Review by XLord Ma ChaoX

Reviewed: 10/07/03

Saturday Night Slam Masters is even better than some of the new wrestling games!

Saturday Night Slam Masters is one of the most underrated games on the Super Nintendo. I can't stress enough how good of a game it is! There aren't many modes of play, but the ones that they do have don't get boring. This game was made by Capcom, so I guess you could say its Street Fighter, but wrestling style. Don't get me wrong though, this game isn't without it's flaws and parts in the game that make you want to rip out your hair and scream. Now, let us get into the technical stuff of this game..

Gameplay: 9/10

What can I say? This baby runs smooth. The controls respond right when you hit then. Although there are a lot of rules to the matches, some of which most people won't like. For example, you only get 3:00 per match, which is not nearly enough time to slaughter your opponent, or have any fun at all. But those three minutes that you get are wonderful. You should note that you get unlimited time in arcade mode, and can play as two characters not available regularly, Scorpion and Jumbo.

Story: 4/10

Let’s face it. The game has a small and repetitive story line, which is the major flaw of the game. Basically, you tour around the world, fighting wrestlers until you make it all the way around the world, and come to New York City, where you fight the Champion. From there, you win, and you can see 3 small different endings. Other than that, every single story line is the same here.

Sound: 8/10

I enjoyed the music, although I must admit, after awhile, it did get a wee bit repetitive. The music here fits the mood. Loud rock music on a Saturday Night.. Everyone is ready to watch his or her favorite wrestlers go at it, and everyone is pumped. I really think the voice acting and sound effects were done well, too. They seemed almost real and a lot better then some of the newer wrestling games.

Graphics: 8/10

For a 16-bit game, I must say, Jesus. These graphics are spectacular. The characters are very greatly detailed. Of course, it gives you the real feel of being at a Wrestling event, watching it on TV, or being the wrestler, it varies. There are fans taking pictures, theme music and pyros for the wrestlers entrances. All and all, the graphics are great.

Replay Value: 7/10

The game might be just a little bit short. But like a can of pringles, once you pop the fun don’t stop. But more along the lines of ‘Once you put the game into the SNES, the fun don’t stop!’ You’ll have fun with the modes, and especially with a big four player match with your three closest buddies on a night when you’re a little bored, and looking a for a nice game, or a really sweet old one.

Difficulty: Very Easy to Very Hard

Well, the difficulty can be adjusted. But, if you play on the hardest difficulty, which I recommend, you’ll be in for a good, long battle. Some of the last battles are damn near impossible to win. But if you adjust the difficulty, it can become pretty easy. Although, the final matches are still pretty difficult. It all depends on your video gaming preference.

Overall Rating: 8/10
And what should you do? Should you buy or rent Saturday Night Slam Masters?

You can find Saturday Night Slam Masters for $10 at your local RSE or any used video game store, and I promise you, it is definitely worth the buy. Look at it, it’s getting to be winter, and you’ve got only a couple of dollars, but need entertainment. Well then, bring out your old SNES, and buy this game. I guarantee you won’t be angry with yo

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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