• Profanity punishment

    At the start of the game when you enter your name, enter one that contains the 4-letter F word. When you reach the skeleton in the desert, he has new dialog calling you a potty mouth, and he charges you 3 Amulets of Annihilation to board the ship instead of the usual single amulet.

    Contributed By: duggie2.

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  • infinite run stamina

    With any weapon that has reached level three you can exploit an infinite run glitch. Hold down the attack button until the weapon reaches its maxinum charge level , continue to hold the attack button , while also holding the run button

    Contributed By: whoisthisgit.

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  • Weird glitches

    Invicibility during boss battles: When you receive the alchemy spell "escape" from Horace, take it with you before any bossfight. Then, quickly cast it on you and your dog. You won't be able to esacpe, but you'll be invulnerable to any attack.

    Infinite call beads: When you reach Nobilia, go to the front gate where the two guards are at. When you are in front of the two guards, go down to the first right corner of the fountain where a call bead can be picked up. But keep pressing the action button really quick until you load up on 99 call beads.

    Contributed By: Ranzo.

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Easter Eggs

  • Taunt the chickens!

    In the Nobila marketplace, If you press A in front of a chicken 200 times (yes, 200 times), the game will pause, Break the fourth wall, and will reduce the boy's HP to 1, saying "DO NOT TAUNT THE CHICKENS." repeating this will make the game say "YOU WERE WARNED", and reduce his HP to 1 again.

    Contributed By: pigfish99.

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  • Extra Ending Scenes

    There is an extra scene that you can see in the ending, simply by waiting for about two minutes after the words ''THE END'' appear on screen.

    Contributed By: Xono.

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  • Hidden Boss

    While traveling through the space station Omnitopia, you will eventually come across a console into which you must input a code to continue. Try all 27 possible codes (variations of the order of the numbers 1, 2, and 3) until a door opens above. After entering the door, you will face an interesting boss.

    Contributed By: technocloak.

    9    5

  • Skip the fight with the two mechadusters.

    To skip the very first boss fight againest the two mechadusters,you have to already have a save file, then just simply press the start button when you're watching the cutscene at the begining of the game and youll start right in Prehistoria.

    Contributed By: Samus_Theman and segadream131.

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Secret Items

  • Free Collars

    You can find all of the collars for the dog by talking to certain people or performing specific tasks at specific times while controlling the dog.

    Defender CollarWhen you're locked in the dungeon after the banquet, have the dog defeat all the enemies before setting the boy free.
    Leather CollarSpeak to Braveheart in his hut after defeating Thraax.
    Spiky CollarSpeak to the Sting Alchemist in the desert after defeating Vigor.
    Spot's CollarSpeak to Braveheart in his hut after getting the Wind Walker.

    Contributed By: Raidramon0.

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