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    FAQ by JPoon

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    R-Type III: The Third Lightning FAQ
    Version 1.2
    Compiled by: Jacob Poon
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    The Bydo empire strikes again in this R-Type sequel.  It's now up to you 
    to fight it again.
    As the name implies, this is _the_ sequel to the R-Type II, not R-Type 
    Leo or Super R-Type as some believe.
    This game is somewhat improved over Irem's Super R-Type.  Not only there 
    are no more slowdowns, there are some new weapons for R-Type veterans to 
    master.  Even though it has one fewer stage (7 instead of 6), the 
    frustration factors will keep any careless players from finishing this 
    game soon. ^_^;
    Tech specs
    Year: 1994
    Platform: SNES
    Size: 16Mbit ROM + 0kbit SRAM
    Special chips: none
    Developer: Irem Corporation
    Publisher: Irem Corporation/Jaleco (US)
    FD: Force device
    Explanations of game elements
    Unlike the nightmare you get in Super R-Type, when you get killed don't 
    have to restart all the way from the beginning of a stage, even when 
    continuing.  In R-Type III, each stage is divided into several areas, 
    which will be discussed in the walkthrough.  As a result, the 
    frustration level is greatly reduced.  However, you still lose all 
    equipment upon revival, unlike in Super R-Type, which equipment is 
    keeped in novice/kids level.
    Extra lives
    You can get an extra life at 20000, 70000, 140000 points, and every 
    70000 points afterwards.  So does it worth the risk for collecting 
    points?  It will depend on how well you can control your ship.  But 
    since this game can continue indefinitely from the area your last ship 
    died instead of the stage, and the game doesn't keep high scores, this 
    serves a little pratical purposes.
    Force Devices
    The spherical object that has been in all R-Type games is still here.  
    In R-Type III, there are 3 different FDs, each comes with different 
    As in all R-Type games, you can use laser only when you already have a 
    FD attached to you, and get a powerup afterwards.  The laser you use 
    depends on the colour of powerup you get.  Every time you grab a powerup 
    your FD is upgraded, regardless of the previous one you get.
    All FDs can only block the same kinds of enemies, and they are not 
    destroyed even when they are crushed by walls.
    Round force
    The same FD found in every R-Type incarnations, including Super R-Type 
    and R-Type Delta.  However you only get 3 different laser styles instead 
    of 5 in Super R-Type.
    Red: Air to air laser
    Blue: Reflective laser
    Yellow: Air to ground laser
    Shadow force
    A new FD in R-Type III.  It can be retrieved much faster than the Round 
    FD.  If you get it to level 2, you will get an all range shadow blaster 
    (2 shadow blaster for level 3).  The turrets shoot at the angle relative 
    to your ship's position.  If you detaches the FD, the turrets will 
    attach to it as well.
    Red: Reverse laser
    Blue: All range laser
    Yellow: Guide laser
    Cyclone force
    Another new FD in R-Type III.  Unlike previous FDs, it does not shoot 
    when it is detached, but the FD itself delivers more damage by sheer 
    impact than the other two.  In level 2 and 3, it enlarges when detached, 
    and it makes an excellent blocker.
    Red: Through laser
    Blue: Splash laser
    Yellow: Capsule laser
    As in previous R-Type games, you can carry maximum 2 of them, with one 
    directly above and one directly below you.  Not only it protects you 
    from further damages, it can also fire with appropriate combination of 
    FD and laser.
    Round FD and air to air laser:  Shoots lesser powerful version of level 
    2 air to air laser.
    Cyclone FD and capsule laser:  Shoots homing laser beam, but each beam 
    only changes direction once at 90 degrees.
    As in Super R-Type, a beam can go to 200%.  However, it is different in 
    several ways.  First off, instead of shooting a group of small 
    projectiles, it shoots a giant projectile with travels quickly across 
    the screen, which attacks anything at the ship's front, side, and even 
    back at very close distance.  This projectile now travels through 
    everything from solid walls to bosses, and even enemy's attacks.  It 
    destroys all hostile targets which can be immediately blocked by FD, 
    including bullets.  Best of all, the meter no longer revert back to 100% 
    if staying within 200% in prolong period.
    In addition, there is a second beam mode named 'Hyper', which takes same 
    amount of time to reach 200%, and behaves almost the same, except when 
    firing at 200%, it first shoot out a short wave of beams (which can 
    injure enemies), then it can release indefinite amount of projectiles by 
    pressing shot and/or auto shot buttons.  One can fire up to 3 such 
    on-screen projectiles at one time.  Not only each projectile provide 
    superior firepower, when each of them collides into a object and isn't 
    immediately destroyed, the projectile explodes and splash waves to 
    inflict further damage to the target any anything close to the wave.  
    After a fixed amount of time, the ship will overheat and unable to use 
    charged beams, until the heat gauge completely dropped.
    When Hyper is activated, laser cannot be used, and the little 'options' 
    rotates around the player's ship afterwards to protect it from enemies' 
    attacks until overheating occurs.
    Advanced mission
    When you finish the final stage for the first time, you will start 
    advanced mission, which played all stages all over again, with higher 
    difficulties.  Higher difficulties including: enemies take more shots to 
    kill, enemies travel faster, enemies shoot more frequently, ememy's 
    bullets travel faster, certain colours changed.  However, not all of 
    them applies to all enemies.
    To get to true ending, you will need to beat the game in advanced mode.
    Note:  The texts enclosed by the 'area' correspond to the place your 
    fighter is revived after it is destroyed.
    Stage 1 Space Garbage Dump
    General notes
    Debris occur more frequently in advanced mission.
    Area 1
    Put the FD at front ASAP.  After the debris disappeared, destroy first 2 
    giant robots with a 200% beam each.  If you don't destroy a robot in 
    time it will run away after the next one arrives.  The red robot is 
    indestructable so just dodge its shots and wait until it hits the wall.
    Area 2
    As soon as you reach the wall, grab blue powerups and destroy the 
    turrets at the bottom wall, and don't stay too close to the engines.  As 
    soon as you see the bottom wall stops rotating, stay away from the upper 
    right screen area until the top wall stops moving.  Charge up your beam 
    to 200% and fire from the left edge of the screen as soon as you see two 
    turrets behind the top wall.  Before the engine at top wall fires, get 
    pass the engine and start charging up.  Destroy first and second rows of 
    robots with 200% beam each.  (At advanced mission, the beam from the 
    engine is much longer and fires more frequently.)  After the wall stops 
    rotating, blow up the engine with Hyper.  
    Area 3
    Enter between the walls, destroy turrets, grab power up if not using 
    cyclone FD, then move into the centre of the screen so that your fighter 
    doesn't have to move when the wall is rotating.  As soon as you leave 
    the walls, you will see robots coming behind a pillar.  If you use 
    cyclone FD, release it to your back and ignore the robots from behind.  
    If you don't, you can either use Hyper and put FD to back; or put FD to 
    front, move to the left edge of the screen and release 200% beam just 
    before the robots at back touch you.
    Area 4
    After that, put the FD to front before a wave of fighters appeared.  Get 
    yellow powerup if you are using anything but the cyclone FD.  When 
    another group of robots appear, wait until they grouped together and 
    destroy them of with a 200% beam.  Before the background wall is 
    destroyed, don't stay on the upper left corner.
    After the background wall is destroyed:
    1. Fires bullets from background for a long moment.
    2. Move towards foregrounds and 'out of screen'.
    3. Reappears at background and fires again for a short moment.
    4. Move to same plane as your fighter.
    5. After it stops rotating, it fires 6 homing missiles which can be 
    destroyed by player's attacks, for several times.
    6. Move to background.  Go to pattern 1.
    Obviously, the best time to deliver damage is to wait the boss at 
    pattern 5, so have your beam set to Hyper early and discharge at the end 
    of pattern 4.  The quick blasts of Hyper can easily kill the boss within 
    one cycle, even before it can fire homing missiles for second time.
    It is possible to attack the boss at the middle of pattern 2, but only 
    a damage can be done.
    In advanced mode, the boss fires more frequently.
    Stage 2 Bio-organic Lair
    General notes
    In general, avoid the liquid drops from the ceiling.  However, if you 
    have trouble on passing through the tight environment, you may have to 
    let the drops to eat away some walls first.
    In advanced mission, there are tougher, purple celluar creatures in 
    addition to red ones, which needs a equivalent of 50% beam to destroy.  
    Also, the small yellow creatures turns red, and the liquid drops turns 
    from yellow to red.  There are more sources of liquid drops in advanced 
    Area 1
    The red powerup is rather useless regardless of FD, so avoid it unless 
    you don't have any FD.  After you reach the opening at the bottom, 
    relocate the FD to your back to shoot down enemies from behind.  After 
    that a wave of enemies will surround you.  Use Hyper to get out of this 
    ring.  Soon you will meet some solid walls.  Let the liquid to eat away 
    the bottom walls and carefully pass through the region.  There is a 
    missile powerup between the blue walls.  Use 100-200% beam to destroy 
    the wall with an eye.
    Area 2
    As you reach towards another blue wall from right, there are two 
    powerups come from the top opening, grab them where appropriate.  (Note: 
    In advanced mission, there is also a powerup come from the left of 
    screen.)  Before the screen travels down, put FD to your back.  Do not 
    travel up into the shaft.  As you reach to the large creature, destroy 
    the three little creatures first with Hyper or 200% beam, and carefully 
    move upwards.  Then destroy another wall will an eye with Hyper or 200% 
    Area 3
    Soon you will see a small opening at the middle, with a thin rock stand 
    between.  Travel through the hole from below of the thin rock, not 
    above.  Before reaching the boss, there is one blue powerup and one 
    Not many patterns except randomly release sperms from the hole and 
    shooting yellow rocks from its eyes, which are indestructable.  The 
    sperms travel faster in advanced mission.
    The only way to kill the boss is to shoot the eye when it is opened.  To 
    do it you can use 200% beam, Hyper, or Cyclone FD with blue powerup.  
    Concentrate on dodging the sperms instead of firing.  A slow-motion 
    controller helps a great deal on manouvring, even if somewhat slow.  
    Also, keep yourself close to the hole so you can see which one will 
    shoot sperm.
    Stage 3 Crab Factory
    General notes
    The 3-way turrets are rather difficult to hit since they are around the 
    corners.  In most cases you will need a 200% beam or FD to destroy 
    them.  In advanced mission, they fires three times in a row instead of 
    one, and the bullets travel faster.
    When you are travelling vertically, sometimes an enemy appears out of 
    nowhere and build obstacles diagonally.  These obstacles allow the 
    robots above to walk on them, as well as blocking enemy projectiles.  
    They can be destroyed by player's attacks.
    Area 1
    When you are travelling down, put the FD to the back.  Grab the 
    missile.  Just before reaching bottom there is a turret that points 
    Area 2
    When you reach the bottom, put FD to your back again to kill two lines 
    of enemimes.  There will be a speedup afterwards.  Then charge up beam 
    again until 200% to get the powerup at the very right side of the 
    screen.  After that, move close to the top opening to knock out a wave 
    of enemies.  Before second wave arrives, put the FD to back and move 
    through the path at the bottom before the enemies in front appears.  
    After that, charge up beam or Hyper.  When you see a circular pattern 
    appers at background, move into the centre and discharge when enemies 
    appears.  That way, if you didn't survive the attack, at least you could 
    skip to the next area.
    Area 3
    As soon as you get two little 'options', go to upper left corner and 
    destroy the lower turret with 200% beam, and the one above it with 
    another 200% beam by stay close to the edge of the corner as possible. 
    Quickly go through the gap at the right and move to the left edge to 
    destroy the turret above you.  At this time you should have FD on your 
    back.  Before reaching the left opening you should have Hyper ready, and 
    retrieve a blue powerup by crashing your FD to the enemies.  Since you 
    already have two little 'options' by now, they will shield you from the 
    bullets from the turrets above.  After going through another tight 
    passage, you will meet the boss.
    Not much, except keep on releasing orange and blue objects, and it 
    occasionally jump towards the right edge.  It may run quickly if it is 
    trailing behind you. 
    The orange objects can turn into a fighter which builds obstacles 
    diagonally.  Blue objects will reflect at the edges.  Both of them can 
    be blocked by FD.
    In advanced mission, the boss also shoot a short beam which goes through 
    FD and it is unstoppable.  The fighter builds obstacles much quicker.
    Keep yourself to the right edge of the screen (in particular, 
    upper-right corner) most of the time, unless some blocks are directly 
    above you.  Destroy the mouth on top by attaching the FD to your back 
    with blue powerup (all FDs).  After that, destroy the mouth on bottom by 
    detaching the FD betweeen its legs.  After that, re-attach the FD to 
    your back and keep firing on the shell until the boss is destroyed.
    If you use Cyclone FD, it can be attached to your back at all times if 
    you use blue powerup.
    Stage 4 The Foundry
    General notes
    As soon as you see the green circle, go into the green circle before the 
    ceilings starts crushing.  However, if you don't have enough firepower, 
    you may have to lure the enemies to shoot other places before moving 
    into the circle.
    Area 1
    After passing through 2 crushing ceilings and two rows of enemies, have 
    your 200% beam or through laser ready to destroy the turrets behind the 
    walls.  Before you reach the grey solid walls, charge up your Hyper and 
    put FD on back.  When second wall start closing, release Hyper in the 
    middle of the wall when turrets start to appear.  Then go right and 
    moving in anticlockwise direction, then clockwise direction.  After the
    turrets are destroyed, move FD to front and charge up 200% beam to 
    destroy the yellow wall.  If you are killed at this point, you may be 
    revived to next area if the yellow walls next to the wheel had appeared.
    Area 2
    If you are revived at this point, the wheel disappears.  In this case, 
    destroy the yellow wall with 200% beam.  Next you will enter a maze with 
    lava flowing.  Before you reach second outlet, go to bottom row, then 
    top.  Then travel down to middle row, go right and pass 2nd and 3rd 
    outlet, then go down, right, up to middle row.  When reaching 5th outlet, 
    go to upper row and to right corner of screen.  Before reaching 6th 
    outlet, go to middle row again.  When 7th outlet appear, move directly 
    under the outlet and go down to bottom row, and move to lower right 
    corner.  Watch out for the 8th outlet, which appears when fighting the 
    Boss 1
    At the beginning of each phase, it releases two turrets, one on top wall 
    and one on bottom row.  The turrets travel horizontally, and they shoot 
    without prior targeting.  When the turrets were destroyed, they were not 
    replaced until the next phase begins.  If the boss is destroyed first, 
    the corresponding turrets are destroyed as well.
    In each phase, there are 3 blocks to cover the gem behind it.  One must 
    destroy the blue, then green, then red blocks before attacking the gem.
    Even though the turrets aren't replaced when destroyed, it usually 
    doesn't worth the effort to destroy turrets first except getting more 
    points since they take longer time to kill.
    Phase 1
    The turrets shoot bullets that travel vertically (lower one shoots up, 
    upper one shoots down).  In advanced mission they shoot more frequently.
    If you want to destroy turrets first, this is the perfect time to do 
    it.  Also, save the Hyper for the next phase.
    Phase 2
    The turrets shoot bullet which travel towards you.  They shoot much more 
    frequently in advanced mission.
    Concentrate firepower on the gem instead of turrets, especially in 
    advanced mission.  Use Hyper as soon as you can attack the gem.  Stick 
    the FD to the gem helps you to indicate when to start attacking.
    Phase 3
    The turrets shoot bullet which travel vertically and diagonally in 45 
    degree.  The bullets cannot be stopped by FD, but a rotating 'option' 
    can. Bullets travel faster in advanced mission.
    When moving between phase 2 and 3, keep yourself as close to the gem as 
    possible to deliver maximum damage.  When you are recovering from using 
    Hyper, you will need to dodge the bullets until you can use Hyper 
    again.  Don't spend time to destroy turrets.
    Area 3
    If you have your FD, stick it to your back.  Have your Hyper ready, and 
    release it as soon as you get to 6th outlet and entered the middle row.  
    If you don't have a FD, you will need to stay on top of the row, and use 
    Hyper to destroy the Pow Armour at the back, then get powerup at bottom 
    row after the lava from 6th outlet is firstly completely drained and go 
    to top row before it is drained for second time.  After you reach the 
    top row, get powerup if possible, and quickly get to the upper left 
    corner of the screen and stay there until you are direcly below 3rd 
    outlet.  Once you are direcly below 3rd outlet, move to middle row and 
    stay here until reaching 2nd outlet.  After you are directly below 2nd 
    outlet, go to top row to destroy the Pow Armour at back then immediately 
    stay on the upper left corner of the screen.  After the lava from 2nd 
    row is completely drained, there are 2 choices:
    1. Stay on the corner.
    2. Quickly move to bottom row via the gap directly below 2nd outlet, 
    then move lower left corner to collect speedup, then move up to middle 
    row before the lava reaches bottom row.  This is a rather risky move, so 
    use it sparingly.
    After getting out of the maze, you will see the 1st outlet and yellow 
    walls which will come down.  Stay between the outlet and the holes until 
    the walls are destroyed, which isn't easy.  After the wall is destroyed, 
    move left and wait until the screen scroll up.  Then move towards the 
    opening below.
    Area 4
    You will encounter crushing walls for two more times.  If you are 
    revived at this point, make sure you get the FD and the speedup.  When 
    you see flashing balls, avoid them.
    Boss 2
    Throughout all phases, flashing balls travel along the tracks at the 
    background.  When you are horizontally or vertically align with the 
    boss, the boss fires an indestructable beam for most of the time.
    In advanced mission, the boss is green instead of blue, and it is harder 
    to kill.
    Avoid contact with the balls.  The flashing balls can block out all but 
    200% beam, which may or may not be useful.  Also, don't be too greedy on 
    attacking the boss.  Above all, don't stay on the same place.
    Phase 1
    The boss slowly travels across the bottom of the screen horizontally, 
    begins with going left.
    In advanced mission, the background starts rotating in anticlockwise 
    First use 200% beam, then use auto shot and FD to take care of the rest.
    Phase 2
    The boss's turret rotates clockwise, then the boss moves straight up, 
    and slowly travels across the bottom of the screen horizontally, begins 
    with going left.
    The background tilted a little in anticlockwise direction when you fight 
    the boss for the first time.  In advanced mission, the background 
    rotates at the same angular velocity.
    Use Hyper to quickly blast the boss.
    Phase 3
    The boss's turret rotates clockwise, then travels around the edges of 
    the screen in clockwise direction.  If it is hit for a number of times, 
    it travels faster until it is destroyed.
    When you fight the boss for the first time, the background begins to 
    rotate in anticlockwise direction, at the same speed as in phase 1 of 
    advanced mission.  In advanced mission, the background rotates faster. 
    The Hyper in phase 2 can still deliver some damage to the boss, but be 
    very careful for the balls.
    Stage 5 Resurrection
    General notes
    In advanced mission, the green creatures travel faster, turrets and 
    moving blocks take longer time to kill.
    Area 1
    Make sure you are vertically in the middle of 6 blocks in front of you, 
    and stay on the left edge of the screen.  When enemies appears, use one 
    shot of 200% beam to destroy all 6 enemies.  When two blocks morphed 
    into enemies, lure them into grouping by move to front, then pull back 
    and kill them with a 100% beam.  Same for another pair of enemies.  
    After that have your Hyper ready, and turn on slow-mo if possible.  When 
    4 enemies appeared from behind, lure them to top or bottom, then move to 
    the other side and release Hyper to destroy them and the turret in front 
    of you.  Put FD to back and move beyond the wall after 2 blocks morphed 
    into enemies, and watch out for moving block.  Then move to front and 
    destroy the enemies from back.  When you see the blocks at the top and 
    bottom of the screen morphing into turrets, have Hyper ready again and 
    release it ASAP.  Grab the missile if you don't already have it.  Then 
    destroy the turrets in front, especially the lower ones.  After that 
    destroy another two green enemies.  Then enter the place surround by 
    blocks and charge up Hyper again.  Next you will see 3 pairs of opposite 
    large blocks surrounded by small blocks.  Each pair morphs into 2 green 
    enemies, which can be destroyed by the laser, if you put the FD to front 
    Area 2
    You will encounter 2 lumps of small block, with each lump morph into a 
    tentacle.  Go to the right edge of the screen immediately, put FD to 
    back, and attack with laser if available.  If they aren't destroyed by 
    your attack, they will be destroyed anyway.  Then charge up Hyper and 
    ready to attack another tentacle when you see a lump in the middle morph 
    into a tentacle.  After that, 2 more lumps will appear and morph into 
    tentacles.  Again, go to the right edge of the screen immediately, put 
    FD to back, and attack with laser if available.
    Area 3
    After that you can get a speedup, a yellow powerup, and missile.  Then 
    you will meet the boss.
    When it morphs from one phase to another, it turns white, and it 
    delivers no damages to player, and player cannot deliver damage to it.
    Phase 1
    1. You will see a cellular boss appear from the right edge of the 
    screen.  It does not attack, but it move towards you.
    2. After a fixed amount of time, it morphs into next phase, regardless 
    of damage.
    In advanced mode, it is gray instead of purple, it travels faster, and 
    it takes longer time to change phase.
    Just keep on firing with Hyper to collect points.  If you are cornered, 
    leave and use your FD to attack.
    Phase 2
    Remember the original R-Type?  This stage 1 boss is back in R-Type III 
    with a vengence.  Krill now has fewer tentacles than its R-Type 
    Krill's tail continue to wave in front of itself to block any weak 
    projectiles.  On the other hand, a green creature appears periodically 
    and shoot out indestructable projectiles, which move slightly toward 
    In advanced mission, Krill is black instead of orange, it is tougher, 
    and the green creature shoots two rows of projectiles at one time 
    instead of one.  Also, the Krill's tail shoots bullets periodically.  
    Above all, it takes much longer time to kill in advanced mode.
    The only weak spot is the little head in the middle so attack when it 
    To finish off the boss quickly, you better charge up the Hyper to fight 
    the boss.  Hyper allows you to safely attack the spot even when the boss 
    blocks it with its tail.
    You can also send the FD to the Krill's stomach when it is still white.  
    This automatically attacks Krill every time it opens up the spot, but 
    risky if you are in advanced mission.  Nonetheless, this approach works 
    best with Cyclone FD.
    Phase 3
    This boss comes from R-Type II Stage 4.
    When it opens the weak spot at the centre, it fires 5-way indestructable 
    bullets for one and two time.
    Also, turrets moves vertically and shoot out missiles frequently.  The 
    ones have same colour as the ship can be blocked by FD, but the green 
    ones cannot.
    It moves horizontally, but never beyond right half of the screen.
    In advanced mission, it is tougher to kill, and it is purple instead of 
    Put FD in front, and use Hyper again.  Also, stay on the vertical middle 
    of the screen unless you need to dodge enemy's attacks.  Block out as 
    many homing missies with FD as possible.
    Phase 4
    Another R-type I boss strikes again.  This one come from Stage 2.
    A long snake randomly travels from one of the 4 holes to another.  When 
    the snake is moving, it shoots 8-way projectiles from the turrets on its 
    body.  The turrets and projectiles can be destroyed, but the snake 
    cannot, unless the heart is destroyed.  When the snakes reenters the 
    heart, it exits with turrets regenerated.
    In addition, a gem periodically exposed at the top of the heart.
    In advanced mission, the gem is blue instead of purple, but doesn't take 
    slightly longer time to kill.
    Use 200% beam to attack the gem.  Stick FD to your front, and stay on 
    the lower left corner of the screen.  Since you have much better weapons 
    than in original R-Type (even if you use Round FD), this should be very 
    easy even if you don't have laser.
    Phase 5
    This isn't a R-Type I boss, but it appeared in the middle of stage 1
    of R-Type.
    After it appears, the turrets begin to rotate in anticlockwise 
    direction, and the entire structure moves horizontally, starting from 
    right.  The turrets' rotation speed increase, and begin to fire bullets 
    two turrets at a time.
    In advanced mission, it takes longer time to kill, and turrets reaches 
    maximum rotation speed sooner.
    You must enter the surrounding of turrets otherwise you don't survive.  
    Even though this boss is not the nightmare experience you get from its 
    R-Type I equivalent, the turrets are no longer destructable until you 
    destory the weak spot.  Have you Hyper ready.
    Phase 6
    The boss reverts to its first form, and hurling indestructable objects 
    in 8 directions, in clockwise precedence.  The hurling speed increases 
    as time passes.  The boss still move towards you.
    In advanced mission, it takes much longer time to kill, it travels 
    faster, and it reaches its maximum hurling speed much sooner.
    Lure it to the right edge of the screen, then move left and blast away 
    with Hyper.  Since FD can't block anything, detach it ASAP.  In advanced 
    mission, don't stay on the edges too long.
    Stage 6 Dual Space
    General notes
    In first two areas, you will meet a portal that unleashes various 
    enemies.  The crawlers will try to approach you directly, and they may 
    crash into walls and dies or move out of screen.  Use them as your 
    The animated backgrounds can be a hinderance to your mission as they can 
    affect your movement.  The blue background cause you to move faster, and 
    ones the moving lights moves you based on the movement of the lights.  
    The one with tree roots doesn't seem to do anything.
    If you kill a worm before it completely leaves the portal, you will get 
    no points.  However, if you kill it after it completely leaves the 
    portal, it will unleash 4-way projectiles at the other end.
    In advanced mission, the crawlers are green instead of dark blue, and 
    they move a lot faster.  The walls turn yellow instead of pink.
    Area 1
    The first two Pow Armour from the portals contain a red powerup and a 
    speedup.  Put FD to front.  After that, blast the rotating objects with 
    200% beam, then a blue powerup should appear from behind you.  Then use 
    another 200% beam on the same objects you hit on, and try to destroy 
    them with the FD if possible.  The two worms appears afterwards can be 
    killed with a 200% beam each.  When the walls disappear, move to the 
    right edge of the screen, then move up a little, then move down, then 
    move left before the walls completely reappear.  This will kill 4 
    crawlers who try to approach you.  Have your 200% ready, and move to 
    upper left of the portal, and release the beam when the crawler below 
    you rotates upwards.  Then have 200% beam ready again to face another 
    wave of enemies.  Then use 200% beams ready for 2-3 more times.  After 
    you pass through two rotating enemies, you should have Hyper ready and 
    release it when you are in the narrowed passage.  In the narrowed 
    passage, you can be dragged to the edge if you don't stay in vertical 
    middle.  However, after you discharge Hyper, you will need to stay close 
    to the bottom until all crawlers are destroyed.  After that, move into 
    the portal so you can get past the wall ahead.  When the portal is in 
    the middle of the wall, move right before another wave of crawlers 
    appear from the portal.  Have your 200% beam ready and put FD to back.  
    When you see another wall ahead, put FD to front.  When the walls 
    disappear, you will need to charge up Hyper.  Before walls turn solid, 
    go to left edge of the screen.  This should destroy many enemies in 
    front of you, including the worm.  The vertical wall will fade just 
    before it touches you, which won't kill you if you stay close to the 
    left edge of the screen.  Release Hyper and kill off the rest, then move 
    towards right edge of the screen until walls reappear.
    Area 2
    When walls disappear, move to the right edge of the screen and have 200% 
    beam ready.  When crawlers begin to appear, discharge it and then use 
    Hyper when it is ready.  You will soon see cells surrounded by tight 
    walls, with a blue Pow Armour in one of the cells.  Grab powerup when 
    walls disappear, and before walls reappear, move into the portal.  The 
    walls should disappear 2 more times before crawlers appear.  Have your 
    Hyper ready, and use it when a wave of crawlers appear.  There should be 
    two waves of crawlers come from the portal, and the Hyper has just 
    enough charges to kill both.  Then you will see the walls disappear and 
    reappear 2 more times, and then you will get a little 'option' before 
    you meet the boss at the end. 
    Boss 1
    The boss is none other than the portal itself.  However, you can only 
    destroy the 4 orbs that surrounds the portal.  Before that the portal 
    continuously unleashes worms and crawlers, with a worm come first.
    In advanced mission, the orbs take longer time to destroy.
    You should have Hyper ready, and put FD to front before reaching the 
    boss.  Unleash Hyper as soon as the FD can hit the boss.  This allows 
    you to kill the boss within one charge of Hyper.
    After you destroys the orbs, the portal enlarges, and you will be suck 
    into it.  That's where the final challenge begins...
    Area 3
    You will see several fighters appear from right edge of the screen, 
    along with a speedup, a red powerup, then a blue powerup.  Unless you 
    are using round FD, get blue powerup last.  Put FD to front. After a 
    short journey, you will meet the boss.
    Boss 2
    Phase 1
    1. Release indestructable homing energy balls and/or indestructable 
    beams from each hand, one hand at a time.
    2. After sufficient damage to the head, it stops releasing anything from 
    3. The boss opens its mouth, and release 11 crawlers, which chases you.
    4. When all crawlers disappears, go to pattern 1 for 1 time.
    5. Do pattern 1.
    6. When the head is destroyed, the body can be damaged by the player.
    7. It keeeps on doing pattern 1 more frequently, until its head 
    8. Go to pattern 1.
    The homing energy balls travels a rather slow, and with accelarate 
    slowly towards player.  It disappear when it is completely out of screen.
    In advanced mode, the energy balls and crawlers move faster, and the 
    boss's body takes longer time to destroy.
    When the boss is attacked, it is more likely to use beams instead of 
    homing energy balls, so when its mouth is not open, stay on the vertical 
    middle most of the time.  When you are attacking, stay close to the boss 
    as possible until you cannot damage it any further, as indicated by the 
    absence of flashes.  When the head first appear, have a 200% beam ready 
    and stay as close to the head as possible.  FD should be at your front 
    in all times.
    Homing energy balls aren't really nasty when they are alone, but when 
    you are chased by several of them, and the boss opens its mouth, it 
    means big trouble.  One way to get rid of them is to stay close to the 
    edges of the screen, so they are less likely to chase you over and 
    over.  Also get rid of them periodically.
    Before the crawlers come from the boss's mouth, hide behind boss's arms 
    by moving to the lower right corner of the screen, especially when you 
    don't have enough firepower.  Make sure you are horizontally blocked by 
    the arm or it doesn't quite work.  In some occasions, you are still in 
    front of the boss when its mouth is opened.  In this case, move up to 
    lure some crawlers to go up first before you hide behind its arms.
    After the boss opens it mouth from the same head for 2 times, charge up 
    Hyper and unleash it after the FD touches the head.  Keep on firing and 
    stay even closer to its body, until your attacks can no longer injure 
    its body.  You will only need to do this one time when you first fight 
    the boss, and 2-3 times in advanced mission.  When you are staying close 
    to the boss when it loses its head, don't get trapped by the energy 
    balls from behind.
    Phase 2
    After the boss's body is destroyed, you will have to deal with its arms.
    All 4 arms move randomly in linear direction.  When they stopped, they 
    rotates until they move linearly again.  They will keep on moving until 
    the portal shrinks.
    It is possible to attack them, but only when the moves linearly.  There 
    seem to be no way to destroy any one arm.
    In advanced mission, this phase take much longer to end.
    Forget about attacking them, just concentrate on dodging them.  It is 
    still safe to collect points with auto shots, however.
    Phase 3
    As the portal continues to shrink, the boss will try to escape from the 
    tiny portal.
    Shortly after boss's head reappear, it begins to spit homing energy 
    balls.  This time however, they are much smaller, travel much faster, 
    and accelerate quicker than in phase 1.
    There is only one way, and one quick and safe way for this:
    When the portal begins to shrink, have your Hyper ready, put FD to 
    front, and move to the left edge of the screen.  Stay close behind the 
    portal, and discharge when the head appears and FD touches it.  Hold on 
    to your auto shot and keep firing.
    Phase 4
    The portal remains the same, and the boss's attack pattern is the same, 
    except it takes much shorter time to kill, and its face becomes flat.
    Just stay on your position and keep firing the Hyper until its head 
    changes again.
    Phase 5
    The boss no longer fires anything.  And its face becomes round again.  
    It is invulnerable at this point.  After its face becomes round again, 
    it moves towards the left edge of the screen and disappears.
    Just move away from the boss.  You can get killed if you touches the 
    boss at this point.  Also you can cease fire now as the game approaches 
    to the end.
    After the final boss is destroyed, a different music will be played, and 
    your ship will travel to the centre of the screen, without the FD.  When 
    the ship is warping, it zooms in, then zooms out and finally zooms in 
    As the ship finishes warping, it slowly reaches a blue planet (earth), 
    then fly away.
    The ending diverges depending on the how many times you defeat the boss:
    If you do it for the first time, music stops in the middle, and you get 
    following texts:
                                |ADVANCED MISSION START|
    Then you will be in the first stage of advanced mission.
    If you do it for the first time, music will continue to play until the 
    end, and you get the following texts:
                                     R - T Y P E III
                                   THE THIRD LIGHTNING
                                      T H E   E N D
                            PRESENTED BY     1994 IREM CORP.
    Then the background fades.  Press Start button at this point brings you 
    to the title screen.
    After words
    After I had known Irem released a R-Type collection title known as 
    'R-Types' on Playstation, I was excited for a while.  But I was soon 
    disappointed after I had also known R-Types only has R-Type I and II, no 
    R-Type Leo, no Super R-Type, and definitely no R-Type III. :(  Even 
    though both R-Type games are arcade perfect translations (even with 
    bonus FMV intro), and it has a sneak preview of the upcoming R-Type 
    Delta, IMO this R-Types is quite a rip-off release as a collection title 
    for R-Type fans.
    In other words, if you R-Type fans have Playstation and have any R-Type 
    games besides R-Type I and R-Type II, don't give up the other games 
    anytime soon just for R-Types.  If you really want to play R-Type on 
    Playstation, wait for R-Type Delta instead, or wait until Irem release a 
    more complete R-Type compendium title.  Wait, if the latter ever 
    happens, it may only be available on Sega Saturn, which means R-Type 
    Delta become the only sensible choice for Playstation gamers. ;P
    Version history
    1.0 - 1998 Feb 19
    - Initial public release.
    1.1 - 1998 Feb 28
    - Minor changes, mostly just clear up some terms.
    1.2 - 1998 Sep 09
    - New homepage for this FAQ.
    Legal elements
    This FAQ is copyrighted by Jacob Poon.  All rights reserved.
    R-Type III: The Third Lightning (c) 1994 Irem Corporation.

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