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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SeanKelson

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                       SeanKelson's Secret of Evermore Walkthrough
    Table Of Contents
        A. The Beginning
        B. Fire Eyes's Village
        C. The Pirate Lands
        D. The Medieval World
        E. Tinker's Rocket
        F. The Space Station
    3---Nobilia Market Trading
        A. Weapons
        B. Armor
        C. Alchemy Formulas
        D. Alchemy Ingredients
        E. Rare Items
    5---Other Information
        A. Contact Information
    	B. Licensing
    	C. Credits
                                 Section 1: Introduction
        Secret of Evermore is  game about an average boy with his dog.  When his dog
    runs off into an old, abandoned mansion, the boy follows and finds himself
    zapped into a new mysterious world of dreams called Evermore.
        This walkthrough will describe how to get through Secret of Evermore from
    when you first turn the game on to the end credits.  The walkthrough also
    includes lists that will aid you throughout the game.
                                 Section 2: Walkthrough
        This section gives you a step by step process for getting from the very
    beginning of Secret of Evermore to the end credits.  This section is designed so
    that you can get brief information or an in-depth process.  Each section begins
    with a list of objectives you must complete.  Below the list of objectives are
    detailed descriptions on each objective you must complete to get through Secret
    of Evermore.
                                    A: The Beginning
        1. Get through the introduction.
        2. Fight the raptors.
            Objective #1: Get through the introduction.
        If you watch the introduction to the game, you'll find a part where you need
    to take out a couple monsters with the aid of a bazooka.  Not a problem at all.
    You'll begin the real part of the game in a forest with a rather prehistoric
    look to it.
            Objective #2: Fight the raptors.
        Go forward through the forest and you'll come to a clearing on the next
    screen.  There you will fight four raptors, one at a time.  Don't expect to win.
    If you do win, you'll get a reward.  If you lose, you'll simply wake up in a
    house in the village.
                                 B: Fire Eyes's Village
        1. Meet Fire Eyes.
        2. Get the Jaguar Tooth Ring.
        3. Get to the Bugmuck.
        4. Get to Thraxx.
        5. Defeat Thraxx.
        6. Free Strong Heart.
        7. Return to the village.
        8. Talk to Fire Eyes.
        9. Get to the mammoth graveyard.
        10. Defeat the vipers.
        11. Get the Levitate formula.
        12. Get to the Salabog.
        13. Defeat the Salabog.
        14. Get a Mud Pepper.
        15. Enter the volcano.
        16. Get to the water currents.
        17. Get to Magmar.
        18. Defeat Magmar.
        19. Get to the pirate lands.
            Objective #1: Meet Fire Eyes.
        Go to the middle hut in the town and talk to the person outside it.  Fire
    Eyes will come outside and talk to you.  She asks you to find Strong Heart, an
    alchemist who has wandered to the Bugmuck in search of rare alchemy ingredients.
    Fire Eyes will also teach you the alchemy spell Flash.
            Objective #2: Get the Jaguar Tooth Ring.
        Go west of the village.  Go west in the area you arrive in into the
    quicksand fields.  Go through the first quicksand pit you fall into.  Go up and
    into the cave.  Buy something from the person and you'll get the Jaguar Tooth
            Objective #3: Go to the Bugmuck.
        Now go south from the cave back through the quicksand.  Dash south over the
    quicksand.  Once you reach the bottom of the screen you can go south a screen
    into the Bugmuck.
            Objective #4: Get to Thraxx.
        Go south in the Bugmuck.  At the second to last fork, go right.  Go around
    and up.  Go to the right, then down, then into the cave.  Make your way to the
    top of this cave by going straight, right, up, left, down, around, up, left, up,
    left, up, right, up.  In this room, go up then left out of the cave.  Go left,
    then down and through the other tunnel.  Go right and out the next tunnel.  Go
    right then down and back through the next tunnel.  Go up and into the cave to
    fight Thraxx.
            Objective #5: Defeat Thraxx.
        Defeat this enemy by pounding its rib cage and thrashing its heart once the
    ribs opens.  Keep yourself healed in case an Acid Rain is cast on you.  Take out
    the heart to destroy Thraxx.
            Objective #6: Free Strong Heart.
        Take the weapon you recieved and hack at the sack that remains.  Strong
    Heart will be freed.  He will reward you with several alchemy ingredients.
            Objective #7: Return to the village.
        Go through the path behind where Strong Heart was.  Go over the cliffs back
    to Fire Eyes's village.
            Objective #8: Talk to Fire Eyes.
        Now go to Fire Eyes and talk to her.  She will tell you about the world of
    Evermore and a possible way for you to return home.  She will also give you Call
    Beads, which can be used to cast strong spells.
            Objective #9: Go to the mammoth graveyard.
        Go north of the village through the bushes by whacking them with your axe.
    Go north to the fork, and take the upper right path.  Go through it to the next
    screen.  Go to the top of this screen to go into battle with the vipers.
            Objective #10: Defeat the vipers.
        Defeat the vipers by attacking physically as opposed to casting alchemy.
    Once you defeat the first four vipers, the last viper will come down.  Keep
    yourself healed and you'll win the battle.
            Objective #11: Get the Levitate formula.
        Go north from the mammoth graveyard.  Go left and up the ladder.  Go right
    from the top path.  Go around and up the hill until you reach the side of a
    cliff.  Chop down some bushes to uncover a geyser.  Go up it.  Go through the
    left cave and get on the geyser.  It will take you up to where you will recieve
    the Levitate Spell.
            Objective #12: Get to the Salabog.
        To find a Dead Pepper for the Levitate spell, you'll need to go to the bog.
    Go down from the right side of the volcano.  Go right from the bottom of the
    screen and into the bog.  Go onto the lower platfrom and hop on the lilipad on
    the lower right.  Cross the lilipad bridge and go right to the next screen.
    Cross the lilipads along the bottom of the screen.  Go around and kill all the
    frogs to make a lilipad bridge appear.  Cross the bridge and then go right and
    up.  Cross the platforms then take the lower path.  Go around and kill the frog
    to make a lilipad bridge appear.  Cross the bridge  Go around to the second fork
    and kill a frog there to open a bridge.  Cross the bridge and kill the frog to
    activate another bridge.  Go back to the first fork.  Go right and then to the
    left.  Go across the lilipad bridge you opened and up.  In the next screen, you
    will fight the Salabog.
            Objective #13: Defeat the Salabog.
        Defeat the Will O' Wisps the Salabog shoots out.  When the Salabog tries to
    strike you, hit it.  After many hits the Salabog will be dead.
            Objective #14: Get a Mud Pepper.
        After you defeat the Salabog, Blimp invites you into his hut.  In the hut,
    he gives you a Mud Pepper.
            Objective #15: Enter the volcano.
        Go back to before the mammoth graveyard and levitate the rock there.  Now
    you can go through the cave and enter the volcano.
            Objective #16: Get to the water currents.
    Go straight ahead until you reach the first fork.  Go left and past the
    Go around the path to a place where you'll find a Mud Pepper.  Use it to cast
    Levitate and move the rock to the right.  Go back to the first fork and go right
    through the passage the rock was covering.  Go up the first hill and hit the
    rock with a weapon to send it tumbling to the ground.  Go back down the hill and
    to the left.  Go up the second hill and hit the rock with a weapon.  Cross the
    bridge you  have now created to get a Mud Pepper.  Levitate the rock by the
    first hill.  Go through the passage and then right.  Go up the hill and knock
    down the rock.  Cross the bridge that is now opened.  Go up the hill and into
    the next area.
        Go left then down in the areas you are in now.  Go down the left path then
    down again.  Go right two screens.  Go up one screen and proceed going up
    through this screen.  Go left at the first fork and kill the monster for a Mud
    Pepper.  Now go all the way back until you are in the second (large) room of the
    area.  Go to the rock you have not yet moved and cast Levitate on it.  Go
    through the path that is now opened.  Go into the next screen and you will be at
    the water currents.
            Objective #17: Get to Magmar.
        Now you must get through the water currents.  Take the left path, then
    straight, left, up, left, straight, straight.  You will fall down a pit.  In the
    pit, hit the switch and you'll open a gate.  Now go back to the first room of
    the water currents.  Tak ethe right path and go straight.  Go down the pit and
    to the right and through the open gate.  In this room, you'll find Fire Eyes's
    evil twin.  You will also fight Magmar.
            Objective #18: Defeat Magmar.
        Charge up your attacks and stay healed.  After several whacks from charged
    up attacks from you and your dog, you will defeat Magmar.
            Objective #19: Get to the pirate lands.
        After you defeat Magmar, the volcano erupts and you conveniently land in a
    turtle shell in a river.  After being washed over a waterfall, you wake up
    finding yourself in a world of pirates.
                                   C: The Pirate Lands
        1. Explore Crustatia.
        2. Find Blimp.
        3. Control the dog.
        4. Cross the desert.
        5. Become selected as the Colosseum challenger.
        6. Get to Vigor.
        7. Defeat Vigor.
        8. Return to Crustatia.
        9. Cross the river.
        10. Find Horace's camp.
        11. Get to the Mini-Taur.
        12. Defeat the Mini-Taur.
        13. Get to the Megataur.
        14. Defeat the Megataur.
        15. Get to the Son of Anhur.
        16. Defeat the Son of Anhur.
        17. Get to Rimsala.
        18. Defeat Rimsala.
        19. Give the Diamond Eyes to Horace's evil twin.
        20. Go to the Nobilia plaza.
        21. Defeat Aegis.
        22. Find out about the secret tunnel.
        23. Go into the secret tunnel.
        24. Get through the secret tunnel.
        25. Defeat Aquagoth.
            Objective #1: Explore Crustatia.
        One of the first things you notice as you are washed onto shore is that your
    dog is missing.  Go around the town looking for him.  Be sure to exchange your
    money from Talons to Jewels so you have money to spend around town.  By asking
    around you'll find that you are in the town of Crustatia and there's another
    town to the northeast.  After exploring the town, you'll find no trace of your
            Objective #2: Find Blimp.
        Go east from Crustatia.  Go through the first cave and into the next.
    You'll find Blimp in there.  As you talk to Blimp, you will see a cutscene of
    your dog.
            Objective #3: Control the dog.
        As the dog, hop over lilipads to the land.  Go into the building and watch
    the leaders of the area talking.  Your dog will run into the palace and that
    will end the cutscene.
            Objective #4: Cross the desert.
        Back near Crustatia, Blimp will help you open the bridge across the gap.
    Before you leave, Blimp will give you the alchemy formula for Crush.  Now go
    north to the desert.  There are two ways to cross.  One is to get on the boat
    for a ride.  The other is to cross the desert on foot, restoring gradually lost
    hit points at oasises throughout the desert.
            Objective #5: Become selected as the Colosseum challenger.
        Now you are in Nobilia.  Explore around the market and eventually a town
    meeting will start.  Go to the right screen and your dog will select you as the
    challenger to the Colosseum.
            Objective #6: Get to Vigor.
        Now you'll be in the Colosseum.  Record your progress.  There's a hidden
    room off the room you're in that has some helpful armor and items in it.  After
    you're done collecting armor, go up through the gate and you will enter into the
    battle with Vigor.
            Objective #7: Defeat Vigor.
        To defeat Vigor, you must run behind him and hit him to do a significant
    amount of damage.  Once you defeat the defending champ, you'll be rewarded with
    a weapon.
            Objective #8: Return to Crustatia.
        After the battle, you will be asked to get the Diamond Eyes.  You will view
    a cutscene of the leader at his palace.  Now go back to Crustatia through the
            Objective #9: Cross the river.
        Go west of Crustatia to find yourself at the river.  Switch to the dog with
    the select button and take a running leap across the broken bridge.  Go up and
    on to the platform to let the boy across.
            Objective #10: Find Horace's camp.
        Go west one screen.  Go to the upper part of the screen and fall down the
    pit.  You will awaken in the camp of Horace Highwater.  He too was part of the
    experiment that Fire Eyes was part of.  The pirate land is a world of his
    imagination.  He will tell you more about the experiment and those who took part
    in it.  Horace will tell you about the Diamond Eyes and instruct you to bring
    them to him once you have found them.  Horace will give you the Revealer formula
    to let you get into the places where the Diamond Eyes are.
            Objective #11: Get to the Mini-Taur.
        Go out of Horace's camp and go north using the Revealer formula into the
    first dungeon with a Diamond Eye.  Go to the top of the screen and reveal the
    left bridge.  Cross it and hit the switch.  Go through the upper right door in
    this room.  Go up at the first fork of this room.  Then go right and up to the
    switch.  Hit the switch and cross the pit.  Go up and to the left and hit the
    switch at the end of the path.  Now go back near the first gap and hit the
    switch.  Dash back to the pit you passed on your way to the previous switch and
    cross the bridge before it disappears.  Go back to the main room now and go
    through the lower right door and you'll fight the Mini-Taur.
            Objective #12: Defeat the Mini-Taur.
        Defeat the Mini-Taur using a couple charged up attacks.  He'll be gone
            Objective #13: Get to the Megataur.
        Proceed by hitting the switch that appears.  Go back to the main room and go
    through the lower left door.  Go down and hit the left switch then the middle
    switch.  Hit the right switch and go through the right path.  Go into the next
    room.  Cross the wood bridge to the right.  Run on and off (press a rapidly) as
    you cross the bridge to be able to make it.  Go down.  Go left and hit the
    switch then head right.  Press all the switches in this room then go through the
    open gate.  Go left and up down the pit and you'll be back in the main room.  Go
    through the upper right path.  Go up and cross the bridge and go left.  Hit the
    switch then go back to the first fork and go right.  Go down at the next fork
    and hit the next switch.  Go back and go up.  At the next fork go right and
    cross the invisible bridge.  Go around to the large room and defeat the enemy
    there to get the Bronze Spear.  Go back to the first gap in the area and throw
    the spear across to open the bridge.  Now go back to the first room and throw
    the spear at the switch at the top of the room.  Cross the bridge and you will
    fight the Megataur.
            Objective #14: Defeat the Megataur.
        Whack the Megataur with powerful hits and stay healed and this boss will be
    gone in no time.  The first Diamond Eye will become yours!
            Objective #15: Get to the Son of Anhur.
        Now go back outside to the area before the entrance to the Hall of Collosa.
    Go down all the way then left.  Cross the pit using the Revealer formula.  GO to
    the left and have the boy stand on the switch.  Have the dog enter the pyramid
    with select.  Have the dog cross the river and then switch back to the boy.  Go
    up the stairs and then go into the first door you come to.  Go forward to the
    first fork and go left.  Go left then down.  Go right and go up the stairs and
    out of the pyramid.  Go down the stairs and into the pyramid through another
    entrance.  Go forward until the first fork.  Go left then up.  Keep progressing
    forward until you find stairs to go down to the next level.  Go down to the gate
    and switch to the dog.  Put the dog on the upper right switch.  Switch back to
    the boy and go through the gate.  At the first fork, go left.  Follow the path
    until you reach the river.  Cross at the third bridge to the right.  Go to the
    gate on the left and switch to the dog.  Hold down the switch on the lower left
    and switch back to the boy.  Go through the gate and go forward to fight the Son
    of Anhur.
            Objective #16: Defeat the Son of Anhur.
        Defeat this mini-boss by using charged up attacks and staying healed.  Once
    defeated, you will get the Bronze Axe.
            Objective #17: Get to Rimsala.
        Now go right from where you fought the Son of Anhur.  Chop down the wall
    with your axe and go through.  Go to the right.  Chop down the wall here to
    Go down to the river.  Cross it and go left and cross the river again.  Chop
    down the wall to get the dog with you.  Go right and up.  Chop down the wall
    then go right.  Go the river.  Do not cross, just go right and up the stairs.
    Go up and then all the way left and down then right.  Go down and then up the
    stairs and through the passage out to the top of the pyramid.  Step on one
    switch around the door and have the dog step on the other.  Go through the door
    to fight Rimsala.
            Objective #18: Defeat Rimsala.
        Charge up your attacks and then attack Rimsala.  Outrun him as he flies
    around the room.  Also outrun the Flash spells to avoid taking their damage.
    Once Rimsala stops moving, smash him again.  Rimsala will die rapidly using this
    technique, and the second Diamond Eye will be yours.
            Objective #19: Give the Diamond Eyes to Horace's evil twin.
        Now go back towards Crustatia.  Just as you are about to enter the area with
    the river, Horace (or so you think that's who he is) comes and takes the Diamond
    Eyes.  But, you have handed the Diamond Eyes over to the leader of Nobilia,
    Horace's evil twin.  He will send two thugs at you to hold you back.  You'll
    defeat them with ease.
            Objective #20: Go to the Nobilia plaza.
        Make your way to Nobilia.  Once there, go right to the plaza.  Horace's evil
    twin will place the Diamond Eyes in the statue of the sacred dog and you will
    fight Aegis.
            Objective #21: Defeat Aegis.
        Aegis will create creatures that will attack you.  Once Aegis's mask
    disappears, attack it.  Keep attacking it when it is unmasked to destroy it.
            Objective #22: Find out about the secret tunnel.
        After the battle, Horace comes and talks to you.  Tiny will come and throw
    the energy core of the sacred dog.  The energy core will land and blast open the
    entrance to a large tunnel.  The tunnel leads to the unexplored territories of
            Objective #23: Go into the secret tunnel.
        Now go over to Horace's camp.  Go into the dried up riverbed and go north.
    On the next screen, fall down the pit into the secret tunnel.
            Objective #24: Go through the secret tunnel.
        Go down to the next screen and go down the left path and through the
    teleporter.  Go to the right and go down a screen.  Go up the path on the right
    and go through the next teleporter.  Go to the left, then up, then to the right
    and onto the next screen.  Go down and use the teleporter on the next screen.
    Go left then up and you will fight Aquagoth.
            Objective #25: Defeat Aquagoth.
        Defeat this boss by using alchemy or charged up attacks.  Take out the two
    tentacles in front of its head to make the battle easier.  After the battle, a
    person will lift you up from the bottom of the well that you are in.
                                  D: The Medieval World
        1. Get your dog out of the well.
        2. Go to Ivor Tower.
        3. Buy a ticket to the show.
        4. See the show.
        5. Win the pig races.
        6. Meet Queen Bluegarden.
        7. Control the dog.
        8. Get into the sewers.
        9. Go through the sewers.
        10. Talk with the Queen.
        11. Get to the chessboard.
        12. Defeat the Foot Knight.
        13. Get through the forest.
        14. Defeat the Shape Lifters.
        15. Continue through the forest.
        16. Defeat the Timberdrake.
        17. Get through the dried sewers.
        18. Get to Ebon Keep.
        19. Get to the Verminator.
        20. Defeat the Verminator.
        21. Meet the real Queen Bluegarden.
        22. Talk to Tinker.
        23. Get to the base of Gomi's Tower.
        24. Climb Gomi's Tower.
        25. Defeat Sterling.
        26. Get to Ivor Tower's theater.
        27. Defeat the puppets and Mungola.
        28. Talk to Tinker.
            Objective #1: Get your dog out of the well.
        After you get up from the well, the person will let your dog up to.  Again
    your dog will have changed.  You find out that you are south of Ivor Tower.
            Objective #2: Go to Ivor Tower.
        Go north along the path and into the city of Ivor Tower.  The city features
    a small marketplace, but not nearly the size of Nobilia's.  You'll need to
    exchange your jewels for gold coins here.
            Objective #3: Buy a ticket to the show.
        In the marketplace is a person selling tickets to a show.  Buy one using an
    Amulet of Annihiliation (you can find some around town).
            Objective #4: See the show.
        Now go to the left and up to the end of the alley.  Get into the show and
    watch it.  At the end of the show you will see your poodle with a pig mask on.
    Then the dog will run off.  You will follow.
            Objective #5: Win the pig races.
        Your pig will run to the beginning of the alley as part of the pig race.  It
    will win the race, and you will win a trip to the queen's banquet.
            Objective #6: Meet Queen Bluegarden.
        Now you will go to the queen's banquet.  Your dog runs off on the way in.
    At the banquet, you will meet Queen Bluegarden.
            Objective #7: Control the dog.
        Now you are controlling your dog.  Go up, left, down, and up the air duct.
    Go out the left door and in the top one and fall down the hole.  Now go right,
    then down and up the air duct.  Go behind the bookshelf and down the hole there.
    Go right and up the air duct.  Go out the right door and through the bottom door
    and down the hole.  Go left and up the next air duct and the dog will run into
    the banquet.
            Objective #8: Get into the sewers.
        Now you will be thrown into the dungeon.  Your dog will get out a hole.
    Press the switch using it.  Now go down the stairs and open the first cell on
    the left.  Go through to get into the sewers.
            Objective #9: Go through the sewers.
        Follow the curretns through the sewers.  You'll reach a door that will take
    you out of the sewers.
            Objective #10: Talk with the Queen.
        As you leave the sewers, a person will take you to Queen Bluegarden, who
    wants to talk to you.  She will ask you to go over to Ebon Keep and lower the
            Objective #11: Get to the chessboard.
        Go to the east side of the castle.  Go to the right and out of the castle.
    In the hedge maze, go up, right, down, left, down, right, down, right, down,
    down, left, left, up, left, up, then right onto the chessboard, where you will
    fight the Foot Knight.
            Objective #12: Defeat the Foot Knight.
        Defeat this boss by charging up attacks and whacking it.  Stay healed and
    dodge the boss and you will defeat it.
            Objective #13: Get through the forest.
        Now go down the opened passage in the chessboard.  Go down the steps and
    you'll come out by the ravine.  Go down and into the forest.  In the forest, go
    down, left, up, left, down, down, right, right, down, left, down, left, down,
    down, down, right, down, left, down, right, down, right, up, right, down, right,
    and right.  Now you will fight the Shape Lifters.
            Objective #14: Defeat the Shape Lifters.
        Defeat these three twins of you by hitting them with powerful attacks and
    healing after being hit by their alchemy spells.
            Objective #15: Continue through the forest.
        Now go right across the bridge.  On the next screen to the right you will
    continue through the forest.  Go right, up, right, up, right, right, down, down,
    down, right, right, up, right, up, left, up, up.  Now you will fight the
            Objective #16: Defeat the Timberdrake.
        Defeat this beast by attacking it when it lands.  After a short time, it
    will die and give you the Lance.
            Objective #17: Get through the dried sewers.
        Now go right.  Go down and to the right and up the stairs.  Go into the
    dried out sewers.  In the sewers, go down and to the right then down.  In the
    next pipe, go left, then down, then right all the way to the wall, then down,
    left, down, right, down, left.  Follow the pipe until you come to a four way
    fork.  Go up, then right at the next fork.  Get off at the platform and go
    through the door.
            Objective #18: Get to Ebon Keep.
        Now open all the cells in the dungeon and defeat the monsters.  In the last
    one will be a path leading out into Ebon Keep.
            Objective #19: Get to the Verminator.
        Now go upwards through Ebon Keep to the castle.  On the way you'll find but
    a few buildings that you can enter.  When you get up to the keep, the door opens
    for you.  Go into the keep and go forward to fight the Verminator.
            Objective #20: Defeat the Verminator.
        This is probably the hardest battle in the game only because you must fight
    the battle with spells alone.  Cast your strongest alchemy spells at this
    oversize rat to kill it.
        On the other hand, if you don't want to fight the Verminator, you can turn
    aroound and go back to the chesboard.  Go into Ebon Keep from the drawbrdge that
    is now lowered and you won't have to fight the Verminator.
            Objective #21: Meet the real Queen Bluegarden.
        Go forward from where the Verminator was and a person will come get you and
    ask you to follow him.  Follow the person and he will lead you to the real Queen
    Bluegarden.  You'll find out that it is her evil twin living in Ivor Tower.  She
    will tell you to meet Tinker.
            Objective #22: Talk to Tinker.
        Go through the right door and through the room with the enemies.  In the
    next room, you will meet Tinker.  Tinker will show you his telescope.  Through
    it you will see Camelia's (Queen Bluegarden's) evil twin.  Tinker tells you that
    you should go back to Ivor Keep by visiting his brother, Gomi.  Before you leave
    the tower, pick up the Knight Basher in the chest in the room.
            Objective #23: Get to the base of Gomi's Tower.
        Now go to the main room of the castle and through the door on the left wall
    into the dungeon.  Go through the cell on the right into the sewers.  Make your
    way back to the beginning by bashing piles of rocks with your new axe.  In the
    field you are in, bash the piles of rocks and go up towards Gomi's Tower.  From
    the screen you are on now, go up onto the next screen.  You are now at the base
    of Gomi's Tower.
            Objective #24: Climb Gomi's Tower.
        Now climb up the tower until the floor below you gives away.  Climb down the
    tower then go to the right and climb up that stairway.  Go through the door you
    come to.  In the area you arrive in, go on and climb up the rest of the tower.
    At the top, you will fight the Sterling.
            Objective #25: Defeat Sterling.
        Attack this monster when it lands, just as you did with the previous dragon
    you fought.  When Sterling picks you up he will toss you down the tower a bit,
    so you'll have to climb back up to whack it.
            Objective #26: Get to Ivor Tower's theater.
        Once Sterling is defeated, Gomi comes and talks to you.  Gomi will give you
    the Lightning Storm formula as well as heal you up.  Sterling will give you a
    ride over to Ivor Tower.  It will drop you off near the sewers.  Go through the
    sewers into the main castle.  Go to the Queen's room and off a door to the left
    into the theater.  There you will fight some puppets and Mungola.
            Objective #27: Defeat the puppets and Mungola.
        Defeat the first two sets of puppets with physical attacks and Mungola will
    appear.  Attack Mungola with charges up attacks.  The puppets will heal Mungola
    eventually.  Keep whacking the puppets and Mungola until Mungola dies.
            Objective #28: Talk to Tinker.
        After the battle, Camelia's evil twin will jump from her balcony.  She will
    explode and cause part of the castle to collapse.  Now everybody has returned to
    Ebon Keep, so go cross the checkerboard and take the drawbridge into Ebon Keep.
    Go talk to Tinker.  He has invented a machine that will let you fly around
    Evermore back to the pirate lands or prehistoric world.  He also has an idea on
    how to get you home, but he'll need your help on that.
                                   E: Tinker's Rocket
        1. Get to Coleoptera.
        2. Defeat Coleoptera.
        3. Get the Gauge.
        4. Talk to Horace.
        5. Get the Diamond Eyes.
        6. Talk to Tinker.
            Objective #1: Get to Coleoptera.
        The first part you'll need is in the Bugmuck.  Go to the same place where
    you fought Thraxx (see section B).  There, you will fight Coleoptera.
            Objective #2: Defeat Coleoptera.
        Defeat this boss the same way you killed Thraxx, the first bug.  Slash open
    the sack that remains when you defeat the beast to get the Wheel.
            Objective #3: Get the Gauge.
        Now its time to get the next part Tinker needs.  Go to the volcano and, as
    described in section B, go to where you got the Levitate formula.  You will fly
    right over where you got the formula and land by a box containing the Gauge.
            Objective #4: Talk to Horace.
        Now go talk to Horace in the Nobilia palace.  He will tell you some
    information about where you might find the Diamond Eyes and he will give you a
    new alchemy formula.
            Objective #5: Get the Diamond Eyes.
        Now go to Horace's camp.  Go into the dried riverbed and go south.  Go to
    the left and follow the dried river to a cave.  Go in the cave and go through
    the teleporter.  Levitate the rock.  Hold down one switch with your dog, another
    with the rock, and the last with the boy.  Go forward through the middle gate.
    Go through the first teleporter.  Keep going backwards through the same
    teleporter you came out of to reach Tiny, who gives you the Diamond Eyes.
            Objective #6: Talk to Tinker.
        Now go back to Ebon Keep and talk with Tinker.  You'll give Tinker the items
    he needs.  Tinker's rocket is now done, and he will launch you to the space
                                  F: The Space Station
        1. Find Professor Ruffleberg's lab.
        2. Talk to Professor Ruffleberg.
        3. Retrieve the energy core.
        4. Go through the junkyard's teleporter.
        5. Fight the final battle.
            Objective #1: Find Professor Ruffleberg's lab.
        Now go around the area to the beam of light.  It will take you up into
    another room.  Go to the right to the next beam of light.  Now in the area you
    are in, switch to the dog and go through the door in the upper right part of
    whatever it is that you're in.  Shoot the enemy to the right then switch to the
    boy and kill the monster that is now roaming through the halls.  Have the dog
    come back down and then go right into the next chamber.  Go down the hatch here
    for some stores.  Now go down to the next chamber.  Go down the hatch here for
    an inn.  Go down to the next chamber and go down the hatch.  Hit the switch then
    head back up.  Go left and go down the hatch.  Go through the turned off heaters
    and up the next beam.  Go right two chambers.  Go down the hatch and turn the
    greenhouse lights off.  Go right one chamber and up one.  Drop down the hatch
    and defeat all the monsters.  Go up the beam and then go left one chamber.  Go
    through the greenhouse (the lights MUST be off).  Go up the next beam and go
    right one chamber then down the hatch.  You are now in Professor Ruffleberg's
            Objective #2: Talk to Professor Ruffleberg.
        You'll talk to Professor Ruffleberg.  He will tell you about Carltron, who
    caused all the trouble in Evermore.  He will tell that you need to get an energy
    core below the chessboard.
            Objective #3: Retrieve the energy core.
        Go through the door in this room and go down the hatch to get a ship that
    will take you down to Evermore.  Go land at Ebon Keep.  Go to the chessboard and
    head beneath it to pick up the energy core.
            Objective #4: Go through the junkyard's teleporter.
        Take the ship back up to Ruffleberg's lab.  Talk to Ruffleberg for the
    Energize formula.  Now go up the beam and go left three chambers.  Go down to
    the basement of the space station.  Use the machine to save, then go through the
            Objective #5: Fight the final battle.
        Go down the hatch from where you are at to fight the final battle.
        In the first part of the battle, there are fans and speakers on the wall.
    Switch to the dog and charge up his attack and shoot all the speakers and fans
    while dodging the bombs.  Once all speakers and fans are gone, hit the switches
    to begin the second battle phase.
        In the next phase, you'll fight several monsters.  Here's where you'll want
    to start using Energize.  Beat up the raptors.  Do not kill the cleaning bots.
    If you kill them, spiders that deal tons of damage will start attacking.  Later
    Rimsalas will start attacking.  Clones of you will also attack you.  After time,
    the television monitors explode and Magmar attacks you.  Keep yourself well
    healed in case Magmar uses an alchemy formula on you.
        Now its time for Carltron's Robot.  Now it's time for you to relax.  Let
    your dog do the dirt work.  Run to the upper right corner.  You'll be safe
    Cast Energize, Super Heal, Heal, Force Field, Defend, etc. on your dog to let
    him have the fun of smashing the robot.
        After Carltron's Robot dies, Professor Ruffleberg will switch off Carltron.
    Now you'll see the end to the game.  Congradulations, you have beat Secret of
                           Section 3: Nobilia Market Trading
        One of the most interesting places in the game is the Nobilia market.  There
    you can search for great bargains, good armor, and even rare items.  This
    section helps you navigate the Nobilia Market and find the best items or
    whatever you are looking for.
            Upper screen of market:
        On the upper screen, cast Levitate on the rock and Tiny will come by.  Give
    him a tapestry and he will throw the rock to outside Blimp's cave on the other
    side of the desert.  There it opens up a passage to get some items.
            Lower screen of market:
    | Item                      | Cost                     | Special Notes         |
    | West wall of Nobilia Market (from top to bottom)                             |
    | Spoon                     | 2 jars of spice          |                       |
    | Spice                     | 20 jewels each           | After you buy a few   |
    |                           |                          | jars of spice, this   |
    |                           |                          | booth will trade you  |
    |                           |                          | the Magic Gourd if you|
    |                           |                          | give them an Egg of   |
    |                           |                          | the Chocobo.          |
    | Ceramic Pots              | 2 bags of rice           |                       |
    | Bead                      |1 bag of rice and 3 jewels| Best bargain!         |
    | Jade Disc                 | 3 chickens and 3 beads   |                       |
    | Top row of Nobilia Market (from left to right)                               |
    | Spice                     | 4 bags of rice or 4 pots | Best bargain!         |
    | Rice                      | 3 jewels                 | Best bargain!         |
    | Fish                      | 30 jewels                |                       |
    | Rice                      | 6 jewels                 |                       |
    | Second row down of Nobilia Market (from left to right)                       |
    | Golden Jackal             | 5 jars of spice and 2    |                       |
    |                           | chickens                 |                       |
    | Amulet of Annihiliation   | 30 bags of rice          |                       |
    | Stone Vest                | Jeweled Scarab           |                       |
    | Armor Polish              | Silver Sheath            |                       |
    | Third row down of Nobilia Market (from left to right)                        |
    | Rice                      | 9 jewels                 |                       |
    | Bead                      | 12 jewels                |                       |
    | Tapestry                  | 3 beads                  |                       |
    | Fourth row down of Nobilia Market (from left to right)                       |
    | Perfume                   | 3 spice                  |                       |
    | Spice                     | 2 beads or 3 pots        | Best bargain!         |
    | Chicken                   | 1 jar of spice and 2     |                       |
    |                           | bags of rice             |                       |
    | Monetary Exchange Booth                              | Exchange currency     |
    | Fifth row down of Nobilia Market (from left to right)                        |
    | Ruby Heart                | Moxa Stick or tapestry,  |                       |
    |                           | jeweled scarab, and      |                       |
    |                           | limestone tablet         |                       |
    | Obsidian Helmet           | 10 jars of spice         |                       |
    | Jeweled Scarab            | 1 jar of spice and 2     | Must go to plaza and  |
    |                           | bottles of perfume       | back through building |
    |                           |                          | to access this booth  |
    | Limestone Tablet          | 4 jars of spice and 2    | Must go to plaza and  |
    |                           | beads                    | back through building |
    |                           |                          | to access this booth  |
    | Bottom row down of Nobilia Market (from left to right)                       |
    | Sun Stone                 | 1 limestone tablet and 5 |                       |
    |                           | bags of rice             |                       |
    | Moxa Stick                | 2 chickens, 1 jeweled    |                       |
    |                           | scarab, 12 jars of spice |                       |
    | Appraisal of Item         | 5 jewels                 | Will buy your items   |
    | Silver Sheath             | Sun Stone or 1 golden    |                       |
    |                           | jackal and 10 jars of    |                       |
    |                           | spice                    |                       |
    | Gloves of Ra              | Moxa Stick               |                       |
                                    Section 4: Lists
        This section contains lists of alchemy formulas, weapons, rare items, and
    other things.  It lists information pertaining to that item as well.
                                       A: Weapons
        This section lists all the weapons in Secret of Evermore along with their
    attack value.
        Bone Crusher - 10
        Gladiator Sword - 20
        Crusader Sword - 30
        Neutron Blade - 50
        Spider Claw - 15
        Bronze Axe - 25
        Knight Basher - 35
        Atom Smasher - 50
        Horn Spear - 20
        Bronze Spear - 30
        Lance - 40
        Laser Lance - 50
            Bazooka (Projectiles):
        Thunderball - 200
        Practile - 350
        Cyro-Blasts - 800
                                        B: Armor
        This section lists all the armor in Secret of Evermore.  It also lists their
    defensive value.
            Body Armor:
        Grass Vest - 2
        Shell Plate - 4
        Dino Skin - 7
        Bronze Armor - 12
        Stone Plate - 19
        Centurion Cape - 28
        Silver Mail - 40
        Gold-Plated Vest - 55
        Shining Armor - 73
        Magma Mail - 94
        Titanium Vest - 124
        Virtual Vest - 169
        Grass Hat - 2
        Shell Hat - 3
        Dino Helm - 6
        Bronze Helm - 11
        Obsidian Helm - 18
        Centurion Helm - 27
        Titan Crown - 39
        Dragon Helm - 54
        Knight Helm -72
        Lightning Helm - 93
        Old Reliable - 117
        Brainstorm - 144
            Arm Protection:
        Vine Bracelet - 1
        Mammoth Guard - 2
        Claw Guard - 5
        Serpent Bracer - 10
        Bronze Gauntlet - 17
        Gloves of Ra - 26
        Iron Bracer - 37
        Magician Ring - 50
        Dragon Claw - 65
        Cyberglove - 82
        Protector Ring - 101
        Virtual Glove - 122
            Collars (for dog):
        Leather Collar - 5
        Spiky Collar - 24
        Defender Collar - 68
        Spot's Collar - 115
                                   C: Alchemy Formulas
        This section lists all the alchemy formulas in the game and where you can
    find each of them.
    | Name         | Ingredients          | Location Formula Gotten At             |
    | Acid Rain    | 1 ash, 3 water       | Hidden area above quicksand field      |
    | Atlas        | 1 ash, 1 atlas amulet| Behind crates in building in Nobilia   |
    | Barrier      | 1 limestone, 2 bone  | Talk to Horace in Nobilia after you get|
    |              |                      | the Windwalker                         |
    | Call Up      |1 meteorite, 1 dry ice| Talk to Professor Ruffleberg           |
    | Corrosion    | 1 mushroom, 3 water  | Person in upper right corner of Ivor   |
    |              |                      | Keep's sewers                          |
    | Crush        | 1 limestone, 1 wax   | Blimp's cave by Crustatia              |
    | Cure         | 2 roots, 1 oil       | Strong Heart's house south of Fire     |
    |              |                      | Eyes's village                         |
    | Defend       | 1 clay, 1 ash        | Hidden are in Fire Eyes's village after|
    |              |                      | you save Strong Heart                  |
    | Double Drain | 2 ethanol, 2 vinegar | Cave by river near Crustatia after     |
    |              |                      | Aegis is defeated                      |
    | Drain        | 1 ethanol, 2 root    | Cave by river near Crustatia           |
    | Energize     | 1 crystal, 1 iron    | Talk to Professor Ruffleberg after     |
    |              |                      | you get the energy core                |
    | Escape       | 1 wax, 1 vinegar     | Talk to Horace's alchemist after you   |
    |              |                      | get one of the Diamond Eyes            |
    | Explosion    | 2 ethanol, 1 ash     | Book in Tinker's Tower                 |
    | Fire Power   | 1 feather, 1         | Give Queen's Key to achemist in Ivor   |
    |              | brimstone            | Keep's east side
    | Fireball     | 1 brimstone, 2 ash   | Hidden room in Hall of Colossa         |
    | Flash        | 1 wax, 2 oil         | Talk to Fire Eyes                      |
    | Force Field  | 1 grease, 1 iron     | Alchemist by energy core beneath       |
    |              |                      | chessboard                             |
    | Hardball     | 1 clay, 1 crystal    | Cave in the Bugmuck                    |
    | Heal         | 1 root, 1 water      | Defeat Vipers in the mammoth graveyard |
    | Lance        | 1 iron, 1 acorn      | In Lance's house in Ivor Keep, go      |
    |              |                      | upstairs then come back down without   |
    |              |                      | opening chests                         |
    | Levitate     | 1 mud pepper, 1 water| On top of volcano                      |
    | Lightning    | 1 iron, 2 ash        | Talk to Gomi                           |
    | Storm        |                      |                                        |
    | Nitro        | 1 gunpowder, 2 grease| Book in Tinker's Tower after you visit |
    |              |                      | the space station                      |
    | Miracle Cure | 2 root, 1 vinegar    | Strong Heart's hut south of Fire Eyes's|
    |              |                      | village once you get the Windwalker    |
    | One Up       | 1 feather, 1 root    | Lower left corner of forest by         |
    |              |                      | chessboard                             |
    | Reflect      | 2 grease, 1 iron     | Save robot on bottom levels of space   |
    |              |                      | station                                |
    | Regrowth     | 1 acorn, 2 water     | Back of house in Ebon Keep             |
    | Revealer     | 2 ash, 1 wax         | Talk to Horace's alchemist             |
    | Revive       | 3 root, 1 bone       | Blimp's cave by Crustatia with your dog|
    | Slow Burn    | 1 iron, 1 brimstone  | Bookshelf in Tinker's Tower            |
    | Speed        | 2 water, 1 wax       | Water currents in volcano (go left then|
    |              |                      | down and walk through wall)            |
    | Sting        | 2 water, 1 vinegar   | Random oasis in desert (at each oasis, |
    |              |                      | go northwest or west)                  |
    | Stop         | 1 crystal, 2 wax     | Alchemist by energy core beneath       |
    |              |                      | chessboard (need Oracle Bone)          |
    | Super Heal   | 2 ethanol, 1 acorn   | Talk to kid in Ebon Keep and guess     |
    |              |                      | correctly                              |
                                 D: Alchemy Ingredients
        Below is a list of the ingredients used in alchemy.  The list is in
    alphabetical order.
    Atlas amulet
    Dry ice
    Mud pepper
                                      E: Rare Items
        Below is a list of all the rare items in the game and where to get them.
    You can view your rare items by looking in your Pouch.
    Armor Polish - Nobilia Market
    Chocobo Egg - buy Amulet of Annihiliation from man behind crates in Crustatia;
                  Ivor Tower Market
    Diamond Eyes - from Pyramid and Hall of Colossa
    Gauge - chest on volcano
    Jade Disk - Nobilia Market
    Jaguar Tooth Ring - in sale in quicksand fields near Fire Eyes's village
    Magic Gourd - Nobilia Market
    Miracle Bone - Ivor Tower Market
    Moxa Stick - Nobilia Market
    Queen's Key - Vents under Ivor Tower
    Ruby Heart - Nobilia Market
    Silver Sheath - Nobilia Market
    Staff of Life - from Horace after Aegis is defeated
    Sun Stone - Nobilia Market
    Thug's Cloak - Ivor Tower Market
    Wheel - creature in bugmuck
    Wizard's Coin - forest near chessboard (must have Thug's Cloak)
                              Section 5: Other Information
                                 A: Contact Information
        My e-mail address is SeanKelson@aol.com. I am unavailable to provide help on
    game-related issues due to the amount of time that has passed since the writing
    of this walkthrough. However, I would appreciate hearing from you with comments
    and requests.
    	If you are interested in including this walkthrough on your site, please
    read the next section.
                                      B: Licensing
    As of April 27, 2009, I have updated all of my walkthroughs to be licensed
    under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
    (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/). This means you are free to
    redistribute or build upon my work, even for commercial purposes. The only
    thing I ask in return is that you give me credit for the content you use.
                                        C: Credits
        Thanks to Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Console and production of Secret
    of Evermore.
        Thanks to Squaresoft for the creation of Secret of Evermore.
        Thanks to GameFAQs for being a great site.
        Thanks to Sweatofthebud@aol.com for information on getting past the
    Verminator withough fighting it.

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