Cant use charge attack even though horn spear is level 3?

  1. Hi,
    I recently leveled up my Horn Spear to level 3:0 and am unable to use a charge attack. I press and hold 'B' and the regular attack performs. However, when I switch to playing as the dog, the AI uses the charge attack for Hero. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    User Info: Arglesnarg

    Arglesnarg - 1 year ago


  1. Any other >2:0 weapons that you have that you've troubleshooted with? That's a tough one if it's not user-error.

    User Info: McWhalen

    McWhalen - 1 year ago 0   0
  2. >1:0 or higher is actually what I meant. Can you charge any other leveled up weapons?

    User Info: McWhalen

    McWhalen - 1 year ago

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