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FAQ/Walkthrough by PhilW

Version: 1 | Updated: 05/19/00

Romancing Sa-Ga 3 Walkthrough
by PhilW

Table of Contents

I.   Introduction
II.  Revisions
III. Characters
IV.  Introduction
V.   Independent Quests
VI.  Abyss Gate Quests
VII. Endgame 


This a walkthrough for the game Romancing Sa-Ga 3.  However, the way the game is 
set up, there are a huge number of optional subquests.  As a result, the bulk of 
this walkthrough covers the optional areas, which can typically be accessed in 
any order.  Please don't feel confined by this guide; the enjoyment of this game 
comes from the enormous number of ways you can make your way through the game.


Version 1: The first release.


Magic Power
Will Power
LP: 10

Julian is a pretty good character who is a decent fighter with a short sword.  
He's a fine party member; however, for most of the characters, he's not going to 
be usable until after the defeat of at least one Abyss Gate Guardian.  He also 
can't get Monica in his party after his introduction, and along the same lines 
Monica can't get him in her party.  He's nice as a main character (and popular, 
too, since most people just pick the first one in the party), but he's not going 
to find much use out of his own quest.

Strength: 21
Dexterity: 14
Speed: 18
Constitution: 15
Magic Power: 15
Will Power: 18
Charm: 20
LP: 10

Ellen is a really nice character.  She's great with axes, which get some really 
powerful techs.  She gets high WP, and is OK with magic.  She is availible in 
every quest (as far as I can tell...) and is availible early on.  If you plan to 
use her, pick her up right off the bat in Lance so she can gain power fast.  She 
is an excellent character to use all through the game.

Strength: 17
Dexterity: 19
Speed: 21
Constitution: 13
Magic Power: 20
Will Power: 11
Charm: 21

Sarah is a really neat character.  She learns techs fast whenever I play her, 
and bows have some of the best techniques in the game.  The problem with her is 
that you can never use her for the entire game.  She ends up leaving after the 
final Abyss Gate Guardian is defeated.  However, if she does leave, you can get 
Shonen in your party early on, and that is VERY helpful.  I'd recommend using 
her to make the final sequences somewhat easier.  She's a great main character, 
too, and is quite possibly the easiest character to win with.

Strength: 17
Dexterity: 15
Speed: 18
Constitution: 19
Magic Power: 20
Will Power: 13
LP: 10

Thomas really isn't that great.  He seems to specialize in a bunch of different 
things, but I've never managed to get him up high enough to make him that 
useful.  He starts with a bit of water magic, but he isn't the best in that 
either.  Having him in your party allows you to play a little merchant game 
which is next to impossible to win without knowledge of Japanese.  I rarely use 
him, in any case.

Strength: 21
Dexterity: 12
Speed: 20 
Constitution: 17
Magic Power: 15
Will Power: 19
Charm: 20
LP: 10

Harrid looks like a god when you first get him, but unless he's your main 
character, you aren't going to get that much use out of him.  He has to have a 
scimitar in his first weapon slot, and if he isn't your main character, he 
doesn't get a good weapon in that slot at all.  Also,during commander mode his 
attack defaults to his scimitar.  He has a special formation (Desert Lance) 
which you recieve if he's in your party.  That isn't a problem, though, since 
every character but Katarina is forced to have him in thier party in thier 
introduction, and Katarina has the option to get him to join during her intro.  
In other words, just avoid hiim if he's not your main character.  If he is your 
main character, then his gets some significant advantages.  He gets a really 
good sword in his first slot, and very early in the game he gets access to the 
Holy Kings Tomb, which is a nice area to gain levels.  In other words, he's a 
great main character, but a bad teammate.

Strength: 14
Dexterity: 19
Speed: 20
Constitution: 14
Magic Power: 19
Will Power: 17
LP: 10

Monica is another one of those characters who isn't going to be much use unless 
she's your main character.  If she isn't your main character, then you don't get 
access to her until after defeating at least one abyss gate guardian, and she is 
pretty low stat wise for that part of the game.  The exception is Katarina, who 
can return any time after she gets the Masquarade sword back.  She does have a 
pretty large advantage, though: she specializes in everything.  If you need a 
bow user, give her a bow and she'll be a great bow user.  If you need a healer, 
give her magic, and she'll excel.  She's one of three characters which can 
potentially start with zero stats, so she's going to take a bit of effort to get 
her up to snuff.  If you use Julian, then you can't get her past his intro.

Strength: 20
Dexterity: 18
Speed: 17
Constitution: 16
Magic Power: 13
Will Power:14
Charm: 22
LP: 10

I used to not like the Bard at all, but he's actually really good.  I thikn he 
can pretty much excel in whatever weapon you want to give him.  I gave him 
swords and he learned techs really fast.  He gets lots of WP and HP, and is a 
solid character to use all throughout the game.  He won't leave you until after 
you beat one Abyss Gate Guardian, though.

Strength: 16
Dexterity: 17
Speed: 19
Consitution: 15
Magic Power: 18
Will Power: 21
Charm: 21
LP: 10

Mikael is a pretty well rounded character.  He does well with attacks and magic.  
Unfortunetely, the weapon he begins with (the epee) isn't too hot.  You may want 
to give him a spear to try to balance things out.  Also, he's good with magic, 
so give him a couple of types of spells.  

Strength: 18
Dexterity: 16
Speed: 15
Consitution: 16
Magic Power: 17
Will Power: 13
Charm: 20
LP: 10

Well, Tatayana really isn't any good.  She starts off with a few levels in 
spears and nothing in any of her other weapon classes, so she would take a lot 
of powering up to make a good team member, and even then she doesn't seem to be 
all that good.  She doesn't even have the specialize in everything capabilities 
of Monica or Muse.  I really don't think that she's worth the time that it would 
take for her to get up to a level where she would be powerful.  She is a little 
resistant to cold attacks, though.

Strength: 5/21
Dexterity: 3/19
Speed: 16
Consitution: 21
Magic Power: 18
Will Power: 16
Charm: 18
LP: 9

Sharl is a really powerful character for as early as you can get him.  He has 
very high levels in spears as well as fire magic, and gobs of JP and WP to use 
them.  The first set of stats listed are his normal stats.  One of his hands 
appears to be disabled, so it takes the Silver Hand gauntlet to fix that and 
increase his stats to a decent level.  In order to get the Silver Hand, you need 
to complete the Muse's dream quest by going into her dream instead of just 
allowing him to enter the dream.  (otherwise, he ends up dead)  Sharl is a great 
character to have in the early to mid game, and is a good candidate to take to 
the last boss.

Strength: 16
Dexterity: 20
Speed: 15
Consitution: 10
Magic Power: 19
Will Power: 18
Charm: 25
LP: 6

Muse is a tough character to use.  She starts with no levels in anything, but 
she simply rockets upwards in levels as well as wp or jp if given a bit of time.  
She's a really nice character to use if you are willing to put a bit of work 
into her.  As far as I can tell, she specializes in everything.  In other words, 
she learns techs at the same rate for all the different types, and does just as 
well with magic.  Her limited LP might turn people off from using her, though.

Strength: 11
Dexterity: 20
Speed: 8
Consitition: 24
Magic Power: 14
Will Power: 23
Charm: 18
LP: 8

The snowman is a pretty nifty little character.  He starts with water magic, and 
a few levels in martial arts, but  his real power rests in the fact that he is 
immune to fire magic.  This means that he can be put in the front in a Desert 
Lance formation and he can stop those annoying Fire Wall attacks.  He's a good 
magic user, but you might want to throw a weapon on him for a little more 
versitality.  He does alright with his, er, fists, but his power is nothing 
compared to, say, Boston.

Strength: 23
Dexterity: 24
Speed: 16
Consititution: 12
Magic Power: 14
Will Power: 13
Charm: 13
LP: 14

Nora is a great power fighter with one serious disadvantage: once you remove her 
from her party, you might not be able to get her back.  This means that it's 
unlikely you'll be using her in the final stages of the game.  She can be picked 
up very early in the game, so I suggest you grab her then, use her for the early 
stages in the game, and then dump her for another character later on.  She'll 
return to the armory, where she'll work as a blacksmith for you.

Strength: 22
Dexterity: 16
Speed: 10
Constitution: 23
Magic Power: 12
Will Power: 18
Charm: 13
LP: 15

Ward is a powerful character to have on your side.  He specializes in Big 
Swords, which gain some very powerful waza, and starts with Smash, a useful 
attack.  He's slow, though, not that it matters much.  He's also very weak when 
it comes to magic.  Put him in a suit and he's great, though.

Strength: 15
Dexterity: 20
Speed: 16
Constitution: 13
Magic Power: 19
Will Power: 21
Charm: 14
LP: 9

Fullbright is a really nifty magic user.  He starts out with the ability to cast 
both earth and sun spells, and has a decent level in both.  He isn't a fighter, 
though, so his HP stay low.  If you're making a magic using party, he's a nice 
character to have.  Still, he, and most other magic users, are tough to use 
effectively.  Also, I think he's the only character who starts with earth magic.

Robin (fat)
Strength: 15
Dexterity: 17
Speed: 22
Constitution: 17
Magic Power: 14
Will Power: 15
Charm: 19
LP: 9

The fat version of Robin isn't all that bad, really.  During my Mikael game, I 
picked him up pretty late and he was still rather strong.  Of course, he 
specializes in Epees, which don't get good techniques at all.  Plus, he doesn't 
start with any magic.  If you feel the need for an epee user (he can probably 
make decent use of a spear, too) then pick him up.  Otherwise, you'll find he is 
nothing spectacular.  This Robin is really the bartender.

Robin (thin)
Strength: 21
Dexterity: 17
Speed: 20
Constitution: 14
Magic Power: 17
Will Power: 12
Charm: 17
LP: 12

I prefer this version of Robin to his fat counterpart.  He starts with skills in 
using epees as well as a few wind magic spells, and has decent levels in both.  
He's not as fast as fat Robin, but I prefer versitility to speed.  As a side 
note, when I picked him up, he had higher HP that just about everyone in my 

Strength: 10
Dexterity: 20
Speed: 16
Constituation: 15
Magic Power: 24
Will Power: 17
Charm: 13
LP: 7

Undine is the definative water magic user.  She starts out with gobs of JP which 
only get much higher and a high water magic level.  If you need a magician on 
your party, she's an excellent choice.  However, the other strong water magic 
users (Boston and Yukidaruma) have immunities that she doesn't have, so you may 
want to use one of them instead.

Strength: 14
Dexterity: 20
Speed: 10
Constituation: 11
Magic Power: 16
Will Power: 26
Charm: 12
LP: 4

Well, he's not good...  The thing is, the Water Abyss Gate Guardian stole his 
youth from him, and in order to get it back, he has to be in your party when you 
defeat that guardian.  That is easier said than done (the method to get him in 
your party is listed in the walkthrough) but if you do manage to get him into 
your party early enough, he turns into Black.  He's at least as good with axes 
as Ellen, and quite possibly better since he tends to learn waza really fast, 
and learns even the incredibly difficult axe waza fast.  He's also has some wind 
magic to start with.

Strength: 19
Dexterity: 14
Speed: 7
Constituation: 26
Magic Power: 18
Will Power: 20
Charm: 13
LP: 36

Just look at those LP, and you should understand why Zo is a good character.  
There is a spell, Dragon God Descent, which gives you unlimited HP, WP, and JP 
but takes away 1 LP every time you get hit.  Needless to say, Zo is ideal for 
this.  Besides that, he has the highest Constituation, but the lowest speed.  
He's good with swords and martial arts.  He's really neat.  

Shii Rin
Strength: 14
Dexterity: 24
Speed: 15
Constitution: 18
Magic Power: 10
Will Power: 20
Charm: 16
LP: 12

Shii Rin, like Sarah, uses bows and uses them well.  In fact, she's a decent 
replacement for Sarah after she has to leave the party.  Shii Rin is also good 
with martial arts.  Her downfall is her low magic score.  She's not going to be 
one to cast spells at all.  Also, you can get her just about any time during the 
game, but the best time is midgame, mabye just before you try to take down a 
guardian.  Any later is just too late to make use of her, and you won't be 
strong enough to take on the bosses before that.  Just concentrate on her bows 
and fists and you'll have a very neat character.

Bai Nai Mian
Strength: 17
Dexterity: 16
Speed: 14
Constitution: 17
Magic Power: 23
Will Power: 18
Charm: 8
LP: 13

Bai Nai Mian is a terrific magic user and has the LP to use Wind Magic pretty 
effectively.  Her JP is really, really high, and she gets decent HP.  She's a 
good magic user the moment you pick her up, so if you don't have one, she's a 
good choice.

Strength: 19
Dexterity: 20
Speed: 15
Constituation: 16
Magic Power: 16
Will Power: 24
Charm: 14
LP: 12

Herman's second incarnation is really, really good!  He's strong and does well 
with both magic and weapons, and has lots of LP.  His WP and JP both go very 
high, and he's rather strong in all areas.  If you can get Herman early enough, 
and can keep him alive, Black is well worth the effort.

Strength: 16
Dexterity: 13
Speed: 20
Constituation: 19
Magic Power 21
Will Power: 17
Charm: 9
LP: 17

Boston is great!  His punch is really strong, especially in the formation he 
brings to the party.  He can easy do more than 2000 point of damage at a cost of 
0 WP!  Of course, compared to his simple punch, the techs that he has are 
nothing special.  He is also immune to water, and has water magic.  Overall, 
just an awesome character.  He tends to take the edge off the more difficult 
parts of the game.

Strength: 14
Dexterity: 13
Speed: 14
Constituation: 15
Magic Power: 23
Will Power: 20
Charm: 14
LP: 8

I can't really give a qualified opinon on Tiberius.  I got him late in the game, 
and by then his stats were really too low to use.  I'll update this in a later 

Strength: 23
Dexterity: 14
Speed: 16
Constituation: 16
Magic Power: 17
Will Power: 13
Charm: 17
LP: 10

In most quests, Shonen joins late and is weak.  You're not going to be able to 
use him without a lot of work.  Unfortunetely you HAVE to use him.  If you have 
Sarah during the fourth gate battle, or you only bring five characters, he'll 
join you then.  If you play as Sarah, he'll join you any time.  You should get 
him as early as possible to power him up.  He's a pretty good sword user.

Strength: 18
Dexterity: 13
Speed: 21
Constituation: 17
Magic Power: 25
Will Power: 13
Charm: 27

Leonid the vampire only join after you retrieve the cup from the bottom of his 
castle.  Even then, he doesn't join everyone.  Anyhow, he's quite nice since 
he's immune to status changes and draining magic, and has infinite LP.  
Unfortunetly, if he gets killed, he can't be revived, is forced to wear his 
armor (it's a good suit, though), and can only equip rings.  He also can't be 
healed through normal means, although he can drain HP from an ally and always 
gets a small amount of HP restored at the end of each round.

The Introduction

Each character goes through a brief series of events that makes up thier 
introduction.  For Julian, Thomas, Ellen, Monica, and Sarah, the introduction is 
very similar.  Harid starts off the same as these four, then joins up with 
Mikael for a time.  Both Harid and Mikael have an army battle to play around 
with early on, also.  Julian and Monica have a bit more at the start of their 
quests.  Katarina has a nearly completely unique introduction, and hers is the 
shortest.  The letters in parenthesis at the end of each subheading represent 
the characters who go on the quest (the first leter of each characters name, 
except for Mikhael, whose letter is I).

The Rescue of Monica (JTHSEM)

Monica starts out at her castle, where someone (her uncle, mabye?) is trying to 
usurp the throne.  She runs off to see Katarina, who lets her escape on a horse.  
She flees towards Shinon.  Meanwhile, Julian, Thomas, Ellen, and Sarah are at 
the town of Shinon, and they venture into the Inn.  Harid starts with a brief 
scene where he talks with the innkeeper.  These six characters quickly join 
together.  Monica needs to find her brother, and the four settlers and Harid 
agree to help her.  You'll be thrust into a forest filled with monsters.  If you 
are playing as Julian, then go to your menu and change your formation so that 
Monica is in the fighting party.  She definetely needs the levels since she'll 
be fighting alongside Julian in some pretty tough battles to come.  For all 
other characters, just leave her out.  This section of the game is really easy, 
since Harrid takes most of the attacks, and he's strong enough so that they do 
little to no damage on him.  Also, your characters will probably learn techs at 
a phenominal rate at this point in the game.  It's a luxery, though, since 
things will get much more difficult later.  It's really easy to dodge enemies 
around here, but since you'll need the levels, fight everything you see.  At the 
end of this first section you fight a "boss," Garudauinga (Garuda Wing).  It's 
really simple.  You might have to have a few people use the techs they have 
learned, but even normal strikes make short work of him.  Harrid's Demi Rune 
(it's always the last tech listed on his tech list) works wonders.

The Vampire (JTSEM)

After returning Monica to the safety of her brother, he'll tell you to find the 
vampire, Leonid, and ask him to keep Monica safe while he and Harrid return to 
the castle to free it from the usurper.  You'll be thrown into another enemy 
infested zone.  This is tougher than the last section, since Harrid is now gone, 
but it is still no problem.  First off, equip the new items Mikael gave to you, 
and put yourself in a more useful formation than the basic one.  The section is 
fairly straightforward, so navigation should be no problem.  Again, seek out and 
destroy everything you can find.  This is doubly important in Julian and 
Monica's quests, since they will be confronted with a pair of tough bosses early 
on.  This time around, there are two sections of fights, but they are all basic 
enemies.  There is a boss in the form of an easy to defeat whirlwind monster at 
the end of the second section, but it's easy.  It does regain a bit of its hp at 
the end of the round (wind is in the air) so be warned.  After the whirlwind is 
gone, you enter a town.  It has a weapons shop selling armor and weapons you 
should already have plenty of.  There is also a person selling magic, but I 
doubt you'll have enough money to buy anything.  After this, exit north to get 
to a snowy area.  This is the path to Leonid's castle.  Fight through the foes 
which are probably the same types you've been fighting since the start of the 
game unless you've done an asinine amount of leveling.  Simply exit to the north 
to get to Leonid's.  Enter the castle and walk forward to listen to Leonid for a 
bit, then follow the wisp he lets out for a nice rest.  Monica will wake you in 
the middle of the night (it's apparently none of you could sleep, anyhow) and 
you'll have to visit Leonid again. He'll send you out on a quest to find 
something.  Return to the village and press X to get to the map.  To the NW of 
your current location (called Podorui) is a cave (called something like 
Podorui's Caves or something, my kanji isn't that good ^_^)  Enter it and seek 
out the item.  The cave has a few treasure chests and lots of enemies.  In 
addition, everywhere you go you will find earth in the air.  You'll find 
skeleton type foes for the first time here.  This is also the first dungeon 
where the path you need to follow is not obvious, so explore to find useful 
treasures.  Eventually, three floors down, you'll run across a small rock island 
with a stationary goblin guarding it.  This is a mini-boss, and typically it's a 
slightly stronger basic goblin.  Behind it is some cash and the shieruburesa 
(Shell Bracer) which is what Leonid wanted.  Incidentally, you should now have 
enough money to buy a spell or two from the vendor in Podorui.  I'd advise 
against it.  The exception is a game where you chose to start with magic, in 
which case I would recommend puchasing the lowest level moon spell.  Anyhow, 
make your way back to Leonid's castle.  Before entering, though, take the time 
to remove everyone's weapons and armors except for your characters.  If you are 
playing Julian or Monica, keep both of them equipped.  The scene changes to 
Castle Loanne, and this part of the intro is done!

The Kidnapping (JM)

The beginning starts out slightly differently for these two.  Each one should 
seek out and talk to the other, resulting in a scene change to a little lakeside 
area.  Monica will get kidnapped.  At this point, Julian gets throw into a cave 
and he has to seek out and rescue Monica.  Monica merely has to get up and walk 
forward to get to a boss ( I think, I'm writing from memory.)  The bard joins 
somewhere before the boss, and Julian will run in during the boss fight to fight 
along side you.  Either way, equip them with the very best items that you have, 
and prepare for some tough fights.  Certain combinations of foes can kill Julian 
very quickly, so be very careful and run if nessicary.  On the second screen 
you'll find the bard.  Recruit him to double your chances of survival.  Just 
beyond the bard is a stairway leading to Monica.  After this I simply marched 
down the stairs to the south and eventually I reached the usurper.  He flipped a 
lever and turned out all the lights.  After a lot of dialouge, I was out and at 
the castle.  On the other hand, if you just leave you don't even encounter the 
usurper and the result is the same.

The Ship (JM)

This is the final event in the Julian/Monica introduction.  Once again, they 
need to find the other and talk.  You will be put onto a ship.  After talking to 
a few people, you visit the other person and the ship gets invaded by monsters.  
Talk to them again and you'll have free roam of the ship.  You need to run 
around and level up for a while, since at the top level is a really tough set of 
monsters.  Once you step on the top level you encounter numerous squid, which 
can take a while to beat.  Now, sometimes I have to go on this quest, and 
sometimes I don't.  I believe you have to talk to Mikael first to activate it.  
If you don't activate this quest, then your counterpart doesn't get thrown off 
the ship and vanish, instead he or she joins you!  That is definetely the 
preferred route to take.

The War (IH)

Mikael pretty much immediatly gets thrust into a big scale army battle.  This is 
tough if you don't know Japanese.  The best strategy for me has been to just 
save states with my emulator and restore.  The first battle is really easy, 
anyhow.  My method for defeating these guys is to first charge forward for a 
short distance, then stand ground to wear them down, and after a while power up 
to finish them off.  The second battle is much tougher, and it was only through 
lots of trial and error did I beat it.  I'd advise charging, then defending 
until your foe runs out of energy (the bar on the bottom.)  He should then 
switch to his rear line of defence.  After that, defend again until the second 
line is weakened.  Finally, use your power up to take him down.  Again, I have 
to save and restore a lot.  :-)

Battle System Notes
First Choice: Charge
Second Choice: Stand Ground
Third Choice: Power up (one use)
Fourth Choice: Fall Back
Fifth Choice: All out retreat

After this, you return to Loanne.  Charge the castle and basically go straight 
forward right to the throne room.  You'll have to fight a tough little boss, but 
Katarina runs up and joins you before the fight.  These three characters will 
have no troubles with this boss.  Have Mikael use Power Heal (it's a staff 
tech), Katarina use the last attack on list every time (Once to change it to a 
big sword, each time after that to unleash a powerful whirling attack) and 
Harrid use Demi Rune.

The Noble (K)

Katarina has a very short and simple beginning.  She sends Monica off on her 
horse, subsituting a fake Monica to keep the usurpers at bay.  Once she can 
move, you have a choice.  You can do a really simple beginning by reentering the 
room and picking the first option.  You don't have to do anything!  For the good 
beginning, though, you're going to need to stash your items.  The room directly 
south of Katarina's has a shelf in the back.  Examine it and Katarina will hide 
her items there.  Now, you need to go all the way to the basement and grab the 
key off the table, then hide it in the rightmost door so you can escape (the 
rightmost cell is the only one without a prisoner, you see.)  Now return to her 
room and pick the first option to get thrown in the cell.  Walk down to the door 
to escape and go to the throne room to join up with Mikael and Harrid.  Return 
to the shelves on the second floor to retrieve your items.  Reequip Katarina and 
take on the boss in the throne room (see notes above.)  Katarina doesn't go to 
Loanne after this; a scene takes place where the Masquirade sword is stolen and 
she cuts her hair and changes clothes (disguise, you see) to find it.  She gets 
kicked out of Loanne after this (another reason I don't like Mikael.) and she 
starts her quest in Miyurushi.

Loanne Town (THSEI)

You can wander around Loanne.  Thomas, Harrid, Julian, Sarah, and Ellen (minus 
the character you are playing) will all be there.  Harrid can get Ellen to join, 
Thomas can get Ellen and Sarah to join.  Mikael has to go to his room on the 
second floor and choose the first option to get an imposter to take his place 
for a while.  No one will join him, though.  Sarah can get Thomas to join (and 
mabye Ellen, if she makes the right choices.)  Ellen can get Sarah and Thomas to 
join her by choosing the second option while talking to Thomas.  Phew!

Independent Quests

The Lance Trail

Requirements: None

There is a man in the weapon shop in the town of Lance who will offer to give 
you 1000 aurums if you follow a trail that leads to Yamas.  If you take this 
quest on early enough, thieves will populate the trail.  If you don't, then 
generic enemies will be there instead.  Defeating enough theives cause them to 
start running away.  Catch them and talk to them to get them to reveal the 
location of thier hideout (second option).  Return to Lance, talk to the man 
again and follow another trail to Faris.  You get 2000 aurums in return.  Not 
bad at all!

Den of the Highwaymen

Requirements: Found out about secret hideout from bandits on Lance Trail.

To the west of Faris is a cave teeming with highwaymen.  You have to fight your 
way to their leader and then defeat him to clear this area.  Waiting too long 
results in the highwaymen being replaced by monsters.  You can find and free 
Paul in here, but doing so doesn't affect your being able to get him later in 
the game, as far as I can tell.

The Rats

Requirements: None

In the upper right hand corner of Kidolant is a man who asks you a question.  
Give the first response and you'll be carted off to a cave.  Enter the cave and 
he'll seal you in!  Talk to the door a couple of times, then start walking into 
the cave.  Go down a floor and take the upper door in the west wall.  Follow 
that passageway and through another door.  Walk up and into the darkness to get 
into an unwinnable fight.  Run, then go back up and get into the fight again, 
then run again.  (I'm not sure if you have to do it the second time, but 
sometimes if I would only do this once, it would not let me leave.  Better safe 
than sorry!)  Return to the enterance and examine the door to be let out.  To 
destroy those rats, you're going to need to enlist the aid of the scientist in 
the forest to the sound of Kidolant.  Just move the cursor down from the town 
and you'll find it.  It's also marked with a blue dot.  Enter the forest and 
make your way north.  Talk to the scientist a couple of times and she'll give 
you some rat poison.  The lead rat is immmune to the rat poison, though.  Return 
to Kidolant and visit Nina's house.  She's gone!  Go see the old man and he'll 
fess up to putting her in the caves.  Return to the caves (just east of 
Kidolant) and run back to the rats.  This time, though, you can beat them.  
Every round, each section of the rats save one will take damage.  You just have 
to keep attacking the section that doesn't take damage and you'll finish it off.  
You have to beat the rats pretty fast, though, since they have a high attack 
power.  If you use your best attacks, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.  
After that, Nina shows up and you'll return to Kidolant.

The Children of Pidona Slums

Requirements: None

Visit Pidona and take the north exit off the first screen.  You should see two 
doors.  Take the left one to find Thomas's house.  An old man runs up to you and 
starts talking.  Finish the conversation and let him move out of the way.  
Thomas is in the house, so find him and speak to him.  Leave the house and you 
might catch a glimpse of him walking south.  Follow him down and then enter the 
weapons shop on the next screen.  Leave and you'll see him walk west.  Go after 
him to find the slums.  There is a house to the west where Thomas is waiting.  
Enter it and you'll get into a brief conversation with the inhabitants, Muse and 
Sharl.  A scene takes place where you discover a little boy has gone to the 
ruins to the north.  Follow him into the Tower of the Demon King.  Take the set 
of stairs down on the first screen.  The little boy waits behind a door on this 
screen, down the flights of stairs.  You should have no trouble locating him.  
After you find him, just leave to complete this subquest.

Muse's Dream

Requirements: Must have completed Children of Pidona Slums, must have more than 
250 HP for most of your teammates(?)

After you have more than 250 HP (I think), you can go on the Muse's Dream quest.  
Just visit Muse's house in Pidona and talk to Sharl twice.  Pick the second 
option and choose four team members.  The first option results in Sharl's death, 
and not choosing your leader means you can't go on this quest.  Leave the room 
you start in and you'll end up in a hall of doors.  I think you have to pick 
rooms and stairs at random until you find Muse standing in front of a door.  To 
increase your chances, find the room where there are six women sitting around a 
table and talk to the woman in the top right.  She'll vanish.  That sometimes 
makes it more likely for you to reach the destination you want.  Also, check out 
all the rooms and pick up all the treasure.  The roaming women you see are 
actually monsters.  However, each time you defeat one, it drops a full 
restorative item!  Just keep using those after every battle to heal.  Too bad 
you lose them all once you leave.  These items make this the ideal place to 
level up, since the monsters around here are so tough.  In one of the treasure 
chests, you'll find a gauntlet called the Silver Hand.  Equip it on Sharl right 
away to fix his crumby stats.  After that, he'll become extremely powerful.  
Lots of enemies down here use hypnosis and mass hypnosis attacks.  You might be 
able to master the dodge for it now.  If you do, it's very helpful for the boss.  
Once you find Muse, you can just walk through the door in front of her to 
encounter the boss.  If you plan to use Muse, though, I recommend leveling her 
up a lot in this area, since she'll learn waza really fast due to her low level.  
Also, if Muse is in your party when you finish off the boss, you are rewarded 
with a little extra scene where the demon turns back to human form (her father, 
I think) and then she finishes him off.  The boss is not too tough, especially 
if you are in the defensive formation.  He has an attack where he attacks twice 
in a round, and a mass hypnosis attack.  If you mastered the sleep dodge, you'll 
be all set for this battle.  Once the demon is gone, Muse is cured and she and 
Sharl are availible to join your party.  

Searching for Blacksmiths

Requirements: None

This is just a list of the blacksmith you can find littering the world

3 in Pidona: Nora, the original guy in the armor shop, and a man in a building 
in the NE of town.
1 in Libroff: In the Inn
1 in Faris: In the Pub
1 in Sutanre: In the Pub
1 in Wilmington: In the Inn

They can make some nifty stuff:
shirubafurure (silver ...)
???? (katana)
heedobando (Headband)
????? (armor 20/10)
purotekutosushi (Protect suit)
naitokkyapo (nightcap)

Nora can make things too.

The Icy Lake

Requirements: None

Visit the town of Yusuterm and talk to the man in red near the enterance.  Pick 
the first option (in most cases, I think sometimes that's the wrong choice) to 
get him to join.  As soon as he does, leave town and you'll be taken to the icy 
lake.  He wants you to beat up an evil fish there.  The fish is towards the 
back, and to reach it you have to run and jump to a small island.  As soon as 
you step on that island, the fish will attack.  Use your best waza to take him 
down.  He can cast an ice shield spell on himself, but that isn't a big problem.  
You are rewarded with the ability to take Ward in your party, plus the Aurora 
Borialus quest is opened up.

Aurora Borialus

Requirements: Icy Lake must completed, you must have more than 350(?) hp.

Visit the town of Lance and go to the NE house.  Talk to the woman inside and 
pick the second, then second to last options.  Go to the scroll map (press X on 
the map screen) and wait until the Aurora Borealus shows up.  Reenter the main 
map and on the same screen as Lance and Yusterm should be the portal to the snow 
world.  Enter the portal.  Examine all the snowmen in town and eventually one 
will jump.  Talk to that one several times to wake up the snowmen.  The jumping 
one, Yukidaruma, will join you.  Taking the north cave exit out of town leads to 
the Ice Galaxy, a big icy lake area.  Here there are two important treasures: 
The Forever Frozen Crystal, and the Ice Sword.  The Crystal is guarded by a 
miniboss (not too tough) and the sword is guarded by a dragon (extremely tough).  
If you get the Crystal, the snowman can go out into the real world with you.

Great Arch Treasure Hunt

Requirements: None

Several of the inhabitants of Great Arch will lead you to Treasure Caves.  Stop 
by.  Enjoy the scenery.  Pick up some treasure.  All these quests are initated 
by talking to the people in town.  You have to pay a little cash to get there 
but the caves pay you back.  Use this quest to level up a bit.


Requirements: None

Visit the town of Yamas and go to the docks.  In one of the warehouses you'll 
witness two crooks talking.  Pick the first option when it is presented to get 
Robin to appear.  There are a couple of other Robin sequences in town now, one 
in a house by the docks and another as you step out of the weapons shop.  The 
latter one involves a young man talking to a crowd, getting beat up, and then a 
fat version of Robin showing up!  He'll save the young man  but get trapped in 
the process.  Then, the real Robin shows up and saves the day, but not before 
the villians unleash some demons on you!  You'll fight alongside Robin and Fat 
Robin for a pair of battles, but only if you have an empty spot in your battle 
party.  In other words, four or less member in your party.  After these battles, 
a Robin will jump down from the rafters of the warehouse you first saw him in 
every time you enter.  You can pick up one or the other, but not both, at that 

The Rivals in Moses

Requirements: None

There are many, many ways of doing this quest, but only one right way.  To do it 
the wrong way, venture into either of the magic guild's main bases (the bigger 
houses in North or South Moses) and take a few steps forward to be thrown into a 
fight.  Beat the monsters and go visit the other guild house.  Beat their 
monsters and agree when the question is asked.  (You get 2000 aurums each time 
you say yes.)  Now, visit either one in thier office and pick the first option 
to assassinate them!  You can repeat the process for the other person, or not.  
I think if you do assassinate one, you can get the other to join, though.  This 
is the wrong way to do this!  Instead, take both thier offers but instead of 
killing one or the other, go to the bridge between the towns and talk to the 
people in front of the well to get them to move.  Sometimes, in order to do 
this, you have to talk to everyone in town.  Jump in the well.  The well 
contains some good treasures and the Demon King's Sheild.  You have to defeat a 
mini boss to get to the shield, though.  If you're stuck on the first screen of 
the well, the exits are nearly invisible, but are to the left and right of the 
screen.  The area where the shield is tough to find, too.  It's a hidden 
passageway in one of the walls.  Once you get the sheild, leave the well and 
Undine and Volcano will attack!!  If you have the snowman, stick him in the 
front in a desert lance formation to stop Volcano's fire wall attacks.  If you 
have six characters, you can fight this battle in multitech mode.  Once those 
two are finished, you can get Undine in your party.  Also, Undine will start 
selling water magic while Volcano starts selling fire magic.

The Vanguard Murders

Requirements: HP pretty high (above 400?)

When your HP is high enough (mine was above 400, but I think it can be lower) 
when you go to Vanguard you'll witness a gruesome murder by a sinister monster.  
Go rest in the inn and the monster will show up.  Destroy them, which shouldn't 
be that much of a challenge.  Now talk to the elder (his house is next to the 
pub) choose the first option when a question is presented, and then leave the 
house.  Return, talk to him again, and he'll open up a passage.  The area below 
is monster infested and there are a few treasures to be found, but wait until 
the dungeon is finished to grab the treasures.  At the end you have to fight a 
miniboss (I use the term lightly, I had to fight a group of four blue fireballs, 
which were nothing.)  Walk up the stairs that appear to arrive at a command 
center of sorts.  Step on the dolphin platform and then leave the dungeon.  You 
can go treasure hunting now since all the monsters are gone.  Once you are out, 
talk to the elder again to find out a bit more about the control room.

The Floating City

Requirements: Solved Vanguard Murders, finished Rivals in Moses

Once you've spoken to the Elder in Vanguard after finding the control room, 
visit Undine in Moses.  If you killed Undine, talk to the woman at the desk.  
Either way, you'll get some water mages to visit your control room beneath 
Vanguard.  Now, talk to the Elder again and he'll tell you about a dolphin 
statue you need to find.  To solve this puzzle before defeating an Abyss Gate 
Guardian, you need to talk to the bartender and ask about the last option 
several times.  He'll talk about the weaponsmith in Yamas.  Talk to him, and 
he'll tell you about Herman if you buy something from him. Now you can go talk 
to the grey haired fellow in Great Arch to be taken to the cave with the dolphin 
statue.  If you have already beaten another Guardian, you can just talk to 
Herman and he'll take you there, but he won't join afterwards.  Make your way 
through the cave to find the statue.  There is a convinient exit right by where 
you find the statue.  Now you can return to Vanguard, go to the control room and 
place the dolphin directly in front of the northernmost orb to get it to work.  
Now, go onto the platform and examine it to start up the floating city.  Now, 
examine the panel again to move the thing.  The first option takes you to the 
Isle of the Farthest.

Isle of the Farthest

Requirements: None

All you have to do here is save the lobsters.  It's not that difficult, just 
walk into the hole in the NW of the isle and enter the caves.  On the screen 
with an enormous waterfall, there is a secret passage with a boss.  If you beat 
it, the lobsters won't all be destroyed after Forneus gets defeated.  Also, 
there is a secret passage behind a waterfall on the fourth or fifth screen, if 
you get stuck.  On the final screen, the mollusk type enemy will most likely 
given you a battle with a Turtle Dragon, which is quite tough.  You can use the 
battle to gain some waza, if you like.

The Car

Requirements: You must have defeated the rats

Eventually when you visit Shibaik you'll get run over by a car.  Visit the 
scientist you met during the rat quest and she'll ask you to defeat it.  Just go 
to the lower floor and through a door to get on your own car and find the bad 
ol' monster.  The battle is really cool, since three of your characters fight on 
your car.  :-)  If a character dies, they fall off the car, so they can't be 

The Eastern Lands

Requirements: None

Talk to everybody in Librof to get a new area to open up, the desert.  Visit the 
desert (on the screen with Librof, you can see a corner of the desert, just pass 
your cursor over that) and start walking eastwards for several screens.  
Eventually, you'll arrive at a sand river type of thing.  You have to make your 
way through there (it's very confusing, you'll have to rely on luck, really) and 
then a desert type area (just wander around, there is only one exit)  
Eventually, you'll reach a grassy area.  Walk north, then follow the river on 
that screen to find a town.  Visit the tent in the SE corner and talk to the 
person there.  You'll meet Shii  Rin and Bai Nai Mung.  Bai Nai Mung will take 
one of your members away.  Talk to Shii Rin and then leave the village.  Exit 
south and then south again to arrive at a cave.  There are a pair of stationary 
men standing around here.  Encounter and defeat them to get rid of the monsters.  
The bug like creatures are allies; there is one who will speak with you if you 
talk to it.  I don't know if you have to talk to him or not...  Return to the 
villiage and talk to Bai Nai Mung to get your character back, then you'll notice 
that just east of the tent is a bit of a stepping stone.  Run across it to get 
to the shogun's palace.  You'll get locked up.  Walk to the door and Bai Nai 
Mung will save you.  The shogun will let you go and you can wander around the 
town.  Bai Nai Mung now sells wind magic.  A man in the pub sells some sun and 
moon magic, including the ultimate spells in either category.  You can't leave 
yet, though.  Leave town and head north this time, going up two screens to a 
cave.  Now this is a dungeon!  It's filled with lots of rooms and branching 
passageways.  Deep into the dungeon is a crouching suit of armor.  It's the 
demon king's armor!!  You have to destroy it.  The trouble is, he keeps 
summoning up monsters to stand in front of him!  If you get lucky, he'll only 
summon one or none at all the first couple of rounds.  At low levels, this is a 
really tough fight, but with strong or ranged waza, you should have a fighting 
chance at taking him down.  You'll return to the shogun's palace, and at last 
you can leave!  Don't, though.  Talk to EVERYBODY and another town will open up 
to the west, the town of elephants.  A house near the back holds a sick child.  
Talk to her with Sarah or Shonen in your party to heal her (I think she's 
another survivor of the Death Eclipse.)  Now her brother (I think it's her 
brother) Zo will join you.

Leonid's Castle

Requirements: You have to have access to Leonid's castle, and you can't be 

Any time after the introduction, visit Leonid's castle and he'll send you on a 
quest to find a cup for hiim (the holy grail?)  His castle is large, to say the 
least.  You'll have to march down many, many floors of foes to reach the bottom.  
If Monica still has the castle on her map screen by avoiding the ship quest, 
though, she can explore the castle if she wants, but she can't get the cup.  
There are a number of minibosses to fight, ending with the toughest skeleton 
type monster in the game.  Also, most of the rooms contain pretty decent 
treasure, and you can find a Gloaming Robe (the same one that Leonid wears) in a 
secret passage near the final miniboss.  At the end, you find the cup he sent 
you for, the same cup you might have noticed in the introduction.  After that, 
talking to Leonid might give you the option to get him to join you. He doesn't 
offer to join Mikhael, as far as I can tell, and since Monica can't get the cup, 
he never offers to join her, either.


Requirements:  Have Black or Herman in your party, completed Muse's Dream

If you explored Pidona thouroughly before, you might have noticed a temple in 
the extreme NW of the town.  This is home to the Cult of Maximus.  Go there with 
Black or Herman to reveal the lies he is teaching (I guess, I can't understand 
exactly what they are saying.)  He'll escape and nifty chase music will play.  
Follow him, since you're the hero.  You'll end up running through four floors of 
Maxim's temple which climaxes in a fight with a miniboss.  The miniboss isn't 
that tough, so you shouldn't have a problem.  Take the stairs out of the temple 
and you end up in Pidona slums.  Talk to everybody walking around in the slums, 
then go to the harbor and talk to the man there.  Then, go to Librof and talk to 
the people there.  One of them should point you in the direction of the Tower of 
the Divine King.  Talk to everybody there and someone will give you clothing to 
sneak into the tower.  You have to make your way up to the top floor, which is 
easier said than done in this place.  Just search for the stairs up on each 
floor.  If you see treasure chests, don't worry, you'll get them later.  There 
are no tricks to this area, just keep heading up.  Eventually, you'll have to 
use balconies to get to different areas.  When you get near the top, you'll meet 
a man named Tiberius.  Take him, if you have room, but he had horrible stats 
when I got him late in the game.  Once you talk to him, continue up to the top 
floor and fight a bunch of mini bosses, culminating in a fight with a relatively 
simple dragon.  Return to the bottom floor and you'll find you can now defeat 
the caped guy to the right of the entrance.  Do so, and you'll be back on the 
trail of Maximus.  This next part is kind of interesting.  You'll find various 
switches to press and levers to pull, as well as pitfalls.  Your party will fall 
into the traps or get caught in various positions one by one until only your 
main character is left.  Of course, that's when you find Maximus.  Don't worry, 
your party comes back to you during the fight.  After everyone joins you, 
Maximus calls up a bunch of allies to attack with.  At this point, the fight 
becomes rather tough, but if you focus all your attacks on Maximus, you'll be 
able to take him down.  Incidentally, the fight is much easier if you can manage 
to beat Maximus before he calls up his buddies, and you still get all the 
treasure.  If you're playing as Katarina, bring the Masquarade sword back to 
Mikhael.  If you had beaten an Abyss Gate Guardian before retrieving the sword, 
Mikhael will give you the option of changing back into your noble's clothes.

The Treasures of the Divine King

Requirements: ?

I'm not exactly sure how this is initated, but I do know you have to talk to the 
guy who gave you the ring before you can initiate this.  The women will move out 
of the way in the Palace of the Divine King now.  If you take the left way, 
you'll encounter ninjas who can only be defeated with arrows.  I took Ellen and 
Shii Lin, both with high bow levels, and just fired away.  It wasn't much of a 
problem.  After three such fights, you get the Bow of the Divine King.  On the 
other side, there are two women who will move, and you have to fight your way 
through lots of foes to get to the next weapon.  All you have to do here is 
survive for a couple of rounds, if you pick the right side.  If you pick the 
left, you have to fight through three minibosses.  You get a helmet for your 
efforts.  The third item is under the alter, just examine the altar and it will 
move.  You'll have to fight a miniboss, then when you open the chest, you fall.  
You fight another miniboss, then you have to fight through a bunch of foes, then 
finally you get a set of shoes that prevent stun.

Free the Fairie

Requirements: Have above 300(?) hp

After you have above a certain amount of HP, the traveling freak show will show 
up.  It appears randomly in towns, and is marked by a wooden sign.  Drop by and 
pay to get into the show, then visit the back tent.  Sleep in the inn in the 
same town and you'll wake up.  Visit the freak show again and go to the back 
tent again.  Free the fairie!  Now go to the fairie village in the jungle.  The 
freed fairie is now in one of the houses.  If you've found the Fire Abyss Gate 
Palace, then you can get her to join you.  Otherwise, she instructs you to 
follow the black butterflies.

The Crystal Ruins

Requirements: None

This is simply an optional dungeon.  After making your way through the sand 
river in the desert, you'll find yourself on a plateau of sorts.  Exit this area 
to the upper right to find the ruins.  There are a number of treasures here for 
you to find, but no bosses.  Like I said, it's just an optional dungeon.

The Lake Ruins

Requirements: None

After visiting the elephant town, if you talk to everybody, an area of ruins can 
be found in the lake just to the west of town.  There are some tough enemies in 
the dungeon and some decent treasures.  Also, there is a large dragon guarding a 
pretty nice shield.  Again, this is optional, so visit if you want.  It's an OK 
area to gain levels.

The Abyss Gate Quests

A few notes...

1. To the best of my knowledge, if a character loses all their LP in an Abyss 
Gate fight, they will not be gone at the end of the fight, but will instead be 
completely healed.
2. After beating a particular Guardian, that Guardian's elemental magic becomes 
availible from the woman in the upper right house in Lance.  These spells are on 
the whole pretty nice.
3. There is a special magic combo to be found in each dungeon.  These are quite 
powerful, so try not to miss them.  You'll know you found one if dialouge pops 
up in an arrangement that is somewhat similar to a formation.  If you can't read 
the kanji, at least write it down.  To use the skill, put yourself in commander 
mode (ie, your main character is out of the fighting party) in the formation 
specified.  Now, stick characters with the appropriate magics in the places the 
dialouge told you to.  If you aren't sure what type of magic corresponds to what 
kanji, either talk to magic vendors and write down the characters next to the 
symbols on their screens, or wait for a character with magic to gain a level in 
that magic.  The first characters are the type of magic that levels up.  If 
that's too tough for you, then take note: each combo needs a moon and sun magic 
user, as well as the type of magic which corresponds to the dungeon.  So, the 
wind dungeon combo will need wind magic, etc.

The Earth Abyss Gate

The Earth Abyss Gate is conviently located in the Demon King's Tower.  It's the 
tower you saw if you went through the Pidona Slums quest.  Getting into the 
Earth Abyss Gate Dungeon is a feat in itself.  First, you have to fight your way 
down to the bottom floor of the Demon King's Tower, then go all the way north on 
that floor to find a door.  Examine it, and you'll find that it is sealed.  Now, 
you have to go back out of the tower and go to Lance, talk to the man in the 
house in the NW, and he'll give you a ring which will open the door.  If you are 
having trouble reaching the bottom floor of the tower itself, there is an indent 
in one of the walls of a stairwell which is actually an exit.  Also, if you go 
as far south as possible on the bottom floor of the tower, you'll reach a 
teleporter protected by demons which will take you back up to the first floor.  
It's very convenient.  Now, use the ring you get to open the door to the 
dungeon.  If you want to make it through this dungeon easily then simplywalk 
forward into the crystal on the first screen.  Congradulations!  You're 
practically there.  You can grab some treasures and another multimagic tech by 
going through the normal way, but why?  Anyhow, charge forward and attack!!

The Fire Abyss Gate

First, you need to get to the town of Ake.  The boatman in Great Arch gives you 
three options; choose the second one to arrive in Ake.  Leave through the south 
exit to get to a jungle.  Now, your task here is to find and follow the black 
butterflies on each screen.  Unfortunetly, sometimes you are presented with a 
screen in which you cannot reach the black butterfly.  In that case, you have to 
go back a screen.  This sometimes results in your being thrown back to the first 
screen, so you have to start the whole process over again.  Needless to say, you 
could be stuck in the jungle for a long time.  Keep at it, and you will 
perservere.  You are rewarded with access to the Fire Abyss Gate dungeon.  If 
you leave, the dungeon is now on the map, so you don't have to go through the 
whole butterfly thing again.  Also, there is a fairy village in the jungle which 
you can access by climbing a tree.  This also shows up on your map if you visit 
it.  It's not nessicary to find the gate, though.  Incidentally, I have 
discovered the enterance to the gate merely by walking in and out of the north 
south exits of the jungle randomly.  As for the dungeon itself, it's not that 
tough.  The goblin enemies you find all over always have the same enemies (two 
fire boars and a little fire mage, or five fire mages), which should not be that 
much of a challenge.  The wisp enemies are also static.  Fairly high level 
parties will have no trouble getting through this dungeon.  A bit of searching 
will also find you a multi magic tech spell.  Before the Gate, you'll have to 
fight a dragon miniboss that still isn't that tough.  The guardian has a mastery 
of fire spells.  This means you should be prepared for lots of fire wall type 
attacks.  If you are using Yuki Daruma, stick him in the front in a Desert Lance 
formation to stop those.  He can be difficult, as he always has Self Burning 
cast on himself.  Also, if everyone but Yuki dies, then he will sacrifice 
himself perminently to kill the Guardian.  Again, your best defense are high 

The Water Abyss Gate

You have to have Vanguard floating to get to this gate.  Visit the Isle of the 
Farthest and talk to the lobsters.  One will give you coordinates to this gate.  
Enter the control room and pick the first option until the correct coordinates 
come up, then talk to the control panel again and pick the third option, then 
the first option until you yell out something.  You'll leave the city and arrive 
at the gate dungeon.  You have to make your way through some straightforward 
caves to reach the palace where the gate is.  You'll pass one section of demon 
statues, then you'll enter the actual palace.  After the second set of Demon 
statues, one where they come alive after a second or two, you reach a split in 
the path.  Go right and through the door to a room with three chests.  In one is 
a secret multi magic tech.  You must read it before you can actually use the 
tech.  Eventually, weaving through all these chambers, you reach the abyss gate 
guardian, Fyaruneusu.  If you have Boston and Yukidaruma, you might want to use 
them since they regenerate HP while water is in the air.  Also, I know there are 
items that protect from water damage, but my knowledge of Japanese isn't good 
enough to pick them out.  If you ask me, this guy is the easiest of the four to 
beat, but then I usually have powerful waza by this point.  Also, if you happen 
to bring Herman along to this battle, he turns into Black at the end.

The Wind Abyss Gate

Requirements: You must have beaten at least one other Guardian.

There are two ways to fight this guy.  For both, you have to talk to the barkeep 
in Vanguard, who will mention something about Loanne.  Loanne will appear on 
your map, so visit Loanne and talk to Mikhael, then the bartender (I think) to 
open up the dungeon in the mountain to the south east.  If you are using 
Mikhael, then remove his body double, leave the room, and return to get the 
information.  If you are using Katarina and you had returned to Loanne already, 
then you may have difficultly iniating this quest.  This dungeon is quite 
difficult, since there are stationary minibosses (the pulsing things on the 
ground) everywhere.  Try to avoid them for the most part.  Near the boss, you'll 
have to fight a group of three enemies, which aren't really too tough.  If you 
have serious problems with them, then you probably aren't ready for the coming 
battle.  The other way is to visit the small village to the north west of Yamas 
and talk to everyone there to open up the mountain to the west of that.  After 
Since I've only played it this way, I'm not sure about the other way.  You'll 
venture into the mountain, weave your way around, and eventually make it into a 
cave.  You have to fight your way through this cave.  The areas of fog just slow 
you down.  Eventually you'll get to the dragon.  Pick the second option (the 
first will make you fight the guy) and you'll get thrown into a really neat 
fight where you and the dragon face off against the Wind Guardian!  Use the best 
attacks you have and the last attack the dragon has to defeat it.  You had 
better pack at least a couple healing potions, though, or some healing magic.  
It is the same boss either way.  If you have good techs (Golden Dragon Sword, 
Sky Drive, other expensive waza) she's easier to beat by battling through her 
dungeon since you can do thousands more points of damage each round to her since 
you have a large party.  If you are just going at her as soon as you possibly 
can, then she is much, much easier to beat with the dragon.

Shonen and Sarah

Requirements: This shows up at your last gate.

This is simple.  Shonen and Sarah, or only Shonen if Sarah is in your party, is 
at the last gate.  You have to defeat the monster to free him.  Either way, 
Sarah will knock Shonen out of the way and vanish.  If you had less than six 
party members, or if Sarah was in your party, Shonen will join.


(Note: I'm doing this from memory, since I don't have a saved game near this 
point.  I'll update this in the next version.)

After defeating the four guardians, visit the eastern palace and talk to the 
shogun to open up a palace to the south east.  After this point, there is no 
turning back.  Make sure that you have plenty of powerful waza for all your 
characters.  Having some decent magic for everyone, especially healing magic, 
doesn't hurt either.  Spend all that cash, because you won't be coming back.  
After you are prepared, visit the castle, then walk to the balcony to be thrown 
into an army battle.  You can win or lose this, but either way you are attacked 
by a dragon boss.  You must win this battle.  It's the same type that you might 
have fought to get the ice sword or in the lake ruins.  After defeating it, 
you'll have to make your way through this rather large dungeon to reach the top.  
It's rather straightforward.  Once there, you'll fight another boss and finally 
travel through another abyss gate.  If you don't already have Shonen, or you're 
playing as Sarah, and you have six party members, you'll have to discard one to 
make room for Shonen.  The next area you wind up in is the final area.  There 
are five transporters in the main area.  The center leads to the final boss, and 
the sides lead to the four demons which you might have noticed in the 
introduction.  If you manage to defeat the demons before fighting the final 
boss, she's quite a bit easier.  The area is very simple; your only challenge 
will be defeating the demons and the final boss.  Good luck!


Thanks to everybody who wrote Romancing Sa-Ga FAQs.  I could never have gotten 
through the game without them.

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