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    Nobilia Trading Guide by virgilkx

    Updated: 03/22/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Secret of Evermore's guide list to trading in Nobilia
    Date: 3/22/99
    I'm sure you know the trading that goes on in Nobilia, right?  It can be
    confusing to sort out how much each item costs, and how much of an item you
    get, but I'll try to clear that up with this guide.
    Let me give the list of all that can be bought here.  It would be in your best
    interest to seek out the chepest one.
    One sells it for 3.
    One sells it for 6.
    One sells it for 9.
    4 bags of Rice or 4 pots.
    2 beads + 3 pots.
    20 jewels.
    12 jewels.
    10 jewels.
    1 bag of rice + 3 jewels.
    Ceramic pots
    2 bags of rice.
    3 jars of spice.
    1 jar of spice + 2 bags of rice.
    Some services you may want to check out:
    Money Exchange--Self-explanatory.
    Apraiser--Pay the 5 jewels and have a look at an item.  Will offer the best
    price for the item.
    Armor Polish--Give up the Silver Sheath for the chance to up your defense.
    Fish- Pay 30 jewels to restore some health.  Not very effective.
    Centurian Cape- Jade Disk.
    Centurian Helmet- 10 jars of spice + golden jackal.
    Gloves of Ra- Moxa Stick.
    Silver Sheath- The Sun Stone OR 1 golden jackal + 10 jars of spice.
    Souvenir Spoon- 2 jars of spice.
    Golden Jackal- 5 jars of spice or 2 chickens.
    Amulet of Annihilation- 30 bags of rice.
    Tapestries- 3 beads each.
    Limestone tablets- 4 jars of spice and 2 beads each.
    Jeweled Scarab- 1 jar of spice + 2 bottles of perfume.
    Moxa Stick- 2 chickens + jeweled scarab + 12 jars of spice.
    Sunstone- 1 limestone tablet + 5 bags of Rice.
    Jade Disk of Emperor Qi- 3 chickens and  beads.
    Rubyheart- 1 Moxa Stick or 1 tapestry + 1 jeweled scarab + 1 limestone tablet.
    30 jewels of a night.
    Atlas is free, but it costs 100 jewels for one Atlas medillion, and the price
    goes up.
    Now, the price for the Anniliation Amulet can be changed.  For instance, if
    you have the 30 bags of rice, go to talk to the man and say no to his prices
    until it reaches 15 bags of rice for one.  DO NOT GO ANY LOWER THEN THAT!  If
    you do, he'll consider you too shrewd and never deal with you again.  However,
    if you are curious, you can talk him down to 3 amulets for one bag of rice!
    Be careful when trading for certain artifacts.  For instance, the jade disk,
    sunstone, rubyheart, and the moxa stick are individual items that can be
    traded away for good.
    The apraiser takes 5 jewels and looks at the items you have.  He will attempt
    to buy it from you, then.
    When you first enter Nobilia, don't trade for weapons/armor.  You'll find the
    same equipment when you are taken to the Coloseum.  Trade after Vigor is
    Now, after Vigor is beaten, you have much work that needs to be done.  Head
    over to the stand that sells rice for 3 jewels a bag.  Buy a couple sets of
    twenty, and head over to the amulet section.  Buy two for now, but wait until
    you come back here to buy more.
    Let's hope on over to the armor section.  You'll want the Centurian Helmet,
    but as for the Gloves of Ra and Centurian Cape, forget them.  Therefore, your
    goal is to collect 10 jars of spice and a golden jackal.  Go with the 4 bags
    of rice per spice, and buy 10 of jars of spice.  Next, you need a golden
    jackal.  5 jars of spice for it sounds good, so collect another 5 jars,
    keeping the 10 you originally have, and get the golden jackal.  Go to the man
    who sells the centurian helmet, and buy it, that's it!
    You'll want the armor polish next, so let's work on getting the silver sheath.
    Its obtained by giving up the sun stone, or a golden jackal + 10 jars of
    spice.  The latter sounds good, so let's get that.  Get another set of 10 jars
    of spice, and work on the golden jackal.  Get that the same way you did
    before, and get the silver sheath.  Head over to the stand with the armor
    polish and collect it.
    Let's go for a moxa stick now, shall we?  You'll need a boat-load for this: 2
    chickens + 1 jeweled scarab + 12 jars of spice.  You know how to get the
    spice, so now let me explain the chickens and the scarab.  You'll need 1 jar
    of spice and 2 bags of rice for 1 chicken, so collect 2 jars of spice + 4 bags
    of rice for 2 chickens.  Make sure you still have 12 jars of spice.  Next,
    take a look at the scarab.  1 jar of spice + 2 bottles of perfume.  Get the
    perfume by dumping off 3 jars of spice.  Dump off another 3 jars of spice, and
    you'll have 2 jars of perfume.  Buy the scarab, and have the 2 chickens, and
    12 jars of spice, then you can get the moxa stick.  This ups the HP
    restoration for formulas and items.
    Sun stone's next.  1 limestone tablet +  5 bags of rice.  You know to get the
    rice, so get that and move to the limestone tablet.  4 jars of spice + 2 beads
    each.  Get the spice, then buy the beads that sell for 1 bag of rice + 3
    jewels.  If you don't want to buy rice to get the beads, then just pay the 10
    jewels for beads, and get them fast.  Collect the limestone tablet, then get
    the 5 bags of rice, then you can get the sun stone.  It adds power to your
    The jade disk is a good buy, so let's get that, too.  Get three chickens, and
    3 beads, and it can be yours.  It ups percentage of hitting the enemy.
    The rubyheart doesn't seem to help much, but what the hell, get it.  Don't
    trade the Moxa stick away, but trade 1 jeweled scarab + 1 tapestry + 1
    limestone tablet, and it can be yours.  You know how to get the scarab and
    tablet, so let me explain how to get the tapestry.  It is obtained by trading
    3 beads each for it, so buy some beads, get the tapestry, then get the tablet
    and scarab.  Collect the rubyheart, which is supposed to repel bugs, and move
    When you come back here later, after the diamond eyes are obtained, and after
    Aegis is destroyed, collect 5 anniliation amulets.
    Also, the first time you get to Nobilia, make sure you have a mud pepper.  If
    you do, buy a tapestry, and head up to the north to find a rock.  Leviate it,
    and Tiny will come on by and throw it across the world.  When you head back to
    Blimp's area, the rock will fall, and gap the way to some pots you can search.
    As for ceramic pots, when you buy them, sometimes there will be something in
    When you get the chocobo egg later in the game, which raises max. HP, don't
    trade it for the magic gourd, since the gourd is useless.
    Trust me when I say you'll need the aniliation amulets for later.  If you
    don't buy them, you'll probably regret it.
    You can obtain another Jade disk later in the game, so if you decide to trade
    it for the Centurian Cape, you can collect one later.
    You can get an item later in the game, which can be traded for alchemy MUCH
    later after that.  Therefore, buy at least 1 souvenir spoon, 1 golden jackal,
    tapestry, limestone tablet, scarab, and anything else you think you might
    actually need.
    Thanks for reading this!  If you wish to use it, go ahead, just tell me first.
    I would like to know who used it.

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