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Reviewed: 09/02/02 | Updated: 09/02/02

One of the best Startegy game for SNES

Romance of the three kingdoms IV, is a strategy game for SNES based on the the three kingdom period in China in about 200+ AD. In this game, you could choose to become one of the warlord and to take full control of China. The game was produced by KOEI, well-known for its strategy games like the previous Romance of the three kingdom series.

Gameplay 9
The gameplay is fun. You have the option of hiring and sacking officer, went into war with other ruler or you can try to plan one of your devious plan towards other ruler. The fact that this game have over hundred character is really a good thing. Definitely, in terms of gameplay the game has sawn much improvement compared to its predecessor.

If you chooses the war option, you will be taken to the war scenes.(It could be a naval battle, battlefield, or city depends on which one you are attacking). In this screen, you will be able to move your soldier around and order your general to do regular attack to nearby enemy, or attack in clandestine, or the most well known war tactic-ambush the enemy. Beside that you can also try to plot a more scheming action like fire, or confused the enemy, thus unable them to move.

Music 9
In terms of music, it's quite okay. the music did a great job in capturing the atmosphere of the game, wether it was in the main menu or in the war

Storyline 9
Since this is an RPG games, there might not be much of a storyline, but you can choose to start from one of the six scenario available in the game. The scenario that you choose will also determine the kind of ruler you will encountered. Just like the beginning where there are a lot of ruler compared near to the end where there are only three kingdoms left vying for the ultimate prize(hence the name Romance of the Three Kingdoms)

Replay Value 9
The best thing about this game is probably the fact that you can play this game if you are bored, and you will always experience different things. the fact that there are a lot of ruler, with difficulty from beginner to advance will make interesting to play with.

Game final Score:9
Overall, the game is a really good strategy game for SNES. I would recommend you of getting it if you are really interested in Strategy games.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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