome's magic activates its effect.
    + Use Earth Slide on it. Somewhere, some rocks have fallen...
    + Follow the new paths until you reach the Great Viper outside.
    | 1330 HP | 8 MP | 1410 EXP | 1056 GP |
    The Great Viper is easy if you have powerful enough magic and plenty of 
    it. He slithers through the trees with the greatest of ease, so switch 
    to the sprite and control him yourself. Don't worry about the others as 
    they try to fend him off with weapons. Occasionally he will weave to 
    bite the others. His bite can pygmize you, so have the Midge Mallet 
    handy. About five helpings of Thunderbolt level 2 will kill him. If you 
    have level 3 Sylphid it will take even less time. For your troubles, 
    the Great Viper will yield the Sword's Orb.
    + Enter the cave to the north. Don't worry about enemies - there are
      none to stop you.
    + Talk to the white dragon. It is not full-grown and extremely powerful
      as you expected; instead, it turns out to be a baby who takes an
      immediate liking to you. You will end up taking it to King Truffle.
    + Truffle names the dragon Flammie. He tells you that the Cannon Travel
      Center is now opened up to Kakkara, the desert area. He tells you
      that the Fire Palace is located there.
    + Before leaving, work on both your magic and your weapons. Be sure to
      forge the sword since you just got an orb for it.
    + The cannon is located to the east on the screen where you find the
      cavern leading to Matango. It costs 50 GP, as usual, to fly to the
    * Escape from the sandship. 
    Sand Stinger, Pebbler, Spider Legs, Pumpkin Bomb, Mech Rider 1
    Whip's Orb
    + Unfortunately, the cannon man missed the town of Kakkara by a long
      shot, and now you're stranded in the desert. Go north one screen.
    + The Sand Stingers here like to use Defender a lot, but they are an
      easy kill. Once you have conquered them, venture west.
    + At the new screen with all the huge blocks, go north.
    + You should be in an area with Pumpkin Bombs and a Spider Legs enemy.
      Go east.
    + If you've done this right, your characters will go to the middle of
      the middle of the screen and complain of parched throats. They can't
      go on anymore, but in the distance they find what they think is their
    + Go north to board the ship.
    + The guards on the ship think you are spies and want to lock you up,
      but the gentler commander opens to them the option that you might've
      just gotten lost. (Yeah, yeah, that's it!) You will all then be
      separated. The boy will work the engines (you will control him), the
      sprite will work in the kitchen, and the girl will basically be the
      commander's wench. Yikes! Better save them right away!
    + With your party reduced to one, there's not much you can do except
      talk to folks. Chat with Sergo, the white-haired guy in the purple
      clothes. Talk to him twice.
    + The second time, he will help you escape. Do what he says and talk to
      the guards blocking the stairs.
    + Sergo will yell out that there is a fire, and the guards will go in a
      frenzy. Leave while you can.
    + Once you are on the top deck, go down and to the left.
    + Go upstairs and then walk around this deck until you see a stairway
      leading down.
    + Go in the door to the south.
    + You'll hear the people inside tell you that the sprite ate everything
      on the ship! Even I couldn't do that! :) Since he's your friend, they
      will ask you to take him away. Talk to him and he will rejoin your
    + After you get back to the top deck, go down and to the left. Enter
      the door (it's a bit hard to see if you're not looking for it).
    + Go up the flight of stairs to the left. The man in the middle of the
      top platform will allow you to save your game, so do just that.
    + Walk around to where more guards are blocking the door. The sprite
      will eliminate them by telling them rats have eaten the food (yeah,
    + When you go in, you'll find the commander hitting on the girl, who
      would rather "have her gums scraped." She's ever so glad to see you,
      but then they finally catch you for trying to escape. At just about
      that moment, the ship begins to tremble...
    + Since the soldiers are too cowardly to go to arms, you use the
      opportunity to go out to the top deck. All of a sudden, the place is
      swarming with crew members. The Empire has taken over the ship, and
      the hostages are completely helpless. While the Empire's men urge you
      to surrender, that's not gonna happen anytime soon. Go to the top of
      the ship and approach Geshtar.
    * MECH RIDER 1 *
    | 980 HP | 18 MP | 1595 EXP | 1055 GP |
    Mech Rider 1 (yes, there are more of them) has no real weaknesses, but 
    his spells are extremely effective and will make him harder to hit with 
    normal weapons. Ergo, you're going to have to use magic even though it 
    does almost nothing for you. Great...
    Almost immediately, he will use Speed Up to increase his hit and evade. 
    Track him down before he speeds out of view and use Thunderbolt, the 
    most effective spell for the job, on him. You will probably have to use 
    at least one Faerie Walnut to get it done. Don't worry though. Once his 
    magic fades, combine weapons and magic. This can only serve to defeat 
    him faster. Watch out for the little missiles he fires at you as well. 
    They're not too powerful, but they are annoying.
    The Whip's Orb is your reward for defeating Mech Rider 1.
    + Geshtar will then take the sandship and strand everyone in the
      desert. Talk to a soldier who tells you about a rescue team coming.
      When he asks if you're leaving, say yes.
    + Go north from the screen with the sand traps. You will arrive at the
      ever-so-gloomy village of Kakkara, whose water supply has been
    + Talking to the townsfolk uncovers a new mystery: Salamando has been
      captured, and the Fire Seed has been taken from the Fire Palace! A
      double whammy, so to speak.
    + Find Watts and forge the whip.
    + Find the man selling items and armor. Do not buy the Chest Guard or
      the Golden Tiara.
    + It probably wouldn't hurt to stay at the inn before leaving either.
    + Go east to the cannon travel center and head for the Ice Country.
    * Find out what happened to Santa.
    * Rescue Salamando and receive his magic.
    Howler, Pebbler, LA Funk, Shellblast, Boreal Face, Frost Gigas
    Salamando's magic, Spear's Orb, Bow's Orb
    + Take what's in the treasure chest in Santa's house (a Spear's Orb).
    + Forge the spear and then work on it and the whip at the same time.
    + When both of those are at level 4, go south from Santa's house.
    + The vast expanse of the Ice Country lies before you. To the right is
      the cannon travel center. You shouldn't need it yet, so move south.
    + Go west.
    + When you arrive at the next screen, there is a fork in the path. Take
      the southward trail.
    + Head west and avoid the LA Funks. Their Undine magic is very powerful
      and should be evaded if possible. On top of that, weapons won't work
      against them. Once you have Salamando though, they are well worth the
      trouble - sometimes they leave behind Faerie Walnuts in chests!
    + Take the northern path when you can no longer go west.
    | 1100 HP | 12 MP | 2245 EXP | 1040 GP |
    Boreal Face doesn't have any weaknesses, but luckily, weapons are 
    extremely effective, especially in this open field. These environs make 
    it easier to run from his pumpkin bombs than Tropicallo's. There are 
    four places where he can appear. Try to anticipate where he is about to 
    burrow up from the ground and then go to where he actually does 
    surface. Because of his slow pace, charged attacks work very well. 
    Slice the Brambler if it gets too close for comfort.
    Boreal Face uses Gem Missile, Burst, and a pygmizing attack along with 
    the pumpkin bombs. The Midge Mallet will cure the pygmy affliction, but 
    there isn't anything you can do to stop Gem Missile. Energy Absorb is 
    good for the sprite if he starts to take heavy damage. Once Boreal Face 
    is done for, you will obtain the Bow's Orb.
    + Once Boreal Face is defeated, you will go north through the trees to
      an unusually warm village. Find out what's going on by talking to
      everyone. The general consensus seems to be that everyone loves this
      place to death.
    + Talk to the lanky guy guarding the furnace. He'll let you take a
    + Approach the furnace. When you are faced with the decision of opening
      it, say yes. Opening the oven releases Salamando. In gratitude, he
      gives you his magical powers.
    + Since the new resort is now a bust, the Scorpion Boss skips town.
    + Go back to the area near Todo Village and build Salamando up to level
      3 for both magic users (keeping in mind you can't go to 4 because you
      haven't sealed the Fire Seed).
    + Once you have accomplished this, go north of the old resort.
    + Avoid the Shellblasts - they have very high evade.
    + Go north and find Neko. He doesn't have any armor that you don't have
      already, but do save while you're around. Buy Faerie Walnuts and Cups
      of Wishes if necessary.
    + Run back to the previous screen and take the other northern path to
      the east.
    + Kill the Howler and the Shellblast and go north.
    * Turn Frost Gigas back into Santa Claus.
    * Obtain the Fire Seed.
    Shellblast, LA Funk, Blue Drop, Specter, Weepy Eye, Mystic Book, Frost 
    Glove's Orb, Boomerang's Orb
    + Walk in the main door without going near the Shellblasts.
    + Go to the right and hit the switch just after the narrow corridor.
    + This is your first encounter with Blue Drops. Ignore them for now,
      and don't touch them, otherwise they'll frosty you. Run around and go
      through the door before they deal heavy damage.
    + Maneuver around the Shellblasts and go in the door to the right.
    + Hit the switch to create a bridge. Go in the door to the north.
    + Move past the Specters and get the Glove's Orb. Do not let them use
      Freeze on you.
    + Go back two rooms and enter the door to the left.
    + Avoid the Blue Drop and touch the button to create another bridge.
    + In the room ahead, kill the Weepy Eye and go upstairs.
    + The library is one of the toughest joints in this castle. Run past
      the Mystic Book. They usually cast Lucid Barrier first, which keeps
      them from being injured by physical attacks. Then it will hit all
      your characters with highly detrimental volleys of magic. Find the
      empty spaces where the bookshelves don't block your path. Also,
      remember not to let the Specters use Freeze on you.
        FUNNY NOTE! Sometimes if you wait a minute, the Mystic Books will
      turn to a page with a nude woman on it, then hastily flip somewhere
      else :)
    + You will be trapped in the next room. Fight off the Mystic Books and
      go north.
    + When you hit the two buttons in front of the wall, a hole will open
      up and will fall, fall, fall...
    (See Biting Lizard for statistics.)
    This isn't really a boss, per se, because you don't get a weapon orb 
    for your trouble (although you should). If you beat Biting Lizard with 
    minimal difficulty, you shouldn't have any trouble with these three so 
    long as you fight ONE AT A TIME. If you turn all the Tonpoles into 
    Biting Lizards at once, they will give you hell.
    Don't waste your magic on these simpletons. Weapons will do just fine. 
    Remember to attack from an angle so that you don't get eaten as much. 
    The spear and the sword are good weapons to have out for this battle. 
    If you are playing solo, set the other two players' action grids to 
    Keep Away so that they don't get eaten. Hit them while they try to 
    cure. Sometimes they will heal all three of themselves and not gain as 
    much energy back, so wail on them especially during those times. Once 
    all three are dead, you will be back in the room you came from, and a 
    door will be open. Go through it.
    + Kill the Blue Drop. He shouldn't be able to duplicate if you keep the
      enemies to the right in your line of sight.
    + Use the whip to get across the chasms.
    + Avoid the Specter, Blue Drop, and LA Funk and go to the warp pad in
      the middle.
    + Kill the Weepy Eyes. They aren't too dangerous except for Lucent
    + Go in the next room. A voice tells you to "be gone!" Say no.
    + You will fight Frost Gigas as punishment for your conceitedness.
    | 1140 HP | 99 MP | 3045 EXP | 1200 GP |
    Frost Gigas is easy. In fact, you shouldn't even have to heal or use 
    rapid-fire magic at all. Just a steady flow of fire magic should kill 
    him. For the fastest KO, have the girl and the sprite double up on him 
    since the girl has offensive spells that will hurt him. Level 3 spells 
    should do damage in the mid-300's, which is enough to kill him very 
    Do not even attempt to use weapons. Magic is the only way to do in this 
    guy. Don't be scared of his level 6 Undine spells. They hurt for about 
    25 max if your armor is at its best, and they are even less effective 
    when he uses one spell on the whole party. You can't use magic on him 
    when he disassembles his molecules and floats around. Use his movements 
    at those times to anticipate where he is going to land so you can catch 
    him with fire magic.
    The Boomerang's Orb is your reward for defeating Frost Gigas.
    + Santa explains that he was actually Frost Gigas, and that he turned
      into Frost Gigas because of the seed. Kids no longer believed in him,
      so he wanted to bring back all their hopes and dreams, but the Fire
      Seed made him into a horrible, horrible monster. Now that he's better
      he'll give it back to you, and you will end up outside the Ice
    + Forge what weapons you can and build them up.
    + Take a cannon straight to Kakkara.
    * Defeat the Minotaur.
    * Seal the Fire Seed.
    * Build all your magic up to level 4.
    Sand Stinger, Pebbler, Spider Legs, Pumpkin Bomb, Mad Mallard, Robin 
    Foot, Dark Funk, Red Drop, Minotaur
    1000 GP in a chest, Axe's Orb, Javelin's Orb
    + After landing in Kakarra, go to the inn and rest, then go south to
      leave town.
    + The path to the Fire Palace is: south, west, north. Avoid the Spider
      Legs. The Mad Mallards can summon Pumpkin Bombs, so watch out for
      those guys as well.
    + Defeat the Sand Stingers at the Fire Palace and go inside.
    + There are Spider Legs hidden in key areas. Watch out for them. It
      might be best to set your allies' action grids to Keep Away for this
    + Kill the Robin Foots when you enter the palace at last.
    + Go in the door to the left and get the Robin Foot out of your way.
    + Go downstairs. The room is boiling hot, and the red glow makes it
      hard to see (in fact, it hurts my eyes). Use Undine spells against
      the Dark Funks.
    + Analyze the crystal orb. Salamando does just fine on this one, so
      use the sprite's Exploder spell to cool the room down. 
    + Head upstairs.
    + Do not touch the Red Drops in here - they will engulf you in fire on
      contact. Skip them and find the middle stairway. Go up it. If you go
      down through the door to the south, you can jump over a pit which
      takes you back to the entrance. You don't need that right now.
    + Analyze the orb to the left of the Robin Foot. Salamando's magic
      works on it.
    + Use Fireball this time. Walk along the new bridge.
    + Go north through the corridor next to the door. You will find a chest
      containing 1000 GP.
    + Skip the Dark Funk and find the staircase all the way to the left.
    + Navigate the mini-maze and collect what's in the chest (an Axe's
    + Move down the middle corridor all the way to the bottom in the
      previous room. Turn left and keep moving so the Dark Funks don't cast
      spells on you. Go down the staircase.
    + Follow the path here to the next flight of stairs - there are no
    + Touch the switch and go down the lower staircase. The wall has been
    + Whip your way across the pit.
    + Go up the staircase without messing with the Dark Funks.
    + The fire bowls in here are all empty. Press the green button to fill
      them with fire and discover a crystal orb that is susceptible to
      Freeze magic.
    + After using Freeze, you notice that there are two big fire pots that
      are still burning.
    + Stand in-between them to unveil a stairway leading to a boss.
    * MINOTAUR *
    | 1200 HP | 99 MP | 3348 EXP | 1440 GP |
    The Minotaur has a very hefty Earth Slide - it's at level 7! He's the 
    easiest boss yet though. Don't get too close to him or he'll wield his 
    horns and charge at you. The Earth Slide, while big, is nothing to cry 
    about. He'll probably only get to use it once, if at all. Pile on the 
    Thunderbolts and he'll be no problem. Take your Javelin's Orb as your 
    + Go north through the new door.
    + Seal the seed and receive its power. You can now build your magic up
      to level 4, so go to the Ice Country and do that. Also forge your
      weapons and work on them now that you have a few more energy orbs.
    + After you're all built up, go to the Empire. It can be accessed by
      way of cannon travel east of Kakarra.
    * Get the password to the sewer.
    Password to the sewer
    + Once you are off the large winding wall, go northwest. You'll see a
      lady with blue hair quickly retreat to her house.
    + If you talk to her, she will give you the password to enter the
      sewer that leads to Northtown and the Resistance headquarters. The
      password is 634.
    + Don't buy armor at the shop - there's better stuff in Northtown.
    + When you are prepared for tougher fights, find the entrance to the
    + Enter the password you learned from Mara.
    * Make it to Resistance headquarters.
    Iffish, Dinofish, Blue Drop
    + Kill the Iffishes and go around the Blue Drops.
    + When you get to the next room, head south immediately. If you get
      stuck on any platforms, the Blue Drops will show you what they're
      made of.
    + Go in the door to the lower left in the next room, again avoiding
      all Blue Drops and trying not to get stuck in certain areas.
    + Destroy the Dinofishes in the next area. Does there have to be a
      Blue Drop in every freaking room?
    + Battle your way through the mob of Dinofishes and take the north
    + After the next room with the Blue Drops, go up the stairs. You'll
      have arrived at Resistance headquarters.
    + Talk to everyone. When you exit the building, you'll be in Empire
    * Find the Empire ruins.
    + At the armor shop, buy some Frosty Rings and Tiger Caps for all your
      party members, Tiger Suits for the hero and the sprite, and a Tiger
      Bikini for the girl.
    + Walk up the stairs to the left of Resistance headquarters (the
      establishment with the coffee cup sign on the side).
    + If you go downstairs in the inn, you'll find Watts. Remember where he
      is in case you find any weapons.
    + Talk to a little girl who tells you about Phanna giving her candy.
      Phanna is at the ruins, so head east.
    + Go north to find the Empire ruins.
    * Find Phanna at the entrance and try to figure out what's wrong with
    * Defeat Doom's Wall.
    Wizard Eye, Weepy Eye, Ghoul, Imp, Grave Bat, Tomato Man, LA Funk, Dark 
    Funk, Specter, Robin Foot, Blue Drop, Red Drop, Green Drop, Doom's 
    Wall, Vampire
    Spear's Orb, Bow's Orb, Sword's Orb, Whip's Orb, Boomerang's Orb (ugh 
    ... that's gonna be a lot of leveling up you'll have to do)
    + Run north and approach Phanna. She says that her and Dyluck are happy
      together, but the girl refuses to believe this. Krissie will come and
      take Phanna to her doctor. Then the screen will fade back to normal
      and you can set foot in the ruins.
    + There is nothing of interest in the doors on the ground floor, so go
      up to the stairs to the left.
    + Go in the door in front of you.
    + Whether you fight the Imp and Grave Bats in here is your decision.
    + Run from the Dark Funk and the Blue Drops in the next room and go all
      the way to the left.
    + Pick up the Spear's Orb outside and run to the first room.
    + Go to the eastern room upstairs.
    + Either fight or skip the Wizard Eye and the Imps.
    + Run away from the Specters.
    + Go two rooms south to find a Bow's Orb.
    + Go back to the first room of the ruins and go downstairs.
    + Pass through the middle door.
    + As always, run away from the Specters.
    + Kill the Weepy Eyes in the next room and head downstairs, ignoring
      the Wizard Eye altogether.
    + Fight the Grave Bats - they're easy and they give good experience.
    + In the room to the south are a Blue Drop, a Red Drop, and a Green
      Drop. In fact the whole scenario looks like something out of a Bust-
      A-Move game. If you want to fight for the experience, stay. If you
      wish to move on, then leave.
    + Watch out for the Ghouls that are waiting to ambush you. Avoid them
      and go all the way to the left. Do not go in the door that the Robin
      Foots guard; it eventually leads to a dead end.
    + Bypass the monsters in the next two rooms.
    + The next room is covered with spikes that are blocking passage to key
      areas of the ruins. You need to find a switch that will retract them.
      Go down the wide corridor all the way to the right and go past the
      Wizard Eye. Set foot in the door below.
    + Ignore all enemies in the next room.
    + Fight the Grave Bats that come rushing at you and also kill the Imp
      that looms eerily behind them.
    + Some Blue Drops are occupying the switch in the next room. Kill one
      of them so that you can stand on it. When you touch it, "you hear a
      distant noise."
    + Return to the room with the spikes. They are no longer there.
    + Enter the northwest room and obtain a Sword's Orb.
    + Go down the staircase near the Ghoul and the Imp.
    + When you touch the switch, a door will appear behind you. Go in it.
    + Avoid all enemies in the next three rooms.
    + Find the brown button in the next room. When you touch it, all the
      spikes will fall. Not only can you move about freely, but you have
      access to a large door.
    + Crash through the Imp and Grave Bats and beware the Robin Foot
      ambush in the next room.
    + Go through the door behind the Wizard Eye.
    * DOOM'S WALL *
    | 1180 HP | 99 MP | 4750 EXP | 648 GP |
    You might recognize this guy as a forest green descendant of Wall Face 
    from way back in Pandora. Again, the main focus here is the central 
    eye. Don't even bother with the other two - once you bring down the 
    core, it all comes crashing down.
    Doom's Wall is weak against Lumina, but as luck would have it, you 
    don't have that elemental yet, so you're going to have to use the 
    closest thing to light that you can find. Lightning bolts seem to be 
    indicative of a light source, so use Sylphid's Thunderbolt, which is 
    the best you have right now. Doom's Wall's Energy Absorb can take it 
    out of you quickly, and he likes to cure his central eye with Cure 
    Water. The Leaden Glare will slow you down a lot, but it shouldn't 
    matter since all you need is magic. Once this wall is demolished, 
    you'll receive the Whip's Orb. Pass through the newly revealed door to 
    find Dyluck on the main stage.
    + When you approach him, he will turn around.
    + Dyluck draws the girl in and they have a lovely reunion, but all of a
      sudden her life is completely drained from her (under no control of
      Dyluck's). Not knowing she is being controlled by an outside source,
      the boy knocks some sense into Dyluck. He tells you to save her by
      going through the door behind him.
    + Refill your magic with a Faerie Walnut before you enter.
    + Through her own sheer will, the girl breaks free of Thanatos's grip.
      He sends the Vampire after you to kill you.
    * VAMPIRE *
    | 2550 HP | 99 MP | 5148 EXP | 696 GP |
    The Vampire is also weak against Lumina, which you unfortunately still 
    do not have, so you'll have to resort to the Thunderbolt spell again. 
    Make sure you have at least one Faerie Walnut. With a combination of 
    using weapons and having full magic, you might be able to beat him 
    without one, but don't risk it.
    Vampire has Undine spells like Freeze and Energy Absorb, only his are 
    more powerful than Doom's Wall's. He can poison you with one swipe of 
    his claws and can knock you unconscious by landing hard on you from 
    above. He also has a unique Sleep Ring attack that, while having cool 
    animation, isn't good for you, especially if the sprite or the boy gets 
    caught. With weapons helping, about nine or ten good helpings of 
    Thunderbolt should kill him.
    + After the encounter with the Vampire, the team finds Dyluck missing.
      Since there's nothing they can do, they decide to leave. Use the
      Magic Rope to warp back to the entrance. By the way, you can't go in
      the back door again - it "won't open anymore."
    + Go back to Resistance headquarters and talk to Krissie.
    + The group says that the Emperor finally wants a truce. This could be
      something big! Go to the castle to the north since you have business
      there now.
    * Seek an audience with the Emperor.
    * Free the Resistance members from the dungeon.
    * Obtain the Flammie Drum.
    * Learn to navigate Flammie and take King Truffle back to Matango.
    Metal Mantis, Emberman, Armored Man, Dark Ninja, Mystic Book, 
    Glove's Orb, Axe's Orb, Whip's Orb, Javelin's Orb, Flammie Drum
    + Enter the main door once you reach the castle.
    + All the guards say that the Emperor awaits you. Follow the given path
      to the main room.
    + When you get there though, nobody is there. Strange...
    + Talk to the man in the horned helmet at the back.
    + He's the emperor, but it was all a clever scam to destroy the
      Resistance and the Mana Knight! You're trapped and you have nowhere
      to go, so they throw you in the dungeon. "Oh, what to do now?" you
      may ask. I'll tell you...
    + Talk to the man guarding the cell. He'll let you out, but in order to
      let the others free, you're going to have to fight a boss. You'll be
      shoved into a large gap, where you will face the Metal Mantis.
    | 1220 HP | 40 MP | 4749 EXP | 1464 GP |
    Metal Mantis is not difficult at all, because instead of being weak 
    against Lumina and it turns out you have to use the bland substitute 
    Fortunately, you probably won't have to use a Faerie Walnut this time, 
    as he has about half the hit points of the Vampire and is about ten 
    times weaker.
    Metal Mantis has a thin Fire Beam attack that doesn't hurt you hardly 
    at all, and the spells Gem Missile and Lunar Boost. If you bombard him 
    with Thunderbolt though, he won't get a chance to use the latter two. 
    It should only take about five or six castings to destroy him. You will 
    receive the Glove's Orb when you complete the task of killing him. Step 
    on the checked floor tile to continue.
    + Follow the trail and get the 1000 GP in the chest at the top of the
      stairs when you find it.
    + Enter the small door to the left.
    + Either fight or skip the Embermen. They are not hard to defeat, but
      they can duplicate themselves and have strong fire capabilities.
    + Free the Resistance members from the prison and move west.
    + When you get outside in the fresh air, kill all the Armored Men. They
      are easy to take down and give you good experience.
    + Skip the main door and go in the one up the steps to the right.
    + More Armored Men in here. Press the red button to open the cage door.
    + Get the Axe's Orb and Whip's Orb located in the two chests.
    + Go outside and go in through the front door.
    + Fight the Armored Men and the Dark Ninja and head upstairs.
    + You probably saw two men guarding a door when you came to see the
      Emperor. Since they are no longer there, go through that passageway.
    + Weave your way through the turning corridor and go outside.
    + Enter the main doors.
    + Ignore the Dark Ninjas and the Mystic Book and touch the switch to
      reveal a door.
    + Terminate the Armored Men that materialize and make your way to the
      stairs in the upper left corner.
    + Kill the Dark Ninjas and go to the right, where you will find a
      teleportation pad. Step on it.
    + You cannot pass through the next one you find, but there is an odd
      device on the wall next to it. If you hit it, you can pass through it
      and go in the door to the north.
    + Geshtar wishes to prove himself to the Emperor. The Emperor gives him
      one more chance, and since Geshtar doesn't intend to waste that
      chance, he's going to unleash the second Mech Rider on you.
    * MECH RIDER 2 *
    | 1258 HP | 30 MP | 6013 EXP | 1500 GP |
    Mech Rider 2 is not much different than the one you met in Kakkara. He 
    still has no weaknesses, so for the fourth boss in a row, you're going 
    to have to use Thunderbolt. That really takes it out of you, I know, 
    but keep pressing on. You'll get to take a break for a while after this 
    boss, and you get a REALLY cool item :)
    Forget about using weapons - he'll probably cast Speed Up right away to 
    increase his evade. Watch out for the Wave Cannon. Even with your 
    powerful armor, it can hurt you for upwards of 100 points. If he speeds 
    away out of your sight, hold the dash button to catch up to him. Only a 
    few Thunderbolts are needed to kill him. When you win, you'll receive 
    the Javelin's Orb.
    + Uh-oh. You've made Geshtar so mad he's going to destroy the entire
      castle with you on top of it. It appears as though all hope is lost
      for the Mana Knight and his friends ... but wait! What's that sound?
      Hey, how did King Truffle get here? Go to the right and talk to him.
    + It seems as though Flammie thinks you're its parents. So he wants to
      hang around you! All right! In order to summon Flammie, Truffle gives
      you the Flammie Drum. Now you'll take your first ride. Send Truffle
      back to Matango in the southwest.
    Controls for Flammie
    Use the directional pad to move in corresponding directions (Up moves 
    forward, Down moves backward, and all that).
      B makes Flammie descend. When you are low enough, the map will switch 
    to an overhead view.
      A makes Flammie ascend. When you are high enough, the view will turn 
    to third person.
      Press Start to see the world map in globe form and use the 
    directional pad to move it around. Press B to return to the flight 
      L and R switch between third person and overhead views when you are 
    high enough up in the air.
    + Fly to Matango. It looks like a castle with orange-yellow dots
      bulging in and out. Truffle will be standing there when you land.
      Talk to him.
    + He says that what you seek is in the Lofty Mountains. Before you go,
      forge your weapons and work on them (this could take a while) and buy
      anything you need item-wise. Stay in the Upper Land to work on your
    + When all your weapons are at their highest level, board Flammie and
      look for a small island all by itself in the middle of the ocean.
    * Obtain the Sea Hare's Tail.
    * Take it to Kakkara and restore the water supply.
    * Obtain the Moogle Belt.
    Sea Hare's Tail, Moogle Belt
    + Go in the large hut in the middle of the island. It's a shop.
    + The merchant has nothing to offer you except some Sea Hare's Tails.
      When he learns that you actually want one, he'll just give it to you
      at no charge. With the Sea Hare's Tail, fly to Kakkara.
    + Give King Amar the Sea Hare's Tail. In gratitude for saving the town
      from a lethal drought, he will give you the Moogle Belt, which
      reverses the effects of moogling.
    + Now fly to the Lofty Mountains.
    * Buy new armor.
    * Listen to the Veedio orbs in the temple.
    + When you land, walk to the east to find an armor shop. Buy new armor.
    + Go north to the temple. There are several orbs inside containing
      historical records that date back to the Mana Fortress war. The
      ancients called them Veedios (how funny). Activate each one and
      listen to what they have to say.
    + When you're done, go outside and call Flammie. Fly to another spot in
      the Lofty Mountains; this time you should land in front of a cave.
    * Defeat Lime Slime.
    * Receive Shade's powers (sprite only).
    * Seal the Seed of Darkness.
    Fierce Head, Emberman, Dark Ninja, Dark Knight, Imp, Lime Slime
    Glove's Orb, Javelin's Orb, Shade's magic
    + Kill the Fierce Head in the first room.
    + Go in the room straight ahead. Two Fierce Heads are guarding a
      Glove's Orb. Kill them and get it, then go back to the previous room.
    + Pass through the door to the right.
    + Avoid the Dark Ninja and keep going.
    + Equip the axe so you can cut down the stalagmites.
    + If you notice, to the left there is a wall with a crack in it. That
      is definitely an important wall, but for now you need to hack your
      way to the right and go south.
    + Touch the switch to the left and go down the stairs to the right.
    + Fight the Fierce Head and the Dark Knight in the next room. This room
      is a huge loop, so go all the way to the left.
    + Go up the stairs and into the door you find.
    + Use the whip to get to the plateau where the Embermen are.
    + Touch the switch. The wall to the right caves in and reveals a door.
    + Run all the way back to the room with the stalagmites you had to cut
      down and slash your way to the left.
    + The Embermen can be good for experience, but otherwise go to the next
    + Stepping on the buttons reveals invisible bridges, the paths of which
      are outlined by tiny blue flames. Stand on the switches and reveal
      the bridges to move on.
    + When you pass through the door, the elemental Shade is ready to test
    * LIME SLIME *
    | 2888 HP | 99 MP | 8000 EXP | 3000 GP |
    Lime Slime is not hard to defeat as long you go all-out on the 
    offensive with your Salamando magic. Since both the girl and the sprite 
    have offensive fire spells, alternate between the sprite casting a 
    spell and the girl casting one. If you rotate spell castings in this 
    manner, you should have to use a Faerie Walnut for the entirety of the 
    Don't blow off healing in this battle - Lime Slime has very powerful 
    Shade magic that will kill you if you're careless. The more damage you 
    do to him, the smaller he gets. Eventually, after several salvos, he 
    will be down for the count. You will appear in a more normal room and 
    receive the Javelin's Orb.
    + Approach Shade. He is proud of you for clearing his obstacles, and he
      bestows his magical power upon the sprite. Don't worry about the girl
      though - she'll get an elemental all to herself later as well.
    + Now, leave the palace and climb the mountain to Sage Joch's cave.
    * Make it to Sage Joch's cave.
    Bomb Bee, Trap Flower, Eggatrice
    + When you exit the Palace of Darkness, go east and up the steps.
    + You will need the whip to get across most of the small chasms here in
      the mountains.
    + When you find Neko, save your game.
    + Inside the cave, you will find a very rude character telling you that
      Sage Joch is not available right now and that he went to the Gold
      Isle northeast of this cave. You have your orders, but first, go to
      your magic building area and build your magic up to level 5.
    + Once you have completed this task, head for the Gold Isle.
    * Build your magic up to level 5.
    * Obtain the key to the Light Palace.
    * Get Lumina's magic (girl only).
    * Seal the Light Seed and build your magic to level 6. 
    + Find Watts's shop and get your glove and javelin forged.
    + Go upstairs at the northern part of town and walk along the city
    + Talk to the man at the end of the wall.
    + In the armor shop, you'll find so much stuff for sale you aren't
      going to know what's useful and what's not! So you don't waste
      money, buy Lazuri Rings and Battle Suits for everybody, and Duck
      Helms for the girl and sprite and a Dragon Helm for the boy (he
      can't equip the Duck Helm).
    + Sell what armor you aren't using anymore and go to the Light
    + The door is locked. First, find a cheap inn and use the area around
      it to level up everyone's magic. Then, board Flammie and head for
      Southtown. You need to talk to Mara.
    + She will give you the key to the Palace of Light.
    + Once you have it, fly back to the Gold Isle and open the main door.
    * Receive Lumina's magic (girl only).
    * Seal the Seed of Light.
    * Build your magic up to level 6 for both characters.
    Beast Zombie, Dark Ninja, Wizard Eye, Weepy Eye, Emberman, Blue Spike, 
    Gorgon Bull
    Spear's Orb, Boomerang's Orb, Axe's Orb, 
    + In the first room are two Beast Zombies. Kill them both and pick up
      the Spear's Orb in the chest.
    + You should be familiar with most of the enemies in the next room.
      Either go past them or take them out for the easy experience. Open
      the door to the right.
    + The next room kind of took me aback - when you go up the stairs,
      you'll face Spiky Tiger's sickly blue cousin Blue Spike, who is
      extremely docile by comparison.
    * BLUE SPIKE *
    | 1980 HP | 90 MP | 9150 EXP | 3840 GP |
    If you went to your magic leveling place and built it up to level 5 
    like a good boy/girl, you should have no trouble whatsoever with Blue 
    Spike. This time, since you actually have magic to aid you, he isn't so 
    much of a hassle. However, he does use the same spells that Spiky Tiger 
    did (that would be Fireball and Fire Bouquet - they are markedly more 
    powerful than Spiky's spells).
    Blue Spike also has attacks such as Moogle Glare and Acid Bubbles. If 
    you are at a high enough level, they should be easy to avoid. Pile on 
    the Earth Slides. It doesn't appear to do much, but fortunately, since 
    it's such a cheap spell (in terms of magic usage, not quality), you 
    shouldn't have to use any Faerie Walnuts provided that you have full 
    magic, which should be about 39 or 40 MP by now. Thunderbolt works 
    about as well as Earth Slide, but occasionally falters.
    When Blue Spike bites the dust, you'll receive a Boomerang's Orb. A 
    stairway will also rise up from the middle of the room. Go up it.
    + Retrieve the Axe's Orb in the chest and go through the door to the
    + Go all the around to the staircase that leads up to the lair of the
      Gorgon Bull.
    | 2470 HP | 99 MP | 9755 EXP | 4800 GP |
    Ahh, it seems like so short a time ago that you fought the Minotaur, 
    and now you're fighting the Gorgon Bull. Wow. This is one of the more 
    pitiful bosses in the game - your level 5 Thunderbolt will do about 600 
    times more damage to him than his level 8 Earth Slide will do to you. 
    What I mean is that his Earth Slide typically does 1 point of damage 
    while your Thunderbolt will pack it on for about 600 points - somewhere 
    in that range, anyway.
    The Gorgon Bull's physical attacks far outnumber his magical ones. He 
    can ram you with his horns, knocking you unconscious if it actually 
    makes contact. He can punch, pile-drive you into the ground, bear hug 
    you, and all manner of things that barely hurts at all. With a 
    sufficiently leveled-up Thunderbolt, Gorgon Bull will go down faster 
    than an abandoned building, and for your trouble, you'll get the Bow's 
    Orb. A staircase similar to the one that arose when you defeated Blue 
    Spike will appear; walk up it.
    + Approach Lumina. The king has been using his power to make gold for
      the entire city. Since this is obviously an abuse of his abilities,
      he will readily endow you with his skills.
    + Run up to the seed and reseal it. Now that you've done this, go back
      to your magic leveling area and build both magic users' magic up to
      level 6.
    + Forge your weapons at Watts's shop in Gold City and build them up as
    + After you've done all of that, go back to Sage Joch's cave.
    + His apprentice Jehk tells you that Joch is gone again, much to the
      gang's (feigned) surprise. He is at the Sea of Wonders, an eerie
      place located at the end of the Kakkara Desert. You'll know it when
      you see it - just land near the gaping navy blue hole in the desert.
    * Obtain Luna's magic.
    * Seal the Moon Seed.
    Luna's magic
    + When you get to the edge of the Sea of Wonders, walk north along the
      sandy path.
    + Board the ferry. Karon the Robin Foot will give you a lift to the
      palace, and gives you a few tips about it on the way there.
    + Avoid the Marmablues - they have a very powerful Magic Absorb spell.
    + Once inside, the room is black except for the sparkling elliptical
      galaxies you see. Walk to the upper right and keep going until you
      find a crystal orb with a Marmablue guarding it.
    + Use Lucent Beam on the orb to be taken to a more material room.
    + Walk north to the main stage room.
    + Approach Luna. Her speech is short and sweet - she's definitely not
      out to waste your time. After you receive her power, seal the seed,
      then go and work on your magic. You cannot call Flammie while you in
      the Sea of Wonders.
    + When it's leveled up, go see Sage Joch again.
    + Jehk will tell you that this time he's at Tasnica, west of the
      Republic. Once again, board Flammie and leave for that area.
    * Fight the Dark Stalker.
    * De-hypnotize the king.
    * Find out from Jema where you can learn what true courage is.
    Dark Stalker
    Sword's Orb
    + Enter the castle and go up to Jema. He says there's an Imperial spy
      in the palace and then goes away.
    + Find the king. He thinks you're the spies! This isn't good. But it
      turns out this is a huge setup. The Dark Stalker is using the king to
      do things that the king wouldn't normally do. Afterwards, the Dark
      Stalker decides to just take you out himself.
    | 510 HP | 60 MP | 1219 EXP | 900 GP |
    The Dark Stalker fears Lumina. Too bad Lucent Beam is just such a 
    darned expensive spell! Oh well, it's the only thing for the job at 
    hand. This is a really, really, really, really, really, REALLY easy 
    battle! All it takes to kill the Dark Stalker is one level 7 Lucent 
    Beam, which should hit for 999. When the battle is over, go to the king 
    and tell him to snap out of it.
    + Jema will tell the king that you, the Mana Knight, have successfully
      vanquished the Dark Stalker, who is the real spy. In gratitude, the
      king will give you a Sword's Orb, which is never a bad thing. 
    + Talk to Jema. He will tell you to learn what true courage is from
      Sage Joch.
    + NOW go back to Sage Joch's cave YET AGAIN. I promise this is the last 
    + If you look around the castle, there is also a secret passageway in a
      wall that leads to a shopkeeper. Don't buy anything from him, most
      especially the Gold Bracelet, which is a terrible piece of armor in
      comparison with what you already have. Unless you need healing items
      or Faerie Walnuts, stay away from him.
    * Navigate the Path of Courage.
    * Prove yourself to Sage Joch.
    Nitro Pumpkin, Shape Shifter, Doppelgangers
    **NOTE: Due to the fact that Shape Shifters can create other monsters,
            you will face some monsters that you might not face under
            normal circumstances. Among these enemies are Captain Duck,
            Beast Zombie, Eggplant Man, and Needlions. Since most of these
            are normally encountered in the Mana Fortress, I have not put
            their descriptions until the very last in the compendium of
    + Talk to Jehk. Finally, Joch is in, and he will now see you.
    + Joch talks in the ancient language, and so Jehk translates for him:
      If you pass the test before you, you will find true courage. Say yes
      when he asks if you will try.
    + When you say yes, Jehk will open the path to the left.
    + The Nitro Pumpkins are too hard to destroy with weapons, and you'll
      want to save your spell power for the end of the path. Ignore them
    + Make sure someone has the axe equipped so you can cut down the rocks.
    + The Shape Shifters are easy to kill, but can transform into any enemy
      and take on that monster's abilities. Since they have only 350 hit
      points and give you 1500 gold, go for the kill. It's well worth it,
      unless they start busting out the tough enemies, in which case run.
    + At the first fork in the path, go to the right. The Nitro Pumpkins at
      this point are extremely vicious. Go right past them though.
    + There is another fork immediately after the first one. Take the path
      leading south this time.
    + At the third fork, go left.
    + Travel north and prepare to take the test.
    Shadow X1
    | 999 HP | 0 MP | 0 EXP | 0 GP |
    Shadow X2
    | 800 HP | 0 MP | 0 EXP | 0 GP |
    Shadow X3
    | 800 HP | 0 MP | 0 EXP | 0 GP |
    This is a great battle for three players because each one can focus on 
    a different shadow character. It's still easy if you're going solo 
    though, because they have low health and no magic. The boy attacks with 
    the sword, the girl uses the glove, and the sprite equips the 
    Shadow X1 (the boy) has the most hit points, so if you can, deal with 
    him first, though it really doesn't matter who you go for first because 
    this is a very easy battle that can be won with weapons alone. Shadow 
    X1 also has a twirling sword attack that he has a tendency to overuse. 
    If you use charged attacks, don't release them while he is doing this 
    technique. A normal level 6 charge attack should hurt for about 475, 
    which is a good chunk of any of the doppelgangers' health.
    You don't get any experience or gold or even a weapon orb for defeating 
    these people. All that's happened is you've shown Sage Joch that you 
    can hear with your heart now as well as your ears. It turns out that 
    the old man isn't really Sage Joch - Jehk was Sage Joch! He's been in 
    the freakin' cave the whole time! Whatever the case, you now need to 
    build any weapons or magic that you haven't yet leveled up and then 
    head for the Tree Palace. Sage Joch will refill your life for you. 
    After he does, summon Flammie and head for the Tree Palace, which is 
    near the Ice Country.
    * Defeat Sheex, who turns into the Aegagropilon.
    * Seal the Mana Seed.
    * Obtain Dryad's magic.
    Spear's Orb
    + Enter the Tree Palace. Up until now a mysterious force has been
      pushing back if you tried to go any further, but the mysterious force
      is now gone. Your party will automatically run up to the Emperor.
    + Sheex, who was the Dark Stalker from Tasnica, wants a chance to deal
      with you. He uses his powers from his contract with the Underworld to
      turn himself into the Aegagropilon, which looks like a watermelon
      with legs.
    | 3016 HP | 99 MP | 11050 EXP | 1800 GP |
    Almost immediately, Aegagropilon will cast a level 7 Wall on himself in 
    order to deflect any spells you cast on him onto you, thereby greatly 
    damaging yourself. If he casts Wall, eradicate it by using the sprite's 
    Dispel Magic spell. Then, absorb all his magic from him to disable him 
    from using it, preferably before he's able to use Wall again. Don't let 
    him use Burst either.
    Once you have taken away all his magic, heap either Earth Slide or 
    Thunderbolt on him. Using Analyzer shows no apparent weakness, but 
    these are the best spells to use against him. He can only resort to his 
    rolling and jumping attacks after you absorb every bit of his magic, so 
    do him with those spells I mentioned and you'll walk away with a 
    Spear's Orb.
    + Walk to the left and up the staircase.
    + Go up to the seed and attempt to seal it. The seal is melting, so it
      will not work. At this time, Dryad will appear and tell you to leave
      immediately. Since she isn't able to save the palace, she wishes to
      go down with it as a captain would his ship. Her Mana magic has been
      sealed by Thanatos, but she finally agrees to do what she can to help
      you out. When you receive her powers, the sunken continent that is
      below the palace will rise.
    + Land on the sunken continent and talk to Jema.
    + After you do, get moving and go into the Grand Palace.
    * Find the Ancient City below the palace.
    Dark Knight, Shape Shifter, Metal Crawler, Dinofish, Steelpion, Kimono 
    Wizard, Basilisk, Eggatrice, Marmablue, Hydra, Captain Duck, Fierce 
    Head, Grave Bat, Dark Stalker, Ghoul, Eggplant Man, Kettle Kin, Heck 
    Hound, Beast Zombie, Turtlance, Gremlin, Doom Sword, National Scar, 
    Imp, Snap Dragon, Hexas, Mech Rider 3
    Boomerang's Orb, Whip's Orb (2), Bow's Orb, Sword's Orb, Javelin's Orb, 
    Spear's Orb
    + The main entrance yields no paths. You will have to find another one.
    + Go all the way to the bottom of the palace.
    + Once at the bottom, walk down the staircase to the left.
    + Walk to the left and fight through the Dinofishes until you see a
      staircase that leads down.
    + Use the axe to hack through the red and blue things.
    + Have everyone stand on the yellow bouncy thing to ascend to the
      plateau above.
    + Stand by the top of the left side of the waterfall and hold right to
      gain access to the treasure chest. A Boomerang's Orb is inside.
    + Let the cascade carry you down and go in the door above the yellow
      bouncing pad.
    + Cut through the field of obstacles with the axe. If you touch the
      switch in the middle they will all resurface.
    + Avoid the Kimono Wizard (unless you want to kill Metal Crawlers for
      the experience) and head north.
    + Go to the left and fight off the Basilisks. Beware - they lay eggs
      containing Eggatrices.
    + There is a series of waterfalls up ahead that can only be passed by
      hitting switches in the wall with your weapon as you tumble down the
      falls. There are three waterfalls to pass.
    + In the first one, the switch is on the wall to the left.
    + There is no switch in the second one - just hold left.
    + In the third one, the switch is on the wall to the right.
    + When all three waterfalls have gone dry, go through the door that you
      can now access.
    * HYDRA *
    | 3382 HP | 99 MP | 12439 EXP | 3600 GP |
    You may notice that the Hydra resembles the Jabberwocky from the Water 
    Palace way back in the day. The only difference between this guy and 
    that guy is that that guy COULDN'T GROW HIS HEADS BACK! You'll have to 
    attack fast and strong to beat this guy and remain in one piece. His 
    only spell is Acid Storm, so don't worry about getting whupped by any 
    magic anytime soon.
    Pile on the Exploder spell, which is his primary weakness. The Hydra 
    has a little fire attack of his own (Fire Breath), which is nothing to 
    get whiny over. Each fire spell you pack should destroy a head, but 
    don't worry. He only has a limited supply. If you begin to run low on 
    magic, use Magic Absorb. Remember that the girl has offensive Salamando 
    spells as well.
    When you defeat the Hydra, you'll get a Whip's Orb and you'll have to 
    face the Emperor once again.
    + Avoid the Kimono Wizard and his Metal Crawler cronies in the next
    + Although it appears that there are three doors in the next room,
      there is only one, and it is located in the middle.
    + Go down the conveyor belt going north (the one that makes you go real
      slow when you walk on it) and hold to the left. When you enter the
      secret corridor, go to the left and touch the switch.
    + Go all the way to the bottom and enter the first door to the right.
    + Talk to Watts and get your weapons forged, then see Krissie, who will
      heal you.
    + Leave and go to the right.
    + Kill the Captain Duck with your new weapons and advance to the left.
    + Run up the conveyor belts. When you see a brick wall, it means you
      are able to go down it, but not back up it. Make sure you've done
      everything you can in a particular sector before advancing.
    + Find the switch all the way to the right, then move back to the left.
    + The laser barrier there has been removed. Go through the new passage.
    + Walk all the way around to the next laser blockade. Have everyone
      move over the opaque brown tile to open it.
    + The room with all the water is merely a one-way path. Follow the path
      to get to the next area. Notice how Dark Stalker is just a normal
      enemy now :)
    + There should be some buttons on the wall, each a different color. If
      you talked to one of the guys in the area where Watts and Krissie
      were, you'd know the code. If you don't, push the buttons in this
      order: red, blue, yellow, then green. The laser door below will open
      up. When you go through the door, you'll be in a familiar area, but a
      different part of that area.
    + When you touch the switch, go all the way to the right. The door that
      was once there is now gone.
    + Find the conveyor belts and go in the door at the bottom of either
    + What?! A subway station in the middle of a palace! Whatever! Go in
      the open door to the left.
    + Journey through the entire length of the subway car, killing all the
      Ghouls along the way. Watch out for the Eggplant Man who casts level
      7 Lucid Barrier.
    + Once at the end of the car, leave.
    + Run the long trail south. When you get to the laser door, walk
      through each of the H-looking structures above it. This should open
      the door.
    + Go through the door at the southwest end and you'll find the Scorpion
    + In order to get the Mana Sword, they'll bust out their newest robot
      Kettle Kin on you.
    * KETTLE KIN *
    | 1230 HP | 33 MP | 15555 EXP | 3360 GP |
    By all standards this is a pretty low-level boss. It's just his magic 
    that will get on your nerves. He uses Lunar Boost to increase his stats 
    and Lucid Barrier so that your weapons won't hurt him. He's far easier 
    than Kilroy was, though. Whenever he uses Lucid Barrier, nullify it 
    with Dispel Magic. He may use it repeatedly, so respond it to it with 
    that spell. When there's an open spot, use Magic Absorb to keep him 
    from using those two spells. Due to his low HP, weapons will do him in 
    sufficiently. You will get a Bow's Orb from this battle.
    + You will end up outside after the battle with Kettle Kin. Find the
      double doors and go inside.
    + The Heck Hounds and Beast Zombies should be an easy fight. Also try
      to take down the Turtlances and Gremlins you encounter.
    + Go in the archway ahead.
    + In the double doors to the left in that room lies a crystal orb. Use
      Gem Missile on it and you will hear "a distant sound..."
    + There are also some double doors to the right that house yet another
      crystal orb. Use Freeze on this one to hear the same distant sound.
    + Go back to the main room, and this time go upstairs to the staircase
      up there.
    + You will need the whip to get around this place. Notice that some of
      the poles are not opposite another pole - this means you will have to
      go all the way around if you want to get back to a certain area.
    + But for now, go through the double doors to the left.
    + Use Air Blast on the crystal orb in here.
    + When you eliminate that crystal orb, go through the door south of the
      double doors you just went through.
    + For now, skip the staircase in the middle and go all the way to the
    + Go through those double doors as well.
    + Cast Fireball on the orb (as if the background of the room wasn't a
      dead giveaway as to which magic to use).
    + Now go through the staircase in the southern room.
    + Go east and then south through that door. Get the Sword's Orb that
      the Doom Sword is sitting on top of.
        NOTE: If you leave the room before getting the Sword's Orb and then
              come back, the chest containing the orb may disappear. Get it
              the first time you see it to prevent this.
    + After getting the Sword's Orb, go all the way to the right.
    + In this room (also a dead giveaway as to which spell to use), use
      Dark Force on the orb.
    + In the room with the Sword's Orb, go all the way to the left.
    + Summon Lumina and cast Lucent Beam on the orb.
    + Use a long-range weapon to hit the switch by the cage door. This will
      open it for you and is faster than using the path that leads you to
    + Go up the stairs past the cage door.
    + If you go up and to the left, you should be able to take the stairs
      down to the lower level of the room. Go all the way around.
    + The next room contains very many switches. Touch the two on the
      opposite ends of the room to reveal two stairways.
    + The other two lower some walls to reveal a confusing maze of whipping
      poles. Go to the left and face down. You should be able to whip your
      way across.
    + Enter the set of doors to the left.
    + Luna's magic should work on this orb. Use the sprite's Lunar Magic on
    + You should be able to use the whip in a similar fashion on the other
      side of the room.
    + Instead of double doors, there is a staircase. Go up it.
    + Touch the green button.
    | 1215 HP | 6 MP | 19200 EXP | 12480 GP |
    Forget about the Tonpole phase - this guy turns immediately into a 
    dragon, and he's ready to just lay into you too. Since he has low MP, 
    he won't be able to cure very often. Waste him with a few fireballs and 
    you shouldn't have any trouble at all. You'll get the Javelin's Orb 
    when you finish him off. Go to the left and up the stairs when you beat 
    the Snap Dragon.
    + Something is up in this next room. The Emperor won't talk to you at
      all and there's an exit behind the stage! Before going into the next
      room, restore the girl's and sprite's magic with some Faerie Walnuts.
      You're undoubtedly running low on magic by now.
    + It seems Fanha has beaten the Emperor and is in alliance with
      Thanatos. He intends to make Dyluck's body his own. They split and
      leave you to the super-duper-ugly boss monster Hexas.
    * HEXAS *
    | 3465 HP | 99 MP | 20103 EXP | 14400 GP |
    Whoa! Talk about magic! Hexas will use the Pygmus Glare repeatedly - 
    it's almost a waste of time to use the Midge Mallet on anyone. She will 
    occasionally use Freeze and Acid Storm at the same time, and she likes 
    to use Dispel Magic (strangely enough on the boy who HAS NO MAGIC) a 
    lot. Using Analyzer shows that she has no apparent weakness. This will 
    be a tough battle indeed.
    All the elementals except for Dryad seem to yield equal results but can 
    do wacky things at points. Earth Slide and Thunderbolt are probably 
    your best bets. If you keep casting these and using the Midge Mallet 
    whenever a member of the team gets pygmized, you should come out of 
    that battle unscathed just about. When you win, you'll obtain another 
    Whip's Orb. Go through the hallway that opens up and touch the switch. 
    You'll see Mech Rider 3, who the team thinks is Geshtar ... or is it? 
    Using ancient magic, Thanatos has created "a living, fighting machine!"
    * MECH RIDER 3 *
    | 4327 HP | 38 MP | 21104 EXP | 16000 GP |
    Man, is this guy ever tough. He uses Wall and Speed Up and has no 
    weaknesses at all whatsoever. Use Dispel Magic when he casts Wall to 
    get rid of that. Use Magic Absorb to take away all of his magic. Once 
    you have it, start using Thunderbolt. You will undoubtedly have to use 
    a Faerie Walnut at least once during this battle. Later on in the 
    skirmish, weapons may start working. However weak they seem, any hit 
    you can get in helps. Once it becomes apparent that weapons make a 
    noticeable dent, use them when you run out of magic. You'll get a 
    Spear's Orb when you beat the third (and final) Mech Rider. The palace 
    will start sinking after this and ... what's this? Oh my God ... 
    they're reactivating the Mana Fortress!!!!!!
    + Once you're on Flammie, land back at the Tree Palace.
    + Talk to Jema about the Pure Land.
    + Walk all the way around the palace and buy Neko's new armor. Man,
      that stuff is muy expensive!
    + Among the people you find in the palace are Mara and Phanna, who
      the girl agrees to be friends with again.
    + Get all your weapons forged somewhere and then work on them and
      whatever magic you haven't built up before going to the Pure Land.
    * Restore the power to the Mana Seeds.
    * Discover the true story of the hero's father Serin.
    * Get the power of the seeds and restore the sword's power to max.
    Needlion, Mushgloom, Griffin Hand, Ice Thug, Dragon Worm, Snow Dragon, 
    Ghost, Eggplant Man, Rabite (spawned from Eggplant Men), Axe Beak, Red 
    Dragon, Thunder Gigas, Blue Dragon, 
    Axe's Orb, Bow's Orb, Javelin's Orb, Glove's Orb, Sword's Orb, 
    Boomerang's Orb
    + Explore and fight monsters here for now. If you find a cave, don't go
      in it yet. It leads to the Dragon Worm, the first of many bosses in
      the Pure Land. Fight Griffin Hands until you receive the Griffin
      Helm, the strongest helmet in the game. Unfortunately, only the boy
      is able to equip it, so only go after one. They are very rare, and
      fighting enemies looking for one is a good way to build up your
      weapons. Once you have it, equip it on the boy and move on.
    + When you have the Griffin Helm, go to the cave I was talking about.
    | 3525 HP | 99 MP | 24290 EXP | 17460 GP |
    The Dragon Worm is a little bit tough because of how he swerves 
    everywhere and uses funny little magic attacks. His Balloon Ring and 
    Petrify Gas are easy to avoid if you have good enough stats, but the 
    level 8 Earth Slide will hurt. Oddly enough, this boss is weak against 
    Sylphid, as was his predecessor the Great Viper. Energy Absorb won't be 
    very effective against this guy, so you might want to make sure you're 
    stocked up on the Faerie Walnuts about now. Several good Thunderbolts 
    will kill him, and you'll get the Axe's Orb.
    + Advance north once you kill the Dragon Worm.
    + There is a special place here where you can save and be informed of
      the next part of your mission. After it tells you to go to the left
      and fight the dragon there, you will be asked to save. Say yes.
    + There is only one room here, so fight through the enemies and go
      through the northwest passage.
    That's me!
    | 2800 HP | 99 MP | 26588 EXP | 18360 GP |
    The Snow Dragon is easily taken out with fire spells, so double up 
    using the girl and the sprite. Use only Fire Bouquet and Fireball, the 
    two cheapest spells they have. Each one hits for anywhere from 495 to 
    515, so if each character contributes, he'll be done for in no time. 
    When he's dead, you'll receive a Bow's Orb. Go back to the save point.
    + It now says "Continue on." It will also ask you again to save. Say
      yes again and continue. You will continue even if you say no.
    + Find another cave in the area and go in.
    + You can't hit Ghosts with weapons, so kill the Ice Thugs and go
    + The path leads north to a room with lots of stairs.
    * AXE BEAK *
    | 2800 HP | 99 MP | 27784 EXP | 20400 GP |
    It's difficult to chain-cast against Axe Beak because he's so much 
    jumpier than Spring Beak was. Undine magic works best against him, so 
    when you have a good line of sight, use Freeze. It hits in the 500 
    range at level 7. Axe Beak rarely has time to use his fire magic, but 
    he does have a level 7 Fireball you should be careful of. Freeze should 
    do him in quickly. When you get the Javelin's Orb for winning, a 
    stairway leading north appears.
    + You need a cutting tool to get through the grass outside. Try to get
      through with minimal damage from the enemies' magic.
    + You will have to defeat another dragon according to the gate up
      ahead. Save if you feel you need to.
    + Go left as the gate commands you.
    + Avoid the Eggplant Man, who will cast Defender on everybody to make
      them harder to kill. Go in the cave behind him.
    * RED DRAGON *
    | 3000 HP | 99 MP | 29000 EXP | 21800 GP |
    Take a wild guess as to this guy's weakness.
      In case you're a moron, it's Undine again. Six good Freezes should 
    wipe him out since they do just a little over 500 damage per salvo. 
    Don't even worry about his spells - this guy is so easy! When you beat 
    him, you get a Glove's Orb. Leave the way you came in and go back to 
    the gate.
    + Follow the one-way path. There is no way to deviate from the given
      path until several screens have passed.
    + You will come to what appears to be a three-way road. The south road
      is actually a dead-end and leads to nowhere. The east road leads you
      through a large, inconvenient circle. Take the north path, however,
      and you will meet up with Thunder Gigas.
    | 4462 HP | 99 MP | 30277 EXP | 30600 GP |
    Thunder Gigas is no dummy. He's got so many different spells at his 
    command that you're going to wonder where the heck he got them all. But 
    the thing to watch out for isn't any of the Sylphid spells he's got in 
    his line-up. It's a tricky little maneuver called Blitz Breath. It hits 
    for at least 400 any time it hits somebody. This is one of the few boss 
    battles where you may need to break out a Cup of Wishes or use 
    Revivifier (if you've built up your Dryad spells, that is).
      Thunder Gigas will also cast Thunder Saber on your weapons. Do not 
    hit him with your weapon during this time or it will heal him 
    substanially. Towards the end of his life he will use the atom 
    scrambling technique a lot more and it will be harder to hit him. Cast 
    Gem Missile on him when he reappears, or better yet, just as he's 
    rematerializing (that is, when he's not quite whole yet but the spell 
    menu still recognizes his presence and is able to target him). When you 
    finally beat this bad cat, you'll get a Sword's Orb - a hard-earned 
    Sword's Orb, no less.
    + A path will be opened to the north when you defeat Thunder Gigas.
    + Save at the gate and head left to fight another dragon.
    + You will need a weapon that can cut grass to get through this area.
      The enemies like to hide in the foliage and get you, so just avoid
      them and head north. You'll be on a castle rooftop with yet another
      boss before you.
    | 3200 HP | 99 MP | 31570 EXP | 28560 GP |
    The Blue Dragon is also weak against Gnome, so just pile on some more 
    Gem Missiles - they're cheaper than Earth Slides and are just as 
    effective. Blue Dragon also has a Blitz Breath, but it's not as 
    powerful as Thunder Gigas's. Just cast Gem Missile on the rare 
    occasions when he doesn't swoop off the screen and you'll be done with 
    him shortly. You'll get a Boomerang's Orb once you've dispatched of 
    him. Leave the way you came and enter the gate where you just saved.
    + You've found the Mana Tree! Now it's time to revive the Sword...
    + Just then, the Mana Fortress destroys the Tree, and you land next to
      the stump unconscious. When you wake up, the Tree speaks to you.
    + You learn a few important things, such as the fact that your father
      Serin was the man who appeared to you when you pulled the Mana Sword
      from the rock, and that women of the Tribe of Mana protect all the
      Mana in the world. You've got the Sword, and now it's your job to
      protect the world from evil. At first you're kind of dazed because
      you've just heard from your very own mother, but your friends are
      there to snap you out of your trance-like state.
    + Now that your sword power is at maximum and the power of the seeds
      has been revived, build up what weapons and magic you can.
    + After everything is at max, head for the Mana Fortress.
    * Defeat Buffy.
    * Defeat Dread Slime.
    * Kill Dark Lich, thus doing away with Thanatos forever.
    * Destroy the Mana Beast.
    * Complete the game!!!
    Captain Duck, Dark Stalker, Metal Crab, Tsunami, Whimper, Buffy, 
    National Scar, Dread Slime, Master Ninja, Terminator, Shape Shifter, 
    Fierce Head, Armored Man, Dark Lich, Mana Beast
    Certain excellent armor from monsters along the way, the ability to use 
    your Mana magic (after defeating Dark Lich)
    SPECIAL NOTE! (This is as good a place as any to stick it) Keep 
    fighting monsters in the Mana Fortress for weapon orbs. Several 
    characters in the Fortress are capable of distributing them if you 
    fight long enough. Doing this, you will be able to build all weapons to 
    level 9 except the Sword, which can only be done through a cheat that I 
    will not reveal because it causes several uncool game glitches.
    + The Mana Fortress lies suspended in the air. Have Flammie fly to it.
      You'll make it there if you approach it.
    + The door to the inside is at the very top.
    + Head through the door to the north and use the whip to get across the
    + Step on the switch to reveal a bridge.
    + Walk north until coming upon green crystals obstructing your path.
      Cut through them with either the sword or the axe.
    + Go left and down. There are several whip posts here. Use one to get
      across the pit and go south.
    + When you come to the room that's loaded to the hilt with green
      crystals, cut your way west to a door leading north. Follow the
      path through the door until you come to another door.
    + Step on the teleport pad.
    * BUFFY *
    | 4200 HP | 99 MP | 35686 EXP | 22200 GP |
    Unlike the last time you had to throw down with a vampire (named, aptly 
    enough, Vampire), you didn't have the magic that your Analyzer spell 
    told you you needed to give the guy a good beat-down. Now you have the 
    full power of the Lucent Beam at your command. Its spells hurt too, so 
    deal your damage before Buffy can do anything overly dangerous to you. 
    Watch out for the claws and the life absorber, both of which are highly 
    recommended that you avoid. But, being a vampire, a good light barrage 
    will send him to the land of the dead, and Lucent Beam is just perfect 
    for that. Use it in excess until you win. After Buffy, a switch appears 
    on the floor. Touch it to proceed.
    + The path leads in two directions. Go east.
    + Again, you have a choice of paths. Again, go east.
    + Whip across the chasm in your way to the north.
    + Up ahead is another branch leading east. Take it.
    + Follow the one-way path until you come to a switch.
    + Stepping on it makes a bridge leading to Dread Slime.
    | 5000 HP | 99 MP | 37000 EXP | 26400 GP |
    You may find this hard to believe upon entering the Dread Slime's lair, 
    but - and Analyzer will prove this - the Dread Slime is in fact a being 
    of light. The dark lair doesn't do much to give that away, but you go 
    with what you know, and you know that darkness combats light any day. 
    It engulfs you faster than Lime Slime did, and so you have to work 
    harder to get it to die. Fortunately, Dark Force is a great chain combo 
    spell, so overdoing it is in fact not overdoing it, considering how 
    much HP this sucker has. You'll have to give it a good 999 damage FIVE 
    TIMES to get close to killing it. If possible, attack the center while 
    the sprite casts Dark Force. While it does not do nearly enough injury 
    to have a noticeable effect, it helps in minor ways that you might not 
    realize until the Dread Slime is dead. Teamwork is always better than 
    going alone, even if you do have magic capable of world destruction.
    + Now that you've defeated the Dread Slime, go north.
    + The Master Ninjas and Terminators are tough opponents. If possible,
      ignore them. If you want the experience, fight them.
    + When you have to go left, whip across the pit.
    + The rest of the path is only one-way, but you will face several tough
      enemies. Attempt to conserve your magic through this crossing, using
      only healing spells and weapons to battle your foes.
    + The final room in this area appears to be in the shape of the
      international "No" sign (like the No Smoking signs you see), and a
      switch is located in the middle of the slash. Ignore the Tsunamis and
      touch it.
    + In the next room, your party will stop to see the view, then come
      back to their senses. There is a switch to the right. Odds are you
      are not prepared for the battle ahead. Here is where you should heal
      everybody (how you do so is your choice) and make sure all your magic
      is at full. If it is, you are ready.
    + If you are absolutely prepared to face what is up ahead, then step on
      the switch to the right.
    + Thanatos is there, and Dyluck stands behind him. He gives you his
      conquering-the-world spiel and how he was going to possess Dyluck's
      body in order to do so. The girl's love for Dyluck prevails, and she
      attacks Thanatos, thereby weakening him. This is her statement, "You
      can't have my Dyluck!" Thanatos appears gone, but he is really about
      to steal Dyluck's life force. Dyluck, in a moment of overcoming his
      overwhelming odds, tells you how he's got connections with the
      underworld, and he only gets stronger and more evil with the passing
      of time. Then he comes ... he's coming to get you...
    * DARK LICH *
    | 6666 MP | 99 MP |
    Oh my, what to start with? Dark Lich has tons of attacks to use against 
    you, several of them unique. He has gas that shrinks you - use the 
    Midge Mallet to return yourself to normal size so that you can use 
    magic. He can freeze you with another spell of his, and he has several 
    dark spells that will hit you for a whole lot. If you are not 
    completely full on magic, this will be a bleak battle for you. Use the 
    girl's Lucent Beam to the utmost level that you can, but also take the 
    time to heal if one of your party members needs it. In the way of 
    magic, go with the girl. She's got what it takes to do him in; the 
    sprite, as you have seen throughout this level and will see in the 
    final battle, has pretty much become less useful in the manner of 
    battles and such. You can try to use him, but nothing he has is very 
      If you do happen to run out of magic, however, make sure you have 
    Faerie Walnuts on hand for the girl to use. Try not to use many, 
    because she serves even greater purpose in the final match against the 
    Mana Beast. Once you finally defeat Dark Lich, you get buttloads of 
    experience and all your statistics are filled to the max, as per the 
    usual after a boss battle. Now, something is attacking the Mana 
    Fortress. You go outside to see what it is, and good golly, Miss Molly, 
    it is none other than the ferocious, enormous, and all around huge...
    * MANA BEAST *
    | 9999 HP | Infinite MP |
    Outside the Fortress, you find that the Mana Beast is attacking the 
    Fortress. If you lose here, the world comes to an end. With your Mana 
    magic out in full force, bust it out now.
      The only physical weapon that can hurt the Mana Beast is your sword, 
    and it can only hurt him when it's charged up with the power of Mana. 
    Have both the girl and the sprite cast the Mana Magic (found under the 
    Dryad subcategory of their magic). You can also only hit when it's in 
    front of you like a brick wall, so use that opportunity to slash away 
    until your magic runs out again. Repeat the procedure once you can't 
    hurt him. Couple this with the girl's Lucent Beam, which really hurts 
    him. The beast can go far away and come at you in a large flash of fire 
    that hurts everybody a lot. While the boy and girl are your primary 
    forces, remember to keep the sprite alive as well, for you need his 
    part to keep the sword up to the pace it needs to be at to kill the 
    Mana Beast. Other than that, he is totally useless. Use your magic for 
    nothing but charging the sword and casting Lucent Beam. This may take a 
    few tries, but if you fail, try different methods, like healing with 
    Royal Jam or Chocolate (which I hope you have at least three of). 
    Finally, when you defeat the Mana Beast, the game is over.
    At the end of the game, you've finally defeated the Mana Beast. The 
    Mana Fortress comes down in a smoldering ball of flames, and Thanatos 
    is no more after his brave last stand. The boy learned the true 
    identities of his father and mother, both of whom served greatly in the 
    fight to keep Mana alive. The girl lost her boyfriend, the debonair 
    general Dyluck, but she gets over it in time. The Sprite, whose Mana 
    was completely drained after the epic conflict with the Mana Beast, 
    passed on to the next world, but the boy and the girl remain alive 
    should the threat of the destruction of Mana ever rise up within the 
    world again. For now, peace is prevalent in the world. Until Seiken 
    Densetsu 3, that is...
    1. Chain Magic
    Okay, so this isn't really a trick, it's just a cheap thing you can do 
    that really racks up the damage on your enemies. This especially makes 
    bosses easy to defeat once you have magic. After you cast a spell, 
    press Y before the elemental can appear to bring up the menu, then keep 
    doing this over and over to achieve damage of astronomical proportions 
    (well, 999 is as high as the game goes, but that's still darn good!). 
    Usually, novices and people who build their magic like to do this, but 
    real purists will go through the game using nothing but their weapons. 
    That adds a nice challenge to the game if you are willing to try it.
    2. The Face in the Corner of the World
    Fly around on Flammie, looking down on the water. In one of the corners 
    of the map, you should see a face in the water. It is very vague and 
    somewhat nondescript, but is fun to look at.
    3. Get Back Into Potos Village
    Run up to the man guarding you. By the way, does he just stand there in 
    case you try to pull anything funny and get back in? He must take 
    breaks occasionally. But if you do want to get by him, press yourself 
    up against and repeatedly tap Select. With luck, you'll be able to get 
    into the village! WARNING: Only do this if you have Flammie - if you 
    don't, it's awfully hard to get back out.
    4. Special Spell Effects
    After beating the game, play it again. This time, you can build your 
    magic up to as high as level 8:99. This makes certain spells have 
    enhanced effects, such as the following, in order of the order you 
    obtain the elementals in.
    Cure Water: Royal Jam animation
    Freeze: large ice blocks
    Earth Slide: rocks have a happy face
    Gem Missile: more violent
    Air Blast: much, much, MUCH larger
    Lava Wave: enemy engulfed by lava flow
    Fireball: fire turns into dragon
    Blaze Wall: very high fire
    Dark Force: longer, huge explosion
    Evil Gate: longer, little things run around
    Lucent Beam: more beams, and bigger
    Burst: much bigger and longer
    5. The Solar Elemental
    To disavow any rumors about the Solar elemental, let me state here and 
    now that it does not exist! Have you noticed that there isn't a space 
    for it on the magic chart? The one that appears to be empty is for the 
    elemental that the girl and sprite cannot get. The sprite has an empty 
    space for Lumina, and the girl has an empty space for Shade. Do you see 
    it? Thanks to Emptyeye for finally revealing the reason why Solar does 
    not exist - I got this from a message board thread a long time ago 
    (back in about July).
    Ay caramba, how long have I been working on this FAQ? This masterful 
    work of art is a combination of the contributions of several people, 
    programs, and institutions, some of which without them this could have 
    never been remotely possible. I have so many people to thank ... where 
    shall I start?
    ** My mom and dad who let me use the computer.
    ** Squaresoft for making my favorite video game ever.
    ** Snes9x, the emulator I played the entire game on.
    ** www.snes9x.com, the site where I downloaded the emulator. Those
       people do a great service to the world.
    ** Neal Lundberg, who loaned me his ancient strategy guide to help me
       out with monster information.
    ** Rusel DeMaria, who wrote Secret of Mana Official Game Secrets, the
       book where I got some information on statistics that I needed.
    ** Emptyeye on the Secret of Mana board, who cleared up the issue of
       the Solar elemental.
    ** JD Cyr's FAQ for stats on armor I was unable to retrieve.
    ** Ruben van Ophuizen for the Targeting information.
    ** GameFAQs, for posting this and the good lot of my guides. CJayC runs
       a beautiful site.
    ** Everyone who has helped me develop any writing talents I have.
    That should be all the way of thanks, so let's get down to the meat of 
    the disclaimer. This document took the better part of about five or six 
    months to work on, as I did my darndest to make sure this is a 
    thorough, down-to-earth FAQ, and at 76 pages I can't imagine missing 
    much. So, let me say now that I will not allow ANYONE to use this on my 
    site without my permission. It may be used if you have my permission, 
    and for my blessing, you need to e-mail me at <eubanks1084@hotmail.com> 
    to get it. You may not change or modify any of the text if you use it, 
    but I will allow changes in the structure of the document, such as 
    adding screenshots. 
    Do not sell this guide for money. I know how tempting it may be to make 
    money off of such a valuable piece of work, but please, don't do that 
    because it's illegal. If you or a friend are having trouble with the 
    game, you may distribute it freely to them - if your printer has that 
    much ink ;)
    One more note in the legal area: don't link directly to this FAQ. The 
    site that I submit them to regularly - GameFAQs - doesn't allow it, and 
    I rather like the idea, so just link to the page with the link to this 
    document on it. It's not much of a hassle and it's legal, so there's no 
    reason not to do it.
    This version of this walkthrough (1.6) is (C) April 15, 2002 by Snow 
    Dragon. The latest version of this or any of my walkthroughs can be 
    found at GameFAQs. Remember to ask permission if you wish to use this 
    on your site.
    All right! That's all for this! Have fun playing Secret of Mana!

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