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Information Guide by SFujimoto

Version: 12 | Updated: 12/01/1994

  ____   _  _ _  _   _ ____    _ _
 / ___/ / |/ v \| | | |  _ \  / | |
| |__  /  |     | | | | |_| |/  | |   Samurai Shodown FAQ
 \__ \/ / | | | | | | |  _ </ / | |   Release 12 Part 1/2 (The side notes)
 ___|/ _  | |_| | |_| | | \/ _  | |   12-01-94
| __/_/ |_|_| |_|\___/|_| /_/\|_|_|
|/____ _   _  ___  ____   ___  _   _ __  _
 / ___| | | |/ _ \|  _ \ / _ \| |_| |  \| |
| |__ | |_| | | | | | | | | | | | | |   | |
 \__ \|  _  | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
 ___| | | | | |_| | |_| | |_| |     | |   |
| ___/|_| |_|\___/ ____/ \___/ \_^_/|_|\__|

This FAQ is FTPable from
          netcom.com in the /pub/vi/vidgames/faqs directory.

The FAQ was originally done by Galen Komatsu
His email address is   ar592@cleveland.freenet.edu or

With his permission, I have taken over to maintain the correctness
and appearance of the FAQ.  I have decided to enhance it as to include
ore informations.  Many others contributed with additions, corrections
and suggestions as well.  If I missed any one of you (and I think I did
miss many of you), please email me so I can correct my carelessness ASAP.

I consider this FAQ as public domain.  All of the information here are
contributions and efforts of many gamers out there.  You are free to
copy any/all information here, as long as you state where it comes from,
and you don't make a profit out of it.  It would be also nice if you
could send me e-mail telling me what you are doing with the FAQ.


        Ice Breaker ----------------- cvadrslh@csupomona.edu
        Anthony William Cannon ------ wanderer@leland.stanford.edu
        Jeremy Hinton --------------- hinton@cs.odu.edu
        Paper Tiger ----------------- kahuehn@tuba.calpoly.edu
        Kano Vo --------------------- god@mermaid.micro.umn.edu
        Thomas Cannon --------------- inkblot@leland.Stanford.EDU
        Brad "Sugar Daddy" Douglas -- douglas@hamlet.uncg.edu
        Spencer Olson --------------- solson@imsasun.imsa.edu
        Brando ---------------------- HOLMESB7313@cobra.uni.edu
        Reptile --------------------- PCS$1955@VEGA.SELU.EDU
        Brian Gilmore --------------- briang@ocf.Berkeley.EDU
        Alex ------------------------ awong@osiris.ee.tufts.edu
        Bethany Cox ----------------- MIA
        Kevin A. Kanda -------------- Kevin.A.Kanda@Dartmouth.edu
        Mark Rigby ------------------ mrigby@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca
        Jason Cha ------------------- chaj@guvax.acc.georgetown.edu
        Holmesmeister (brother's acct) oconnor@mala.bc.ca

SPECIAL THANKS TO: (not in any specific order)

        Mark "Terminator" Maestas --- maestas@cs.arizona.edu
        Galen Komatsu --------------- gkomatsu@hawaii.edu
          Originator of this list!
        Iain Sinclair --------------- axolotl@socs.uts.edu.au
          Originator of the quotes!
        Andy Eddy, Gamepro Magazine - vidgames@netcom.com
          Established the Video Game ftp site, where this can be found.

This is in no way a complete FAQ of the game.  If you have any
from you.  No matter how insignificant you think the information is,
PLEASE send me email.  It might be the most profound discovery yet.
My email address is:

(Mark Maestas is our co-editor.  His email address is:

Note for Release 12: I (Scott Fujimoto) made several revisions,
which are noted below.


-- Version History

   Release 1:   Originally done by Galen Komatsu.  Many special moves
                missing.  Some minor mistakes.
   Release 2:   Some revision of the Galen Komatsu post by some others
                and me.  This is the most messy one.  I don't think
                there is even an official release for this one.
   Release 3:   From this version on, I have taken over the FAQ from
                Galen Komatsu's hand, with his permission.  I have also
                organized all information floating in the net and
                compiled it into the list.
   Release 4:   Still done by me.  Added Introduction and some revision
                of moves.
   Release 5:   Separated the throws from the special moves.  Also added
                how to defeat the computer.  Major revision.  The quotes
                were originally done by Iain Sinclair; with his permission,
                I have included them in the FAQ.
   Release 6:   Mark Maestas is now the co-editor of the FAQ; he combined
                his own FAQ with this one.  If you find any typos or
                grammar mistakes, BUG HIM! :)  Major revision, Power Strike
                section added.  Many kind souls sent me comments, additions
                and corrections.  Thank all of you very much for making this
                a better FAQ!
   Release 7:   More information added.  Minimize the quotes section to
                save space, since this list is getting very huge.
                Separated this FAQ into two parts because some server can't
                handle the size of this text.  A possible AMAKUSA bug
   Release 7.5: Overall a slight revision.
   Release 8:   Separate the FAQ into two parts.  One is the special moves
                and power strikes, the other one is, more or less, the
                history or side notes of this game.  A few new moves
                added.  Characters are now in alphabetical order.
   Release 9:   Due to a computer crash, Mark did this one.  Most of the
                character endings were added, character bios (from the
                Neo Geo instructions) added, as well as a new quote
                classification setup(tm).
   Release 10:  Mark is still doing the editting while Ewan is trying
                to recoup.  Corrections on some quote classifications
                (sorry guys!).  All endings are now in here.  Special
                thanks to Kevin Kanda and Jason Cha.
   Release 10.4:Why 10.4?  It's just some editting, nothing really
                new.  I picked a number for the hell of it.  More correct
   Release 10.5:This version exist due to a miscommunication of me with Mark
          Many of updated version he added was forgotten by me.  Many
          sorrys to Mark and many gamers out there.
   Release 11:  We can't stop!  Andy Eddy puts FAQ on netcom.com. Plus
                the usual corrections (gee, you'd think we'd get it right
                soon enough with all of these corrections!)
   Release 12:  Modified by Scott Fujimoto. Revised quote sections and
                character backgrounds. Added normal attacks, plus other
                corrections. SS2 out by now.


        Samurai Shodown (It is spelled correctly, Shodown, not Showdown)
is a new NEO-GEO fighting game which features characteristics of Street
Fighter 2.  When you start the game, you have the choice to pick
from a selection of 12 different characters.  Each character has
his/her own special strengths and weaknesses.  Your goal is to be the
first one to win 2 rounds versus either a computer or a human opponent.
        The POWER bar at the bottom of the screen determines the strength
of your attack.  You gain more POWER when you are hit or when you have
blocked a hit.  When it reaches maximum, your attack could decrease more
than half of your opponent's energy.
     Some machines may have the difficulty level displayed, while
some may not.  It depends on how the arcade operator set it.
        Samurai Shodown was originally called Samurai Spirit (I dunno
why!!).  Apparently there are Japanese and American versions,
which have different languages displayed.  Besides that, everything is
quite the same.  With the smartest computer AI among any fighting game,
you will have a hell of a time trying to finish the game with just one


        Well, that depends...  If you are lucky, the machine you
play is set on a lower setting, then you will save some money.  But if
you are one of those who are out of luck, READ ON.

        You might think this is a bit too general, but different
strategies fit different people.  So putting them down might just be
a waste of time.  The computer is very smart, even on lower settings.
The only difference is that they won't attack as much on higher levels.

        The computer uses a wait-for-opportunities-and-attack strategy.
The computer will attack a few times to test your ability in the beginning
of the round, so don't develop any patterns that it can trace.  It will
know.  If you keep firing out fireballs, after a few blocks, he WILL jump.
For instance, I kept using the Multiples trick of Galford to beat the
computer in the second round.  In the third round, not once did my trick
work again.  I always got hit or counter-thrown.

        The computer is also aware of time.  If it is winning, it will
stall; if it is losing, it will attack very aggressively.

        The only way to kill the computer is to be very careful.  Attack
when you have the chance.  Defend when your opportunity is gone.  Wait
again.  If you've played SF2 before, the computer ain't like that one.
In SF2, you can just jump in and do all kinds of combos.  This computer
will kick ass and you'd have no chance of even closing in.  Remember
this computer is smart and it will use any cheapo throw or whatever
without qualm.  Don't be amazed if the computer performs some moves that
may impossible for you to perform under the same conditions.  This is a
computer you are dealing with.  Besides being smart, it will also cheat
by taking off energy more if it hits you and less if you hit it on higher
difficulty levels.

        Timing and precision is everything.  Time it right and hit it
hard and victory will be yours.  GOOD LUCK!



2) HOW TO BREAK YOUR OPPONENT'S WEAPON.   You must swing at each other in
   a way that only the weapons connect. The easiest way to do this is if
   one character has a quick downstroke, while another has a slower thrust,
   or if both characters have slower thrusts. In the first case, the
   thrusting character should stick his weapon out first, while the other
   character quickly hits it with his downstroke. In the second case, both
   players should stand apart so only the tips of their weapons meet. The
   character with the slower thrust should thrust first, and the second
   character hits it with his quicker thrust. You MUST swing asynchronously,
   or you will get into a weapons clash. You know your doing it right when
   you see a yellow-white spark where the weapons meet, instead of the
   bluish spark when you block.
   The standing A of Haohmaru and Earthquake, and the standing B of Hanzo,
   Galford, and Nakoruru are the only downstroke's I've found that qualify.
   With the exceptions of Galford, Hanzo, Nakoruru, and Earthquake, all of
   the character's B thrusts meet the second qualification (for certain
   one's like Tam-Tam and Jubei, you may have to do a crouch thrust).
   Note that the character that uses the weaker swing will always get his
   weapon broken. If the two are using the same strength, then each
   character's Weapon Durability strength will usually determine which
   weapon gets broken, although I've had BOTH Wan-Fu's and Haohmaru's
   weapons get broken simultaneously, even though Wan-Fu has a higher WD.
   Also note that when a character is on the ground after getting his
   weapon broken, he is invulnerable to attack. And contrary to previous
   reports, you do NOT take damage when your weapon breaks.  --Scott

3) If you lose your weapon, it will then be possible for you to throw your
   opponent by grabbing onto his/hers weapon from a distance if you time
   it _just_ right.  Sounds tricky, eh?  Once, I (Haohmaru) threw a long
   standing AB slash at my opponent (Nakoruru).  She did an AB attack at
   just the right moment, _caught_ my sword between her palms, and used it
   to throw me to the ground! The timing on this one is very difficult.
   What happens is that any time you get into a struggle, the person without
   a weapon will always throw the person with one.  However, if you get
   into a struggle with Earthquake when you don't have a weapon, you will
   execute a low CD kick on him since he can't be thrown.

4) If you meet your opponent in the air and, after an attack, land on the
   ground first, you can then try to get an immediate throw off on your
   opponent as he lands.  It is possible to escape being thrown by jumping
   as soon as you land.

5) MAKE AMAKUSA JUMP. (* From Brian Gilmore --- briang@ocf.Berkeley.EDU *)
   Unless Amakusa is doing something anoying, such as teleporting, casting
   spells, whatever, whenever you slash, Amakusa jumps. Usually straight up,
   but sometimes towards and away from you. This is really prevelant in the
   first round, and less so in second.
   WHAT THIS MEANS: To win the first round against Amakusa every time, all
   you'll usually have to do is Hit Amakusa once to get It's energy level
   under yours, then get to the other side of the screen and slash until
   time runs out.  Amakusa will do nothing but jump up and down, and you
   win. Note, however, that sometimes Amakusa will jump forward. If it gets
   within range of you, it will attack, so keep some dodging distance.
   THE OTHER IMPORTANT RESULT: If you're playing a character with a fast air
   attack (such as Galford of Hanzo) you slash, it jumps, and then you hit
   Amakusa in the air.

6) FASTEST KO.  If you can defeat your opponent fast enough to beat the
   records, you will be awarded with a fireworks display and mention in the
   fastest KO hall of fame.

7) ALTERNATE COLOR- In case you weren't aware of it, pressing D to select
   a character will give you the alternate color scheme that you see when
   fighting in a versus match.

Legend: B--before a fight (CPU)
        BM--before a mirror fight
        AN--after a non-fatal fight
        AF--after a fatal fight
        AS--after a fight won with a special move
        AM--after a mirror fight
        AK--final quote after winning the game

Note: The ending scenes for all characters begin with Amakusa (who looks
  like he's about to explode) holding the sphere.  There is a quote, "I have
  left you alone, but now, I must exterminate you."  This could be the Dark
  Guy speaking, or possibly Hanzo's son (see Hanzo ending).
  Also, some quotes are corrected for misspellings and a few punctuation
  marks are modified so that the quote makes sense.

  Name:        Charlotte
  Title:       The Noble Revolutionette
  Origin:      Versailles, France
  Alma Mater:  Taught by French Fencing Tutor, O. Le Paine
  Weapon:      The Laroche (epee)
  Misc. Info:  Based on the Rose of Versailles manga character Oscar
  Francois de Jarjayes, a woman who donned men's clothes and became the
  head of the guard at Versailles. She later joined the French Revolution.

 ,_ Quotes ______________________________________________________________,
 I B   All warriors are not called "sir".  Twit!                         I
 I B   Don't ever talk about my breastplate again!                       I
 I BM  You dare confront me?  You are plucky, but, sadly, dead.          I
 I AF  A woman of my breeding cannot lose.                               I
 I AN  Au revoir, petit chou.  For I will seize victory from vous.       I
 I AS  I live to break the grip of tyrants and enslave my enemies.       I
 I AM  Protecting the honor of my family is my bread and brie...         I
 I AK  A fabulous babe with unbeatable moves, I am magnifique.           I

  Ending scene description:
     Charlotte stands in front of the rock.  "Far East tour... what a let
  down!"  A carrier pigeon flies in.  "Pierre?  What is it?"  Pierre
  lands on Charlotte's arm.  "Well, uh... (the note unfurls) The revolution!
  I will lead the proles."  Cut to map of Japan and scroll to France. Cut to
  the palace area where an aristocrat is battling with three peasants with
  rakes and hoes.  He says, "Desist all!!  Go back to your huts."  Charlotte
  rushes in very fast and mows down the noble ("SPLASH FOUNT!" ch-ch-ch-ch-
  ching! and the noble flies back).  The peasants cheer, "Charlotte!"  She
  says, "We face the enemy.  Forward."  The peasants cheer and follow her.

  Name:        Earthquake
  Title:       The Texan Ninja Anachronism
  Origin:      (Paloduro Canyon?) Texas, U.S.A.
  Alma Mater:  Ned's Ninja Academy -- Correspondence Course: Dropout
  Weapon:      The Yellow Scythe of Texas (nage gama: like a kusari gama
                                            but without a hand guard)
  Misc. Info:  Texas was not a state at the time frame of SS. No ninjas
               existed there, either.

 ,_ Quotes ______________________________________________________________,
 I B   I'll clean my teeth with you.                                     I
 I B   No matter where you hide, my spear will find you.                 I
 I BM  You have a lot of meat on you.  Bon Appetit.                      I
 I AF  Quick draw.  But not quick, enough.                               I
 I AS  Whoops. Turned him into pulp. Not enough left for hamburger.      I
 I AN  Oh, like that hurt.  My, for a mosquito you're tough.             I
 I AM  With your weight, heaven is an unlikely destination.              I
 I AK  What?  Over so soon?  Hmph.  Not even a full serving.             I

  Ending scene description:
     EQ stands victorious, and looks around himself, saying: "Now this is
  a treasure!"  Three little Earthquake-ninja wannabes (ie three fat,
  smaller, bald white guys, dressed like EQ!) teleport in, kneeling behind
  EQ.  EQ says, "Well?  Go get it." The "ninjas" say, "Yaaah," and disappear
  and proceed to zip in and out, building up a pile of loot behind EQ.
  After a few seconds, they all reappear behind EQ and say, "We've got it
  all, boss". EQ says, "Hear the wail of victory, rogues." They all raise
  their arms in triumph.

  Name:        Galford
  Title:       The Ninja Knight Without a Cause
  Origin:      San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
  Alma Mater:  Koga-Ninja School - Department of Vital Points Studies
  Weapon:      The Blade of Justice (ninjato)
  Misc. Info:  His dog's name is Poppy.

 ,_ Quotes ______________________________________________________________,
 I B   My eyes are blue, but I know Samurai's Spirits.                   I
 I B   I have long desired to fight with you.  Come now!                 I
 I BM  Hit me with your best shot!                                       I
 I AF  Forgive me, I possess power you can only dream of.                I
 I AN  Boy, that was a close one, eh, Poppy?  "Woof!"                    I
 I AS  Maybe I should get back to basics and stop the flash... Naaahhh!  I
 I AM  Boy!  Meet me when you can lift your sword, wimp!                 I
 I AK  Another legend is born, right Poppy?  Woof.  Woof.                I

  Ending scene description:
     Flash to Amakusa's stage with Galford in a pose without his sword.
  "Whew that was a tough battle."  Amakusa's ball floats down.  "So this
  was the source of all the madness" Galford does a (close) AB slash and
  shatters the ball.   A light beams down, and another Amakusa, not as
  dangerous looking, says "The spell has been broken.  Be praised."  Then
  he floats back up, as 3 small 'poppies' join Galford and Poppy.  "We're
  history. Let's go Poppy." as he leaps to the side and the dogs follow.

  Name:        Gen-An Shiranui
  Title:       The Taloned Fiend
  Origin:      Onigami Isle
  Alma Mater:  Doom Bwee Bway Academy of Manicure
  Weapon:      Azami (metal talon glove)
  Misc. Info:  Azami is his wife's name too. Note that Gen-An is an oni
               (Japanese demon), hence the name "Onigami Isle"

 ,_ Quotes ______________________________________________________________,
 I B   If you think I'm ugly, look at you after this.                    I
 I B   Will I get some of your estate?                                   I
 I BM  If I lose, you can go.  If you lose, I can go.  Simple.           I
 I AS  Don't look so sad.  You'll get used to the afterlife.             I
 I AN  My face may look bad, but your breath smells horrible.            I
 I AF  No one calls me freak and lives!  No one but my wife, that is.    I
 I AM  Your clothes and talons, toad!  Ooh a perfect fit.                I
 I AK  Heh, heh, heh.  Come black magic, walk with me.                   I

  Ending scene description:
     Gen-An says, "The same path as I, yet no equal he."  (Gen-An and
  Amakusa are both sorcerers)  A skinny, greenish woman walks in on the
  left and says, "Gen-An!".  He sees her and says, "Azami!"  He turns away,
  and continues, "The path of a sorcerer is not for woman.  Scram!"  She
  steps forward and says, "Oh, Gen-An."  He moves forward a little and
  weeps briefly, then he leaps off.  Cut to the cave area where we see him
  and Mai Shiranui.  He says, "You'll get no favors from me."  She replies,
  "Stop whining and attack!"  Gen-An executes a Butcher Thrust, but is
  stopped by Mai's flame fandango technique.  Gen-An cries out and falls
  to the ground.  His last words are, "A.. Azami, I...". The screen darkens
  and it says:
                 Oninaki Island, Gen-An dies

  Name:        Hanzo Hattori
  Title:       The Ninja Master of the Shadows
  Origin:      Dewa, Yamagata, Japan
  Alma Mater:  Iga Institute of Ninja Arts and Psychology
  Weapon:      The Ninja Blade (ninjato)
  Misc. Info:  Hanzo is a famous ninja, leader of the Iga ninja clan.

 ,_ Quotes ______________________________________________________________,
 I B   When you die, is it cremation or burial?                          I
 I B   To die is not shameful.  But better you than me.                  I
 I BM  You poseur!  You fake!  Show me the true you.                     I
 I AN  I know that fate is on my side.  But that was too close.          I
 I AS  Poor fool.  You don't yet realise... you're dead.                 I
 I AF  Burning with revenge, no one can stop me.                         I
 I AM  It's your pick.  Heaven.  Hell.  But Bermuda is impossible!!      I
 I AK  My life is a desert, my soul, a void.  Happy thought, huh?        I

  Ending scene description:
     (Editor's note:  Amakusa killed Hanzo's son and trapped his soul in the
  magic sphere.  When Hanzo defeated Amakusa, the sphere shattered, thus
  breaking the spell Amakusa used to entrap Hanzo's son's soul.  Also,
  see Galford's ending.)
     Hanzo stands before the stone.  "Oh no, my Amakusa.  Stolen by death.
  Poor soul."  Hanzo kneels and readies himself for seppuku (ritual suicide).
  "I shall follow you, dear boy. Life is without meaning." Suddenly 6 ninjas
  appear around him.  One of them speaks, "Wait!  Hanzo. We need you here to
  teach us your skills.  Do not take this offer lightly."  Hanzo lifts his
  head.  "Hmmm."  The other ninja speaks again, "I beg you."  Hanzo lowers
  his head and his sword.  "Very well.  I shall teach your kindred."
  Cut to a small room with a student on the left and a straw target on
  the right.  Hanzo is by the student and says, "Act like a volcano, and
  blow."  The student executes a Bakuen-Ryu and immolates the target.
  The student says, "yeah!" and raises his fist in the air.  Hanzo gives
  a nod of approval.

  Name:        Haohmaru
  Title:       The Invincible Samurai Sake Expert
  Origin:      Gairyu Isle, Japan
  Alma Mater:  Self-Taught
  Weapon:      The Fugu Blade (katana)
  Misc. Info:  Haohmaru is based on Musashi Miyamoto, the classic Samurai.
    Musashi and Kojiro Sasaki were famous rivals. Both dueled on Ganryu
    Isle, a real place, though it's not located where Gairyu Isle is
    supposed to be. Historically, Musashi killed Kojiro in the first
    exchange with a blow to the head from the wooden sword he had
    carved on the boat on his way to the island. Haohmaru's girlfriend's
    name in the game is Oshizu.

 ,_ Quotes ______________________________________________________________,
 I B   Lucky you.  About to be killed by a legend!                       I
 I B   To fight.  To die.  Get ready for the afterlife.                  I
 I BM  Oooh goody!  A challenger.  Who's stronger?  Hint.  Me!           I
 I AF  To call me 'awesome' is an understatement.                        I
 I AS  Using my full strength is unnecessary for wimps like you.         I
 I AN  Hmm, not bad.  I have met the second strongest in the world.      I
 I AM  Was all my work for naught?  Or am I too damn good?               I
 I AK  What a fight, I'm speechless.  Not!                               I

  Ending scene description:
     After defeating Amakusa, Haohmaru purifies his sword (drinks sake
  and spits it on his sword).  "You should have practiced more, conceited
  fool."  Then, his girlfriend comes in from the right.  "Haohmaru."  He
  crosses his arms.  "Oshizu."  He turns away from her and says, "I am a
  samurai, a rebel guy.  We must part."  She steps closer and says,
  "Haohmaru..."  "Be brave, Oshizu."  Then he jumps off to the left.  Cut to
  Gairyu Isle.  Haohmaru faces Mai Shiranui on the right.  He says, "You'll
  get no favors from me."  She replies, "Oh, stop whining and attack."
  He leaps at her, and the screen freezes as he executes an aerial AB slash
  and Mai executes her flame fandango.
  (If you win without continuing, Haohmaru makes a speech as the screen

  Name:        Jubei Yagyu
  Title:       The Emperor's Secret Servant
  Origin:      Tosa, Kochi, Japan
  Alma Mater:  Yagyu Institute of the Sabre and Brush
  Weapon:      Yamato Blade and Iron Tiger Dagger (daisho, a matched
                 katana and wakisashi)
  Misc. Info:  Based on Yagyu Mitsuyoshi Jubei, an advisor to the shoguns
  and a renowned swordsman with reputed ninja abilities. His eyepatch was
  supposedly a result of a childhood punishment.

 ,_ Quotes ______________________________________________________________,
 I B   Don't be afraid of what I hold in my hands.                       I
 I B   No, I'm not related to that guy in Fatal Fury!                    I
 I BM  Wouldn't you like to be a Yagyu too?                              I
 I AS  Come, come, my friend.  All lives must come to an end.            I
 I AN  Hey, you're not bad.  You're not very good, either.               I
 I AF  I'm too fast.  No?  Then why's your leg on the ground.            I
 I AM  How sad.  I bet you even thought you could win.                   I
 I AK  No one can equal to me.  Wah hah hah haaah!                       I

  Ending scene description:
   Jubei sheathes his weapons. "Unh." He crosses his arms. "I thought I had
   found someone worthy..." The guy who kept running in the background
   delivering food, money and bombs appears and says, "Sir Jubei".  Jubei
   grabs the hilts of his swords and asks, "You are?"  He crosses his arms
   again.  The guy says, "Pardon sire, my sister has been taken by Amakusa.
   I know I got in your way before, but..."  His sister, in a red kimono,
   comes in from the right and hands a note to him. "But look, I have
   brought you this."  The man hands Jubei the letter and says, "A thousand
   pardons. Please read this." The letter says "Yui Shosetu terrorizes
   Rozeki Castle." He looks up, and says, "Hah, hah, hah, my legend begins
   a new chapter!" He then puts on a big round straw hat and as he crouches
   to run off, he yells, "Ikkuzo!" ("Let's go!")

  Name:        Kyoshiro Senryo
  Title:       The Kabuki Master
  Origin:      Tokyo, Japan
  Alma Mater:  Kabuki Kollege of Dramatics and Stage Chewing, Edo Campus
  Weapon:      Shishi Ha [Lion's Blade] (naginata)
  Misc. Info:  In Japanese literature, Kyoshiro was an actor and a
               swordsman, though in the game, Kyoshiro uses a naginata,
               not a sword. Also, his father is Nao Itsu Oba.

 ,_ Quotes ______________________________________________________________,
 I B   So much for an encore.  I killed him.                             I
 I B   Now in this scene, I rip open your belly.                         I
 I BM  To face me is to face perfection.  Act well.                      I
 I AN  The curtain draws near, and now the bloody finale.                I
 I AF  Chasing away my audience!!  Idiot!!  Face your punishment.        I
 I AS  You fool!  You.. you critic!  To the pits of hell, slime.         I
 I AM  To the fires of Hell with you, ham!                               I
 I AK  This is how a real Kabuki dances!  Woogie woogie whee!            I

  Ending scene description:
    Kyoshiro says, "Having been trounced, I think you now realize the
  sublimity of Kabuki."  He looks at the background.  "Hey, what a great
  place.  Why, of course..."  Cut to a big curtain on the screen. "Lords,
  Ladies, come hither."   It opens up, revealing the musicians from Tokyo
  sitting around Amakusa's area and a big audience at the bottom of the
  screen.  Kyoshiro comes out and starts dancing and whipping his hair
  around.  The audience cheers and throw flowers.

  Name:        Nakoruru
  Title:       The Angel-faced Eagle Handler
  Origin:      Hokkaido, Japan
  Alma Mater:  The Running Deer Academy of Dance and Judo
  Weapon:      Hahamama Katana [her father's keepsake] (kodachi)
  Misc. Info:  Nakoruru is one of the Ainu, Japan's indigenous/aboriginal
    people.  In 1788, the Ainu still dominated Hokkaido and had not been
    subdued.  Today, several thousand Ainu remain.  Nakoruru's hawk is
    called Mamahaha.  Her father's name is Hahamama.

 ,_ Quotes ______________________________________________________________,
 I B   By the mountain gods, victory will be mine.                       I
 I B   Scourge of the Ainu, prepare to die!                              I
 I BM  If you're going to copy me, at least be prettier about it!        I
 I AN  Against my Hokkaido Hurricane attack, you didn't have a chance.   I
 I AF  Daring to strike a lady?  Think it over in traction.              I
 I AS  With the mountain gods protecting me, I can't lose.               I
 I AM  Strength.  Beauty.  I am without equal in God's kingdom.          I
 I AK  Whoever defiles the body of nature shall feel my wrath.           I

  Ending scene description:
     It shows Nakoruru with the hawk on her shoulder..it is panting like
  crazy, and she says, "Thou foul despoiler of nature.  Your just desserts."
  4 birds, 3 rabbits, and 2 dogs enter. She sits to pet them and says, "That
  done, I return to fair Kamui-Kotan". Cut to Nakoruru's stage.  Nakoruru's
  dressed in a full robe and is walking towards the old men that were on the
  steps.  She jumps in the air before she gets to the men, lifting the dress
  and showing her rather skinny legs. Mamahaha has a green bag in its beak.

  Name:        Tam Tam
  Title:       The Incan Avenger
  Origin:      Green Hell
  Alma Mater:  Babalooh Bula Bula College - School of Scimitar Twirling
  Weapon:      Hengehangezanga (kora - close approximation)
  Misc. Info:  Although Tam Tam is supposed to be Incan, the god he refers
     to, Quetalcoatl, is Aztec.  He resembles a Maori, which is from New
     Zealand.  The Incas didn't have steel, either.  Basically, Tam Tam is
     a mix of many different histories and origins and has no one,
     historically correct basis, as confirmed by the numerous other
     inconsistencies pointed out by Mark Rigby (mrigby@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca).

 ,_ Quotes ______________________________________________________________,
 I B   I am strong.  You are weak.  You will lose.  Questions?           I
 I B   No matter where you hide, my spear will find you.                 I
 I BM  Your eyes are a warrior's.  Your clothes... well.                 I
 I AS  Feel the rhythm of the samba.  Chika cha chika cha Babalooh.      I
 I AF  My boiling blood bubbles for battle.                              I
 I AN  My spirit burns like the sun, and I shall dry you like a prune.   I
 I AM  Awo-awo-woo-woo!  I salute your noble death.                      I
 I AK  Oh!  Great Quexiquatil!  I am yours for eternity.                 I

  Ending scene description:
     (Ed. note: The game's reference is to "Quexilcatol"  which is obviously
  a butchered spelling of "Quetzacoatl".  However, this matches Tam Tam's
  somewhat amalgamated characteristics.)
     Tam Tam says, "The Pherenx stone!  Wow, I have recovered it."  Tam
  Tam holds Amakusa's sphere and teleports back to South America.
  "Great Quexilcatol, bring light to this land."  The sphere moves
  throughout huts of various people:  A mother cries out, "Bongo!"  A small
  child says, "Mama!  I can walk!"  In another hut, a woman says,
  "Grandfather!" An old man sits up in bed and says, "For some reason I feel
  alive, reborn!" Cut back to Tam Tam "It's over.  Having lifted this load
  off my people, so, too off comes this.  Tam Tam throws off his mask.  The
  mask flies off, but it is at such an angle that you still can't see his
  (If you win without continuing, you CAN see Tam Tam's face at the end)

  Name:        Ukyo Tachibana
  Title:       The Merciless Samurai Heart-throb
  Origin:      Gairyu Isle
  Alma Mater:  Jinsume Surgeon's College
  Weapon:      The Blade of Narcissus (iaito)
  Misc. Info:  Ukyo is based on Kojiro Sasaki, rival of Musashi Miyamoto.
    Kojiro was a womaniser who fought with an unusually long sword (called
    the "drying pole" because it was so long). Ukyo's "Swallow swoop slice"
    (Tsubame Gaeshi) is taken straight from the literature - he supposedly
    perfected it by practicing on swallows. His girlfriend's name in the
    game is Kei Odagiri.

 ,_ Quotes ______________________________________________________________,
 I B   Clear your thoughts and may be you will win.  Not!                I
 I B   Stop shaking!  One slash and it's all over.                       I
 I BM  Hey!  That's my face!  You're meat, beanhead.                     I
 I AN  You almost scratched my perfect face!  Oooh, to think of it.      I
 I AS  A perfect attack and deadly handsome.  I am too much!             I
 I AF  The moment I drew my sword, the fight was over.  Ho-hum.          I
 I AM  Even if you imitate me, you still can't get a date.               I
 I AK  Life is like a stewed peach in a lot of syrup...  Ukyo.           I

  Ending scene description:
     Ukyo looks at the screen with a big grin on his face. He 'says', "!"
  The women that have been following him everywhere enter stage left. They
  call out, "Sir Ukyo! What a hunk!" He turns and gives the thumbs up
  sign (same as weaponless victory). He turns away and walks to the right
  side where a woman in a red kimono is staring at him (it's his girlfriend
  Kei Odagiri). She says, "Sir Ukyo. Why are you..." Ukyo says, "Elementary.
  To present you with this." He pulls out some long-stemmed flowers and
  tosses them at her. As they fly towards her, he draws out his sword,
  twirls it, and trims the stems. The flowers land neatly around her head.

  Name:        Wan Fu
  Title:       The Demon King of the Continents
  Origin:      Seian, China
  Alma Mater:  Shorinji School of Spleen Slicing
  Weapon:      The Scimitar of Slice (dau (Mandarin), or scimitar)
  Misc. Info:  The Ch'ing dynasty ruled all of China during the time frame
  of Samurai Shodown, so there is no way Wan-Fu could be king of Seian or
  anywhere else.

 ,_ Quotes ______________________________________________________________,
 I B   The name's Wan Fu.  King Wan Fu.                                  I
 I B   Life's a dream, and it's morning for you.                         I
 I BM  Long time no see, bro!  Let's dance our way to heaven.            I
 I AS  I thought I was dead.  But I think I'm Cleopatra, too.            I
 I AF  For everyone to remember: I am Wan Fu.  Hear me roar.             I
 I AN  Think of the glory.  Cut me down, and live forever in legend.     I
 I AM  Forgive me brothers.  Forget me not in that eternal sleep.        I
 I AK  I'm more than you expect, pal!  And it's not just the weight.     I

  Ending scene description:
     Wan-fu folds his arms in disgust and says, "No worthy adversary was
  to be found in Japan." He pauses, then continues, "No warriors,
  only sushi..." Cut to his palace - a Chinese soldier carrying a spear
  runs in, kneels and says, "Lord Wan Fu! The enemy's invaded in great
  force. Our front's breached." Another comes in, kneels, and says, "Sire!
  The enemy has reached Jyu-ri and approaches!" Wan Fu nods and says
  "Very well. I shall enter the fray myself." Picking up his sword, he
  runs off saying, "Come fools! Feel my wrath!" The screen dims, and
  it shows, "The fight was over. Few people remember Wan Fu now."

  Name:        Shiro Tokisada Amakusa
  Title:       The Child of God
  Area:        Nagasaki
  Alma Mater:  Unknown
  Weapon:      (magic sphere)
  Misc. Info:
    Amakusa really existed.  He was called "Child of God" and led Christians
in rebellion against the oppressive Japanese government during the Shimbara
uprising. They crushed much of the government's army, which was previously
thought impossible. However, their luck turned bad and they were forced into
a last stand at a fortress, which only ended after most of the rebels had
died of starvation.  When the army stormed the fortress, Amakusa's body
was nowhere to be found.

 ,_ Quotes _____________________________________________________________,
 I K  I awake from 100 years of sleep to kick some butt!                I
 I K  Tokugawa, you filth!  I stab at thee.                             I
 I K  Know my vengeance, you murderer of my ancestors.                  I
 I K  You fight well.  But my ambition will be realised!                I
 I K  You seek me?  I am touched!  Come now.. and die!                  I
 I K  Come on, come on!  I promise to kill you quickly!                 I
 I BK Come, let me cure you of the disease called life.                 I
 I BK My power will bring you to your god.  Abayo!                      I
 I BK My religion says all men are equal.  Peasant!                     I
 I AK Kneel before me and be saved.  Not!  Die, fool.  Hahahaha!        I
 I AK Why not accept your end?  This battle bores me.                   I

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