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    Pro Action Replay Codes by flamingspinach

    Version: 1.11 | Updated: 08/17/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    (see? 79 chars!)
       ZSNES/PAR codes for                                                         
       Secret of Evermore                                                          
       Engineered by flamingspinach – http://genesisreality.dyndns.org/            
    This file has actually not been adapted from the readme for a .CHT file 
    submission to Zophar’s Domain (http://www.zophar.net/), since I have decided to 
    keep my PAR codes on GameFAQs only from now on (that is, with any more PAR code 
    lists I create). As before, however, all these codes have been engineered by 
    me, flamingspinach, and are not supported by the makers of the game (namely, 
    Squaresoft USA). This just might be the most extensive codeset I’ve ever 
    published – though that’s probably because SoE is the first RPG I’ve written a 
    PAR FAQ for – RPGs tend to have a multitude of codes because of their stats-
    based engines. Anyway, I’ll add new codes whenever I can – see the “Codes 
    Planned for Later Updates” section. Appropriately, I’m following GameFAQs 
    convention in keeping this document at 79 characters wide (proof is at the top 
    :) ). All codes’s names are kept to 18 characters, in accordance with ZSNES’s 
    character limit for entering PAR code names. <UPDATE version=“1.1”> I’m now 
    using a fake HTML tag (I guess you could call it a user-defined XML tag in a 
    text document LOL) to show where I’ve added updates to text in my guides. Like, 
    for instance, how this text was added in version 1.1. The UPDATE tag has one 
    parameter, version, which specifies which version of the file the text was 
    added in. </UPDATE>
          Code Table                                                               
    NOTE: Since there are so many codes, I’ve split them up into various sections. 
    They are:
    - Infinite HP Codes
    - Boy’s Maximum Stats Codes
    - Dog’s Maximum Stats Codes
    - Money Codes
    - “Have” Codes for Charms, Key Items, Weapons, and Alchemy Formulas
    - “Have” Codes for Boy’s Armor
    - “Have” Codes for Dog’s Armor
    - Infinite Ammunition Codes
    - Quick Weapon Level Up Codes
    - Quick Alchemy Level Up Codes
    - Infinite Alchemy Ingredient Codes
    - Infinite Item Codes
    - Infinite Market Trading Item Codes
    - Dog Morphing Codes
    - Boss Killing / Weakening Codes
    - Miscellaneous Codes
    NOTE: Happily, most these PAR codes can all be left on at all times because 
    they’re what I like to call “non-invasive”. Hee hee, RPGs are easy to modify 
    without breaking them. :)
    <UPDATE version=“1.1”> IMPORTANT NOTE: However, one or more of these codes is 
    doing something strange... one I know of – that is, INF MUD PEPPERS allows you 
    to skip the swamp and the boss Salabog, as well as your first meeting with 
    Blimp, because you already have 99 of what Blimp is supposed to give you your 
    first and only. Another problem I’ve noticed is that once you enter the world 
    of Antiqua, the first time you go to a different screen, your dog appears, even 
    though he’s supposed to be lost, and when you talk to Blimp it’s as if you’ve 
    already completed the quest to go to Nobilia and get your dog... You never get 
    to see the cutscene with the new leader of Nobilia in the palace either. o_O I 
    haven’t isolated the cause of this yet, so just turn off all codes relating to 
    the dog right before you defeat (or get rid of with a code :D) Magmar in the 
    volcano. Turn them back on once you get the dog. <UPDATE version=“1.1”> It 
    seems you can get the small scene with the dog as well as the conversation with 
    Blimp by falling of the cliff North of Blimp’s new hut. You fall off, and he 
    asks you if you’re okay, and then the scripted conversation starts, and then 
    you get the dog scene! Yay! Still have to find the problem though. <UPDATE 
    version=“1.1”> Whoa, another problem – seems that soon after the dog enters the 
    “dog maze” underground in Ivor Tower, the boy appears! o_O Here’s the 
    “alternate” method of beating the dog maze with this added complication (wow, a 
    walkthrough in a PAR codelist! o_O):
          1)  You start out with the chef chasing you down a vent.
          2)  Go left until you hit a wall.
          3)  Go up until you hit a wall.
          4)  Go left until you hit a wall.
          5)  Go up until you hit a wall.
          6)  Go left until you hit a wall.
          7)  Go up into the vent.
          8)  Walk out the door to your left.
          9)  Walk back into the door you just came out of. The boy should be 
                following you now. o_O
          10) Walk right, out the swinging door, and cross the corridor into what 
                appears to be another door on the other side of the red carpet.
          11) You’re now on a flight of stairs. Walk down the stairs and turn south 
          12) Go down until the carpet makes a T-intersection.
          13) Go right until you see an open doorway north (upwards) of you. No, 
                it’s not the opening with two suits of armor and a banner around 
                it. Keep going right until you see an actual doorway. There’s a 
                suit of armor on the left side of the door but not the right. Go up 
                into that room.
          14) You’ll see a table. Walk to the left of the table, into the adjoining 
          15) The dog will now make a break for it towards the vent. The boy will 
                say, “Hey, [dog’s name]!! Where are you going? Come back here!!”. 
                The dog will go into the vent. (Is this a hidden dialogue!? Or... 
                is there a way, after the dog maze, to come back and get the 
                Queen’s Key from the old lady? I bet the second one. LOL)
          16) Simply jump back up the vent, into the room. Woo, convenient. :D The 
                boy will just stand there, since he’s not really supposed to be in 
                the cutscene – in fact, in the next scene, he’s sitting at the 
                dinner table with the Queen’s evil twin! o_O Scary.
    Well, anyway, there you go. I’ll remove this if I ever find a way to fix this 
    “problem”, though I personally consider it a blessing... always hated that dog 
    maze... LOL </UPDATE> </UPDATE> </UPDATE>
    1)   7E4EB3E7 INF HP BOY
    2)   7E4EB403 INF HP BOY
    3)   7E4F61E7 INF HP DOG
    4)   7E4F6203 INF HP DOG
    5)   7E0A3FFF MAX ATK BOY
    6)   7E0A407F MAX ATK BOY
    7)   7E0A41FF MAX DEF BOY
    8)   7E0A427F MAX DEF BOY
    9)   7E0A43FF MAX MDEF BOY
    10)  7E0A447F MAX MDEF BOY
    11)  7E0A4564 MAX EVADE% BOY
    12)  7E0A4600 MAX EVADE% BOY
    13)  7E0A4764 MAX HIT% BOY
    14)  7E0A4800 MAX HIT% BOY
    15)  7E0A89FF MAX ATK DOG
    16)  7E0A8A7F MAX ATK DOG
    17)  7E0A8BFF MAX DEF DOG
    18)  7E0A8C7F MAX DEF DOG
    19)  7E0A8DFF MAX MDEF DOG
    20)  7E0A8E7F MAX MDEF DOG
    21)  7E0A8F64 MAX EVADE% DOG
    22)  7E0A9000 MAX EVADE% DOG
    23)  7E0A9164 MAX HIT% DOG
    24)  7E0A9200 MAX HIT% DOG
    25)  7E0AC67F INF TALONS
    26)  7E0AC796 INF TALONS
    27)  7E0AC898 INF TALONS
    28)  7E0AC97F INF JEWELS
    29)  7E0ACA96 INF JEWELS
    30)  7E0ACB98 INF JEWELS
    32)  7E0ACD96 INF GOLD COINS
    33)  7E0ACE98 INF GOLD COINS
    35)  7E0AD096 INF CREDITS
    36)  7E0AD198 INF CREDITS
    37)  7E2261E0 HAVE ALL CHARMS
    38)  7E2262FF HAVE ALL CHARMS
    39)  7E226307 HAVE ALL CHARMS
    40)  7E22643E HAVE ALL KEY ITEMS
    41)  7E2258FF HAVE ALL ALCHEMY
    42)  7E2259FF HAVE ALL ALCHEMY
    48)  7E231D01 HAVE GRASS VEST
    49)  7E231E01 HAVE SHELL PLATE
    50)  7E231F01 HAVE DINO SKIN
    51)  7E232001 HAVE BRONZE ARMOR
    52)  7E232101 HAVE STONE ARMOR
    53)  7E232201 HAVE C. CAPE
    54)  7E232301 HAVE SILVER MAIL
    55)  7E232401 HAVE G. P. VEST
    56)  7E232501 HAVE SHINING ARMOR
    57)  7E232601 HAVE MAGMA MAIL
    58)  7E232701 HAVE TITANIUM VEST
    59)  7E232801 HAVE VIRTUAL VEST
    60)  7E232901 HAVE GRASS HAT
    61)  7E232A01 HAVE SHELL HAT
    62)  7E232B01 HAVE DINO HELM
    63)  7E232C01 HAVE BRONZE HELM
    64)  7E232D01 HAVE OBSIDIAN HELM
    65)  7E232E01 HAVE C. HELM
    66)  7E232F01 HAVE TITAN’S CROWN
    67)  7E233001 HAVE DRAGON HELM
    68)  7E233101 HAVE KNIGHT’S HELM
    69)  7E233201 HAVE L. HELM
    70)  7E233301 HAVE OLD RELIABLE
    71)  7E233401 HAVE BRAINSTORM
    72)  7E233501 HAVE VINE BRACELET
    73)  7E233601 HAVE MAMMOTH GUARD
    74)  7E233701 HAVE CLAW GUARD
    75)  7E233801 HAVE S. BRACER
    76)  7E233901 HAVE B. GAUNTLET
    77)  7E233A01 HAVE GLOVES OF RA
    78)  7E233B01 HAVE IRON BRACER
    79)  7E233C01 HAVE M.’S RING
    80)  7E233D01 HAVE DRAGON CLAW
    81)  7E233E01 HAVE CYBERGLOVE
    82)  7E233F01 HAVE P. RING
    83)  7E234001 HAVE VIRTUAL GLOVE
    84)  7E234101 HAVE L. COLLAR
    85)  7E234201 HAVE SPIKY COLLAR
    86)  7E234301 HAVE D. COLLAR
    87)  7E234401 HAVE SPOT’S COLLAR
    88)  7E234501 INF THUNDER BALL
    89)  7E234601 INF PARTICLE BOMB
    90)  7E234701 INF CRYO-BLAST
    91)  7E0ADFFF MAX % B. CRUSHER
    92)  7E0AE1FF MAX % G. SWORD
    93)  7E0AE3FF MAX % C. SWORD
    94)  7E0AE5FF MAX % N. BLADE
    95)  7E0AE7FF MAX % S. CLAW
    96)  7E0AE9FF MAX % B. AXE
    97)  7E0AEBFF MAX % K. BASHER
    98)  7E0AEDFF MAX % A. SMASHER
    99)  7E0AEFFF MAX % H. SPEAR
    100) 7E0AF1FF MAX % B. SPEAR
    101) 7E0AF3FF MAX % LANCE
    102) 7E0AF5FF MAX % L. LANCE
    103) 7E0B07FF MAX % DOG WEAPON
    104) 7E2F5263 MAX % ACID RAIN
    105) 7E2F5463 MAX % ATLAS
    106) 7E2F5663 MAX % BARRIER
    107) 7E2F5863 MAX % CALL UP
    108) 7E2F5A63 MAX % CORROSION
    109) 7E2F5C63 MAX % CRUSH
    110) 7E2F5E63 MAX % CURE
    111) 7E2F6063 MAX % DEFEND
    112) 7E2F6263 MAX % DBL DRAIN
    113) 7E2F6463 MAX % DRAIN
    114) 7E2F6663 MAX % ENERGIZE
    115) 7E2F6863 MAX % ESCAPE
    116) 7E2F6A63 MAX % EXPLOSION
    117) 7E2F6C63 MAX % FIREBALL
    118) 7E2F6E63 MAX % FIRE POWER
    119) 7E2F7063 MAX % FLASH
    120) 7E2F7263 MAX % FORCE FIELD
    121) 7E2F7463 MAX % HARDBALL
    122) 7E2F7663 MAX % HEAL
    123) 7E2F7863 MAX % LANCE
    124) 7E2F7A63 MAX % LASER
    125) 7E2F7C63 MAX % LEVITATE
    126) 7E2F7E63 MAX % L. STORM
    127) 7E2F8063 MAX % MIRACLE CURE
    128) 7E2F8263 MAX % NITRO
    129) 7E2F8463 MAX % ONE UP
    130) 7E2F8663 MAX % REFLECT
    131) 7E2F8863 MAX % REGROWTH
    132) 7E2F8A63 MAX % REVEALER
    133) 7E2F8C63 MAX % REVIVE
    134) 7E2F8E63 MAX % SLOW BURN
    135) 7E2F9063 MAX % SPEED
    136) 7E2F9263 MAX % STING
    137) 7E2F9463 MAX % STOP
    138) 7E2F9663 MAX % SUPER HEAL
    139) 7E231463 INF ACORNS
    140) 7E231363 INF ASH
    141) 7E231263 INF ATLAS AMULETS
    142) 7E231163 INF BONE
    143) 7E231063 INF BRIMSTONE
    144) 7E230F63 INF CLAY
    145) 7E230E63 INF CRYSTAL
    146) 7E230D63 INF DRY ICE
    147) 7E230C63 INF ETHANOL
    148) 7E230B63 INF FEATHERS
    149) 7E230A63 INF GREASE
    150) 7E230963 INF GUNPOWDER
    151) 7E230863 INF IRON
    152) 7E230763 INF LIMESTONE
    153) 7E230663 INF METEORITES
    154) 7E230563 INF MUD PEPPERS
    155) 7E230463 INF MUSHROOMS
    156) 7E230363 INF OIL
    157) 7E230263 INF ROOTS
    158) 7E230163 INF VINEGAR
    159) 7E230063 INF WATER
    160) 7E22FF63 INF WAX
    161) 7E231501 INF PETALS
    162) 7E231601 INF NECTAR
    163) 7E231701 INF HONEY
    164) 7E231801 INF DOG BISCUITS
    165) 7E231901 INF WINGS
    166) 7E231A01 INF ESSENCE
    167) 7E231B01 INF PIXIE DUST
    168) 7E231C01 INF CALL BEADS
    169) 7E251763 INF ANNIH. AMULETS
    170) 7E251963 INF BEADS
    171) 7E251B63 INF CERAMIC POTS
    172) 7E251D63 INF CHICKENS
    173) 7E251F63 INF GOLDEN JACKALS
    174) 7E252163 INF J. SCARABS
    175) 7E252363 INF L. TABLETS
    176) 7E252563 INF PERFUME
    177) 7E252763 INF RICE
    178) 7E252963 INF SPICE
    179) 7E252B63 INF SPOONS
    180) 7E252D63 INF TAPESTRIES
    181) 7E252F63 INF TICKETS
    182) 7E236302 DOG = WOLF
    183) 7E236304 DOG = BONECHASER
    184) 7E236306 DOG = GREYHOUND
    185) 7E236308 DOG = POODLE
    186) 7E23630A DOG = ORIGINAL
    187) 7E23630C DOG = TOASTER
    188) 7E3E0F00 BOSS CODE 1
    189) 7E3E1000 BOSS CODE 1
    190) 7E3E9D00 BOSS CODE 2
    191) 7E3E9E00 BOSS CODE 2
    192) 7E3E9D01 BOSS CODE 3
    193) 7E3E9E00 BOSS CODE 3
    194) 7E3F2B00 BOSS CODE 4
    195) 7E3F2C00 BOSS CODE 4
    196) 7E3FB900 BOSS CODE 5
    197) 7E3FBA00 BOSS CODE 5
    198) 7E404700 BOSS CODE 6
    199) 7E404800 BOSS CODE 6
    200) 7E40D500 BOSS CODE 7
    201) 7E40D600 BOSS CODE 7
    202) 7E416300 BOSS CODE 8
    203) 7E416400 BOSS CODE 8
    204) 7E41F100 BOSS CODE 9
    205) 7E41F200 BOSS CODE 9
    206) 7E427F00 BOSS CODE 10
    207) 7E428000 BOSS CODE 10
    208) 7E430D00 BOSS CODE 11
    209) 7E430E00 BOSS CODE 11
    210) 7E439B00 BOSS CODE 12
    211) 7E439C00 BOSS CODE 12
    212) 7E45D300 BOSS CODE 13
    213) 7E45D400 BOSS CODE 13
    214) 7E4B5F00 BOSS CODE 14
    215) 7E4B6000 BOSS CODE 14
    216) 7E4D9700 BOSS CODE 15
    217) 7E4D9800 BOSS CODE 15
    218) 7E4E2500 BOSS CODE 16
    219) 7E4E2600 BOSS CODE 16
    220) 7E228AF8 ALL 4 DOORS OPEN
          Code Descriptions                                                        
    1-2) INF HP BOY – Fixes the boy’s HP at 999. Why 999? It looked cool. :) The HP 
             codes were, as usual, easy to find, because the current HP of the boy 
             and the dog are shown on the screen in their numerical values at all 
             times. I just searched for it.
    3-4) INF HP DOG – Same as #1-2, except it’s for the dog. See above.
    5-14) MAX {ATK | DEF | MDEF | EVADE% | HIT%} BOY – These are max stats codes 
             for the boy. Simple to find – I just waited for him to level up, made 
             save states before and after, and kept switching between the two and 
             searching for whatever his ATK was at that time. Once I found that 
             value, I guessed the pattern (i.e. DEF, MDEF, EVADE%, and HIT% are 
             stored right after ATK) and filled out the rest of these codes. Don’t 
             worry, I tested them too. :) These codes are pretty awesome, because 
             the boy now has 32767 ATK, DEF, and MDEF, meaning that no matter what, 
             he’ll pretty much never get more than 1 damage from a physical attack, 
             and will pretty much never dish out less than 999 damage with a 
             physical attack. o_O Now that’s good stuff!
    15-24) MAX {ATK | DEF | MDEF | EVADE% | HIT%} DOG – Same as 5-14, except it’s 
             for the dog. See above.
    25-36) INF {TALONS | JEWELS | GOLD COINS | CREDITS} – These are the über-useful 
             Infinite Money codes. I actually had a bit of a hard time finding out 
             what these could be – I tried searching for 4-byte values for Talons 
             early on in the game, and got weird results... I then tried 3-byte 
             values and everything worked out great. :) I guessed the pattern 
             again, and bingo – Jewels, Gold Coins, and Credits are stored right 
             after Talons in memory. Simple.
    37-39) HAVE ALL CHARMS – This one took me a while. (It basically causes you to 
             possess all the possible charms in your pouch in the item menu.) At 
             first I thought that each charm must have a separate byte in memory to 
             store whether or not you have that charm. (This is the norm with most 
             SNES games.) However, I just couldn’t seem to find any such values... 
             so I gave up for a while. Later on I started a new game of SoE as a 
             testing area for codes, and decided it would be cool to get the Jaguar 
             Ring before the guy in the quicksand area east of Fire Eyes’s village 
             gives it to you. In fact, in order to get the Jaguar Ring, you have to 
             buy something from the guy, and anyone using the INF ITEMS codes would 
             find that in itself a bit challenging, given that the default value 
             for turned-off codes is 0x55 (85 in decimal), and the game won’t let 
             you buy any of an item if you have 6 or more of that item... so I 
             hacked a Jaguar Ring code. It was 7E226202, so I thought, “Aha! Here 
             is the byte that is apparently set to 02 if you have the Jaguar Ring 
             and 00 if you don’t! Maybe I’ll look around that area to see if 
             there’s a pattern!” I tried this, and only 7E2261XX did anything, and 
             that only messed up the other charms I had. But later, when I found 
             the HAVE ALL [weapon] codes, I realized that the programmers at Square 
             USA are smarter or more elegant or something in their coding style, 
             because they used bit-masking to specify charms! Now that’s cool. ^^d 
             An explanation: I realized that the 02 in my Jaguar Ring code, in 
             hexadecimal, was actually 00000010 in binary, and that each bit of the 
             byte represented a different charm! Ingenious. It turned out that 
             7E2263XX and 7E2261XX also played a role. Since there are only 14 
             charms but there are 24 bits in the three bytes, 10 bits out of the 24 
             must be useless. But it shouldn’t really matter, unless they were used 
             for something else, which would be a programming practice almost 
             heinous in its overzeal for conserving memory. @_@ Which they weren’t, 
             since the game doesn’t crash and I notice no ill effects. :) Come to 
             think of it, these codes plus the INF [trade item] codes completely 
             eliminate all need for trading of any sort! MUA HA! LOL <UPDATE 
             version=“1.1”> Well, looks like there actually were a few ill effects 
             of the unaccounted-for bits. I fixed them by painstakingly trying each 
             and every bit separately to see if it turned on/off a charm or not. 
    40) HAVE ALL KEY ITEMS – <UPDATE version=“1.1”> This code is EVIL, I tell you! 
             It seems to screw up everything... o_O I wouldn’t use it at all if I 
             were you. Why? Because it causes you to have the Energy Core before 
             you go to Omnitopia, which means when you talk to Tinker, even though 
             you have all the items he needs to build his rocket, he thinks you’ve 
             already gone to Omnitopia, and have come back for the Energy Core and 
             have gotten it, and are about to fly back to Omnitopia in the escape 
             pod. However, you only have the Wind Walker, which means you’ll never 
             be able to get to Omnitopia! >.< The one solution to this problem is 
             Thank you. @_@ But anyway, as to what it does – it gives you all the 
             items key to the storyline, which is why it messes up things. Since 
             you were never meant to have all the key items at once, one item will 
             overflow and some weird text will overlap the upper left corner of the 
             “Charms” menu in the Pouch. But don’t worry about that, I’m more 
             concerned about the storyline! O_O Here is a bit-mapping of 7E2264:
                ABCD EFGH = 7E2264??
                - A: Does nothing, as far as I know. I’d leave it alone.
                - B: Does nothing, as far as I know. I’d leave it alone.
                - C: 1 = Have Energy Core, 0 = Don’t have Energy Core.
                - D: 1 = Have Queen’s Key, 0 = Don’t have Queen’s Key. (as far as I 
                      know, this one is safe to use, and plus it’s really useful)
                - E: 1 = Have Wheel, 0 = Don’t have Wheel.
                - F: 1 = Have Gauge, 0 = Don’t have Gauge.
                - G: 1 = Have Diamond Eyes, 0 = Don’t have Diamond Eyes. (note, 
                      this is one item representing two Diamond Eyes.)
                - H: 1 = Have Diamond Eye, 0 = Don’t have Diamond Eye. (note, this 
                      is one item representing one Diamond Eye. Notice that you 
                      shouldn’t have both H and G set to 1 at the same time, since 
                      you either have no Diamond Eyes (G = 0, H = 0), one Diamond 
                      Eye (G = 0, H = 1), or both Diamond Eyes (G = 1, H = 0). 
                      Having both Diamond Eyes AND one Diamond Eye doesn’t make 
             If you don’t understand what the above means in the least, here’s an 
             explanation. Every PAR code is made up of 8 hexadecimal digits (0, 1, 
             2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A (10), B (11), C (12), D (13), E (14), or F 
             (15)). The first 6 hex digits represent where in memory the value is 
             (in this case, 7E2264). The last two hex digits represent the value. 
             Since there are 16 digits in the hexadecimal number system, instead of 
             having a ones place, a tens place, a hundreds place, etc., it has a 
             ones place, a sixteens place, a 256 place, a 4096 place, etc. 
             Likewise, the _binary_ number system has two digits (0 and 1) and so 
             has a ones place, a twos place, a fours place, etc. Each hex digit can 
             therefore be broken down into a four-digit binary number, because the 
             highest digit in hex (F) equals the highest four-digit binary number 
             (1111), both of which equal 15 in our counting system. Anyway, the 
             “bit-masking” system that SoE uses in many things, including 
             possession of weapons, charms, and alchemical formulas, works by using 
             1 binary digit, or bit (BInary digiT = BIT), per item / formula / 
             charm / whatever. So, I broke down 7E2264 into its 8 bits (4 per hex 
             digit of the value, and there’s 2 hex digits in the value), and 
             described what each bit does. Now you can make up a configuration of 
             these bits by writing down an 8-digit binary number based on the list 
             above, and then converting each half into a hex digit, and then 
             sticking those digits together to make your own code with whichever 
             key items you want and without whichever ones you don’t want. Useful, 
             eh? :) As to how I found this code, well, I did the same thing I did 
             for the HAVE ALL CHARMS codes, so take a look at that description, 
             above. </UPDATE>
    41-45) HAVE ALL ALCHEMY – This code, quite simply, causes you to have all 
             possible alchemical formulas available in the Formula Equip menu that 
             you get when you talk to alchemists. It doesn’t allow you to have all 
             formulas equipped at once, however. This was also somewhat hard to 
             find, until I figured out about the common use of bit-masking in this 
             game. Then it was easy :) First I searched for values that changed 
             when I got the Hardball formula in the Bugmuck swamp. Then I set that 
             value to FF (being wise to the tricks employed in storing the 
             possession of weapons) and looked at what happened to the Formula 
             Equip menu. I saw that a certain alphabetic range (usefully, 
             everything seems to be stored in alphabetic or reverse alphabetic 
             order in SoE – probably because it was originally written in English, 
             unlike many SNES games (not that that’s better or worse! LOL)) of 
             alchemical formulas had suddenly appeared! Since I had a list of 
             formulas from Iron Knuckle’s excellent SoE FAQ, I figured out which 
             bytes thereabouts contained the flags for the various formulas, and 
             set them all to FF. Simple! :) NOTE: Be careful, don’t use special 
             formulas like Revealer before you’re supposed to get them, or you may 
             find yourself screwing up the plot. NOTE: The alchemical formula 
             “Laser” is an extra formula that isn’t actually available in the 
             game. Its description says that it halves the target’s HP, but 
             actually it’s just a super-weak version of Acid Rain, and looks 
             nothing like a laser. LOL
    46-47) HAVE ALL WEAPONS – This code sets flags so that you possess all the 
             weapons in the game. Useful, no? This is where I first figured out 
             that the SoE programmers were using bit-masking for “existence 
             markers” (see explanation in #37-39). NOTE: Be careful, when using 
             this code, to not skip over parts of the storyline of the game! 
             Getting some of the weapons are major turning points in the game 
             (especially the Bronze Axe, Knight Basher and Bronze Spear), and since 
             you’ll now have them ahead of time, you might skip ahead in the game 
             by mistake (e.g. going to Gomi’s Tower before doing the whole Ebon 
             Keep quest).
             MAIL | TITANIUM VEST | VIRTUAL VEST} – These codes set values so that 
             you have 1 of every possible type of armor (for the Boy). I found 
             them, of course, by searching for values that changed when I got the 
             Dino Skin, and then extrapolating around that location, looking for a 
             pattern. Later on, when I discovered the HAVE ALL WEAPONS codes, I 
             wondered why these codes weren’t bit-masked too; then I realized 
             that’s because you can have more than one of each armor, so the game 
             sets aside a whole byte for you to specify exactly how many of each 
             armor you have! O_O I kept the numbers down to 1, though, for our 
             mutual convenience. This code seems pretty useless, though, I have to 
             admit, when confronted by the Boy’s Stats codes, #5-14. Since his 
             stats are at their absolute maximum, no armor or weapons can ever 
             increase or decrease his attack power... o_O
             | OLD RELIABLE | BRAINSTORM} – Same as #47-58, except using the 
             Headgear ring menu instead of the Armor ring menu, and giving you all 
             helmets instead of all armor. I found it by just continuing the 
             pattern from above. Didn’t even need to search. :) See above.
             CYBERGLOVE | P. RING | VIRTUAL GLOVE} – Same as #47-58 and #59-70, 
             except with armbands/rings (usually known as the “accessories” 
             category in most RPGs). Found simply by continuing the pattern from 
             #47-58 and #59-70. See above.
    84-87) HAVE {L. | SPIKY | D. | SPOT’S} COLLAR – These codes give the dog all 
             possible collars to wear. (Wow, why does he need more than one!? LOL) 
             Found also by following the insanely lucky trail of PAR codes that 
             began with #47. Somehow, collars increase the dog’s defense. Why? I 
             have no idea... o_O
    88-90) INF {THUNDER BALL | PARTICLE BOMB | CRYO-BLAST} – These codes give the 
             boy’s bazooka infinite ammunition with all three types of projectile. 
             Found once again by mining the incredibly rich vein of codes that 
             started with #47. Unfortunately I hit a dead end here. LOL
    91-102) MAX % {B. CRUSHER | G. SWORD | C. SWORD | N. BLADE | S. CLAW | B. AXE | 
             K. BASHER | A. SMASHER | H. SPEAR | B. SPEAR | LANCE | L. LANCE} – 
             These are the fun-to-use MAX % codes for the boy’s weapons. Basically 
             what they do is this: In SoE, weapons and alchemical formulas level up 
             just like the boy and the dog. Weapons require 100 kills and formulas 
             require 100 uses in order to level up. When weapons level up, they 
             gain the ability to be charged up longer by holding B. When formulas 
             level up, they do more damage or heal more effectively. What the MAX % 
             codes do (both for weapons and formulas) is to set the number of 
             kills/number of uses to 99 so that every time you kill an enemy with a 
             weapon or use an alchemical formula, it reaches 100 for a split second 
             and levels up. Cool, no? It’s fun to use too. :) Now these ones were a 
             bit strangely coded, and didn’t seem logical at all. When the kill 
             count shown in the Weapons Level menu went up, so did these values, 
             but the values would go up by 4 or 2 (depending on the weapon) when 
             the kill count went up by 1. Also, they didn’t even converge at zero! 
             Strange, no? Because of this I didn’t find anything when searching for 
             exact values, so I took some more time and searched comparatively. 
             Simple. (ish.) NOTE: Weapons can only go up to Level 3, and no 
             further. No, the code didn’t stop working! LOL
    103) MAX % DOG WEAPON – Believe it or not, the game considers the dog itself to 
             be a weapon. Most people never even notice because they either set the 
             dog all the way to “search” and not “fight”, or because they always 
             kill enemies before the dog gets to them. However, the dog’s attack 
             power will increase every time he kills 100 enemies (which didn’t 
             actually happen to me until Gothica LOL), and so is similar to a 
             weapon in that way. So I made a code to make him level up more 
             quickly! :) Simple. NOTE: The dog can also only level up to Level 3. 
             Don’t expect any more than that. LOL
             STOP | SUPER HEAL} – Yep, these are the MAX % codes for alchemical 
             formulas! Sweet, no? Once you’ve turned on these codes, simply use any 
             formula nine times and it will be at Level 9! They work in the same 
             way as #90-101 and #102. However, they were a LOT easier to find, 
             thanks to the fact that _these_ codes actually do reflect the exact 
             number of uses of the formula, and so I could search for exact values 
             (which I did). NOTE: The alchemical formula “Laser” is an extra 
             formula that isn’t actually available in the game. Its description 
             says that it halves the target’s HP, but actually it’s just a super-
             weak version of Acid Rain, and looks nothing like a laser. LOL
             | WAX} – These codes just cause you to possess 99 units of every 
             single alchemical ingredient available in the game. This way, you’ll 
             never run out of ingredients for formulas (yes, even the Atlas formula 
             LOL)! They were supremely easy to find – I just searched for values 
             that changed when I got ash from the fires in Fire Eyes’s village, 
             then extrapolated around the resulting value to get the rest. 
             Strangely, these are in _reverse_ alphabetical order, which is 
             different from all the other 1:1 (as opposed to bit-masked) item 
             storage values. Anyway, no matter. They work. :)
             DUST | CALL BEADS} – These codes simply provide you with 6 of every 
             normal item (which is the maximum you’re usually allowed to buy in the 
             game). Most of these are pretty useless, since most of these items are 
             simply healing items (which are unnecessary once you have the INF HP 
             codes). Wings is replaceable with the Escape formula, and I don’t even 
             know what Pixie Dust does (shows how important that is @_@). However, 
             infinite Call Beads is an incredibly useful thing. :) Hence these 
             TAPESTRIES | TICKETS} – These codes give you 99 of all possible 
             trading items you can buy or barter for/with at Nobilia and the Ivor 
             Tower/Ebon Keep area. Now you don’t even need to trade, because you 
             have everything! ^^
             <UPDATE version=“1.1”> This is a cool code! ^^ It was one of my “codes 
             planned for later updates” in version 1.0. And now it’s here! It’s not 
             very consistent though, and doesn’t work in some areas... but what the 
             heck. Oh yeah, it also causes the music to get messed up when the dog 
             gets attacked, especially with the DOG = TOASTER code. Watch out for 
             that too. Anyway, an explanation: DOG = WOLF means your dog will look 
             and move like the wolf from Prehistoria. DOG = BONECHASER is awesome – 
             it turns your dog into the form it was in for a split second near the 
             beginning of the game when it ran and fetched the Bone Crusher for 
             you. Remember that? Why the hell is that an actual programmed, 
             playable form of the dog!? Why didn’t they just use a static 
             animation? o_O Well, anyway, it’s good that they did, because this dog 
             always runs, without getting fatigued! You can’t even make him walk if 
             you try! :) Apart from that, and the fact that when you walk left, the 
             Bone Crusher magically appears in his mouth, and when you walk in any 
             other direction it magically disappears, DOG = BONECHASER is the same 
             as DOG = WOLF. DOG = GREYHOUND turns your dog into the cool-looking 
             greyhound from the Antiqua age. Not much to say here. DOG = POODLE 
             turns your dog into the not-so-cool-looking poodle from the Gothica 
             age. DOG = TOASTER, which turns your dog into the futuristic robotic 
             toaster-dog of Omnitopia, is my favorite out of these codes, even 
             though it causes weird music effects. Why? The Toaster Dog can run 
             forever with A, plus he has a long-range attack which is very 
             powerful! Of course, I use the dog stats codes too, but... LOL :) BTW, 
             a way to avoid the music corruption caused by your dog being attacked 
             is pretty simple – cast Aura on him! :) </UPDATE>
    188-219) BOSS CODE {1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 
    | 15 | 16} – <UPDATE version=“1.1”> Well well, the good old Boss Codes. I hate 
             making boss codes, they’re boring and force me to replay the game. LOL 
             Anyway, here they are, they should be all correct. I did some number 
             switching though, to keep them in numerical order in terms of the 
             codes. Sorry if I made a typo or two in the list following; I got 3 
             hours of sleep last night. If a code doesn’t work, try using one of 
             the other Boss Codes, the right one WILL be in there somewhere. o_O 
             Anyway, here’s the way bosses work in SoE. It seems there is a certain 
             range of values in memory which are used to store the HP of random 
             enemies that appear. With normal enemies, SoE seems to use dynamic 
             allocation (meaning that the code for a particular monster in, say, 
             the Black Forest, will always be different each time you go into that 
             room). However, for bosses, there seem to be certain values set aside 
             only for those bosses (luckily), so I set them all to zero and made it 
             my Boss Code List. :) Then I tested each one for quirks for you to 
             watch out for. Here’s the table of bosses and what code to use:
                Boss:                      Code to use on it:
                Thraxx’s Heart ----------- BOSS CODE 4
                Salabog ------------------ BOSS CODE 2[*2]
                Magmar ------------------- BOSS CODE 5[*3]
                Vigor the Indestructible - BOSS CODE 3[*4]
                Mini-Taur ---------------- BOSS CODE 1
                Megataur ----------------- BOSS CODE 1[*3]
                Son of Anhur #1 ---------- BOSS CODE 14
                Son of Anhur #2 ---------- BOSS CODE 16
                Eye of Rimsala ----------- BOSS CODE 1
                Rogue #1-2 --------------- N/A[*]
                Aegis -------------------- BOSS CODE 15
                Aquagoth ----------------- BOSS CODE 6
                FootKnight --------------- BOSS CODE 15
                Bad Boy #1 --------------- BOSS CODE 8
                Bad Boy #2 --------------- BOSS CODE 9
                Bad Boy #3 --------------- BOSS CODE 10
                Timberdrake -------------- BOSS CODE 1
                Verminator --------------- BOSS CODE 10
                Sterling ----------------- BOSS CODE 1[*5]
                Mephista #1 -------------- BOSS CODE 5[*7]
                Old Nick #1 -------------- BOSS CODE 4[*7]
                Mephista #2-? ------------ N/A[*][*6][*7]
                Old Nick #2-? ------------ N/A[*][*6][*7]
                Mungola ------------------ BOSS CODE 13[*7]
                Coleoptera’s Right Claw -- BOSS CODE 1
                Coleoptera’s Left Claw --- BOSS CODE 2
                Coleoptera’s Heart ------- BOSS CODE 4
                Face #1 ------------------ ?[*8]
                Face #2 ------------------ ?[*8]
    --- Final Battle ---
                Speaker #1 --------------- BOSS CODE 1
                Fan #1 ------------------- BOSS CODE 2
                Speaker #2 --------------- BOSS CODE 4
                Fan #2 ------------------- BOSS CODE 5
                Fan #3 ------------------- BOSS CODE 6
                Speaker #3 --------------- BOSS CODE 7
                Fan #4 ------------------- BOSS CODE 8
                Speaker #4 --------------- BOSS CODE 9
                Mecha-Raptor #1-6 -------- N/A[*]
                Death Spider #1-? -------- N/A[*]
                Rimsala #1-3 ------------- N/A[*]
                Bad Boy #4 --------------- BOSS CODE 11
                Bad Dawg ----------------- BOSS CODE 12
                Mecha-Magmar ------------- BOSS CODE 5[*3]
                Carltron’s Robot --------- BOSS CODE 6
             [*]: This boss or miniboss doesn’t have a code because it’s just a 
                normal enemy that was thrown into a boss fight. This means that its 
                HP count is dynamically allocated just like any other enemy and 
                cannot be set by a PAR code.
             [*2]: Salabog’s HP counter is somewhat strange. You have to turn on 
                his Boss Code before you enter the place where you’re going to 
                fight him. For all the other bosses, just turn it on when they’re 
                onscreen. Remember to do this, otherwise when you turn on the code, 
                Salabog won’t die, he’ll just stand there and be impervious to your 
                attacks forever.
             [*3]: These bosses, all variants of Magmar, have a certain property – 
                they all go offscreen from time to time. If you turn on the boss 
                code for them when they’re not standing on the ground, it won’t 
                work at all and you’ll be stuck with no boss to defeat, trapped in 
                the boss room! O_O HELP! :)
             [*4]: Vigor the Indestructible, curiously enough, literally _is_ 
                indestructible by PAR codes. So, I made Boss Code 3, a variant of 
                Boss Code 2, just so that Vigor would be down to 1 HP. You can 
                finish him off yourself. However, you should turn the code off 
                again once he starts exploding. Otherwise, an afterimage of him 
                will stay on the screen during the cutscene later on, which could 
                be annoying.
             [*5]: For some reason, the game will sometimes freeze when you use a 
                Boss Code on Sterling. Probably because you’re not supposed to 
                actually kill him, and it’s a scripted battle. Anyhow, 
                programmatically, you still have to lower his HP to 0... o_O 
                Anyway, just beware. If you’re using an emulator, make a save state 
                before turning on the code. Just to be safe. It seems to be safer 
                to turn on the code after Sterling has just grabbed you and is 
                about to drop you, though, if that helps.
             [*6]: Strangely, after you beat Mephista and Old Nick the first time 
                through, and Mungola appears, Mephista and Old Nick suddenly start 
                being dynamically allocated like common enemies... o_O PAR can’t 
                help you now. Oh well, now that Mungola has appeared just use the 
                Boss Code on him and Mephista and Old Nick will die too. :)
             [*7]: Mephista, Old Nick, and Mungola will sometimes freeze the game 
                for no apparent reason when you use Boss Codes on them. There’s no 
                cure. Thankfully, this is much rarer than freezing caused by 
             [*8]: Sorry, but I have no boss codes for the secret bosses in 
                Omnitopia (the ones you get by disabling the alarms after killing 
                all ten security robots), because I don’t want to go through 
                another game of SoE just to get to that point... o_O If you have a 
                ZSNES savestate from right before the room with these bosses, and 
                you send it to me, I’ll try to get codes, but otherwise, you 
                probably won’t see any... (see Iron Knuckle’s excellent SoE FAQ on 
                how to get to these bosses if you don’t know what the hell I 
                talking about :) )
             Anyway, that’s all for the boss codes. I found them, of course, by 
             searching comparatively for 2-byte values, and setting the dog’s 
             attack to 16 so I wouldn’t kill bosses while trying to measure their 
             HP. Simple. Though supremely time-consuming, because I had to beat the 
             game all over again. :) </UPDATE>
    220) ALL 4 DOORS OPEN – This is a simple code. You know how in the Hall of 
             Collosia, there are four doors on the sides, and you need to go into 
             them in order and step on the face switches to move on to the next? 
             Now all four doors are open. Yay! Not that it matters, since you could 
             just use the HAVE ALL WEAPONS code to go straight to the boss... o_O
          Codes Planned for Later Updates                                          
    - A code to keep the stupid energy meter (at the bottom of the screen – you 
             know, the one that has to refill before you can swing a full-powered 
             stroke with your weapon) full! Even better, a code to keep your energy 
             meter / weapon fully triple-charged at all times! This is my first 
             priority. Because that energy meter annoys me. <UPDATE version=“1.1”> 
             Actually I decided this would be a bad idea... I in fact found such a 
             code but it froze the game with the character constantly doing his 
             level 3 attack... o_O Never mind. I’ll just try to find an “Energized 
             forever” code. :) </UPDATE>
    - Warp travel! I.e., make all signal fires point to one location, so that you 
             can take off and land again at the same spot but be transported across 
             the map. Then you can turn off that code and use a different one to go 
             somewhere else! Well, on second thought, this could be a little 
             unwieldy, what with the turning on and off of codes... hmm.
    - Maybe a code to make benign statuses linger longer (especially the Energize 
    - Other stuff that I haven’t thought of yet, maybe. :)
    Any suggestions? Contact me – see the contact section below.
          Version History                                                          
    1.11 - Added Terms of Use, and modified the Contact section.
    1.1  – Found a code for changing the dog, and added it/them. Fixed HAVE ALL 
           CHARMS codes and added a HAVE ALL KEY ITEMS code. Added a bunch of Boss 
           Codes. Added descriptions for all this stuff, as well as info on bugs 
           caused by my codes and how to work around them, especially the skipping 
           of the Dog Maze.
    1.0  – The original code guide.
          Terms of Use                                                             
    Here’s what you need to know about this file, legally speaking. Don’t be 
    offended by the all caps text, please. I fully capitalized it not to seem as if 
    I were shouting at you but rather just to draw attention to it, and to make 
    sure that people actually read it. Thanks to Sayain for pointing out that some 
    people might see it otherwise. :)
    Websites whose owners have explicit, willing consent from me to distribute 
    and/or redistribute this document:
    - http://www.gamefaqs.com/
    Simple enough, no?
    You can contact me, flamingspinach, with questions, comments, suggestions, or
    whatever (no spam please :) ) at:
       AIM:    flamingspinach
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       MSN:    flamiSUPERBLEARYngspinach@@@lycos.com
       ICQ:    214673046
       IRC:    flamingspinach on sorcery.net
       Jabber: flamingspinach on jabber.org (if I can get it to work... o_O)
       Email:  genesDECAFFEINATEDisreality@@@genesisreality.dynVORTEXdns.org
    Some guidelines for talking to me (@_@): Don’t ask me to add you to my buddy 
    list, if you’re the one who contacted me. I won’t do it. After all, the reason 
    I’ve put this contact info up here is so that people can talk to me about my 
    guides, not for lonely people to bombard me with small talk. :) I don’t mind 
    talking to my readers on IM, but this contact section is not a Personals ad. If 
    you talk to me on IM after reading this FAQ, I expect that you want to talk to 
    me about my FAQ. That makes sense, doesn’t it? Thanks.
    Of course, remove the ALL CAPS stuff and extra @'s, they're antispam... à la 
    Slashdot. o_O

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