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Character Guide by Khajiit Rankin

Version: 0.99 | Updated: 07/15/04

                    ...:::[Romancing Sa-Ga 3]:::...
                       Cast of characters v 0.99

Date started: 5.IV.2004
Last version: 15.VII.2004
Author: Khajiit Rankin (Przemek Orlowski)
Contact: khajiitrankin@interia.pl

 ..::[Table of conents]::..

[1] Before you read...
[2] Characters
[2.1] Class/skill abilities
[2.2] Main characters
[2.3] Other characters
[2.4] Summary
[2.5] Teams
[3] Miscellaneous
[3.1] Endings
[3.2] Tips 'n Tricks
[4] End notes


[1] Before you read...
...read this!

   This guide is based on translation of Sa-ga 3 to english by Mana Sword.
Because of this, some characters are named differently than in other FAQs, so I
have added an other (more common?) name for each character and did some grammar
corrections in some places (not that I'm so great in English). For all of you
that hate spoilers, I tell up front: spoilers are everywhere here, so I didn't
bother with marking them - or else it would look like this: *spoiler* abc
*spoiler* xyz *spoiler*... [the spoilers are among us =P]
I've tried to do a guide for beginner-to-intermediate players. Therefore you
won't find advanced hex charts or something similar 'cause most(all?) beginners
wouldn't understand a thing. If you want *hack* more *cough* stuff, go to
GameFAQs' RS3 message board or Snow Wanderer's FAQ (when he'll finish it).
Finally, in Tricks section there are only character-related tricks.

What's new?
- corrected some immunities/weakness/specials
- done quotes. Finally.
- some minor updates in descriptions
- added tech learning/mastering for characters I've played recently
- will I break 1.00? :)


[2] Characters
...the main reason of existence for this...

[2.1] Class/skill abilities

St - Strength     - affects power of Axe, Staff, Spear, Kung-fu and both Swords
                    *update* accuracy of axes, too.
Dx - Dexterity    -  - " -  power of Epee and Bow as well as accuracy
Sp - Speed        -  - " -  order of attack and a bit Kung-fu
Co - Constitution -  - " -  _maybe_ status recovery time,
                            character's resistance to attacks.
In - Intelligence -  - " -  spell and attack items power, also some techs
Wi - Willpower    -  - " -  resistance to spell/effets as well as chance to
                            do effect on enemy, and yes, few techs too
Ch - Charisma     -  - " -  charm attacks / charm resistance
HP - Hit points   -  some attacks are more powerful with less HP (Psycho burst)
TP (WP) - Tech (waza) points - for some techs more TP = more damage
MP (JP) - Magic points (J stands for jumon)
All: Sum of all bounses (HP divided by 5, w/out TP)
*Magic takes place only when no best skill.

Class/skill bonuses:

Class gives 13 stat points at following attributes:
| Class    | St | Dx | Sp | Co | In | Wi | Ch |  HP | 
| Hunter   | +1 | +2 | +4 | +1 | +3 | +1 | +1 |  +5 | 
| Scholar  | +0 | +3 | +2 | +0 | +4 | +3 | +1 |  +0 |
| Royalty  | +3 | +1 | +0 | +2 | +2 | +3 | +2 | +20 |
| Fighter  | +4 | +0 | +1 | +4 | +1 | +3 | +0 | +15 |
| Merchant | +2 | +4 | +3 | +3 | +0 | +0 | +1 | +15 |

Skill chart:
| Skill    | St | Dx | Sp | Co | In | Wi | Ch |  HP | TP | All |
| Sword    | +2 | +3 | +2 | +3 | +2 | +1 | +3 | +15 | +1 |  19 |
| B. Sword | +3 | +2 | +0 | +5 | +2 | +2 | +1 | +20 | +1 |  19 |
| Axe      | +1 | +1 | +1 | +4 | +1 | +2 | +0 | +25 | +1 |  15 |
| Staff    | +3 | +2 | +3 | +2 | +3 | +0 | +1 | +20 | +1 |  18 |
| Epee     | +1 | +4 | +4 | +1 | +3 | +0 | +4 | +10 | +1 |  19 |
| Spear    | +4 | +2 | +3 | +4 | +2 | +0 | +1 | +15 | +1 |  19 |
| Bow      | +2 | +6 | +2 | +2 | +0 | +2 | +3 |  +5 | +1 |  18 |
| Kung Fu  | +4 | +0 | +3 | +6 | +0 | +0 | +1 | +30 | +1 |  20 |
| None     | +0 | +5 | +0 | +0 | +5 | +2 | +4 |  +0 |  0 |  14 |

*Oh, first of all these charts aren't obtained by hacking but through a tedious
 check+compare process. There is another set of charts, obtained from rom
 directly and *both* mine and those are _correct_. Just remember that you can't
 apply these charts to the other base stats and vice-versa.

*So it looks like the best class for Kung-fu is Merchant and for Bow - Scholar.
 Also, try Mer/Bow for a massive Dx boost while not loosing St much.
 As for "none" skill, Fighter class would compliment this well. But why the
 hell would you pick "none"...? ... well maybe if you want a magic using team
 you can pick Thomas and Scholar/none making him an Asura among other
 magicians (27 Int!) ;).

*There may be some class-dependant effects, but most probably they're bugged.
 Let Alex explain the details:
 Monarch's star = Royalty class
 Warrior's star = Fighter class>

 The favorite weapon you choose for your main does determine their tech
learning type, as follows:

Sword ------> Type 1
Greatsword -> Type 2
Axe --------> Type 3
Club -------> Type 4
Epee -------> Type 5
Spear ------> Type 6
Bow --------> Type 7
Unarmed ----> Type 8
None -------> Type 0

Exceptions: If Harid or Katarina is your main and you select "Greatsword", you
get Type 9. If Harid, Katarina, Julian or Mikhail is your main and you select
"Spear", you get Type 10. If Ellen or Sarah is your main and you select "Epee",
you get Type 11.

No, these exceptions don't make a whole lot of sense to me either (especially
the one for Ellen/Sarah with Epees...) I have a funny feeling that the
exceptions were supposed to depend on your class star rather than on your
chosen character, but the programmers messed up. If I'm right about this, then
you would have gotten the special learning types by selecting "Greatsword" with
"Hunter's star", "Spear" with "Hunter's" or "Monarch's star", and "Epee" with
"Warrior's star". Type 11 is an extremely good type (almost every single
technique in the game is on its "learnable" list, like Liza in SF) so it seems
reasonable to me that you'd only be able to get it by choosing the rather
suboptimal (statwise) combination of the Warrior's Star and Epee.

Here's another odd thing: The main-specific tech learning types don't take
effect until you save and reload the game. When you first start a new game,
your main character will always have their "default" learning type (the one
they would have if they joined another main's party).

<so it's theoretically possible to choose other than default skill, powerup
with default weapon to a reasonable level (like 30) THEN save and reload to do
the same with selected weapon, but except for those who use emulators it's near
to impossible to do in real life. Still, it may be that these exceptions were
ment to be, because Sarah is Hunter, not Warrior, Katrina - Merchant and
Mikhail - Royalty, so they don't fit in this solution - Rank>


[2.2] Main characters
...or Shinon heroes!...

   Those are the characters you can choose from in the beginning of game.
In order to find character's stats for current weapon and class, you must first
take his base stats, then add bonuses from class and then from skill. All
characters with 'None' skill recieve *only* 5 JP (as when you buy magic) and
have the most basic spell in that sphere. All main character NPCs start with
base skills and default class/weapon stats. Quotes aren't necessarily THEIR
ones, maybe some other character's opinion. Hope you get the idea.
[and in these brackets are things that aren't critical to game, but give this
 guide a bit of "life" instead of raw info. At least I hope so.]

1) Julian Naul - Settler - Age: 20
"Fate? Destiny? That's enough!"
Description: the guy with green hair, quite popular. He's well rounded in stat
             terms and gains skill levels quickly when a NPC. He also has a
             nice town music. Kinda tedious to recruit, tho. He's slighty
             unusual as he attacks with punch a lot in Commander Mode even
             if he has high sword skill and some techs to it, too. Also
             noteworthy is his VERY quick level gaining (like staying ~5 points
             ahead of rest of party)
Where: After you defeat one Abyss Guardian other than Byunei you gain access 
       to Loanne's castle. He'll be in one of the rooms there. If you play as
       Monica and didn't keep him during intro (you must talk to him first
       after the kidnapping), he's gone forever.
Default class: Hunter/Sword
Magic: Sun
Base stats:
St:15 Dx:12 Sp:11 Co:11 In:11 Wi:20 Ch:10 HP:55  TP:6
Sword: 2
Greed level: 7

2) Thomas Bent - Settler - Age: 22
"Tom, you seem to know everything!"
Description: my favourite character ^_^. Well, maybe he looks a bit strange
             (brown suit and an orange cape?). Still, he's easy to recruit and
             his side quest, the merchant game, is fun and leads to lots of $$$
             if you're good. He uses spear and bow well. Despite his default
             merchant class, he starts with water magic if NPC. Great In and
             okay Sp and Ch, but poor Dx. I've heard that he's the only one who
             can do Tatyana's quest but I'm not quite sure how (buy her father's
             firm?). BTW, his family has some connections - he's both
             Fullbright's and Muse's relative =P.
Where: When you arrive in Pidona, go to the northern part. Thomas will be
       inside one of the houses there, but will say that he's busy. Go out and
       follow him into a shop, an inn and then finally to the slums. He'll join
       you there.
Default class: Merchant/Spear
Magic: Water
Base stats:
St:11 Dx:9  Sp:14 Co:12 In:18 Wi:13 Ch:17 HP:50  TP:11
Sword, Axe, Kung-fu: 1
Spear, Bow: 2
Greed level: 7

3) Mikhail of Loanne (Michael) - Marquis - Age: 27
"This is outside my plan."
Description: the blond-haired one. I don't like him much, he has kinda bad
             attitude :/. Because of this, he can't get Tatyana into party, but
             being a marquis gives him one great thing: you don't have to
             search items for blacksmiths, just order and pay, AND you'll have
             two extra items you ordered in storage. Cool. On the other hand,
             due to his difficult ruling minigame he's definetly wrong pick for
             beginners. He has good Sp, Wi and Ch and his HP starts high.
Where: Same place and time as Julian. Careful if you have Monica in party
       because he'll order her to stay in castle.
Default class: Royalty/Epee
Magic: Sun
Base stats:
St:12 Dx:12 Sp:15 Co:12 In:9  Wi:18 Ch:18 HP:120 TP:28 [he's THAT dumb?]
Sword, Bow: 2
Axe: 3
Spear: 7
Greed level: 4

4) Harid "Tornado" El Nool - Wanderer - Age: 33
"I've found a place to die... But this is not a good place!"
Description: one of the few black-skinned characters in anime games :O.
             Unfortunately, he has to wear a scimitar in his first slot which 
             is bad if he isn't your main char (the strongest one - 23 power).
             There is a way around that (the fabled Seven Stars Sword trick).
             But then... Why the hell won't you just use another slot?
             In his quest you can find a lot of Asuras for training. Has great
             St, Sp and starting HP. 
             (El Nool is how the princess calls him, so I'm not sure if it's his
             first name or something else. Oh, and he is NOT from Gessiah
             dynasty just the Princess' lover and something like Yan Fan of Naj)
Where: In Tomb of the Holy King, Lance.
Default class: Fighter/Sword
Magic: Wind
Base stats:
St:15 Dx:9  Sp:17 Co:10 In:12 Wi:15 Ch:17 HP:145 TP:26
Sword: 7
Axe, Kung-fu: 2
Spear: 1
Note: Harid's greed level (a special counter for checking possibility of
      recieving some quests) is 14 at start while some quests won't go at 15,
      so you'd better be really careful.

5) Sara Carson - Settler - Age:16
"Sara is my sister! She's just a normal kid!"
Description: a kid with big, green hair. She's 16 years old, which means that
             she survived the Death Eclypse. She uses bow well, but one thing:
             unless she's your main character, you will never have her for
             entire game. I think she's the character designed for the commander
             mode as she will get improved one in battle with final boss. She
             has few HP, bad Wi and Co and good St and In.
Where: In Pidona, same house as Thomas, middle room.
Default class: Hunter/Bow
Magic: Earth
Base stats:
St:14 Dx:11 Sp:15 Co:10 In:17 Wi:8  Ch:17 HP:45  TP:3
Bow: 1
Greed level: 7

6)Ellen Carson - Settler - Age:20
"Julian, don't assume that we are lovers or something."
Description: wears red/yellow/blue clothes and has a ponytail. She has weird
             in-town music. Well, she uses axes and kung-fu or rather kung-fu
             and axes (she's better with fists! O_o). The funny thing is, she
             has even lower base Co than Sara (who is a sickly child...). A
             good Ch, fair Sp and is IMHO not too bad but I prefer Black
             instead for his faster tech mastering and magic.
Where: Lance.
Default class: Fighter/Axe
Magic: Earth
Base stats:
St:12 Dx:13 Sp:16 Co:7  In:15 Wi:13 Ch:20 HP:60  TP:8
Axe: 1
Kung-fu: 3 [I don't even want to know =P]
Greed level: 7

7)Monica of Loanne - Princess - Age:19
"Monica's courage has crushed the ambition of Godwin."
Description: blond-haired with blue cape and ?pink? clothes. Her and Julian's
             intros are the longest ones. She's a scholar and seems to have no
             real specialisation if a NPC (she starts with no skills then).
             Poor Int, high Ch and average everything else
Where: Exactly the same place, time and condition as Julian. If you play him,
       you must recruit her in the beginning and don't leave her. You can't
       recruit her if Mikhail is in party.
Default class: Scholar/Epee (NPC:NO skill)
Magic: Fire
Base stats:
St:13 Dx:12 Sp:14 Co:13 In:9  Wi:14 Ch:22 HP:40  TP:0
No weapon skills!
Greed level: 1

8)Katrina - Noble - Age:24
"Quite a reassuring ally, eh?"
Description: the one with purple hairs. She wears her clothes only for intro
             (but there is a way to wear them again). She's one of better
             characters so it's bad you can't recruit her :(. Well, based on
             her skills she uses both swords, epee and spear well - impressive,
             huh? She has poor Co and In but great Sp and Dx. Kill' em before
             they can touch you!
Where: Nowhere :(. You must select her as a main character.
Default class: Merchant/Big sword
Magic: Wind
Base stats:
St:12 Dx:15 Sp:20 Co:10 In:8  Wi:14 Ch:15 HP:115 TP:23 [8 int!...]
Sword: 6
Spear: 4
Kung-fu: 1
Greed level: 7


[2.3] Other characters
...we need a sidekick! or two...

Note: HP, MP & TP growth rates aren't 100% sure. They're based on what I've
      played so far. And tech learning/mastering... heh :P

1) Bai Meiling (Bai Mei Niang) - East magician - Age:*OLD* =P
Description: The "Teacher", she seems to be the wise one (like Yoda ;P) in
             Xuan City and Mung Village. She's a great magician and her high LP
             makes her a good choice for Dragon God spell. Her physical stats
             aren't bad either, unlke other magicians'. She has the best quote:
             "Sounds like a total idiot" XD.
Where: In Xuan city after you communicate with Neft tribe.
Skill: Wind magic
St:17 Dx:16 Sp:14 Co:17 In:23 Wi:18 Ch:8  LP:13 [try to get rid of those crones]
HP growth: average
TP growth: average
MP growth: great

2) Black - Ex pirate - Age: 39
"I, who got back my youth, will be invincble!"
Description: Herman after regaining his youth. He's very good to have since he
             uses axes very well and hits more often than Ellen. Plus he's good
             with wind magic and has high LP for it, too. You may kick him out
             now, but if you got him that far, you'll probably want to keep him.
Where: Defeat Forneus with Herman in party (not necessarily active).
Skill: Axe and wind magic
St:19 Dx:20 Sp:15 Co:16 In:16 Wi:24 Ch:14 LP:12
HP growth: good
TP growth: good
MP growth: average
Tech learning: good
Tech mastering: okay

3) Boston - Lobster - Age unknown
"Form Island of Limit to the end... It's fun!"
Description: Well, he's a lobsterman, great to have in party because he has
             good attack power, uses water magic well and is immune to some
             water attacks. His downsides are his poor armor and vulnerability
             to electricity (good luck with gels). He also doesn't gain much TP,
             which is bad for he uses costly Kung-fu (Dragon inferno: 15 TP
             while at the end he usually gets around 95)
             On the other hand, he has stronger basic puch so is up to you to
             make choice.
             BTW, he seems to be extremely careless :D.
Where: Island of limit.
Skill: Kung-fu and water magic
St:16 Dx:13 Sp:20 Co:19 In:21 Wi:17 Ch:9  LP:17 
HP growth: great
TP growth: poor
MP growth: average
Tech learning: will do
Tech mastering: a bit slow
Special: Trim instead of Punch, non-removeable Water Magic, HP regen (water)
Immunity: Squall, Dissolve, Digest, Poison (the one used by some snails/crabs)
Weakness: Electricity

4) Elephant (Zo) - Elephant - Age unknown
"Will I become human if I destroy this or remain as an elephant?"
Description: Named by his looks... He's the slowest character, but that makes
             him a good candidate for Fort suit, IMO the ultimate armor. His
             extremely high LP and good In makes him the best candidate for
             wind magic - he just makes the fight with Destroyer too easy...
             Even if DGD was casted right in the beginning he won't ever be
             close to 10 LP when it's over :impressed: O_O.
             Also, if he's armed with two-handed weapon, he still uses normal
             shields well. Seems to be okay with any swords. Must wear his
             Cotton shirt.
Where: Go the upper left house in Rashkuta with Sara or Shonen in party. Wake
       the sleeping elephant there from coma and Zo will offer to join.
Skill: Big sword?
St:19 Dx:14 Sp:7  Co:26 In:18 Wi:20 Ch:13 LP:36
HP growth: great
TP growth: above average
MP growth: average

5) Fairy (Yousei) - Fairy - Age unknown
"This is a terrible thing to do, but I'm on it!"
Description: One of three characters decribed literally... She (it?) seems to be
             genderless, so... It's... immune to some charm attacks. It has to
             wear it's scarf so you have one slot less for armor. It has great
             melee stats, but don't expect to make it a spellcaster... Also,
             she's terribly weak to air attacks like Gale Sword or Air Slash.
             Many people like Yousei for her versality with many weapons and
             extreme speed. BTW, a fairy stronger than elephant? WTF? 
Where: First you must save her..uh, it, from the travelling freak ("Fake" :/)
       show, then after you find Aunas' Castle in jungle, she'll join you in
       fairies' town.
Skill: Spear, Bow
St:21 Dx:22 Sp:25 Co:10 In:12 Wi:11 Ch:20 LP:7
HP growth: below average
TP growth: great
MP growth: poor
Tech learning: pretty good
Tech mastering: average
Immunity: Earthquake, Crack
Weakness: Air Slash, Gale Sword, Shot Wave (in case of charms)

6, 7) Robin & Fat Robin - The mask - Ages: 22 & 42
"Keep up with your courage!" [and other such jibberish :P]
Description: Seem to be ri... inspired by Zorro ;). They're both good with epee
             and they always get a discount in TP for it (and *only* for it).
             It's your choice between them: Robin's good with wind magic, has
             higher St and In while Fat Robin is fast(er), has higher Co and his
             HP gets very high (in my party of Harid, Wood, Poet, Fat and Paul
             the "tub of blubber" got HP second only to Wood! Fat = armor? :P).
             If you want to use Epee, you *should* get fat one and master his
             Screwdriver or else it's nearly impossible to learn.
Where: In Yamas - you'll encounter normal one in docks and house, then go to
       the lower shop and get out for a scene. Then you fight two demons (If
       you have 4 or less people in party, they'll join you temporarily).
       Finally, they'll join you in docks. You can't have both at once!
Skills: Robin - Epee & Wind magic
        Fat Robin - Epee
Robin:     St:21 Dx:17 Sp:20 Co:14 In:17 Wi:12 Ch:17 LP:12
Fat Robin: St:15 Dx:17 Sp:22 Co:17 In:14 Wi:15 Ch:19 LP:9
HP growth (Robin/Fat): good/above average
TP growth            : good/good
MP growth            : average/poor
Tech learning: even/odd [/mark/space :P]
Tech mastering: average/more average
Special: TP cost decrease for Epee, not cumulative with TP crown.

8) Fullbright - Merchant - Age: 23
"It's important in my job to know everything."
Description: Fancy dressed man with a green beret(?) He isn't too good in melee
             but he specializes in Earth and Sun magic, and that's neat - he'll
             be good healer in team and will do lots of damage with spells. A
             must have if you focus on magic.
Where: Well, it's confusing - in house where Thomas and Sara are staying, go to
       the right room (you DID rescue Gon, did you?). He'll be there, offering
       a business venture - you can refuse to accept it, in that case he'll be
       in shop in Wilminton, ready to join. If you take this business, you can
       finish it or give up, in both cases he'll again be in Wilminton...
       Sometimes he doesn't appear and I'm not quite sure why. Also, you need
       Thomas to get him.
Skill: Staff, Earth and Sun magic. Due to his Dx you may try Bow or Epee...
St:15 Dx:20 Sp:16 Co:13 In:19 Wi:21 Ch:14 LP:9
HP growth: average
TP growth: below average
MP growth: very good
Tech learning: don't bother...
Tech mastering: sloow

9) Herman - Ex pirate - Age: 39 (sic!)
"Even among Black's treasures it's a precious item."
Description: Apparently, Black angered Forneus and the demon took his youth...
             He's terribly weak and he's ment to be. You can take him, and you
             really should, 'cause he's required to reclaim Holy King's stuff.
             You can't kick him out until you turn him into Black, so if you've
             already defeated Forneus, you'd better stay away. Note his wooden
             leg :. .
Where: Great Arc. To recruit him, you must ask him about Dolphin Statue (one of
       Vanguard quests).
Skill: Axe and Wind magic (both weak)
St:14 Dx:20 Sp:10 Co:11 In:16 Wi:24 Ch:12 LP:!4!
HP, TP and MP growth: poor
Tech learning: zany
Tech mastering: *hack* well...

10) Leonid - Vampire earl - Age: over 600 (I'd say 666 ;))
"Is destruction something fun as well?"
Description: Yeah, vampires supposedly can't leave Podol Castle, but this one
             will follow the holder of Holy Grail. He wears the true Dusk Robe
             (not the fake one you can find in his castle) so he can equip only
             rings. He can't be healed by normal spells and items, only by
             attacking someone. His only magic, Vampire skills, are really neat
             [Gentle touch, oh yeah ;)~]. If you don't know what to choose out
             of death items, take Ring (aromors are harder to complete anyway)
             and give it to Leonid for good combination. He has 666 HP and he
             can gain more only by steps of 1. Finally, he has 0 LP, so he
             can't be killed permanently, just for the current battle.
Where: After you win Zweig's tournament you can enter Podol - go to the bottom
       of the castle (easier said than done, you'll need about 600 HP), Leonid
       will give you the Holy Grail then offer to join anytime you visit.
       Monica can't get him as she can't enter the tournament. He'll be there
       and you can even get to bottom of his castle but  you'll find nothing
Skill: Sword, Epee, Kung-fu and Vampire skills.
St:19 Dx:13 Sp:21 Co:17 In:25 Wi:13 Ch:27 LP:0 HP:666 [yay ]:>]
HP growth: none (the only increase is kind of a bug)
TP growth: good
MP growth: N/A
Tech learning: dandy
Tech mastering: a bit fast
Special: Vampire Skills (Blood Suck, Stare, Control Undead, Gentle Touch),
         no magic allowed, undead, regen (death)
Immunity: death and poison attacks, charming, HP-transfer spells
Weakness: smash attacks (Maces, Smash etc.), Sun magic

11) Muse - A young lady - Age:22
"Miss Muse! You are well!"
Description: Another of Thomas' relatives, daughter of late Claudius... She's
             hiding in Pidona slums. She gets high TP and MP, and has decent
             stats (except for Co), but the main reason to recruit her IMO is
             her crazy tech learning rate. Once I gave her spear for fight with
             Dream Devil and she instantly learned Great Wheel and a turn later
             Poison hit :O. But then you'll end up with lots of "red" techs
             as she will master them extremely slowly. In commander mode she
             seems to use only magic (if she doesn't have any, she'll defend).
Where: When your main character gets 250 HP go to Pidona slums (again, you must
       have saved Gon). You can get into Muse's dream. This is great place for
       training and you can find Silver Hand here. When you finish it, Muse
       will offer to join anytime.
Skill: none (she'll probably go well with anything)
St:16 Dx:20 Sp:15 Co:10 In:19 Wi:18 Ch:25 LP:6
HP growth: poor
TP growth: good
MP growth: good
Tech learning: like a rabbit running from wolf
Tech mastering: turtle-class in swamps (48 battles for Great Wheel!)

12) Nora - Engineer - Age:23
"The shop's closed today."
Description: She's a strong character, but I rarely use her because if you make
             her invent things, she gives you 2 choices to invent (instead of 1
             for other blacksmiths). She seems to be a lot like Yousei, slower
             and a bit more powerful. If you want a power-packing team, choose
Where: When you arrive to Pidona, go to the leftmost house in northern part.
       MAKE sure you have a free slot in party. Downstairs you'll find her and
       Ken [good they didn't name her Barb... erm, nevermind :P]. Nora'll go out
       and will return after some babbling. You must offer to help her (I think
       that this also has something to do with Jackal's story). When you kick
       her out, you can make her to invent items for you.
Skill: Axe, Staff and a bit Spear. You might try Bow too :P.
St:23 Dx:24 Sp:16 Co:12 In:14 Wi:13 Ch:13 LP:14
HP growth: good
TP growth: good
MP growth: poor

13) Paul - Ex thief - Age:20 [Most people are in age of 20-23. wazzupwitdat?]
"I'll protect Nina!"
Description: He's the best bow user you'll find in game, he gets a lot of TP
             and learns Million Dollar fairly easy. As usual with strong
             characters, he's a bit difficult to get. What did he do to his
             hairs? =P
Where: Long way: you must save Nina from rats and he'll always appear after
       defeating one Abyss Guardian, but if you want him earlier... You must
       have a female other than Ellen in party, then in early game take a cargo
       run [%)] to either Farce or Yamas. Get defeated by one of the thieves
       that *should* be there (if not, you're too late. Fnord.). They'll take
       you to their hideout and Paul will save you. You can look around the Den.
       He'll pop out after leaving the place but can then join you anytime at
       Kidlanto. Note: People are still arguing whether you can get Ancient Cave
       thing if you get him early and/or clear the hideout with thieves. Myself,
       I've never been able to get AC after defeating the thieves :/. But I've
       got there after getting Paul fast, so...
Skill: Bow, and a bit Sword.
St:18 Dx:19 Sp:17 Co:19 In:13 Wi:15 Ch:16 LP:11
HP growth: average
TP growth: great
MP growth: poor
Tech learning: really surprising (Plasma Shot before Sidewinder...)
Tech mastering: varies but mostly fast

14) Poet - Scholar - Age: unknown
"Come now, let's write the best poem ever!"
Description: He looks like the bard from RS2, the reason why his age is unknown
             may be that he actually IS the same person [my bro, who plays RS3
             a lot too, said "hey, look, he must be old to make it here" XDDD].
             He's a really decent and strong (faster but a bit less endurable
             Ward, so to say) character, even moreso he is good with everything,
             but in contrary to Muse, he gets equal skill in each weapon when
             you recruit him (Muse has 0 skills). If you can't find anyone
             specialising in certain weapon, take Poet. He must always wear his
             fiddle, dunno what it's tech does. There's a little secret related
             to Shinon...
Where: You'll find him in many towns. When you ask him to sing a song, he'll
       join you. You can't kick him out until you defeat one Abyss Guardian.
       If you leave him then, he'll have a new song about you =).
Skill: None (he always has an equal level in all skills hen you get him)
St:20 Dx:18 Sp:17 Co:16 In:13 Wi:14 Ch:22 LP:10
HP growth: good
TP growth: very good
MP growth: good [despite poor In]
Special: non-removeable fiddle - tech "Everyone's song"
Tech learning: fine by me
Tech mastering: okay

15) Sharl - Ex knight - Age: 30 [a lot of Ex-s here...]
"Chaos, misfortune of the world, go away!!"
Description: The one dressed yellow with white hair. Another of my favourites,
             Sharl is IMHO the best spear user you'll encounter (Yousei has
             crappy magic stats). Moreover, he's the only character starting
             with Fire magic [Reviver is cool alright]. Unforunately, one of
             his arms is paralyzed and can only be cured by the Silver Hand,
             which will lose it's other power while on him. He's also a bit
             slow when it comes to fire magic...
Where: In Muse's dream find a room with a chest. Loot it, go out and re-enter
       to find something else inside. Repeat until you find the Silver Hand.
       Equip it on Sharl to fix his stats. He'll join you anytime after you
       finish this quest.
Skill: Spear, Fire magic and again a bit of Sword.
Stats normal/with Silver hand:
St:5/21 Dx:3/19 Sp:16 Co:21 In:19 Wi:16 Ch:18 LP:9
HP growth: great
TP growth: good
MP growth: good
Tech learning: catches up later
Tech mastering: fast

16) Shonen (=Young boy) - Unknown - Age: 16
"Get lost! Leave me alone!"
Description: Apparently, two kids survived the Death Eclypse... Shonen isn't a
             true character because you won't get him 'till near end if the
             game unless you're Sara and even then you can't have him for the
             final battle :/. Because of this, he isn't reliable and few people
             take time to train him. [why "Shonen"? 'Cause it means the same
             as Young boy and sounds better =P]
Where: If you're playing with Sara, you can get him to join in various pubs
       [many beginners mistake him for a girl =D]. Otherwise he'll join you
       right before you enter Abyss (you MUST take him :[ ). Rumour says that
       he was ment to be a main char... Ladies and gentlemen, we've got a
       Squarely Unfinished Aspect (c)(tm) here!
Skill: Big sword
St:23 Dx:14 Sp:16 Co:16 In:17 Wi:13 Ch:17 LP:10
HP growth: good
TP growth: average
MP growth: average

17) Snowman (Yuki Dharuma) - Snowman - Age unknown
"He's tickling me!" / "I'm sad..."
Description: He looks simply the best :DDDDDD. He's invulnerable to heat
             attacks. You can't dump his water magic. If you'll fight Aunas
             and everyone but Yuki dies, he'll sacrifice himself and kill
             Aunas for you. Don't believe in his Martial arts skill, he's
             totally weak in melee (11 St...!). High Wi and Co just isn't
             enough to make a good character... at first glance. But he's
             strange in advancing. Up to skill 10 he seemingly gains almost no
             TP and does tiny damage. After 10 things get a bit better - he may
             even have 30 TP and does a bit more damage. And after 20 he catches
             up and gets about as good as anyone else. Warm up?
Where: After you do Ward's quest and your HP breaks 350, ask Anne in Lance
       about Aurora. Then go to the world map (double X) and wait until sun
       sets and aurora appear. Go back to the map screen with Lance, a new
       location will appear. Inside the second house there will be stairs down.
       Go to the snowman in corner and tickle him (A button) a few times.
       After a warm greeting [;D] you can recruit him, but unless you give him
       the Nevermelt Ice found in Ice Galaxy, he won't leave Snow Town.
Skill: Water magic (poor In tho).
St:11 Dx:17 Sp: 8 Co:24 In:14 Wi:23 Ch:18 LP:8
HP growth: average
TP growth: poor
MP growth: great
Tech learning: good but takes time to kick in
Tech mastering: terrible (when it takes over 40 battles to master Firecracker..)
Special: non-removeable Water magic, sacrifices in battle with Aunas, HP regen
         when water in air.
Immunity: Fire magic and few water attacks (Poison...)

18) Tatyana (Mille feui, Candy, Crepe, Sherbert...) - Wandering girl - Age: 14
"I hate this city!!!"
Descriprion: Now she looks *odd*. She's a runaway from Librof, so she'll run 
             away [pun-ishment :P] when you enter this city. It may be possible
             to settle this affair (according to Mana Sword, it may have
             something to do with Thomas). She must wear her Teddy bear which
             will protect her from cold a bit. I've heard that under some names
             (like Candy) she gains Sun magic levels faster, while others go
             better with Moon. Other than that, she has decent stats but doesn't
             advance well.
Where: In several towns she'll chase you and force joining. That is, unless
       you're Mikhail or Monica.
Skill: Epee and Sun or Moon magic.
St:18 Dx:16 Sp:15 Co:19 In:17 Wi:13 Ch:20 LP:10
HP growth: average
TP growth: poor
MP growth: average
Tech learning: wuzzat?
Tech mastering: sluggish

19) Tiberius - Church head - Age: 47
"You are not of Divine Church but that's okay."
Description: The oldest of human characters. He isn't too good in melee, but
             since he uses staffs and Water magic and has high In he may be a
             good healer in team (I prefer Fullbright beacuse he's easier to
             get, not to mention better stats). Well, I'm not quite sure if
             Harid can recruit him because Tiberius destroyed his country.
Where: You must first chase off Maximus (go there with Black/Herman). Then
       ask people around until the ferryman directs you to Librof. Go there,
       ask around in pub, go to the Naj desert, go west until you reach a town.
       A merchant there will offer you followers' robes. If you have Harid in
       party, you'll have to pay 10000 G instead. At the very top you'll meet
       Tiberius. After a bit of talk, you can get him to join. You can get him
       anytime later.
Skill: Staff, Sun and Water Magic.
St:14 Dx:13 Sp:14 Co:15 In:23 Wi:20 Ch:14 LP:8
HP growth: below average
TP growth: average
MP growth: great

20) Undine - Water magician - Age: 34 [...]
"I'll choose from my students."
Decription: Yet another character that uses water magic. She's even weaker than
            Yuki so if you want Water magic as a support, take Boston or Thomas
            instead. But if you're into "pure magic" stuff then she's your lady.
            Just remember that she will grow slowly with other element than
            Water (not counting light-spells - sun&moon).
Where: In Moses. First off, go to both parts and accept Volocano and Undine's
       offer. Then go to pub and ask bartender about info. Then go to the
       middle part (you will be let through), loose the guards at well and go
       inside. When you collect Devil King's shield, go outside. You will be
       attacked by both employers. This may be tough, so make sure you defeat
       Undine first. Volcano will fall easily then. After fight, you can go 
       and recruit her (as well as loot the chests in both houses).
Skill: Water magic.
St:10 Dx:20 Sp:16 Co:15 In:24 Wi:17 Ch:13 LP:7
HP growth: average
TP growth: below average
MP growth: great
Special: Squall cost: 0 MP

21) Wood (Ward) - Man from North - Age: 37
"Hi! Are you interested in a job?"
Description: Is he wearing goggles? He is simply a powerhouse. He's the only
             normal character that is skilled with Big Sword (besides Katerina),
             but since he has low Sp, you won't get much attacks with Ice Sword.
             When you find Beauty sword and give him Fort suit, he becomes a
             true tank like Zo but a bit faster (not that it makes any
             difference in fight =P) and a bit more accurate.
Where: In Justerm. If your greed counter is below 15, he'll offer you a job -
       monster hunting at Ice Lake. After you do this quest, he will join you
Skill: Big Sword.
St:22 Dx:16 Sp:10 Co:23 In:12 Wi:18 Ch:13 LP:15
HP growth: great
TP growth: very good
MP growth: poor
Tech learning: fast counters, everything else average
Tech mastering: slow counters, everything else okay

22) Yan Fan - General - Age: 34
"East kingdom is pretty good, eh?"
Description: He's wearing shogun outfit and has dark green hair. I wonder how
             he became a general with only 10 St... He's great with Moon magic
             and okay with staves, so you can try to cast Shadow servant and
             then attack with Traning canes' built-in techs for great damage.
             After that he's reduced to a support though.
Where: He'll join you temporarily for Devil King's armor quest. If you want
       him later on, you must defeat all Abyss Guardians and go to Xuan City.
       Talk to Bai Meiling, after some dialogue you can get him to join (it may
       be possible that you can't have them both). That makes him the last
       useful character you can recruit (later on you can get only Shonen).
       If you recruit him, antoher general takes his place in succeeding battle.
Skill: Staff and Moon magic.
St:10 Dx:15 Sp:21 Co:10 In:23 Wi:21 Ch:19 LP:12
HP growth: below average
TP growth: average
MP frowth: great

23) Zhi Ling - Mung girl - Age: 28 [she doesn't look that old =]]
"Stop calling me Lin Lin! I'm not a child anymore!"
Description: Well, she's the second reliable bow user you'll find but she may
             be easier to get, depending on how you play. She has some talent
             in Kung-fu, too. Myself, I usually keep her until I can get Paul,
             but that's me. Note though that she has excellent dexterity...
Where: In Mung village.
Skill: Bow and Kung-fu.
St:14 Dx:24 Sp:15 Co:18 In:10 Wi:20 Ch:16 LP:12
HP growth: average
TP growth: good
MP growth: poor
Tech learning: a bit worse than Paul
Tech mastering: above average


[2.4] Summary
...all in all and all together...

Here you can find all characters arranged by their skills. Useful if you seek
someone to balance your party.

Skill: Sword
Characters: Harid
            Zo (Elephant)

Skill: Big Sword
Characters: Katrina
            Zo (Elephant)

Skill: Axe
Characters: Black/Herman

Skill: Staff
Characters: Fullbright
            Yan Fan

Skill: Epee
Characters: Fat Robin

Skill: Spear
Characters: Fairy

Skill: Bow
Characters: Paul
            Zhi Ling

Skill: Kung-fu
Characters: Boston
            Zhi Ling*

Skill: Versalite (aka None)
Characters: Monica
            Thomas (NPC)

Skill: Earth magic
Characters: Fullbright

Skill: Fire magic
Characters: Sharl

Skill: Moon magic
Characters: Tatyana (some names)
            Yan Fan

Skill: Sun magic
Characters: Fullbright
            Tatyana (some names)

Skill: Water magic
Characters: Boston

Skill: Wind magic
Characters: Bai Meiling
            Zo (no real skill, but best candidate - high LP)

* Basic skill
** You can't have them for entire game
*** He's there because he attacks with punch a lot in Commander Mode or when
    charmed, even if he has other better skills.


[2.5] Teams
...not template but favourite...

Here are some teams I've assembled. If you have your favourite team, send it to
me and I'll most probably post it here.

1) Thomas (Fight/Sword)
   Formation: Genbu
   Note: Being that Tom is my favourite and goes very well with this class
         (basing on my 15 games with him =P) he's a must. Muse will learn new
         techs extremely fast and even though she masters them in a sluggish
         pace she'll be nice with spear. Leonid replaces Boston since I'm fed
         up with his sucky TP growth. Zo - DGD, BigSwrd, WaterMirror. 'Nuff.
         And Black - same as above. I like Genbu for it's HP regen that
         makes Salves almost obsolete (most enemies would always be faster).

2) Katrina (default)
   Formation: any? (not Genbu =P)
   Note: This party will go well with most anything you can muster. But to use
         their greatest advantage you shouldn't place them in Genbu which slows
         all party members down... Want easy game? pick this.

3) Thomas (Merch/Big Sword)
   Fullbright (Magic only)
   Note: I came up with this very recently. If you get Fullbright really early,
         it may be possible to get MP crown in a reasonable amount of time. As
         for formation, I really think that this is the best formation for
         normal (not Commander) battles.

Maxin's Multitech Team:

 Sara (Commander)
 Boston / Yuki Dharuma
 Formation: mostly Dragon Form or Tri Anchor
 <As Maxin will be absent for next few weeks, I'll comment this one for now.
 Note: Well, that's my bro's team. He put in Boston very recently after some
       very long strides with Yuki. Nonetheless, it's very menacing, switching
       between DF and doing Thousand Hand God and TA using the best Multitech
       - Marvelous Cannon (it comes up easily to 9999 damage with 3 chars!).
       Since he's VERY patient, he managed to learn all multitechs AND Meteoric
       thrust just by wandering in the jungle (yet he didn't find a way to 
       Fairies' town O_o).
       And why we both use Black so much? =)


[3] Miscellaneous

[3.1] Endings
...Now for the ultimate spoiler collection =P...

Main endings:
1) Julian

Ending 1: Mikhail says that Julian has protected Monica well. He makes him a
          Baron so that he can be together with Monica.
Trigger: Accept to be Monica's guard in the intro. If you didn't shipwreck,
         keep her in party.

Ending 2.1: Julian declines to work for Mikhail.
Trigger: Decline to be Monica's guard in the intro.

Ending 2.2: Julian goes back to Shinon to visit Ellen and Sara.
Trigger: Ellen is in the party.

Note: Endings 2.1 and 2.2 can occur simultaneously.

2) Ellen 

Ending 1: Ellen stands outside her house and talks with Sara.
Trigger: Julian is not in the party in the last battle.

Ending 2: Julian visits Ellen and Sara.
Trigger: Julian is in the party.

3) Sara

Ending 1: Same as ending 1 of Ellen's endings.
Trigger: Ellen is in the party.

Ending 2: Similar to ending 1 except dialogue is slightly different.
Trigger: Ellen is not in the party.

4) Thomas

Ending 1: Thomas returns to Shinon.
Trigger: Haven't completed the Business minigame.

Ending 2: Thomas takes some pocket money and goes for a trip.
Trigger: Completed all 3 phases of the Business minigame.

5) Harid 

Ending 1: Harid is thinking about his princess and princess actually appears!
Trigger: Visit King's Capital, but don't even try fighting Dragon Ruler (better
         pick other best skill... just use second weapon slot!)
Ending 2: Harid is thinking about his princess, but eventually he decides to
         earn more money instead. [That's the spirit! :P]
Trigger: Never open up Kings' Capital on the world map, or fight the Dragon
         Ruler in there. 

6) Mikhail 

Ending 1: Loanne has become strong, and you will be declared "King" or "Duke"
          (depending on how well you perform on the Ruling minigame).
Trigger: Good performance on the Ruling minigame (easier said than done) 

Ending 2: Mikhail decides to leave the work to Shadow.
Trigger: Poor performance on the Ruling minigame.
7) Monica

Ending 1: Same as ending 1 of Julian's endings.
Trigger: Lose Julian in shipwreck or escape and keep him in party.

Ending 2: Monica wants her brother to get married first.
Trigger: Escape and Julian is not in the party.

8) Katrina

Ending 1: Katrina talks with Mikhail and leaves Loanne.
Trigger: Mikhail is not in the party.

Ending 2: Mikhail reveals the fact that Katrina was granted Masquerade means 
          that she's to be the wife of the Marquis, and he asks her to stay.
Trigger: Mikhail is in the party.

(the scenes for each character triggered, in order of appearance)

1) Leonid's ending
Scene: Leo goes back to his castle and keeps doing his vampire stuff...
Trigger: Retrieved Holy Grail. 

2) Professor's ending
Scene: Professor is dancing in front of Duke Zweig, making him chase her.
       [is he blind or something? =P]
Trigger: Helped Professor to beat the machine car.

3) Paul/Nina's ending

Scene: Paul and Nina block the entrance to the rats' cave together.
       [as if there were any reasons to do this now]
Trigger: Saved Nina from the rats after she was sacrificed.

4) Wood's ending

Scene: Wood is now catching fish in the Ice Lake.
Trigger: Completed his Ice Lake quest.

5) Snowman's ending
Scene: Snowman lands from the air into Snow Town. [bombs away! =P]
Trigger: Made the snowmen in Snow Town move (tickle Yuki O_o).

6) Johannes and Anna's ending

Scene: Finally it's Anna turn to sleep in the bed while Johanne walks around.
Trigger: None; will appear in any case.

7) Robin's ending

Scene: The Robins take turn to disguise themselves and now it is very clear who
       they actually are... but let me quote Snow Wanderer on this: "not that 
       it requires an IQ much higher than room temperature to notice."
Trigger: Beat the demons in Yamas.

8) Gwayne's ending 1

Scene: The dragon lives happily among the treasures it got.
Trigger: Reach Gwayne in it's cave but keep it alive.

   Gwayne's ending 2 (mutually exclusive)

Scene: The main character will mourn for the dragon at its cave entrance.
Trigger: Kill Gwayne after it destroys Small Village.

9) Lobster's ending

Scene: A prosperous Lobster Island.
Trigger: None; appear in *any* case

10) Yan Fan's ending

Scene: Yan Fan stands at the top of the Huang Castle
Trigger: None; appear in any case...?
11) Bai Meiling's ending

Scene: This crazy old woman scares people in town with earthquakes. And I bet
       she's screaming sumthin' like "TOTAL IDIOT!!!" =D.
Trigger: None? It always appeared for me...

12) Zhi Ling's ending

Scene: Zhi Ling tries to leave Mung village, but Bai comes out and casts
       another earthquake...
Trigger: These three endings always appear, I think.

13) Zo's ending

Scene: Elephants are dancing???
Trigger: Heal Zo's brother in Rashkuta.

14) Tiberius' ending

Scene: Tiberius stands at the top of the Divine Tower
Trigger: Defeat Maximus.

15) Fairy's ending

Scene: All the fairies can now fly freely in the forest
Trigger: Talk to either Yousei or the fairy that offers you tea. 

16) Herman's ending

Scene: Herman enjoys sunshine at Great Arch's beach
Trigger: Get him in party after you defeat Forneus [which is a dumb thing to do]

17) Undine's ending

Scene: Undine, back to her house, is happily being surrounded by her students.
       [yaoi...? >_<]
Trigger: Solve Moses quest properly or in Undine's favor (kill Volcano).

18) Fullbright's ending

Scene: Fullbright is at his shop, watching over his business.
Trigger: Accept to take his Business minigame but I don't think that you
         actually have to finish it...

19) Tatyana's ending

Scene: (Tatyana goes back to Librof and meets her father.)
Trigger: According to Mana Sword, it's related to Thomas but no one achieved
         it... another of Squarely Unfinished Aspects (c)(tm) :/. 

20) Black's ending

Scene: Black stands alone at a pier.
Trigger: Get Black.

21) Ken/Nora's ending

Scene: Ken and the blacksmiths are working on new weapons...
Trigger: Offer to help Nora. 

22) Sharl/Muse's ending

Scene: Sharl and Muse sit in their new (?) house, and the children come by and
       visit them. (those who never played translated version may think that
       these are THEIR chldren >_>)
Trigger: Save Muse from the Dream Devil.

23) Poet's song

Scene: Poet sings the song for the new legend
Trigger: None; appear in any case
         [yea, and now even drunk junkies will sing about you =P]


[3.2] Tips 'n tricks
...actually, ultrasecret and unavilable anywhere else =P. JOKE =D

Greed level:
As I've said before, it's checked by some quests (most notably Wood's). Maximum
is 15 and then no quest with Greed lock will accept. Also, your character will
autmatically ask for money then, so once you reach the limit, you can't go
down. On the other hand, you get no bonuses for reaching 0, except for that you
can't haggle while selling pets.

Greed will be increased by:
* Haggling while selling pets - +1 each time
* Overlooking the thieves' "business" when paid - +2
* Asking Wood for money for his job - +2, even if you decline in the end
* Asking mayor of Vanguard for money - +2 then +1

Greed will be decreased by:
* Accepting Wood's job without asking for money - -1
* Accepting mayor's job - " -  - " - - " - - " - - -1

Seven Star Sword trick:
This one turns duplicates normal SSSword to a more powerful version (power: 60)
*Get the Seven Star Sword without learning Star Stream/Starburst
*Equip it on a candidate for powerup in SECOND slot, leave the first one empty
*Go to commander mode and place the guy in Tiger Cave or Genbu, like this:

       X                   X
        O               O
        X                    X
        X               X
       X                   X

*Fight in Focus mode (press Y and select first option) until the one learns
 Starburst. Voila! Just don't remove the copy or it'll return to normal. It's
 tough to do do this trick with Julian since if he has free first slot, he'll
 almost always hit with punch -_-.

I've heard that this works also with Training Canes but since it's tech is
terribly tough to learn, I haven't got a chance to try it out. But then there's
possibility of _four_ TCs (two techs!) for those really persistent. With these,
Yan Fan would be unstoppable ;).

Silver hand:
Everyone knows that it cures Sharl's arm. But it has other appliance, too. Give
it to anyone else. Equip him with two one-handed weapons (preferably of same
type). When you attack in battle, the character will strike twice (or strike
then do waza)! Throw Shadow servant in, and...

When you play long enough, you may notice a crown next to TP or MP. What does
it give? It decreases TP/MP consumption by 1 point (2 if you're wearing Devil
King's stuff). Meaning, you can finally make Magic-only characters! But to make
it appear, your TP (or MP) must be higher than 45 plus 10 times MP (TP). And
this will be hard to achieve for some chars (like Thomas for MP crown). You
lose it if you gain 5 other points in a row.

Holy Grail:
You need it to get Leonid. But also, if you wear it, your TP will regen by one
each turn (if you equip it on Leonid and then kick him out you won't be able to
get him back!)


[4] End notes
...EOF is near...

Whew, finally over. Hope it helps anyone. If you spot some errors, inaccuracies,
have any comments conerning this guide, feel free to mail me (e-mail address is
at the beginning of this file). 

I'd like to thank following people:
- DShort for his great Waza and Formation guides
- Alex Jackson for information about learning types
- Mana Sword for translating this game
- Maxin for trying out those chars I didn't have time to
- Square for creating RS3 (but why didn't you *finish* it???)
- All the people at GameFAQs' RS3 message board
- Loriciel for releasing Jim POWER soundtrack (it may sound wierd but this is
  the most important thing that kept me going. GR8T music!)
- "Nuke" Ivanson for creating Moody Breeze (same as above)
- JRK for his review that made me curious about RS3
- YOU for reading this guide and getting through my sorry jokes =)

Version history:
- 0.9a (26IV2k4) - first version released
- 0.97 (5V2k4)   - first update, corrections here and there, quotes, endings,
                   strange language loops (is this door ajar or a jar? %))
- 0.98 (22VI2k4) - second update, removed some stupid things, corrections again,
                   few quotes, special/immunity/weakness added, waiting for
                   Snow Wanderer's FAQ =P
- 0.99 (15VII2k4)- added tech,corrected immunties and some other stuff, done
[End of file]

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