How do u level up your weapons to lvl 9 ?

  1. how do u level up your weapons to lvl 9 ?

    (i am NOT asking about getting 9th weapon orbs)

    i read the guide where u have to be within char lvl to the monsters level or u can't level up your weapons from 8 to 9 cuz in the formula it gets rounded down and i can confirm this since i'm char lvl 99 way beyond the ~ lvl 60-65 for mana fortress monsters.

    my question is how do u get to the mana fortress AND get the lvl 9 weapon orbs from the monsters while you keep your char levels low enough so u can level your weapon from 8 to 9 ????

    User Info: HegemonKhan

    HegemonKhan - 12 years ago
  2. The reason is: once your characters' levels exceed the monsters' level you no longer get 1 exp. you get zero exp.

    in the new full guide on here ( (and secret of mana) or the new weapons guide it tells the formula. forgot which has it.

    so my question is:

    how do u keep your character levels below ~65 (mana fortress monsters' levels if i remember) while getting to mana fortress, collecting the 9th orbs, and charging up your weapons from 0-8.99 ????

    User Info: HegemonKhan

    HegemonKhan - 12 years ago

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  1. The highest you can go for any Weapon or Magic is 8:99. When you upgrade the weapons to their final forms, all it does is make them way more powerful, but doesn't unlock any new type of attack. Some could say that 8:99 is actually Lvl 9. As for leveling the and weapon levels, as long as you're killing monsters it should go up. There's an actual formula that works like this...

    Lvl 0-1: 9exp
    1-2: 8exp
    2-3: 7 exp
    3-4: 6exp
    4-5: 5exp
    5-6: 4exp
    6-7 3:exp
    7-8: 1-2 exp
    8-8:99 1 exp

    Unless it's changed, this is how it's always worked out for me

    User Info: NeoKenshin

    NeoKenshin - 12 years ago 3   0


  1. To get 8:99 weapon skill , there two well known techniques:
    - Level a weapon forged at a low weapon level. (Weapon level 5 or less.)
    - Kill off one of the characters early on, so they keep a low level.

    Either way the character with the above should easily gain 2+ weapon exp per kill, and their allies would gain half. Thus giving weapon exp to the level 8 weapons.

    Otherwise I don't know how easy it is to keep a party at low levels, while getting the orbs and leveling the weapons.
    (Note: Level 70 is the maximum for getting weapon exp from Terminators.)

    User Info: silktail

    silktail - 12 years ago 2   0
  2. Fight as little as you can, but it will be unavoidable to keep underleveled. As far as I know that the Max level is 8, but the level 0 counts as level 1, so weapon & magic level at 8 is actually at 9.

    User Info: MasterLink156

    MasterLink156 - 12 years ago 2   1
  3. I have noticed nothing to the effect of this formula. I have noticed that the only time I get any more experience for my weapons past level 8. The only time these levels move is if you have a level nine weapon equipped, have it built up to at least level 8 and then it will only move when another one of your characters levels up one of their weapons.

    User Info: martinanderson3

    martinanderson3 - 12 years ago 0   0
  4. SuperSaiyanRanma is correct as far as I can remember.

    User Info: bbv92628sm

    bbv92628sm - 12 years ago 2   3
  5. I have to admit this is a very interesting question. I have powered up the magic to level 8.99 with them all, but for some reason the weapons never seem go beyond 8.70 or so.

    Despite the 'formula' listed above, this has happened every single time I have gone through the game. Killing enemies in every single location doesn't make a difference. Some weapons get to 8.60, others up to 8.70.........

    But I've never had any weapon achieve 8.99

    User Info: Silverhermit

    Silverhermit - 12 years ago 0   1
  6. Weapons and magic can go up to 8:99
    At 8:99 they will perform "spectacular" feats 99% of the time. Spells are easiest to see as their animation will have changed the greatest.

    You really do have to continuously kill enemies; each enemy is worth LESS THAN 1 so you really have to start slaughtering them in bulk. I would go back to Patos and fight nearby Wild Rabites (or use the glitch to enter town and fight basic yellow Rabites).

    User Info: _Kaz

    _Kaz - 12 years ago 0   1
  7. Keep killing enemies

    User Info: Soulofrebirth

    Soulofrebirth - 12 years ago 0   2

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