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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JP

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                                    © 1998 - 2000 Jonathan Bouldin     
                  The JP guide to
                  Secret of Evermore
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    - Prehistoria
    - Antiqua
    - Gothica
    - Metroplex
    The whole reason I wrote this is because I couldn't find
    any good SoE FAQ/Walkthroughs. Yes, that’s the whole reason.
    And even though I started this guide this more then three 
    after the game was released, I’m hoping it will still be of 
    use to some people who play old RPGs.
    _-_-_-_-_-_-_-HOW IT HAPPEND-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
    Its 1965. Nothing is out of the ordinary, till Professor
    Ruffleberg lets his friends be a part of an experiment...
    the experiment takes place but something goes wrong.
    Enough said...
    35 years later a boy (you) comes out from a movie and starts
    walking home. But his dog sees a cat, well'p, you know what
    happens next. Dog chases cat. Cat runs. They run into the 
    mansion of Professor Ruffleberg... and they get pulled into
    the world of Evermore... and the game starts.
    The first part of the game is easy, as too you get showed
    what to do. You land in a space station where a tall man
    named Carltron walks up to you and sees who you are. He's
    not the most friendly guy you'll ever meet. You'll find out
    after he hides you from Ruffleberg and throws you into a
    small hallway. Walk up the hallway till you reach a door.
    Yep, you guessed it, go in the door. Now you'll see a pod
    looking thing on the floor. Open it to get a bazooka. Now
    you'll be attacked by small flying robots. Normally, you
    would die, but, you have a huge gun. So blow them away 
    and walk up the stairs on to that little door in the floor
    go in it. You'll then fly out of the Lab in a pretty cool 
    looking escape pod.
    You'll land in a jungle type area, and you'll find that your
    Beloved bazooka is jammed (they can make the game THAT 
    You'll see your dog, a gruff looking thing. The dog then
    brings you a bone! YEEEE HAA!!! Anyway, it’s your new 
    Short range and the power of a mouse. Now head up and start
    fighting things. Wimpy Flowers and such. There are also 
    A few treasures around. So be sure to take your time looking
    Around the jungle. This jungle is TINY! You couldn't get 
    If you tried so it would be a waist of time explaining this 
    At the top of the jungle you'll see an exit to the north.
    In this next area you'll have to fight raptors. Four of 
    It doesn't matter if you win or loose. But if you win, 
    Probably build more levels then you would with loosing. 
    If you do want to beat them, first, build your level to AT 
    VERY LEAST level 3. Level 5 would be even better. The way 
    you can
    Do this is by going into the raptor lair, but NOT TOUCHING 
    THAT FALLS!! If you touch the leave, the fight begins. Then 
    go back
    Out into the jungle.
    ===Beating the Raptors===
    If you on a high enough level and have enough Petals, this 
    Be pretty simple. When the raptors jump out at you, hit them 
    in the
    Head with your bone. That will stop their attack and they'll 
    run back
    Into the bushes. And then they'll jump out again. Remember, 
    there are 
    Four of them. Not just one. So when you kill one, dont let 
    your guard 
    Down. Each of them has 40 hit points, which is a lot at this 
    point in
    the game. 
    -Fire Eyes Village-
    Now, if you loose the fight, you'll wake up in a small hut, 
    in a small
    Village. Theirs a man in the hut who will save your game, so 
    you should
    Take the chance now. If you win the fight, you'll walk up 
    into the 
    Village. The only different from loosing and winning the 
    fight is that
    If you win, visit the village armor shop and the owner will 
    give you a
    Grass Vest. The best kind of armor at this point. You also 
    will want to
    Buy the other armor that he offers when you get enough cash. 
    Go to the
    Very top left of the village, as far as you can go. You 
    should see a path
    That leads down. Follow it all the way down and then turn 
    left. You'll be in
    A secret area filled with goodies. Now, when your ready (you 
    dont have any 
    Choice, acutely), go to the hut with the guard standing in 
    front of it.
    A bunch of people will crowd around the place and start 
    chanting. You'll
    Then be invited into Fire Eyes hut. You'll explain 
    everything, and blah blah
    Blah blah :-). She says that there might be a way back home, 
    but before she 
    Tells you, your going to have to do her a bit of a favor... 
    rescue a lost
    Villager called Strong Heart. She also gives you your first 
    Formula, Flash. Now, whenever you’re ready, go to the exit 
    on the bottom
    Right side of the village. You’re on your way to Bugmuck.
    I strongly suggest you build your levels up to at least 8 
    before heading
    For the swamp. If you dont, you most likely will be sorry 
    you didn't.
    Those little jumping dudes that you'll see are great for 
    level building.
    And weapon power building. And getting money for armor, 
    which you need.
    And also, getting money for your Alchemy formula, which is 
    also important.
    When your levels are high enough, go past the area with the 
    jumping dudes
    (Skelesnails) and to the next area. When you first walk in, 
    you'll see a 
    Sand Pool, very annoying things. But jump in this first one. 
    It will send 
    You to a blocked off part on the desert. Go in the cave and 
    you'll see an old
    Man. Buy something from him. He'll give you the Jaguar Tooth 
    Ring, probably
    The most important item in the game coz it lets you run. Now 
    leave his place 
    And jump back in the Sand Pool back to the main area. Now 
    use your new running 
    Ability to run past all the Sand Pools. You'll come to a 
    wide-open area of the desert. 
    Go over to the left cliff and walk up the stairs. Get the 
    treasure up there and then
    Get off the cliff and keep heading down. As long as you get 
    past the Sand Pools,
    Everything’s cool. Exit through the opening at the bottom of 
    the desert, you'll
    Be in the swamp called Bugmuck. Which is where you want to 
    be. Watch out for 
    The big heads in the water, they'll get you, and it hurts, 
    too! From the 
    Start, go down and right at the fork in the road. You should 
    see a cave, go
    On inside. Theirs another old guy inside, it’s not Strong 
    Heart, but this guy
    Is nice. He gives you the Hard Ball formula. Take the 
    treasures from his
    Cave, save your game there. And buy Alchemy ingredients, 
    they’re much cheaper
    Here then in the village. From his cave, keep going right. 
    You come to a big
    Cave-looking type thing. Go inside. In the first part of 
    this place, you have
    To run across crumbling platforms. Very tricky. If you DO 
    get stuck, use the
    Slide on either side of the cave to get back to the start. 
    Heres the way to go from the start: up, right, up, left, 
    down, left, up, left,
    Up, left, up, right, up. The rest of this place is easy to 
    get through. Dont
    Worry about it. You soon come to a big door. A huge bug is 
    in there so heal up
    Before you step in. 
    ===Beating Thraxx===
    Thraxx is easy as pie if you build up enough. But you need 
    to know the trick
    To beating him. First of all, set the dog on full attack. 
    Then, with your 
    Mighty bone, go up and hit Thraxx on his huge ribs (you'll 
    see them). He'll
    Open his ribs up, walk in and you be facing his heart. Use 
    Hard Ball. Then
    He’ll throw you out. Keep doing that and you'll have no 
    problem beating
    Him. Ignore the claws. They won’t give you much trouble. 
    Thraxx has 600 HP. 
    Heal as needed.
    -After Thraxx-
    You'll get the Spiders Claw for beating Thraxx, as well as 
    500 EXP and 
    750 Talons. Take your new weapon and hit the big thingy 
    (you'll know 
    What I’m talking about when your there). Strong heart will 
    step out and
    Thank you. After the talk, head out through the top of the 
    room. You'll
    Be outside in the swamp again. Go all the way left till 
    theirs a path
    Leading down, now head down. Get the treasure, then go down 
    more to another
    Treasure. It’s the Mammoth Guard! Equip it and go back up. 
    Go into the next
    Area. Now your back in the desert, exempt you’re on a cliff. 
    No Sand Pools up 
    Here! Walk all the way up till you see a treasure. Walk up 
    to it, get it.
    Then walk to the right, through the wall. You'll be in 
    another place with
    Treasures around you. Get them and then head over a little 
    more. Theirs
    Another man there. Talk to him to get the Acid Rain formula. 
    Now go back
    To where you were and go all the way left. Just follow this 
    path back to
    -Back in the Village- 
    Yippy tippy! You've saved Strong Heart, killed Thraxx, and 
    got back
    Safe and sound. Before you go talk to Fire Eyes again, go 
    back to the
    Part of the jungle where the game started. When you get 
    there, go left
    To some weeds. Cut them down and pass through. Get the 
    treasure and keep
    Going, cutting weeds as you go. Theirs another treasure on 
    this path, the
    Shell Hat. Pick it up, also. You'll come to a hut. Go 
    inside. This is 
    Where Strong Heart lives. Since he's so thankful, he'll give 
    you a nice
    Formula. Cure heals your and/or the dog. Change to the dog 
    and talk to 
    him two times. Strong Heart will hand over a Leather Collar. 
    Now that 
    You’ve gotten that stuff, head back to the village and save 
    your game. 
    Then go talk to Fire Eyes again. She'll tell you about a new 
    And give you some Call Beads. DO NOT WAIST THESE!!! They let 
    you use
    A few of her powers in times of need. Now the game takes a 
    turn. Its
    Going to start to get harder. You should probably build your 
    Up a bit. Now, still in the village, head up. Leave the 
    village through
    The top exit. You'll be in a new area. Cut through the weeds 
    and get all
    The treasures in this area. They’re not hard to find there 
    are two of them.
    Also go to the top left corner and cut your way through the 
    weeds. There
    Will be a man inside who sells some armor. Buy whatever you 
    need and sell
    You’re old armor. Then go up to the top right corner of it 
    and kill the flower. 
    Go into the next area and you in a graveyard type area with 
    Spiders jumping around. Go all the way up to the big Mammoth 
    skull. You'll 
    Be attacked by a whole bunch of big and very mean vipers.
    ===Beating the Vipers===
    Even though they hit hard, theirs a trick to beating these 
    guys. And the trick
    Is to simply go over to the left side of the area. You’re 
    now in a good place
    Since they will normally come over only one or two at a 
    time. Each of them has 125
    HP. And the silver viper, which comes out last, has 250 HP. 
    This battle is easy, 
    So don’t use any call beads. You'll get a new weapon after 
    the fight. The 
    Horn Spear. Its better then your other two and when you get 
    it to level two or
    Higher, it can be thrown at baddies!
    -After the Vipers-
    A man steps out and gives you a new formula, Heal. And he 
    opens the skull gate
    For you. Save you game and go through the gate. You'll be in 
    the jungle again.
    This time, there are raptors everywhere. Very strong 
    raptors! Not 40 HP this 
    Time! Make that 300!!! Or maybe 50... probably 50… I can’t 
    remember. Anyway, there mean, 
    Also. Keep away from them. Now that I’ve told you how hard 
    they are, keep heading 
    Up till you come to a bridge looking thing. From here go 
    left to a cave. It’s an inn! 
    Rest up and save. Throwing your spear is pretty important 
    when it come to fighting 
    Raptors, so you should probably build it up a level so it 
    can be thrown. When ever your
    Ready, cross the bridge and go up. Killing flowers and 
    raptors along the way.
    You'll come to a cave. Go inside and you'll be attacked by 
    three green raptors.
    They each have 50 HP and can hit pretty hard. You cant leave 
    the cave when you
    Go in, as too a large rock falls and blocks you in. Kill the 
    raptors and you'll
    Get the Dino Skin armor. Which is some pretty nice armor. 
    Leave the cave.
    If you want, go back to the inn and rest/save. Then keep 
    going past the cave
    And you'll see a big strange looking cliff. Don’t step on 
    any of the gray things
    In the ground. You'll see a hole in the wall, and next too 
    the wall, there should
    Be a lone weed. Cut it and you are sent up into the air and 
    you'll land on the cliff.
    Get the treasure and go in the cave. You slide down out o a 
    hole, then step on
    The gray thing in the ground. You'll be sent alllllll the 
    way up to the top of the
    Volcano. You'll see an old guy up there who will give you 
    the Levitate formula.
    Which you need to get into the volcano. You have the 
    formula. But, to use it
    You need Mud Peppers...
    -Blimps Bog-
    When you’re done talking, save you game with him and slide 
    back down the volcano.
    Go back to the inn in the cave and rest and save again. From 
    the inn, go all the
    Way right. Cut through the weeds and you'll see another 
    cave. It’s an item shop
    So stock up if you need to. Leave the item shop and you'll 
    see a bunch of weeds
    To your right. Cut through them all and go into the next 
    area, Blimps Bog. 
    Now, this place is confusing and it would probably take you 
    a while to get through
    It without some help. You'll see small hippo/frog hopping 
    around. The way to get
    Through this area is too kill certain ones. Be sure to get 
    all the treasures around.
    There are some handy things to find here. Such as two Call 
    Beads. Go across the 
    Bridge of lilypads and go strait. Kill the Frippo (the 
    hippo/frog thing) to make
    Another lilypad appear. Go across the new lily pads to get a 
    Biscuit. Keep going
    To find some Wax. Now back track to where you were and go up 
    the wood ramp.
    You come off of the ramp and are on the ground again. From 
    here go strait up to
    Another ramp. Walk on it till you’re on the ground again. 
    Walk up and right from
    There. You'll come to a fork in the road. Go left first to 
    get the Clay and Roots.
    And go back down and go right. Follow this path till you 
    reach another Frippo.
    Kill it and a lily pad will rise in another area. Go back to 
    the fork in the road
    And then down to the ramp you came off of. Instead of 
    getting on it, keep going down
    And kill the two Frippos. Which will allow you to get the 
    Nectar on the small island.
    You'll should also see another ramp. Go up and walk across 
    it to the other side.
    Now go right and up and across the Lilypad Bridge that you 
    made when you killed
    The Frippo on the little island. And follow the path up to 
    Blimps Hut. But before 
    You go in, I warn you, if you dont have you spear up to a 
    throwing level, you might
    Die in the battle that you’re about to fight. Go up into the 
    next area when you’re ready.
    You'll have to fight a huge snake!
    ===Beating Salabog===
    When fighting this... thing, you should try to make every 
    attack count. A good way to
    Hit it is to stand in front of it till it lunges at you. The 
    move very fast and throw 
    Your spear at its head. Its attacks hurt pretty bad and to 
    make matters worse, you 
    Have to deal with its little friends, the Will o' Wisps with 
    40 HP a peace. And
    Salabog has 2000 HP. When it raises its eyebrows, that means 
    it’s going to lunge at
    You. GET OUT OF THE WAY THEN!! If you careful, Salabog 
    should be pretty easy. But it
    Will probably take a while to beat it since it has so much 
    -Blimps Hut-
    Blimp invites you in and thanks you. He wants to give you 
    something... hmmm... 
    What does he have that you could ever want?!?! I mean, he 
    lives in a swam!
    The almighty MUD PEPPER!!!!! Your key to getting into the 
    volcano! With that,
    Save your game and backtrack outta there. Go to that cave 
    where you saw the huge
    Rock in front of. It’s in the area before the Mammoth 
    graveyard. Use Levitate on
    The rock. With that problem out of the way, head on in. 
    -Vipers Volcano-
    This can be confusing. With that said, walk up and left, 
    then through the hole
    In the wall. Get the treasures and go back on the main path 
    and keep going up
    And left. Get the treasure and keep following the path till 
    you come to a Gourd.
    Theirs a Mud Pepper inside. Back track back to the fist fork 
    in the rode and 
    Levitate the rock. Go through the door. You'll see a ramp-
    type-thing. Dont go
    Up it yet. Go all the way left till you can go anymore, then 
    up to get some 
    Roots. On your way to the Roots you should see another ramp. 
    Go up that one 
    And hit the rock with your weapon. It'll form a bridge in 
    the lava. Now go
    Back to the first ramp and go up that one. Head up to 
    another rock. Push it 
    In then go back down and cross the bridge you just made to 
    get another Mud 
    Pepper. Now use Levitate on the other rock thats blocking 
    that other door. 
    In the next area, go up and right to another ramp. Then up 
    the ramp and push
    The rock in. Go across the bridge and up the other ramp and 
    through the door. You’re in a new area. This place isn't as 
    wide open. It’s more like a cave type
    Place. Go all the way left, the all the way down. You'll be 
    in a small room with
    A pot in it. Get the Roots from the pot, and then push 
    against the wall on the right 
    Side of the room. You should pass through it and there will 
    be a man who gives
    You the Speed formula. Nice. Now go back into that small 
    room. This is a 
    Strait walk so dont worry about getting lost. You'll be out 
    in the main area
    Of the volcano again. Follow the path and you'll be attacked 
    by the Viper 
    Commander. Kill it to get the final Mud Pepper. Back track 
    The way back to the last door that you saw was blocked by a 
    rock. Use the
    Levitate formula again and pass through. You’re done with 
    the volcano maze!
    Tired yet? I hope not coz you still have a ways to go till 
    this is over...
    Go through the door. You’re now in a water pipe maze type 
    place. This is simple.
    Just get in the water and float with it till you fall down a 
    hole with a flashing
    Light on the side. A useful trick is to know that you can 
    RUN against the water.
    Just walking dont cut it. When you fall in a room with a 
    switch on the floor,
    Hit it and save you gave with the friendly Viper in the 
    corner. Then hop back
    In the water and go around till you fall into a room with an 
    open gate. Well'p,
    Its time to stop the deep freeze! Go into the gate and 
    you'll be in a room with
    A big machine. Thats how you'll warm up this place, just up 
    the heat a little.
    But... before you can do anything, Fire Eyes (!) jumps out 
    and stops you (?)...
    Wait a sec... thats not Fire Eyes! Unless she got contacts 
    which is kinda 
    Impossible since she lives in Prehistoria! It’s acutely her 
    evil twin! 
    *scary music plays* Ok, enough of that, after you have a 
    little talk with
    'Fire Eyes', she'll sick Magmar on you.
    ===Beating Magmar===
    Let me just say, this will be your hardest fight yet. He 
    doesn't have 
    Anywhere near as much HP as Salabog, bu he can hit you no 
    matter where
    You are on the screen. He also jumps into the lava all the 
    time which
    Heals him about 600 HP. More then half his HP. So you'll 
    have to keep
    Hitting him, over and over. He has 1000 HP incase your 
    Theirs no trick to beating him, really. Just keep on 
    attacking him
    With your hopefully-powered-up-to-level-two-or-higher horn 
    spear. And
    Always heal whenever the need may arise. This guy has some 
    Attacks, so watch out. Over all, you should be done with him 
    oh.. say.... 8-12 minutes... :-) 
    -After Magmar-
    'Fire Eyes' will then turn up the heat so much, it blows you 
    Of the volcano, out of Prehistoria, and on to a boat looking
    Thing. You'll then wake up on a beach. But... hey! Where 
    Well, you’re here in front of a big wrecked ship. Might as 
    well look around.
    Go in the first big door your see. It’s a bar. You'll get 
    some info on
    Here you are and the people around here. Keep exploring the 
    ship. You'll find
    A shop, which has new must-have armor! Buy what you can 
    offord, then go
    To the area right of the ship, there will be baddies there 
    that can be killed
    For cash (sounds mean, doesn't it?). And theirs an inn. The 
    first thing to do
    Here is to get your money exchanged. Talons are no good 
    here. Look for a big
    Mean looking guy in a cave by the wrecked ship. He'll 
    exchange your money.
    Now you'll be able to buy armor and stuff with the money you 
    already had! Also
    In the bar you'll learn of a treasure being on the west 
    bank. But thats not 
    Important right now. First you must find your dog. Go back 
    to where you killed
    The baddies and go into the cave. You'll be sent up higher. 
    Go into the cave on 
    This upper floor. BLIMP!!!!!! He lived!!! Talk to him to get 
    some more info. 
    Then the game switches to the dog. He's in a city across the 
    desert called 
    Nobilia. You get to control him, and since theirs no where 
    to go, just walk into
    The palace. When you’re the boy again, leave the cave and go 
    up. Now you in the
    Desert. But hey! This desert isn't like the desert in 
    Prehistoria! Ohhhhhh no!
    It’s a bit on the long and hard side. And since it’s so hot, 
    your HP will be 
    draining steady while Tumble Weeds and spiders that can 
    poison you (which 
    make's your HP drain faster) are attacking you. After 
    running for a second, 
    You’ll see The Ghost Pirate. Ignore him (unless you got an 
    Amulet of 
    Annihilation. If you did, talk to him) and keep walking. 
    After a short while
    You’ll come to an oasis. These heal your HP when you step 
    inside one. After
    You leave the oasis, keep going up, RUNNING the whole time. 
    You MIGHT meet a
    Man in one of the oasisisisiss... :-) You will give you a 
    new formula, Sting.
    It’s random. But dont worry about not getting it since it 
    doesn't hurt baddies
    Much anyway. After a while of running in the desert, 
    everything starts to 
    Repeat. At this point, you start wondering if your getting 
    anywhere -- you are.
    After four oasisisisissssis, you ATLAST be at the city of 
    Nobilia!!!! Go around
    To the left of the wall to go inside the city.
    Nobilia is nothing much more then a HUGE market place. 
    Theirs some very good armor
    to get here. So be sure to look around, dont buy anything 
    yet though. Just explore
    for now. One thing you should do is go up from the market, 
    you'll see a big rock
    just like the ones from the volcano. Levitate it. Then a guy 
    named Tiny will walk up
    and will show you "the real way to lift rock". Bring him a 
    tapestry he'll toss the 
    rock up in the air... but it wont be coming down any time 
    soon, so with that done, 
    go back to the market. Now go to the exit on the left side 
    of the town. In the next area 
    go down and into the small building. You'll see a stack of 
    crates. Walk behind them to find 
    the powerful Atlas formula. After walking around for a while 
    in the market area, everyone will 
    just disappear! It’s pretty creepy, acutely. But put your 
    fears aside and go out the exit on 
    the left side of town. This area is where all the people 
    are. Walk up a have a look.
    Your dog looks a lot like that dog statue, huh? The people 
    of the town think your dog
    is the Sacred Dog!! The dog remembers you, and when the dog 
    is asked to find someone to
    fight Vigor, he walks right up to you! Vigor is the arena 
    champ. Your gonna have to fight
    him. And for no real reason either! You'll be taken to a 
    dungeon, a very nice dungeon.
    Get the treasures in the main area, then search the right 
    wall. You'll walk through it and
    be in another room full of goods. Get all of them, equipping 
    your new armor. And go out to 
    main area again, you'll be taken to fight Vigor.
    ===Beating Vigor===
    Not much of a HP gain here. Vigor has 1050 HP, and no way of 
    healing. Furthermore, theirs a 
    safe spot on the left side of the arena. While your fighting 
    him the people watching will 
    through stuff at you. No big deal, it doesn't hurt much. 
    Your biggest threat is Vigor’s 
    long range boomerang. You can dodge that easy, and he 
    charges you, that WOULD hurt if it
    was harder to dodge. But it’s very easy. His weak spot is 
    his back, so stay on the left
    side of the arena and wait for him to charge, he'll throw 
    the boomerang right before he 
    charges so that will be your que to move. After he starts 
    going back the other way, throw 
    your spear at his back. Repeat this till he goes down. If 
    you take your time, you can beat him 
    without taking a single hit. Put it all together and you 
    have a very easy fight! :-)
    -After Vigor-
    You'll get a sword!!!! Your first real weapon since the 
    start of the game!!!! And... well.. thats
    about it. Go back to the market and look around. You dont 
    have a time limit this time.
    -Buying From the Market-
    You can take your time looking around now. Keep in mind that 
    some deals you get here are steals.
    While others are rip off’s. In order to buy/trade from the 
    market, you need to buy rice, beads, 
    spice, and pots. Then you can trade those items for other 
    goods. There is better armor for seal 
    here then you in the dungeon. Be sure to buy it all before 
    leaving town. When you get a peace
    of armor from a tent, talk to the owner again and he'll have 
    better armor for sale. Keep buying
    till you have the best of what they sell. Another nice trick 
    is to go to the man who sells an Amulet
    of Annihilation for 30 bags of rice and keep refusing his 
    offers. If you keep this up he'll give
    you three Amulets for one bag of rice!!! Not too shabby!* 
    Keep two for trades later on and use 
    one to pay the Ghost Pirate.
    *Keep in mind that this trick takes a VERY VERY VERY long 
    time to work. I did it once, but then
    I played the game a second time and just got one full price. 
    You could spend as much as a 
    30-45 minutes of real-time trying to get his price down! I 
    kinda think its not really worth it.
    But it’s all up to you.
    -The West Bank-
    Lets see here... you've heard a lot about a treasure on the 
    west bank, huh? Well, you’re a smart
    kid, why dont you try to get it? Ok then! Head back across 
    the desert, walking or riding, till 
    you get to Blimps cave again. Remember the rock Tiny threw? 
    It lands and clears a path to a place
    you couldn't get to before. Get the treasures there and go 
    into Blimps cave. Talk to him to get 
    a new formula, Revive. Now go back out side and back to the 
    wrecked ship. Buy a new collar for
    the dog (if you didn't already) and take a nap at the inn 
    and save. Now leave the ship and
    go left into the next area. There doesn't seem to be 
    anything here, just a few baddies, a washed
    out bridge, a river and a small transporter. The thing you 
    want to do is get to the other side
    but you cant coz the transporter is on the west bank. Switch 
    control to the dog and have him.
    Run to the bridge. He'll jump across on auto. Now that your 
    dog is on the other side, have him 
    walk up to the transporter and ride it across. Switch back 
    to the boy, get on the transporter,
    and go across. BOOM!! You’re on the west bank! Go into the 
    next area and you'll be in a jungle type
    place. Cut through the weeds and keep going along the path, 
    if you come to a place with a pit 
    infront of it, back track, theirs only one place you can go 
    and its not hard to find -- Horace 
    Highwaters archaeology camp.    
    -Horace Highwaters Camp-
    Horace is the one in the yellow clothes so talking to him 
    would be good. He'll tell you about
    the area, and where you are, which has been a question since 
    you got there. It turns out that
    there are two treasures, but they are both the same thing. 
    The Diamond Eyes. And they’re in two 
    different places. After the talk, talk to the guy in the 
    tent to Horace, he'll give you the
    Revealer formula so you can get across those big ditches 
    (actually, you dont need the formula 
    to get across them, the paths are there, the formula just 
    lets you see them).  
    Note: You can do these two places in any order, but its 
    easier this way.
    -The Great Pyramid-
    Ok, leave the village and head down. You’ll come to one of 
    those big pits. Use the Revealer formula on it.
    Cross over your new little path and walk up to the Pyramids 
    entrance. Even getting in to this place is hard. Well, 
    tricky. Maybe not hard. Have the boy step on the switch and 
    then switch to the dog and have him walk in. Once both of 
    you are inside, theirs no way of getting out. So BE SURE 
    that your ready. With the dog inside, it seems you can’t get 
    the boy in coz theirs no one to stand on the switch for him. 
    So go all the way up the stairs and go into the first door 
    you come to. Switch back to the dog and step on the bottom 
    left switch (the dog is in a room with four big switches). 
    Switch back to the boy. Now that your both inside, it gets 
    harder. Walk down the path and go through the door the dog 
    opened for you. Just keep walking on this path till you exit 
    on the top floor of the Pyramid. Once on top, walk down the 
    steps and enter the door. It’s the only one that you can go 
    in so you can’t miss it. Switch back to the dog and step on 
    the switch north of where you were standing. This opens 
    another door somewhere. Switch back to the boy and keep 
    walking along this path, taking the treasures and you go. 
    Sooner or later, you’ll be blocked by another gate. Dog 
    time! Have the dog get back on the bottom left switch to 
    open it. Back to the boy, enter the room and you’ll have to 
    fight two Sons of Anhur. No problem. When there gone you’ll 
    get a new Axe!! This is very nice coz it can bash down weak 
    walls (weak walls are cracked)! Equip it and keep going. 
    Bash through the next weak wall you find. Theirs a man in 
    this room!!! Save your game if you want (you’ll probably 
    want to) and grab the goodies from the pots. Leave the room 
    when your ready and go down. You’ll see a weak wall, bash it 
    to get reunited with your pet. Now back track to the very 
    top of the Pyramid. You’ll see a blocked off gate with 
    switches on either side. Stand on the switches and go in the 
    door. Here you’ll have to fight Rimsala.
    ===Beating Rimsala===
    In a word, you could say Rimsala was easy. And you would 
    also be right. It only has 1200 HP! Magmar was harder then 
    this!!! Just keep attacking with strong formulas and you’ll 
    have thin won in no time. After the fight you’ll get some 
    cash and more importantly, the first Diamond Eye!  
    -After Rimsala-
    Head back to camp to stock up and rest, save, and whatever 
    you need to do. Next to the transporter on the east bank is 
    a blocked off cave that you can get to with your axe. You’ll 
    get the drain formula. But you could also do that after the 
    HoC too. Since its not a very strong formula till it reaches 
    level 6 or so, you might as well just skip this unless you 
    really want it. Ready yet? Then leave camp and head up. 
    Another pit will be there. Reveal it and cross to the Hall 
    of Colossia.
    -The Hall of Colossia-
     Even on the out side you kinda get the feeling this will be 
    harder then the Pyramid… you use switches more in this place 
    then in the Pyramid! Go inside. At the top on the main room 
    is a big pit, you can reveal the left and right side to make 
    paths appear. The right side is a save point which should be 
    used and the left side is a switch to the next area. Press 
    the switch on the left side. This opens a door on the left 
    side of the main room. Go through the door and in the next 
    room head for the top right corner. Theirs a little red 
    thing here. Press it and walk across the TEMPORARY bridge. 
    On the other side you’ll see another switch. Press this 
    also. Head south now and you’ll find another switch. This 
    reactivates the bridge that got you over to this side. Hit 
    this switch and RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN back over the bridge. 
    It doesn’t stay long and you might be here a while. Once 
    you’re back over, go back to the main room and save if you 
    feel the need. The go into the bottom right door. In here 
    you fight Mini-Tour… a little bull thing, he has 500 HP and 
    strong formula defense so hand-to-hand fighting is your best 
    bet. After that annoyance, step on the switch that appears 
    then leave the room. Back in the main area, you might as 
    well save. Then go into the bottom left door. Go right till 
    you see three switches on the floor. Press the switches from 
    left to right. This opens the door in front of you. Go 
    CAN!!!!!!!! It falls under your weight, so running very fast 
    is a must… with that done, go south till you come to a room 
    with six switches, press them all in any order. Now keep 
    going north till you find another switch that activates an 
    elevator type thing. Get on the elevator type thing. Your 
    back in the main room. Go in the top right door. The first 
    thing you see is another switch. So press it and cross the 
    temporary bridge that forms. Go north till you come to 
    another switch, press it and the head right to another 
    switch. Press it too. Then head to the top right corner on 
    the room. You’ll come to a dead end. Use Revealer to see a 
    path and cross it. Now that you’re across, go south till you 
    come to a wide-open area. Kill the super Monk there to get 
    the Bronze Spear (I love spears!!). In the same room, walk 
    up and down the wall on the right. You’ll find a secret 
    passage to a secret room! Here you’ll meet an old guy who 
    can save your game. But that’s not all! He’ll also give you 
    a new formula, Fire Ball. This is pretty handy. Now walk all 
    the way back to the main room. Your going to want to save 
    again when you get here. Now stand in the middle on the two 
    paths that can be revealed. Equip you Bronze Spear and the 
    boy will throw it across and hit the switch on the other 
    side. Then a bridge will form. Walk across and into the door 
    and be ready for a fight.
    ===Beating Megatour===
    Remember how Rimsala was so easy? This is another story… 
    Megatour has 2500 HP and a few alchemy formulas that he 
    likes to use. He’s also fast and strong. A good way to beat 
    him is to use the Crush formula over and over and over 
    again. He won’t have a chance to move if you do it fast 
    enough. Doing this teamed up with the dogs strong level 
    three biting attack, you should get away with minor damage. 
    I hope you have a lot of ingredients and a high level 
    -After Megatour-
    Start going back to camp. You’ll run into Horace, except now 
    he’s wearing tacky green clothes. Strange, well, give you 
    give the Eye to Horace, then, he reveals his true self!!! 
    He’s actually he’s Horaces evil twin! He then sicks a couple 
    of rouges on you. After you deal with them, run to Nobilia. 
    Once your back in Nobilia go to the Dog Statue. You’ll se 
    the evil Horace put the two Eyes in the Dog Statue! He then 
    runs off as the statue explodes and becomes Aegis, another 
    boss for you to get rid of.
    ===Beating Aegis===
    Aegis is pretty tough. He has good defense against alchemy 
    formulas, 3800 HP, and you can only attack him hen his head 
    is flashing. To make matters worse, he throws “Bad Dawgs” at 
    you. Power up your weapon and throw it at his head whenever 
    it flashes and heal as needed. You’ll probably have to heal 
    yourself quite a bit.      
    -After Aegis-
    After the fight, you’ll see a power core. It’s going to 
    explode! You need someone who can throw it outta there! 
    Hmmm… TINY!! Tiny comes and throws the thing wayyyyyy far 
    away. You have nothing to worry about now. Now you’ll get 
    news about a cave being discovered on the west bank! After 
    shopping and stocking up, head back, yes, all the way back 
    to Horace’s camp. Back at camp you’ll see that the river has 
    dried up. Save, then walk down into the riverbed then up. 
    You’ll come to a cliff, the cave is down there. You’ll have 
    to jump. 
    -The Oglin Cave- 
    When you land, set the action grid on the dog so he follows 
    you very closely, its impossible to see more then a few 
    steps ahead. This cave is linked with teleport tiles. 
    1. when you resume control, go down and stand on the tile 
    there. You’ll be warped.
    2. When you appear again, go right till you see another 
    tile. Skip it as it leads to a dead end. Instead, go down 
    and exit the room. Follow the path east then north.   
    3. Keeping moving north till you reach a area with water on 
    three sides of you. Use the warp tile there.
    4. After the warp, walk left till you see another tile, skip 
    it and keep going to your right. Then north into then 
    next room. Go east, east again, then northeast till you 
    reach a small riverbank. You should be able to see a pot 
    on the other side.
    5. When you reach this spot, head south. Keep walking south 
    till you come to another tile. Hop on.
    6.  You’ll be next to the pot that you saw a second earlier. 
    Get it and walk to the left till you enter a room with 
    exits on the north and west. 
    7. Go north and you’ll fight Aquagoth.
    ===Beating Aquagoth===
    This is tough. 2500 HP, and a lot of powerful formulas. And 
    he has a bunch of tentacles sticking out of the floor 
    hitting you wherever you are. If you have a level three 
    spear, use it. If not just use a level two Bronze Spear. Its 
    great coz you can throw it. The dog should take care of the 
    tentacles while you go for the head. This would also be a 
    good time to use a few of those saved up Call Beads if you 
    -After Aquagoth-
    You’ll be trapped in the cave. Then, you’ll here a voice… 
    from above… nah. Its not god. Its really a normal human. Hop 
    in the bucket he sends down and ride up to a new area in the 
    world – Gothica.
    The first thing to do after you see your dog (he looks like 
    a poodle now) is turn the well crank to free the Oglin. Who 
    will run off, but help you later. Before you go to Ivor 
    Tower, have a look around out side. Push against the pink 
    trees to find secret passages. Theirs even a free Amulet of 
    Annihilation hidden. I recommend finding it, just coz it’s 
    free. Just left of the entrance to Ivor Tower theirs a 
    secret passage with the Aura formula, a very important 
    formula to have for a certain up coming battle. After you 
    have all the treasures, go into the town. Jewels are crap 
    here. So exchange them for Gold Coins. Don’t go off buying 
    things yet. You’ve got to talk to the queen. Don’t buy 
    anything from the armor or weapon shops! You can get better 
    armor for a better price later! For now, find the inn, stay 
    and save. At the bottom of the tower theirs a girl who tells 
    you about a pig race and says the winner has dinner with the 
    queen. So then, all you have to do is win the pig race! But 
    how will you get a pig…? Anyway, go to the bottom of the 
    tower and all the way left. You’ll be in the ally. The 
    prices for things here are MUCH better then the outside. 
    Cheaper to. So buy new armor here. When you have all the 
    best armor, go to the top of the ally. Talk to the man next 
    to the wooden stairs. He’ll let you have a ticket to him 
    freak show for an Amulet of Annihilation. If you have one, 
    hand it over. If not, you can get one from the market place 
    in the main area at the bottom of the tower. While your 
    inside, a guy comes out and sees the dog and decides to put 
    him in the show. Of course, when the boy sees him he knows 
    that it’s his dog, but with a pig mask on. The pigpoodle 
    runs out of the tent, on to the pig-racing track, and wins 
    the race! You’re having dinner with the queen! Later on 
    while your eating, the cook seems to be getting ready to 
    make some ham. PIGPOODLE HAM!!! The dog, in a panic, jumps 
    up and runs off and falls into the sewers. This place is a 
    huge maze! And it’s a lot harder then any other maze you’ve 
    done so far. 
    -The Sewers-
    NOTE: The directions below don’t include finding an old 
    woman that gives you a key. With this key you can open many 
    locked doors in Ivor Tower and find many items. A new 
    alchemy formula, also. 
    From the start, go: 
    stand on the vent to be taken back into the castle
    exit onto the balcony and through the top door back inside
    drop down the hole, back into the sewers
    now go east
    then stand on the vent
    walk behind the bookcase, you’ll fall into a hidden hole
    head south 
    and up the vent
    exit onto the balcony and take the bottom door back inside
    drop back down into another hole 
    go north
    and south
    Now you’re out of the sewers at last.
    -Back in the Castle-
    Now that the dog is free again, he runs into the dining 
    room, onto the table knocking everything off. The queen, in 
    a rage sends you too the dungeon to rot in hell. The dog 
    gets out of the cell easily. Don’t let the boy out yet! 
    There are a few baddies down here that should be… taken care 
    of. They should be too hard. And if the dog beats them all 
    by himself he gets a free Defender Collar, which is a super 
    nice Collar! If your running low on power, let the boy out 
    of the cell and have him heal you. You can always buy a 
    Defender Collar anyway. But it never hurts to get something 
    free. Now head for the northeast cell and go in. You’re back 
    in the sewers. This part of them isn’t as hard though. East, 
    south, east, north, east. You’ll be on a small ledge with a 
    cave north of you. Go through there. Now head north and 
    you’ll be back in the castle again. However, you’ll then be 
    forced to see the queen again. She, however, is very nice 
    this time. And says she’ll help you get home if you do her a 
    favor. Her old castle was called Ebon Keep, some people 
    stayed behind when everyone moved to the new castle and she 
    wants them to come over to the new Ivor Tower. So, she wants 
    you to simply go to Ebon Keep and lower the draw bridge so 
    that her people can get the people who stayed. Ok then, now 
    would be a good time to build your level up to about 28 or 
    30. In fact, I highly recommend you do. When you ready; and 
    you better be coz this is a long walk, go back into the 
    castle. Leave the castle through the exit on the far right 
    of the castle. You may have some trouble finding it, but 
    just keep exploring. You’ll find it eventually. You’ll be 
    outside again. Walk strait ahead and you’ll see you’re in a 
    maze of bushes! From where your standing, go up, right, 
    down, right, down, right, down, left, down, left, up, left, 
    up, right. You’ll now be standing on a huge chessboard, 
    where you’ll be attacked by the Foot Knight.
    ===Beating Foot Knight===
    Well, he has 2400 HP, and alchemy formulas are pretty much 
    useless. He also moves so fast you that probably wont get a 
    good look at him through the whole fight. Whenever I fight 
    this guy, the same thing always happens, I sit back and let 
    the dog do all the work. That’s the best way to beat him 
    since you just cant hit him. This battle is easy. His attack 
    power is super low, so you wont even have to heal much. 
    After the fight, a stairway appears that leads down into the 
    -The Mystic Woods-
    Go all the way down the stairs. Now your at the edge of the 
    Mystic Woods. The longest, hardest maze in the game… if you 
    don’t know the trick. The way to find your way around is too 
    look in the trees as you go. If you see a scary little gnome 
    watching you from the tree, then you took the right path. To 
    make it even easier for you, I’ll give you directions.  
    Save your game with the man, then enter the woods
    Go south
    and exit
    You made it! Just kidding!! You still have a long way to go. 
    You’ll see a bridge. Try and cross and you’ll be attacked by 
    the Shape Shifters.
    ==Beating Bad Boy===
    The Shape Shifters turn into you! And they’re hard too! In 
    fact, you have to kill yourself three times! The Bad Boys 
    only have 700 HP a peace, which isn’t a lot. But they have a 
    very powerful sword and use formulas like Storm and Nitro. 
    These are super powerful and could kill you in one hit if 
    you keep your HP up. Keep your dog alive too. He’s very 
    important in this fight. Use strong formulas of your own and 
    high level weapons.   
    -After The Shape Shifters-
    Go across the bridge and talk to the guy there. Save you 
    game and go back into the forest. 
    Go east
    and exit.
    Now that you’re finally out of the Mystic Woods, you’ll have 
    to fight another boss. Timber Drake.
    ===Beating Timber Drake===
    Timber Drake is easy. Use the same method as you used on 
    Megatour. Use Crush over and over and over again till you 
    take him down. He has 2000 HP. No problem here. 
    -After Timber Drake-
    Leave the area and you’ll come to Ebon Keep. The base of 
    Ebon Keep, to get to the top you’ll have to… *sigh*… go 
    through the sewers.
    -Ebon Keep-
    To get through the small sewer maze, go east, south, west, 
    south, east, south, west, south, west, north and east. 
    You’ll now be in the Ebon Keep dungeon. Kill all the guys in 
    the cells like you did in Ivor Tower. Whichever cell you 
    clear last is the exit. You’ll be in the town of Ebon Keep. 
    Go into the weapon shop. You’ll meet a man named Cecil. 
    He’ll give you a bazooka. However, you only have one shell. 
    So don’t waist it. Leave his shop and go up into the castle. 
    Keep going up and you’ll run into Verminator.   
    ===Beating Verminator===
    Well my friend, I sure do hope you leveled up! This huge rat 
    has 3425 HP and uses some of the most hard-hitting formulas 
    in the game. Such as Plague or Explosion which kill 
    instantly! Use Call Beads and call Horace. Use Aura Call, 
    and when it wears off, use it again right away. And the use 
    of throwing your spear is a must. If you didn’t take the 
    time to build up in Ivor Tower, beating Verminator will be 
    nearly impossible. 
    -After Verminator-
    Go up and into the next room. Go up the steps and you’ll 
    see… who? The queen? Why is she here…? Talk to her and 
    she’ll tell you why! Her evil twin came out of nowhere and 
    took over her position as queen and moved all her people 
    over to Ivor Tower! Are you sensing a pattern yet? Anyway, 
    after the talk, go left into the next room. You’ll be 
    attacked by some baddies that are hiding in the windows. 
    Take them out and keep going through the hall. You’ll now be 
    in Tinkers Tower. He tells you about a space station that 
    he’s seen through his telescope. Save your game with him, 
    buy whatever you may need. Before you leave his place take 
    the treasure in the bottom left corner of his place. This is 
    the Knight Basher Axe. Equip it. And read the book on the 
    table next to the chest to learn a new formula. And look in 
    the bookshelf next to the stairs that lead to the telescope 
    to get another new formula. If you explore the castle a bit 
    more you’ll meat a kid named Naris. He plays a game with 
    you, if you win you get the best formula in the game; Super 
    Heal. Which heals ALL your HP for BOTH the boy and the dog 
    and the SAME time!!! If you lose, it’ll be a while till he 
    lets you play again. So just leave the area. You don’t want 
    to walk all the way back to Ivor Tower, so back track all 
    the way back into the sewers of Ebon Keep. With your new axe 
    you can bash through those barriers in the sewer so the trip 
    will be easier. When you’re out of the sewers again, you’ll 
    be next to the Mystic Forest. Don’t go in! Instead use your 
    axe to bash through the wall and go up. You’ll be in a swamp 
    like area. Like Blimps Bog. Go up the stairs, right, up, 
    alllll the way left till you fall through the floor. Then go 
    down the steps. Back on the ground, go right and up the 
    steps and in the door. You’ll be taken up a few levels. Go 
    up the stairs, left, up the stairs, right and up the last 
    set of stairs. When you’re at the top you get attacked by a 
    dragon that looks just like Timber Drake. Sterling…
    ===Beating Sterling===
    Now, even though Sterling looks like Timber Drake, he’s a 
    whole other story. Sterling is HARD!!!! He has 3200 HP and 
    hits very hard!!! His fireball attack does huge damage. He 
    can also pick you up and drop you off the top of the tower, 
    and you’ll have to run up the last two sets of stairs again. 
    If he does drop you off the tower, when you landing it will 
    hurt. And he’ll normally drop you into a dang of Gargons who 
    start beating you into the ground. He has average formula 
    defense, so no formula will work to well, but also no 
    formula will be useless. Your best bet will probably be to 
    let the dog attack and heal him when he needs it. Sterling 
    only throws you off. So while you, the boy, is getting 
    pounded, the dog can be attacking. 
    -After Sterling-
    After words a guy comes into the scene, Tinkers brother. He 
    says he’ll give you a lift to Ivor Tower. Except his offer 
    and ride get a ride. When you’re back in the castle, pass 
    through the sewers back into the main room to find the evil 
    twin queen. She’ll make you fight Mephista and Old Nick. A 
    couple of puppets… They have 500 HP each. They’re very easy. 
    After that fight Mungola will appear. 
    ===Beating Mungola===
    Only kill Mephista coz it will keep healing Mungola. Leave 
    Old Nick alone. If you kill both of them the Mung man will 
    bring them both back to life. Mungola has 5000 HP. Quite a 
    jump from your last fight, but this battle shouldn’t be as 
    hard as the last fight. The Crush trick will work (the same 
    trick you used with Megatour and Timber Drake) if your Crush 
    formula is strong enough. If not, just keep attacking and 
    this should be over pretty quick.
    -After Mungola-
    Then the evil twin queen tries to kill the boy herself. But 
    ends up killing herself. After that you look down… WHAT!?!?! 
    She’s a robot! That means the other evil twins are too! With 
    this useless info, head to town and rest and save. Then go 
    back to the chessboard maze. When you get their, go up, 
    right, down, right, down, right, and down to the exit. Just 
    walk across the lowered drawbridge to get in. Go back to 
    Tinkers Tower. He’ll tell you about his rocket, and how it 
    can be use to get you into that strange space station. And 
    how the space station will most likely be your way of 
    getting home. But he needs a few parts first.
    He gives you his windwalker. Something that will make it 
    easy to get the parts. But you can only land where you see a 
    fire pit. First land next to the volcano. Remember the 
    volcano machine? It comes into play here again. Step on the 
    same gray spot in the ground as you did to get up to the 
    crater last time. It’ll throw you over and you’ll land next 
    to a Gourd. Get it to get the Gauge and hop back in the 
    windwalker. Head to the fire pit next to Fire Eyes village. 
    Talk to her, and she’ll say that when the volcano blew a 
    bunch of stuff flew over into Bugmuck. Go allllllll the way 
    back to the big bug maze (see “Prehistoria” section for 
    directions). After getting through and into Thraxx place 
    you’ll be attacked… but, by no means at all is it Thraxx 
    this time!
    ===Beating Coleoptera===
    Now, don’t be getting any funny ideas about this huge 
    insect. Coleoptera is a VERY though baddie. In fact, she’s 
    HARD! Really HARD!! You have a bit more HP to take out this 
    time, 6000 approx. And she does heavy damage with her acid 
    rain formula. Use the same tactic you used of Thraxx and 
    that will work just fine… if you don’t die first of course 
    -After Coleoptera-
    You’ll get the Wheel. Stop at Strong Hearts place to get the 
    Miracle Cure. 
    -One More Component-  
    Go back to the windwalker and fly to the wrecked ship. From 
    here cross to the west bank. You can pick up the Double 
    Drain formula the same place you got Drain if you want. When 
    you ready go to the Great Pyramid. You’ll see that the 
    riverbed is dried. You should see a cave in the riverbed. Go 
    inside the cave. Now step on the warp tile. You’ll be warped 
    into the Pyramid, but nowhere in the Pyramid you’ve ever 
    been before. You’ll see a rock, Levitate it onto the switch. 
    Now take the boy and have him stand on the other switch. 
    Then take the dog and have him stand on the other switch. 
    Now go through the middle door. He’s in the center of a 
    wall. The way you get to him is to warp on the first tile, 
    then on whatever tile you reappear on, use that tile again. 
    He’s also throwing Oglins at you this whole time. This is a 
    very good place to build up a bit. You may want to do so 
    before getting to Tiny. He’ll give you the Diamond Eyes, 
    that last component. DO NOT LEAVE THE PYRAMID WITH OUT 
    WHOLE GAME OVER!! Of course, if you saved before you went 
    in, if you leave you’ll be able to start before you went in. 
    After getting the Eyes fly back to Tinkers Tower. Give the 
    Gauge, Eyes, and the Wheel to him. 
    From the start go to the top right corner and talk to the 
    droid there. He’ll ask you to release his relief. Now go to 
    the top left corner and step in that cool pillar of light. 
    In the next room, run down then right, up and right again. 
    You’ll be in an area with yellow beams blocking your way 
    around. Go into the door that has no beams on it. You’ll see 
    four switches. Hit the first two on the left. Then talk to 
    the droid in the cell that opened. If you flick either of 
    the other two switches, this will let really hard biddies so 
    you probably shouldn’t.  Go up into the next beam of light. 
    This will take you to the main room of the space station. Go 
    down the hall till you can’t go anymore. Now switch to the 
    dog and have him go back to the room where you came up. Have 
    him step in the door just left of the one in the floor. This 
    will make him fly. Kill the little round droid and have the 
    dog go back through the door that made him fly. Now you’ll 
    be able to pass through. In the next room, go in the door in 
    the floor. This will bring you to a place where you can buy 
    ingredients and even some new armor. Exchange you Gold Coins 
    for Credits and buy the Spots Collar for the dog but nothing 
    for the boy. Then go down to the bottom of the room. You’ll 
    find a hallway. This is where you can rest and save. Go for 
    it. Now go back outside into the main room of the station. 
    From where you are, make the dog fly again and kill the 
    round droid over the door. Then go down a little more to 
    another droid. Kill that one too. Now land back with the boy 
    and go down till you reach a dead end. Go in the door in the 
    floor. You’ll be in a room with a big machine with a switch. 
    Flick the switch and leave the room back to the main area. 
    Do the dog-flying trick again on the door to the left. Then 
    go down into the door. In this room walk between the bars 
    that ARE NOT lit up. Once you’re through their keep going 
    till you see another beam. Before you go, however, take the 
    treasure in the pod. It’s a helmet. Equip it and step into 
    the beam. Have the dog fly when you come up again. Kill the 
    round droid here. The go even farther left and kill the 
    other one. Now land in the room you came up in and walk to 
    the next room, then the next and go down into the door. 
    You’ll see another big machine. This is the control center 
    for the station. The first switch is the alarm system. 
    Ignore it and push the next switch. It will turn the lights 
    in the green house area off. LEAVE THE LIGHTS OFF!! Now 
    leave this room and go across the hall into the next little 
    room. This place has a lot of goods, but since its dark 
    you’ll have some trouble seeing. But keep looking for 
    treasures till you have 30 Particle Bombs, 30 Thunder Balls, 
    Protector Ring, and 5 Meteorites. Now leave this room and go 
    back to the main area of the station. Now go up the hall 
    into the next little room. Go down into the floor and walk 
    till you get attacked bye some evil droids. Take care of 
    them and keep going north. Go through the door and take the 
    treasure there and equip it. Go up the light beam and into 
    the main area. Open the door with the dog and go left. Go 
    down into the room. This is the greenhouse area. If you 
    turned the lights off all the super-all-powerful-impossible-
    to-kill-flowers-who-take-999-out-of-you-if-the-hit-you will 
    be asleep. And wont attack you. Pass through the greenhouse 
    and up the light beam at the end. Now use the dog to open 
    the door and go left and down into the room there. This is 
    where you’ll find Professor Ruffleberg. After you talk to 
    him for a while, he’ll tell you about his butler. A robot 
    named Carltron, who rebelled and is now making the world of 
    Evermore a deadly place to live (as you’ve found out by 
    playing the game to this point). He says to fix this problem 
    and to get home you’ll have to get into his chamber and 
    destroy him. But you’ll need to power up the teleport tile 
    to his place. You’ll need a power core. Ruffleberg will open 
    another passage on the big chessboard. Go into the same hall 
    you did at the start of the game. Get the pod next to the 
    passage in the floor again to get the best spear in the 
    game. The Laser Lance. Now step in the passage in the floor. 
    You’ll be able to control the escape pod this time. So fly 
    it to Tinker Tower where from there go down to the 
    chessboard. The pod can land in the same places as the 
    windwalker. Go down the new stairway. The power core isn’t 
    very far down. But keep going to find a guy who will give 
    you the Force Field formula for an Oracle Bone. If you don’t 
    have a Oracle Bone just leave and fly back to Metroplex. 
    Ruffleberg gives you the Nitro formula. Take it and leave 
    his lab into the main area. Instead of going all the way 
    around, just go strait across to your right using the dog 
    for opening the doors. Go back to where you first freed the 
    droid and go back into the junkyard where you started in the 
    junkyard. You’ll be at a computer. Put the core in the 
    computer, and save. Then step on the teleport tile. You’ll 
    be taken to the center of the main area, when your ready go 
    down into the hole in the floor to fight Carltron. The last 
    ===Beating Carltron===
    Ok, so I lied. You won’t fight Carltron right off the bat. 
    You’ll have to take out some of his other friends first. 
    First you’ll have to take out a row of speakers and fans. 
    Fans have 2500 HP, while speakers only have 1004. Watch out 
    for the bombs being thrown at you from the sides! Killing 
    all the fans and speakers will reveal switches along the 
    wall. Push all of them and get ready for it to get tougher. 
    Two super hard raptors will appear. 4000 HP each. Be sure to 
    cast Energize on the dog so that he can attack at full power 
    at all times.  After you kill them a small cleaning droid 
    will come to clean up a bit. DO NOT KILL THE CLEANING 
    DROID!!! If you do you’ll have to fight a Death Spider, 6000 
    HP. So just leave the cleaning droids alone! After the first 
    set of raptors, another two will appear. Kill them the same 
    way and leave the cleaning droid alone after the fight. 
    ALWAYS have the Energize formula on the dog. It’s very 
    important that you do. After the second set, another set 
    will attack. After them, you’ll have to take on three Eyes 
    of Rimsala all at the same time. 6000 HP each, they can also 
    hit pretty hard. After them, you’ll have to fight a clone of 
    the boy, who can easily be killed in one hit coz he only has 
    about 999 HP. Then they clone the dog. The dog has 10’000 
    HP. So don’t go as easy on him as you did the boy. He’s also 
    fast and shoots a very powerful long-range weapon. Remember, 
    use Energize again whenever it wears off. After the beating 
    the dog, the wall of screens blows up and Metal Magmar jumps 
    out. The Crush trick works GREAT with this guy. Stand on one 
    side of him and use crush, then when you can move again, run 
    to the other side of him and use it again. It’s hard for him 
    to hit a moving target. He has a lot of HP though. 25’000. 
    But he shouldn’t be much of a problem. Not as much as that 
    dog anyway. After you kill Metal Magmar, you FINALLY get to 
    fight Carltons Robot, that very last boss. Caltrons Robot is 
    acutely rather easy if your patent and keep Energize on the 
    dog. What’s most likely to happen is the dog will die pretty 
    fast coz of standing in front of the Robot and getting shot 
    by its rocket launcher. If he dies, ignore it since he would 
    just die again. Use the bazooka with the strongest shells 
    you have. He has 30’000 HP and super high formula defense. 
    So just keep blasting him since alchemy doesn’t hurt him. 
    It’ll take a while and a few healing formulas, but if you’re 
    built up enough and have good healing items and formulas, 
    you should be able to wrap this battle up on your first try. 
    I hope you win. Cause once that’s done, so is the game… and 
    what a cool ending…
    This just tells you about items in the game.
    These are important, things to have, I mean, it would be 
    tough to beat the game with only formulas! 
    The ~Bone Crusher~ is the first weapon you get automatically 
    at the start of the game. Its attack power is 10.
    The ~Gladiator Sword~ is the weapon you get after beating 
    Vigor in Nobilia. It’s a nifty sword with an attack power of 
    The ~Crusader Sword~ is found in Gothica, and has an attack 
    of 30. A very nice weapon indeed.
    The last of the swords, the ~Neutron Blade~, is given to you 
    right after you arrive in Metroplex. It has a huge attack of 
    The ~Spiders Claw~ is more powerful then the bone crusher, 
    with an attack power of 15. You receive it right after you 
    beat Thraxx. Nice gift.
    The ~Bronze Axe~ is found in the second world, Antiqua, and 
    has the power of a whopping 25. 
    The next axe, the ~Knight Basher~ is found in Tinker’s Tower 
    in the treasure chest toward the bottom left of the room. It 
    comes in useful with 35 for attack power.
    The ~Atom Smasher~ is also in Tinker’s Tower, in the same 
    treasure box as the Knight Basher. It appears there later in 
    the game.
    The ~Horn Spear~ is found while you’re in the first world, 
    right after you beat those Vipers for the first time and has 
    an attack power of 20. 
    The next spear is the ~Bronze Spear~  is found in the Hall 
    of Colossia and has an attack power of 30.
    The Lance is obtained after you beat Timber Drake, and it 
    has an attack of, you guessed it, 40.  
    The coolest weapon in the game, next to the bazooka, is the 
    Laser Lance. With an attack of 50 and being able to throw 
    it, its outstandingly useful for many situations. 
    -The Bazooka-
    I’ve forgotten exactly the attack power of the three 
    different bazooka shells. But they’re all very, very 
    The ~Tunderball~ shell is the weakest, and has an attack of 
    300 I think, something around there.
    The Particle Bombs~  are the second on the list and I 
    believe have an attack of 600+.
    The ~Cyroblast~ shells are the most powerful thing in the 
    game, with an attack of 800, nothing is a problem. 
    Name                                     Effect
    Atlas-----------------------------Raises strength for a 
    short time 
    Acid Rain-----------------------Rains the enemy with acid 
    causing minor damage
    Barrier---------------------------Recovers a bit of HP and 
    raises defense for a short time  
    Cure-----------------------------Recover a bit of HP
    Crush----------------------------A huge stone hand lands on 
    the enemy
    Corrosion-----------------------Rains on all enemies causing 
    good damage
    Call Up--------------------------Increases the Call Beads in 
    your inventory by 1
    Confound-----------------------Confuses the target for a 
    short time 
    Defend--------------------------Raises defense for a short 
    Drain----------------------------Drains some life out of the 
    baddie and gives it to you
    Double Drain-------------------Double the strength of Drain
    Escape---------------------------A nifty way to get of 
    indoor mazes
    Explosion-----------------------A powerful attack the blows 
    up walls and enemies
    Energize-------------------------An awesome formula that 
    powers your weapon up over and                                    
                                                  over again
    Flash-----------------------------Your first formula
    Fireball--------------------------Sort of an update of 
    Flash, and it’s very handy
    Fire Power----------------------Damages an enemy equal to 
    the hero’s currant HP
    Force Field----------------------Will completely deaden the 
    next blow the hero/dog takes
    Heal------------------------------Restores HP
    Levitate--------------------------Lifts very large objects
    Lightning Storm----------------A very nice attack that is 
    even nicer when powered up
    Lance----------------------------Rains lances on the enemy
    Miracle Cure--------------------Heals any status problem you 
    may have, and restores some            
    Nitro-----------------------------An extremely powerful 
    One up---------------------------Regenerates hero with all 
    Reflect---------------------------Reflects enemy formulas 
    Regrowth-----------------------Currant HP keeps going up 
    till you’re hit again
    Revive---------------------------Brings the dog back to life 
    and gives him some HP
    Reveal---------------------------Reveals hidden paths
    Speed---------------------------Raises speed and agility
    Sting----------------------------A hard formula to get, but 
    it isn’t very good at all 
    Soap-----------------------------Completely deadens all 
    attacks for a limited time
    Slow Burn----------------------Slowly kills the enemy. Wears 
    off eventually though  
    Super Heal----------------------The best ever! Totally 
    recovers you HP and the dog’s at the    
                                                  same time 
    Name                     Defense Power
    Bronze Armor--------------------12
    Centurion Cape-------------------28
    Dino Skin-------------------------7
    Grass Vest------------------------2
    Gold-Plated Vest----------------55
    Magna Mail----------------------94
    Silver Mail-----------------------40
    Stone Vest----------------------19
    Shining Armor------------------74
    Titanium Vest-------------------124
    Virtual Vest---------------------169
    A rough list of alchemy ingredients!
    Dry Ice
    Mud Pepper
    -Call Beads-
    A simple list of the call bead formulas.
    -Fire Eyes-
    Heat Wave
    Life Sparks
    -Horace Highwater-
    Time Warp
    First Aid
    -Camellia Bluegarden-
    Magic Drain
    Shock Wave
    -Professor Ruffleberg-
    Electra Bolt
    I’d really like to thank Simon Hill for his info, GameFAQs, 
    Square Soft, Nintendo, my parents, and all who write in with 
    a question or make use of this FAQ in some way. All content 
    of Secret of Evermore is © 1995 Square Soft. This guide is 
    in no way associated with Square Soft in any way. Do not put 
    this walkthrough, or any of its content on your website, or 
    magazine, or whatever the case may be, without my consent.  
    This FAQ is for personal uses only, do not alter any content 
    on this guide, please. Thanks for reading!
    © 1998 – 2000 Jonathan Bouldin  

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