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    Alchemy FAQ by Xi

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    Secret Of Evermore
    Alchemy FAQ
                                                     / =- Information -= /
    >> Author:   Jeff Decker
    >> Nick:     Xi
    >> Version:  0.9.1
    >> Updated:  Sept 20, 2008
    >> Profile:  http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/11749.html
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    / =- Table Of Contents -= /
    1.0 About
         1.1 Copyright
         1.2 Versions
    2.0 Using Alchemy
         2.1 How do I use it?
         2.2 Obtaining Ingredients
    3.0 Alchemy Information
         3.1 Quick Locations
         3.2 Spell Information
         3.3 Ingredients
    4.0 Credit
         4.1 People To Credit
     / 1.0 About /
    / 1.1 Copyright /
    This document was originally created to be posted at GameFAQs.com, but 
    I have decided to change the license of this work to allow it to be 
    posted on other sites as of September 20, 2008. 
    Except where otherwise noted, content in this document is licensed 
    under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. 
    For more information on this license please visit: 
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    / 1.2 Versions /
    Verson 0.9.1 (Sept 20, 2008
    Changed the copyright license.
    Version 0.9 (July 20, 2002):
    I am getting closer to being done with a full version of the FAQ. I 
    added in the ingredient list and I have started to fill in some 
    information in it. I also added some quick listings of all of the 
    formulas and all of the ingredients.
    Version 0.8 (July 19, 2002):
    All of the more in depth locations are done. I now plan to add some 
    information about ingredients to this FAQ. A list of what ingredients 
    is used by which spells and also a list of where some of the less 
    common ingredients are found. I also plan to add some extra information 
    to the alchemy formula listings.
    Version 0.6 (July 2, 2002):
    I completed the quick location list. I will start working on more 
    descriptions in the alchemy information section. This would include a 
    more complex description on where to get the spells.
    Version 0.5 (June 29, 2002):
    This is an uncompleted version, but most of the information is on here. 
    I plan on adding an ingredients table and where you can find all of the 
    ingredients. Also I will have more information on the alchemy spells 
    (more descriptive locations) and also complete the location list. The 
    FAQ should be a complete version at version 1.0.
    Version 0.1 (June 16, 2002):
    Started writing FAQ.
     / 2.0 Using Alchemy /
    / 2.1 How do I use it? /
    Alchemy is not that hard to use. First you have to obtain the formula. 
    Then you just make sure you have the spell equipped (certain people 
    will let you equip and unequip spells, you can carry up to eight 
    different formulas with you). Then you need to have the ingredients 
    that are in that formula. After that you find the ring that has your 
    alchemy spells in it and you select the spell you want to use and 
    select your target. After that the spell will fly.
    The first spell you probably will get is Flash from Fire Eyes in 
    Prehistoria. The Flash formula calls for 1 part wax and 2 parts oil. So 
    for every 1-part wax and 2 parts oil you have is the number of times 
    you can cast that spell.
    / 2.2 Obtaining Ingredients /
    There are many ways to get ingredients for alchemy spells. One way is 
    using your dog to sniff out ingredients. While you are walking around, 
    you can just find ingredients on the ground. Your dog can sniff out and 
    when your dog keep son sniffing for something and is not moving, then 
    you know that something is there. You can force your dog to sniff 
    around for ingredients by using the "L" or "R" button on the top of the 
    SNES controller.
    Another way to get ingredients is you can purchase them. When you buy 
    ingredients, it costs you money. That is why I don't like to do it that 
    often, especially in the beginning of the game when you don't have a 
    lot of cash. You usually buy ingredients at 5 parts at a time. Usually 
    it will say something like 5 @ Currency. This means that you get 5 
    parts of the ingredient for whatever the price is that they are 
    / 2.3 Level Raising /
    Alchemy spells get stronger every time you use them. You can check out 
    how strong your spells are by going into the ring with the "Stats" 
    "Equip" "Weapon" etc. In there you will see something that says 
    "Alchemy". This will tell you how strong the spells that you have 
    equipped are. It also will show you when you go over to the other 
    screen (hit "R" and "L" to change screens) and see all of the 
    ingredients you have and how many you have of them.
    When your spell is at level 0, it will raise :10 every time you cast 
    it. So after you cast the spell 10 times it will level up to level 1. 
    When you level your spell higher, the effects of that spell will be 
    greater. Hence a level 1 spell would be stronger than the spell at 
    level 0.
    Here is a table that shows you how much your spells will raise at what 
    levels and how many times you have to cast that spell to get it to the 
    next level.
    Level   Raise             Times       Total
    Lv 0    raise :10 ea.     10 times
    Lv 1    raise :05 ea.     20 times     30 total
    Lv 2    raise :04 ea.     25 times     55 total
    Lv 3    raise :03 ea.     34 times     89 total
    Lv 4    raise :02 ea.     50 times    139 total
    Lv 5    raise :02 ea.     50 times    189 total
    Lv 6    raise :01 ea.    100 times    289 total
    Lv 7    raise :01 ea.    100 times    389 total
    Lv 8    raise :01 ea.    100 times    489 total
    Lv 9    raise :01 ea.    100 times    589 total
                          Adjusted total: 567 times*
    * The max is @ 9:98, so you have to take 2 off of the total times, so 
    the adjusted total would be 566 times.
     / 3.0 Alchemy Information /
    / 3.1 Quick Locations /
    This part of the guide just shows you where the locations of all of the 
    Alchemy spells and puts them in order that you normally would get them. 
    This way you wont skip past any and will be able to obtain all of them. 
    Also this these are just short descriptions. For full descriptions, go 
    to section 3.2 Alchemy Information.
    Flash: From Fire Eyes @ beginning
    Hard Ball: Alchemist in tar pits
    Acid Rain: Secret wall on way back to village
    Defender: Secret wall in village
    Cure: Strong Heart @ hut
    Heal: After Viper's battle
    Levitate: Man on top of volcano
    Speed: Volcano Maze (left, down, right/down, right wall)
    Crush: Blimp in cave
    Sting: Alchemist in Desert of Doom
    Revive: Blimp after getting dog back
    Revealer: Alchemist @ Horace's camp
    Escape: After obtaining a Diamond Eye @ Horace camp
    Drain: Smash rock barrier w/ Axe outside Crustacia
    Fireball: Left wall in room where get Bronze Spear
    Double Drain: Same place as Drain after battle in Nobilia
    Lance: Lance's house, go upstairs, do NOT take treasures
    Fire Power: Get key from old lady in vents; give to man in room with
                all of the doors (after corrosion)
    Corrosion: In sewer of Ivor Tower
    One-Up: Dark Forest
    Regrowth: Woman behind house in Ebon Keep
    Slow Burn: Tinker's lab in books
    Explosion: Tinker's lab in books
    Super Heal: Ebon Keep castle; guess correct marbles in Naris's hand
    Lightning Storm: From Gomi on tower
    Miracle Cure: Strong Heart's hut
    Barrier: Horace @ Nobila castle
    Reflex: From robot in junkyard after saving other robot
    Call Up: From Professor
    Nitro: Tinker's lab in book
    Force Field: Have Oracle Bone; guy under chessboard
    Stop: (Same as Force Field)
    Energize: Professor after getting energy core
    / 3.2 Spell Information /
    This is an alphabetical list of all of the spells and all of the 
    information that is attached with them. I am still working on putting 
    the more complex locations on these.
    Here is a quick list of all of the formulas:
    Acid Rain               Atlas
    Barrier                 Call Up
    Corrosion               Crush
    Cure                    Defend
    Double Drain            Drain
    Energize                Escape
    Explosion               Fireball
    Fire Power              Flash
    Force Field             Hard Ball
    Heal                    Lance
    Levitate                Lightning Storm
    Miracle Cure            Nitro
    One-Up                  Reflect
    Regrowth                Revealer
    Revive                  Slow Burn
    Speed                   Sting
    Stop                    Super Heal
    Here is more detailed information:
    Formula: 1 Ash, 3 Water
    Description: Showers enemies with acid
    Place: Prehistoria
    Where: After you beat the first big bug you can find this on the 
    mountain path on the way back to the village. When you are in the 
    screen with the sand pools on it, you go all the way to the top. There 
    is a fall wall on the right side that you can wall through. On the 
    screen to the right you will find an alchemist that will give you the 
    Acid Rain formula.
    Formula: 1 Ash, 1 Atlas Amulet
    Description: Target gets super strength
    Place: Antiqua
    Formula: 1 Limestone, 2 Bone
    Description: Shields target hero
    Place: Antiqua
    Where: When you get back to Antiqua, go to Nobila and go to the castle 
    in that city. Horace will then give you this very useful formula.
    Formula: 1 Meteorite, 1 Dry Ice
    Description: Increments Call Bead max
    Place: Metroplex
    Where: Once you get to A-4 and talk to the Professor, he will give you 
    this formula.
    Formula: 1 Mushroom, 3 Water
    Description: Deadly shower
    Place: Gothica
    Where: There is a man in the sewers in Ivor Tower near the top. If you 
    find him, he will give you the corrosion formula.
    Formula: 1 Limestone, 1 Wax
    Description: Crushes target enemy
    Place: Antiqua
    Where: Get this formula once you get to Antiqua from Blimp. Blimp's 
    cave is right outside the Desert of Doom. You get this formula 
    Formula: 2 Root, 1 Oil
    Description: Dispels states
    Place: Prehistoria
    Where: After saving Strong Heart, leave the village at the bottom exit. 
    Then travel to the right through all of the bushes. You will find 
    Strong Heart's hut and he will give you the Cure formula.
    Formula: 1 Clay, 1 Ash
    Description: Brings up defense
    Place: Prehistoria
    Where: After you save Strong Heart, you can go through the false wall 
    on the left side of the village by the armor shop. There is an 
    alchemist over there that will give you the Defender formula.
    Formula: 2 Ethanol, 1 Vinegar
    Description: Steals enemy HP
    Place: Antiqua
    Where: After you beat the Diamond Eye's statue boss, go to the same 
    place that you got Drain outside of Crustacia. The alchemist will now 
    give you the Double Drain formula.
    Formula: 1 Ethanol, 2 Root
    Description: Steals some enemy HP
    Place: Antiquaj
    Where: Once you have gotten the Bronze Axe from the Great Pyramid, then 
    you can break the barrier that is in front of the cave outside of 
    Crustancia on the left. The alchemist in the cave will give you the 
    Drain formula.
    Formula: 1 Crystal, 1 Iron
    Description: Energizes target hero's attack
    Place: Metroplex
    Where: After you retrieve the energy core the Professor will give you 
    the Energize formula.
    Formula: 1 Wax, 1 Vinegar
    Description: Escape from mazes
    Place: Antiqua
    Where: After getting one Diamond Eye, go back to Horace's camp and talk 
    to Madronius to get this formula.
    Formula: 2 Ethanol, 1 Ash
    Description: Destroys barriers
    Place: Gothica
    Where: When you get to Tinker's lab you can search through the books. 
    You can find this formula in one of them.
    Formula: 1 Brimstone, 1 Ash
    Description: Fiery destruction to target
    Place: Antiqua
    Where: After you defeat the monk that gives you the Bronze Spear in the 
    Hall of Collosia, search around the left wall. There should be a 
    passage near the bottom of it. Follow the passage and you will then 
    have a choice of two paths. Go to the left and follow that around. You 
    will then meet Madronius's brother who will give you the Fireball 
    Formula: 1 Feather, 1 Brimstone
    Description: Damages target enemy
    Place: Gothica
    Where: When you are in the vents as the dog in Ivor Tower you can find 
    an old lady. She is in the screen where you can hear a beeping. When 
    you talk to her she will give you a key. Later when you are going over 
    to Ebon Keep there is the room with all of the doors. With the key you 
    can open the doors. In one of the rooms is a man. If you give him the 
    key he will give you the Fire Power formula.
    Formula: 1 Wax, 2 Oil
    Description: Small fireball
    Place: Prehistoria
    Where: This is the first alchemy formula you get. You get it 
    automatically, so you don't have to go hunting for it. After you talk 
    to "Fire Eyes" in the prehistoric village, she will give this to you 
    before you go to Bugmuck in search of Strong Heart.
    Formula: 1 grease, 1 Iron
    Description: Protects hero from next attack
    Place: Gothica
    Where: When you go underneath the second passage in the chessboard, you 
    can find an alchemist down there. If you have the Oracle Bone, then he 
    will give you this formula.
    Formula: 1 Crystal, 1 Clay
    Description: Target gets beaned
    Place: Prehistoria
    Where: When you get to Bugmuck, there is a cave in the side of the 
    mountain. Inside is an alchemist that will give you the Hard Ball 
    Formula: 1 Root, 1 Water
    Description: Recovers some HP
    Place: Prehistoria
    Where: You will get this spell automatically from an alchemist after 
    you beat the Vipers in the Mammoth Graveyard.
    Formula: 1 Iron, 1 Acorn
    Description: Sharp projectile
    Place: Gothica
    Where: When in the Ivor Tower town go two houses from the Inn. That is 
    Lance's house. Go upstairs, but do not take the contents of the 
    treasure chests and then proceed to go downstairs again. Lance will 
    then stop you and give you his formula for not taking the contents of 
    the chests.
    Formula: 1 Water, 1 Mud Pepper
    Description: Lifts heavy objects
    Place: Prehistoria
    Where: When you are looking for a way in the volcano you find this 
    alchemy spell when you climb up the volcano. To get on top just uncover 
    the secret steam vent and then go through the cave on the right side 
    and then go on the vent on that platform. The guy on the top will give 
    you the Levitate formula.
    Formula: 1 Iron, 2 Ash
    Description: Bolts of lightning
    Place: Gothica
    Where: After defeating the dragon on the top of Gomi's Tower, Gomi will 
    give you this formula.
    Formula: 2 Root, 1 Vinegar
    Description: Dispels states and recovers HP
    Place: Prehistoria
    Where: Once you have the flying machine you can go back to Prehistoria. 
    If you go and visit Strong Heart again he will give you this formula.
    Formula: 1 Gunpowder, 2 Grease
    Description: Big explosion
    Place: Gothica
    Where: When coming back from the Metroplex, search through Tinker's 
    books again and you will find the Nitro formula in one of them.
    Formula: 1 Feather, 1 Root
    Description: Restores target's HP
    Place: Gothica
    Where: You get this in the Dark Forest underneath the chessboard. First 
    make sure to equip "Escape" or have a "Wings" with you before you go 
    into the Dark Forest. This is always an easy way back out if you get 
    terribly lost. Anyway, from the start you go:
    D = down
    R = right
    L = left
    Note: I only separated the characters with a change of direction so 
    they are easier to read.
    You will find an alchemist there and he will give you the One-Up 
    Formula: 2 Grease, 1 Iron
    Description: Reflects magic
    Place: Metroplex
    Where: After you save the robot in A-1, go back down the to junkyard. 
    The robot down there will then give you this formula as a reward.
    Formula: 1 Acorn, 2 Water
    Description: Gradually regenerates hero's HP
    Place: Gothica
    Where: If you search behind the houses in Ebon Keep some of them have 
    entrances behind them. Behind one of the houses is a woman. She will 
    give you the Regrowth formula.
    Formula: 2 Ash, 1 Wax
    Description: Reveals hidden paths
    Place: Antiqua
    Where: The alchemist, Madronius, at Horace's camp will give this to 
    Formula: 3 Root, 1 Bone
    Description: Brings dog back to life
    Place: Antiqua
    Where: Go back and talk to Blimp in his cave outside of the Desert of 
    Doom after you get the dog back. He will give you this formula.
    Formula: 1 Iron, 1 Brimstone
    Description: Gradually drains target's HP
    Place: Gothica
    Where: When you get to Tinker's lab you can search through the books. 
    You can find this formula in one of them.
    Formula: 1 Wax, 2 Water
    Description: Raises target's agility
    Place: Prehistoria
    Where: You find this formula in the volcano when you get to the maze. 
    From the beginning of the maze go:
    Left, down, down (the one on the right)
    Then you can go through the right wall in this room. The alchemist here 
    will give the Speed formula.
    Formula: 2 Water, 1 Vinegar
    Description: Stings target enemy
    Place: Antiqua
    Where: Sting is found in the Desert of Doom. This is one of the hardest 
    spells to find next to the One-Up formula. To find this spell, you 
    start from the bottom of the Desert of Doom and go to the first oasis. 
    Then you travel straight up and get to the next oasis. Now you have to 
    travel nine screens up (the second time there is a weed in the corner 
    and a skeleton at the top) and then go right around four screens. There 
    will be another oasis here with an alchemist. Talk to the alchemist and 
    he will give you the Sting formula. Also if you talk to him using the 
    dog, he will give you the collar for Antiqua (I forgot the name) for 
    the dog.
    Formula: 2 Wax, 1 Crystal
    Description: Halts enemy attack
    Place: Gothica
    Where: When you go underneath the second passage in the chessboard, you 
    can find an alchemist down there. If you have the Oracle Bone, then he 
    will give you this formula.
    Formula: 2 Ethanol, 1 Acorn
    Description: Restores both hero's HP
    Place: Gothica
    Where: When you are leaving Ebon Keep you can find a boy named Naris 
    just left of the dinning room. If you guess the number of marbles in 
    his hand correctly, he will give you this formula. If you get it wrong 
    you can come back later and guess again.
    / 3.3 Ingredients /
    Ingredients are the life of alchemy spells. Here I will list all of the 
    ingredients, the formulas they are used in, and any other information 
    about them that I can think of.
    Here is a quick list of all of the ingredients:
    Acorn                   Ash
    Atlas Amulet            Bone
    Brimstone               Clay
    Crystal                 Dry Ice
    Ethanol                 Feather
    Grease                  Gunpowder
    Iron                    Limestone
    Meteorite               Mud Pepper
    Mushroom                Oil
    Root                    Vinegar
    Water                   Wax
    Here is a more detailed list:
    Used in: Lance, Regrowth, Super Heal
    Used in: Atlas, Defend, Explosion, Fireball, Lightning Storm, Revealer
    Used in: Atlas
    Where: This is a rare ingredient. The only place you can get these is 
    from a guy that is behind some boxes in Nobilia. It is the same guy 
    that will give you the formula.
    Used in: Barrier, Revive
    Used in: Fireball, Fire Power, Slow Burn
    Used in: Defend, Hard Ball
    Used in: Energize, Hard Ball, Stop
    Used in: Call Up
    Used in: Double Drain, Drain, Explosion, Super Heal
    Used in: Fire Power, One-Up
    Used in: Force Field, Nitro, Reflect
    Used in: Nitro
    Used in: Energize, Force Field, Lance, Lightning Storm, Reflect, Slow 
    Used in: Barrier, Crush
    Used in: Call Up
    Used in: Levitate
    Where: In the beginning you can get these from Blimp one at a time. 
    Later in the game you can buy them off of him 5 @ 300 jewels.
    Used in: Corrosion
    Used in: Cure, Flash
    Used in: Cure, Drain, Heal, Miracle Cure, One Up, Revive
    Used in: Escape, Miracle Cure, Revealer, Sting
    Used in: Acid Rain, Corrosion, Heal, Levitate, Regrowth, Speed, Sting
    Used in: Crush, Escape, Flash, Revealer, Speed, Stop
     / 4.0 Credit /
    / 4.1 People To Credit /
    I am afraid I don't have anyone to credit yet. If you submit 
    information, I will credit you here, but please realize this FAQ is not 
    complete. Wait for version 1.0 before sending in information.
                 / Content under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License /

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