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    Low Level Walkthrough by josher1212

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    If you've read my SoM low level guide, then the idea is similar. Except there
    are some major differences:
    1. Money is NOT a concern. The bosses will give you more than enough money to
       purchase goods and armor.
    2. Don't level up your alchemy. This costs money and indirectly causes your
       level to go up.
    3. Boss battles are considerably longer.
    Much of my SoM strategy also holds in SoE, so refer to my SoM guide for that.
    And one more thing, immediately turn the dog "off" (set his AI all the way
    to the left [Search]).
    Please view this document in a non-proportional font such as Courier New.
    Let's roll.
    ~Professor's Lab~
    Just hit Start in the opening sequence to skip this.
    ~South of Fire Eyes Village~
    Get as many of the alchemy ingredients as you can, and defeat the enemies.
    Don't forget to get the petal!
    ~Raptor's Area~
    Before you step into the leaf, search for alchemy ingredients. There are two
    on the right and two on the left. They are (in order, counterclockwise):
    1 part Crystal
    2 parts Water
    3 parts Oil
    2 parts Crystal
    Now "fight" the Raptors, but let yourself get killed.
    ~Fire Eyes' Village~
    Search every hut for items. But do not take the items in the secret area on
    the left, nor the items in Fire Eyes' hut. If you do, you will get a Biscuit
    instead of a Call Bead. You will need Call Beads late in the game, trust me!
    Fire Eyes will give you an alchemy formula: Flash.
    Flash: 1 Wax + 2 Oil    Cheapest Cost: Acid Rain Man (40 Talons/Use)
    Small Fireball          Power: 4/20
    After talking to Fire Eyes, head east.
    You should be level 1 now.
    ~East of Fire Eyes Village~
    Find alchemy ingredients, kill all the flowers (but NOT the Skelesnails!)
    Advance to the next area.
    ~Quicksand Field~
    OK, fall into the first whirlpool. Then head into the shop. Buy something from
    there so you can get the Jaguar Ring. You need it to proceed. After that, take
    the whirlpool out of the enclosure. Ignore all the enemies and head for the
    Still level 1.
    Shortly upon entry, you'll find a cave with another alchemist inside. He'll
    give you another alchemy formula: Hard Ball.
    Hard Ball: 1 Clay + 1 Crystal    Cheapest Cost: Acid Rain Man (18 Talons/Use)
    Target gets beaned               Power: 3/20
    All right, at this point, you need to whack Mosquitoes and Maggots with your
    Bone Crusher until it gets to level 3. Otherwise you will get slaughtered by
    Thraxx, no matter how good you are.
    Now you should be around level 6. (Ouch!)
    ~The Big Bug~
    Make your way through the big bug. Ignore the enemies and avoid the Tar Skulls
    at all costs, they can do 25 damage!
    BOSS! Thraxx
    500 HP, 750 Exp, 750 Talons
    250 HP, 150 Exp, 150 Talons each
    Special Abilities:
    Maggot Summon
    Acid Rain Lv.2
    Using the level 3 Bone Crusher can cause you to mistakenly destroy the claws.
    Anyway, hack away at his rib cage until it opens, then use a level 3 attack.
    Since it can hit twice, expect the boss to take nearly 300 damage. Keep the
    dog alive, because the boss spreads Acid Rain over the entire party, but cuts
    the damage to each in half. This can mean you take 20 damage instead of 40 or
    50. The boss doesn't have a lot of HP, so about three or four charged attacks
    should do it.
    This battle causes you to hit level 7.
    You get the Spider's Claw at the end. Use it on the cocoon to free Strong
    Heart. You will receive 10 parts Wax and 10 parts Oil from him. If you can't
    carry that much, he'll give you 300 Talons instead.
    Don't forget to get the Mammoth Guard on the way out.
    ~Quicksand Field~
    Head up, then when you can't head up anymore, head right, right through a
    secret passage. Open the gourds. Don't worry about the Biscuit, it won't
    become a Call Bead. Head right, into the next section to get another alchemy
    Acid Rain: 1 Ash + 3 Water     Cheapest Cost: Acid Rain Man (22 Talons/Use)
    Target showered with acid      Power: 1/20
    ~Fire Eyes' Village~
    Talk to Fire Eyes and she gives you two things: A new mission and 6 Call
    Beads. Now that you have Call Beads, you can open her gourds as well as the
    one in the hidden area to the left of the village. Over there is another
    alchemy formula.
    Defend: 1 Clay + 1 Ash         Cheapest Cost: Acid Rain Man (16 Talons/Use)
    Brings up defense
    Fire Eyes' Spells
    Flare - A powerful fireball attack.
    Heat Wave - A powerful attack that targets all enemies automatically.
    Storm - A powerful lightning storm electrifies your enemy.
    Life Spark - Restores a large amount of HP.
    ~South of Fire Eyes Village~
    Cut through the grass on the left and follow the path. You will then find a
    Shell Hat (equip it) and Strong Heart's hut. He sells you Roots at 10 Talons
    apiece, and gives you the Cure formula.
    Cure: 2 Roots + 1 Oil          Cheapest Cost: Strong Heart (32 Talons/Use)
    Dispels States
    Also talk to Strong Heart twice as the dog and he gives you a Leather Collar
    for free!
    ~North of Fire Eyes Village~
    Use the Spider's Claw to cut through the grass. When you reach the next area,
    switch to the Bone Crusher.
    ~Mammoth Graveyard~
    Make your way to the right, then up, then to the left, then up again. If you
    get poisoned, you know what to do. At the end, you face a sub-Boss: four
    Vipers and a Viper Commander. They go down quickly with the level 3 Bone
    Crusher. Beat them for the Horn Spear, although you won't be using it. Another
    alchemist will appear and ask if you need healing. Say no, because then he'll
    give you 10 parts Oil and 10 parts Crystal. Either way, he'll give you the
    Heal formula.
    Heal: 1 Roots + 1 Water          Cheapest Cost: Strong Heart (18 Talons/Use)
    Recovers HP
    That battle should cause you to hit level 8.
    ~Volcano Path~
    Head up the path to the geyser area. Some players do a fair amount of
    wandering here, so I'll tell you. On the ground level, there is a geyser
    hidden underneath a plant (axe it.) Use the geyser, then take the cave on the
    left. The following geyser shoots you up to the volcano, where you'll find an
    Levitate: 1 Water + 1 Mud Pepper  Cheapest Cost: Blimp (68 Jewels/Use)
    Lifts rocks
    On the way back, there is a cave you should enter. Defeat the three Raptors
    for some Dino Skin, which boosts your defense by seven points.
    ~Fire Eyes' Village~
    Purchase the Claw Guard and the other piece of armor you don't have. Save and
    heal, then go to the Acid Rain man and buy some clay. Now head for the swamp.
    ~Eastern Swamp~
    In this area, you'll need to defeat some Frippos to find your way to the end.
    Be advised that there is a gourd with a Call Bead inside. You'll do some
    wandering here before you meet the Boss of this area, with some REAL boss
    music to boot!
    BOSS! Salabog
    2000 HP, 712 Exp, 66 Talons
    Will o'the Wisp:
    40 HP, 4 Exp, 4 Talons each
    Special Abilities:
    Blue Fire Breath (summons Will o'the Wisps)
    This is a LONG fight. If you don't have the Bone Crusher at level 3, this
    will be very tedious. When the Boss is in the swamp, have the boy charge his
    weapon. When he resurfaces and lunges at you, let him have it. It can do as
    little as 75 damage or as much as 140, depending on your luck. This is not
    difficult, just try not to get hit by Salabog's headbutt attack. Heal as
    needed. The formula should be hitting level 1 or even 2 during this battle.
    Enter Blimp's Hut and he gives you the Mud Pepper you need to enter the
    volcano. Rest and save your game now. Then head for the volcano. The entrace
    is blocked by a boulder (Levitate) in "North of Fire Eyes Village" area.
    ~Volcano Core~
    Commonly missed Call Bead! Hug the left wall at the start and you'll stumble
    into a secret passage containing one Call Bead. Inside the Volcano itself,
    you'll need Levitate to move more boulders. The maze has all the Mud Peppers
    you'll need, but getting to some of them can be tricky. The last Mud Pepper
    is held by a Viper Commander above the location where you received 100 Talons
    from a gourd. You have to go through a series of passages to get there. In one
    of them, there is a hidden alchemist on the other side of a false wall on the
    right. He gives you the Speed formula. Get this now because if you don't, you
    can't go back here and get it. He can also save your game.
    Speed: 1 Wax + 2 Water  Cheapest Cost: Acid Rain Man (24 Talons/Use)
    Raises Agility
    By the time you beat the Viper Commander, you should hit level 9.
    ~Volcano Pipes~
    You'll have to take a specific route to end up in the hole with the flashing
    light. Check out the 117k Walkthrough on GameFAQs--it has a map.
    After you press the button, attack the Viper. He will comment, then offer to
    save your game. Do it. Then take the right pipe and head straight up. You'll
    fall into the other side of the room you were just in. Refill your HP, pray,
    then enter the next room.
    You now meet Fire Eyes' evil twin. She makes the real Fire Eyes go away, then
    summons Magmar (not the Pokémon!) You are then attacked.
    BOSS! Magmar
    1000 HP, 500 Exp, 900 Talons
    Special Abilities:
    Heat Wave
    Lava Bath
    This fight is tough because of Heat Wave. It can knock out half your HP.
    Magmar's physical attacks can also crank a lot of damage. He only has 1000 HP,
    but he pops back into the lava periodically, causing you to see annoying blue
    numbers next to him. Charge up the Bone Crusher to level 3 and let him have
    it. Rinse and repeat.
    Now Fire Eyes' twin shows up again. She turns off the machine, causing it to
    overload. It explodes and the volcano blows, sending you and your dog to
    opposite ends of Antiqua.
    First things first--your Talons are now worthless. Go to the armor shop and
    trade your Talons for acceptable currency - Jewels. Buy all three armor pieces
    and equip them. Head to the right after saving/going to the Inn.
    ~Blimp's Beach~
    The enemies in here are very powerful. Mad Monks can afflict you with a number
    of bad conditions, and the Rogues are just plain powerful. Head up to Blimp's
    Cave. He then gives you a bridge that lets you to the desert, as well as an
    alchemy formula...
    Crush: 1 Wax + 1 Limestone  Cheapest Cost: Blimp (40 Jewels/Use)
    Crushes target enemy        Power: 12/20
    This formula is a little expensive, but it gets powerful.
    Also, purchase some Mud Peppers and equip the Levitate formula.
    Make sure you have 1000 to 2000 Jewels before you head for Nobilia.
    ~Desert of Doom~
    Unfortunately, you won't have an Amulet of Annihilation at this point, so
    you'll have to hoof it across the desert. You will take 5 damage from the
    sun's rays every so often. Oases refill your HP to max. Now, for the hardest
    alchemy formula to find in the entire game....
    To get the Sting formula, start at the beginning of the desert. Walk up to the
    first oasis. Then walk left until you reach the second oasis. Walk up and left
    until you reach the third. Walk left until you reach the fourth, and finally,
    up and left for the fifth. This oasis should have an alchemist in it. Talk to
    him to get the Sting formula. If you have the dog with you, have the dog talk
    to the alchemist to receive a Spiky Collar for free!
    Sting: 1 Vinegar + 2 Water  Cheapest Cost: Strong Heart (26 Talons/Use)
    Stings target enemy         Power: 11/20
    Nice and cheap to build up, you can do 999 damage by level 7!
    ~Nobilia Market~
    You have exactly 15 minutes real time to shop before the big fight.
    During that time, your objectives are to trade for three items:
    Stone Vest, Obsidian Helmet, and Bronze Gauntlet.
    Also purchase an extra tapestry when you're done. Then go up to the area north
    of the market and use Levitate on the boulder. Tiny the Barbarian appears. He
    will toss the rock in exchange for one tapestry. They're easy enough to get,
    only 3 beads apiece. This rock falls near Blimp's, opening up access to jars
    containing a Call Bead and 200 Jewels. If you have time, purchase the Moxa
    Stick. This item costs 2 chickens, a jeweled scarab, and 12 jars of spice,
    but it makes all your healing items/formulas 25% more powerful. Petals heal
    50 instead of 40. Nectar heals 150 instead of 120. Honey heals 375 instead
    of 300. If you have time after this, trade for other items such as the Jade
    Disk. By now, time should be up. Head for the Inn and save the game. 
    You should still be level 9. Yes, entering the colosseum still at single
    digit levels!
    ~Nobilia Colosseum~
    "Uh, hi." -The boy's reaction to being chosen for the gladiator battle
    Your dog got you into this mess, but he'll also help you get out of it.
    He'll detect two jars in the main area.
    Found Centurion Cape
    Can't carry any more petals
    Then he'll uncover a secret passage that leads to more goodies:
    Found some Wax
    Can't carry any more wax
    Found a Call Bead
    Found a Call Bead
    Found Centurion Helmet
    Found Gloves of Ra
    Note: If you have all three armor in a series
    (i.e. Bronze Armor/Stone Vest/Centurion Cape), you will find 100 Jewels
    Equip this armor, then wait for the games to begin. 
    BOSS! Vigor
    1250 HP, 1050 Exp, 1000 Jewels
    Special Abilities:
    "I think the hero got pummeled in that picture." - The boy's anecdote to a
                                                       movie with a colosseum
                                                       battle in it
    Note that the boss music has been slightly mixed for this battle. Anyway, on
    to the fight. It's thumbs down for you. Not only do Vigor's attacks do lots of
    damage, the crowd hurls garbage at you throughout the duel. There are two
    strategies to beating Vigor. Both are equally hard.
    1. Defeat Vigor with lots of powerful alchemy formulas. Not too bad an idea
       because it can be hard to get behind him with the Bone Crusher. Hard Ball
       Lv.0 only does about 6 damage, though, his magic defense is that high!
    2. Defeat Vigor by attacking his weak point: his back! If you hit him anywhere
       else, you will do randomly between 0 and 5 damage, regardless of how much
       your weapon is powered up. If you're running low on Roots or Water, you can
       get him in a corner and keep whacking his front with the Bone Crusher
       (even though you haven't reached 100%!) It takes a while but you can win
       this way. Your weapon does normal damage if you hit him from behind. It
       takes 6 to 8 of these to win.
    This battle will cause you to hit level 10.
    ~Nobilia Market~
    Pick up an alchemy formula from the Rogue behind the crates in the warehouse
    emporium. It raises your attack power temporarily.
    Atlas: 1 Ash + 1 Atlas Amulet  Cheapest Cost: Blimp/Atlas Man (112 Jewels/Use)
    Target gets super strength
    You can only purchase 3 of these at a time, and the price goes up by 50 jewels
    each time. Useless in a low level world.
    Now you have all the time in the world to trade. Get the artifacts before
    heading across the desert.
    ~Blimp's Beach~
    The boulder will fall and create a bridge to the items I described in a
    previous section. Head back to Blimp and he gives you a formula.
    Revive: 1 Bone + 3 Roots    Cheapest Cost: Blimp/Strong Heart (58 Talons/Use)
    Brings dog back to life
    Very valuable formula in case you run out of Biscuits.
    There is an alchemist here, but you need to finish the Pyramid first.
    Switch to the dog and have him jump across the broken bridge. Go up to the
    elevator and move it to the other side. You can now cross the river and
    regain control over the boy.
    ~Diamond Eyes' Hub~ (What, could you come up with a better name?)
    Once again, there are barriers you need the Bronze Axe for. This time, they
    don't have anything good really... Just head for Horace's camp. (Fall into
    a pit to get there quickly.)
    ~Horace's Camp~
    There are a BUNCH of alchemy ingredients here, including over 5 parts Bone.
    You'll need Bone to revive your dog with the Revive formula. After the first
    conversation, talk to Horace again and he gives you some Call Bead spells:
    Confound: Confuses enemies
    First Aid: Dispels states and restores a large amount of HP.
    Time Warp: I don't know what this does.
    Then talk to Mandronius. He gives you a formula you need for the next two
    Revealer: 1 Wax + 2 Ash  Cheapest Cost: Strong Heart (36 Talons/Use)
    Reveals hidden paths
    Now you can take two options here: Go to the Hall of Collosia or the Pyramid.
    It doesn't matter really, though. I will go through the Hall of Collosia
    ~Hall of Collosia~
    Boy's Level: 10
    Recommended Formulas:
    Revealer, Heal, Cure, Defend, Sting, Revive
    As in the hub, you need to avoid the Dancing Fools as they do a load of
    damage. Head to the top of the entrance area, then use Revealer on the left
    bridge. Press the floor swtich and it opens the upper-left door. Now, if you
    wish, use Revealer on the right bridge and talk to the person there. She will
    record your progress. Note that there are no "hidden" alchemy ingredients
    here; they are all in jars.
    ~Hall of Collosia Section One~
    The goal here is to make your way to the switch that opens a bridge. This
    takes you to the north side of the section. You will need to use Revealer to
    get to a jar. I think it has 5 parts Ash in it. Now, to make this easy,
    intentionally fall into a pit. From where you end up, go up, then left/down
    until you reach another pit. Avoid it, then head up. Look in the passages that
    head to the right. One has a switch that opens the next door. Now, here's the
    hard part. South of there you ended up from the pit is a switch. Hit it and
    it activates a bridge back to the other side. Now you have to HUSTLE. Make
    your way to the bridge, avoiding the enemies there. If you don't make it
    in time, head back to the switch and try again.
    ~Hall of Collosia Section Two~
    Remember to heal before you enter the lower-left door. You now face a
    BOSS! Mini-Taur
    1250 HP, 1050 Exp, 1000 Jewels
    Special Abilities:
    Horn Attack
    The strategy here is to power up your Bone Crusher (yes, we're still using it)
    to level 3 and let him have it. Unlike most battles in Evermore, this one
    doesn't take long and you don't need a safe place to hide.
    Press the switch that appears and you open up another section. Don't forget
    to save your game right now.
    ~Hall of Colossia Section Three~
    You are confronted with a switch puzzle. I will not tell you how to get the
    items, but here is how to get to the next passage. Numbering the switches in
    order from left to right, press switch 1, then switch 2, then switch 3.
    Enter to the next section, featuring a new music theme. Power up your weapon
    to level 3, then run (A) across the bridge. Shortly afterward, you find a
    switch on the left. The switch opens the last section. Press it, then make
    your way to the upper-left, pressing switches and collecting items as you go.
    You find an elevator that takes you back to the main area.
    ~Hall of Colossia Section Four~
    No switches here. As before, you hit a switch that opens a bridge. Cross it
    and the bridge retracts. Now make your way around to the center of the area,
    where you find a Mad Monk, except he has 1000 HP. Beat him to get the Bronze
    Spear. Now head to the lower left corner, where you find a secret passage.
    Feel your way around until you find a junction (it's visible.) Now head to
    the left, then up, then right, then down, then left, and finally up. You find
    4 parts Brimstone and 4 parts Ash. Now head down the stairs and you
    find an alchemist who gives you a powerful alchemy formula. He can also save
    your game.
    Fireball: 1 Brimstone + 2 Ash  Cheapest Cost: Lance (42 Gold Coins/Use)
    Fiery destruction to target    Power: 12/20
    Too bad you don't use formulas too much, because once this gets to level 4
    or 5, you can give even major enemies a major hot foot!
    Head back through the secret area and back to the bridge. The boy will point
    out that there is a switch on the other side of the gap. Have him throw the
    Bronze Spear at the switch. You can now exit to the main area. Save your game
    Now throw the Bronze Spear at another switch... and face the REAL boss of the
    BOSS! Mega-Taur
    1250 HP, 1050 Exp, 3000 Jewels
    Special Abilities:
    Crush Lv.2
    Drain Lv.1
    You have to outlast this guy because he has a load of HP. He uses a few
    spells, but the most dangerous one is Confound. While afflicted with this,
    your controls are backwards (down is up, left is right, etc.) Get rid of it
    with Herbal Essence or the Cure formula. Attack him with charged Bone Crushers
    or alchemy formulas. Beat him for the first Diamond Eye.
    This battle causes you to hit level 11.
    Now head back outside and collect any alchemy ingredients you missed. There
    is a lot of Bone and Limestone in the area. Exit when you find it all, then
    head to Horace's Camp.
    ~Horace's Camp~
    If you talk to Mandronius, he'll give you another alchemy formula.
    Escape: 1 Vinegar + 1 Wax      Cheapest Cost: Strong Heart (34 Talons/Use)
    Escape from a maze
    Helps if you run out of Wings.
    Now get some rest at the Inn and save your game. Purchase some more alchemy
    ingredients from Mandronius, then head for the Great Pyramid.
    ~Great Pyramid~
    There are a few alchemy ingredients here, but mostly Brimstone. Useful for
    the Fireball formula, though. You'll have to slip between the pit and the edge
    of the cliff to get to the ingredients. Carefully slip past, then find the
    ingredients. Return to the other side of the pit. When you reach the Pyramid's
    base, have the boy stand on the button. Now switch to the dog and have him
    enter the Pyramid from the entrance that just opened. When you jump across
    the water, switch back to the boy. Have him head up (onto the Pyramid) then
    around to the other side until you see an alternate entrance. There are lots
    of Bone Buzzards here, but they only do about 5 or 6 damage. Ignore them and
    head to the upper right, where you'll find some items, including 2 Call Beads.
    Now head to the left and collect the items there, including 2 useless parts
    Iron (useless for now.) Head down and left to collect the items, then search
    around this area until you find an entrance guarded by 2 Sons of Set. Now you
    find yourself outside, on the top level. Head down the stairs and you find an
    alternate entrance. You find all sorts of ingredients in here, including:
    Found a Petal
    Found Herbal Essence
    Found Wings
    Found Pixie Dust
    Found some Grease
    Found some Iron
    Found 4 Feathers
    Found 2 Meteorites
    Found 2 parts Gunpowder
    Found some Nectar
    Found 2 parts Dry Ice
    Found some Honey
    Note that you need to go back when you have the Bronze Axe to get the Honey.
    Now head up the S-shaped path to a barrier. This one falls when you approach
    it. You and your dog will now be in the same area of the Pyramid. Before you
    cross the Stone Cobras, search the upper-left corner for items. One contains
    3 commonly missed parts of Dry Ice. From there, do NOT let the Stone Cobras
    hit you or you will die. When you cross the sinking platforms that lead to
    items, collect all the pots EXCEPT the bottom right one. That pot is a trap.
    Now walk back across the bridge and switch to the dog. Have him press the
    lower-left switch. Here you meet a sub-boss that appears as a regular enemy
    in the Pyramid Extension. These Sons of Anhur have 500 HP and two special
    abilities: Storm and an alchemy formula called Slow Burn (Lv.0.) It causes you
    to take 8 damage then 4 damage every couple of seconds. Cure it with Cure or
    some Essence. Beat then with the Bone Crusher (level 3 attacks.) When you do,
    you get a Bronze Axe. Use it to get around to the lower-right corner. Then
    have the dog press the lower-right switch. Head into the passage that just
    opened. Avoid the Stone Cobras. Break the barrier and open the pot. You then
    receive Horace's Regenerate magic. It it a healing spell that is more powerful
    then Life Spark. Free your dog and head through the entrance on the
    lower-right. You may have hit level 12 by now. When you go through here, head
    back to the entrance we used to get to the top of the Pyramid. From there,
    have the boy stand on one of the buttons and have the dog stand on the other.
    You now face a boss.
    BOSS! Rimsala
    1200 HP, 1200 Exp, 1000 Jewels
    Special Abilities:
    Flash Lv.5
    You are confounded at the beginning of the battle. Use Cure formula. From
    here, use any formula (Flash, Hard Ball, Fireball...) on each of the statues
    (3 at a time) to get Rimsala to stay still. Then let the boss have it with
    level 3 Bone Crushers. When the statues enable again, just use alchemy to
    re-disable them. Beating the boss gives you the other Diamond Eye.
    This battle causes you to hit level 13.
    ~Diamond Eyes Hub~
    Head to the exit of this area and Horace(?) will take the Diamond Eyes from
    you. You will then be assaulted by two Rogues. Just take them out the way
    you did Rimsala. You receive an extra 100 Jewels for this battle.
    ~The River~
    Head back across the river, then break the barrier on the right bank. You
    then enter a cave with an Alchemist inside. He gives you the Drain formula.
    Drain: 1 Ethanol + 2 Root   Cheapest Cost: Right Bank Alchemist (24 Jewels/Use)
    Steal some enemy HP
    Not real useful because you have to build it up and there are better things
    to do with your precious money!
    At this point, head to Nobilia.
    The market place is empty...how suspicious...
    There must be a meeting. Head to the inn (it's still open) and save the game.
    Now head to the town square for your fate...
    BOSS! Aegis the Destroyer
    4500 HP, 3000 Exp, 1200 Jewels
    Special Abilities:
    Summons various enemies
    This is a long, hard battle because of the Bad Dawgs. They only give 20 exp,
    so if you beat one, don't worry. When Aegis' shield is down, attack with
    level 3 Bone Crushers. If things get rough, use your Call Beads here. Heal
    as needed.
    This battle causes you to hit level 14.
    You now receive the Staff of Life, which gives you some much-needed defense.
    Purchase five Amulets of Annihilation, then a Jeweled Scarab and a Golden
    Jackal if you have the money, then head for Horace's Camp.
    ~Right Bank~
    Go to the alchemist that gave you the Drain Formula. He'll give you a more
    powerful formula:
    Double Drain: 2 Ethanol + 2 Vinegar
    Steals enemy HP
    This is a very powerful formula, but it is very hard to level up. Not like
    you're going to do that anyway!
    ~Horace's Camp~
    You will now notice that the river that runs through the Pyramid and the camp
    has drained out. Head north of the camp. Ignore the Mad Monks and head for
    the waterfall and one of the most tedious mazes in the game!
    ~Underground Tunnel~
    You have little vision in here, and the tunnels seem to repeat endlessly.
    Nintendo Power suggests making a map from the starting point, but someone has
    alreday done that for us. How nice! Check out the map on GameFAQs. If you have
    time and resources, search the area for alchemy ingredients, there are a few
    rare ones here, like 3 parts Oil. The Oglins here are very pesky. Eventually
    you find a jar containing three Call Beads. When you find it, you are very
    close to the boss.
    BOSS! Aquagoth
    2500 HP, 5000 Exp, 5000 Jewels
    Special Abilities:
    Summons Oglins
    Tiny Tentacles
    Corrosion Lv.0
    Lightning Storm Lv.0
    Because your alchemy ingredients are limited, this battle will last a while.
    His attacks aren't anything to worry about; Lightning Storm does hardly
    anything, and Corrosion can be cured with Herbal Essence or the Cure formula.
    Use some alchemy here to build it up. When you win, you get some Honey as well
    as 5000 Jewels.
    This battle causes you to hit level 15.
    ~Ivor Tower South~
    Afterward, you are pulled out of a well and into Gothica, the medieval land.
    Your dog makes another transformation (surprise, surprise...) and you can save
    your game. Lower and raise the bucket again and you pull out an Oglin. If you
    find him in the Dark Forest, he gives you the Wizard's Coin, which brings up
    your Magic Defense. Head left to find a few chests and alchemy ingredients,
    including two Atlas Medallions and Horace's Aura spell, which is the SoE
    equivalent of the Starman; it makes you temporarily invincible! Very important
    until you get the Barrier formula...
    Other items include 5 parts Ash and an Amulet of Annihilation.
    ~Ivor Tower~
    Purchase 15 beads and 17 bottles of perfume. Don't forget to change your
    money to Gold Coins. You need the perfume and beads to purchase the Thug's
    Cloak (8 perfume and 6 beads) and the Chocobo Egg (9 perfume and 9 beads.)
    The cloak raises your evasion and the egg increases your maximum HP. Now
    you should purchase a Ticket for the exhibition. Then go to the arms merchant
    in the alley and purchase everything except the Gold-plated Vest.
    (You'll soon discover why.) Now check every house for chests. When you reach
    Lance's house (the house whose inhabitants talk about Lance), head upstairs
    then immediately back down. He'll thank you for not opening his chests,
    then give you a formula.
    Lance: 1 Acorn + 1 Iron      Cheapest Cost: Omnitopia/Regrowth Alch.
                                                (152 Credits/Use)
    Sharp projectile             Power: 10/20
    Very useful formula because you can store lots of it.
    Now you can open his chests and TA-DAH! The Gold-plated Vest!
    Head for the exhibition north of the alley. Pay your ticket and you encounter
    a lengthy and humorous scene. It ends with you entering the castle and
    entering the Ivor Tower heat vent maze. Check out the map on GameFAQs.
    Make sure you get the key from the lady down here. You will wander for some
    time before finding the exit and another scene. It ends with a trip to the
    dungeon, but...
    Would you like to record your progress?
     I'd rather call a lawyer.
    Quite a humorous option for "No." :)
    Anyways, save the game and you're locked in the dungeon.
    ~Ivor Tower Dungeon~
    Breaking out of this jail takes about five seconds. Head back into the call
    and follow the dog into a secret passage and press B.
    - Found an Iron Bracer -
    You now have to unlock all the cells, and four of them have enemies. Defeat
    them and the final cell is a secret route to Ivor Tower Sewer. As with the
    underground tunnel, there is a map on GameFAQs. How nice! The water here
    afflicts you with plague when you are in it, so get the goods and get out.
    Here are instructions:
    1. Head down until you get to a place with dry parts on either side. Go to
    the end of each of the dry parts, then head down to enter a secret passage.
    Collect the items and repeat for the other side. You get:
    Found 4 parts Iron
    Found 3 Acorns
    Found 6 parts Water
    Found 3 Mushrooms
    Found some Honey
    Now head straight down, out of the water and onto another dry section into
    another secret passage. This time you get:
    Found 3 parts Oil
    Now go around and up to the upper-right area of the sewer. Here, run right,
    against the current pushing you to the left. You find two chests and one
    alchemist that gives you one alchemy formula:
    Corrosion: 1 Mushroom + 3 Water      Cheapest Cost: Omnitopia/Acid Rain Man
                                         (144 Credits/Use)
    Deadly shower
    Not that useful.
    Now, for the chests:
    Found 2 Call Beads
    Found a Biscuit
    Now just head left and you'll see the ticket out of the sewer.
    ~Ivor Tower~
    After the escape you'll come out smelling like a rat. Now a guard will arrest
    you and take you to the queen. She gives you a dangerous assignment: go down
    the chessboard into the ravine. Upon exiting, you notice the key around your
    dog's neck. This key unlocks all the doors in the east wing. Use it and get
    all the alchemy ingredients. There are a few rare ones, like Feathers and
    Brimstone. When you finish, give the key to a man in the area, and he gives
    you a VERY powerful alchemy formula:
    Fire Power: 1 Brimstone + 1 Feather   Cheapest Cost: Omnitopia/Lance
                                          (130 Gold Coins/Use)
    Damages target enemy                  Power: 17/20
    Real descriptive. It damages the enemy a LOT, but it's costly to train. Like
    you're going to do that anyway!
    ~Giant Chessboard~
    This is a maze with a few alchemy ingredients and a few minor enemies. Make
    your way to the chessboard and you are assaulted by a Boss.
    BOSS! FootKnight
    2500 HP, 850 Exp, 200 Gold Coins
    Special Abilities:
    This fight isn't that long, just hack away with your Bone Crusher level 3.
    Winning the battle causes a secret area to open up. It leads to the ravine.
    ~The Ravine~
    Make sure you save your game before entering the forest; it is a long and
    trying test.
    Secret Alchemy Formula!
    When you enter the forest, take these exits in this order:
    Down 2, Right 2, Down 1, Left 1, Down 2, Right 2, Down 2, Left 1,
    Down 3, Left 1.
    One Up: 1 Root + 1 Feather            Cheapest Cost: Omnitopia
                                          (432 Credits/Use)
    Restores tartget's HP (this is a typo in the game)
    Very Helpful in the battles ahead.
    Now use Wings or the Escape formula to return to the entrance. Follow the
    black goblins through the forest and you'll end up facing three likenesses
    of yourself as a sub-boss. They have 1000 HP each, give 400 Exp and 333 gold
    coins each. They all wield deadly alchemy spells. The first one uses Crush
    Lv.3, the second uses Storm, and the third uses (gulp) Nitro Lv.1! This spell
    may deal enough damage to kill you in one hit even if you have full HP! After
    the battle, you can save the game.
    From here, go right, up, right, up, then right twice. Remember the Oglin
    you saved from the well? He appears and gives you the Wizard's Coin.
    Follow the goblins again and you end up at a boss: Timberdrake.
    BOSS! Timberdrake
    2500 HP, 2200 Exp, 2000 Gold Coins
    Special Abilities:
    Fireball Lv.3
    You can tell when the dragon is about to let you have it. When he roars, brace
    yourself for a Fireball attack. It actually does pretty good damage, so attack
    with the Bone Crusher and heal as needed.
    You receive the Lance at the end of the battle.
    This battle causes you to hit level 16.
    ~Ebon Keep Sewer~
    Head for the sewer pipe after exiting the forest. You wind up in Ebon Keep
    Sewer. The trick to getting through here is to follow the Blue Goos until
    you find the door that takes you to the dungeon.
    ~Ebon Keep Dungeon~
    The door will shut behind you. If you step on the button, it "Won't Budge".
    Unlock all the cells and fight the enemies. Very weak except the last one.
    You face two Vipers, two level 3 Raptors, and a Guardbot, whose attack does
    massive damage. The last door leads into the abandoned kingdom of Ebon Keep.
    There is a hidden passage similar to the one in Ivor Tower Dungeon, but don't
    press B at the end, or...
    Bitten by a Mazquito!
    It causes you to lose health.
    ~Ebon Keep (Abandoned)~
    You can't do a lot of exploring here, but you should go to the armor shop.
    It's run by a Paladin named Cecil (Final Fantasy 4 Anyone?) Buy his armor and
    he'll give you the Bazooka, but it's loaded with only one Thunderball
    projectile. Now you can stay at the Inn (also run by Cecil) and save your
    game/restore your HP. Now head to the top area, and enter the house from the
    back right and you get an alchemy formula:
    Regrowth: 1 Acorn + 2 Water           Cheapest Cost: Regrowth lady
                                          (24 Gold Coins/Use)
    Gradually restores hero's HP
    When you get it to level 9 it restores 1 HP every 0.1 of a second!
    The other thing you need to do is keep Heal in your active alchemy.
    Otherwise equip ALL attack spells.
    Now head to the castle and the hardest boss in the game...
    BOSS! Verminator
    4000 HP, 1050 Exp, 6000 Gold Coins
    Special Abilities:
    Acid Rain Lv.7
    Drain Lv.5
    Explosion Lv.4
    Corrosion Lv.4
    OK, at the beginning of the battle, immediately cast Horace's Aura spell and
    keep it in effect the entire battle, or Verminator will dominate with his
    powerful alchemy formulas. It isn't uncommon to take 200 damage from one
    Explosion here. Cast alchemy formulas over and over because your weapon can't
    reach the boss. Use Call Beads to attack only when you run out of attack
    This battle causes you to hit level 17.
    ~Ebon Keep~
    You now meet the REAL queen of Gothica. She now wants you to do some damage
    to that double-crossing imposter at the other castle. But how to get there?
    Head to Tinker's Tower in the east wing of the castle. In his tower are three
    things you want.
    Found the Knight Basher
    Found the Explosion formula
    Found the Slow Burn formula
    Yes, TWO alchemy formulas! Don't forget to save the game!
    Slow Burn: 1 Iron + 1 Brimstone       Cheapest Cost: Lance
    slowly drains target's HP             (54 Gold COins/Use)
    Like Corrosion except it does 8 x ((1 + alchemy level) / 2) damage when used,
    plus 4 x ((1 + alchemy level) / 2) damage every couple of seconds. Its damage
    is fixed, not random.
    Explosion: 1 Ethanol + 2 Ash          Cheapest Cost: Lance
    Destroys barriers
    Power: 14/20                          (44 Gold Coins/Use)
    The explosion formula does NOT destroy barriers.
    Back out in the west wing of the castle, you'll find a boy named Naris. Guess
    the number of marbles in his hand (it's random) and he gives you the Super
    Heal formula.
    Super Heal: 1 Ethanol + 2 Acorn
    Restore both hero's HP
    It fully restores the entire party's HP. Sweet!
    ~Gomi's Tower~
    After making your way back through the sewer, head north to the barrier and
    break it with the Knight Basher. Head to the top of the tower. When you fall
    a long way onto a large platform with stacked crates, you're on the right
    track. Head through the door and to the top of the tower, where you'll face
    another dragon.
    BOSS! Sterling
    3000 HP, 0 Exp, 0 Gold Coins
    Special Abilities:
    Fireball Lv.4
    Throwing you
    OK, the trick is to hit the boss either with alchemy or timed Bone Crusher
    attacks. If he throws you off the platform, climb back up and try again.
    After the battle, Gomi appears and heals you. After a conversation, he summons
    Sterling and he gives you a ride to Ivor Tower, but not before giving you
    another alchemy formula:
    Lightning Storm: 1 Iron + 2 Ash
    Bolts of lightning
                                          Power: 14/20
    ~Ivor Tower Sewer~
    Save here. Make your way back to the queen's room and face another boss.
    No, not in her room, but in the puppet room to the left!
    BOSS! Mephista, Old Nick, Mungola
    Mungola: 4000 HP, 8000 Exp, 10000 Gold Coins
    Mephista: 500 + (250 * times defeated) HP, 1000 Exp, 250 Gold Coins
    Old Nick: 500 + (250 * times defeated) HP, 1000 Exp, 250 Gold Coins
    Special Abilities:
    Mephista heals Mungola
    Drain Lv.4
    You have to defeat Mephista and Old Nick two times each, causing you to hit
    level 18. Then Mungola is revealed. You may then use alchemy formulas or
    the Bone Crusher. 
    After the cut scene, exit Ivor Tower and head back to Ebon Keep.
    ~Ebon Keep~
    Head to Tinker's Tower. Take the right exit and you enter the Windwalker
    after a short cut scene. 
    ~Overworld Map~
    Fly to Fire Eyes' village.
    ~Fire Eyes' Village~
    Talk to Fire Eyes and she thanks you for your heroics, then sends you to the
    volcano and Bugmuck. But first, head back to Strong Heart.
    ~South of Fire Eyes' Village~
    Head for Strong Heart's hut and he gives you this useful alchemy formula:
    Miracle Cure: 1 Vinegar + 2 Root      Cheapest Cost: Strong Heart
    Dispels states & restores HP          (42 Talons/Use)
    This is a lot better than your mother's chicken noodle soup!
    Strong Heart also sells you Vinegar for the price of 5@90 Talons; buy some!
    ~Volcano Path~
    Take the geyser that took you to the wolcano crater and you instead end up
    next to a gourd. - Received a Gauge -
    Your work here is done. Now head for the Bugmuck.
    Take the same route you did the first time you went here, when you saved
    Strong Heart. When you get to where Thraxx was, there is another boss in his
    BOSS! Coleopatra
    Coleopatra's Heart: 6000 HP, 10000 Exp, 4000 Talons
    Claws: 2500 HP, 4166 Exp, 400 Talons
    Special Abilities:
    Crush Lv.4
    Flash Lv.5
    This is a lot harder than Thraxx because of all the annoying alchemy, so use
    some alchemy of your own! Lightning Storm, Lance, Explosion, or any formula
    you built up from the Verminator all work great. Be careful not to destroy
    the claws, as they give out lots of EXP.
    This battle causes you to hit level 19.
    After the battle, you will receive a Wheel in the cocoon. Now head back to
    the Windwalker.
    ~Overworld Map~
    Head for Nobilia. There is a very useful alchemy formula there.
    ~Nobilia Palace~
    Enter the palace and you find Horace. He gives you a super useful alchemy
    Barrier: 1 Limestone + 2 Bone         Cheapest Cost: Blimp
    Shields target hero                  (72 Jewels/Use)
    This really comes in handy in the battles ahead, as it heals you AND protects
    you from all physical attacks. 
    Now take the Windwalker to Crustacia. From there head to the Pyramid.
    ~Great Pyramid Hub~
    Head into the now-drained river and you find a cave that leads to the Pyramid
    ~Great Pyramid Extension~
    There are lots of items here if you're interested. First, levitate the boulder
    onto the switch. Have the boy stand on another switch, and the dog on the last
    one. The gate to Tiny will open. When in the teleporter maze, your destination
    is random, so keep going back into the teleporter you just went into, and
    you'll eventually reach Tiny, who gives you the Diamond Eyes. Now head back
    to Tinker.
    - Gave away the Gauge -
    - Gave away the Wheel -
    - Gave away the Diamond Eyes -
    With these parts, he can send you to Omnitopia.
    You emerge from the ship in Omnitopia Junkyard. Your dog is now metallic and
    his stats go through the roof. Head to the beam in the upper middle section
    to enter the research lab. Find the alchemy ingredients here. Igonre the
    Guardbot that wants to release you. He gives you a Neutron Blade and the
    Reflect formula, but you gain loads of EXP from it, so ignore.
    ~Main District~
    Have the dog disable the Sphere Bot, then defeat Rimsala. This causes you
    to hit level 20. Enter A2, the shopping center.
    ~Shopping Center~
    Purchase the updated armor, then head down to the Inn. Stay and save the game.
    You now emerge in B2.
    ~Main District~
    Disable the Sphere Bot and head for C2.
    ~Heater Chamber~
    Flip the switch.
    ~Main District~
    Head for C1.
    ~Heater Chamber~
    Make your way through the maze. At the end you get Old Reliable. You emerge
    in D1.
    ~Main District~
    Take control of the dog and disable the sphere bots in all the D hallways.
    Go back down at D3 and you avoid defeating a Rimsala or two.
    You should now hit level 21.
    ~Security Access Chamber~
    Ignore the Floating Fans and make sure the lights are OFF.
    Disable the alarm in the Alarm Room.
    ~Main District~
    Head to sector C4.
    ~Alarm Room~
    Waltz through the alarm room and pick up a Titanium Vest at the end.
    You emerge in sector B4.
    ~Main District~
    Disable the Sphere Bot. and defeat the Rimsala. Head for the Greenhouse (B3).
    The lights should be off right now. Just waltz through. If the lights are on,
    you're done. When you get to the end, you emerge in A3.
    ~Main District~
    You may have to defeat another Rimsala here as well as disabling another
    Sphere Bot. Enter sector A4.
    ~Professor's Lab~
    Where it all started... First, the Professor opens up a trapdoor in the
    Chessboard. Second he sends you there to find the Energy Core. Third he gives
    you an alchemy formula:
    Call Up: 1 Meteorite + 1 Dry Ice     
    Increments Call Bead max
    This formula will create one Call Bead for every Meteorite and Dry Ice you
    have, regardless of its level. I got it to level 1 and it does NOT give you 2
    Call Beads.
    Now you should buy the armor from the merchant here; it is the best in the
    game. The escape pod takes you to the...
    ~Overworld Map~
    Head for Ebon Keep.
    ~Ebon Keep~
    Make your way to the chessboard.
    Enter the trap door on the right. After a bit of walking down there...
    - Received Energy Core -
    Continue to head down until you find an alchemist. If you have the Oracle
    Bone, he gives you two alchemy formulas:
    Force Field: 1 Grease + 1 Crystal
    Protects target from next attack
    Stop: 1 Crystal + 2 Wax
    Halts enemy attack
    For fun, try using this on various enemies. I found out that the dragons
    in the forest are big enough for the boy to ride if only the game would
    let you! Same with the Raptors! You can't attack the enemy, but you can
    heal yourself.
    This alchemist is the only one in the game that sells Grease.
    Now head back to Tinker's Tower. You find two thigs there: The Atom Smasher
    and the most powerful alchemy formula in the game!
    Nitro: 1 Gunpowder + 2 Grease
    Big explosion                      Power: 20/20
    Now take the pod back to the lab.
    ~Professor's Lab~
    After retrieving the Energy Core, you get this formula from the Professor:
    Energize: 1 Crystal + 1 Iron
    This formula charges your weapon up in a fraction of a second for a limited
    amount of time (75 seconds.)
    Save the game and equip these formulas:
    Heal         Miracle Cure         Barrier          One Up
    Super Heal   Energize
    Fill the other slots with your most powerful attack formulas.
    ~Main District~
    Again, you may have to defeat Rimsalas here, raising your level to 22.
    Head for sector A2.
    ~Shopping Center~
    Purchase as many Cryo-Blast particles as necessary. There may be a quirk in
    the game that forgets to decrease your Cryo-Blast shell count.
    ~Main District~
    Head for A1.
    Head for the computer in the lower-left. Save your game. If you want to take
    your screenshot, the save screen here is the best place. Afterward, you
    teleport to the middle of Omnitopia. Enter the sector and take a deep breath.
    The final battle is going to be a biggie!
    ~Battle Arena~
    You now face many Bosses in a row.
    Battle 1
    Fan x4        2500 HP
    Speaker x4    1000 HP
    Bomb           200 HP
    Continue to shoot Cryo-Blast shells at the fans and speakers. Avoid the bombs,
    they do a lot of damage. When you destroy all the Fans and Speakers, flip all
    the switches they reveal. You now face three battles, and the music changes
    to the Final Battle theme. Do not destroy the Mechadusters or you face Death
    Spiders; they can do over 200 damage and have 6666 HP each.
    Battles 2, 3, and 4
    Raptor x2     4000 HP, 24 Exp
    Cast Barrier immediately and make sure is stays in effect, or else you will get
    slaughtered here. For the next three fights, continue to blast the Raptors
    with Cryo-Blast shells. Next! :)
    Battle 5
    Eye of Rimsala x3   7500 HP, 3000 Exp
    Make sure Barrier is in effect here. Continue to blast them with Cryo-Blasts
    and they'll go down.
    Battle 6
    Bad Boy             1000 HP, 100 Exp
    One or two Cryo-Blasts should take care of him. Next!
    Battle 7
    Dark Toaster       10000 HP
    This enemy is rather evasive. Barrier must be in effect. Blast him with many
    Cryo-Blasts and proceed.
    Battle 8
    Magmar             25000 HP, 10000 Exp
    Special Ablities:
    Recharge (Recover lots of HP)
    Heat Wave
    Crush Lv.6
    Now you can use your alchemy formulas. Use Horace's Aura instead of Barrier
    because of his alchemy. When your alchemy runs out, use Cryo-Blasts. Now for
    the last battle...
    Battle 9
    Carltron's Robot   30000 HP, 100000 Exp
    Keep blasting away and make sure Barrier is constantly working. Whittle down
    his 30,000 HP and victory is yours!
    Congratulations! You have finished Secret of Evermore at a low level, a very
    good accomplishment I must say!
    How to Sumbit Results
    To submit results, you don't have to beat the game, you just have to tell
    me the following things:
    1. Your location in the game
    2. The boy's level
    3. The boy's experience
    4. (Optional) The boy's name
    If you send me a screenshot, send me the Load File screen. And please include
    the Super NES in the photo if at all possible.
    List of Save Locations (first to last):
    Fire Eyes' Village
    Quicksand Field
    Jungle Hut
    Volcano Path
    Volcano Crater
    Blimp's Hut
    Volcano Core
    Volcano Pipes
    Blimp's Cave
    Nobilia Colosseum
    Horace's Camp
    Hall of Collosia/Great Pyramid
    Collosia Secret/Right Bank
    Ivor Tower South
    Ivor Tower Inn
    Banquet Trouble
    Dark Forest
    Forest Bridge
    Ebon Keep Inn
    Tinker's Tower
    Ivor Tower Sewer
    Professor's Lab
    Current Results
    Player                        Location         Level      Exp         Name
    Josher_1212@sbcglobal.net     Junkyard         Lv 22        73,392    Josh
    SquareSoft - For this game.
    Myself - for writing this guide.
    God - I wouldn't be here if it weren't for Him.
    All sites that are hosting this document.
    All who have submitted me results.
    You - For reading this.
    Version History
    0.40 - Walkthrough up to Horace's Camp.
    0.75 - THrough Ivor Tower Sewer.
    1.00 - Walkthrough complete.
    ~End of File~

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