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Reviewed: 05/09/03 | Updated: 05/09/03

1, 2 ,3!


A glance at this game will tell you that it a wrestling game, and like most wrestling games, it has no storyline, but it's all about the fun! The characters have unique names, and this game is done a bit like Final Fight, and it's followers. Very fun.

Simple. Most of the great games are simple, for genius lies in simplicity. 2D graphics may be hard to look at for a while, but with 3D most of the moves would be messed up and all over the place. The sprites are highly detailed, the programmers spent a lot of time doing it. I do wish, they had put in more modes, and made the secret characters available in the arcade mode, instead of just the tag-team mode. The ''personalized'' move sets are incredible, again, you can tell they put hard spent time and work into making this game. The ring is not as it sounds, it is a square, with the top ropes, and side ropes. All of them are available for use. Jumping on the top ropes, throwing your opponent into the side ropes, all strategic. Throwing them into the side ropes makes them vulnerable for a little while, use that if you can.

Sound and Graphics

Usually the same thing over, and over, and over again. It changes sometimes, but, it's easy to listen to. The intro music when the characters come in is good, the effects and graphics are different, however.
Of course, wrestling games need 'trademark' moves, usually being the most powerful move a character has. The effects on these moves are good, so is the simplicity of pulling some of these off. Others have the somewhat horrible circular motion after the grab. I personally find this hard to do, and annoying, but other peoples' opinions on this may differ.


What can I say, wrestling games with replay values are rare, and this is why this game is so hard to find. You have not truly mastered the game until you've beaten it every way possible, and that means, with every possible character combination in the tag-team mode, and the arcade mode whilst switching the difficulty around a lot. You may find this boring at times, but it pays off.

Rent or Buy?

If you're into fighting/wrestling games, this is definitely a buy, but if you're not, hey, give it a rent.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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