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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Iron Knuckle

    Version: 2.4 | Updated: 08/11/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

            ______  ______  ______  ______  ______  ______
           / ____/ / ____/ / ____/ / __  / / ____/ /_  __/          _____
          / /___  / /_    / /     / /_/ / / /_      / /     _____  / ___/
         /___  / / __/   / /     /  ___/ / __/     / /     / _  / / /_
        ____/ / / /___  / /___  / / \   / /___    / /     / // / / __/
       /_____/ /_____/ /_____/ /_/ \_\ /_____/   /_/     /____/ /_/ 
          _______ _    __  ______  ______  ________  ______  ______  ______
         / _____/| |  / / / ____/ / __  / / _  _  / / __  / / __  / / ____/
        / /__    | | / / / /_    / /_/ / / // // / / / / / / /_/ / / /_
       / ___/    | |/ / / __/   /  ___/ / // // / / / / / /  ___/ / __/
      / /____    |   / / /___  / / \   / // // / / /_/ / / / \   / /___
     /______/    |__/ /_____/ /_/ \_\ /_//_//_/ /_____/ /_/ \_\ /_____/
     Game:           Secret of Evermore
     Platform:       Super NES
     Version:        2.4
     Last updated:   8 August 2010
     Written by:     Iron Knuckle
     Type:           Walkthrough/FAQ
     GameFAQ Status: 100 %
    Table of contents
    Version updates
     Main menu ring
       Cycling through the Rings
     Dungeon, environmental elements
    Main characters:
     The Boy
     The Dog
    Other important people:
     Horace Highwater
     Camillia Bluegarden
     Dr. Sidney Ruffleberg
     The Robot Clones
     Strongheart / Strong Heart
     Gomi & Tinker Tinderbox
     1. The beginning
     2. Searching for Strongheart
         Jaguar ring
         Hard ball
         Acid rain
     3. Volcano is cooling down rapidly
     4. Reunite with your dog
         Chocobo egg(1)
      4.1. The Nobilian 'Bargain Bazaar' trading
         -Rare items: 1. Jade disk     5. Moxa stick
                      2. Ruby heart    6. Silver sheath
                      3. Armor polish  7. Sun stone
                      4. Magic gourd   8. Thug's cloak
     5. Treasure hunting for the diamond eyes
         Horace's regenerate magic
     6. The undiscovered territories of Evermore
         Double drain
     7. The exhibition, pig races and the banquet
         Horace's Aura magic
      7.1. Ivor Tower's trading market
         Oracle bone
         Chocobo egg (2)
         Items lost at Nobilia Market
         The Queen's key
     8. Journey to Ebon keep
         Fire power
         Wizard's Coin
     9. Going back to Ivor tower
         Slow burn
         Super heal
         Lightning storm
    10. One way flight to Omnitopia
     10.1. Gauge
         Miracle cure
     10.2. Valve wheel
     10.3. Diamond eyes
    11. Find doctor Sidney Ruffleberg
         Call up
    12. Retrieve the energy core
         Force field
    Final. The final battle
    Appendix A:
     Call beads locations
    Appendix B:
     Amulets and charms
    Appendix C:
     Chart lists
         1.  Swords
         2.  Axes
         3.  Spears
         4.  Bazooka
         4.A Bazooka Projectiles
         1. Body
         2. Hats 'n helmets
         3. Bracelets & gauntlets
         4. Collars
      -Saving places / Inns
      -Shop lists
         Useable Items
         Trades and goods
      -Experience List
         The Hero
         The Dog
    Appendix D:
     Monster chart & dropped items
    Appendix E:
     Alchemy formulas
     Alchemy ingredients
    Appendix F:
     Bugs, glitches and stuff
     Name references
     Alchemy Glitches
     Beta Changes
    Unfinished business
    E-mail, Question, Contributions
    Version updates:
    Version 0.1
    18 February 2001:
     Started with a walkthrough for this game. Already added a monster chart with 
    dropped items. Started walkthrough at the beginning of the game. I've 
    completed it for the first part up to were you meet Fire Eyes.
    Version 0.11
    20 February 2001:
     Added some more dropped items.
    Version 0.5
    23 February 2001:
     Completed the walkthrough for Prehistoria, including the first 7 alchemy 
    Version 0.75
    26 February 2001:
     Completed the walkthrough for Antiqua and started on Gothica. Included all 
    alchemy spells that are available in Antiqua, added more dropped items.
    Version 1.0
    27 February 2001:
     Completed the walkthrough for the game to the end. All alchemy spells are 
    included as well (At least the ones to my knowledge).
    Version 1.25
    14 March 2001:
     Altered some things about the layout and added a Controls section to the 
    Version 1.5
    14 April 2001:
     The ASCII art at the top of this FAQ was added. Included a table with the 
    prices of each item that can be bought on the two markets in Evermore. Added 
    weapons to the chart tables. Added the 8x alchemy combo to the last Appendix. 
    Also found out that a Dragoyle's dropped item can be a call bead, and some 
    other dropped items where added.
    Version 1.6
     [First released version]
    3 October 2001:
     Started to work on this walkthrough again after a long stop. Still a lot of 
    errors need to be cleared up, but I thought it is time to release the 
    walkthrough. So expect some 'huge' changes on the next updates.
    Version 1.7
     [Unreleased to public]
    30 March 2002:
     Removed ASCII art of Thraxx and replaced it with 'Secret of Evermore'. Also 
    added some new glitches sent in by other people, and tinkered with the lay-
    out quite a bit.
    Version 1.8
    30 May 2003:
     After receiving a mail from Neo_rezident concerning a site for the FAQ I 
    started to play Secret of Evermore again. Some small where changed and 
    edited. Found out a place where you can buy three Meteorites. This also led 
    to finding another glitch in this game: 'Carrying more than 99 of one alchemy 
    ingredient'. Added extra part at the ending scene. I got a cryptic 
    description, but I haven't got the faintest idea what it is about...
    Version 1.9
    2 February 2004:
     The site is cancelled so it is back to the original text file. Changed the 
    layout of the appendices and added some extras in the "Beta Changes" listed 
    under Appendix F. Also added experience charts for both Matrix and Frisket, 
    they are completed up to the maximum of Level 99. Made some descriptions for 
    all the alchemy spells with some useful information regarding each one. Still 
    a lot of work to do.
    Version 2.0
    3 October 2004:
     Located all the Ingredient Salespeople in the game and made a list of the 
    cheapest location where you can buy each ingredient, see Appendix E: Alchemy 
    Ingredients for more information. Also added the deal Ring Cycling to find 
    the items, weapons and alchemy; something a lot of people mailed me about. 
    Sorry, I should have added this section a lot sooner. Also some information 
    obtained from Assassin17, check his FAQ on the monster list as well. It's 
    pretty comprehensive.
     Mcewen reported that with the Centurion Cape (and the other armors in your 
    possession) you will receive the Thug's Cloak in the Colloseum.
     Final remark I have to make is that a secret stash of 500 Jewels was 
    discovered by Skygor at Nobilia's Market (see chapter 4). After all these 
    years people are still finding new secrets in Evermore, that does mean 
    Version 2.1
    12 July 2006:
     Added some new information about the "Dolly Grip" phenomenon and included a 
    second meaning for Coleoptera by EL. Lastly Todd found out that the security 
    code in Omnitopia is not linked to the code for unlocking the security door 
    in room D3.
     Finally, we have the Desert of Doom mapped! See chapter 4 under "Sting" for 
    more details about this desert.
    Version 2.2
    18 June 2007:
     I've corrected a few small errors and added some new locations of the
    Wizard's Coin and Magic Gourd. It turns out that the Swindler Monk can cough
    these items up as well, when buying an Amulet of Annihilation for 10,000
    Version 2.3
    22 March 2009:
     Update after some feedback by people who read it.
    Version 2.4
    8 August 2010:
     Update afer some more yearly feedback that keeps pouring in. One mail
    featured a detailed description of the most cost effective trading sequence
    in Nobilia. This has been added to the walkthrough.
    - - -
     This speaks for itself. Use it to move the boy / dog in any direction, to 
    change / rotate the Option Rings in the Ring Options menus.
    - - - -
     Switch between Hero (Matrix) or Dog (Frisket).
    - - -
     Pause the game.
    - - - - -
     Pressing this button brings up the the selected character's main menu ring. 
    The Y-button is also used as a 'cancel' option if you can make a choice.
    - - - - -
     The main action key is the B button. With it you can talk to people, attack 
    an enemy and pick up item that are lying on the ground. Hold it to charge up 
    your weapon if that is possible of course.
    - - - - -
     You can run using this button, but only when you have the Jaguar Ring in 
    your possession.
    B & A button-combo
    - - - - - - - - - - 
     If you hold the B-button, when charging a weapon up to level 3 and then you 
    keep B & A pressed you can run for an infinite long time. This can be very 
    handy if you want to traverse through the Desert of Doom quickly.
    - - - - -
     You can use this button to bring up the main menu ring of your friend.
    Top L or R button
    - - - - - - - - - -
     The shoulder buttons are for making the dog sniff around for ingredients and 
    other hidden stuff.
    Main menu ring
    You can open your menu ring by pressing 'y'. Here you can see different icons 
    that represent several options. Note that not all icons are available from 
    the start some of them will appear later on.
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
        Cycling through the Rings
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
      This is a mayor remark I would like to make: To get to the items,
      alchemy and weapons you need to press 'Up' and 'Down' when you bring
      up the main ring.
                  _ _ _ _ _ _
                 |           |
                 v           |
             Item Ring       |
                 ^           |
                 |           |
                 v           |
             Main Ring       |
                 ^           |
                 |           |
                 v           |
            Alchemy Ring     |
                 ^           |
                 |           |
                 v           |
            Weapon Ring      |
                 ^           |
                 |_ _ _ _ _ _|
            v = press 'down'
            ^ = press 'up'
       - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      |                                      |
      |             STAT.                    |
      |                                      |
      |     LEVEL           ACT.             |
      |          ___________                 |
      |  EQUIP   |character|   EDIT. (SNES controller)
      |                                      |
      |     ALCHEMY         EDIT. (Window)   |
      |                                      |
      |           TARGETING                  |
      |                                      |
       ASCII Representation of the Main Ring (above). In the part I will handle 
    each option individually, to give you a better idea of what each option does.
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    STAT. (Player status)
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    The following will be displayed when you choose this option:
    |                         _____               |
    | Matrix's Stats         |__R__| Other player |
    | HP  current/maximum    Current weapon       |
    | Level:            1    Current body armor   |
    | EXP:              0    Current helmet       |
    | Needed:          20    Current glove        |
    | -------------------                         |
    | T(talon) 16,777,611                         |
    | J(jewel)          0                         |
    | GC(gold coin)     0                         |
    | C(credits)        0                         |
    | -------------------                         |
    | Attack:         148  ========               |
    | Defend:         521  ==================     |
    | Magic def:       10  =                      |
    | Evade %:         99  ====================   |
    | Hit %:           57  =========              |
    Current/Maximum HP
    - - - - - - - - - -
     The amount of Hit (or Health) Points you have. This is the amount of damage 
    your characters can sustain before they die, if the hero dies the game ends. 
    With the Egg of the Chocobo you can increase both the Dog and the Heroes HP 
    by 45.
    - - -
     This is your current level; it displays how many times you have had an level 
    up. In total you can go through 99 levels.
    - - - - - - - -
     Here you see the amount of Experience you gathered by beating your enemies. 
    It was rumored that the Magic Gourd may increase you Experience growth, but 
    this is not true.
    - - - -
    The current amount of EXP needed to level up. This number will increase each 
    time you gain a level. When you're on level 99 it will display ---.
    T, J, GC, C
    - - - - - - 
     Abbreviations for Talons, Jewels, Gold Coins & Credits, which are the 
    currencies you can use in each corresponding continent of Evermore. Behind 
    each icon you can see how many money of that type is in your wallet. Remember 
    that 1 Gold coin = 2 Jewels = 4 Talons = 8 Credits.
    - - - - - -
     These are the properties of your character's ability to do combat. Each 
    individual statistic is explained in the next sub-part of the Controls 
    - - - - - - - - -
    ACT. (action grid)
    - - - - - - - - -
    When you choose this option you will see to horizontal bars. Here you can 
    determine how the computer will control the other player. You can either send 
    him to aggressive/fight or defensive/search. They are almost identical to 
    each other; the more to the right the more the computer player will fight. 
    The other option enables you to set how much far your computer controlled 
    friend will power-up before attacking.
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    EDIT. (Control Prefs)
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    Here you can choose between two different controller settings, but the 
    difference in setting is almost exactly the same... The second option is that 
    you can set the sound to Stereo or Mono with the 'select' button.
    - - - - - - - - - -
    EDIT. (Window Edit)
    - - - - - - - - - -
    If you don't like the background/border of the text bar you can change that
    here. There are 9 background patterns and 11 borders to choose from (which is 
    quite a lot actually, most games have only one border and pattern).
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    TARGETING (cross hair)
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    Use this option to find out your enemy's name. You can also use this option
    for you computer controlled ally, as a Target lock-on against that specific 
    enemy. The computer controlled character will concentrate its attacks on that 
    specific enemy, until its death.
    - - - - - - - -
    ALCHEMY (bottle)
    - - - - - - - -
    There are two windows to view here. The first shows the spells that you can 
    currently use (the ones in your Alchemy Ring). The number of times you can 
    use each one and its corresponding experience level. The leveling up process 
    for each spell goes up like this: Every time the counter reaches 100 your 
    spell will go up one level.
       Level 0: 10 points each use
       Level 1:  5 points each use
       Level 2:  4 points each use
       Level 3:  3 points each use
       Level 4:  2 points each use
       Level 5:  2 points each use
       Level 6:  1 point each use
       Level 7:  1 point each use
       Level 8:  1 point each use
       Level 9:  2 points each use (up to level 9:98 at most)
    In total it means that you need to use a spell 489 times to reach level 9. On 
    the other sub-screen you can see a list that tells you how many alchemy 
    ingredient you have in your current possession. You can have up to a total of 
    8 spells at the same time at your disposal, if you want to switch alchemy 
    formulas you will have to visit an alchemist.
    - - - - - - - - -
    EQUIP (body armor)
    - - - - - - - - -
    When you buy armor you need to equip it before going into battle. You can do 
    this by selecting the armors here. This is a nice idea, but it is actually 
    pretty dull, since you always want to have the most powerful armor on you 
    (The programmers might as well let you auto-equip the strongest armor all the 
    same). The armors in this game don't have any Status preventing abilities, so 
    only the numerical defense is important.
    - - - - - - -
    Level (sword)
    - - - - - - -
    Here you will see the weapon levels of all the weapons you have collected.
    The experience level behind it works in the same way as with the alchemy,
    but it only goes up to level 3. Each time you go up a level you can power
    up you weapon an extra time, by holding the 'B' button. BTW: You cannot
    equip a weapon here, that can only be done by switching weapons in the Weapon 
    Ring (Press 'up' / 'down' in your main ring to switch to this ring).
    The statistics in this game are fairly easy to understand, but I have made
    a small summation:
    - - - -
    Here you will see the total amount of attack power you have. The higher this 
    number the more damage you will cause. This can be influenced by your weapon, 
    Sun stone, Silver sheath*, and Atlas alchemy.
    - - - -
    The number here is the combined defense of your armors and your own defense, 
    plus the effectiveness of your Armor polish, Staff of life and 'Defend' 
    alchemy. The higher the number the less damage you will sustain by your 
    enemies, naturally.
    Magic defense
    - - - - - - - -
    The amount of damage done by enemy magic attacks will decrease if you magic 
    defense rises. The Wizard's coin is the only way to give this stat an extra 
    boost. Not that you need magic defense often; there are only a few bosses 
    that can use (weak) spells against you.
    - - - -
    Here you see how good you are in evading an enemy attack. When it reaches 99% 
    no one can touch you making you rather invincible. The Thug's cloak can 
    increase this. The 'Speed' Alchemy can also raise this very effectively.
    - - -
    The chance of your attack hitting your enemy is determined by this stat. It 
    can become better when you have the Jade disk in your possession and by 
    casting 'Speed'.
    * = Actually the Silver Sheath has no effect. Due to a glitch you always 
    receive the strength bonus when you equip a sword!
     In melee combat you can hit (and get struck) by your enemies. If an enemy 
    hits you normally nothing other will happen than that you lose some HP, but 
    in some cases one of the following diseases may occur.
    - - - - -
     This is just another word for confusion, when this happens right becomes
    left, left becomes right, up becomes down and down is up. It will wear of
    after a minute or so, but if you can't wait try the following cures.
      -Cure (alchemy): By using this alchemy you can undo the confusion.
      -Herbal essence: Use one of these and you're A-OK
      -Waiting:        After a while it will wear off.
    - - - -
     Spiders are usually the cause of this, you're HP will be drained for a
    short period. This disease will stop after some time, but it can be very
    annoying to see your HP drop continuously. Here are some cures:
      -Cure (alchemy):         By using this the poison will be eliminated
      -Miracle cure (alchemy): Use this to stop the poison and to gain some HP
                               at the same time.
      -Herbal essence:         It is always handy in these situations to have 
                               a Herbal essence when you don't have any cure
                               spells equipped.
      -Waiting:                After some time the poison will wear off.
    - - - -
     This is almost the same as poison, except that the plague won't stop. The
    only way to get rid of it is using the following methods:
      -Cure (alchemy):         Again cure is a good way to improve your health.
      -Miracle cure (alchemy): This spell works just the same as Cure.
      -Herbal essence:         A medicine to stop the plague.
      -Die and revive:         This method can only be used on the dog; if
                               the boy's HP is 0 you will automatically lose
                               the game. The best way to revive your dog is
                               either using a dog biscuit or "reviver" alchemy.
    Instant death
    - - - - - - -
     The flowering death (black wimpy flower) at the Omnitopian green house will 
    do 999 points of damage on you when it gets the chance. They sleep at night 
    so walk past them when the lights are out, and avoid them at all cost when 
    the lights are turned on. Even when you use Horace's Aura magic you can't 
    pass these plants without dying. Only cure possibility:
      -Revive: This can only be used on the dog for the same reasons as with
               the plague.
    Dungeon, environmental elements
    Here is a small section about the obstacles you will come across in this
    Small bushes
    All weapons except for the Bonecrusher and Bazooka can cut the small bushes 
    that cover some passageways in Evermore.
    Weakened wall sections in the great pyramid
    They can be destroyed with the Bronze axe, Knight basher and Atom smasher.
    These are very common in the sewers of Ebon keep. They can only be destroyed 
    with a strike of the Knight basher axe. Odd thing is that the Atom smasher 
    has no effect on it, even though it is supposed to be stronger.
    Switch pillars in the hall of Collisia
    They can be activated by any weapon in close range, but if there is a pit 
    between you and the pillar you need the Bronze spear (or better) to activate 
    the switch.
    Lily pads
    Some of the lily pads in the swamp will only appear, when you have defeated a 
    certain Frippo. Sometimes you can make another lily pad appear by walking 
    over the first one, this way you can create bridges to the other side of the 
    Big boulders
    Most of them are found in the catacombs of the volcano. Use 'Levitate' 
    alchemy to move them. If they are lying on a higher part you can use a weapon 
    to push them over the edge.
    Main characters
    Since the characters have no default name (Unless you consider 'The Hero' &
    'The Dog' as default...) I've named them Matrix and Frisket.
    The boy: Matrix
     This is just an usual average kid, he has seen loads of B-type movies and 
    knows a lot about them. His dog causes trouble which brings him to the world 
    of Evermore. Matrix can use Alchemy and a variety of Swords, Axes and Spears.
    The dog: Frisket
     At the beginning in the introduction you will see a normal dog, but as your 
    adventure progresses he will change he form up to four times; Cave dog, wind 
    hound, poodle, and finally a metallic cyborg-form. In this final form his 
    Attack and Defense are greatly increased.
    Other important people
    Elizabeth; Fire eyes
     She is one of the four members of the experiment of doctor Ruffleberg. She 
    is his granddaughter and is stuck in her village the depths of the jungle in 
    Prehistoria. Fire eyes will help you on your adventure by providing you 
    valuable information and some Call beads.
    Horace Highwater
     The second member that was present on the day of the experiment. He is a 
    curator of the natural history museum in the Podunk. Horace created the world 
    of Antiqua, because of his interest in the ancient civilizations. Madronius 
    is his faithful companion in this world.
    Camellia Bluegarden
     In the kingdom of Evermore she is the queen of Ebon keep situated in 
    Gothica. Miss Bluegarden was the third one to disappear in 1965. Camellia is 
    to the contrary of her clone a very nice person, and is good friends with 
    Tinker Tinderbox.
    Dr. Sidney Ruffleberg
     The scientist responsible for the creation of Carltron and the world of
    Evermore. He seems to be the genius of the century, but is locked up in his
    own creation in space high above the continent of Evermore: "Omnitopia".
    The robot Clones
     Created by Dr. Ruffleberg who was forced by Carltron, the robot clones are 
    exact replicas of the four leader of Evermore. However they all share an evil 
    mind and are controlled by Carltron.
     The servant of doctor Ruffleberg. He is a robot made for cleaning, lawn 
    mowing and tidying up things like that. Ruffleberg increased his intelligence 
    so he would be a worthy adversary at playing chess, but the improved 
    artificial intelligence also has a negative influence on him....
    Strongheart / Strong Heart
     His name is sometimes spelled like Strong Heart in the beginning of the 
    game, but at the end he is spelled as Strongheart. Since I'm using 
    Strongheart all the time I will keep it like this. He the village alchemist 
    in Prehistoria and one of the persons close to Fire eyes. He will teach you 
    two alchemy spells during the game and you can always buy ingredients from 
    him. Also his son is wandering around in the Village of Prehistoria, at the 
    bottom of the screen. Although his sprite looks like a that of a regular 
    Prehistorian boy.
     He lives in the swamp in a house made of mud. When you first meet him you 
    have to help him to tame the snake Salabog. You will meet him in Antiqua as 
    well where he will give you the "Crush" and the "reviver" formulas. He also 
    deals in Mudpeppers, and various other alchemy ingredients.
     Like I already said before, he is the companion of Horace. Madronius will 
    give you the "revealer" and "escape" spells. He has a brother who deals in 
    alchemy as well you may find him in the hall of Collosia. Madronius can 
    provide you with Alchemy Ingredients as well, but only up to the point where 
    you beat Aegis.
    Gomi and Tinker Tinderbox
     The two Tinderbox brothers live in Gothica. Tinker will helps you by giving 
    you the windwalker and with his latest invention the rocket. Gomi lives in 
    the forest where his has build an enormous tower so he could reach for the 
    skies. He will help you getting back to Ivor tower later on in the game. Also 
    did you know that "Gomi" means trash or garbage in Japanese, although I 
    personally don't think that this is a reference it may be possible.
    -- Podunk --
     The intro starts in Podunk USA, Fall 1965. Here you will see some kind of
    professor who is about to finish his experiment, then (as usual in these
    stories) something goes wrong. Time passes on to 1995 and just in front of 
    the Movie Theater Bayou a young boy comes out, he just saw the classic "the 
    lost adventures of Vexx". His name is Matrix and he is together with his dog 
    Frisket, then suddenly a cat passes by and Frisket will chase it. You will 
    follow your dog and finally end up in the mansion where the experiment went 
    wrong 30 years earlier. Eventually you come to a small room where a machine 
    is still active after 30 years, the mutt then chews on some cables and you 
    will both be transported to a huge unknown metroplex.
    1. The beginning
    -- Omnitopia --
     The rude assistant Carltron finds you and thinks you are an intruder. After 
    he talks to some sort of professor he will push you through a door. Time for 
    you to start doing something. Open the gold colored storage bin to collect 
    your first weapon: the Bazooka! Two security robots will appear and your 
    first mini-battle commences. 
    Mini-Boss: 2 Guardbots
     HP:     30
     EXP.:    0
     Money:   0
     Weakness: -
     Attacks: Shooting Projectiles
     Simply kill them both with the bazooka shells. Be patient as the power meter 
    below your screen has to charge up to 100 % before you can shoot a shell. If 
    you don't wait you can only hit the robot with the barrel of the bazooka and 
    that causes hardly any damage.
     After their defeat Matrix will automatically walk up to the circular shaped 
    hatch in the floor. He will hear that his dog is down there, so he decides to 
    go down. After they blow up the control panel both of them will be sent to 
    the World of Evermore. After landing... Well make that Crashing into a jungle 
    area you will find out that your bazooka was destroyed with the ship.
    2. Searching for Strongheart
    -- Prehistoria, South Jungle --
     Here you will see a cave dog or something like it and Matrix will figure out 
    that that is your dog. After you throw a stick Frisket will try to fetch it, 
    and returns with a new weapon: the Bone crusher. Walk around and kill the 
    wimpy flowers and mosquitoes, use the top left and right (shoulder) buttons 
    to make your dog sniff for alchemy ingredients in the nearby environment.
     I can't make a list of all the items that can be found, because they are too 
    many scattered everywhere in Evermore. I will only note the rarest items like 
    Meteorites, Atlas medallions and Dry ice. On the right you will find a gourd 
    with 15 talons inside. Head up to the next screen, here you will see four 
    bushes and a falling leaf in the middle, if you touch the leaf a battle 
    against four purple raptors commences. So you might want to return to the 
    lower area and train some more for the oncoming battle!
    Mini-Boss: Raptor (4x)
     HP:       40
     EXP.:     16
     Money:    29 T
     Weakness: -
     Attacks: Claws, Jump Attack
     You might not be able to defeat them, but even if you die your dog will drag 
    you to a small hut (saving place). If you do manage to defeat them you will 
    receive a petal, 50 talons, and one of the villagers will give you a Grass 
    vest for free when you talk to him. Pay attention that the fourth Raptor has 
    80 HP instead of 40.
    -- Fire Eyes' Village --
     Either way you will end up in the small village of Prehistoria. To your 
    right you will find a person who is blocking your way to the next field (It's 
    actually possible to get past him; see Glitches for details). Matrix can walk 
    around here to collect some alchemy ingredients and goodies in the gourds of 
    the villagers' houses (Guess what? You can rob everything is for free and the 
    villagers actually like it that you do that).
     Talk to the female villager in the hut next to the Inn to receive a Petal. 
    In the hut in the top left corner you will find guy who deals in armor. If 
    all Raptors were beaten in the mini-boss battle a Grass vest is given by one 
    of the villagers if you talk to him. Buy some other armor, if you can afford 
    it. You probably don't at this point, so go back at the time you do have 
    enough. Talk to everyone if you like, and go to the hut in the middle.
     The center hut is the home of their leader, who is mysteriously called: 
    "Fire Eyes". When summoned she comes outside and you will see to your 
    surprise that it is a small girl with huge glasses. Her real name is 
    Elizabeth, after meeting her she will invite you for a talk in her hut. Once 
    inside Fire Eyes will ask you the name of your dog, you can now insert the 
    dog's name. I called him Frisket of course (Although some think that Lethal 
    Weapon is a better choice).
     Fire eyes will also ask you to search for Strongheart; the alchemist of the 
    village. A couple of days ago he disappeared, while he was searching for 
    alchemy ingredients. The last time he was spotted was in the "Bugmuck", a 
    region to the east (right) of the village. After your talk with Fire Eyes one 
    of the female villagers will give you a petal if you communicate with her.
    Alchemy: Flash
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     After talking to Fire Eyes you will receive your first alchemy formula:
    Flash. Use 1 part Wax and 2 parts Oil to create a small fireball that can be 
    used to attack one to three enemies. From this point on you can buy alchemy 
    ingredients in the hut to your right, but since the prices are ridiculously 
    high. It's best to save your money for other places where you can buy cheaper 
    ingredients. The Acid Rain Man is truly the best for this, but we'll come to 
    him later on!
     Go outside and take the exit, go to the right and you will come to a field 
    with lots of strange looking monsters. It would be best not to walk past 
    these skelesnails. Instead attack them, go off-screen, come back and attack. 
    This way you can level up a couple of times and your statistics will be 
    increased making you stronger. Once your Bone crusher reaches level 2 you can 
    perform a power attack, simply hold the "B" and wait for the power bar fill 
    up with a red line. This attack will cause a lot more damage than the regular 
    one. If you start to become weak go back to the village and rest one night at 
    the small inn to restore your HPs.
    -- Quicksand Field --
     One screen farther to the right of here you will find a desert filled with 
    holes that will suck you up. You need to be able to run to get past these 
    holes, the jaguar ring is just the thing you need.
    Rare item: Jaguar ring
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Let yourself fall into the first hole, and you will end up near a small cave. 
    There is a store inside, if you buy an item you will automatically receive 
    the "Jaguar ring" as a free gift. With this ring you are now able to run 
    faster, when you keep "A" pressed.
     Use your running abilities to get over the sand pits and continue on to the 
    southern part of the quick sand field. On the left of the exit you can find 
    some stairs that lead to the upper level, here you can find some ingredients 
    and a Skelesnail. Eventually run through the lower passageway that will lead 
    to the Bugmuck. 
    -- The Bugmuck --
     This place is quite hostile and has plenty of tar pits. Watch out for the 
    Tar Skulls around here. They give nice amounts of Experience, but are quite 
    strong as well.
    Alchemy: Hard ball
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     Upon entering the Bugmuck walk inside the small cave to your right to find 
    an alchemist who will teach you the "Hard ball"; use one part Clay and one 
    Crystal to attack your enemies with a Clay ball. This formula is weaker than 
    Flash, so I rarely/never used it. You can also buy some ingredients if you 
    like here.
     Continue on to the right and you will find a huge construction. The insect-
    like architecture doesn't really welcome visitors, but you have to find 
    Strongheart. After you go inside at the south entrance you will be at the 
    start of a huge maze. It has floor sections that are very fragile, and will 
    fall apart as soon as you walk over them. There's only one way to get to the 
    exit, so eventually you will reach the next room.
     In the next room you will find another small maze, and the only way to 
    proceed to the boss is to exit via the left side, take the other entrance, 
    then go to the right to find the next exit/entrance. Here you can take 
    another passage to the left leading to a Dog biscuit. Take it if you really 
    want to have it. When you're inside again head up to reach the boss of this 
    place: Thraxx.
    Boss: Thraxx
    Heart         Left claw     Right claw
     HP:    600    HP:    250    HP:    250
     EXP.:  750    EXP.:  150    EXP.:  150
     Money: 750 T  Money: 150 T  Money: 150 T
    Weakness: Heart
    Special attacks: Acid rain, Claws, Summoning maggots
     This huge monster can be quite a challenge if you didn't level up at the 
    beginning. Ignore the maggots, as they will come back every time you destroy 
    them. Go for the Heart; open the carcass (a.k.a. Thorax) of Thraxx by hitting 
    it with the Crusher, walk inside, and do a power-up attack if you can on 
    Thraxx's heart to hit him severely. Don't forget to heal yourself and your 
    dog when needed with Petals. You can also use the Flash on his body parts. By 
    doing this you can get some extras for destroying the claws first. The claws 
    will give you some nice amounts of experience and talons when they are 
    destroyed before taking out the heart.
     After his destruction you will receive a new weapon: the "Spider's claw". 
    Open the cocoon on the place Thraxx was located to save Strongheart. He will 
    thank you and he'll give you either 10 Wax and 10 Oil, or 300 talons. Walk up 
    and you will be outside again, go to the left, and then go down to find two 
    gourds. The lower one has a Mammoth Guard in it (Equip it). Go further on to 
    the left and up one screen.
    -- Quicksand field --
     Follow the path up, and walk through the right wall at the most upper part 
    to find a secret place with 4 gourds. After obtaining the Acid Rain spell 
    return to Fire Eyes' Village.
    Alchemy: Acid rain
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     At the secret place (see above) you will see a passageway to the right, back 
    here you will find an alchemist how will give you the Acid rain formula. Mix 
    3 parts water with one part Ash to create a local acid shower of rain above 
    your enemies. Not so strong either, but is cheaper since water is the 
    cheapest ingredient available. If you want to buy any alchemy ingredients do 
    it here, because the Acid Rain Man has the cheapest ingredients in the entire 
    3. The volcano is cooling down rapidly
    -- Fire Eyes' village --
    Go back to the village and use the Spider claw to dispose of the small 
    bushes, so you can get back to the left. Talk to Fire eyes and she will give 
    you some valuable information. She will tell you that there is something 
    going on to the north, the volcano is cooling down too fast. If this goes on 
    in this rate the world of Prehistoria will have an Ice age freezing the whole 
    village all over. That can't be had, therefore she asks you to check out 
    about the volcano and see what keeps cooling it down. Fire eyes will also 
    give you a demonstration of her powers which explains her name. Lastly she 
    gives you 6 call beads as well. With these you can summon her powers in 
    desperate situations.
     You can sell the vine bracelet for 90 Talons since you won't need it 
    anymore. Now go to the South jungle, and use the Axe to cut the small bushes 
    to reach some gourds you couldn't get to the first time. The last gourd 
    contains the Shell hat, if you go to the left from here on you will come to 
    the Junglehut. You will find Strongheart in here, if you talk to him (twice) 
    as the dog he will receive the Leather collar for free.
    Alchemy: Cure
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     Strongheart will give this spell to you for free of course. It will cure all 
    abnormalities for the cost of 2 roots and 1 part Oil. This formula is very 
    handy if you get confounded, poisoned, or cursed with the plague. So you'd 
    better always keep this formula in your ring.
    Alchemy: Defend
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     This formula can be found in a secret place near the west exit of the 
    village near the Armor salesman. Here you will see an alchemist who will give 
    you the "Defend" formula. Use one part Ash and one part Clay to increase your 
    defense temporarily. Once this formula reaches higher levels you will be 
    practically immune to a huge lot of attacks.
    Train your axe to level 2 you can really use a power attack for the upcoming 
    battle. After you think you are ready to go proceed to the north exit of the 
    village. Matrix can reach an area filled with Carniflowers, beware that they 
    can pull you in and deplete your energy at an alarming rate (at least on 
    these low levels). In the top left corner you will find a small cave with 
    another Armor salesman. I usually don't buy anything from him since you will 
    get stronger armor very soon.
    -- North Jungle --
     Near the north end you will see a huge boulder blocking some sort of 
    entrance. There is no way you can lift that rock right now, so take the right 
    passage leading to the mammoth graveyard. You will encounter some Widowmakers 
    around here. Be careful as these guys can inflict the poison status on you. 
    When you walk up to the giant skull you will see a grey Viper commander.
    Mini-Boss: 4x Viper + Viper commander
    Viper          Viper Commander
     HP:    140     HP:     250
     Exp.:   80     Exp.:   160
     Money:  50     Money:  200
     Weakness: -
     Special Attacks: Shockwave (Viper Commander only)
     The Vipers are pretty strong, so power your weapon up. Beat the four normal 
    Vipers, to commence the battle against the Commander. Sometimes the Viper 
    commander will roll down and cause a small shockwave also his HP is a little 
    higher, but he can be beaten with a few hits just as well. Once they're all 
    gone you will receive a weapon you will be using a very long time: the Horn 
    Alchemy: Heal
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     After their defeat you will meet a good friend of Fire Eyes, he will ask to 
    heal you and he gives you the heal formula. Mix one root and 2 parts water to 
    heal some of your HP. Make sure you level this spell up a couple of times, 
    because this spell is very effective on the higher levels.
    The friend of Fire eyes will remove the obstruction so the entrance to the 
    next part will be opened up. Here you will meet some Raptors, watch out for 
    their nimble claw attacks. These can be quite devastating so take them out 
    first. There are two caves on the lower part: To the left a cave where you 
    can rest and save, and to the right a cave where you can sell and buy some 
    goods. There is also an exit to the right leading to the swamp, but first go 
    up the volcano path.
    -- Volcano Path --
     While going up you will come across another cavern entrance near the top, 
    enter it to find three Raptors inside. Beat them all to receive Dino Skin 
    armor. Go outside again and walk up to the part with the geysers. If you step 
    on them you will be transported to a higher level, but to reach the top of 
    the volcano you must remove the two grass/weed patches left of the lowest 
    geyser to reveal a secret geyser. Step on it, take the left cave entrance, 
    and take the first geyser you encounter from here. This one will make you fly 
    high into the sky, and end up standing on the top the volcano's crater.
    -- Volcano Crater --
     Here you will meet a strange looking Alchemist; this Witchdoctor will tell 
    you that the only way into the volcano is by moving the big boulder you 
    encountered earlier on. There seems to be only one solution to do that: by 
    using the power of the "Levitation" alchemy.
    Alchemy: Levitate
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    The Witchdoctor on the top of the volcano will teach you this, but there is 
    one problem; to use levitate you need 1 part Water + a super rare alchemy 
    ingredient: 1 Mud pepper.
     This alchemist also tells you that Mud peppers can be found in the swamp. 
    Before you go to the swamp it might be wise to go back to the village and 
    check on the armor salesman, because he has crafted some new and stronger 
    armor. Also level your spear up to level 3; you'll need it for the next boss 
    you will meet in the swamp.
    -- Swamp --
     After you've done with that go back to the volcano path and take the right 
    route leading to the swamp. Here you will meet strange small and green 
    looking creatures called Frippos, these mutated frogs are very annoying for 
    they are very small and can evade your attacks most of the time. To the north 
    of here you will find a death end... for now, so go back and kill all the 
     Use the water lilies to create a path from island to island. Most of the 
    time you need to kill a certain Frippo to create a new path. There is also a 
    gourd with a Call bead near a Frippo that will create the final path to the 
    boss once it's killed. Upon reaching the northern passageway you will meet 
    Blimp in his mud-hut. This guy has some problems with a huge snake named 
    Salabog, for it is out of control. He asks you to take care of him and you 
    oblige since you don't have much choice; the snake attacks you right away!
    Boss: Salabog
    Salabog           Will o' the wisp
     HP:  2000         HP:   40
     EXP.: 712         EXP.:  4
     Money: 66 T       Money: 4 T
    Weakness: Head
    Special attacks: Blue flame breath, Summoning Will o' the wisps, Head butt
     This guy is harder than Thraxx, and the Wisps that he throws at you will 
    follow you all around the place. Destroying them will only make them come 
    back a few seconds later. So only kill a Will o' the wisp if they are 
    blocking your path. Power up your spear to level three and wait for Salabog 
    to show his head, keep some distance and have Matrix throw his spear. If you 
    don't attack you will be attacked by Salabog's head butt. After he's hit he 
    will dive underwater, then he will pop up at a different place. So hit him 
    again with the spear, and keep doing this until he has had enough. Of course 
    don't forget to heal Matrix and Frisket when needed. If you powered-up 
    "defend" some levels use it to get better protection.
     After the serpent's defeat Blimp will invite you to come inside. Your 
    reward... A gold rupee.. no, a key.. no, a still beating heart.. no, what 
    then, a Mud pepper of course! You can also stay for free here and you can 
    save your game as well. Matrix's business is done here in the swamp so let's 
    go back to the Volcano entrance. Go back to that big boulder and use 
    "Levitate" to enter the catacombs of the volcano.
    --Volcano Core--
     Inside, you can walk at the beginning through the left wall. It leads to a 
    secret room with a Call bead hidden in a pot. Continue on, and you will come 
    to a part filled with lava and Vipers. In the top left corner you will find a 
    gourd with Clay in it. From here on follow the upper path to find a gourd 
    with a Mud pepper at the end. To your right you will see another boulder so 
    use "Levitate" once more.
     Continue on and walk up a ramp, push the boulder of the edge with your 
    currently selected weapon. Do this again with the other boulder nearby to 
    open the path to another gourd with a Mud pepper. Use this on the next 
    boulder, and take the passageway you just opened up. Go up another ramp that 
    is located to your left, here you will find another boulder. Push this one 
    down as well, go to the spot on which the boulder fell, head to the left, up 
    a ramp, and you will come to a small maze.
    Alchemy: Speed
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     From the start of the maze you must go left, down, (right down), and you 
    will be in a small room. Walk through the right wall in here to find an 
    alchemist who is hiding for the vipers. He admires you heroes, so he gives 
    you the speed alchemy formula. Use 2 parts water and one part Wax to increase 
    your agility. If this formula reaches level 6 you will be untouchable when 
    it's active, because your Evade and Hit percentages will raised to the 
    From the start go: 
      1 Screen Left
      1 Screen Down
      1 Screen Down (via left branch)
      1 Screen Down
      1 Screen Right
      1 Screen up
     You will eventually come to a very good spot to train, for there are some 
    Vipers around and one Viper Commander. The best way to train is to kill the 
    first Viper you come across and then kill the Viper Commander. Afterwards use 
    some alchemy spells to take out the other Vipers. Go off-screen and come 
    back, repeat the process, and you will gain a lot of experience and talons. 
     Note: if you want to have it a little easier in the next part of the game 
    save up 20,000 talons! This is optional, and if you don't want to train that 
    long then go on to the next part. The Viper Commander will drop a Mud pepper, 
    and with this Mud pepper you can use Levitate on the last boulder blocking 
    your path.
    --Volcano Sewers (Sewers in an active Volcano?) --
     Now that you removed this boulder you can go to the sewers, here you will 
    see two entrances leading up to the left and right. Take the left entrance 
    and you will come to a maze, where you need to fall down the pit with the 
    'flashing' light on the wall. It's best to take the route shown on the ASCII 
             =  |  =     |     |
             =  |  =    pp--+--pp
             =  |  =    pp  +--pp--|
             =  |  =     |  |      |
             =  |  =========|=======
             =  |  |     |  |      =
             =--|--|-----|  |      =
             =  |  |        |      =
             =  |-pp--------+--=====
             =    pp        |  =
             =     |        |  =
                   |        |  =
                   +--------+  =
                   |        |  =====
                   +-------pp      =
                           pp      S
        + = junction
        - = sewer path
        = = path to follow
        p = pit
        E = exit-pit you need to fall down
    Here you will find the switch to open the door on the other side of the wall. 
    You will also find a friendly Viper here who can save your progress. Go back 
    to the start and take the right pipe. Simply keep walking up and fall down 
    the first pit you come across. You will come to the room where the gate once 
    was. Continue up to get a "warm" welcome from the evil twin of Fire eyes. 
    She's talking about taking over Prehistoria from the real Fire eyes, who 
    appears at that same moment (I didn't know she could teleport!). The twin 
    can't have any of you meddling with her plans so she sends her pet Magmar 
    (No, not the pokémon) at you.
    Boss: Magmar
    HP:   1000
    EXP:   500
    Money: 900 T
    Weakness: -
    Special attacks: Heat wave, Flame breath, Heal
     Magmar is very easy, but don't forget that he heals about 100 HP every time 
    he goes back into the lava. His Heat Wave won't do much damage, so you can 
    dispose of him very quickly.
     When the pet has been exterminated Fire eyes' evil sister shows up again and 
    decides to give you heat and blows up the volcano along with it. The 
    explosion throws you to the next region on the plateau: Antiqua. Here you 
    will both land on a shell or something like it, then you fall down a 
    waterfall, and Matrix will be separated from Frisket. Hours later you will 
    wake up and come to the conclusion that your dog is not around here. Better 
    try to find him.
    4. Reunite with your dog
    -- Antiqua, Crustacia --
    Walk around a bit, talk to people to find out that you are in Crustacia. Find 
    the armor shop on the big boat, change your currency from Talons to Jewels 
    and buy all three types of armor. You don't really need them, but then again 
    you do for this is a good way to speed up the trading at the Nobilia market. 
    Go to the field to the right and go up one floor, then go inside the small 
    cave. Here you will meet up with Blimp, in the conversation you will ask 
    yourself where or what your dog is.
    --Nobilian Palace--
     You will get a scene where you have to play as the dog. Simply go from Lily 
    pad to Lily pad by going down, left, left and walk into the palace. Here you 
    will see a cut scene. Two people are talking; the one is Pompolonius and the 
    other is unknown at this point. They talk about a Sacred dog and some Diamond 
    eyes. Frisket will then come sliding into the room, and Pompolonius will 
    think that he is the Sacred dog. The game will now go back to Matrix, you see 
    him outside with Blimp. Somehow Blimp has opened the path to the north (Don't 
    ask me how).
    Alchemy: Crush
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     Blimp will give you the Crush spell, mix one part Wax and one part Limestone 
    to make a huge hand fall on your opponent. This alchemy is very strong, once 
    you get your dog back you might do some training on this spell. Make sure you 
    practice on the Mad Monks, they are weak and drop a lot of money as well.
     To the right you will see two pots you can't get to them right now, but if 
    you do want to reach them you must make sure that you have a Mudpeppers and 
    equipped the Levitate spell (For later on at the Nobilian Market).
    Rare item: Chocobo egg(1)
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     Back in Crustacia you can go to the upper floor, and go inside the cave on 
    the right where you will find two pots. Open the right one and you will hear 
    some calling you from behind the big box. Walk towards it to meet a friendly 
    mad monk. He has got a deal for you: 1 Amulet of Annihilation for the price 
    of 10,000 jewels. (Here's the part where trading in those 20,000 talons would 
    come in handy) This is a little absurd for 1 amulet, but if you pay up you 
    will also receive the egg of the Chocobo as a free gift!
     If you need more jewels fight the mad monk on the part to the right, go back 
    and do it again. He will give you 75 jewels each time he's defeated. I leave 
    it up to you whether you buy or not, but only if you get the Egg of the 
    Chocobo here you will be able to have all the charms and special amulets at 
    the same time, when you get near the end of the game. I will explain this 
    later on, so buy or leave Crustacia. Then again you can come back later for 
    it, but make sure you don't have any Amulets of Annihilation or else the 
    Swindler Monk won't appear.
     Go up to the desert and either take the ferry for the cost of one Amulet or 
    walk to the north. Make sure you have at least 1,000 jewels before you go to 
    Nobilia, because you will need it on the trading market. Nobilia is located 
    to the north of the Desert of Doom. It consists of one big market and a town 
    square. The market is one big trading game and is quite complex to explain, 
    but first how to get Sting.
    Alchemy: Sting
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     This is one of the hardest alchemy spells to find in the entire game. 
    There's an alchemist in an oasis in the Desert of Doom who can teach you this 
    formula. Here is the map of the Desert of Doom:
    |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|          N = Nobilia Entrance (will appear everywhere)
    |                   |          S = Starting Point
    |  O      O         |          O = Oasis
    |    O              |          A = Oasis with Alchemist
    |           A       |
    |      O            |
    |  O                |
    |                   |
    |O          O       |
    |      O            |
    |    O              |
    |         A         |
    |    O      O       |
    |      O            |
    |  O     O          |
    |      O        O   |
     As visible there are two alchemists in this desert! Perhaps the clone is 
    there to give player some leeway in finding him in such a big desert. Anyway, 
    if you meet either one of them you can get Sting. Mix one part Vinegar and 
    two Wax to make lots of bees sting your opponents. Talk to this guy the dog 
    (once you've been reunited) to receive the spiky collar.
    4.1 Nobilia 'Bargain Bazaar' Trading Market
    -- Nobilian Market --
    To speed up the trading sequence even faster you have go outside, into desert 
    again and walk to the left here. You will see a single stone standing the 
    sand, walk under past it and stop moving, you will start moving in circles 
    for a while. Wait for about 4 to 5 minutes and you will be sucked down. (You 
    can use Petals or Heal if you HP gets very low) Underground walk to the right 
    to receive 99 spice and rice. You can now go to the market of Nobilia there 
    are lots of things to do here:
    -Jade disk, Moxa stick, Ruby heart, Silver sheath, Armor polish, Sun stone 
    and Magic gourd can all be obtained on the trading market. In Appendix C you 
    can see which items you need to trade which items.
    -Talk to the psychic many times, and when lucky he will say that you are in a 
    video game; "if I'm lying, may I be struck down by the powers that be" You 
    will see three options, but instead of choosing one of them press "Y". The 
    man will thank you and give you depending on what you already have:
     Have:                                     Get:
      Bronze armor                              Stone vest
      Bronze armor, Stone vest                  Centurion cape
      Bronze armor, Stone vest, Centurion cape  500 or 1 Jewel(s)
      None of the combinations above            Bronze armor
    -Buy a tapestry and go up one screen, here you will see a huge rock. Lift it 
    with the "Levitate" alchemy and Tiny the barbarian will show up. For the cost 
    of one tapestry he will lift and throw the rock far, far away.
    -Like the merchants say you only have exactly 15 minutes (pause doesn't count 
    of course) to buy all the items before the market will be closed. It will be 
    opened later on, after the fight in the colloseum.
    -There is one merchant who sells Amulets of Annihilation for the price of 30 
    rice bags, if you say 'no' he will bargain for 15 jewels. Don't go any lower 
    than this or you won't be able to buy anymore amulets, although you can go as 
    low as 3 amulets for one bag of rice one single time. After buying 3 for one 
    bag he thinks that you are too shrewd, and won't bargain with you anymore. To 
    buy all the things you need later on have at least 5 amulets in your 
    possession before you go to Gothica (much later on).
    -Always go for "the other goods" instead of choosing the charm as a trade, 
    because you can get most charms only once in the game. True, you can get some 
    of them back later on in Gothica, but only a few items; not all of them.
    -There's a way to make some money by appraising goods. 
      1. Buy rice in the NW corner      ( 1 bag    @ 3 Jewels)
      2. Buy pots with the rice         ( 1 pot    @ 2 Rice = 6 Jewels )
      3. Sell the pots to the appraiser ( 8 Jewels @ 1 Pot )
      4. Make 2 Jewels profit for each pot you sell
    -The most effective way to trade and get all the items is the following.
      1. You got the free 99 Rice and Spice secret from the desert
      2. You plan on getting the Chocobo Egg by either paying 10,000 Jewels or
         by buying Ceramic Pots until you get it
      3. You plan on getting the Centurion Helm, Gloves of Ra, and Thug’s Cloak 
         for free in the arena.
      4. This list also gives you everything you need to get all charms 
         in the Gothica Market.
     The trade sequence: 
      1. Trade for 11 Perfume          (@ 3 Spice)
      2. Trade for 25 Beads            (@ 2 Rice + 3 Jewels)
      3. Trade for 1 Souvenir Spoon    (@ 2 Spice)
      4. Trade for 5 Chickens          (@ 1 Spice + 2 Rice)
      5. Trade for 2 Golden Jackals    (@ 5 Spice)
      6. Trade for 4 Tapestries        (@ 3 Beads)
      7. Trade for 4 Jeweled Scarabs   (@ 2 Perfume + 1 Spice)
      8. Trade for 2 Limestone Tablets (@ 4 Spice + 2 Beads)
      9. Get the Stone plate, then talk to the Psychic guy to 
         obtain the Centurion Cape by saving him
     10. You should now be able to trade for all charms and armor in the 
         Nobilia market, and eventually the Ivor Tower market, making the 
         assumptions above, as well as pay Tiny to throw the rock in front 
         of the Coliseum.
    Alchemy: Atlas
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    This alchemy spell can be found in the Warehouse emporium where you can buy 
    Honey. Notice that there is a spider walking from left to right every time. 
    Follow it and you will crash into a rogue who will teach you this spell. Use 
    one part Ash and one Atlas medallion to create a spell that increases your 
    attack power. He will also ask you to buy an Atlas medallion for the price of 
    100 jewels. You can do this two more times, but each time the price will go 
    up with 100 jewels. This spell is by far the hardest to train. It will take a 
    lot of patience and money to do, but can be done. The best/cheapest way is to 
    buy only one atlas medallion, cast Atlas, buy 1 medallion, cast Atlas, and so 
    on and on. Just make sure you've stocked up well on ash.
    -Have these items in your inventory before the 10 minutes have passed:
       1. Bronze armor, Stone vest & Centurion Cape
       2. Serpent bracer & bronze gauntlet
       3. Bronze helmet & obsidian helmet
     Why? Because you will get the Thug's Cloak, Gloves of Ra and the Centurion 
    helm in the colloseum for free, but only if you got these armors already in 
    your inventory.
    -Don't buy:
     Centurion helmet and Gloves of Ra since you will get these once you are 
    inside the colloseum. Besides you will have to give up the Moxa stick to get 
    them, and I think that those charms are more valuable than some armor.
     The only way to get the Centurion Cape without losing the Jade Disk is to 
    obtain the Bronze Armor and the Stone Vest by buying it and then talk to the 
    psycho guy I mentioned earlier. Let him live if he may get struck by the 
    powers that be. And you will receive the Centurion Cape for free! Also you 
    will get the Thug's Cloak in the Colloseum then.
     When your 15 minutes of shopping are up, you will see that everybody is 
    leaving for the big event on the main square. At this particular moment you 
    can find a hidden stash of jewels that is only accessible right now (you
    also have a second chance just before you fight Aegis later on). Go to the 
    stall that sells the cheapest Rice (North West Corner of the market). The 
    basket that was there is now gone, if you search in the pot behind it you 
    will find 500 hidden jewels.
    -- Nobilia Town Square --
     After you get this secret jewels you might as well go to town square as 
    well. In front of the sacred dog statue you will find Frisket, Pompolonius 
    and Tiny. Frisket chooses you to fight against Vigor in the colloseum, and 
    you will automatically go inside the colloseum.
    -- Inside the Colloseum --
     Here you will have the chance to save. Tiny will greet you as well and 
    leaves you with the dog, now that you are reunited with the dog let him sniff 
    near the right wall. Your dog will then find a secret passageway near the pot 
    with the petal leading to six pots. The contents depend on what you have 
    collected so far. The Centurion helmet and the Gloves of Ra will be in here 
    if you collected all the armor I told you to buy. Same counts for the Thug's 
    Cloak (or Centurion Cape if you don't have it yet) that is in the pot to the 
    left of the exit, you can't miss it. There is also a Call Bead to be found in 
    the secret room as well.
    Boss: Vigor the Indestructible
     HP:     1050
     EXP:    1050
     Money:  1000 J
     Weakness: Backside of Vigor
     Special Attacks: trident, boomerang, dash
     This battle is best to do with the spear, and I used speed to avoid his 
    attacks. Power up the spear to level 3 and throw it against his back, this is 
    his only vulnerable part. Vigor will go from left to right and back. He will 
    sometimes come dashing into you, then he will stop and take applause from the 
    audience. Vigor also throws with tridents or boomerangs, they are both easy 
    to evade. Just walk keep on walking vertically, and they can't hit you.
     Once you annihilated Vigor Pompolonius comes down, congratulates you and he 
    will also give you the Gladiator sword as an award. In combination with the 
    Silver sheath it does more damage than the Horn spear, so keep using the 
    sword. Now that you and the dog are together again you will get your next 
    mission: Retrieve the diamond eyes from the great pyramid and the Hall of 
    Collosia, both located to the west of the river. After the conversation you 
    will see two strange figures talking to each other about the diamond eyes as 
    5. Treasure seeking for the Diamond eyes
    -- Nobilia --
    You can do some more shopping on the market if you like, but eventually you 
    want to go back to Crustacia to continue your quest. Once you crossed the 
    desert you will see that the rock that Tiny threw (if you payed up the 
    tapestry) fell down exactly on the spot near the two pots of earlier on. In 
    the pots you will find 200 Jewels and a Call bead.
    Alchemy: Revive
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     Blimp will give you this spell after you get the dog back. 3 roots and one 
    part bone are required to revive your dog from his death. The spell will also 
    give him some amount of HP depending on the level of the spell. I find this 
    spell just a waste of effort. You could just as well use a Dog Biscuit 
    instead and save an alchemy slot for something more useful.
    -- West Bank --
     Go to the far left and you will find a broken bridge, but this isn't a dead 
    end for your dog. Select Frisket and jump over the gap, walk up, stand on the 
    trolley, and you will be transported to the right. Select Matrix again and go 
    back on the trolley to the other side. Walk down cut the bushes with the 
    sword and go to left. On the next screen take the upper left exit to come to 
    a small camp.
    -- Horace's Camps --
     Talk to the man in yellow clothes; he is Horace Highwater. It turns out to 
    be that he was also part of the experiment just like Elizabeth. He will ask 
    you to get the diamond eyes for him. Horace tells that one is hidden in the 
    great pyramid and the other is in the hall of Collosia. There are pits near 
    the two structures and the only way to cross them is by using the "Revealer" 
    Alchemy: Revealer
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     Talk to Madronius and he will give you this spell. It is needed to make 
    bridges visible over some pits. Mix two Ash and one Wax and your sight will 
    become clear. Madronius will also tell you about his brother, he is hiding in 
    the hall of Collosia. He can give you an alchemy spell, if you can find him.
    -- The Great Pyramid --
     Don't forget to talk to Horace again to receive his Call bead spells. It is 
    time to go to the Great pyramid located to the southwest. Use Revealer to 
    make the way to the pyramid visible. At the base of it you will see a button. 
    Press it and the gate next to it will open up. Let Matrix stand on the 
    button, while you switch to the dog and go inside. Use 'Select' again to go 
    back to Matrix. Go up the stairway, follow the path to the entrance and go 
    -- Inside the Great Pyramid --
     Within the Pyramid you will find some pots, one of them contains 2 call 
    beads. Take the entrance that is located in the middle with the 2 sons of 
    Seth. Walk down the big stairs, and go inside again. Here you will find the 
    Motherhoard of items and alchemy ingredients. Here are 2 Meteorites, 2 Dry 
    ice to be found among a lot of others. Walk all the way up the "s" shaped 
    corridor, step on the ankh symbol to open the way. Continue on, down the 
    stairs. Switch back to Frisket, let him stand on the upper left symbol. This 
    will open the door for Matrix, switch back to him, and walk through the 
     Here you will come to a junction where you can best take the upper way. You 
    should come to a pot with 3 pieces o' Dry ice in it. Head back, take the 
    other way, and watch out for the cobra statues you will come across. They can 
    cause a lot of damage to you, plus they poison you. Walk down and you will 
    find a pot with another Call bead. Go further down, walk over the stone 
    bridge to collect some items in the pots across the water, if you please. The 
    stone bridges will collapse as soon as you walk over them. Take the third 
    stone bridge to get across the water once more. Now let the pooch stand on 
    the lower right tile to open the door to the next corridor. Here you will 
    meet the mid boss of the pyramid.
    Mini-boss: Son of Anhur (2x)
     HP:    500
     EXP.:  250
     Money: 250 J
     Weakness: -
     Special attack: Slow burn
     These guys are not very hard, with a HP of just 500 each they will be beaten 
    with couple of hits. They are very slow meaning that you can easily avoid 
    getting hit, and their "Slow burn" doesn't do much damage either. Their 
    defeat will give you the bronze axe. This axe allows you to breach some of 
    the weakened walls in the pyramid. Use it to open the next wall, and to find 
    someone who can save your game as well.
    Horace's Regenerate Magic
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     At the save point go down over the water walk to the right, then go down as 
    far as you can without having to dive into another wall. Walk down over the 
    four stones in the water and then go to the right. Switch back to the dog and 
    open the gate by making him stand on the lower right switch. Scoot past the 
    stone cobra's and bash the wall here to get to a lone pot with the 
    "regenerate" magic, if you don't have any of Horace's spells you won't be 
    able to open this pot.
    At the save point again walk a bit down, use your axe to open the wall. Here 
    you will find another call bead. Open the wall to your left, and you will 
    meet up with Frisket again. Now go to the exit to you right, in this room 
    take the middle exit to reach the top of the pyramid again. Both of you have 
    to stand on the switches to open the final door to the boss room.
    Boss: Rimsala
    Rimsala            Statue
     HP:    1200        HP:    1
     EXP.:  1200        EXP.:  0
     Money: 1000 J      Money: 0 J
    Weakness: Circular Red 'eye' of Rimsala
    Special attacks: Flash
     At the beginning of the battle you will be confounded which isn't very good 
    for you, this can be cured by using either Cure alchemy or an Herbal essence. 
    The six statues among Rimsala throw Flash at you, which you can avoid by 
    outrunning the spark. The statues can be defeated with an alchemy spell. For 
    Rimsala; just power up your weapon (I chose the Horn Spear for this battle) 
    and hit Rimsala with it. After destroying it you will receive the first 
    Diamond eye. Walk outside and you will be at the base of the pyramid again.
    Alchemy: Escape
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     Go see Madronius again and he will give you the escape spell. Mix one part 
    Wax and one part Vinegar. I never really used this spell, if I had to escape 
    I would use Wings.
    Alchemy: Drain
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     Go back to the broken bridge and the trolley (the West Bank). On the east 
    side of the bridge you will see a big rock. Breach it with the use of the 
    bronze axe and go inside. The alchemist inside will give you the drain spell.
     On your way to the Hall of Collosia to the north east of the camp, you can 
    use the axe to open up some small walls. Just hit them with the axe to break 
    them once and for all. Use your "Revealer" spell on the bridge in the 
    northern part to get to the entrance of the great hall. Note: This is a good 
    place to train your alchemy; mad monks are very weak and drop a lot of 
    -- Hall of Collosia --
     Go inside, (I kind of like the tune here) walk up and if you try to hit the 
    switch with your spear you will hear Matrix saying that you need a stronger 
    spear. You can also use the "Revealer" on two bridges here; the one to the 
    right will lead to a young lady who can save your game. The one to the right 
    leads to a press button with face on it. Press this switch and a passageway 
    in the left wall will be opened (Visible by the light it shines).
    -- Hall of Collosia (Upper Left Room) --
     In the next room you can walk through one of the lower section of the left 
    wall. To get to the pot with pixie dust you must walk to the left, down, 
    left, up, right, up and left.
     A little to the right of that entrance in the wall you can use your axe to 
    create a path to a pot with a Call bead. Walk back to the entrance of this 
    area, and go up to a small brown pillar. This is a switch so hit it with your 
    current weapon to make a bridge appear. Once you crossed the bridge will be 
    gone so you have to find another way back. To your left you can use 
    "Revealer" to get to a lone pot with 2x Ash in it.
     Walk around until you find another "face" press button activate and go back 
    to the brown pillar next to the revealer-bridge you just made. Hit it with 
    any weapon and run to the bridge that will be appear all the way around the 
    hall for 15 seconds, if you fall of the edge you will be placed back near the 
    pillar you started from. Once you reach the other side go back to the main 
    room of the Hall. Take note of the lower right wall, for it has become a 
    -- Hall of Collosia (Lower Right Room) --
     Inside this room you will come across a mini-boss, so weak that it is hardly 
    worth this title...
    Mini-Boss: Mini-taur
     HP:   500
     EXP: 1000
     Money: 10 J
     Weakness: -
     Special attacks: Stomp
     Mini-taur is very weak, though his attacks can take away some of your 
    health. At some point he will stand still and stamp with his feet on the 
    ground, which injures you and the dog at the same time. For the rest he is 
    easy as pie. Once he has left the building a button will be visible. Press it 
    and go back to the main room. Now you can take the lower left passageway.
    -- Hall of Collosia (Lower Left Room) --
     Here you will see three switches in order to continue on you must press the 
    switches in the following order: 123. Enter the passageway to find a room 
    where you can walk through the left wall at the spot of a small light. Walk 
    left, down, left and up to find 3 parts Honey. To you right you will see a 
    wooden bridge. Now use a weapon that is on level 3 and power up to the 
    maximum. Long-run to the other side of this bridge. Walk down and trigger the 
    face button to your left. A little further on you will see 6 switches just 
    trigger them all to lower the fence. Walk up, hit the pillar and fall down 
    the gap. 
    -- Hall of Collosia (Upper Right Room) --
     Finally take the last of the 4 passageways, hit the switch here with your 
    weapon and go over the huge ravine. First take the left way leading to 
    another face button. Go back and take the right path leading to another face 
    button. Now you can take the middle path. At the end use revealer to make the 
    bridge to the other side visible. Walk on until you meet a mad monk, he looks 
    the same as a normal monk, but his HP is 1000. When you defeat him you will 
    gain the bronze spear.
    Alchemy: Fireball
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     At the spot where you meet with the mad monk you must examine the lower part 
    of the left wall, because you can walk "in" it. Walk around until you meet 
    the brother of Madronius. He will give you the power of the fireball spell. 
    Use one part Brimstone and two ash. You can save here as well. From here go 
    back to the start.
     Go back to the start and use the bronze spear on the pillar you saw earlier 
    on. Walk up, and fight Megataur.
    Boss: Megataur
    HP:    2500
    EXP:   2500
    Money: 3000 J
    Weakness: -
    Special attacks: Drain, Crush, Confound, Ground shock
     His magic attacks are very weak, no make that pathetic and he is easily 
    defeated with Flash and Fireball attacks (even on low levels). He doesn't 
    really do much damage so he is gone without too much effort. What a weakling 
    (and what a shame somehow)......
     You will receive the second Diamond eye after he's gone. Go outside and head 
    for Horace's Camp. Here you will hear from Madronius that Horace has left the 
    camp (for some unknown and unexplained reason) and that you should search for 
    him on the other side of the river. If you try to exit via the right 
    passageway you will meet up with someone who has quite a resemblance to 
    Horace. He commands you to give the eyes to him! Matrix then obliges and 
    gives them to "Horace". When you try to follow him you will be stopped by two 
    Rogues. (Sarcasm ON) I'm shakin', I'm shakin' (Sarcasm OFF).
    Mini-Boss: Rogue (2x)
    HP, EXP, and Money: Same as normal Rogue.
     This is ridiculous, just hit them once and there gone. You will receive 
    additional 100 jewels for defeating them. If it wasn't for the Mini-Boss BGM 
    I would not even list this excuse as a Mini-Boss Battle.
     Matrix then realizes that that wasn't Horace (talk about being slow), and 
    figures that he should go to Nobilia to check on the sacred dog statue. So go 
    to Nobilia, you may want to power your spear up to level 3 first. In Nobilia 
    the market will be empty, hmmm... suspicious. You can save at the inn and go 
    to the town square. Here you will find the imitator of Horace placing the 
    eyes in the dog statue. The statue will break apart revealing Aegis.
    Boss: Aegis
    Aegis           Skullclaw      Will o' the wisp   Bad dawg
     HP:    4500     HP:   120      HP:    50          HP:   100
     EXP:   3000     EXP.:  20      EXP.:  20          EXP.:  20
     Money: 1200 J   Money: 20 J    Money: 20 J        Money: 20 J
     Weakness: Head (when the shield is gone)
     Special attacks: Summoning Will o' the wisp / Bad dawg / Skullclaw
     His summoning abilities change when his shield changes. Aegis himself 
    doesn't attack you at all, and all the creatures he summons can easily be 
    defeated with your Spear / Alchemy. Frisket can also cause a lot of damage, 
    so in the end he's quite easy to defeat. You can only attack him when his 
    shield is Flashing or when it's completely gone. Repeat this process just a 
    couple of times and BOOM. Again a original boss, but they are just so weak... 
    Perhaps starting a low level game would be much more challenging.
    6. The undiscovered territories of Evermore
    -- Nobilia --
     When Aegis explodes the Energy core inside of him will still be there. 
    Horace will ask Tiny to throw away the energy core. A few seconds you will 
    hear an explosion, then Madronius comes in with news from the camp (How does 
    he get from Crustacia to Nobilia within 3 seconds?).
     He tells that the explosive Energy Core made impact just to the north of the 
    camp, and a large tunnel opened up. These are unexplored terrains so they ask 
    you to find out what lies at the end of that tunnel. You will receive the 
    staff of life from Horace, which will increase you Defense with about 10%.
     Now buy/have these items before heading back to Horace's camp: a Jeweled 
    Scarab, a Golden Jackal, 5 or so Amulets of Annihilation, 5 beads, 3 Perfume, 
    20 Spice and you can also trade in the Chocobo egg for the Magic Gourd if you 
    want. You will get the precious egg back very soon.
    Alchemy: Double drain
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     This formula is given to you by the same as the normal drain formula. (the 
    guy in the cave to the west of Crustacia) It takes 2 parts ethanol and 2 
    parts Vinegar to use this spell. Since Madronius' ingredients aren't for sale 
    anymore it looks that this formula can't be leveled-up until you find more 
    Vinegar. So you will have to wait to make this formula stronger.
     Once you're at the Camp site you will notice that all the water is gone. 
    Walk up and you will come to a dead end, but you can fall down nearthe upper 
    part. You will fall down and crash into a huge underground maze not much 
    vision here, but that's the challenging part of it (It would be plain easy 
    with full sight, this dungeon is very small actually).
    -- Underground Maze --
     Go down the first screen, use the teleporter on the next, go down, up and 
    use teleporter here. Go up a screen, go right, go down and use the 
    teleporter. Try to ignore the Oglins and the other creatures as much as 
    possible, they pose no real treat and only the Oglins give good amounts of 
    Experience & Jewels. Walk to the right to find 3 Call beads in a pot. Go left 
    and up to meet the boss of this underground region.
    Boss: Aquagoth
    Aquagoth        Tentacle
     HP:    2500     HP:   400
     EXP.:  5000     EXP.: 500
     Money: 5000 J   Money:  0 J
     Weakness: Fireball (works very well...)
     Special attacks: Lightning Storm, Corrosion
     Aquagoth is surrounded by tiny blue lights that can't be destroyed, but can 
    damage you so be careful. The tentacles are easy to dispose off, and Aquagoth 
    himself: Simply use Crush, Fireball, Sting and your spear and he's gone in no 
    time at all. His Lightning storm is pathetic so you can simply ignore it. 
     Once he is defeated you will receive some Honey, and suddenly basket drops 
    down, which is your ticket out of this dark dungeon and into the light you 
    7. The Exhibition, the Pig races and the Banquet
    -- Gothica; Ivor tower south --
     After the chat with the villager of Ivor tower, you will find out that you 
    are now in Gothica. Your dog has also changed into a Poodle (You didn't 
    expect that transformation, did you). After the small conversation with the 
    guy next to the well use the lever again to bring an Oglin to the surface 
    world; you will meet up with him later on. Go left and walk down the left 
    side of the first hedge part, you will find a chest with 2 atlas medallions 
    at the end. Walk to the left below the hedge to far left and you will find a 
    chest with 5x ash. Now walk to the left from here and then go up here you 
    will find an Amulet of Annihilation.
    Horace's Aura magic
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     From the well go one screen to the left, then head up, walk to the left near 
    the trees against the castle wall. Go down and you will find the chest with 
    the call bead spell that gives you the gift of immortality (Temporarily, 
    though and not that you really need that in this game).
    Ivor Tower Market
     You can go to Ivor tower. There is also a small market here. These items are 
    worth buying:
    -One Ticket for exhibition for 1 amulet of Annihilation.
    -Rare item: Oracle bone
     Oracle bone can be bought for 1 golden jackal + jeweled scarab
    -Rare item: Thug's cloak
     Thug's cloak is traded to you for 8 perfume and 6 beads (if you don't
     have this already in your inventory)
    -Rare item: Insect Incense
     For 3 perfume + 3 beads
    To the left you will find a long alley here they sell cheapest spice and the 
    strongest armor. Things to buy here:
     -Dragon helm for 700 Gold coins (GC) + Amulet of Annihilation
     -Magician's ring for 750 GC + Amulet of Annihilation
    -Rare item: Egg of the Chocobo (2)
     You can get the egg of the Chocobo (back) for 9 perfume + 9 beads.
    -Up to 4 charms you have lost at the Nobilian market each for 300 GC.
    Don't buy:
     -Gold plated vest: this can be found in Lance's house after you get
      the Lance spell.
     Check the houses to collect some alchemy ingredients from their provisions, 
    there is one exception to this matter (Read "Lance" for details). On the 
    third elevation you will find an Inn & Armor shop in one house. Don't buy any 
    armor here since it's weaker than the armor you can buy in the alley.
    Alchemy: Lance
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    This can be found in the most right house on the third "floor". Go inside and 
    then upstairs, but DON'T open any of the chests. If you try to walk down 
    Lance will come up to check his chests. When he sees that you are a good boy 
    he will give you the Lance formula. Use one part Iron and one part Acorn to 
    throw a huge spear/lance on you enemies. This alchemy is one of the stronger 
    spells, so it's worth powering up. 
    After you get the Lance spell he will allow you to open Lance's chests. 
    Collect the Gold plated vest and the Amulet of Annihilation. You can also 
    access his house from the backside. Here you will find three chests with nice 
    treasures inside. This trick also works with the biggest house at the highest 
    platform. You can't enter the castle so you need to do something else. People 
    in the alley are talking about the pig races.
    -- Exhibition --
     Farther to the north in the alley you will find the exhibition. The place 
    where "strange" people like Sylvia the beardless woman lives! If you haven't 
    bought a ticket do so now at the market. Or else you won't be able to get on 
    with the plot. Now that you have a ticket, talk to the person in front of the 
    exhibition and go inside the exhibit. No dogs are allowed, so Frisket has to 
    stay outside. Once Matrix is inside you will see that someone takes Frisket 
    with him. I won't spoil the exhibits, but the last exhibit is the latest 
    addition: The pig poodle. When you take a closer look it seems to be that 
    that pig poodle is your dog in disguise. Frisket will run away and 
    coincidentally crash into the pig race. Your dog is so fast that he is the 
    winner of the pig races, meaning that you will be invited for the queen's 
    dinner. That seems to be great, because you are now able to meet the queen 
    and ask her how to get back to Podunk.
    -- Ivor Tower Castle --
     Once you come to the dining room it turns out to be that Frisket isn't with 
    you anymore. Matrix takes place at the table and Queen Bluegarden is 
    introduced. You speak to Miss Bluegarden the screen will "zap" to Frisket.
     He seems to be the main course for the queen's dinner in other words he's in 
    big trouble. Pierre the cook notices that Frisket is no pig at all and will 
    try to catch Frisket, but the fat cook is too slow and you can escape in the 
    ventilation system. Keep following the left wall and go up the first shaft 
    you come across. Go to the left; outside. Now you can first get the Queen's 
    key or you can read on to solve the puzzle.
    Rare item: The Queen's Key
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     Take upper door go down the ventilation shaft. Walk as far to the right as 
    possible, go up and go to the far right ventilation shaft. Go down again, 
    walk up and hug the right wall for there is an invisible entrance to the 
    right somewhere in the middle. Keep on walking to the right, then you will 
    come to a very small maze in the dark. Directions are very hard to give, but 
    this is a one way maze so if you can't get any further try a different 
    direction. You will get the Queen's key once you get the most upper-right 
    corner from a woman who seems to "live" here.
     Outside again where we started off initially take the upper door go down the 
    ventilation shaft. Follow the lower wall until you reach another shaft. Go up 
    and you will see some bookcases to you right (Here comes the trick to solving 
    this puzzle). Behind the bookcase is a hidden shaft. Fall down here, go down, 
    right, walk against the dark background and go down. From here on it's one 
    way to the banquet.
     Frisket will come running in, pushing everything of the table. The queen 
    will become very mad and you will have to spend the night in prison. Here you 
    will have the chance to save or call a lawyer. :) After the guard puts you in 
    your prison cell Frisket will be able to get out of the Prison cell though a 
    small passage. If you want to collect the Defender collar for free you must 
    defeat all the enemies: 2x viper, 2x mini taur, Guardbot from the other 
    prison cells without freeing his master.
     Once you freed Matrix you can switch back to him, and go back into your cell 
    to find an Iron bracer (You can best sell this, since you already have the 
    magician's ring). You can open the lower right prison cell, which leads to a 
    sewer system. Use the Charge-Run (Charge and Run at the same time) to explore 
    the sewers, but be careful the toxic water drains HP. To the left of the 
    Corrosion man you will find the exit door. It is not that difficult to find 
    your way around here, so I don't think descriptions are needed.
    Alchemy: Corrosion
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    In the upper right corner of the sewers you will find a man who will teach 
    you Corrosion. It requires 1 Mushroom and 3 drops of water. This spell will 
    damage all enemies on screen light multiple times. There are also two Call 
    beads to be found here.
    8. Journey to Ebon keep
    -- Ivor Tower castle --
     A guard will come by and commands you to come with him to the queen. Miss 
    Bluegarden now apologizes for the way things went and asks you to go to Ebon 
    keep and to lower the drawbridge so she can go across with her troops. This 
    way she can take Ebon keep by force, and you agree to help. Follow the 
    directions she gives and go outside to the giant chessboard. If you take one 
    of the exits to the left in the queen's room you will see that the king is 
    hypnotized by the Puppet show. Just take a closer look at the thing behind 
    the bookshelf...
     Once you leave for Ebon keep, Matrix will (finally) notice the key around 
    Frisket's neck. It's plundering time! Go to the east wing and use the key on 
    all the rooms so you can open all the chests here. Don't forget to clean up 
    the upper floor as well.
    Alchemy: Fire power
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    After you looted the entire east wing you can give your key away to the 
    alchemist in one of the chambers. He will give you the Fire power spell in 
    return. Use one Feather and one Brimstone to hit your enemies with multiple 
     Since Feathers are extremely expensive it might be wise to train this spell 
    just outside the Ivor Tower. There are a lot of Hedgadillos, dancin' fools 
    and blue goos, they all have a Feather as a dropped item. This way you only 
    have to buy Brimstone at Lance's.
     Now that that's done go to the east, here find the chessboard. Walk around a 
    bit and fight the Skullclaws with alchemy spells to take them out easily. In 
    the middle you will have to fight the simple Boss called: FootKnight.
    Boss: FootKnight
    HP:   2500
    EXP:   850
    Money: 200 GC
    Weakness: -
    Special attacks: -
    There is not much to say about this boss, if you have all the strong armor he 
    can barely touch you. Just power any weapon up to level three and let him 
    have it, or at least until you gathered enough damage to deplete his stock of 
    2500 HP. A new passageway will open up after his destruction.
    -- Below the Chessboard --
     This will lead under the chessboard. While you make your way down you will 
    see the Energy Core from earlier on. You will have to come back here later 
    on, but don't think too much about this. Once you get outside you will see a 
    small cut-scene.
     Here you will see Eronio (Who is that guy?) and the Queen. They are 
    conversating about some "friends" in Ebon keep and some dragons taking care 
    of Matrix & Frisket. This doesn't predict too much good and as always with 
    villains it ends with the usual evil laughing of the evil mind.
    -- The Dark Forest --
     After the cut-scene you have the chance to save your game before you go into 
    the Dark forest. I would save for you will have to travel quite some 
    distance, to the next save point.
    Alchemy: One-up
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    At the start of the forest follow these exits: DDRRDLDDRRDDLDDDL
    (D = down, R = right, L = left)
     Matrix will find an alchemist here in "Nowheresville" or "Dead end City", he 
    will give you the One-up spell. This alchemy allows you to fully restore the 
    HP of one player, mix 1 Feather and 1 root to use it.
     You can buy some ingredients here, but they are way and WAY too expensive in 
    my opinion. After you found him you might as well use Wings to get back to 
    the start of the Dark Forest. It's a lot faster, then having to walk back the 
    entire trip.
    I could write an entire walkthrough for the forest, but instead I will give 
    you an important and helpful tip: Look at the "front" ground. Every time you 
    walk on the correct path you will see an owl/bat like creature sitting in the 
    tree. They look a lot like the Green Neo Greebles you will meet at Omnitopia 
    (but even if you haven't seen them before, they will surely catch your eye if 
    you pay attention to them). Just follow the path of Greebles to the bridge in 
    the middle of the forest.
    Mini-boss: Shape Lifters (6x)
    Bad Boy (2 Shape Lifters)
    HP:   1000
    EXP.:  400
    Money: 333 GC
    Weakness: Alchemy
    Special attacks: Lightning Storm, Nitro
     These guys can cause some damage when they use Storm alchemy, but for the 
    rest they are just like most other bosses; plain easy. The Nitro Alchemy is 
    strong too, but I guess the level of the Alchemy they use is low, so it 
    doesn't do as much damage. Simply power-up your weapon to level three and 
    attack head on. Defeat yourself three times to be victorious.
     When you kill the three bad boys you will receive the Crusader sword. Use 
    this since it stronger than the Bronze spear (If used in combination with the 
    silver sheath). There is a Save point on the other side of the bridge as 
    well. From the bridge go RURURR... 
    Then there are two ways out:
     1. the exit           ...DDDRRURULUUU
     2. The Wizard's Coin. ...R
       R = Right    U = Up
       L = Left     D = Down
    Wizard's coin
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     If you go to the right here you will find the Oglin you saved earlier on at 
    the dead end. He will give you the wizard's coin, but only if you have the 
    Thug's cloak in your possession. If you don't have the Thug's cloak he will 
    give you one. This is the last new kind of charm you can get, so the charms 
    collection should be complete now. Go one screen back and follow the route 
     On a side note: if you have both Thug's Cloak and Wizard's Coin he gives 
    you 1000 Gold Coins instead!
    Boss: Timberdrake
    HP:    2500
    EXP.:  2200
    Money: 2000 GC
    Weakness: Fireball/Sting Alchemy
    Special attacks: ?
     You can better use the Bronze spear, because I don't think you powered your 
    Crusader sword up to level 3 by now. But... then again, this clown is easy to 
    beat. I cast Fireball and 2x Sting (both high levels on him) and he was gone 
    already. You will get the Lance as a free gift.
    -- Sewer Entrance --
     Go to the left and you will see two barricades blocking a passageway, you 
    need the Knight's basher to destroy the barricades which you will get later 
    on in the game. For now go into the sewers. You can't go wrong since there 
    only one way to go and if there is a junction with two paths they will come 
    together a little further on. So, eventually you will reach the exit. 
     If you go through the door here you will come to exact the same prison area, 
    only in different color. What's going on? Open all the prison cells, the last 
    one holds an passageway to Ebon Keep. It doesn't matter in which order you 
    open them, so take a peak in all of them. Be aware though that the cells are 
    inhabited with monsters as well. 
     I've heard from many people that this area may be glitched, because some say 
    that there is no exit behind the last cell door. You should NOT open the 
    upper left jail last! That is the door to the left of the wooden door on this 
    screen, this is what seems to be the problem. If you get to this area just 
    open that door first and then go by all the other doors one by one.
    --Ebon Keep--
     Once you are trough the exit you will find that Ebon keep is the exact 
    replica of Ivor tower. Go to the armor shop to find a guy who is called Cecil 
    who speaks of someone called Rosa. These two fellows are from Final Fantasy 2 
    on SNES. Cecil is the main character and Rosa, a white mage, becomes his 
    wife/lover during the story of the game. When he asks you, here in Ebon Keep, 
    if you ever heard of his becoming a Paladin or his trip to the moon it's 
    because these adventures are part of the FF2 story (Thanks to RedGoblin for 
    clearing this trivia up).
     Here you can buy the strongest armor from this Cecil guy that is available 
    in Gothica. You will also get your bazooka back with one thunder ball 
    projectile, one shot that is not very useful.
    Alchemy: Regrowth
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     If you walk into the back of the big house at the top of the castle you will 
    see an old woman who will teach you the Regrowth formula; mix 1 acorn and two 
    parts water to slowly regenerate your HP. The formula has effect until an 
    enemy hits you.
     Prepare yourself for the hardest boss battle in the game, or have Horace's 
    Aura magic at your disposal. First save at the inn and go up to the castle 
    gate. Open it by walking against it, go up, inside the castle and walk up to 
    meet a real challenge for a change.
    Boss: Verminator
    HP:    4000
    EXP.:  1050
    Money: 1000 + 5000 GC
    Weakness: Alchemy
    Special attacks: Acid Rain, Explosion, Drain, Corrosion
     Verminator is THE hardest boss in the game in my opinion, if you try to 
    take him on with only your weapons. There are three ways to get rid of him:
    1. Uber-Easy way:
          Use four of Fire Eyes' Call beads as the all do near 999 damage on
          Vermin boy. Just four hits, plus something extra and you're done.
    2. Semi-Easy way:
          Use Aura magic and power your weapon to level 3 and attack and your
          strongest Alchemy formulas. You may want to use Atlas (if you powered
          up) as well.
    3. Hard way: 
          Is the same as easy, but without aura magic. Verminator will keep
          on hitting you with strong alchemy spells. You will be wasted in
          no time, if you don't pay attention to you HP. You have better
          chances of defeating him when you use alchemy, because every time you
          get hit by a spell you will have to wait a whole lot longer with
          powering up the lance.
     You will receive an additional 5000 Gold coins for defeating him. If you 
    walk up through the door Verminator once was you will meet Tinker Tinderbox. 
    He asks you to come along with him to meet someone. This 'someone' is in fact 
    the real queen Camellia Bluegarden. She will explain the entire story of what 
    has happened. She will ask you to go back to Ivor Tower to take care of the 
    imposter and you will also receive her Call bead spells.
    9. Going back to Ivor Tower
    -- Ebon keep Castle --
     Go to the right and fight a small mini battle. Simply beat those easy 
    enemies that are a pain in the glass and go to the next screen, here you will 
    meet Tinker again. You will explain to him how you got to this world, via a 
    certain place in space. Tinker will tell you that he has seen the place using 
    his telescope and he knows a way how you can get there, but first you must 
    take care of the fake queen. You can also see through Tinker's telescope that 
    she is scheming right now; she says that she has orders from above to find 
    some energy device, and will even destroy the kingdom if it can't be found.
     Tinker recommends you to go back to the sewers and to the north visiting his 
    brother Gomi Tinderbox. The blocked passageway near the entrance of the 
    sewers can be destroyed with the axe that is located in the chest in this 
    room. Note: Tinker's alchemy ingredients differ every time you visit another 
    alchemist, until you reach Omnitopia again. After that he will have a fixed 
    set of ingredients to sell.
    Alchemy: Slow burn
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     In bookshelf to the left you will find the Slow burn formula; this does 
    exactly the opposite of Regrowth and can be used on one to three enemies. You 
    need one part Iron and one part Brimstone to use the alchemy.
     On the contrary of the other spells, the damage slow burn inflicts is always 
    the same. On level 0 it is 8,4,4,4,... On level 1: 12,6,6,6,.... Level 2: 
    16,8,8,8,... Etc.
    Alchemy: Explosion
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     This alchemy can be obtained in Tinker's room as well. Walk down to the 
    chest where the knight basher was and you will see a book on the table, pick 
    it up to get this formula. It requires 2 parts Ethanol and 1 part Ash. It 
    says to destroy barriers, but it doesn't destroy any barrier that at all for 
    as far as I know.
     Go to the West wing of the castle. In the dining room you will find a chest 
    with a Call bead.
    Alchemy: Super heal
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     To the left of the dining room you will find a boy/old man named Naris guess 
    his number right, and you will get the super heal formula. What you need to
    do is:
     -Pick the smaller number if he's a boy
     -Pick the larger  number if he's an adult
    This will get you the alchemy that doesn't require level-ups as it always
    heals your HP to the brim!
    -- Gomi's Tower --
     Go back to the entrance of the sewers near the forest and use the knight 
    basher to open the passageway up. Here you will find Gobi's tower. Some of 
    the floor level are not so stabile, and will crumble if you try to pass them. 
    Use the door somewhere in the middle to get up to the top of this huge tower. 
    At the top you will meet the boss.
    Boss: Sterling
    HP: 3000
    EXP.:  0 ( you can't kill him )
    Money: 0 GC
    Special attacks: Fireball, throwing you from the platform
     Sterling can be hard because he can throw you of the top of the building 
    meaning that you will have to walk all the way back up again. So the best 
    place to be is on the stairway where he can't hit you, unless he casts 
    fireball. Power up your Lance and throw it at him when he gets closer, do 
    this a few times and the battle stops.
     Gomi will come out of nowhere and he restores your HPs. He will tell you why 
    he is building a tower that is so tall and also he gives you an alchemy 
    Alchemy: Lightning storm
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     You will get this alchemy automatically when you meet up with Tinker's 
    brother: Gomi Tinderbox. Use one part Iron and 2 parts Ash to create a storm 
    that electrocutes an enemy. My, my, we've been getting many spells all of a 
    -- Ivor Tower (Sewer Entrance) --
     He will summon Sterling to arrange a travel back to Ivor Tower. BTW: You can 
    save here as well, before you go to the next boss you might want to train 
    your weapons to level 3 just south of the kingdom. Great place to train since 
    the monsters here drop lots of Feathers, which is a very expensive ingredient 
    to buy. Upon the moment that you are ready to leave, go to the Puppet show 
    room. Here you will have a direct confrontation with the fake queen who 
    summons Mungola to her assistance.
    Boss: Mungola
    Mungola        Mephista           Old Nick
     HP:   4000     HP:  500 + x       HP:  500 + x
     Exp:  8000     Exp:    1000       Exp:    1000
     Money:   0 GC  Money    250 GC    Money:   250 GC
    Weakness: Mungola's head
    Special attacks: Fireball, Mephista heals Mungola, Corrosion
    x = 250 * No. of times defeated
     First you will have to fight Mephista and Old Nick, once they're gone walk 
    up to see Mungola's ugly face. Mephista and Old nick will be regenerated and 
    will get more HP every time you beat them, but they drop nice amounts of EXP 
    and gold so kill them first a couple of times as an extra bonus. As for 
    Mungola; Simply hit that pig/swine many times with a level 3 weapon or strong 
    alchemy. Mephista can heal Mungola, but only a feeble 60 HP or so.
     After a while you will probably beat Mungola without too much effort, and 
    the queen will not be very pleased. She wants to drop onto you making you as 
    plat as a pancake. She falls, she fails and she goes all the way down. 
    Because of her weight the foundations will be damaged, which causes the 
    castle to collapse. You will receive 10,000(!) gold coins from the king for 
    your troubles as he leaves the palace. Everybody has moved back to Ebon keep 
    so you might as well do the same. Go to Tinker's tower and go outside using 
    the right exit here.
    10. One way flight to Omnitopia
    -- Ebon Keep Castle --
    Here you will see Tinker in his Windwalker and he asks you to get a Gauge a 
    Valve wheel and the 2 Diamond eyes. You need these items for the rocket you 
    are going to use to get back to the metroplex in space. You can use the 
    Windwalker to travel across Evermore and the fire pits will be ignited. These 
    light spots on the map will show you where you can land. Once you have all 
    three items you can come back and give them to Tinker.
     10.1. Gauge
    -- Prehistoria --
    To get the Gauge you must use the Windwalker to get back to Prehistoria. Once 
    you landed here visit Fire eyes to tell her about Horace and Camellia 
    Bluegarden. Talk to the woman in the hut next to the village Inn to receive a 
    piece of Honey. Also you can easily power all your weapons up here, because 
    the enemies haven't become any stronger.
    -- Volcano Path --
     Return to the volcano path and use the geysers to get up to the top of the 
    volcano again. Since you can't land on the top of the volcano anymore you 
    will come down exactly on the spot where a gourd with the gauge inside.
    Alchemy: Miracle cure
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     Go to Strongheart and he will give you the Miracle cure. This spell is a 
    combination of heal and cure. However Miracle cure doesn't cure confusion 
    (glitched, I guess). You can talk to Strongheart as the dog to receive Spot's 
    collar which is Frisket's final and most powerful collar.
     10.2 Valve wheel
    -- Prehistoria --
    Go to the Bugmuck and go back to the room where you fought Thraxx, he is now 
    replaced by a new boss.
    Boss: Coleoptera
    Heart            Left claw       Right claw
     HP:     6000     HP:    2500     HP:    2500
     EXP.:  10000     EXP.:  4166     EXP.:  4166
     Money:  4000 T   Money:  400 T   Money:  400 T
    Weakness: Heart
    Special attacks: Storm, Flash, Electra bolt
     Coleoptera is a beefed up version of the original Thraxx. The only 
    difference is that she constantly attacks you with Alchemy magic. So this 
    battle is a little bit like the one against Verminator. Beat the Claws first 
    if you want some extra Experience. Don't forget to heal yourself of course, 
    and attack back with alchemy. I noticed that even spells on level 0 can cause 
    over 100 damage on her. After her defeat you will find the wheel in the 
    cocoon behind her.
     10.3 The diamond eyes
    -- Antiqua --
    Use the Windwalker to get to Nobilia and make sure you have "Levitate" 
    equipped as well as at least 1 Mudpepper. Head for the palace grounds and if 
    you walk to the right just above the third snake statue you will find a Call 
    bead. Walk up one screen and go to the right on the left side you can walk 
    into the poisonous water. There is a small stack of 2500 GC (gold coins in 
    Antiqua?!?) to be found here. Enter palace itself to meet Horace again. He 
    will tell you about Tiny; he has shut himself up in the basement of the great 
    pyramid and calls himself the leader of the Oglins. He has the Diamond eyes 
    as well. How he got them eludes me to this very day.
    Alchemy: Barrier
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     Horace will give you this spell, mix two bones and one part Limestone to 
    create a barrier that will half all damage you will sustain for a while. The 
    spell also regenerates some HP for you.
    -- The Great Pyramid --
     Go to the entrance under the great pyramid by redoing the jump sequence with 
    the dog over the river near the West Bank in order to get the ferry over to 
    your side. Once you are inside use the teleporter and use "Levitate" (buy Mud 
    Peppers in Blimp's Cave) on the boulder to your right. You can search the 
    catacombs if you like, in the lower left corner you can find a call bead. To 
    continue on you must stand on one switch, have Frisket standing on the second 
    and the boulder on the third at the same time. The last gate in the middle 
    will open up leading to Tiny and his Oglin friends. Now fight off the Oglins, 
    and use all teleporters. There is no telling when you will end up in the 
    middle so keep on trying and eventually next to Tiny. He begs you to leave 
    him alone with his Oglins. He gives you the diamond eyes, in return you give 
    him peace. Now that you have all the items it's time to go back to Tinker's 
    -- Ebon Keep Castle --
    Give the items to Tinker and you can finally go back to where it all started 
    11. Find doctor Sidney Ruffleberg
    -- Omnitopia --
    Your dog has gotten another transformation he's quite metallic, and his stats 
    are increased in this format. Walk to the right and you will see a guardbot 
    named I8-pi; I "eight" pie :) This bot is waiting for IM-L8; I'm l-"eight" :) 
     You will hear him say that she is detained in the research sector. Time to 
    find 'her'. Go to the left and beam yourself up. Walk to the left and then go 
    up, here in the top left corner you can find 2 pieces of Meteorite. Walk to 
    the left and press the four switches in the small prison. One of them will 
    release the IM-L8. She will give you the strongest weapon (if used with 
    silver sheath) available: the Neutron blade. There is also some Dry Ice 
    hidden in the far right wall.
    Alchemy: Reflect
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     After you saved IM-L8, I8-pi will give you this formula as gift. Use two 
    parts Grease and one part Iron to create a barrier that will reflect magic 
    attacks back to the attacker.
     This may sound nice, but Magmar is the only enemy you'll come across in this 
    game that can use Alchemy. Therefore this spell in almost completely useless!
    There's also this optional boss battles against the two Faces, so "Reflect" 
    might help you out against a wimpy "Flash" spell. XD
     When you go to the upper floor you will need the dog to take care of the 
    sphere bots. Simply switch to the dog and destroy all the sphere bots 
    outside, and go down at A2. There are Rimsalas guarding the horizontal 
    corridors, they are very strong and have a HP over 2000 so be careful. Don't 
    buy any armor here since you will get stronger armor very soon. Go up again 
    and go down at C2, hit the switch on the wall go outside, and go down C1. 
    Walk down past the heaters and next to the light beam you will find a Storage 
    bin with Old Reliable. Go down D3 and use the switch so you can turn the 
    light on.
    -- D3 --
     To the right of the light switches you find a three digit input; use the 
    password the Mechaduster gives you at the Omnitopian inn to open it in one 
    go, alternatively try all combinations. There seems to be another password 
    that can be used to open the security door marked by "LOCK". I am not sure 
    what exactly the required conditions are, but I was able to use a code to 
    open a Security Door to an optional Mid-boss. The mayor problem with this is 
    that the codes are generated randomly for every new game so giving color 
    combinations doesn't work. Any information is welcome here.
    Optional mid-boss: Face (2x)
    HP:    4000
    EXP.:  4000
    Money: 2000 C
    Weakness: Face (d'uh)
    Special attacks: Flash
     This battle is not hard at all, simply power up your weapon as usual and hit 
    them when the Face appears. They attack you with Flash, but if you can outrun 
    the projectile for a long enough period it will simply disappear without 
    causing any damage. You will get 10 Cryo-blast shells (if I recall correctly) 
    for beating both of 'em.
    -- D4 --
     Go down at D4 and open all the storages to get the protector ring, 30 
    Practile bombs, 3 Meteorites, 30 Thunder balls, Honey, 4 Dry ice and two 
    acorns. Go back to the light switches and turn them off. Go down C4 and walk 
    up to trigger the alarm. That is if you haven't deactivated it in the first 
    Mid-boss: Guard bot (10x)
    HP: Not much
    EXP.:    500
    Money:    20 C
     Fight the guard bots to deactivate the alarm, they shouldn't provide any 
    kind of difficulty. So go on and open the metal storage bin at the end to get 
    the Titanium vest.
    -- B3 --
     Continue on and go down B3. Here you will come to the greenhouse, since you 
    turned out the light the Flowering deaths will be sleeping so you can get 
    past them. If you try to get past them while the lights are on you will die 
    in an instant (Even if you cast aura). Head for the light beam at the end and 
    open the bin next to it. Inside you can find 30 Cryo-blasts. Go up and go 
    down at A4, here you will find the doctor at last. Here you will find out 
    that Carltron is the one responsible for the mess on Evermore. There is just 
    one more thing you will need to do: Retrieve the Energy core from Gothica's 
    Alchemy: Call up
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     You will receive this formula from Sidney, use 1 Meteorite and 1 part Dry 
    ice to increase your call beads with one. Since you can only find 10 Dry ice 
    you can use the spell 10 times, then unequip it again.
    12. Retrieve the energy core
    -- Omnitopia --
    You can buy the strongest armor in the game at the console in this room (for 
    the right price that is) In order to get the core you must take the space 
    shuttle that is at the end of the corridor above you. You will also find the 
    the Titanium tipped spear of the future: the Laser Lance in the gold storage 
    bin where you found the Bazooka in the beginning.
    -- Gothica --
    Go to Ebon keep walk to the chessboard go down and collect the Core that's 
    all there was to it. In Tinker's tower you will also find the Atom smasher in 
    the same chest where you found the knight's basher.
    Alchemy: Nitro
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     This formula can be found on the table next to the Atom smasher. It is very 
    strong (if not THE strongest) on the higher levels. It requires 1 part 
    Gunpowder and 2 parts Grease to use. Expensive but worth powering-up.
    Alchemy: Force field
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     Next to the energy core you will find an alchemist, use 1 Grease and 1 part 
    Iron to create a barrier that will absorb the first hit you will receive from 
    your enemies.
    Alchemy: Stop
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     If you have the oracle bone you will receive this spell from the Force field 
    alchemist as well, mix on Crystal with 2 Wax to stop your enemies for a small 
    period. You can't however hit them while they're frozen.
    -- Omnitopia --
    Alchemy: Energize
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
     Go back to Omnitopia and talk to Ruffleberg to receive Energize, this 
    formula will power your weapon up from 0% to level 3 in less than 2 seconds. 
    Great to use against the final boss, also this is the last alchemy spell in 
    the game as well. Use it when you train against Rimsala or in the basement of 
    the Great Pyramid for extra experience.
    Final. The final battle
    -- Omnitopian Junkyard --
    Go back to the junkyard on Omnitopia and examine the teleporter. You will 
    automatically install the Energy core, and you can save here as well. This is 
    the final save, so don't rush through too fast. Use the teleporter to get to 
    the middle of Omnitopia. Go down the hatch here and you will find yourself in 
    the final room of the game.
    Mini-boss:     2 Mecha Raptors (3x)
    Mini-boss:     3 Rimsalas
    Mini-boss:     Bad boy & Dark toaster
    Boss:          Magmar (metallic)
    Ultimate Boss: Carltron's robot
    Fan           Speaker       Bomb          Raptor(mecha)  Mechaduster
    HP:   2500    HP:   1004    HP:    200    HP:  4000      HP:    600
    EXP.:    0    EXP.:    0    EXP.:    0    EXP.:  24      EXP.:  600
    Money:   0 C  Money:   0 C  Money:   0 C  Money: 48 C    Money: 280 C
    Death spider  EyeofRimsala  Bad boy       Dark toaster   Magmar (metallic)
    HP:   6000    HP:   6000    HP:    750    HP:  10000     HP:  25000
    EXP.: 5000    EXP.: 1050    EXP.:  400    EXP.: 5000     EXP.:    0*
    Money: 250 C  Money:   0 C  Money: 333 C  Money:  20 C   Money:   0 C
    Carltron's robot
    HP:   30000
    EXP.: 10000
    Money:    0 C
    * = Assassin17 found out it has some Experience, but you get nothing because 
    the quick appearance of Carltron's Robot prevents CPU from adding the 
    Experience to your current total.
     This fight consists of various phases before you fight the final boss 
    himself. The battle is quite easy considering that this is the last one, if 
    you have Atlas, Speed, Energize and Aura it will be a breeze. Here's a 
    Round 1:
     First you must destroy the speakers and fans at the top of the screen. It is 
    best to use your spear for this job, because if you get too close the Fans 
    will start to blow you away. Once they are all gone, you can activate the 
    panels behind them. This triggers the alarm and sets you in the next phase.
    Round 2:
     The music changes, and you will confronted with two Mecha raptors, kill them 
    and a Mechaduster will appear. The Mechaduster will appear after each round 
    and, if you kill it an extra death spider will come in the arena the next 
    time. These guys are very strong, but can be defeated so if you like a little 
    extra challenge simply crush all the Mechadusters and have some fun, this 
    gives that game an little extra challenge (finally)! Now this stage will be 
    repeated two more times, before going into the next part.
    Round 3:
     In this stage three Rimsalas will be generated. These have more HP than 
    normal ones, but are still not much of a challenge. Next patient, please :)
    Round 4:
     For the next round you and your dog will be cloned, so destroy yourself one 
    more time. Bad boy should be destroyed in one hit, but Dark Toaster has a 
    massive HP so keep on hitting him, and all will go well. If you destroyed all 
    the Mechadusters you should be fighting of 4 death spider simultaneously, 
    that's a nice extra before the Metallic Magmar.
    Round 5:
     Ahh.. Finally someone who does give at least some resistance, if you don't 
    kill Magmar in a set time his HP will be fully regenerated! So what ever you 
    do, do it fast. He uses the Crush formula, but it's weak so don't bother 
    about it.
    Final Round:
     This is it: Carltron's Robot! Unfortunately he is not that difficult (I mean 
    being the big boss and all I expected more of a challenge). Use Aura, 
    Energize & Atlas and Carltron's fate is sealed. Alternatively charge up your 
    weapon and wait for the moment Carltron stops firing rockets, now quickly 
    stand in front of him and use your weapon (preferably the sword since it gets 
    two strikes when fully charged; 1998 damage instead of 999), step aside and 
    charge the weapon again its maximum. Rinse and repeat until you got a grand 
    total of 30000 Points, after this Carltron will be finished. He gives a 
    massive 10000 Experience, not that that has any use now...
    I won't spoil the end, but when you see "the end" on screen wait a minute or 
    2, and you will see if this really is the end or not........
    If you are REALLY patient (Wait another 30 minutes or so) you get another 
                  |                                          |
                  |                                          |
                  |              DOLLY GRIP                  |
                  |             Brian Fehdrau                |
                  |                                          |
    The message will disappear after 30 seconds, leaving a black screen... I 
    don't know hell what this means. According to the instruction booklet Brian 
    was the Lead Programmer and a Scenario Scripter of the game. Another hint is 
    that in movies a Dolly Grip is the person that is in charge of moving the 
    camera (dolly) along the tracks on the set. So for a video game it would mean 
    the person in charge of the screen movements.
     Finally the issue is cleared on the message boards of Gamefaqs, where Brian 
    Fehdrau a.k.a. "Its all Bills fault" revealed that he put the message in for 
    his wife Dolly.
                                End of Walkthrough
    Appendix A: Call bead locations
    1-6. Get 6 together with the spells of Fire Eyes
      7. In chest after learning about Call Beads from Fire Eyes.
         You receive Wax if you don't know about Call beads yet.
      8. In gourd near in hidden west area.
         You receive Wax if you don't know about Call beads yet.
      9. In the most northern part of the swamp inside a gourd
     10. In a pot in the left wall near the entrance of the volcano catacombs
     11. In a pot in the secret room on the right inside the colloseum
     12. In pot to the right of Blimp's cave
     13. In pot near first entrance of the pyramid
     14. Same as 11
     15. In pot in a corridor with the biting snake statues in the pyramid
     16. In pot near the breach able wall below the save point inside pyramid
     17. In pot below the breach able obstacle in the upper left room in the
         Hall of Collosia
     18. In pot near Aquagoth in underground maze
     19. Same as 16
     20. Same as 16
     21. In chest next to the 'Corrosion alchemy' man
     22. Same as 19
     23. In chest in big dining room of Ebon keep
     24. Find near Nobilian palace near the wall above the top right snake statue
     25. In pot in the south west corner of the basement of the Pyramid
     25+ Use "Call-up" alchemy formula
         or Dropped item Dragoyle / Dragoil
         or same as 24. (glitch)
    Appendix B: Amulets and Charms
    Name             What it does & How to get it
    ---------------- ------------------------------------------------------------
    Armor polish     Increases Defensive power of armor
                      1. Trade it for Silver Sheath
                      2. After selling it, buy it at Ivor Tower's Back Alley
    Chocobo egg      Increases both HPs with 45
                      1. Buy it at Ivor Tower's Back Alley
                      2. Get it from the Mad Monk in Crustacia for 10,000 Jewels!
                      3. It is also randomly hidden in a pot when you buy some at
                         the Nobilia Market
    Insect Incise    Mosquitoes won't bother you (i.e. cause no damage)
                      1. Buy it at Ivor Tower's Back Alley
    Jade disk        Increases Hit%
                      1. Buy it at the South West corner of the Nobilian Market
                      2. After selling it, buy it at Ivor Tower's Back Alley
    Jaguar ring      Increases run speed
                      1. Given to you by the salesman in Quicksand Field
    Magic gourd      Does Nothing at All! All the rumors are a fake.
                      1. Buy it from the guy in the top left corner of Nobilian
                      2. Get from the Swindler Monk along with the Amulet for
                         10,000 Jewels. Must have Chocobo Egg & Wizard's Coin
                         in the Inventory already.
    Moxa stick       Increases power of healing items/spells
                      1. Buy it at the Nobilian Market
                      2. After selling it, buy it at Ivor Tower's Back Alley
    Oracle bone      Alchemist under chessboard gives a second formula
                      1. Buy it on the market of Ivor Tower
    Ruby heart       Lowers Hit% of your enemies
                      1. Buy this at the Nobilian Market
                      2. After selling it, buy it at Ivor Tower's Back Alley
    Silver sheath    Increases attack of a sword-type weapon
                      1. Buy it at the Nobilian Market
                      2. Trade for Armor Polish on the Nobilian Market
                      3. After selling it, buy it at Ivor Tower's Back Alley
    Staff of life    Increases Defense
                      1. Receive from Horace after beating Aegis
    Sun stone        Increases Attack
                      1. Buy it at Nobilian Market
                      2. After selling it, buy it at Ivor Tower's Back Alley
    Thug's cloak     Increases Evade%
                      1. Get it from Ivor Tower Market
                      2. Free Oglin from the well and talk to him in the Dark 
                      3. In coliseum secret room; but only if you have the
                         Bronze Armor, Stone Vest & Centurion Cape.
    Wizard's coin    Increases Magic defense
                      1. Free Oglin from the well and talk to him in the Dark
                         Forest, you must have the Thug's Cloak to get it
                      2. After getting a Chocobo Egg the Mad Monk will give you
                         one together with the Amulet of Annihilation. 
    Appendix C: Item/Weapons/Armor Chart lists
    Name            Description
    --------------  -------------------------------------------------------------
    Petal           Heals  40 HP for either hero, ( 50 Moxa Stick)
    Nectar          Heals 120 HP for either hero, (150 Moxa Stick)
    Honey           Heals 300 HP for either hero, (375 Moxa Stick)
    Herbal Essence  Cures diseases for either hero
    Wings           Escape from a dungeon
    Dog Biscuit     Revives Frisket when drained and heal 60 HP
    Pixie Dust      Enable auto-revival on Matrix, when killed restores 61 HP
    Call bead       Summon a spell linked to one of the four leaders of Evermore
    1. Swords
    Name            Att. Where you can find/receive it
    --------------- ---  ------------------------------------------------------
    Bone crusher     10  Receive this weapon upon entering the jungle
    Gladiator sword  20  Receive it after beating Vigor in Antiqua
    Crusader sword   30  Receive it after beating Timberdrake in Gothica
    Neutron blade    50  Receive it from IM-L8 in Omnitopia
    2. Axes
    Name            Att. Where you can find/receive it
    --------------- ---  ------------------------------------------------------
    Spider's claw    15  Get it by beating Thraxx
    Bronze axe       25  Defeat the 2 Son of Anhur's in the Great pyramid
    Knight's basher  35  Find it in a chest in Tinker's tower
    Atom smasher     50  Find it the same chest as the Knight's basher
                         (after meeting Sidney Ruffleberg)
    3. Spears
    Name            Att. Where you can find/receive it
    --------------- ---  ------------------------------------------------------
    Horn spear       20  Defeat the Viper commander in Mammoth graveyard
    Bronze spear     30  Defeat the Mad monk in the hall of Collosia
    Lance            40  Defeat yourself 3x times in the dark forest
    Laser lance      50  Get it from the same golden storage bin as the bazooka
    4. Bazooka
    -First time: Find it in the golden storage bin at the beginning of the game
    -Second time: Get it from the shopkeeper at Ebon keep for free, when you
    purchase an item.
    4.A Bazooka Projectiles
    Ebon Keep
    Thunder balls     @ 1     10 Gold Coins
    Omnitopian Market
    Thunder balls     @10    300 Credits
    Practile Bombs    @10    600 Credits
    Cryo-Blast        @10  1,000 Credits
    1. Body:
    Name             Def   Price  Where can be found, traded
    ---------------- ---  ------  ---------------------------------------------
    Grass vest         2    120T  Talk to villager (if all raptors were beaten)
    Shell plate        4    300T
    Dino skin          7    450T  Defeat 3 raptors in cave up volcano path
    Bronze armor      12    500J  saving fortune teller, in colloseum*
    Stone plate       19       -  saving fortune teller, in colloseum*
    Centurion cape    28       -  saving fortune teller, in colloseum*
    Silver mail       40    450G
    Gold-plated vest  55  A+800G  Found in one of Lance's treasure chests
    Shining armor     73    900G
    Magna mail        94   9000C
    Titanium vest    124       -  Found in storage bin on Omnitopia
    Virtual vest     169  14400C
    2. Hats 'n helmets:
    Name             Def   Price  Where can be found, traded
    ---------------- ---  ------  ---------------------------------------------
    Grass hat          2    120T
    Shell hat          3    300T  Find in gourd near Strongheart's junglehut
    Dino helm          6    650T
    Bronze helm       11    450J  in Colloseum*
    Obsidian helm     18       -  in Colloseum*
    Centurion helm    27       -  in Colloseum*
    Titan's crown     39    600G
    Dragon helm       54  A+700G
    Knight's helm     72    950G
    Lightning helm    93   9000C
    Old reliable     117       -  Found in storage bin on Omnitopia
    Brainstorm       144  13200C
    3. Bracelets & gauntlets:
    Name             DFP   Price  Where can be found, traded
    ---------------- ---  ------  ---------------------------------------------
    Vine bracelet      1    180T
    Mammoth guard      2    350T  In gourd to left near exit path after Thraxx
    Claw guard         5    500T
    Serpent bracer    10    450J  in Colloseum*
    Bronze gauntlet   17       -  in Colloseum*
    Gloves of Ra      26       -  in Colloseum*
    Iron bracer       37    600G  Found in your prison cell in Ivor tower
    Magician's ring   50  A+750G
    Dragon claw       65    950G
    Cyberglove        82   9600C
    Protector ring   101       -  Found in storage bin on Omnitopia
    Virtual guard    122  14400C
    4. Collars:
    Name             DFP  Price  Where can be found
    ---------------- --- ------  ----------------------------------------------
    Leather collar     5   300T  Talk to Strongheart as Frisket, before Antiqua
    Spikey collar     24   450J  Talk to Sting alchemist in desert as Frisket
    Defender collar   68   450G  Defeat all monsters in prison cells, while
                                  Matrix is imprisoned
    Spot's collar    115  6000C  Talk to Strongheart as Frisket, after Antiqua
    A = Amulet of Annihilation
    * = you can only find one of each armor type in the colloseum. The armor you 
    get depends on the armors you already have; you will get the armor which is 
    better than the best one you have. However if you already have the strongest 
    armor available in Antiqua you will receive a weaker version, or one part 
    Saving places / Inns
    Place                      Cost
    ----------------------     ----
     Fire Eyes' Village         10T
     Quicksand Field             -
     Blimp's Hut                 0T
     Volcano Path               30T
     Volcano Crater              -
     Volcano Core                -
     Volcano Pipes               -
     Crustacia                  20J
     Blimp's Cave                -
     Nobilia                    30J
     Nobilia Colloseum            -
     Great Pyramid               -
     Hall of Collosia            -
     Collosia Secret             -
     West Bank                   -
     Campsite                   20J
     Ivor Tower south            -
     Ivor Tower inn             40GC
     Banquet Trouble             -
     Dark Forest                 -
     Forest Bridge               -
     Ebon Keep Inn              50GC
     Omnitopia Healing Station 100C
     Rufflebergs' Lab            -
     Junkyard                    -
    Market tradings
                  Volcano Path     Prehistoria      Quicksand Field
                  ============     ===========      ===============
    Item           Buy    Sell      Buy   Sell       Buy   Sell
    -----------   ----    ----     ----   ----      ----   ----
    Petal          30      15       15      7        20     10
    Nectar        200     100        -     10       200    100
    Honey           -      10        -     10         -     10
    Biscuit         -      15       50     25        60     30
    Essence         -      75       15      7         -     10
    Wings           -     100        -    100         -    100
    Pixie dust    200     100      150     75       150     75
                  (in Talons)      (in Talons)      (in Talons)
                Nobilia        Crustacia       Ivor Tower Inn    Omnitopia
                ==========    ==========      ==============    ===========
    Item         Buy  Sell     Buy  Sell       Buy   Sell        Buy   Sell
    ----------  ----  ----    ----  ----      ----   ----       ----   ----
    Petal         -    10       -    10         -     10          -     10
    Nectar       40    20      35    17        20     10          -     10
    Honey       300   150       -    10        40     20        120     60
    Biscuit      40    20      40    20        40     20        120     60
    Essence      30    25      25    12        30     25         90     45
    Wings        50    15       -   100        50     15        150     75
    Pixie dust  125    62       -    75       150     75        450    225
               (in Jewels)   (in Jewels)    (in Gold coins)    (in Credits)
    Nobilian trading market
    Tradable item    trade for                           price in jewels
    ----------------- ----------------------------------  ---------------
    Amulet of An      30 bags of rice                           90
                      15 bags of rice                           45
    Amulet of An (x3) 1 bag of rice(works only once)             3
    Rice              3 jewels                                   3
                      6 jewels                                   6
                      9 jewels                                   9
    Spice             4 bag rice                                12
                      4 pots                                    24
                      2 beads                                   12
                      3 pots                                    18
    Souvenir spoon    2 spice                                   24
    Pot               2 rice                                     6
    Perfume           3 jars of spice                           36
    Beads             1 rice + 3 jewels                          6
                      10 jewels                                 10
    Gold jackal       5 jars spice                              15
                      2 chickens                                36
    Limestone tablet  4 spice + 2 beads                         60
    Jeweled scarab    2 bottles of perfume                      72
    Chicken           1 spice + 2 rice                          18
    Tapestry          3 beads                                   18
    Fish(cure 30 HP)  30 jewels                                 30
    Rare charms/items
    Magic gourd       Egg of the Chocobo                    10,000
    Ruby heart        Moxa stick                               164
                      Tapestry + j.scarab + l.tablet           150
    Jade disk         3 chickens + 3 beads                      72
    Moxa stick        2 chickens + j.scarab + 12 spice         164
    Sun stone         l.tablet + 5 rice                         75
    Silver sheath     Sun stone                                 75
                      Gold jackal + 10 spice                   135
                      Armor polish + var. Jewels              var.
    Armor polish      Silver sheath + var. Jewels             var.
    Chocobo Egg       Randomly found when buying pots         var.
    Bronze armor      Get from 'psychic' guy                     0
    Stone plate       Get from 'psychic' guy                     0
                      Jeweled Scarab                            72
    Centurion cape    Get from 'psychic' guy                     0
                      Jade disk                                 72
    Bronze gauntlet   Souvenir spoon + 2 tapestries             60
    Gloves of Ra      Moxa stick                               164
    Obsidian helm     10 spice                                 120
    Centurion helmet  10 spice + golden jackal                 135
    The most effective way to trade and get all the items
      1. You got the free 99 Rice and Spice secret from the desert
      2. You plan on getting the Chocobo Egg by either paying 10,000 Jewels or
         by buying Ceramic Pots until you get it
      3. You plan on getting the Centurion Helm, Gloves of Ra, and Thug’s Cloak 
         for free in the arena.
      4. This list also gives you everything you need to get all charms 
         in the Gothica Market.
     The trade sequence: 
      1. Trade for 11 Perfume          (@ 3 Spice)
      2. Trade for 25 Beads            (@ 2 Rice + 3 Jewels)
      3. Trade for 1 Souvenir Spoon    (@ 2 Spice)
      4. Trade for 5 Chickens          (@ 1 Spice + 2 Rice)
      5. Trade for 2 Golden Jackals    (@ 5 Spice)
      6. Trade for 4 Tapestries        (@ 3 Beads)
      7. Trade for 4 Jeweled Scarabs   (@ 2 Perfume + 1 Spice)
      8. Trade for 2 Limestone Tablets (@ 4 Spice + 2 Beads)
      9. Get the Stone plate, then talk to the Psychic guy to 
         obtain the Centurion Cape by saving him
     10. You should now be able to trade for all charms and armor in the 
         Nobilia market, and eventually the Ivor Tower market, making the 
         assumptions above, as well as pay Tiny to throw the rock in front 
         of the Coliseum.
    Ivor tower market & alley
    Name item           Trade it for                      price in Gold Coins
    ------------------  --------------------------------  -------------------
    Perfume              2 Spice                                24
    Spice               12 Gold Coins                           12
                         8 Gold Coins                            8
    Beads               15 Gold Coins                           15
    Ticket exhibition   Amulet of Annihilation                  22,5(45 Jewels)
    Dragon helm         700 GC + Amulet of Annihilation        722,5
    Magician's ring     750 GC + Amulet of Annihilation        772,5
    Gold-plated vest    800 GC + Amulet of Annihilation        822,5
    Oracle bone         1 Golden Jackal + Jeweled Scarab        87
    Thug's cloak        8 Perfume + 6 Beads                    162
    Insect Incense      3 Perfume + 3 Beads                     63
    Egg of the Chocobo  9 Perfume + 9 Beads                    189
    Charm lost in       300 Gold Coins                         300
    Experience List
    Here is an almost complete Experience List, the number listed here are the 
    total amount of EXP to get to a level. As you can see the Boy's EXP. levels 
    almost always end on 5 or 0. Perhaps it is possible to derive a formula from 
    these numbers.
    -Also the dog may cheat at level 40 or higher so it seems that is gaining two 
    levels very quickly, but the following level then requires just as much as if 
    he didn't cheat that level. So in the end it doesn't make any difference for 
    those numbers.
    Level |    Matrix    Frisket
    ----- |----------  ---------
        1 |         0          0
        2 |        20         35
        3 |        70        115
        4 |       175        271
        5 |       367        551
        6 |       734       1012
        7 |      1291       1687
        8 |      2083       2617
        9 |      3151       3846
       10 |      4540       5417
       11 |      6294       7376
       12 |      8458       9767
       13 |     11075      12636
       14 |     14195      16030
       15 |     17860      19993
       16 |     22120      24573
       17 |     27020      29817
       18 |     32610      35771
       19 |     38930      42484
       20 |     46035      50004
       21 |     53970      58377
       22 |     62780      67653
       23 |     72520      77881
       24 |     83235      89108
       25 |     94975     101384
       26 |    107790     114759
       27 |    121725     129281
       28 |    136835     145000
       29 |    153165     161965
       30 |    170765     180228
       31 |    189690     199838
       32 |    209985     220845
       33 |    231700     243300
       34 |    254895     267253
       35 |    279610     292756
       36 |    305900     319858
       37 |    333815     348612
       38 |    363405     379069
       39 |    394725     411279
       40 |    427825     445294 *
       41 |    462760     481167
       42 |    499570     518948 *
       43 |    538320     558690 *
       44 |    579055     600445
       45 |    621830     644264 *
       46 |    666695     690201 *
       47 |    713705     738308
       48 |    762910     788636
       49 |    814360     841239 *
       50 |    868115     896169 *
       51 |    924220     953480 *
       52 |    982735    1013224
       53 |   1043710    1075454
       54 |   1107195    1140224
       55 |   1173250    1207586
       56 |   1241920    1277594
       57 |   1313265    1350302 *
       58 |   1387335    1425762 *
       59 |   1464185    1504029 *
       60 |   1543870    1585157
       61 |   1626440    1669199
       62 |   1711955    1756209 *
       63 |   1800460    1846241
       64 |   1892015    1939350 *
       65 |   1986680    2035588
       66 |   2084495    2135012 *
       67 |   2185525    2237674
       68 |   2289820    2343631 *
       69 |   2397435    2452935
       70 |   2508430    2565641
       71 |   2622850    2681806 *
       72 |   2740755    2801482 *
       73 |   2862205    2924725 *
       74 |   2987245    3051589 *
       75 |   3115930    3182131 *
       76 |   3248325    3316404 *
       77 |   3384480    3454465 *
       78 |   3524445    3596367 *
       79 |   3668285    3742168
       80 |   3816045    3891920
       81 |   3967790    4045682 *
       82 |   4123570    4203507
       83 |   4283440    4365451 *
       84 |   4447460    4531570
       85 |   4615680    4701920 *
       86 |   4788160    4876556
       87 |   4964950    5055535
       88 |   5146115    5238912 *
       89 |   5331705    5426743 *
       90 |   5521775    5619084 *
       91 |   5716385    5815991 *
       92 |   5915590    6017520 *
       93 |   6119445    6223728 *
       94 |   6328005    6434672
       95 |   6541330    6650406
       96 |   6759475    6870988 *
       97 |   6982495    7096474
       98 |   7210450    7326920 *
       99 |   7443390    7562384
    * Dog may reach this level early due to a bug in the code.  Note that he'll
      have to wait that much longer to get to the next level, so he won't reach
      level 99 any sooner than he should. Please check Appendix F for more
      information regarding this glitch.
      Original chart by me, but updated with information by Assassin17.
    Appendix D: Enemy list
    Note: All creatures in Prehistoria drop Petal
          All creatures in Antiqua drop     Nectar
          All creatures in Gothica drop     Honey   (except Wood mite & Gargon)
          All creatures in Omnitopia drop  'Nothing'
    *= the Viper commander in the volcano catacombs automatically gives you the
    Mud pepper every time you beat it.
    Name              EXP.  Money  Dropped items
    ================= ====  =====  ===========================================
    Prehistoria            Talons  Ingredient  Money     Item
    ----------------- ----  -----  ----------- --------  ---------------------
    Wimpy flower         2      2  Wax         5/7       Herbal essence
    Carni flower         6      7  Wax         12/20/30  Herbal essence/Nectar
    Frippo              12     19  Oil         20        Nectar
    Skelesnail          20     15  Wax         7
    Mosquito             1      1  Oil/Wax     7/20
    Raptor              24     48              30/37
    Widowmaker          40     12  Oil         15/20/30  Nectar
    Viper               80     50              20        Nectar
    Viper commander    160    200  Mud pepper* 20        Nectar
    Tar skull           22     17  -           -         -
    Maggot               4      4              1/10      Nectar
    Antiqua                Jewels
    ----------------- ----  -----  --------  ---------  ---------------------
    Mosquito             1      1            40         Honey
    Rogue              100     10            40/75/100  Wings/Pixiedust
    Mad monk            20     75  Wax       65/70/75   Wings/Honey
    Son of Anhur       250    250            65         Honey
    Son of Seth        120     26                       Petal
    Sand spider         72     18  Water     40/45      Honey/Petal/Pixiedust
    Dancin' fool        70     10  Oil       40/50      Honey
    Lime slime          50     30  Oil       1/50       Nothing
    Blue goo           150     30  Oil       50         Pixiedust
    Mummy cat          160     60            90
    Oglin              150    100            65/70      Honey
    Stone Cobra        100     10  -         -          -
    Bone buzzard       300     40  Water     90         Honey
    Rat                 30     10  Oil       50         Biscuit
    Tumble weed         50     40  Water
    Gothica               Gold coins
    ----------------- ----  -----  -------------  --------  ---------------
    Mosquito             1      1  Ethanol        75/90
    Blue goo           150     30  Feather/Acorn  75/90     Pixiedust
    Hedgadillo         180     10  Feather/Acorn  100/125   Nectar
    Dancin' fool        70     10  Feather/Acorn  
    Dragoyle / Dragoil 150     60                 125       Call bead
    Gargon             150     60  Feather        100       Nectar
    Wood mite          180     30  Feather        100       Nectar
    Gore grub           85     10                 125
    Rat                 30     10  Oil            75/80     Nectar/Biscuit
    Skullclaw          400     50                 150       Call bead
    Bone buzzard       300     40                 100
    Viper    (prison)   80     50                           Petal
    Mini taur(prison) 1000     10  -              -         -
    Guardbot (prison)  500     20  -              -         -
    Raptor   (prison)  290     48                           Nectar
    Omnitopia             Credits
    ----------------- ----  -----  -------- -------  --------------------------
    Guardbot             0      0  -        -        -
    Mosquito             1      1  ?        ?        ?
    Rat                 30     10  ?        1        Petal/Nectar
    Sphere bot          70     10  -        -        -
    Big tentacle       500      0  -        -        -
    Tiny tentacle      300      0  -        -        -
    Neo greeble        500      0  Ethanol  1        Petal/Nectar
    Rimsala           3000   1000  -        -        -
    Red jelly ball     100     40  Oil      1        Petal/Nectar
    Fan                300     10  -        -        -
    Flowering death      -      -  -        -        -
    Raptor              24     48  Wax/Oil  1        Petal/Nectar/Honey/Wings
    Mecha duster       600    280  -        -        -
    Appendix E: Alchemy formulas
    I listed there location in the walkthrough itself, look up at the ToC to find 
    the more detailed descriptions about the location of each spell.
    Acid Rain         Hit enemies with corrosive rain
    Location: Prehistoria
     East of Quicksand field in hidden area, then talk to man who is hiding here.
     1x Ash +
     3x Water 
     Acid Rain is a very cheap spell although you can only use it 33x times 
    because you need 3 parts water. Both ingredients are very cheap to buy and 
    both can be found everywhere around Evermore. The spell itself is a little 
    weaker than Flash, but very effective on most monsters on the higher levels, 
    of course.
    Upgrading Notes:
     For the cheapest ingredients go to same man who gives you the formula; the 
    Acid Rain Man. All his ingredients are the cheapest in the whole of Evermore.
    Atlas             Attack boosts up for 2 minutes
    Location: Antiqua
     Inside the Warehouse Emporium left part of town's square at Nobilia, a Rogue 
    is hiding behind some crates. You can recognize the place by a Sand spider 
    who is scurrying around there.
     1x Atlas Medallion + 
     1x Ash
     Atlas is a spell that is pretty useless on the first two levels, but after 
    that its ability to increase your Attack increases dramatically. A Level 9 
    Atlas spell will make you instantly kill almost any opponent even with 0% in 
    the attack gauge. This may sound fun, but the enemies in this game are 
    already so weak, so in the end it is perhaps not that useful.
     Also this is the only statistic increasing spell that has a neat animation, 
    in which Matrix seems to bulge quite literary like the yellow Hulk. Matrix is 
    the only one who can use this spell, for some reason the dog can't increase 
    his strength.
    Upgrading Notes:
     The first ingredient required is one part ash, so better get back to the 
    Acid rain man. The second ingredient is an Atlas Medallion, this is so rare 
    that it can only be found in three locations in Evermore so you need to buy 
    it somewhere. Atlas Amulets can be provided to you by the same Rogue at the 
    Warehouse Emporium who gave you the spell. There is only one downside to 
    this; he will sell you the 1st medallion for 100 Jewels, the 2nd for 150 
    Jewels, the 3rd for 200 Jewels and that's it. If you have more than three 
    amulets he will simply not appear.
     The best tactic is to buy only one amulet at a time, then cast Atlas and buy 
    another. Keep doing this until you run out of ash, go back to get some Ash 
    and rinse and repeat. You can keep doing this until you get bored, run out of 
    money or have reached Level 9.
     In terms of costs this would mean that you need about 500 Atlas Medallions 
    alone to reach level 9. This means roughly that you need to invest more than 
    500,000 Jewels in this formula to get that far. So it is by far the most 
    expensive to train.
    Barrier           Create barrier nullifying physical damage, adds some HP too
    Location: Antiqua
     After getting the Windwalker and before fighting Tiny & Oglins go to Horace 
    inside his palace in Nobilia. If you have already beaten Tiny you won't be 
    able to reclaim the spell from Horace.
     1x Limestone +
     2x Bone
     This spell is a bit like a combination of both Heal and a physical version of
    Aura. Although, Barrier's healing powers are not as strong as Heal, they are 
    quite effective. The alchemy consumes Bone, an ingredient that is only used for
    this and the Revive spell. This means that your stock of Bone will last pretty 
    long, since you don't need for any other spells.
    Upgrading Notes:
     Just buy the required Limestone and Bone from Blimp in Antiqua. Use the 8x 
    Alchemy trick to speed up the process of using the alchemy and buy some more 
    ingredients. Rinse and repeat until you are happy with the Level.
    Call Up           Increase call beads with 1
    Location: Omnitopia
     Receive from Dr. Ruffleberg, upon meeting him the first time.
     1x Meteorite + 
     1x Dry ice
     Call Up has the sole purpose of increasing your Call Bead stock, so 
    basically use the spell until you run out of ingredients and then select 
    another spell to replace it.
    Upgrading Notes:
     Call Up is the only formula that I have not been able to train up to level 
    9. The problem is that I can't find any place to buy Dry ice in the game, I 
    know about the rumors, but I can't get that Dry ice Salesman to appear in 
    Omnitopia (check Appendix: F for more information).
     Meteorites can be bought per 3 for 10,000 Jewels together with the 
    Annihilation Amulet from the Mad monk at Crustacia. Mind you that you only 
    get Meteorites if you have the Chocobo Egg already in your possession. Also 
    the Mad Monk will only appear if you don't have any Amulets of Annihilation.
     This alchemy would be even more expensive to train, because of the insane 
    price of the Meteorites, but since I can't get Dry ice I am still stuck on 
    Level 1:0.
    Corrosion         Continuously drains all enemies on screen
    Location: Gothica
     In the upper right corner of the sewers in Ivor Tower you will find a man 
    who will teach you this spell.
     1x Mushroom +
     3x Water 
     Corrosion is the weakest spell in the game. It may continuously drain all 
    opponents that are on screen but, only for a few HPs of damage even on the 
    higher levels. I don't recommend using this spell at all. Although it gives a 
    nice Blood Rain effect when you use it in combination with Explosion (see 
    Appendix F) o_O.
    Upgrading Notes:
     Water shouldn't be a problem, but Mushrooms are quite rare and pricy. 
    Gothica and Omnitopia sell you these, but Gothica's place is better. You can 
    train this spell everywhere in Evermore, but the Rat Chamber in Ebon Keep is 
    quite suitable since there are so many small enemies around.
    Crush             Crush your enemy with a giant hand
    Location: Antiqua
     Receive from Blimp upon meeting him, when you get for the first time in 
     1x Limestone +
     1x Wax
     This formula is very powerful and can be used for the full 99 times since 
    you need both ingredients only one time giving it a long lifespan. The only 
    downside is that Limestone can be bought only in one place in the entire game 
    namely: Blimp in Crustacia.
    Upgrading Notes:
     Wax is the cheapest in Prehistoria so get it there, the best leveling up 
    place for this spell (as with most of the other spells) is the lower section 
    of the Great Pyramid, which can only be entered after you beat Aegis in 
    Nobilia. Beating Oglins and Son of Anhur's are very good of your wallet. 
    Anhur gives 250 Jewels, which is just as much as a Rimsala with the latter 
    being a lot harder to defeat. The Crush formula should be able to eliminate 
    them on level 5 or 6 and higher.
    Cure              Cures poison, confusion, and plague
    Location: Prehistoria
     Get it from Strongheart who is located in his Junglehut, you can do this 
    after rescuing him in the Bugmuck.
     2x Root +
     1x Water
     Cure is for me the most important formula since it can heal all ailments, 
    including Confound (An ailment Miracle Cure can't heal). So I always have 
    this spell in my ring, unless I know for sure that I won't need it.
    Upgrading Notes:
     It is not required to upgrade this spell, because it doesn't add anything. 
    If you do want to get it to Level 9 buy both ingredients in Prehistoria and 
    simply use the 8x Alchemy trick to get the job done in little time.
    Defend            Defense boosts up for a minute
    Location: Prehistoria
     In village use the West exit to get to a secret area, here you can talk to 
    an old man who will give you the formula for nothing.
     1x Clay +
     1x Ash
     This formula is quite handy until you get Speed, after that I wouldn't use 
    this anymore. With Speed your evade easily gets up to 99% meaning that you 
    are nearly impervious to any physical attack, so why bother bolstering your 
    defense. Some advantage Defense does have is that it lasts twice as long as 
    Speed, and is cheaper in the usage of ingredients. At the higher levels the 
    damage you sustain from regular attacks is near to 0.
    Upgrading Notes:
     Upgrading this Alchemy is fairly simple, go to the Acid Rain Man (once 
    again) buy as much Clay and Ash as you can. Use the 8x Alchemy trick to speed 
    the level-ups a bit. Do it over and over, until you get to level 9.
    Double Drain      Drain twice the amount of HP from enemy
    Location: Antiqua
     Get from the Drain Man inside Westbank Cavern after beating Aegis. If you 
    didn't get Drain from him before, you will get the Double Drain Formula first 
    and then you get the Drain Formula.
     2x Ethanol +
     2x Vinegar
     Double Drain is quite nice, since it is twice as powerful as drain. However 
    it is more expensive to use and to buy as well. So in the end I don't use it 
    that much. One odd thing about this spell is that you can drain more HP than 
    that an opponent could have. For example you can drain 999 HP from a Rat, but 
    the Rat only had a few HP in the first place...
     Also Double Drain is one of the few spell that is very difficult to get 8 of 
    these in a row, because its animation is very fast. This leaves you only 
    little time to get all 8 hits.
    Upgrading Notes:
     This spell can only reach Level 9 after you get the windwalker, this is 
    because Madronius (who sells the cheapest Vinegar) leaves camp after you beat 
    Aegis, and unfortunately you can only get the spell after beating Aegis...
     So you need to go through most of the game and go back to Strongheart's 
    Junglehut afterwards to get some Vinegar. Best buy for Ethanol is the 
    "Market" at Omnitopia. 
    Drain             Drain an amount of HP from enemy
    Location: Antiqua
     Get from the Drain Man inside Westbank Cavern after destroying the rubble in 
    front of his cavern with the Bronze Axe obtained from the Great Pyramid.
     1x Ethanol + 
     2x Root
     Partly the same as for the Double Drain, although weaker it is a little 
    cheaper. On a side note: This spell can be used 8x in a row, but you need 
    really good reflexes for this.
    Upgrading Notes:
     Roots are cheap again in Prehistoria and Ethanol can be obtained at 
    Omnitopia's Market. So training this one is not too difficult, just select 
    some target that are weak and have a lot of money like the Mad Monks in front 
    of the Hall of Collosia.
    Energize          Power up in an eye wink for about 75 seconds
    Location: Omnitopia
     Get from Dr. Sidney Ruffleberg after collecting the Energy Core, from the 
    Chessboard in Gothica. This should be the last alchemy spell in the game you 
    will obtain.
     1x Crystal + 
     1x Iron
     One of the most wanted spells in Action RPGs and would be VERY handy in 
    Secret of Mana and other games like it. Energize increases the flow of your 
    Power Gauge at the bottom. Your weapon should energize from 0% to a double 
    filled bar in only matter of seconds, allowing you to throw your spear great 
    distances very fast, or eliminate Rimsalas quickly with the double rotation 
    attack of the Neutron Blade (Usually gives 1998 damage). This spell is very 
    useable in the last battle against Carltron. BTW don't forget to energize the 
    dog at the same time, saves some ingredients and makes the spell even more 
    Upgrading Notes:
     Obtaining ingredients for this Alchemy is simple; get the Iron from 
    Omnitopian Market and the Crystals from the Acid Rain Man in Prehistoria. 
    Then you can either go to the Great Pyramid's lower section or Omnitopia's 
    Surface. Activate the spell and take out all your enemies without any effort 
    boosting both your Experience and Money levels through the roof. You can 
    easily earn back the cost of the spell using this method.
    Escape            Escape from a dungeon or maze
    Location: Antiqua
     Talk to Madronius at Horace's Camp after getting the Revealer formula, but 
    before beating Aegis.
     1x Wax +
     1x Vinegar
     I never really used this spell, but some may find it useful go get out of 
    the Dark Forest when they get stuck. Other than that this spell has not much 
    use, it can't be used in the dark cavern from Antiqua to Gothica one of the 
    few places where it could be handy the first time.
    Upgrading Notes:
     Wax and Vinegar can both be obtained in Prehistoria, Wax from the Rain Man 
    and Vinegar from Strongheart. Just use 8x Alchemy trick to get this spell 
    done very quickly. Useless, but still it looks nice to see Level 9:98 on the 
    Explosion         Make your enemies explode
    Location: Gothica
     This alchemy can be obtained in Tinker's room as well. Walk down to the 
    chest where the knight basher was and you will see a book on the table, pick 
    it up to get this formula.
     2x Ethanol +
     1x Ash
     Explosion's power is good, but there are better spells around. I have never 
    really used this spell other then for leveling up sequences. The instruction 
    Booklet states that it can be used to destroy certain barriers, I've been 
    everywhere and tried it on several structures but nothing seems to happen.
     Probably a mistake or maybe the spell did have that potential early on in 
    the development stages of the game.
    Upgrading Notes:
     Ingredients are not that hard to find or expensive, and training the spell 
    can be done almost anywhere in the game. So basically it may only consumes 
    some time to get it up to Level 9.
    Fireball          Stronger version of Flash Alchemy
    Location: Antiqua 
     In the room where you get the Bronze spear in the Hall of Collosia check the 
    lower right corner, and walk all the way to the right to find Madronius' 
    brother. Who will be glad to give you the spell.
     1x Brimstone +
     2x Ash
     This is one of the spells that is quite strong and will take out most 
    enemies in one go on the higher levels.
    Upgrading Notes:
     You may want to Level up this spell early on. That is before you defeat 
    Aegis, mainly because Madronius sells you relatively cheap Brimstone in 
    comparison to Lance. Ash can best be obtained from Acid Rain Man, but if you 
    choose to train this spell before Aegis you can get Ash from Madronius and 
    Blimp too. Once again a useful place to train is with the Mad monks in front 
    of the Hall of Collosia.
    Fire Power        Hit enemies with multiple fireballs
    Location: Gothica
      After obtaining the Queen's key you can give it away to the alchemist in 
    one of the chambers of Ivor Tower's East Wing. He will give you the Fire 
    power spell in return.
     1x Feather +
     1x Brimstone
     Fire Power is powerful, but for only available for the right price. You will 
    need both a Feather and some Brimstone, with both ingredients being very 
    expensive in Gothica. You better not use it too much and use better spells 
    like Lance or Fireball.
    Upgrading Notes
     Brimstone can be obtained from Lance, I strongly recommend to buy Feathers 
    in Omnitopia since Gothica is way too expensive for this ingredient. You 
    could try to train in the southern area of Ivor Tower since some of the 
    enemies around there drop some Feathers.
    Flash            Small fireball
    Location: Prehistoria
     Obtain this spell from Fire Eyes, once you meet her for the first time. The 
    very first Alchemy Spell in the game.
     1x Wax +
     2x Oil
     A very useful spell, that has a lot of power for the first part of the game 
    and can be trained relatively easily after you crank it up to Level 3 or 4. A 
    lot of people use this spell when they play the game and so it is quite 
    Upgrading Notes:
     Once again in Prehistoria all ingredients are super cheap so buy some Oil 
    from Strongheart and Wax from the Witchdoctor atop of the Volcano, that is 
    only possible of course before the volcano erupts. The Witchdoctor's Wax is 
    even better priced than that of the Acid Rain Man. With both ingredients in 
    stock start fighting any monsters you come across, later on you can even try 
    to take on the Vipers with a higher level of this spell.
    Force Field       Next attack will be cancelled out by casting this spell
    Location: Gothica
     Under the Chessboard, you need to talk to Dr. Ruffleberg so he can open the 
    hatch to the Alchemist. (I wonder who that guy got down there in the first 
     1x Grease + 1x Iron
     Another original spell, but not really that useful in this game. Force field 
    generates a field that will fully block any regular attack, it only works 
    once so you will have to cast it again and again. Force Field requires 
    Grease, which you can only buy at the Chessboard Alchemy Man.
    Upgrading Notes:
     Just go to the Chessboard and buy all the Grease you can carry and use Force 
    Field over and over again. Iron is cheapest at Omnitopia, so you can switch 
    between locations a few times until you are done. Nuff said...
    Hard Ball         Hit enemy with a Clay ball
    Location: Prehistoria
     Upon entering the Bugmuck walk into the first cave, you will automatically 
    talk to an Alchemist who will give you this formula. 
     1x Crystal + 
     1x Clay
     Hard Ball is next to Acid Rain the attack alchemy with the lowest cost. It 
    is not as strong as Flash, but it deals some good damage on the higher 
    levels. Since Clay can only be bought in Prehistoria I doubt that you will 
    still be using this spell once you get to Gothica.
    Upgrading Notes:
     Hard Ball's ingredients are all for sale at the Acid Rain Man. Just fight 
    some enemies with it and get some more ingredients. On level 7 or 8 you can 
    tackle multiple Vipers with it.
    Heal              Heal an amount of HP
    Location: Prehistoria
     Get it from Fire Eyes' friend in the Mammoth Graveyard after beating the 
     1 Root +
     1 Water
     Next to Cure it is one on the most commonly used Light spells, Heal is the 
    most important spell on the longer term. I doesn't require much ingredients 
    and it ingredients can be found in almost any place of Evermore.
    Upgrading Notes:
     Get some Roots from Strongheart and the water from the Acid Rain Man. Mix 
    these with the formula, and use the 8x Alchemy trick to get to level 9 in a 
    very short amount of time. After that you won't need any other spell to heal 
    Lance             Hit enemy with a huge spear
    Location: Gothica
     Go to the most right of Ivor Tower's houses on the third "floor". Then go 
    upstairs and leave WITHOUT touching the chests. If you opened the chests you 
    can't get Lance, since Lance will not appear.
     1x Iron + 
     1x Acorn
     One of the most powerful attack spells and it also has a really neat 
    animation. It only downside is the ingredients needed to use the alchemy, you 
    need to get Iron and Acorn to get this spell going.
    Upgrading Notes:
     Get the Acorns from Lance and the Iron not him, but from Omnitopia. This way 
    you can save a little currency. Go to the Lower level of the Great Pyramid 
    and start destroying Oglins and Son of Anhurs on the higher levels this spell 
    is capable of destroying 3 Anhurs in one go! Really powerful spell it is.
    Levitate          Lift large blocks without any effort
    Location: Prehistoria
     Get it from the witchdoctor atop of the volcano.
     1x Mud pepper +
     1x Water
     Levitate is one of those Light spells just like Revealer that you only need 
    a few time in the entire game. So you need to use it a few times in the 
    Volcano Core and in the Pyramid's Basement. You can also use it on the rock 
    in front of the colloseum. Then Tiny will appear and for 2 tapestries he will 
    throw the rock all the way over to Crustacia, where is will open up a passage 
    to two remote pots.
    Upgrading Notes:
     You could use Blimp's Mudpeppers from Antiqua to level this spell up, but 
    there is a perhaps nicer solution. Before you get shot out of the volcano to 
    Antiqua you can kill the Viper commander located near the Volcano Core again 
    and again to gain Mud peppers for free. Just exit the screen and come back, 
    the Viper commander should be there. Then use the cheap Wax obtained from the 
    Witchdoctor to get this spell done.
    Lightning Storm   Hit enemy with lightning
    Location: Gothica
     Gobi gives it to you after playing (fighting) with Sterling.
     1x Iron +
     1x Ash
     The animation looks much likes Acid rain, only then with lightning coming 
    from the clouds instead. I haven't used this spell much, but it is quite 
    powerful compared to other spells.
    Upgrading Notes:
     Iron and Ash are needed for this one. Ash is the cheapest at the Acid Rain 
    Man of course and Iron can be obtained in Gothica and Omnitopia. Since the 
    spell is quite powerful, I would use it in the lower basement of the Pyramid 
    to train it so this gives you a lot of money for it.
    Miracle cure      Combination of Heal & Cure
    Location: Prehistoria
     Go back to Strongheart's hut after getting the windwalker.
     1x Vinegar +
     2x Root
     Well, this is sort of a combination of the Cure and Heal alchemy. This spell 
    would be the best, but it doesn't cure confound which can be annoying some 
    time. Other than that you can use this spell instead of the other two and 
    save an extra slot in the alchemy ring for another spell.
    Upgrading Notes:
     At the time you get this spell the only place where you can buy Vinegar is 
    at Strongheart's, Root can be bought here too. So buy up until you are 
    completely filled and use the 8x alchemy combo to get this spell up to 9 in a 
    very short term.
    Nitro             Stronger version of Explosion; Strongest spell available
    Location: Gothica
     When going back for the energy core, go to Tinker's tower and check one of 
    the books at the bottom of the screen. It is next to the Atom smasher chest.
     1x Gunpowder +
     2x Grease
     I think that this is THE most powerful spell in the game, however since most 
    monsters are easily defeated you don't really need this one. I also say this 
    because Gunpowder and Grease are very rare and also quite expensive to buy.
    Upgrading Notes:
     Gunpowder can only be bought at Omnitopia for as much as 4 @ 3000 credits. 
    Grease is also super rare and can only be bought from the chessboard 
    Alchemist. Since this spell is über-powerful I strongly recommend to upgrade 
    it in the Basement of the Great Pyramid. At higher levels it can wipe out 
    three Son of Anhurs in one go, so make sure you make use of that power.
    One Up            Fully restores Boy or Dog's HP
    Location: Gothica
     Get lost in the Dark Forest, at the start of the forest follow these exits:
     DDRRDLDDRRDDLDDDL (D = down, R = right, L = left)
     1x Feather +
     1x Root
     This spell always heals one character with Maximum HP, which means it 
    doesn't need to be upgraded. What more can I say; only Super Heal can 
    overpower this spell.
    Upgrading Notes:
     You don't need to do this, but if you insist buy the Feathers at Omnitopia 
    and the roots from Strongheart. Use the 8x Alchemy combo on this one for a 
    rapid improvement in the statistics of this Alchemy spell. 
    Reflect           Reflects magic attacks back to its caster for a period
    Location: Omnitopia
     Talk to I8-pi after obtaining the Neutron Blade
     2 Grease +
     1 Iron
     This spell is DULL period. The spell sounds nice and it works well too, but 
    unfortunately by the time you reach it you won't encounter anyone with 
    alchemy making this spell rather useless. The Face and Magmar (metallic) are 
    the only two creatures left in the game which can use alchemy at all.
    Upgrading Notes:
     You need Grease and Iron for this one. Grease from the Chessboard man and 
    Iron from Omnitopia seems to work the best. 8x Alchemy to get a level up. 
    That's all there is. 
    Regrowth          Slowly regenerates HP, until you get hit by an enemy
    Location: Gothica
     If you walk into the back of the big house at the top of the castle you
    will see an old woman who will teach you the Regrowth formula.
     1x Acorn +
     2x Water
    Mix 1 acorn and two parts water to slowly regenerate your HP, until it is 
    completely filled. The idea of the spell is nice, but using Heal is a lot 
    more effective.
    Upgrading Notes:
     The best place to buy Acorn is form the old woman you got this spell from, 
    but only after Mungola is defeated. Before this event the Acorn will be 
    pretty expensive at her place.
    Revealer          Use it to see invisible paths over a deep pit
    Location: Antiqua
     Talk to Madronius after meeting with Horace
     2x Ash +
     1x Wax
     One of those spells you 'need' to complete the quest. You can continue on 
    without it, but seeing the path you walk can be nice too. You only need to 
    use it a few times; mainly in the Hall of Collosia.
    Upgrading Notes:
     Ash and Wax are cheapest at the Acid Rain Man as always. Find a target in 
    Antiqua and use the spell on it as many times as you like. Use the 8x Alchemy 
    Trick to get the job done quickly.
    Revive            Revives your dog and fills some HP as well
    Location: Antiqua
     After getting your dog back, go to see Blimp
     3x Root +
     1x Bone
     I never actually ever equipped the spell, because Frisket never died during 
    the game. In the case that Frisket would die a Dog Biscuit can bring him back 
    just the same.
    Upgrading Notes:
     You need a staggering 3 roots for this spell, so you will constantly have to 
    go back to Strongheart for this one. Bone can only be bought from Blimp, when 
    your resources are depleted. To train this spell you can do two things:
    1. Use the Flowering Death in Omnitopia to kill your dog. (Take control over 
    him with 'Select' and walk him into the plant) I don't recommend this since 
    Matrix might walk into the Flowering Death as well, which instantly kills him 
    too ending the game. So better go for the second option.
    2. Walk around as the dog and walk into a Mad Monk (Don't Attack!) The Mad 
    monk will hopefully "Plague" you. Take off his collar and walk around 
    fighting as normal. When Frisket dies, use Revive combined with the 8x 
    Alchemy Combo to get it done fast. The best place to do this is while 
    training other spells on the Mad Monks (they drop a lot of money) in front of 
    the Hall of Collosia. 
    3. In the intial plot take of his collar and let him die in the desert, while
    standing in an oasis as Matrix. He dies pretty easily on the lower levels
    making it easier to use the spell.
    Slow Burn         Drains enemy with a set amount damage
    Location: Gothica
     In bookshelf on the left side in Tinker's Tower you will find the Slow burn 
    formula. (Frisket will point this one out, by sniffing near it)
     1x Iron +
     1x Brimstone
     This does exactly the opposite of Regrowth and can be used on one to three 
    enemies. You need one part Iron and one part Brimstone to use the alchemy. On 
    the contrary of the other spells, the damage slow burn inflicts is always the
    same. On level 0 it is 8,4,4,4,... On level 1: 12,6,6,6,.... Level 2:
    16,8,8,8,... Etc. A bit like Corrosion only with a set damage. Come to think 
    of it; it is just the same as Poison spell.
    Upgrading Notes:
     You want to take the Brimstone from Lance's and the Iron from Omnitopia for 
    this spell. Find a reasonably weak target like a Mad Monk for example. You 
    may want to cast this spell multiple times on the lower levels, but later on 
    it will get (relatively) quite strong.
    Speed             Evade% & Hit% boost up for about 30 seconds
    Location: Prehistoria
     Inside the volcano in the caverns section, hiding in a secret inlet.
     1x Wax +
     2x Water
     If you boost this spell to level 4 or so and you cast it you will become 
    nearly untouchable since both Hit% and Evade% will raise to the maximum of 
    99%. Allowing you to effectively take out almost anything, without getting 
    hit as well!
    Upgrading Notes:
     Use Wax from the witchdoctor on top of the volcano, (if you haven't defeated 
    Magmar yet) and Water from Acid Rain Man. Just use the 8x Alchemy combo on it 
    until you reach Level 9.
    Sting             Summon bees to sting your enemies to death
    Location: Antiqua
     Somewhere in the Desert of Doom, in an oasis with alchemist of this formula
     These are the best directions that I can give:
     From the start of the desert walk up to the first oasis, then go up-right. 
     From that oasis go directly up, and you should find the alchemist. 
    Alternatively, here is the map of the Desert of Doom made by using a map from 
    |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|          N = Nobilia Entrance (will appear everywhere)
    |                   |          S = Starting Point
    |  O      O         |          O = Oasis
    |    O              |          A = Oasis with Alchemist
    |           A       |
    |      O            |
    |  O                |
    |                   |
    |O          O       |
    |      O            |
    |    O              |
    |         A         |
    |    O      O       |
    |      O            |
    |  O     O          |
    |      O        O   |
     2x Water +
     1x Vinegar
     Mix one part Vinegar and two Wax to make lots of bees sting your opponents, 
    this spell looks very nice and is just as strong as Fireball IMO.
    Upgrading Notes:
     Vinegar can be bought at Strongheart's or Madronius (Before battling Aegis). 
    Wax can be bought everywhere so that won't be a problem. Use the spell on any 
    enemy and reclaim as much money as you can from them to make little profit 
    while upgrading this spell.
    Stop              'Freeze' your enemy for a few seconds
    Location: Gothica
     Under the Chessboard (You need the Oracle Bone to get it).
     2x Wax +
     1x Crystal
     If you have the oracle bone you will receive this spell from the Force
    field alchemist as well. Mix one Crystal with 2 Wax to stop your enemies for
    a small period. You can't however hit them while they're frozen, also there 
    is a little glitch with this spell. (See Appendix F for more details)
    Upgrading Notes:
     Upgrading this spell isn't useful, however it is not very expensive. Buy the 
    ingredients in Prehistoria for the cheapest Crystals and Wax. Just use the 8x 
    Alchemy Combo to get the job done quickly.
    Super Heal        Fully restores all HP to Boy and Dog
    Location: Gothica
     Talk to Naris in Ebon Keep when he is a boy and guess his random number 
    right. You can always get it right:
     -Pick the smaller number if he's a boy
     -Pick the larger  number if he's an adult
     In any case if you guess wrong walk back and forth until you do get it
     2x Ethanol +
     1x Acorn
     This spell can replace Heal and One-Up all the same. Maximum Healing power 
    that auto targets both Heroes at the same time. What more can I say.
    Upgrading Notes:
     Ethanol can be obtained in Antiqua and Acorn in Gothica, so just use the 8x 
    Alchemy combo to upgrade this spell in no time.
    Alchemy Ingredients
    Legend for the Table:
    !            = Cheapest Place
    S. Brother   = Strongheart's Brother; in Prehistoria Village.
    Hard Ball    = Alchemist who gives you the Hard Ball Formula.
    Acid Rain    = Alchemist of Acid Rain (always the best bargain)
    Strongheart1 = Strongheart before visiting Antiqua
    Strongheart2 = Strongheart after visiting Antiqua 
    Witch Doctor = Man on top of the Volcano also Alchemist of Levitation
                   (Only appears before the volcano erupts)
    Blimp        = Familiar guy that gives you Crush and Reviver
    Madronius    = At Horace's campsite, only appears before Aegis.
    Drain Man    = Located in the Cavern on the West Bank.
    Lance        = Traveler and alchemist, only appears if you leave his chests.
    Fire Power   = The man locked up in West wing of Ivor Tower. 
                   (Can only be accessed once, which is a good thing too!)
    Regrowth1    = Woman in Ebon Keep, before beating Mungola
    Regrowth2    = Woman in Ebon Keep, after beating Mungola
    Tinker1      = The first time you meet him
    Tinker2      = After beating Mungola
    Chessboard   = Alchemist beneath the chessboard, the only person who responds
                   to the Oracle Bone.
    Omnitopia    = Vending Machine at Omnitopia's market.
    |Fire Power   |   120 GC
    |Lance        |   120 GC
    |Tinker       |   120 GC
    |Regrowth1    |   100 GC
    |Regrowth2    |    50 GC !
    |S. Brother   |    60 T 
    |Acid Rain    |    50 T  !
    |Witch Doctor |    50 T  !
    |Blimp        |    60 J 
    |Madronius    |    60 J 
    |Lance        |    60 GC
    |Regrowth2    |    50 GC
    |Tinker1 & 2  |    60 GC
    Atlas Amulet
    Guy at the Warehouse Emporium is the only one who will sell it to you, but 
    only if you do NOT have more than 2 amulets already in your possession:
     1st Medallion @ 100 J !
     2nd Medallion @ 150 J
     3rd Medallion @ 200 J
    |Blimp        |   120 J !
    |Madronius    |   180 J  !
    |Lance        |   150 GC
    |Fire Power   |   150 GC
    |Tinker1 & 2  |   160 GC
    |Acid Rain    |    30 T  !
    |Witch Doctor |    30 T  !
    |Regrowth1    |    60 GC
    |Regrowth2    |    30 GC
    |S. Brother   |    80 T
    |Hard Ball    |    60 T  !
    |Acid Rain    |    60 T  !
    |Blimp        |    80 J
    |Lance        |    80 GC
    |Chessboard   |   160 GC
    Dry ice
    So far I haven't found anybody who will sell this.
    |Drain        |   100 J  !
    |Lance        |    60 GC
    |One Up       |   100 GC
    |Tinker1 & 2  |   100 GC
    |Omnitopia    |   200 C  !
    |Fire Power   |  1000 GC
    |One Up       |  1000 GC
    |Omnitopia    |  2000 C  !
    |Chessboard   |    80 GC !
    |Omnitopia    |  3000 C  !
    |Lance        |   120 GC
    |Fire Power   |   120 GC
    |Forest Maze  |   180 GC
    |Tinker1      |   180 GC
    |Chessboard   |   150 GC
    |Omnitopia    |   360 C  !
    |Blimp        |   120 J  !
    Talk to the Swindler monk when you have the Egg of the Chocobo in your 
    possession. (You must have 0 Amulets of Annihilation to make him appear) Buy 
    the amulet from him for 10000 Jewels and you get 3 Meteorites for free. So 
    that would make:
     Meteorite 3x @ 10000 J !
    Mud pepper
    |Blimp        |   300 J  !
    |One Up       |   300 GC
    |Regrowth2    |   250 GC
    |Omnitopia    |   360 C  !
    |S. Brother   |   100 T
    |Hard Ball    |    60 T  !
    |Strongheart1 |    60 T  !
    |Strongheart2 |    80 T
    |Blimp        |    60 J
    |Madronius    |    60 J
    |Omnitopia    |   160 C
    |Strongheart1 |    60 T
    |Strongheart2 |    50 T  !
    |Madronius    |    50 J
    |Drain        |    60 J
    |Regrowth2    |    80 GC
    |Omnitopia    |   160 C
    |Strongheart2 |   90 T  !
    |Madronius    |  100 J
    |S. Brother   |    60 T
    |Hard Ball    |    30 T
    |Acid Rain    |    20 T  !
    |Strongheart1 |    30 T
    |Strongheart2 |    40 T
    |Witch Doctor |    40 T
    |Blimp        |    40 J
    |Drain        |    50 J
    |Regrowth1    |    50 GC
    |Regrowth2    |    35 GC
    |S. Brother   |   120 T
    |Hard Ball    |    80 T
    |Acid Rain    |    80 T
    |Strongheart1 |    80 T
    |Strongheart2 |   100 T
    |Witch Doctor |    50 T !
    |Blimp        |    60 J
    |Madronius    |    50 J
    |Drain        |   100 J
    |Lance        |    60 GC
    |Regrowth1    |    80 GC
    |Chessboard   |   100 GC
    Appendix F: Bugs, glitches and stuff
    Never before have I seen a game with so many bugs and glitches, among the 
    other stuff and things you can find some really weird things in this section 
    about all the 'errors' this game has to offer.
    Ebon Keep's Jail Door Bug
    I received so many mails about this glitch, and honestly I cannot solve it. 
    The problem is that this bug occurs when you are trying to go through the 
    sewers towards Ebon Keep. You will end up in a prison area nearly identical 
    to the one in Ivor Tower, although the color scheme is different. Many people 
    seem to get stuck here for some unknown reason. In my guide I wrote that you 
    have to open all the jails and walk into the last remaining cell in order to 
    continue on, but this doesn't always seem to work... 
     After doing some research I noticed that Grizzly's map of this area had a 
    bug with description on it, which might be the actual problem. The bug is 
    described as follows. You should NOT open the upper left jail last (the one 
    to the left of the wooden door). Perhaps that room was glitched so you could 
    not reach Ebon Keep. So whatever you do; don't open that door last!
    Statistics screwed up (1)
     When you have an active alchemy spell/disease, when you save your game stats 
    will be screwed up the next time you restart. So never save until all effects 
    are worn off.
    Statistics screwed up (2)
     It has an upside too. If you unequip your items and then cast lets say 
    defend. It raises your stats to 65,355 + defense, without armor. 
    Unfortunately it doesn't work with Atlas, but it does apply with speed, 
    however with 65,355 hit% or evade% you will get hit all the time.
    Losing your ship 
     Fly around and descend somewhere near the NE corner, near an island (I think 
    it was). You'll land in Tinker's tower without a ship. DONT save it, as you 
    cannot get your ship back. This does not seem to work for every copy of the 
    game though (I think this may only apply to the US version, because I can't 
    get this trick to work with my European Game).
    Money; easy come, easy go
     If you have more than 16,777,215 of the same currency the computer will 
    reset and start counting at 0 of that currency. This is because the 
    programmers didn't 'seal' the maximum 6-digit hexadecimal value (16^6 = 
    16,777,216), which means that the computer will start counting again at zero 
    if you go over that top value. This happened to me, when I changed a 
    ridiculous amount of Gold Coins into Credits.
    Bypass Verminator
     If you go all the way through the forest and to Ebon Keep, don't fight 
    Verminator. Head back to the chess board and the bridge to Ivor Tower will be 
    gone, but the one to Ebon Keep will be there instead. Continue on through and 
    you can talk to Tinker and Queen Camellia. This means that you can totally 
    cut out the fight with that rat king. The problem is you can't go through the 
    door where Verminator is/was because the boxes still block it. Also the game 
    might freeze if you try to enter his room. Hence DON'T do this if you want
    to end your game the way it was supposed to be!
    More than 99 alchemy ingredients
     When you get the Meteorites as described above, the computer will always 
    give you three Meteorites. Even when you have 99, this means that you can 
    carry up to a maximum of 2^8 (2 digit Hex value minus 1 for zero) = 255 of 
    that ingredient before it overflows (resets) the counter back to 0.
    Tiny doesn't like the Dog
     If you meet up with Tiny while being Frisket the game get's stuck. 
    Persumably, because it was scripted for the Boy Matrix to move. Since you 
    usually control Matrix it seems that the debug team oversaw this issue.
    Tiny shuts the gate tight, if you refuse him the first time
     Again, when opening the gate to Tiny if you leave the scene after unlocking
    the gate but before meeting him. The gate will be locked again if you 
    reenter. Next to that the door will be locked permanently, as the switches
    can only be triggered once...
    Name glitch: Strong Heart, Strongheart
     At the beginning of the game the village alchemist of Prehistoria is called 
    Strong Heart, but later on near the end it is spelled as Strongheart. I'm not 
    sure which one it officially should be, but I use Strongheart in the 
    99 call beads
     After obtaining the wind walker you can go to Horace in the palace? When you 
    talk to the second statue on the left, then you walk to the right corner just 
    above the third statue like so:
        G  G
      ---  --#
      X      X
      ---  ---
      X2     X
      ---  ---
      X      X
    X   = The statues
    --- = The spaces in-between the Statues 
    #   = Where you pick up one call bead 
    G   = Guard
    Talk to the second statue(X2) and go to pick up the call bead, but right when 
    you pick it up keep pressing "B". You will receive a Call bead for each hit, 
    so eventually you can end up to 99... If you're fast enough.
    Walking into places you shouldn't be able to
     At the beginning of the game you can walk to the right side of the village 
    of Prehistoria, and it will be blocked by a villager. (if you haven't talked 
    to Fire eyes) You can get past him by standing near him, then wait for your 
    (computer controlled) dog to walk past him. Press 'Select' when the dog is 
    past the villager, and you can get to the next screen. This trick also works 
    near the entrance the underground cave in Antiqua. (to the north of Horace's 
    camp) This allows you to walk on thin air.
    Weapon reset at Junkyard's save point
     If you save at the Omnitopian junkyard and you load that game file the next 
    time, your weapon will be reset to the Bone Crusher for some unknown reason.
    Dog skips levels
     This happens sometimes when your dog is in the 50s / 60s Levels. If the game 
    levels-up Frisket he sometimes skips one level and goes up twice in one go, 
    but you will have to gain a lot more experience to get him to the next level. 
    So in the end the total amount of EXP. needed is the same. In the experience
    chart table the levels on which this glitch occurs are marked with an 
    Thunder ball glitch
     When you use Practile bombs or Cryo-blast, and you look at the sub-screen 
    for statistics the picture (current weapon) will look like the Thunder ball.
    7 pieces of Honey at the same time
     If you have six pieces of Honey when you battle Aquagoth, you will get an 
    extra piece for beating him. This will force the game to let you have 7 
    pieces of Honey at the same time in your inventory.
    7 pieces of Petal at the same time
     When your in Prehistoria at the first fight with the raptors. You ALWAYS get 
    a petal after the battle (if you win of course), so fight until you get 6 
    petals and you will be able to get a seventh Petal from the Raptor Battle.
    7 pieces of Nectar at the same time
     When you are in the second world, after you are on your way back when you 
    have gotten both diamond eyes; The Rogues (Mid-Boss) drop Nectar and 100 
    jewels. So if you have 6 pieces already, you'll mysteriously end up with a 
    7th piece.
    7 pieces of Dino Armor at the same time
     Wait until you beat the Salabog, if you have enough money go back and buy 6 
    Dino Armor's from the Prehistoria Armor Shop. Then go to the volcano path and 
    enter the small cave where you have to fight 3 raptors in order to receive 
    Dino Armor, when you win the battle you'll end up with 7 armors. (Not very 
    useful glitch, but it is true)
    More than 99 Cryo Blasts
     Attack the Optional mid-boss at Omnitopia, when you have 99 Cryo blasts. The 
    game will give you 10 or so extra Cryo blasts, which means that you can shoot 
    some shell without seeing the counter drop (The visible value can't go over 
    99, even when you have more). In other words you DON'T have infinite Cryo 
    blasts just about ten more than 99 (Then again see below).
    Infinite Bazooka Shells (Cryo-Blast and Practile Bombs ONLY)
     Due to a glitch in the US version you can have infinite shots with the 
    bazooka for the ammo listed in the title. This is so because the game doesn't 
    subtract 1 shot if you shoot with these shells, whereas Thunder ball 
    projectiles are checked. For some reason this Glitch was fixed for the 
    European Release, therefore I always thought this glitch was just a rumor (I 
    am European).
    Enemy death animation Colors screwed up
     If an enemy gets killed and you pause the game the colors will be screwed up 
    into the color of the enemy. For example take the Mosquito. Their blood is 
    usually red blood. When you pause however it screws up and the color turns 
    The Dark Forest is not so dark at all!
     You can pause the game an open up the Ring menu when you are located in the 
    Dark Forest as usual. The screen will brighten up in order to display the 
    icons correctly. If you close the ring again the background will not darken 
    again, causing the Dark Forest to become somewhat lighter. This visual glitch 
    will work as long as you stay on the same screen. 
    Get an Exhibition Ticket after the Pig Races
     Once you get the initial ticket and went through the Pig races quest the
    guy in at the exhibition stand seems to be gone. However, the programmers
    only made his sprite invisible rather than removing him. Thus when you talk
    to him you can buy another Exhibition Ticket from 'thin air'!
    The value of Insect Incense 
    Many people think that this charm doesn't work, because it doesn't kill any 
    mosquitoes. But the fact is that it does work, but it has a different effect 
    of what you would expect. Instead of killing a mosquito the charm makes sure 
    that it doesn't attack you. Go ahead and walk up to one with this charm in 
    your possession. If you get close you will hear the sound it makes when it 
    attacks you, but there is no damage.
    In the upper left cell in Ebon Keep (indeed that glitched cell) there is a 
    little quirk hidden. If you check out the lower left corner of the cell you 
    will get to hear that you have been bitten by a Mazquito! Matrix will also 
    receive some damage from it!
    The Puppet show Script
    Not many people know about this, but there is actually a small plot behind 
    the puppet show. So here's the script for the show itself:
      The Show of Life
      by Billy Shakesbad begins...
      Woe be woman
      whose fate it is to serve.
      may thy tongue shrivel
      that it spews such falsehoods.
      ah, but does not a man pull thy strings?
      We are all but puppets
      of greater powers.
      Puppets? As in the show of life?
      Truly, birth doth
      draw wide the curtains.
      And woman, are thy lines scripted?
      In that I can be no one but myself,
      I can say only my lines.
      So sad, to be so constrained.
      It is I who fell for thee.
      Thine own role and fate
      has ever been written, 
      while mine own
      changes with each breath.
      Yea, tho puppet to be,
      it is hope, faith and love
      that pulls my strings.
      Woman, mine ears do sting
      from thy tongue.
      I shall away
      in search of easier folly!
    Optional Mid-Boss
    In Omnitopia there seems to be two independent three digit color passwords. 
    You can use the first one to deactivate the alarm in C4. The color code 
    itself is random generated in each new game, so to get it you can talk to one 
    of the Mechadusters at the Omnitopian Inn to get it right away. I am not sure 
    what exactly the required conditions are, but I was able to use another code 
    to open a Security Door to an optional Mid-boss. The boss room is a dark blue 
    colored room, which has two faces on the left and right sides of the wall. 
    They look identical to the face you can see in the cut scene after you crash 
    into the Nobilian Palace as a dog. The reward for beating the faces is some 
    credits and 10x Cryo Blasts (or something like that).
     The only problem is that this nobody seems to know which conditions are 
    needed to get this code to work. Personally I can say that it worked only 
    once for me and also that just trying all 3*3*3 = 27 combinations does not 
    work on itself.
    Cryptic Ending!
     After beating the game and watch the little cut scene with Carltron wait 
    about 30 more minutes to get a special message:
            "You're a patient one, aren't you?
            Well, here's a another cryptic credit,
                      Just for you..."
    Then you get an extra credit name:
             "Dolly Grip:
             BRIAN FEHDRAU"
    I haven't got a clue what this possibly could mean, very strange indeed. 
    According to the instruction Booklet Brain was the Lead Programmer and a 
    Scenario Scripter of the game. That's all I know about this person. Another 
    hint is that in movies a Dolly Grip is the person that is in charge of moving 
    the camera (dolly) along the tracks on the set. So for a video game it would 
    mean the person in charge of the screen movements.
     Finally the issue is cleared on the message boards of Gamefaqs, where Brian 
    Fehdrau a.k.a. "Its all Bills fault" revealed that he put the message in for 
    his wife Dolly.
    Chicken Revenge
     What is it with the chicken being so sacred and holy??? In the Legend of 
    Zelda they will come after you if you make them mad. In this game you get 
    blown up, if you taunt the chicken more than about 100 times. Do it some more 
    and you get blown up again. Both blows take away your current HP - 1, however 
    if your HP is 1 you will die. You will also receive some warnings too, so try 
    this if you are feeling bored. The lady who sells chickens will have some 
    extra comment too!
    Easy Experience
     You can gain loads of Exp. by going to the pyramid to fight Tiny. Then go to 
    the third chamber, the one where the teleporters are like this.
        -  T-
    -----   -
    -       -
    -T     X-
    t = teleporter
    x = where you stand
     Put your dog on full aggression and on 1, then stand in one of the corners 
    and walk away. The dog kills the Oglins Tiny throws down and you get 
    experience, while you are out doing something else. Leave SNES on over night 
    and you will have gained quite some levels, when you come back the next day.
     Worried about dying? When you level-up your HP gets fully restored. Also at 
    levels over 40 the Oglins probably can't do more than 0-1 HP per hit, so it 
    will take a lot of time to die leaving you rather invincible.
    Buying Meteorites
     There is one place in Evermore where I could buy Meteorites. The Mad Monk in 
    Crustacia will give you three Meteorites, when you buy an Amulet of 
    Annihilation. Note that you must have the egg of the Chocobo in possession, 
    and you must have 0 Amulets to make him appear.
    Buying Dry ice
     It is rumored to be that when you're level is a multiple of five and you 
    enter Dr. Sidney Ruffleberg's Lab a alchemist would pop up to sell you some 
    Dry ice for loads of Credits. I tried this trick many times, but up till now 
    that was still unsuccessful. If this was successful one could get infinite 
    amount of Call Beads, because Meteorites can be bought too! Check above to 
    Name references
    Did you ever notice that some names have references to certain things? I
    will give you some examples:
     A little deviation of the word Thorax which means chest. Do you still
     remember how do defeated him? Well, I think that should be obvious.
     The word Aegis means nothing more than shield, which he has on his fore-
     head for most of the time.
     Mephista is also known as some sort of witch.
    Old Nick:
     Is an appellation of the Devil; that does explain his red horns.
     It turns out to be the scientific name of an order of beetles, since 
    Coleoptera is some sort of bug this seems appropriate (Info thanks to EL). 
    Robot-droids IM-L8 & I8-pi:
     Just pronounce their names and you know what I mean.
     Abbreviation of Frog and Hippo, also Frippo is a creature that is a small
     frog with the head of a hippopotamus. That figures!
    Gargon and Dragoyle / Dragoil:
     Two creatures that live in the Dark forest and Gobi's tower. You can notice
     they're identical not only in appearance, but also by their name: a mix
     between a Gar-goyle and Dra-gon. Perhaps that was the reason why Dragoil was
     changed into Dragoyle; phonetically they sound the same, but they are
     different. Dragoil appears in the American version, whereas Dragoyle is in
     the European one.
     Alchemy glitches
    Alchemy 2x, 3x combo
     This trick is very familiar. It is done by casting the alchemy spell again
    right after you cast it the first time. It can even be done three times,
    when the distance between you and the target is far enough.
    Alchemy 8x combo
     Yes, it is possible to perform a 8x alchemy combo! But you need good 
    reflexes for this. First press 'Select' to play as the dog. Now press 'X' to 
    open the boy's menu. Select a spell and cast it, then immediately after 
    casting it, press 'X' to freeze time(open menu).
     Use another alchemy spell, and repeat the previous steps to get up to a 
    maximum of 8. The game will start running a little slower and the animation 
    goes a little berserk sometimes, but it works.
     You can get 8x combo on spells that are used very quickly like the drain 
    formula, but you must practice this before you can get this done in time. 
    Example: Use Nitro on level 9, you can cause 999 * 8 = 7992(!) damage on 
    almost any enemy. 
     There is only one downside to this little glitch, the game might freeze in 
    some situations like in the context of 'levitation Bug' just below, or in the 
    battle with Carltron.
    Stop Glitch
     Use the 'stop' formula your enemy will turn black/white as usual. But if
    you pause the game your enemy will mysteriously regain it's color, although 
    it remains frozen.
    Levitation Bug
     You can freeze the game if you cast levitation 'Eight-fold' on the rock in 
    front of the volcano several times.
    Alchemy Combo Formula: Blood Rain
     Use a combo with Corrosion, then Explosion. This will cause the rain to
    become bloody red.
    Alchemy Combo Formula: Rusty Hand
     Combine Lance with Crush to see a hand with 'orange' like rust covered over 
    it, when it falls on your pity victim. 
    ===More to come===
    Beta Changes
    In the instruction booklet are some screenshots that show us the game in an 
    earlier stage of development. Here are a few examples:
    Wily Rogue
    One of the pictures in the booklet you can clearly see Matrix using the 
    target function on a Mad Monk, only here the Mad Monk is called a "Wily 
    White Castle Ke
    No this is not a typo, the White Castle Ke appears in a screenshot of a list 
    of all the Rare Items. This key is renamed in the game to Queen's Key. I 
    think this happened because there wasn't enough space for the last "y" in 
    White Castle Key, so they changed it into Queen's Key.
    Magic Drain
    In the instruction booklet Camillia Bluegarden's Call Bead Spells included 
    the Magic Drain. There is no icon on the screenshot next to it so it was 
    probably removed fairly quickly. This game doesn't use Magic Points so why is 
    it actually here anyway? 
    Another mysterious Call Bead Spell, which was meant for Sidney Ruffleberg. 
    Again there is only a name and description, but it is missing in the 
    screenshot next to it. Bull's-eye was supposed raise your Attack, so 
    basically it was exactly the same as the "Atlas" Alchemy.
    Magic Gourd; Trade Item
    The Magic Gourd is listed under tradable items according to the Manual. This 
    is strange since it belongs under Rare Items in the actual game. Or at least 
    there is no one who will trade me this item, other than the appraiser of 
    Crustacia's Item Shop
    If you look carefully at this picture you will notice that there is a yellow 
    table on it, which cannot be found in the actual game.
    The credits for this gamefaq/walkthrough go to:
    Squaresoft USA
     For making this original game
     For reading this walkthrough
     As I enjoyed making this walkthrough
    Paul Hart 
     He told me the directions in the desert for the sting formula
     Pointing out a lot of glitch like some 7 of kind glitches. Also for an
     'up' side of screwing your stats up, Losing your flight ship, easy
     experience and others.
    Sweat of the Bud
     Added glitch about bypassing Verminator.
     -Some additional things like the US/European difference in the name for
      Dragoil / Dragoyle enemy.
     -Explaining me that the Bazooka Infinite Ammo Glitch only works in the US
      version as it was fixed in the European version.
     -Telling me that Magmar in the final battle has Exp, but you don't receive
     -His FAQ proved useful in fixing some Statistics that I miscalculated.
     -For the help on some of the issues like the leveling up glitches. Check
      out his site for some interesting patches.
    Jason Lam
     Located another Enemy Palette glitch that makes the colors go berserk if an
     enemy is killed.
     Found out that the Thug's Cloak is also hidden inside the Colloseum Waiting
     Room instead of the Centurion Cape (provided that you have the Centurion
     Cape & other armors in your possession).
     He found a secret stash of 500 Jewels in Antiqua at the Nobilian market. See
     chapter 4 for more details. And also explained that it IS possible to get 8x
     Double drain if you are fast enough.
     Told me about the deal with Cecil and Rosa from Final Fantasy II.
     Coleoptera is also a scientific reference to a certain order of beetles.
     He found out that the security code of the "Face 2x" mini-boss is NOT linked
     to the code of the alarm (which I thought it was).
    Randy Doe
     The visual glitch that causes the Dark Forest to brighten up was found by 
    him. Randy also gave some information about the Dolly Grip phenomenon of this 
    Joshua Wayne
     He gave another explanation to the Dolly Grip issue.
     Check out the Secret of Evermore maps he made with the actual game graphics,
     they're pretty nice. I used his Desert of Doom map to create a small mini-
     map in my walkthrough. Many thanks to you! Also his map of Ebon Keep's Jail 
     helped me in finding the cause of the appropriate glitch.
    Jason Manley
     Found out that the Mad Swindler Monk in Crustacia can give the Magic Gourd
     as a free gift along with the Amulet of Annihilation! Wow, even after 10
     years still new secrets are revealed. This game is amazing, just for that!
    Tiamat Zark
     Located two previously unknown Call Beads in Preshistoria
     Mentioned the glitch about the invisible Ivory Tower Exhibition Ticket booth
     Cleared up matters about the Barrier spell
    A.J. Lawson
     Some info on the Swindler Monk's treasures, Revive alchemy and Mad Psychic
     Found another bug in the game, when playing as the dog in the underground
    Pyramid section.
    Anthony P.
     Found another easy way to beat Verminator.
     Mentions a way to make profit by appraising goods.
     Mentions another bug with Tiny's gate in the underground pyramid section.
     Wrote up some descriptions for the missing items that didn't have any 
    description in Appendix A.
     Correcting me that I missed the usage of "Reflect" against the Faces, and 
    noticed that the hidden stash of 500 jewels is also accessible just before
    fighting off Aegis at the Nobilian market.
    Blake Reno
     Found the most efficient trading sequence in Nobilia to get all the rare
    items, with as little effort as possible.
    Jason Edwards
     Noticed I didn't mention the free Grass vest in the main walkthrough!
    Iron Knuckle 2001 - 2010 (c)
     Nothing out of this walkthrough may be copied for use on own websites, or own 
    profit. The following link is the only website on which my FAQ / walkthrough 
    is available, if you wish to upload the FAQ to your own website please notify 
    me before doing so. If I am interested enough I will grant permission for an 
    additional upload.
    Website locations
    Other interesting locations
     http://assassin17.home.comcast.net/ - Has some good patches for SoE
     http://panicus.org/FuSoYa           - 2 Player IPS patch by FuSoYa
    Total GameFAQ productions
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     Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Speed Guide
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    E-mail, Questions and Contributions
    If you have anything to ask / contribute / correct about this game or my 
    walkthrough you can e-mail me on the following address: 
    knuckle_Iron(at)hotmail.com . Only e-mail me about question related to the 
    game. ALL OTHER MAIL WILL BE IGNORED, I don't mean to be rude but this is a 
    gamefaq. Look at the Unfinished business section above for some ideas that 
    are worth posting a 'contribution e-mail' to me. Finally please be as 
    specific as possible when posting a question. Thank you.
    Unfinished business
        -Any new or unknown bugs, glitches, rumors or other stuff that is not
         included in this walkthrough.
        -A foolproof method to open the security door(the one marked with
         "LOCK") at Omnitopia's room D3. 
                                  - -= END =- -

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