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Get in. Fire it up. And then hang on. You're in for the ride of your life!
Engines scream as the monster truck flies into the lead. All four racers spill over the dirt hill and slam onto the asphalt surface. Pushing past the pack in true dune buggy style, the Sandrail hits an ice patch and skids off the track. The Eurocar crashes through the open hole, but not before dropping off a few mines to slow down any slip-streamers.
And the race has just begun!
Interplay Productions introduces super high resolution graphics in a radical racing action game. Players zoom over asphalt, dirt and ice as they make their way through 24 levels of track difficulty--or they can build and save their own exciting track designs! And racers use their winnings to buy bigger and better equipment, or arm themselves with mines and oil slicks to sabotage the opposition.
The challenge is on. It's machine vs. machine in the ultimate race for the checkered flag!
- Customize your own cars with bombs, oil, armor and much more
- Work your way through a circuit of over 120 tracks or create your own raceway complete with ice, dirt, pavement and multi-level jumps
- Special split screen allows for one or two players
- 4 times normal resolution
- Real car sounds

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#11 lowest rated SNES racing game (#228 on SNES, #8538 overall)


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#31 hardest SNES racing game (#541 on SNES, #20270 overall)


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#6 longest SNES racing game (#241 on SNES, #12089 overall)


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