Can you get chocobo egg from pots after having and selling one already?

  1. Can you still obtain a chocobo egg from repeatedly buying ceramic pots in Nobilia, even if you've already received one from the mad monk in crustacia, and then traded it for the magic gourd?

    User Info: oldflattop

    oldflattop - 8 years ago

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  1. It has been awhile, but you should be able to trade a woman beads and perfume for a chocobo egg in the nobilia market place. The magic gourd is worthless, just fun to collect everything, the chocobo egg you DO want because it raises HP. If you can't get one in nobilia, make sure you trade for one in the ivor tower market place. The ivor tower market also has great armor you can trade for but you need to stock up on anihilation amulets beforehand. Enjoy the game, its a great one.

    User Info: bumrushff3

    bumrushff3 - 7 years ago 1   0


  1. The Egg and the MG can be obtained again after traded away.
    Just boy 1-20 times 5x Ceramic Pot. Randomness will decide if you get the chocobo egg or not. If you have either the Egg OR the MG you'll find 50 instead of 10 jewels each time. In one ride of buying nine times 5x ceramic pots (you need 90x rise for this) I got 4 to 6 times 50 jewels each on average. thats 200-300 jewels for every 90 rise you buy. awsome way to grind money (without gaining any exp or level)

    User Info: XETH

    XETH - 8 months ago 0   0

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