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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Adori

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    1. Walkthrough
    	a. Visit to Evermore			1AVEM
    	b. Finding Strong Heart			1BFSH
    	c. Caveman Blimp			1CCMB
    	d. Prehistoria Volcano			1DPRV
    	e. Gladiator Prince Vigor		1EGPV
    	f. Hunt for the Diamond Eyes		1FHDE
    	g. Hall of Collosia			1GHOC
    	h. Great Pyramid			1HGPR
    	i. The Sacred Dog			1ISRD
    	j. Ivor Tower				1JIVT
    	k. Ebon Keep				1KEBK
    	l. Ivor Tower Revisited			1LITR
    	m. Omnitopia				1MOMN
    	n. The Last Battle			1NTLB
    2. Equipment					2EQPM
    	a. Weapons				2AWPN
    	b. Armor				2BARO
    	c. Amulets				2CAML
    	d. Items				2DITM
    3. Alchemy					3ALCM
    	a. Regular Alchemy			3ARGA
    	b. Call Bead Alchemy			3BCBA
    4. Enemies					4ENMS
    5. Shops					5SHPS
    	a. Shopping Prices			5ASHP
    	b. Trading
    _________________________                              ________________________
                                   1. Walkthrough
    _________________________/                            \________________________
    +=======================      1a. Visit to Evermore     ======================+
    Enter your name. There is no default name, but I'll henceforth refer to the
    character as 'Hero'.
    We'll see a scene where an experiment goes faulty. Thirty years later, in the
    same town, a boy and his dog will emerge from the local movie theater, and the
    dog will end up chasing a cat and leading Hero to a run-down mansion. Inside,
    he'll find some weird devices. Suddenly, we'll be led to a giant machine. The
    dog will chew on the wires, and Hero will get zapped and teleported elsewhere.
    Waking up, he will meet with a guy in a white coat, who leads him to a door.
    Inside, open the golden gourd, and you'll get the Bazooka! However, to
    counterbalance that, two enemies will pop out from gourds in the floor.
    This 'boss battle' is really just a battle to get you used to the combat of
    Secret of Evermore. After the battle, Hero will find his dog and an escape 
    In the escape gourd, we fall to the world of Evermore below.
    Southern Forest
    After getting up, Hero will spot his dog, who certainly looks different.
    After throwing him a stick and getting a bone in return, Hero will decide to
    use the bone as a weapon. After, go and open up the gourd nearest you for a
    Petal, then head up and kill the flower. Going right, head down and slay the
    flower here.
    Now, you might have noticed your dog sniffing around a bit. What he does is
    look for ingredients (That's for later), which will be vital in your quest.
    When he stops and is sniffing heavily, go and check the area that he's
    sniffing and you'll pick up an ingredient. Now head back up, and go left into
    a new area when you can. You'll be able to pick up some Oil from a gourd down
    and left a bit. Going back, head up and right a bit and take the clockwise
    path down to a flower and a gourd containing 15 talons, the local currency. Now
    head up a bit, and after destroying the enemies that are around, head up
    into the next area (You cannot cut the weeds that are around...for now...).
    Here, we'll be facing some raptors.
    R A P T O R S
    Prize: 50 Talons, Petal
    This battle is optimum as to whether to win or lose. However, if you win,
    you gain a decent chunk of experience and can later get a Grass Vest for
    winning against the raptors. If you lose, you'll just end up being dragged
    away by your dog.
    Now, the raptors. The raptors will hide in four grass bushes, and every once
    in a while, one of them will pop their head out of the bushes. After they do
    that, one of the raptors will run out of a bush to the bush straight
    diagonal from him. During the time that it he is running, the raptor is
    vulnerable to attack. Hit him, then draw back, as sometimes the raptor will
    try to come and bite you instead of continuing on to sanctuary.
    This battle is more easy to win if you're a veteran to the game, but no
    worries, it's nowhere near impossible to win if you're a newbie to Secret of
    +++++  +++++++++++
    E N D  B A T T L E
    +++++  +++++++++++
    After (Supposing you won), head up into the next area.
    Prehistoria Village
    There's a lot to do in this village here. The most notable is that the house
    at the far back of the village has a man inside who will give you a Grass
    Vest if and only if you defeated the raptors from inside the forest. 
    Otherwise, there are a ton of gourds arounds with plenty of items, and there
    are many ingredients for your dog to search out.
    Of course, you'll have been talking to the people, and will have heard of
    'Fire Eyes'. Head down to the bottom of the village, and in front of the
    smoking fire pit is Fire Eyes' hut. Talk to the man beside it, and he'll
    tell you this is the hut of Fire Eyes. A bunch of villagers will start
    gathering around and call Fire Eyes out. Fire Eyes comes out, introduces
    herself as Elizabeth, and tells Hero to step in.
    Inside, Elizabeth will ask Hero for his dog's name. Again, no default name,
    but I'm not going to stick you with something as lame as 'Dog' for when I
    refer to the dog. Instead, I'll be referring to him as 'Canine', which is at
    least slightly less lame. After, Elizabeth tells Hero he is on the world of
    Evermore, in her prehistoric village of which she is the leader of. After
    Hero mentions gourdunk, Elizabeth gets a bit weird, and then offers Hero a
    chance to get himself good with the village.
    Alchemist Strong Heart has wandered into the Bugmuck, east of the village,
    and has not come back. Elizabeth wants him to go and rescue Strong Heart,
    and Hero readily accepts. Elizabeth then teaches Hero Alchemy formula Flash,
    and will give a basic run-down on alchemy. After you grab the items in her
    hut, exit.
    Once you've done everything in the village that you can (Picking up a Dog
    Biscuit or two is recommended), head to the bottom east of the screen, and exit.
    +=======================    1b. Finding Strong Heart    ======================+
    Eastern Forest
    Out here, slay the flowers that are in your vicinity, then head out into the
    open area. Here, kill the Skelenails by attacking them from the front. After
    you're done destroying the large supply of Skelenails and gaining some 
    experience and Talons, exit out to the right.
    Quicksand Area
    Likely the first thing you'll notice is that there are quicksand holes around
    here. However, the quicksand holes, instead of killing you, will take you to a
    different hole. After eliminating the immediate targets, of the two sandholes
    closest to you, fall into the right one. It'll pop you out up in front of a 
    cave. Enter.
    Inside is a shop. Although the prices are a bit expensive, if you buy any one
    item (*cough*Essence*cough*) you get the Jaguar Ring, which allows you to run
    faster. After you obtain it and some items from gourds, head back outside, and 
    go into the hole again. What to do now? Basically, it can be summed up in 
    "Head down the screen while dodging the sandholes."
    After you make it down, head to the left instead of leaving the quicksand area.
    Taking the 4 Crystal parts, go up the stairs, and exploring, you should get a
    Petal at the top of the screen. Now head back into the Eastern Forest from the
    path up here.
    Eastern Forest
    You should find a few parts down at the bottom here. After having done so, head
    back into the Quicksand Area.
    Quicksand Area
    Go back down to the bottom of the screen, and this time, head into the Bugmuck.
    Here, destroy the Tar Skull and Maggot, then go down as much as you can before
    hitting a block, then go right and up into the cave. In here, we'll meet another
    alchemist who met Strong Heart only a few days before. He mentions Strong Heart 
    walking towards a big bug, and teaches us the Hard Ball alchemy formula. Save 
    and buy ingredients, grab the Water and Clay that is in the gourds,
    then head outside again.
    Back out here, go and look in the gourd to the right for some Crystal, then head
    left and down a bit for some Water. Now, go and take the upper path to the
    right, and after eliminating the Tar Skull off, continue upwards and deal with
    the Maggots. Head up to the top, and take the lower counterclockwise path. Head
    down the path, and at the end, go left to open a gourd with Clay in it. Now head
    right, and then up into a big shell.
    I cannot really think of a way to make precise directions, so I'll just be
    general in this. From the start, go up, right, up, left, down, left, up, left,
    up, left, up, right, up, left, and into the cave. Inside, head up, and take the
    left path when you can. Outside, head down and grab a Petal from the gourd, and
    take the lower-most path. On the other side of the shell, grab another Petal
    from the gourd up top, then take the lowest-most path. On the other side, grab
    a Biscuit from the gourd. Now head back up into the shell, and this time go up 
    to the top of the screen. Enter the cave.
    Inside is the lair of a giant bug, of which you must now fight.
    T H R A X X
    Prize: Spider Claw
    600 HP, 500 EXP, 750 Talons
    Thraxx is one of those bosses that appear difficult at first, but in later 
    years, will have you looking back and laughing.
    Thraxx itself is a huge spider. He is for the most part invulnerable, but by
    destroying his arms, you disable his ability to protect the part of his body
    that IS vulnerable: the heart, which is protected by bones.
    To protect himself, Thraxx can summon Maggots that drop down from the ceiling,
    make a furious roar which will send the Hero and his Canine down to the bottom
    of the screen, and cast Acid Rain.
    But it is not difficult.
    Although Thraxx's Heart is protected by bones, it is not necessarily protecting
    against any attacks. All that happens is that you can only manage in a light
    hit with your Bone from far off. Alchemy doesn't suffer at all. What you really
    want to do is cast Hard Ball and Flash as often as you can (Hard Ball more than
    Flash), and when the bones protecting Thraxx's Heart open, you head in and bash
    it with the Bone.
    To keep your spirits up, bring into this battle two Dog Biscuits and four Petals
    minimum. Don't bother wasting any Petals on your Canine, as all he'll do is 
    attack the Maggots. Rather, wait until he's out of HP to use a Dog Biscuit on 
    him. As for Hero, once his HP drops below 35, heal him with a Petal (Acid Rain 
    can be a real pain). Eventually, the constant attacks of Hard Ball, Flash, and 
    your Bone will do Thraxx in, and you'll obtain the Spider Claw.
    +++++  +++++++++++
    E N D  B A T T L E
    +++++  +++++++++++
    After, decimate the core with your recently obtained Spider Claw, and we'll meet
    up with Strong Heart. After some introductions, Strong Heart will give Hero 10 
    Wax and 10 Oil ingredients. After, head outside.
    Back out here, go right, killing all the enemies in your path. When you can,
    head down, and get 2 Crystal and a Mammoth Guard from the two gourds. Now head
    back up, and continue left and up into the Eastern Forest.
    Eastern Forest
    Head up a bit, and grab the Clay from the pot. Now, go right. That's right,
    right. The wall really is just a part of the background, and not an actual
    object. From the gourds that you'll find in this secret path, you'll obtain some
    Clay, Water, and a Biscuit. Now head right again. You'll meet an alchemist who
    will teach you Acid Rain. Get the Water and Ash from the pots, then head back.
    Back in the Eastern Forest, continue your counterclockwise walk, and beat down
    the weeds that NOW you can destroy. Now take a trek down to the village.
    Prehistoria Village
    Head straight to Fire Eyes' hut.
    In here, Fire Eyes confirms Strong Heart's explain and details a new crisis to
    Prehistoria: the volcano to the north is rapidly cooling, and at the rate that
    it is going, Prehistoria could very well be a frozen wasteland. She then tells
    Hero that tracing the source of this problem is his best bet to getting home -
    and reveals that she too is from gourdunk! Apparently, 30 years ago, her
    grandfather created a machine that could send people to worlds of their
    invention. She then adds that the cause of this cooling is a person from the
    real world. She'll then give you some Call Beads and explain how they're used.
    After, we'll step outside, and Fire Eyes will light a fire using her eyes.
    Now, after buying whatever stuff you want to buy, exit the village to the
    southern forest.
    Southern Forest
    Now, remember those weeds at the exit just before you fought the raptors? Yep,
    that's right. Making your way through the linear path here, grab the Nectar and
    Shell Hat from the two gourds, then head onto the next screen and enter the hut
    here. Inside, talk to Strong Heart, who will teach Hero Cure. After getting your
    ingredients and the Wax and Oil from the gourds, head back to the village.
    Prehistoria Village
    Here, do whatever you need to do, then head up to the equipment hut. From here,
    head down and left into a small area. In here, pick up the Clay, Ash, and Call
    Bead from the gourds, then talk to the Alchemist here, who will teach you 
    Defend. After, head back into the village, and this time, exit to the north.
    +=======================        1c. Caveman Blimp       ======================+
    Northern Forest
    From the entrance, head right, and bat your way through weeds to get some Clay
    from the gourd. At the top of the screen, you'll see that the entrance into the
    volcano is blocked off by a giant boulder. Oh well. Head left for now, and after
    some hacking and killing some Carniflowers, check the gourd for Nectar, then 
    head up into the cave. Here, you can purchase some equipment. After you get 
    what you want, head back outside, then go back to the volcano entrance. Kill
    the  Carniflower to your right, and head up into the Bonelands.
    Here in the Bonelands, we'll be dealing with a deadly enemy: the Widowmaker.
    These spiders are capable of poisoning you, and boy, the poison sure knocks you
    a good one. If you can, bring an Essence or two with you (You should most likely
    have one from acquiring the Jaguar Ring), as they'll heal you from poison.
    Anywho, make your way through the linear path, and at the top, you'll end up
    fighting some Vipers.
    V I P E R S
    Prize: Horn Spear
    Four Vipers will attack Hero and Canine with two attacks; rolling around in a
    spiky ball and just straight-out attacking. While they're pretty strong against
    physical attacks, Hard Ball, and Acid Rain, they take heavy damage from Flash.
    To this end, I suggest that you employ multiple-target Flash, with at least 20
    available uses. After you devastate the four regular Vipers, the Viper
    Commando will come down from his hiding place and fight Hero and Canine one on
    two, a far cry from four on two. While he is somewhat more powerful than his
    fellow Vipers, he's still nothing to the power of Flash.
    +++++  +++++++++++
    E N D  B A T T L E
    +++++  +++++++++++
    After, a person will come out, and after Hero mentions Fire Eyes, he will gladly
    open the gate. He then teaches Hero Heal, and offers to replenish HP. Now head
    up into the next area.
    Front of Volcano
    From the start, head up and left just before the ladder, and bat your way 
    through the weeds. Inside, talk to the man who'll offer you the chance to rest 
    if need be, along with saving your progress, and then grab the Water from the
    two gourds. Now exit out.
    First and foremost, head up onto the ladder, then go right and up the hill, then
    head left. When you see a cave, enter it. Inside here, we'll have to deal with
    three Raptors intent on killing Hero. After you defeat them, you'll receive the
    Dino Skin. Exit the cave after equipping it.
    Coming out of the cave, head left along the path, up the hill, then go right to
    see the steam jets (A note for something you might be wondering when going on
    the steam jets - one of the gourds IS unreachable. That's for much later).
    First, take the first steam jet on the ground floor and grab the Roots up top.
    Two steam jets later, head left and grab a Petal from the gourd, then go back 
    and take another steam jet (Make sure not to trip on the steam jet near the
    gourd with the petal in it. It leads nowhere that you want to go). After going
    up on this last jet, grab the Water from the gourd, then head down through the
    cave to the bottom.
    Now. It might look like there's only one steam jet on the bottom, but there's
    actually two. Cut away some undergrowth to reveal the second one, and head up on
    it. Go to the right and grab some Clay, and then go into the left cave. Down
    one, head up onto this steam jet - it'll launch you to the top of the volcano.
    Up here, we'll meet a wizard who tells Hero that he could enter the volcano by
    the catacombs at the crater. When Hero tells him about the boulder that's lying
    in front, the wizard teaches us Leviation and tells Hero that he needs a Mud
    Pepper, which can be obtained from the swamp to the east. Buy whatever you need,
    then drop off the volcano.
    Back down on solid ground, head east of the beginning of this area, and go
    through a layer of undergrowth. After fighting a few enemies, you might want to
    head up into the cave to visit the Item store that's here. Afterwards, head
    through the second undergrowth to go into the swamp.
    From the start, head up and grab some Water from the gourd. Now go up the top
    ladder and get some Water from the gourd at the end of the path, then take the
    bottom ladder and do some walking into the main swamp screen.
    Before I start, I should make a mention: Kill ALL ENEMIES. Part of the way that
    the swamp works is that you need to kill all the enemies, and that this will
    cause lily gourds to grow, creating bridges. Anywho...
    From the entrance, head up right, killing the Frippos in your way, and go up
    the ladder. Head right across the bridge, and once you get off the bridge, head
    down and right, opening the gourd on your way for some Oil. After slaying all 
    the enemies, go onto the bridge, which will form as you walk along. On the 
    other side, kill all the enemies in your vicinity, then head down. From here, 
    go left and up, slay all the enemies, then go back and this time head down.
    Clear out the enemies here, then go up the stairs. Head left across the 
    bridge, and take the down path here.
    From here, tackle the completely straightforward path, stopping to grab the
    Nectar in a gourd on an island to your south after killing some enemies to form 
    a lily pad path. After you've gone across the bridge, head back, and this time
    take the left path. When you come to another branch, take the left, and grab
    the Clay and Roots. After you're done with the enemies, take the right path.
    When all the Frippos are dead, another lily gourd path should have been formed.
    From this bridge, head on completely down to the gourd and grab a Call Bead.
    Killing the two Frippos here will also result in a lily gourd bridge forming
    Now, with basically all the enemies cleared out of the area (Spiders can still 
    respawn though), head to where that lily gourd bridge is. Once you get there and
    across, head up.
    Blimp's Place
    Head up, and we'll meet Blimp...only to learn that a giant snake is around,
    which then pops up to give us heck.
    S A L A B O G
    2000 HP, 700 EXP, 66 Talons
    Most people would have difficulties with Salabog their first time through,
    trying to attack him with their Horn Spear and using their Alchemy. In truth,
    neither of those ways work, and although Alchemy can cause Salabog a little bit
    of pain (Hard Ball works best), the only option to go with is to charge your
    Horn Spear.
    For those who've no idea what I mean by charging your Horn Spear, first you
    need to level up this weapon to Level 2. After that's done, you hit B, then
    hold onto it. After your % meter recovers to 100%, a bar will form, and when it
    is full, you can thrown your Horn Spear. Not only can you hit Salabog from a
    long distance, but it also causes plenty of damage (Usually somewhere around 70,
    if your levels are at the trend of Level 10).
    Your battle arena is three islands, connected by two bridges. The main island
    has a lot of room, but the other two are crushed. Salabog will pop up in front
    of one of these islands, and then breathe fire down in front of him. Will o'
    the Wisps will appear out of this fire. Leave the Wisps to your dog to attack,
    and just charge your Spear between when Salabog drops down into the water after
    taking an attack and when he pops up again.
    When you're in critical danger, just take a step back on the main island and use
    your time to use whatever Alchemy and/or Items that you require.
    +++++  +++++++++++
    E N D  B A T T L E
    +++++  +++++++++++
    After, Blimp will invite you inside. In here, he will give Hero a Mud Pepper for
    his troubles, and will give us free rest and save our game. After, grab the 
    water, leave, and head back to the Northern Forest.
    +=======================    1d. Prehistoria Volcano     =======================+
    Northern Forest
    Here, head to the boulder, and use Leviation. Enter.
    Prehistoria Volcano
    From the start, head up onto the next screen.
    In here, go left at the branch, and right at the next branch. Grab the 100
    Talons and Water right here, then head left, killing the Vipers in your way.
    After grabbing Clay from the gourd, head right, and get a Mud Pepper from the
    gourd here. Now, head back all the way to the first branch, and this time head
    right. Use Leviation on the rock here.
    Now, head up, and go up the ramp onto the cliff. Up here, head to the boulder
    that's around, and strike it. Hero will knock it off. Go back down the cliff,
    and head left past the boulder blocking the hallway. Past the second cliff,
    go up, and open the gourd for some roots. Now, head up the ramp of second cliff
    and strike the boulder here to knock it down. Now go and open the newly
    accessible gourd for another Mud Pepper.
    Head back to the rock blocking the hallway and use Leviation on it. Heading up
    the new hallway, go right and down for a Petal, then go back up and head up the
    cliff. Go left, and knock the rock down to create another path in the lava. Head
    off the cliff, and go across the new path. Head up at your first opportunity, 
    then go down and up onto the cliff. Head up and into the cave.
    In this first room here, collect the Ash from the gourd and head left. Now go
    down two rooms and get some Water from the gourd, then go back up one room. Back
    in this room, go left and down. In the next, grab the Ash, and head down again.
    Go two rooms right, then one room up.
    Up on the cliffs here, you get to fight a Viper Commander (Black Viper). When
    you finally defeat him, you get a Mud Pepper, but guess what? You can just exit
    and reenter the room and there'll be a new Viper Commander, allowing you to
    stockpile Mud Peppers. For now, I recommend you getting at least three extra
    Mud Peppers for later.
    After getting the one required Mud Pepper plus whatever number of extra Mud
    Peppers that you so desire, head back all the way to where the last rock was.
    Use Leviation on it, and head up to enter the Prehistoria Volcano Sewers.
    Prehistoria Volcano Sewers
    In here, open the gourd for some wax.
    These sewers will rush Hero around with water, and dump him in one of several
    locations. You can dash against the current. For those who wish to get right
    down to where they need to go, head to Room 5, then Room 10.
    Room 1 - Take the left sewer, and go left the first chance you get. Inside, you
    will be able to get some Clay from a gourd.
    Room 2- Take the left sewer, and the first time you have a choice of up or down
    (Having come from the right), go up and then right. Inside will be two Raptors.
    Room 3- Take the left sewer, and the first time you have a choice of up or down
    (Having come from the right), go up and then left. Inside will be nothing at 
    Room 4 - Take the left sewer. Go left the second chance it's possible, then head
    down. Inside is a gourd with Wax.
    Room 5 - Take the left sewer. Go left the second chance it's possible, then head
    up. Go all the way left, then all the way down. Inside is a switch (Which you
    need to step on), and a peaceful Viper who will offer to save your progress
    (Which you should definitely do).
    Room 6- Take the right sewer. Head right at first opportunity, up, then right
    again at first opportunity. Inside is a gourd with some Clay.
    Room 7 - Take the right sewer. Head right at first opportunity, up, then right
    again at your second opportunity. Inside is a Raptor.
    Room 8 - Take the right sewer. Head right at first opportunity, up, then left,
    up, right at first opportunity, and up again. Inside are two gourds with Oil
    contained within.
    Room 9 - Take the right sewer. Head right at first opportunity, up, then left,
    and up all the way.
    Room 10 - Take the right sewer, simply head up.
    In Room 10, we'll meet somebody who looks a lot like Fire Eyes. Hero will call
    Fire Eyes, and the replica tells Fire Eyes that she is her evil twin. She then
    reveals that she's cutting the volcano's heat off at it's source, and that after
    Fire Eyes' village dies out, she'll take over with her army of Vipers. Fire Eyes
    will disappear, and the twin sends out her 'pet rock' - Magmar.
    M A G M A R
    Prize: 900 Talons
    1000 HP, 500 EXP
    Magmar, much as he might look it, is not difficult.
    He has three attacks. The first attack is where he will curl up in a ball and
    roll around (He isn't at all aggressive with this attacK). The second is where
    he will breath a stream of fireballs at Hero, easily dodgable. The third is
    where he will simply shoot these fireballs up into the sky, and they will fall
    down. This is especially easy to dodge.
    The only real strength is his replenishing HP attack, where he goes and
    submerges into the lava, making him temporarily invincible and healing a chunk 
    of HP, and his capability to catch you off-guard while trying to hit him. For 
    this battle, you'll want to use charged up Horn Spear, and that's the most 
    likely time that he'll be able to nail a hit on you.
    When you need to heal yourself, just get back a bit and heal. Another useful
    tactic is to heal right before he is about to attack - sometimes using Heal when
    your opponent is attacking will result in the attack not affecting you.
    +++++  +++++++++++
    E N D  B A T T L E
    +++++  +++++++++++
    After, Evil Fire Eyes will go and cause an explosion, jettisoning Hero and
    Canine out of the volcano. They'll make it onto a river safely, but fall down
    a waterfall.
    +=======================   1e. Gladiator Prince Vigor   ======================+
    Waking up on a beach, Hero will discover that Canine is nowhere to be found.
    Anyhow, in Crustacia, exchange your Talons for Jewels, and buy whatever Items 
    and Equipment you need, topped off by saving at the Inn. Afterwards, strike out 
    Eastern Beach
    On the bottom here, go up the cave, and immediately head up and into the second
    cave. In here, we'll meet Blimp, who apparently also got washed out to here.
    After, Hero will wonder where Canine is, and we'll switch to Canine's view.
    Nobilia Palace
    From the leaf you start on, leap down, and then right onto the stairs. Head
    right a bit more until you see an open door, then head in. We'll overhear
    something about somebody needing "Diamond Eyes" to further his power, and his
    advisor says the people need a "Sacred Dog" to show them a sign first. And guess
    what our poochie-woochie who slides in is classified as? Now we switch back to
    Eastern Beach
    Blimp will tell Hero that there's a city on the other side of the desert, and
    that he can use Blimp's newly-built bridge. Blimp will then teach Hero the Crush
    formula (>HELPFUL!<) and will offer to sell some ingredients. Stock up on
    Limestone, fer sure. Now head back into Blimp's cave and grab the Ash and Wax
    from the gourds.
    Now, before you head across the desert, I recommend that you fight the Mad Monks
    and Rogues that are around a bit. This is for three good reasons;
    1. Experience - Now that you're in a new area, you're likely to be overwhelmed
                    by the more powerful enemies easily.
    2. Gaining Money - Switching currencies probably put a dent in your wallet, so
                       you want to get some more money for later.
    3. Leveling up Crush - For God's sake, Crush is one of, if not perhaps the most
                           powerful attack formulas in the game. Although it might
                           seem weak at weak, it practically doubles in power after
                           it's first level-up, and only gets much more powerful.
    A really cheap way to do the latter two is to just go to Crustacia, enter the
    Eastern Beach, kill the first Mad Monk with one Crush, exit, reenter, and rekill
    the Mad Monk. Each Mad Monk nets 75 Jewels - With 60 Jewels for 5 Wax and 120
    Jewels for 5 Limestone, it's a sound payment.
    After you're done leveling up, head into the Nobilia Desert.
    Nobilia Desert
    Well now, I can't really give a step-by-step walkthrough through the Nobilia
    Desert besides just "Head up a long time." However, here's a list of tips for
    passing through the Nobilia Desert;
    -Supposing you DID pick up the Amulet of Annihilation in Crustacia (Which would
     not have actually been such a bad choice, since you'd get a free Chocobo Egg
     with it), you can use it to ride with the Ghost Ship that you should see
    -If the Sand Spiders are getting in your way too much, just use Crush on them.  
     By now, you should've leveled it up enough to make an instant kill.
    -The enemies cannot go into the oasis, but you can. Use them to your advantage
     by getting into them and healing.
    -Dashing is your friend.
    After you make it to a large stone building at the end, enter from the left into
    the Nobilia Marketplace.
    Nobilia Marketplace
    The market seems to be creating a buzz, and with good reason - there's going to
    be something going on at the Nobilia Square pretty soon.
    Anyways, talk to the man in a green robe just south of the entrance. He'll be a
    parody, basically, talking about how this is a video game. When you're given a
    choice of three options, press Y instead and the man will give you a Stone Vest.
    For the Nobilia Marketplace, there are a few patterns of market stalls where you
    can make some money. However, don't get your hopes up just yet, as you have all 
    of ten minutes before the market closes to go to the square. When that happens, 
    everybody will disappear as soon as they're out of your sight radius. When this
    happens, head to the northwest corner of the market, and check the jars between
    two of the stalls for 500 Jewels. After that, head east into the Square.
    Nobilia Square
    Pomponius will introduce the Sacred Dog (Canine), and says that he (SD) will
    choose a challenge to fight Vigor the Indestructible. As Canine's Hero's dog,
    he will immediately choose Hero. Hero will then be taken to the colosseum.
    Nobilia Colosseum
    Pomponious will come in and introduce himself, and tells Hero that as the Sacred
    Dog chose him, he must be the one to fight. He then leaves.
    All is not lost, however, as there are secret passages in this room. A Centurian
    Cape* lies in a pod to your left, a Petal in a pod to your right, and going 
    through the middle of the right wall will lead you to a passage with: A Bronze 
    Gauntlet*, two Call Beads, Wax, and an Obsidian Helmet*.
    *Equipment depends on what type of equipment you already have. Everything will 
    be one class stronger than what you have.
    After you equip your arsenal, head outside. Out here, Pomponious will give a
    big speech over Vigor's enter, and the crowd will hate Hero off the bat.
    +++++++++  +++++  +++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    V I G O R  T H E  I N D E s T R U C T I B L E
    +++++++++  +++++  +++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Prize: 1000 Jewels, Gladiator Sword
    1050 HP, 1050 EXP
    Vigor can throw what looks like a boomerang forward, as well as a trident. He
    also moves from left to right and right to left, as well as up and down, all at
    varying speeds. He can also get the crowd to throw junk at Hero, injuring him.
    But he's a joke on turning speed.
    Vigor himself is in a wheelchair contraption that lets him drive around at a lot
    of different speeds, and while he is near invincible from the front side, he's
    quite different on the back - and as said before, he's a joke on turning around.
    Not only does he do it slowly, but he'll more than likely try to get the crowd
    to throw junk at Hero, increasing the amount of time he's vulnerable.
    That's not to mention his weakness to Crush. If you got Crush to at least Level
    4, and brought a good 20 uses of it along, then you can breeze through this
    battle with relative ease. If you didn't (Which I hope not), you can always use
    your Horn Spear charged and throw it at his back.
    However, if you did not level up Horn Spear and/or Crush at all, then you're in
    for a difficult fight. Otherwise, it's pretty easy.
    +++++  +++++++++++
    E N D  B A T T L E
    +++++  +++++++++++
    Afterwards, Hero will ask Pomponious for a clue on what to do, and Pomponious
    tells him that he should head across the river west of Crustacia, and that
    Nobilia's leader, after he gets the Diamond Eyes, should have the power to send
    Hero back home. We'll also get use of Canine back. We'll then oversee a 
    conversation between the leader of Nobilia and some mysterious entity. After, 
    we'll be deposited in Nobilia Marketplace.
    +=======================  1f. Hunt for the Diamond Eyes ======================+
    Nobilia Marketplace
    Do what you need to do in Nobilia Marketplace (And if you want to avoid the
    hassle of going through Nobilia Desert again, pick up an Annihilation Amulet).
    After, head back all the way to Eastern Beach from here.
    Eastern Beach
    Here, go into Blimp's cave, and talk to him. He'll teach Hero the Revive 
    formula. Grab what ingredients you require, then head to Crustacia.
    Here, save and rest at the Inn if you need to do so, then go west onto the
    Western Beach.
    Western Beach
    Go as far as you can as possible on the bridge, then switch to your dog with the
    Select button. As Canine, leap across the bridge, head up and onto the elevator,
    then switch to Hero as the elevator moves across the water, then head back
    across. From here, go into the next area.
    From the entrance of this area, head up and right, cutting your way through some
    undergrowth while on your path. Now, there's two things that you can do: Either
    you can fall down into the pit north of you, or you could head west into a small
    camp. If you fall into the pit, you'll meet up with Horace Highwater. 
    Otherwise...into the camp, where you'll also meet Horace Highwater.
    Horace's Camp
    Here, head up and around the bridge down to the tents, and talk to the man in
    yellow. After going through the Crustacean's and Nobilian's dress style, he'll
    figure Hero to be a Podunker, and introduces himself as Horace Highwater - the
    former curator of the Podunk Natural History Musuem! Hero will already know what
    had happened, having talked to Elizabeth/Fire Eyes, and Horace will mention
    that another guest - Miss Bluegarden, the librarian - was at the incident.
    Horace suspects that somebody arranged for the machine to backfire, and Hero
    mentions getting the diamond eyes. Horace then tells Hero that more likely than
    not the leader has his own personal ends, and that as a power-hungry person,
    they're likely bad intentions. Horace then tells Hero that since there are bound
    to be others looking for the Diamond Eyes, Hero needs to retrieve them first and
    give them to Horace, who'll keep them safe. He then gives the locations of the
    two diamond eyes - one is in the Hall of Collosia to the north, the other in
    the Great Pyramid to the south.
    After, talk to the Nobilian person. He will teach you Reveal, which will reveal
    hidden paths over the dug pits. At this point in time, if you've been following
    my walkthrough, your arsenal of Alchemy should be at the point where you cannot
    equip all your Alchemy at the same time, so you need to unequip another Alchemy
    first. After buying some ingredients, Madronius mentions his brother being in
    the Hall of Collosia, who of course I'll mention how to get to him.
    After saving at the inn, exit from the north. We're going to Hall of Collosia
    Western Beach
    From the exit from Horace's camp, just go right a bit, and cast Revealer before
    the pit, then walk along it into Hall of Collosia Entrance.
    +=======================      1g. Hall of Collosia      ======================+
    Hall of Collosia Entrance
    Just walk straight up into the Hall of Collosia, killing the Mad Monks in your
    way if wanted.
    Hall of Collosia
    A note before I start. Falling off a pit in the main room will have you go into
    a cell, which I will be referring to as "Cell" from now on, mostly to base
    directions off.
    First thing's first, head to the far northwest-corner, just before the pit.
    Stand on the switch, and use Reveal. Walking across the bridge, pick off the
    Dancin' Fool from afar, then go and stand on the switch on the platform to open
    a door. Heading back across the pit now, head down along the east wall and go
    through the top door.
    In here, head down, and going left, take the second set of stairs. Heading up
    and left a few times, grab some Brimstone from a gourd, then head back to the
    first set of stairs, and go up here. When you hit a branch, take the right
    path, and go all the way up to the pit. Here, you'll see two blocks to the
    right - hit it, and go across the bridge that connects.
    Now, go over to the switch here, and use Reveal on it. Head over the bridge
    and open the gourd for some Ash. Going back to the switch, head up, right,
    up all the way, and then left. Continue down the linear path from here, and
    at the end, step on the switch to open another door elsewhere.
    Now, remember that second set of blocks that more likely than not you saw
    earlier? That builds another bridge, but this time, the bridge is timed - and
    time is short, as you have to run around the top to get to the bridge from
    the cubes. There are two things that you should consider before trying,
    however: the first thing is to switch to your dog to attack the cube, and the
    second thing is to have Hero dash (Which is why you want your dog to attack
    the cube - the more energy you can get, the better). After you make it over,
    head all the way back into the main room.
    Back here in the main room, go to the southeast room. Inside, you'll fight
    mini-boss Mino-Taur.
    M I N O - T A U R
    500 HP, 1000 EXP, 10 Jewels
    There's not really much reason to call Mini-Taur a mini-boss, but I'll keep
    him classified as one nonetheless.
    Mino-Taur has one attack - his single attack is where he causes you to be
    knocked back, much like the attacks that Thraxx and Magmar boasted. What is
    not really an attack, but is hurtful nonetheless, is where Mino-Taur rushes
    around, running into you with his spiked body. Now THIS attack is painful.
    Nevertheless, the room you fight in is a large room, so if you need to tend
    your injuries, you can just retreat and either use Heal or some Nectar, or in
    the case of reviving Canine, a Biscuit or Revive.
    As always, Crush does wonders, leveling Mino-Taur in only a few hits.
    +++++  +++++++++++
    E N D  B A T T L E
    +++++  +++++++++++
    After, step on the switch that forms and step outside.
    Back in this room, go into the southwest room now.
    In here, head up right at the start, and grab some Brimstone from the gourd.
    Now go down, and press the middle, right, and left switch in that order and
    go and open the gourd in the left cell for Wings. Now exit, and reenter, and
    here, press the right switch, then the middle, then the left to get Nectar.
    Now reenter one last time, and press left switch, middle switch, and right
    switch to head up into another room.
    In here, you need to dash across the wooden planks, but they'll fall down
    easily. The way to think of this is that they aren't all part of one unit -
    if you step on one wooden plank, the rest of the planks aren't going to fall
    down. For this, it would be wise to run across in a dash - walk, dash - walk
    pattern to conserve your energy. After you make it over, head down, and
    after defeating all the enemies that are around, head left and step on the
    switch. Now go right and up into a room with a bunch of switches. Step on
    all of them, then head up, left, and up all the way (You need to hit the 
    cubes first). You'll be taken to the cell in the main room. Back in here, 
    take the northeast door now.
    From the start, head along the completely linear path until you hit the set of
    cubes, and hit them, then go up the bridge. Head up the left from here, open a
    gourd for some Wax on your way, and step on a switch. Now go back, and this time
    take the right path. When you come to another branch of up and down-right, take
    the down-right path, and stand on another switch there. Now take the up path.
    When you come to a third branch, take the left and walk down a long hallway for
    some Ash. After that, head back, and go down the right path. Use Reveal just
    before the pit, and head straight down. Now, head along the linear path until
    you reach a large room, where you have to fight a Mad Monk. After you win, you
    will gain the Bronze Spear.
    Now, in order to continue on through the dungeon, you WON'T need to level up 
    your Bronze Spear to Level 2. But BEFORE we do that, there's something else we 
    need to do. Remember Mandronius mentioning his brother being in the Hall of 
    Collosia? Yep, that's right. In the large room again, head to the southwest 
    corner, and press along the west wall. When you go into the wall, go down, 
    right, and up into a small room. From here, go left, up, right, down, left and 
    then up into a small room here. Get from the gourds some Wax and Brimstone, then
    walk down the stairs, where we'll meet Madronius's brother. He'll teach you the 
    Fireball formula (Helpful like Crush), and offer to save your progress. Now, 
    head back to where the extending bridge ended off. Go to between the two piers
    to the left of it, and Hero will throw his spear, hitting the blocks at the end,
    extending the bridge. With that done, head back to the main room now.
    Back in the main room, go up to between the two Reveal switches at the top of
    the room, and Hero will automatically throw his Bronze Spear. Another bridge 
    will extend, so head up and into the next room. In here, we'll end up fighting
    Megataur, without anything prompting us into a battle.
    M E G A T A U R
    Prize: 3000 Jewels, Diamond Eyes
    2600 HP, 2500 EXP
    Megataur is really just a beefed-up version of Mino-Taur, with some extra
    His first attack is to curl up in a ball and roll around, attacking everything
    in his way. He can also use Drain, which will steal some of Hero's and Canine's
    HP, and restore their health to him. In addition, he can use Crush on you 
    (Though it more likely than not is MUCH weaker than your Crush). And last, there
    is the trademark knock back attack.
    Megataur will roll out of the fire pits at the start, and will continue to do so
    throughout the battle along with going back in - but don't worry, he isn't like 
    Magmar where he restores his HP when he steps in lava.
    What might be your only real problem is how the two fire pits make it hard to
    get into a secure position, safe from Megataur's rolling around.
    +++++  +++++++++++
    E N D  B A T T L E
    +++++  +++++++++++
    Afterwards, head back to Horace's Camp.
    Horace's Camp
    Here, go and talk to Mandronius, who will teach you the Escape formula, allowing
    you to escape a dungeon at a moment's notice. Also, TALK TO HORACE, as you'll 
    need to learn his Call Bead spells for later. After, exit out to the Western
    Western Beach
    From the exit from Horace's Camp, head right, then go down all the way to the
    shoreline, and then left into Great Pyramid Entrance.
    +=======================       1h. Great Pyramid        ======================+
    Great Pyramid Entrance
    At the start, use Reveal, and then walk across the pit. From here, go all the
    way up to the locked door at the entrance to the Great Pyramid. Stand on the
    switch beside it, then switch to Canine and head in alone.
    Great Pyramid
    In here, leap across the water, then go and step on the northwest switch. Now,
    switch to Hero who's back outside.
    Great Pyramid Entrance
    Back out here, head up the stairs to your left, then circle around and head in
    through the door.
    Great Pyramid
    When you come to the three-way branch, take the northeast path up, and get some 
    Limestone from the gourd. Now head back and take the northwest path, and head up
    when you can to get a Mushroom and two Call Beads from two gourds. Head left now
    and grab some Iron and a Petal from two more gourds, then go south and left for
    a Nectar. Following that, head back up a bit, then go right and south and go
    up the stairs and back out to the Great Pyramid Entrance.
    Great Pyramid Entrance
    Back out here, head down and through another door into the Great Pyramid again.
    Great Pyramid
    In this new area, pick up the items from the gourds to your left, which contain
    Feathers, a Biscuit, a Herbal Essence, Acorn, Meteorites, Clay, Wings, Grease, 
    Gunpowder, Ethanol, Dry Ice, Nectar, Water, another Herbal Essence, and 
    Limestone. With the three paths up top, take the left and grab a Petal from the
    pot. With that done, take the middle path. At the end, step on the switch, and
    it will break down the door in front of you. Now continue onto the stairs, and
    head down into the next area.
    In here, head right along the path, and at the end, pick up the Nectar from the
    gourd. Go back to the gate, then switch to Canine (If the gate hasn't been
    lowered). Step on the northwest switch, then switch back to Hero and head up.
    Take the right path to get some Dry Ice from a gourd, then go on the linear left
    path. On your way, if you step on the green panels, you'll active the Stone
    Cobras. During your path, open the gourds for Wings and another Call Bead.
    At the water, go over one of the bridges, and get from the four gourds (The lone
    gourd to the right activates a Stone Cobra statue) a Biscuit, Pixie Dust, Bone, 
    and Wax. Head back down the water via another bridge, then head right, and up
    another switch. Switch to Canine, step on the northeast switch. Switch back to
    Hero, go through the newly opened door, and grab from the gourds a Petal and a
    Biscuit. Exit the gate, then switch back to Canine, and this time, step on the 
    southwest switch. Switch back to Hero, go through the new door.
    Here, head up, and you'll fight two Sons of Anhur. I WOULD classify this as a
    mini-boss fight...but no mini-boss music :(. If you've leveled up Crush, a 
    single hit should do both of them in. After, you'll gain the Bronze Axe. The
    Bronze Axe has the capability to crunch down all those weak walls you've been
    seeing into fine powder.
    Now, head down and right, and destroy the first wall that's here. Head right now
    and hit the wall up top, and talk to the man to save. After, grab from the 
    gourds Roots, Ash, Honey, Limestone and Vinegar. Now, head down, but DON'T break
    down the wall. Instead, continue down and past the bridges over the water at the
    bottom, and head right. If you haven't already, switch to Canine and step on the
    lower right switch to open the gate. Head up past the Stone Cobra statues
    (again, stepping on the green tiles activates them), and then destroy the wall
    up top. Inside the room, open the gourd for Horace's Regenerate Magic. You can
    only attain this if you had previously talked to Horace before coming here and 
    had gotten the rest of his spells.
    After, go back to the one wall that I said not to break, and this time break it.
    Pilfer the contents of a nearby gourd for a Call Bead, then go down and smash
    the wall that leads into the room your dog is in. With your dog, go down the 
    left-most bridge and grab a Call Bead, then head back up. Now, head right a few
    bridges, then go upstairs.
    On the second floor, work your way up and left and out onto the top of the
    Great Pyramid Entrance
    Up here, have Hero stand on one switch, and Canine on the other. Inside, you'll
    promptly have a boss fight.
    R I M S A L A
    Prize: 1000 Jewels, Diamond Eyes
    1200 HP, 1200 EXP
    Rimsala is a boss with a stagnant amount of variety. A statue will lower and the
    eye of the statue (Rimsala) will pop out and spin around the battlefield. After
    a while of spinning around, it will go and pop back into the statue, where you
    can thus attack it.
    The laughable part is the low amount of variety of attacks Rimsala offers - it
    can use Confound, and it can spin around. Heck, it doesn't even utilize any
    knock-back attack!
    The part that will get to you, however, are the four statues that guard Rimsala.
    Throughout the battle, they will randomly cast Flash on you, and the only way to
    stop them is to attack them and make the liquid in their heads disappear.
    +++++  +++++++++++
    E N D  B A T T L E
    +++++  +++++++++++
    After, head east a screen out to the Western Beach.
    +=======================       1i. The Sacred Dog       ======================+
    Western Beach
    For the point, Horace isn't at his camp right now, and Madronius suggests that 
    we go find him on the western river. On your way through the Western Beach, 
    break the rock slab up top with your Bronze Axe, and pilfer from the three 
    gourds that are available some Limestone, Wax, and Water. There's also a rock 
    slab at the bottom with some more Water in a gourd. Press on.
    Before we get to the river, however, we'll meet up with Horace!...Oddly enough, 
    he's dressed in green instead of yellow, but Hero will think nothing of that and
    give him the Diamond Eyes. Horace will suddenly run off, unleashing two Rogues 
    on Hero! Dispatch of them quickly, and Hero will talk to Canine about how that 
    guy must not have been Horace at all, and that they should head on quickly. Head
    west into the second part of Western Beach.
    Here, take the elevator across the river, and destroy the rock slab up top, and
    head into the cave. Inside, we'll meet an Alchemist who will teach us Drain. 
    Also get from the gourds some more ingredients. Now, from here on out, grab
    whatever ingredients you need from Blimp, whatever items and equipment you need
    in Crustacia, then go to Nobilia.
    Nobilia Marketplace
    Something's wrong...the marketplace is empty again...Where could they be? In the
    Nobilia Square, that's where!
    Nobilia Square
    In here, we will see Horace clone inserting the Diamond Eyes into the Sacred Dog
    statue, and we'll have to fight a boss.
    A E G I S
    Prize: 1200 Jewels
    3800 HP, 3000 EXP
    Aegis is basically a statue that takes off and puts on masks. When it has a mask
    on, Aegis is able to summon a certain type of monster - either a Will o' the 
    Wisp, a Bad Dawg, or a Skullface. After a certain amount of time, Aegis will 
    chance masks, and during the time that a mask on it's face is flashing, or when 
    it has no mask on it's face, it is vulnerable. It is during this time that you 
    let lose your armamanet of Alchemy and attacks, and when you should heal if you 
    have to. After a few rounds, if you use Crush/Fireball/etc. as often as 
    possible, then you should be able to wipe out Aegis quickly.
    +++++  +++++++++++
    E N D  B A T T L E
    +++++  +++++++++++
    After, the energy core will be remaining, and Horace will come on to the scene. 
    Apparently, the clone was Horace's evil twin, much like Fire Eyes' evil twin. 
    Horace then calls out Tiny (The muscleman from the Colosseum), and Tiny will 
    throw the energy core into the air, where it will promptly explode after its 
    landing elsewhere. Madronius then comes and tells us that the core landed north 
    of the camp, exploded, and caused a tunnel to show up - a tunnel that could take
    us to the unexplored reaches of Evermore! Horace suggests to Hero that he take 
    this tunnel, and gives him a Staff of Life, which increases Defense.
    Now, after this, head down and left into a small warehouse. Here, go to the 
    upper right stack of cases, and we'll meet a Rogue. The Rogue will teach us the 
    Atlas Alchemy, and offers Atlas Amulets at varying prices a piece.
    Now, from here on out, do whatever stuff you need to do, go and learn Double 
    Drain from the same alchemist you learned Drain from,  then head out to Horace's
    Horace's Camp
    You'll notice the pits are dry now. That's right. Go down to the bottom right 
    part of the river, and you'll see a small part where you can climb down into the
    river. Head up a screen. Jump over the waterfall here, and you'll fall into the
    Oglin Tunnel.
    Oglin Tunnel
    There's only one treasure in the entire Oglin Tunnel, and that's on your way 
    through the tunnel, so there's no diverting from paths here. In case the
    instructions here are confusing you, I suggest you use Tropicon's Undersea
    Tunnel/Oglin Tunnel map to help you out. I highly recommend his work.
    From the start, head down. On the next screen, head down some more, then left,
    and down into a teleporter. Coming out of the receiving end, head right and down
    (Into the next screen, not the teleporter). In the next area, head right and up,
    and in the room after that, go into the teleporter.
    From here, head left and up (Not into the teleporter), then in the next room, up
    and right. In the room after that, go down, then head into the teleporter in the
    next room. At the receiving side, get 3 Call Beads from the gourd, and go left a
    room. In here, head up to fight the boss of this area, who brings true meaning 
    to the term 'tentacle rape'.
    A Q U A G O T H
    Prize: 5000 Jewels, Honey
    2500 HP, 5000 EXP
    Aquagoth is a giant squid protected by several tentacles. Your best choice to
    defeating him is to cast Crush as often as possible on the tentacles to destroy
    them, and then attacking Aquagoth himself.
    Besides the flailing tentacles that Aquagoth boasts, Aquagoth also has the 
    ability to use Lightning Storm - a beefed up version of Acid Rain - and 
    To damage Aquagoth himself, you must attack him from in front of his face, or 
    otherwise target him with Alchemy. But, if you've leveled up your offensive
    spells a great deal, Aquagoth should not present a problem.
    +++++  +++++++++++
    E N D  B A T T L E
    +++++  +++++++++++
    +=======================         1j. Ivor Tower         ======================+
    Ivor Tower South
    Hero will be carried up in a basket to come out of a well. He talks to his
    rescuer a bit, who tells him that he should go talk to the Queen of this new
    land in Ivor Tower to the north, and then he lifts up Canine...who this time 
    turns out to be a poodle. Now, before you head west, go and pull the lever on
    the rope a bit, and an Oglin will come up and run away. You'll meet up with him 
    again later on.
    On the next screen, head east until you come to the edge of a forest. Head left,
    and you will go through the trees to a chest with Ash in it. Head back, and this
    time go south to a chest with an Atlas Medallion in it. From the chest with the
    Ash in it, head left and then up for a chest with an Amulet of Annihilation.
    When you hit the castle walls, head left, and then down, and open a chest for
    Horace's Aura Call Bead Magic. After that's done, head up into Ivor Tower.
    Ivor Tower
    Before doing anything in the marketplace here, head up and right and talk to the
    person in a viking helmet. He'll offer a ticket to a show for an Amulet of
    Annihilation. Take it. After, go to the eastern side of town, and visit all the 
    houses and grab their treasure. However, one house will have their treasure 
    upstairs. In this case, do NOT grab the treasure here. Instead, head back 
    downstairs, and you'll end up talking to the house's owner, Lance. Say you 
    didn't take his treasure, and not only will you be able to get the treasure now,
    but Lance will also teach you the Alchemy Lance (There are two houses with 
    upstairs, though, so don't get confused.) After, you can get the Gold-Plated 
    Vest and an Amulet of Annihilation.
    Go back to Ivor Tower's entrance screen. Now, head left a screen and up a 
    Here, go up and talk to the man in front of the house to the left. He'll ask you
    if you have a ticket, and if you do, he'll let you go inside - but not your dog.
    However, once Hero steps inside, a man will come up and kidnap(?) Canine.
    Inside, Hero will go through a series of...odd...exhibits, but the third exhibit
    will have escaped, and the exhibit tour warns us to watch out (Surely he's 
    joking). However, the fourth one is Canine all dressed up as a pig, and Hero 
    will recognize him. Hero and Canine will both run out - and run smack-dab in a 
    pig-racing contest, which Canine promptly wins. Hero will then be invited to the
    Queen's banquet, but when he heads in, Canine is nowhere to be found. After a 
    while, Queen Bluegarden will come in (Yep, that's right. Bluegarden), and Hero 
    will ask her if she's seen his dog.
    Switch to Canine, who barely escapes after blowing his cover to a butcher and 
    drops into the Ivor Tower air vent system.
    Ivor Tower Air Vent System
    From the entrance, head left and up, left and up again, then left and up out of 
    an air vent. Upside again, go outside, up and right into another room, and drop 
    down the air vent here. From the start, head right, up, right, up midways, 
    right, up and right again out of another vent.
    Back upside, head right into another vent. Down here again, go up, right, down,
    and right. Stop once you hit the wall. Press against the right wall, and when 
    you move in, head right, down, right, left, up, right, up, left, up, right, 
    down. Here, head right feeling against the upper wall, and then just work your 
    way from there (Sorry, but even I am unable to give exact directions from here 
    on in). After you make it out into the light, talk to the old woman there who 
    will give you the Queen's Key (Known in the manual as the White Castle Key).
    Now, head back one set of vents. Head left, down, left, down, right, down, right
    and up, and go upside again. Go right behind the bookshelf into another vent. 
    From the new vent, go down, left, down, right, down, right, up, right, up, 
    right, and up again. Head outside, take the bottom door, and go into another 
    vent. From this last vent, go left, up, right, up, left, down, left, and down. 
    Canine will then rush out, and enter the dining area, where he will promptly eat
    the appetizers! Hero will then get into trouble, as he is taken to the cells. 
    You'll also get the chance to save (Although the alternate choice makes one go 
    Ivor Tower Jail
    In jail, Hero will prod Canine out. When Canine's out, step on the stone next to
    the cell to open it up. Once you're out, head right and up the hill to open a 
    cell and fight a Viper, then head down and right to open another cell with a 
    Mini-Taur inside. Now head down, and free a Mini-Taur, Guardbot, and Viper from
    three more cells. After you eliminate all three enemies, head up through the 
    fouth door to drop into the Ivor Tower Sewers.
    Ivor Tower Sewers
    First off, head right. When headed down for the direction, resist the pull of 
    the current four times and head down instead. When you see a stop on both sides 
    of you, get off to the left. Move against the down wall here, and when you find 
    a hidden passage, go down, left, down, left, and up into a small room with some 
    chests. Open the chests to get Iron, Acorn, and Water. Head back, and this time,
    Dash over to the other side. Press against the down wall, and head down, right, 
    and up. The two chests here contain Mushrooms and Honey. Now go back.
    Head into the current again, and head into the small space at the end. Go down, 
    right, and up for a chest with oil in it. Now, go back into the current, and 
    DON'T MOVE AT ALL until you're deposited outside. Once that's done, go inside, 
    and head up. When you see a man to your right (Or otherwise a small amount of 
    space, in case the man isn't in view), Dash against the current and go to him. 
    Talk to him, and he'll teach you the Corrosion Alchemy. Grab from the chest a 
    Biscuit and 2 Call Beads, then go back into the current. Head left, and go up 
    into the small space and back into Ivor Tower.
    Ivor Tower
    We'll end up escaping the sewers...only to get caught by a guard. Taken to the 
    queen, she'll apologize to Hero, and then requests a favor of him - to clear out
    the stragglers who remain in Ebon Keep, the former castle of this region. She 
    then gives directions as how to get there. Headed downstair, Hero will notice 
    the Queen's Key around Canine's neck, and take it.
    Now, remember where that guard was coming from? Head there, and you'll be in the
    banquet room. Now, go right two screens into the upper parts of the dog maze. 
    Here, collect the treasure from all the rooms (Ignore the left-most room in the 
    second row of rooms), and make sure you don't forget heading up the two 
    staircases for some more rooms. Once you've gotten all the bounty, go and talk 
    to the man in the left-most room in the second row of rooms. He'll talk about 
    his wife and a skeleton key of his - the Queen's Key. Give him back his key, and
    he'll teach Hero Fire Power. Now, head to the lower right corner of the room, 
    and exit out to the Chessboard.
    +=======================         1k. Ebon Keep          ======================+
    From the start, head into the maze, then up, right, down, right, down, right, 
    down, left, down, left, up, left, up, and right once more, fighting off the 
    enemies while going through. At the end, on the Chessboard, you'll fight the
    F O O T K N I G H T
    2400 HP, 850 EXP, 200 Gold Coins
    So...yeah...all Footknight basically does is charge at you, and not even that 
    fast, as compared to a Raptor's speed. So basically, this battle consists 
    entirely of 'Run away, cast powerful offensive spell from afar'.
    So, yeah. How am I to even bother typing anything more than that up?
    +++++  +++++++++++
    E N D  B A T T L E
    +++++  +++++++++++
    After, head down the stairs that appear. Inside, head downstairs. We'll briefly 
    see the energy core from the Sacred Dog. Once you exit, we'll see a cutscene 
    between Queen Bluegarden and a man from Nobilia. After that, we'll be in the 
    Dark Forest.
    Dark Forest
    Save if you want, then take these instructions.
    From the entrance to Dark Forest, head down two screens, then go two right. Head
    down one, left one, down two, right two, down two, left one, down two screens, 
    then left one last screen. Here, talk to the Nobilian, who will teach you the 
    One Up Alchemy. Now, backtrack all the way to the entrance of Dark Forest, and 
    head down two screens again.
    From here, head left one screen, up one screen, left one, down two, left two, 
    down four, right one, up one, right one, down two, right one, down one, left 
    one, down one, right two, down two, right one, up one, right two, down one, and 
    right one more to enter a battle arena...where you shall fight...
    +++++  +++++  +++
    B A D  B O Y  X 3
    +++++  +++++  +++
    Prize: Crusader Sword
    700 HP, 400 EXP, 333 Gold Coins
    You get to fight your own evil twin - three of them, in fact, though seperately.
    But much like Footknight, Bad Boy can and will be brutally raped by the weakness
    that is his lack of attacks.
    Three attacks - one is the basic sword swing attack. Another is Nitro, a 
    powerful but rarely-used attack spell. The other is Crush. Am I the ONLY one 
    here who finds this lack of variety sickening sometimes?
    +++++  +++++++++++
    E N D  B A T T L E
    +++++  +++++++++++
    Go and save if you want then head into the new screen. From here, head right 
    one, up one, right one, up one, and right three. If you saved the Oglin from the
    well earlier, he will give you the Thug's Cloak. Backtrack now to the first 
    From here, head right one, down one, right one, up one, right one, up one, left 
    one, up one, right two, down three, right two, up one, right two, up one, left 
    one, and up two to fight the boss of Dark Forest.
    T I M B E R D R A K E
    Prize: 2000 Gold Pieces, Lance (No, not the alchemy, the weapon)
    2000 HP, 2200 EXP
    Uh...OK...it's kind of obvious that the developers of Secret of Evermore were 
    running out of time to finish this game, and the fact that the last few bosses 
    have been lacking in attacks prove it. Timberdrake is no different, boasting a 
    grand total of one attack - Fireball. With this attack, you get a warning 
    beforehand as to Timberdrake using it - the slight vibration of the ground, 
    almost like the knock-back attack that you faced with the likes of Thraxx and 
    +++++  +++++++++++
    E N D  B A T T L E
    +++++  +++++++++++
    After, head right. On the next screen, go upstairs and into the Ebon Keep 
    Ebon Keep Sewers
    From the start, go into the sewer, and head right, down, left, down, right, 
    down, and head left while pressing down against the walls. When you hit a dark
    spot, head down, right, down, right and then up. Open the three chests here for 
    Acorns, Water, and Ethanol. Head back, and go left, up, left, down, right, down,
    left, up, and when going left, press against the down wall. From here, go down, 
    right, and up to open the two chests for Pixie Dust and Ash. Head back, and go 
    left, up, left, up, right, down, right, up, right, and up once more into the 
    door to go into Ebon Keep.
    Ebon Keep Jail
    WARNING: A glitch plagues this room, where if you open the cells in a certain 
    order, you CANNOT get into Ebon Keep, and you're screwed if you save. Whatever 
    you choose to do, do NOT open the upper-left door LAST. Open it FIRST, just to 
    play safe.
    In here, just stand on all the pads to open the gates, and blast the living heck
    out of the enemies inside. The last cell door will let you exit, instead of 
    releasing an enemy.
    Ebon Keep
    Well, it seems the schematics of the two castles, while similar, are not exact. 
    Instead of leading into the castle, Ebon Keep's sewers and cells lead out behind
    a house in Ebon Keep. From here, head up right and up the stairs, then go left 
    and up the second set. Up here, go through the door of the first house, and go 
    right in here, and then up. Talk to the guy here. His name is Cecil. If you've 
    played Final Fantasy II/IV, this is the main character from that game. Yes, it's
    an official cameo. He'll serve as an armorer, a currency exchange, and even an 
    innkeeper. If you purchase a piece of equipment, he'll also give you the 
    Bazooka, along with some Thunderball projectiles.
    Afterwards, leave the store, and head right and up the stairs. However, do NOT 
    progress left. Instead, go up and behind the house up top from the stairs, and 
    inside, you'll meet an elderly woman who will teach you the Regrowth Alchemy 
    formula, and sell you some ingredients. Get some vinegar and Limestone from the 
    chests, head outside, and go left. Go back into the house and grab some Crystal,
    Ethanol, and Water from the chests inside, then go outside again and head up the
    stairs. Go through the gate, which will automatically open as you progress 
    through it.
    Ebon Keep Castle
    It should be duly noted that with the plague of mice around here, this is the 
    perfect spot to level up your weapons. You'll also want to level up somewhat for
    the boss that lies ahead.
    In here, ignore the two side doors; instead, head up through the main door (The 
    side doors head the same way as the main door). Inside, go down the stairs in 
    the middle, and get some Feathers, Brimstone, and Acorns from the chests. After,
    head back upstairs and head up. Here, you'll fight the Verminator, a giant rat.
    V E R M I N A T O R
    Prize: 1000 Gold Pieces, 5000 Gold Pieces/Bazooka (Only if you didn't pick up 
    the Bazooka from Cid) 
    3425 HP, 1050 HP
    Verminator is quite possible the single most hardest boss in this game. His 
    Explosion attack can take off 200 HP with a single hit, EVEN WITH the armor that
    you might have picked up from Cid, and it's his MOST used attack. He can also 
    cast Acid Rain, which isn't exactly a slouch either, and Plague, which acts as a
    poison. He also has the capability to use Drain, thus healing himself. 
    Considering his high HP total, it would be a total bitch to try and take him 
    down with physical attacks, so you'll have to resort to high-level Alchemy 
    Attacks along with a high-level Heal. Cure will also be needed in this battle to
    ward off Plague.
    If you think that the Verminator is too tough for you, there is an alternative: 
    at this point in time, you can now turn back and go to the chessboard back at 
    Ivor Tower, and the drawbridge to Ebon Keep will be open, allowing you to head 
    straight into the castle and not have to fight the Verminator.
    +++++  +++++++++++
    E N D  B A T T L E
    +++++  +++++++++++
    After, head up. Inside, we'll meet a man, and Hero will explain his objectives 
    to him: to open the drawbridge. The man then asks Hero to come with him and meet
    a certain somebody. And what do you know, it's Queen Bluegarden! The REAL Queen 
    Bluegarden, as it appears the one in Ivor Tower was the evil twin of Bluegarden.
    After going through the events 30 years ago, Bluegarden explains that her evil 
    twin locked her up and moved the kingdom across the ravine, and hypnotised the 
    king. Bluegarden tells Hero that if he wants to get back to Podunk, he'll have 
    to talk to Tinker, but before that, he needs to eliminate the impostor first. 
    Our objective; head back across the ravine and take out the evil twin. We'll 
    also get Bluegarden's Call Bead spells, and she'll ask to be referred by 
    With that done, head down and right. In here, we'll see some windows with 
    lifelike paintings of monsters on them...surprise surprise. After dispatching 
    two Mad Monks, two Vipers, and two Dancin' Fools, head right. In here, we'll 
    meet up with Tinker, who after Hero explains his predicament to, will say that 
    he has a solution, but first needs to take care of the impostor. We'll then get 
    a look at the impostor through a telescope. Apparently, her superior needs a 
    device that produces a certain energy, and if they have to tear the kingdom 
    apart to find it, then so be it. This is the Energy Core, of course, but that's 
    for later. For now, we need to go with Tinker's brother Gomi, who resides in a 
    tower north of the Dark Forest. Purchase whatever ingredients you need, then 
    head down and grab from the chest the Knight Basher. Also look at the scroll to 
    your right to get the Explosion formula.
    From here, head to the main castle area - you know, the spot below the banquet 
    room and throne room, the spot where you exited from the sewers in Ivor Tower, 
    etc. In here, head up and into the upper left door. Inside the banquet room 
    here, open the chest to the right and up for a Call Bead. Head into the room to 
    the left. Here, take the lower right door, and talk to the young kid/old man 
    here, who will put you into a guessing game. If you guess right, you'll get the 
    Super Heal game. If you don't, just head back outside, come back in, and guess 
    After, go back into the main area, and head out the far left door into Ebon Keep
    Ebon Keep Jail
    In here, just head down and right into the upper right-most jail and back into 
    the Ebon Keep Sewers.
    Ebon Keep Sewers
    Back here, you no longer have to trace your steps; rather, you can just use your
    trusty Knight Basher to eliminate a few obstacles. Head to the end and exit back
    out into the Dark Forest.
    +=======================    1L. Ivor Tower Revisited    ======================+
    Dark Forest
    Back out here, just head up and destroy the obstacles, and then head up into a 
    swamp area. Here, just cross the bridges while exterminating the enemies and 
    head into Gomi's Tower.
    Gomi's Tower
    Here, head up the first two stairs, then head left two stairs and up another 
    one. Go across the bridge and up one to grab some Ash from a chest, then head 
    back downstairs, and the floor will collapse underneath you as you walk left. 
    From the falling point, head left one stair and up two, and grab an Acorn from 
    the chest here. Now go back down two and walk left, and you'll fall down once 
    more. From here, head left two stairs, and you'll fall down again. Here, go down
    the stairs to the earth's floor, and then head right and up the other stairs 
    here. Enter the door up top, and you'll go up a bit. From where you emerge, go 
    down three stairs and left and pick up some Ethanol, then go back left and up 
    two stairs. Pick up the feather here, then go back and you'll fall again.
    From here, head left and down a hole from earlier, and trace your path back to 
    the door. Back up the higher part of the tower again, just head up three stairs 
    and you'll fight the boss of Gomi's Tower, the dragon Sterling.
    S T E R L I N G
    3200 HP, 3300 EXP, 2000 Gold Coins
    Sterling offers a greater challenge than Thunderdrake, due to one thing; he can 
    pick you up and drop you over the tower, forcing you to climb all the way back 
    up. This also causes any attacks that hit Sterling while he is carrying you to 
    be rendered useless, as they won't damage him at all. Besides that, however, his
    only attack is a weak Fireball, so casting Defend on both Hero and Canine before
    coming into battle and keeping a few spells of Super Heal handy.
    No, the only real problem is how you're going to efficiently damage him in this 
    battle. 3000 HP doesn't seem like much of a problem when you remember that the 
    Verminator had 4000 HP, and Thunderdrake had 2500 and was still easy. However, 
    when you realize that you're really are only going to be able to get in one or 
    two hits before you're carried off the tower, you're going to have to decide 
    what to use. My recommendation for this is, of course, Crush. Unless you have 
    any other spells powered up to Level 9, Crush will be the spell to cause optimum
    +++++  +++++++++++
    E N D  B A T T L E
    +++++  +++++++++++
    After, Gomi (Tinker's brother) will show up, and after he and Hero talk over 
    what's going on and Gomi's obsession with the sky, will offer a ride with 
    Sterling (Who we supposedly fought out of fun...right...) to Ivor Tower. Accept 
    Ivor Tower Sewers
    After you're dropped off here, save your game with Gomi. Head inside the Sewers.
    In here, go up, and let the current take you until you reach an exit door, and 
    head out here.
    Ivor Tower Castle
    Hmmmm....'tis odd...there's not a soul in sight...Anyhow, take the upper left 
    stairway, and go up to the throne room. Here in the throne room, head left 
    through the door to your left, and into the puppet room. In here, we'll meet the
    evil fake Queen Bluegarden, who shall then prepare to unleash on us the main 
    boss of this medieval land...Mungola...
    ++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++ +++++  +++++++
    M U N G O L A, M E P H I S T A, O L D  N I C K
    ++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++ +++++  +++++++
    Prize: 10000 Gold Coins
    500 HP, 1000 EXP, 250 Gold Coins
    5000 HP, 8000 EXP
    Old Nick
    500 HP, 1000 EXP, 250 Gold Coins
    Uh....OK...all this battle really is is long. If you're looking for challenge, 
    it ain't around. The first thing you must do is eliminate Mephista and Old Nick,
    and once you destroy both of them, a second pair of these dolls will come down. 
    And they attack you in close-range, dealing a pitiful amount of damage. That's 
    all. And if you cast Defend on yourself beforehand and have Super Heal, then 
    it's REALLY pitiful.
    The only factor where longness comes into play is after you destroy your second 
    pair of puppets and Mungola appears. Mephista will heal Mungola occasionally, 
    but you cannot take out Mephista alone and keep Old Nick around, because then 
    Mungola will have the capabilities to cast Corrosion and Fireball - both 
    somewhat hurtful.
    So really, what you're left with is trying to cast your most powerful Alchemy 
    against Mungola, while dodging Mephista's and Old Nick's attacks, and keeping 
    patient long enough for your attacks to overpower Mephista's healing powers.
    +++++  +++++++++++
    E N D  B A T T L E
    +++++  +++++++++++
    After the battle, the fake Queen will try to fall on Hero, but will miss. She'll
    fall several stories down...and then another. It is then at this time that I 
    must paste a post of programmer Brian Fehdrau's, who once posted a bit on the 
    GameFAQs Secret of Evermore board.
    From: ItsBillsFault | Posted: 5/3/2004 12:41:57 AM | Message Detail  | #026
    Oh, by the way, the cartoon referenced in Bluegarden's fall was Count Duckula.
    There were four magpie burglars who routinely scaled his castle trying to get 
    in. Even though they were evenly spaced on the rope when they inevitably fell, 
    there was always a long pause between the three henchmen hitting the ground and 
    the leader hitting it.
    Crash, crash, crash ...... crash!
    I always found the subtle humor amusing.
    I bet nobody ever got the reference. Ah well.
    After, the king will give you 10000 Gold Coins, and then warn you that the fake 
    Queen damaged the foundation. We'll also get a hint as to that the evil twins 
    are not human. After you get downstairs, head across the chessboard into Ebon 
    Ebon Keep
    Here, head to Tinker's laboratory, and go outside. Out here, Tinker will land in
    a contraption of sorts, and tells Hero that he needs to retrieve two parts that 
    were from the giant machine in Prehistoria Volcano, and the Diamond Eyes, before
    Tinker can build a spaceship. Tinker then gives Hero the device he was flying 
    in, and tells Hero that he needs to find a place with a fire pit on the map 
    before he can land. Now get in, and you're ready for takeoff.
    On the world map, land in the Bugmuck area, which is to your north. From there, 
    head to the village.
    Prehistoria Village
    Here, go to Fire Eyes' hut. Inside, Hero will discuss things, and Fire Eyes will
    mention that most of the parts from the giant machine fell in either the Bugmuck
    or the slope of the volcano. Hero then asks her if there was anybody else 
    besides her, Horace, Camelia, and her grandfather at the experiment - turns up 
    negative, except for the robot butler. Afterwards, head outside, and make your 
    way to the Bugmuck.
    Since you've already been here before, I don't really see any need to give you 
    directions, as you should be able to make your own way around. Anyhow, go to the
    area where Thraxx once inhabited, and you'll end up facing up his gray superior,
    C O L E O P T E R A
    Prize: 4000 Talons
    6000 HP, 10000 EXP
    Coleoptera is an upgrade from Thraxx, but he also loses strength in some areas. 
    For example, he can no longer cast Maggots from the ceiling. Sure, they're 
    nothing more than ants to you now, but they could still interfere with your 
    battle. On top of that, the bone cage that protects his heart opens much 
    quicker, and if you've leveled up your Knight Basher at least once, a Level Two 
    attack can cause more than 400 damage - Level Three more so.
    Coleoptera does, however, have some more powerful attacks. Storm and Flash can 
    both take a good chunk out of your HP, as well as the technique where Coleoptera
    sends out some lightning from his beady eyes. However, his knockback attack 
    causes very minor damage only.
    Although weaponry can cause alot more havoc in this boss battle than select 
    others, you might still want to bring other spells along, such as Explosion, 
    Crush, or Fireball. Especially bring Super Heal for when Coleoptera brings your 
    HP a wee bit too low.
    +++++  +++++++++++
    E N D  B A T T L E
    +++++  +++++++++++
    After, slash the heart for a Wheel. Now, head to Front of Volcano.
    Front of Volcano
    Here, head up to the volcano's foot. Take the left steam pod, and up one, take 
    the left door. Go on the pod here, and you'll be pushed up past the volcano. It 
    looks like you're going to land on the crater...not. Rather, you'll land down to
    the gourd from a long while back that you couldn't reach. Open it for the Gauge,
    then head down and go back to your ship. We're headed to Nobilia, baby! Take the
    ship to the fire pit over Nobila.
    Nobilia Marketplace
    From your landing spot, head left one screen, and north three into the Nobila 
    Palace. Here, we'll learn from Horace that Tiny has gone power-mad, and has 
    taken the Diamond Eyes to the Oglin cave underneath the pyramid. He'll then 
    teach us Barrier. Also make sure you have Levitate equipped, along with the 
    necessary ingredients. Now, head back to the flying bird, and head up into the 
    sky once more. 
    Up here, head down along the mountain spine across the desert, and you should 
    see a fire pit. Land down here. From here, go to the Great Pyramid Entrance.
    Great Pyramid Entrance
    Last time you were here, the river was still with water, but with the energy 
    core's impact from a while back, it's dried out. Head left and go down the 
    slope, then go right and into the cave. In here, head into the teleporter.
    Oglin Cave
    WARNING: GLITCH ALERT - First noted by Cactuar on the GameFAQs Message Boards, 
    if you open the second central gate and leave before you get the Diamond Eyes, 
    it's possible that you can't get back through the second gate. However, if this 
    happens, you can go back to the crater of Prehistoria Volcano and collect a 
    second Gauge, which counts as the Diamond Eyes. This would be best put into the 
    words of Cactuar; "How amusing...a glitch to fix a glitch, lol."
    From the start, go and stand on the left pod to open the gate. Go through the 
    gate, and head left, down, left, down, and right to open a gourd with a Call 
    Bead inside. Now head back out front and go on the right pod (You'll notice a 
    rock around - that's for later). Head through the gate, and head along the 
    linear path until you come to a broken wall. Crumble it with either the Bronze 
    Axe or Knight Basher, then press on. Once you run into another broken wall, head
    through it and into the teleport pod, and on the receiving end, grab a Biscuit 
    from the gourd. Head back, and this time, go left from the last broken wall. 
    Break the rocks, and head up into the teleport pod here. Open the gourd near you
    here for some Wings, then break down the wall and grab some Ethanol.
    Now, head back to the front. Here, use Levitate on the rock you saw from 
    earlier, then stand on one of the remaining two panels - have Canine stand on 
    the other. This'll open up a second gate, so head up through both of them. Here,
    you'll meet up with Tiny, who'll be throwing Oglins at you. The easiest way to 
    get to him is to just step into the first teleporter, then when you get off the 
    receiving end, step back onto that teleporter, and repeat that a few times. Once
    we get to Tiny, he'll give us the Diamond Eyes. Now, return to Nobilia 
    Nobilia Marketplace
    Here, go and talk to Horace to have a brief chat about Tiny. Afterwards, head 
    back to the bird and head to Ebon Keep.
    Ebon Keep
    WARNING: GLITCH ALERT - First noted by Shadow2089 on the GameFAQs message 
    boards, it is possible that Tinker will take your two non-Gauge parts and 
    convert them into Gauges, thus screwing you over in case you save. Just make 
    sure to save before handing them over.
    Here, head inside and talk to Tinker. After handing over all your parts, he'll 
    take you outside and launch you up into the dark reaches of the space station 
    +=======================          1m. Omnitopia         ======================+
    Dark Depths
    Yes, I know it's a lame name for a room, but I like having things named for 
    Anyhow, Having landed on the space station, we'll learn that Canine...has turned
    into...a robot! Anyhow, from where you land, head up, right, and up, and talk to
    the Guardbot here. He'll inform you his patrol replacement is missing. Now head 
    back down, and go right across the floor to the other side. Once on the far 
    right part of the room, head up, go left across the floor, and go into what I 
    call the Boiler Room.
    Boiler Room
    In here, head down and right past all the boilers. At the end, go up and head 
    into the chamber that isn't protected by a force field. Flip the second from the
    right switch to free the Guardbot that was supposed to replace the patrolling 
    Guardbot, and go talk to it. You'll get the Neutron Blade for helping it out. If
    you want, you can also flip the second from the left switch to fight a really 
    powerful Raptor. Anyhow, after that's done, head back into the Dark Depths.
    Dark Depths
    Here, go and talk to the Guardbot you saw earlier, and it'll teach you Reflect 
    as a thanks for your help. After that, head back into the Boiler Room.
    Boiler Room
    Here, head all the way to end and go up the warp.
    Main Station
    First thing's first; eliminate the Rimsala in the passageway to your right, as 
    it'll cause an inconvenience later if you don't. That's because you need to 
    switch to the dog and head upside, eliminating all the shooting Sphere Bots. 
    While you're moving around, Hero will follow it, getting hit by the Rimsala.
    Anyhow, after you're done destroying all the Sphere Bots, go back to the part 
    you started out in, and head down two hallways and right one. Here, go down the 
    hatch, and down below, flip the switch on the machine. Head back up, and go left
    one hallway. Go down the hatch here, and down below, head past the cool machines
    and at the end, pick up an Old Reliable from the gourd. With that, head up the 
    warp next to the gourd.
    Back up here, head two right, and go down the pod. Down below, defeat the floor 
    enemies, then go over to the machines. For the left-most machine, flip the 
    switch, turning on the Storage Room lighting, and for the right-most machine, 
    insert 2-2-2. If it doesn't work (It's possible it's random), you can just guess
    it through trial and error. After the code works, go up to the hatch and head 
    down below. Downside, head up and you'll fight two Faces.
    +++++++  +++
    F A C E  X 2
    +++++++  +++
    Prize: 4000 Credits, 30 Particle Bombs (Bazooka)
    On either side of the room, there'll be a painting in which a face will 
    materialize from time to time and cast a powerful version of Flash. When they 
    appear, use your most powerful attacks on them, and heal yourself when need be 
    after they disappear. If you want, you should try sticking to one Face at a 
    time, then after that one's down for the record, go and take out the other one. 
    But, this battle is optional, so if it seems a bit too tough, you can avoid it.
    +++++  +++++++++++
    E N D  B A T T L E
    +++++  +++++++++++
    Afterwards, head up topside again (Where the Sphere Bots are). Go right one 
    hallway, and down the hatch into the Storage Room.
    Storage Room
    Down below, take care of the Floating Fans first, then go and open the two left 
    gourds for a Protector Ring and 30 Particle Bombs. Head down, and open the 
    gourds here for some Dry Ice, Acorns, Honey, and 30 Thunderballs. After that, 
    head back up to the Main Station.
    Main Station
    From the hatch into the Storage Room, head up the one hallway and into the hatch
    there. Down below, walk up the hallway, and you'll have to fight eight 
    Guardbots, two at a time, to progress. Once done, head up to the end, grab a 
    Titanium Vest from the gourd, and then go up the warp. Upside once more, head 
    left and down the hatch...into the Greenhouse./
    There's a reason you weren't supposed to turn on the lights in the Greenhouse. 
    The Greenhouse is home to the Flowering Deaths, enemies that are able to kill 
    and are INVINCIBLE! However, in total darkness, they cannot do anything at all, 
    so just walk your way along to the end, pick up 30 Cyro-Blast Projectiles from 
    the gourd, and head upside once more.
    Main Station
    Here, head right one hallway and go down the hatch.
    Ruffleberg's Lab
    In here, we'll finally meet up with Professor Ruffleberg, who reveals that 
    Carltron, the butler, began to get unsatisfied with his position as a butler and
    sabotaged the experiment. After some scheming, he blackmailed the professor into
    creating the robot clones, and although he was thwarted by Hero many times, he 
    more than likely has one last trick up his sleeve. Ruffleberg tells Hero that to
    reach Carlton, he needs the Energy Core that was in the chessboard between Ebon 
    Keep and Ivor Tower, and unlocks a second door on the chessboard. He'll also 
    teach us Call Up Alchemy. Before you can leave, if you want to buy any 
    equipment, just press the switch on the machine the professor was looking at 
    before. Now exit out to the top and head to Ebon Keep from here, picking up a 
    Laser Lance on your way out from the gourd.
    +=======================       1n. The Last Battle      ======================+
    Ebon Keep
    Here, go into Tinker's laboratory and open the chest where the Knight Basher 
    used to be, and you'll get the Atom Smasher. Also check the documents on the 
    desk to learn the Nitro formula.
    Here, make your way to the center of the chessboard, and head down the right 
    stairs. Below ground, continue your trek downwards and pick up the Energy Core. 
    Continue on a bit and talk to the alchemist to learn Force Field. Also, if you 
    have the Oracle Bone, the alchemist will additionally teach you Stop. After 
    that, head back to Omnitopia and Ruffleberg's Lab.
    Ruffleberg's Lab
    Talk to Ruffleberg again, and he'll teach you the Energize formula, the last one
    in the game. Now, you're probably going to hate this, but you're going to have 
    to backtrack ALL THE WAY to the Junkyard, AKA Dark Depths.
    Dark Depths
    Here, head to the machine from before that had the teleporter pod. Walking up to
    it, Hero will automatically install it. After getting a brief chance to save, 
    it'll teleport you back into a space in the Main Station. Take this warp here, 
    and you'll teleport into the last area to fight...
    C A R L T R O N
    Prize: An ending to this game.
    Bad Boy
    999 HP, 400 EXP, 333 C
    0 EXP, 0 C
    Carltron's Robot
    30000 HP, 100000 EXP, 0 C
    Dark Toaster
    10000 HP, 5000 EXP, 20 C
    Death Spider
    5000 EXP, 250 C
    Eye of Rimsala
    6000 HP, 1050 EXP, 0 C
    0 EXP, 0 C
    25000 HP, 50000 EXP
    4000 HP, 24 EXP, 48 C
    0 EXP, 0 C
    To start off, you'll have to destroy fans and speakers that are up at the top of
    the screen. Unfortunately, lone attacks aren't powerful enough and neither is 
    most alchemy. Additionally, the fans will press you back along with bombs that 
    are spit out from pipes to the side, so you're going to want to move so as to 
    not activate the fans. My recommendation for what to do on this part is to cast 
    Energize on Canine, switch to him, and use Level 2 shots on the fans and 
    speakers. Once they're all destroyed, go up to them and press B on them, one at 
    a time.
    After that, monitors will appear on the screen, and two holographic Raptors will
    appear. However, they're quite real in their ability to cause damage. Switch 
    back to Hero, and unleash your most powerful Alchemy spells on them. After you 
    defeat them both, a Mechaduster will come on screen and wipe their dust out (You
    can kill it). After, another two raptors come out and attack, and after you take
    care of them, if you had destroyed the Mechaduster before, a Death Spider will 
    The Death Spider has a ton of HP, but it's still easy. This will, however, be 
    one of the more grueling matches, due to it's ability to sting you and cause 
    poison. Keep to Canine, sending barrage of Level 2 after it's ass. If it's a bit
    too hard for you, it is at this point that you might want to consider using 
    Atlas. Switch back to Hero when you need to use Cure.
    Anyhow, another two Raptors will appear, and you'll need to defeat these suckers
    as well. With them out of the way, THREE Eye of Rimsala will come out and attack
    you, so if you haven't already, DEFINITELY cast Atlas now. Once you mop the 
    floor with the three-eyed menance, a Bad Boy will be forged out of the Hero. 
    He's easily defeated, but then the Dark Toaster (evil twin of your dog) appears,
    with quite easily ten times the HP. However, it seems that he has about half the
    defense of the Bad Boy, as on average, I was able to deal twice the damage to 
    him than the Bad Boy with the same attack.
    But after that, oh boy. The right-hand man AKA Magmar reloaded appears. In 
    addition to the attacks that Prehistoria Magmar had, this Magmar can also shoot 
    fireballs into the sky, somewhat like the Minotaur from Hall of Collosia, and 
    use Crush. However, his ability to sink in lava and heal himself has been 
    removed, so he shouldn't be too too hard.
    However, now we finally fight the big cheese; Carltron himself. With a colossal 
    amount of HP, you'll be taking awhile to take him down - or at least, you would 
    be if you had to spare your items. This is the last battle. You can use all your
    items without fear. This means go all-out with your alchemy and Call Beads and 
    other Items. And besides, it's not as if Carltron's Robot is seriously all that 
    hard. All he does is just jump back and forth in a horizontal line, shooting 
    bullets that are so easy to dodge. The only thing that you should note is NOT to
    get close to Carltron, as he can emit gases from his robot that hurt.
    +++++  +++++++++++
    E N D  B A T T L E
    +++++  +++++++++++
    Enjoy your ending (On a side note, doesn't it look like Carltron is holding a 
    bottle?)! When the credits roll, wait a few minutes and you'll see a second 
    ending. If you wait a REALLY long time after this, you'll get this message;
    Dolly Grip
    Brian Fehdrau
    This is best explained by Brian Fehdrau's post on GameFAQs Message Boards 
    (Apparently, he found an archive of SoE board topics through a search engine 
    with his last name, and decided to join up and answer some questions about the 
    game). Said username is poking fun at Programmer Bill Kristiansen, which the 
    Evermore team blamed all their problems on.
    From: ItsBillsFault | Posted: 4/21/2004 9:54:44 PM | Message Detail  | #008
    I assume you mean the "Dolly Grip - Brian Fehdrau" credit.
    People who write games often try to put their family members' names in the game 
    for brownie points at home. Lead programmers usually set up the credits, and 
    therefore have the ability to sneak things in, like family references or poking 
    fun at certain other programmers who tend to gather blame the way a motionless 
    stone gathers moss.
    So, to answer this question and also the one about how "inside" the information 
    Dolly is my wife's name.
    With that out of the way, this walkthrough is DONE. Meaning...
    _________________________                              ________________________
                                     2. Equipment
    _________________________/                            \________________________
    Here is listed the equipment, where to get them, and in the case of Armor, 
    Amulets, and Items, how much it costs.
    +=======================           2a. Weapons          ======================+
    Bone Crusher
    Attack: 10
    Automatically gotten when you land on Evermore. Cannot pierce weeds.
    Spider Claw
    Attack: 10
    Automatically gotten after defeating Thraxx.
    Horn Spear
    Attack: 10
    Gotten after defeating the Vipers in the Mammoth Graveyard.
    Gladiator Sword
    Attack: 20
    Received from Pomponious after defeating Gladiator Prince Vigor.
    Bronze Spear
    Attack: 20
    Received by defeating a Mad Monk in the Halls of Collosia.
    Bronze Axe
    Attack: 20
    Received after fighting two Sons of Anhur in the Great Pyramid.
    Crusader Sword
    Attack: 30
    Received from defeating the Bad Boys in the Dark Forest.
    Attack: 30
    Get from beating Thunderdrake.
    Knight Basher
    Attack: 30
    Get it from the chest in Tinker's Laboratory.
    Neutron Blade
    Attack: 50
    Receive as an offering from the imprisoned Guardbot in the Boiler Room of 
    Laser Lance
    Attack: 50
    Get from the gourd where the Bazooka used to be at the start of the game in 
    Ruffleberg's lab.
    Atom Smasher
    Attack: 50
    Obtain from Tinker's Laboratory in the same chest as the Knight Basher after 
    coming from Omnitopia.
    Attack: Thunder Ball - 200, Particle Bomb - 350, Cyro-Blast - 800
    Get from Cid in Ebon Keep, or alternatively from the Verminator.
    +=======================            2b. Armor           ======================+
         Name       |  Cost  | Defense| 	          Location 
    Grass Vest      |  120T  |    2   | Prehistoria Village Shop, free from Villager
    				   if Raptors were defeated in Southern Forest
    Grass Hat       |  120T  |    2   | Prehistoria Village Shop before Salabog
    Vine Bracelet   |  180T  |    1   | Prehistoria Village Shop before Salabog
    Leather Collar  |  300T  |    1   | Prehistoria Village Shop before Salabog
    Shell Plate     |  300T   |    4   | Northern Forest Shop
    Shell Hat       |  300T  |    3   | Gourd on path to Strong Heart's hut, 	
    				    Northern Forest Shop
    Mammoth Guard   |  350T  |    2   | Gourd off the path from Thraxx, Northern 	
    			 	    Forest Shop
    Dino Skin       |  450T  |    7   | Defeat three Raptors at Volcano's foot, 	
    				    Prehistoria Village Shop after Salabog
    Dino Helmet     |  300T  |    3   | Prehistoria Village Shop after Salabog
    Claw Guard      |  500T  |    5   | Prehistoria Village Shop after Salabog
    Bronze Armor    |  500J  |   12   | Saving green-robed Nobilian*, Colosseum*, 
    				    Crustacia Shop
    Bronze Helmet   |  450J  |   11   | Crustacia Shop
    Serpent Bracer  |  450J  |   10   | Crustacia, Colosseum*
    Spiky Collar    |  450J  |   24   | Crustacia Shop
    Stone Plate     |   -    |   19   | Saving green-robed Nobilian*, Colosseum*
    Obsidian Helmet |   -    |   18   | Trading
    Bronze Gauntlet |   -    |   17   | Colosseum*
    Centurion Cape  |   -    |   28   |Saving green-robed Nobilian*,Colosseum*,
    Centurion Helmet|   -    |   27   | Trading
    Gloves of Ra    |   -    |   26   | Colosseum*
    Silver Mail     |  450G  |   40   | Ivor Tower Shop
    Titan's Crown   |  600G  |   39   | Ivor Tower Shop
    Iron bracer     |  600G  |   37   | Ivor Tower Jail, Ivor Tower Shop
    Defender Collar |  450G  |   68   | Ivor Tower Shop, Cid's Store
    Gold-Plated Vest|    -   |   55   | Lance's House in Ivor Tower
    Dragon Helmet   |    -   |   54   | Trading
    Magician's Ring |    -   |   50   | Trading
    Shining Armor   |  900G  |   73   | Cid's Store
    Knight's Helmet |  950G  |   72   | Cid's Store
    Dragon Claw     |  950G  |   65   | Cid's Store
    Magna Mail      | 9000C  |   94   | Early Omnitopia Shop
    Lightning Helmet| 9000C  |   93   | Early Omnitopia Shop
    Cyberglove      | 9600C  |   82   | Early Omnitopia Shop
    Spot's Collar   | 6000C  |  115   | Professor Ruffleberg's Shop
    Titanium Vest   |   -    |  124   | Gourd in Omnitopia
    Old Reliable    |   -    |  117   | Gourd in Omnitopia
    Protector Ring  |   -    |  101   | Gourd in Omnitopia
    Virtual Vest    | 14400C |  169   | Professor Ruffleberg's Shop
    Brainstorm      | 13200C |  144   | Professor Ruffleberg's Shop
    Virtual Guard   |  6000C |  115   | Professor Ruffleberg's Shop
    *If you have Bronze Helm, you get the Obsidian Helm. Obsidian Helm, then you get
    Centurion Helm. Same goes for the other items.
    +=======================           2c. Amulets          ======================+
    Armor Polish
    Increasing the defense power of your armors, the Armor Polish can be bought at 
    both the Nobilia Market and the Ivor Tower Market.
    Chocobo Egg
    You can buy the Chocobo Egg from Ivor Tower's alley market, get it randomly from
    buying pots in Nobilia, or purchase it from the Mad Monk in Crustacia along with
    an Amulet of Annihilation for 10000 Jewels. The effect of the Chocobo Egg 
    permanently increases your HP.
    Insect Incide
    Bought at Ivor Tower, the Insect Incide will repel Mosquitoes.
    Jade Disk
    Increases the Hit rates of Hero and Canine. This can be bought in both Nobilia 
    and Ivor Tower.
    Jaguar Ring
    The Jaguar Ring allows you to Dash by pressing and holding A, but is sucks up 
    energy. You can acquire it by purchasing an item from the Item Shop in the 
    Quicksand Area of Prehistoria.
    Magical Gourd
    Nobody knows what this does - not even Brian Fehdrau, the game's Lead 
    Programmer. You can buy it from the Mad Monk in Crustacia along with an Amulet 
    of Annihilation for 10000 Jewels, or buy it from the same guy that sells pots in
    Nobilia Market (The top left-hand corner).
    Moxa Stick
    Increasing the healing power of all healing spells and items, the Moxa Stick can
    be bought at both the Nobilia Market and the Ivor Tower market.
    Oracle Bone
    Purchased from the Ivor Tower market, the Oracle Bone will allow you to learn 
    Stop from the alchemist under the chessboard.
    Ruby Heart
    Doing the exact opposite of the Jade Disk, the Ruby Heart lowers your opponent's
    hit rate, and can be found in both the Nobilian Market and the Ivor Tower 
    Silver Sheath
    The Silver Sheath *supposedly* increases all swords' attack power, and can be 
    bought at both the Nobilia Market and Ivor Tower market. The reason I say 
    *Supposedly*, is the fact that according to Brian Fehdrau, one of the people on 
    the Evermore team was testing the effect, making it so that you had the Silver 
    Sheath's effect with you during the entire game, and forgot to set the effect 
    into the Silver Sheath itself. In other words, your sword is always powered up; 
    the Silver Sheath doesn't do anything.
    Staff of Life
    Received from Horace after defeating Aegis, the Staff of Life will raise your 
    total defense against enemies.
    Sun Stone
    The Sun Stone increases your total attack power, and can be bought either in the
    Nobilia Market OR Ivor Tower market.
    Thug's Cloak
    The Thug's Cloak will increase the chance you have of evading an attack, and can
    either be gotten by buying it in Ivor Tower or by receiving it by the Oglin in 
    Dark Forest, IF you saved him from the well.
    Wizard's Coin
    Increasing your Magic Power, the Wizard's Coin can be obtained from the Oglin in
    Dark Forest ONLY if you freed him from the well AND had gotten the Thug's Cloak 
    from Ivor Tower beforehand.
    +=======================            2d. Items           ======================+
    Dog Biscuit
    Revives your dog from death.
    Heals any negative status effects.
    Heals 300 HP.
    Heals 120 HP.
    Heals 40 HP.
    Pixie Dust
    When you use this on a character, if they die, it'll revive them once.
    Holds all your charms, rare items, and trading ingredients.
    Allows you to escape from a dungeon.
    _________________________                              ________________________
                                      3.  Alchemy
    _________________________/                            \________________________
    +=======================       3a. Regular Alchemy      ======================+
    Acid Rain
    Formula: 1 Part Ash, 3 Parts Water
    Where: After fighting Thraxx, head on a bit from there, and press against the 
    right wall when you get out of the Bugmuck. Eventually, you should walk into a 
    hidden passage. Go right, and talk to the alchemist to learn Acid Rain.
    Acid Rain is basically what it suggests - an offensive attack spell that 
    consists of Acid Rain.
    Formula: 1 Part Ash, 1 Part Atlas Amulet
    Where: In Nobilia Square, take the door to the Nobilia Warehouse in the 
    southwest corner. In here, go up behind the stacks of crates, and you'll bump 
    into a Rogue, who will teach you Atlas. He'll also sell Atlas Amulets.
    Atlas will power up the Hero for a short time, but can be only cast on Hero.
    Formula: 1 Part Limestone, 2 Parts Bone
    Where: Gotten from Horace after coming back from Ebon Keep in Nobilia Palace
    Increases your defense for a short time, along with healing Hero slightly.
    Call Up
    Formula: 1 Part Meteorite, 1 Part Dry Ice
    Where: Learn from Professor Ruffleberg after you meet him the first time in 
    Creates an extra Call Bead for your disposal.
    Formula: 1 Part Mushroom, 3 Parts Water
    Where: Ivor Tower Sewers, talk to an old man.
    Corrosion will unleash an Acid Rain on all the enemies on the screen, which, 
    although quite light in damage, will slowly dock the enemies' HP off. That's 
    right, it's a slow-draining spell.
    Formula: 1 Part Limestone, 1 Part Wax
    Where: Blimp in Blimp's Cave, to the east and north of Crustacia
    Perhaps my most favorite spell in the game, using Crush will result in a big 
    fist crushing the select enemies on the screen.
    Formula: 2 Parts Roots, 1 Part Oil
    Where: Strong Heart in his hut after defeating Thraxx
    Cure will remove any negative status effects from Hero and Canine.
    Formula: 1 Part Clay, 1 Part Ash
    Where: West of Prehistoria Village after rescuing Strong Heart, talk to old man
    Defend will cast a shield over Hero and Canine, which raises their physical 
    Double Drain
    Formula: 2 Parts Ethanol, 1 Part Vinegar
    Where: Alchemist in cave on the Western Beach, after defeating Aegis
    Double Drain is twice as powerful as Drain, and sucks the HP out of enemies and 
    siphons it into you.
    Formula: 1 Part Ethanol, 2 Parts Roots
    Where: Alchemist in cave on the Western Beach
    Drain saps the HP out of enemies and gives it to you.
    Formula: 1 Part Crystal, 1 Part Iron
    Where: Professor Ruffleberg, after obtaining the Energy Core
    Energize is easily one of the most useful spells in the game. For a short period
    of time, Hero and Canine recover their energy MUCH faster with the gauge at the 
    bottom. This includes powering up your weapons, so you can see why it's fatal to
    your enemies, especially with Canine in the last battle...
    Formula: 1 Part Wax, 1 Part Vinegar
    Where: Talk to Madronius after you get Revealer and defeat one of the two 
    temples, but before clearing the second temple and defeating Aegis
    Escape isn't really all that handy. It allows you to escape from a dungeon, 
    which can also be done by using Wings...
    Formula: 2 Parts Ethanol, 1 Part Wax
    Where: Read the scroll in Tinker's Laboratory
    Explosion is a powerful offensive spell that causes a giant fireball blast.
    Formula: 1 Part Brimstone, 2 Parts Ash
    Where: In Hall of Collosia, after defeating the Mad Monk for the Bronze Spear, 
    search the southwest corner for a hidden passage. At the end of the passage, 
    talk to Madronius's brother for the Fireball formula.
    A very powerful formula on higher levels, Fireball is as the name suggests.
    Fire Power
    Formula: 1 Part Feather, 1 Part Brimstone
    Where: Get the Queen's Key while you're in the cellars as Canine, and later 
    unlock the doors in the east wing of Ivor Tower as Hero. One of the rooms will 
    have an old man, who if you give the Queen's Key to, will teach you Fire Power.
    Fire Power is a strong spell that explodes on the enemy.
    Formula: 1 Part Wax, 2 Parts Oil
    Where: You get this spell when you first talk to Fire Eyes.
    The starting Alchemy spell of the game, Flash sends a flash of fire after the 
    Force Field
    Formula: 1 Part Grease, 1 Part Iron
    Where: Talk to the man under the Chessboard to learn this spell
    Creates a force field that nullifies the next regular attack to the person the 
    force field has been casted upon.
    Hard Ball
    Formula: 1 Part Crystal, 1 Part Clay
    Where: Alchemist in the Bugmuck
    Proving it's worth in the battle against Thraxx, Hard Ball throws a big 
    rock/ball at the enemy, causing them pain.
    Formula: 1 Part Root, 1 Part Water
    Where: Learn it from the Alchemist in the Mammoth Graveyard after defeating the 
    Vipers and Viper Commando
    Heal will heal the Hero and Canine's HP.
    Formula: 1 Part Iron, 1 Part Acorn
    Where: In Ivor Tower, one of the houses has a bunch of chests upstairs. Without 
    touching them, head back downstairs, and you'll meet Lance (the person), who'll 
    teach you the spell for being honest.
    Lance sends a lance down, cutting through the enemy.
    Formula: 1 Part Mud Pepper, 1 Part Water
    Where: Alchemist on the Volcano Crater
    Levitate will lift up certain rocks and move them elsewhere. Unfortunately, this
    is more of a filler spell than anything else, because other than the times it's 
    necessary to use it, it's useless.
    Lightning Storm
    Formula: 1 Part Iron, 2 Parts Ash
    Where: Gomi teaches you this after you defeat Sterling
    Causes lightning bolts to strike the enemies.
    Miracle Cure
    Formula: 2 Parts Roots, 1 Part Vinegar
    Where: Talk to Strong Heart in his hut after you receive the flying ship
    Both dispels negative status effects and heals you.
    Formula: 1 Part Gunpowder, 2 Parts Grease
    Where: Scroll in Tinker's Laboratory after coming back from Omnitopia
    A basic upgrade of explosion, Nitro is devastating.
    One Up
    Formula: 1 Part Feather, 1 Part Root
    Where: From the entrance to Dark Forest, head down two screens, then go two 
    right. Head down one, left one, down two, right two, down two, left one, down 
    two screens, then left one last screen. Here, talk to the Nobilian, who will 
    teach you the One Up Alchemy.
    One Up restores your HP completely.
    Formula: 2 Parts Grease, 1 Part Iron
    Where: In Omnitopia, after saving the imprisoned Guardbot, go back to the 
    Junkyard/Dark Depths and talk to the Guardbot there. He'll teach you Reflect as 
    a thanks.
    Reflect will reflect magical attacks.
    Formula: 1 Part Acorn, 2 Parts Water
    Where: In Ebon Keep, one of the houses has a hidden entrance if you go behind 
    the back. Talk to the woman inside to learn Regrowth.
    Regrowth will gradually heal the Hero's HP.
    Formula: 2 Parts Ash, 1 Part Wax
    Where: Alchemist Madronius in Horace's Camp will teach you this.
    Revealer will reveal hidden paths over pits in the Western Antiqua area, as well
    as the Hall of Collosia. Other than that, it's useless.
    Formula: 3 Parts Root, 1 Part Bone
    Where: Talk to Blimp after getting Canine back in Antiqua
    Revives Canine when he is down.
    Formula: 2 Parts Wax, 1 Part Crystal
    Where: Alchemist under Chessboard, must have Oracle Bone
    Freezes enemies in their tracks.
    Slow Burn
    Formula: 1 Part Iron, 1 Part Brimstone
    Where: Examine the books in Tinker's Laboratory.
    Slow Burn is like Corrosion in it's ability to slowly drain the enemies' HP, but
    it's a fire attack. Besides that, there's really no difference.
    Formula: 1 Part Wax, 2 Parts Water
    Where: In Prehistoria Volcano, when you hit the maze, go left one room, down one
    room, and go down the right room. In this room here, head through the right wall
    and talk to the alchemist to learn Speed.
    Speed increases your agility for a while.
    Formula: 2 Parts Water, 1 Part Vinegar
    Where: By far the hardest spell to find...
    From the start of Nobilia Desert, head up the first oasis to a second one. From
    here, you have to head up and right. I can't give precise directions, but fit
    things into perspective as about eight different screens of information up and
    four right. You'll eventually wander into an oasis with a Nobilian alchemist in
    it. Talk to him to learn Sting.
    Sting will sting enemies, as suggested by the name.
    Super Heal
    Formula: 2 Parts Ethanol, 1 Part Acorn
    Where: Talk to Naris (the person who alternates between old man and young boy) 
    in Ebon Keep, and guess the number of marbles he has correctly to learn Super 
    Super Heal is a much more powerful form of Heal, curing a greater amount of HP.
    +=======================      3b. Call Bead Alchemy     ======================+
    Fire Eyes
    Flare - Sends a fireball at one or multiple enemies.
    Heat Wave - Heats the imminent area, hitting all enemies on screen.
    Storm - A powerful version of Acid Rain/Lighting Storm, a cloud appears overhead
    and zaps the enemies.
    Life Spark - Strengthens Hero and Canine briefly.
    Aura - Casts an aura of defence around Hero and Canine.
    Time Warp - Transports you back in time, reversing dealt damage to you.
    First Aid - Heals Hero and Canine.
    Confound - Confuses the foes.
    Regenerate - ???
    Shield - Casts an aura of defence around Hero and Canine.
    Shock Wave - Causes an earthquake, damaging all the enemies in the vicinity.
    Plague - Poisons the enemies.
    Hypnotize - Stops enemies in their tracks for a long time.
    Disrupt - Stops the enemy, then hurts them.
    Electra-Bolt - Sends out a big bolt of electricity at the enemies.
    Restore - Restores your HP a lot.
    _________________________                              ________________________
                                      4.  Enemies
    _________________________/                            \________________________
    A note; if an enemy is in two different locations, I'm not bothering with the 
    amount of money they give off.
          Name     |  HP  | EXP | Money | Location
    Blue Goo       |  70  | 150 |  30   | Gothica
    Bone Guzzard   |  40  | 300 |  40   | Antiqua
    Carniflower    |  30  |  6  |   7   | Prehistoria
    Cobra          | 100  | 100 |  10   | Antiqua
    Dancin' Fool   | 100  |  70 |  10   | Antiqua
    Dragoil        | 300  | 150 |  60   | Gothica
    Floating Fan   | 700  | 300 |  10   | Omnitopia
    Frippo         |  40  |  12 |  19   | Prehistoria
    Gargon         | 300  | 150 |  60   | Gothica
    Gore Grub      | 150  |  85 |  10   | Gothica
    Guardbot       |  20  |   0 |   0   | Omnitopia
    Guardbot V2    | 500  | 500 |   -   | Gothica/Omnitopia
    Hedgahillo     |  90  | 180 |  10   | Gothica
    Lime Slime     |  70  |  50 |  30   | Antiqua
    Mad Monk       |  60  |  20 |  75   | Antiqua
    Maggot         |  30  |   4 |   4   | Prehistoria
    Mechaduster    | 600  | 600 |  280  | Omnitopia
    Mosquito       |   1  |   1 |    -  | Prehistoria/Gothica
    Mummy Cat      | 100  | 160 |  60   | Antiqua
    Neo Greeble    | 300  | 500 |   0   | Omnitopia
    Oglin          | 120  | 150 |  100  | Antiqua (Strange as it may sound)
    Raptor         |  40  |  16 |  29   | Prehistorica
    Raptor V2      |  50  |  24 |  48   | Prehistorica
    Rat            |  20  |  30 |  10   | Gothica
    Red Jelly Ball | 300  | 290 |  48   | Omnitopia
    Rogue          | 200  | 100 |  10   | Antiqua
    Sand Spider    |  74  |  72 |  18   | Antiqua
    Skelesnail     |  30  |  20 |  15   | Prehistoria
    Skullclaw      |  90  | 400 |  50   | Gothica
    Son of Anhur   | 200  | 250 |  250  | Antiqua
    Son of Set     | 160  | 120 |  40   | Antiqua
    Sphere Bot     | 1000 |  70 |  10   | Omnitopia
    Tar Skull      |  50  |  22 |  17   | Prehistorica
    Tentacle       | 400  | 500 |   0   | Antiqua
    Tiny Tentacle  | 200  | 300 |   0   | Antiqua
    Tumble Weed    |  60  |  50 |  40   | Antiqua
    Viper Commander| 250  | 160 |  200  | Prehistorica
    Viper          | 125  |  80 |  50   | Prehistorica
    Widowmaker     |  40  |  40 |  12   | Prehistorica
    Will o' Wisp   |  40  |   4 |   4   | Prehistorica
    Wimpy Flower   |  18  |   2 |   2   | Prehistorica
    Wood Mite      | 160  | 180 |  30   | Gothica
    _________________________                              ________________________
                                       5.  Shops
    _________________________/                            \________________________
    +=======================       5a. Shopping Prices      ======================+
    Prehistoria Village
    (Before Salabog)
    Grass Vest - 120 Talons
    Grass Hat - 120 Talons
    Vine Bracelet - 180 Talons
    Leather Collar - 300 Talons
    (After Salabog)
    Dino Skin - 450 Talons
    Dino Helmet - 300 Talons
    Claw Guard - 500 Talons
    Leather Collar - 300 Talons
    Northern Forest
    Shell Plate - 300 Talons
    Shell Hat - 300 Talons
    Mammoth Guard - 350 Talons
    Bronze Armor - 500 Jewels
    Bronze Helmet - 450 Jewels
    Serpent Bracer - 450 Jewels
    Spiky Collar - 450 Jewels
    Ivor Tower
    Iron Bracer - 600 Gold
    Silver Mail - 450 Gold
    Titan's Crown - 600 Gold
    Defender Collar - 450 Gold
    Ebon Keep
    Shining Armor - 900 Gold
    Knight's Helmet - 950 Gold
    Dragon Claw - 950 Gold
    Omnitopia Shop
    Magna Mail - 9000 Credits
    Lightning Helmet - 9000 Credits
    Cyberglove - 9600 Credits
    Ruffleberg's Laboratory
    Virtual Vest - 14400 Credits
    Brainstorm - 13200 Credits
    Virtual Guard - 6000 Credits
    All prices are for 5x of said ingredient.
    Prehistoria Village
    Ash - 60 Talons
    Oil - 100 Talons
    Wax - 120 Talons
    Water - 60 Talons
    Crystal - 80 Talons
    Crystal - 60 Talons
    Wax - 80 Talons
    Water - 30 Talons
    Oil - 60 Talons
    Acid Rain Alchemist
    Clay - 30 Talons
    Water - 40 Talons
    Ash - 50 Talons
    Wax - 80 Talons
    Crystal - 60 Talons
    Volcano Crater Alchemist (Only temporary)
    Wax - 50 Talons
    Clay - 30 Talons
    Ash - 50 Talons
    Water - 40 Talons
    Strong Heart
    Water - 40 Talons
    Wax - 100 Talons
    Oil - 80 Talons
    Roots - 60 Talons
    (After Gothica)
    Vinegar - 90 Talons
    Limestone - 120 Jewels
    Mud Pepper - 300 Jewels
    Oil - 60 Jewels
    Ash - 60 Jewewls
    Water - 40 Jewewls
    Crystal - 80 Jewels
    Wax - 60 Jewels
    Brimstone - 180 Jewels
    Wax - 50 Jewels
    Oil - 60 Jewels
    Ash - 50 Jewels
    Root - 50 Jewels
    Vinegar - 100 Jewels
    Drain + Double Drain Alchemist
    Wax - 100 Jewels
    Ethanol - 100 Jewels
    Water - 50 Jewels
    Root - 60 Jewels
    Brimstone - 150 Gold
    Ethanol - 60 Gold
    Wax - 60 Gold
    Iron - 120 Gold
    Acorn - 120 Gold
    Crystal - 80 Gold
    Ash - 60 Gold
    Fire Power Alchemist (Only temporary)
    Feather - 1000 Gold
    Acorn - 120 Gold
    Iron - 120 Gold
    Brimstone - 150 Gold
    One Up Alchemist
    Mushroom - 300 Gold
    Ethanol - 100 Gold
    Iron - 180 Gold
    Oil - 80 GOld
    Feather - 1000 Gold
    Roots - 80 Gold
    Acorn - 120 Gold
    Ash - 60 Gold
    Ethanol - 100 Gold
    Brimstone - 160 Gold
    Iron - 180 Gold
    Regrowth Alchemist
    Acorn - 100 Gold
    Wax - 80 Gold
    Clay - 60 Gold
    Water - 50 Gold
    (After defeating Mungola)
    Acorn - 50 Gold
    Clay - 30 Gold
    Ash - 50 Gold
    Root - 80 Gold
    Mushroom - 250 Gold
    Water - 40 Gold
    Chessboard Alchemist
    Grease - 80 Gold
    Crystal - 160 Gold
    Iron - 150 Gold
    Wax - 100 Gold
    Early Omnitopia Shop
    Gunpowder - 3000 Credits
    Feather - 2000 Credits
    Root - 160 Credits
    Oil - 160 Credits
    Ethanol - 200 Credits
    Iron  - 360 Credits
    Mushroom - 600 Credits
    Meteorites can be purchased from the Mad Monk in Crustacia.
    +=======================           5b. Trading          ======================+
    * = Cheapest Price
    Rice @
    -3 Jewels apiece*
    -6 Jewels apiece
    -9 Jewels apiece
    Spice @
    -20 Jewels appiece
    -4x Rice* or 4x Ceramic Pots
    -2x Beads or 3x Ceramic Pots
    Fish @ (Isn't a trading item)
    -30 Jewels apiece
    Beads @
    -10 Jewels
    -12 Jewels
    -2x Rice and 3 Jewels*
    Chickens @
    -1x Spice & 2x Rice
    Perfume @
    -3x Spice
    Tapestry @
    -3x Beads
    Ceramic Pots @
    -2x Rice (Gives off Chocobo Egg sometimes)
    Jeweled Scarab @
    1x Spice and 2x Perfume
    Limestone Tablet @
    4x Spice and 2x Beads
    Annihilation Amulet @
    -30x Rice
    Silver Sheath @
    -Armor Polish & 75 Jewels
    Armor Polish @
    -Silver Sheath & 75 Jewels
    Stone Vest @
    -Jeweled Scarab
    Centurion Cape @
    -Jade Disk
    Ruby Heart @
    -Moxa Stick OR Jeweled Scarab, Limestone Tablet, & Golden Jackal
    Obsidian Helmet @
    -30x Spice
    Centurion Helmet @
    10x Spice & Golden Jackal
    Silver Sheath @ (Useless, as the effect's with you all game)
    -Golden Jackal & 10x Spice or a Sun Stone
    Bronze Gauntlet @
    -Souvenir Spoon & 2x Tapestries
    Gloves of Ra @
    -Moxa Stick
    Mana Knight at;
    for some last minute HP information that I added.
    Questions? Comments? Compliments? Contributions? My contact info is as such;
    Email: yamishuryou AT gmail DOT com
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