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Pro Action Replay Codes by GreenWithEnvy

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/24/2008

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+-+ Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire - Pro Action Replay Codes
 \ \____________

/ Table of Contents

  1. Introduction ....................... [INTRO]
  2. About Changing Stats ............... [ABOUT]
  3. Creating Super Rulers & Officers ... [SUPER]
  4. Miscellaneous Codes ................ [MISC]
  5. Battle Codes ....................... [BATTLE]
  6. City Codes ......................... [CITYLIST]
  7. Scenario Ruler Values .............. [SCENARIO]
  8. Spying Codes ....................... [SPY]
  9. Legal Information .................. [LEGAL]

/ 1. Introduction                         [INTRO]

These codes were found and tested on an emulator using a ROM. I would assume
the codes work fine with an actual Pro Action Replay device using an actual
SNES cartridge, but I cannot guarantee it. The codes herein were fully tested
and should work without fail.

If you don't know what "hex" means, or how to convert regular numbers into
hex numbers, then it is recommended that you read the About Changing Stats
section [ABOUT] fully before you alter any stats.

If you would like to contact me concerning this guide, my e-mail is
admin [at] richinnovations.net or my AIM is Furdabip.

/ 2. About Changing Stats                 [ABOUT]

Most of the codes listed here end with '--'. When entering these codes, you
will have to replace the -- with a hex number representing the number you
actually want. A hex number is a 2-character code that represents a number
from 0 to 255. "0" in hex is "00" and "255" in hex is "FF". Refer to the list
below this section for common numbers in RotTK IV.

Some numbers require 2 codes to be entered. The ones marked "Upper Byte" are
hex codes that represent multiples of 256. So, entering "01" in the code will
result in a value of 256 + however much is in the Lower Byte. In most cases,
just entering the Upper Byte will work for giving you a lot of something.

If you want to enter an irregular code that is different from the list below,
then you will probably use a scientific calculator to figure out the hex value
based on the decimal value you want to enter. This is easy to do, as your
operating system no doubt comes with a calculator. On Windows, in your run
bar, type 'calc' and hit enter. Tah-dah! You can set it to 'Scientific' under
the 'View' menu. To convert decimal to hex, first make sure "Dec" is checked.
Now enter the value you want and click the equal sign. Now check "Hex" and the
number should change to the hex value. The right-most 2 characters represent
the Lower Byte in codes that have more than one value to enter. The left-most
2 characters represent the Upper Byte. If there's only 2 characters, then the
Upper Byte will be '00' where needed. When converting numbers, keep in mind
that the maximum value a 2-value number can be is 65535, and the maximum a
1-value number can be is 255.

List of common numbers:
0     = 00
1     = 01
10    = 0A
80    = 50
100   = 64
200   = C8
255   = FF
9999  = 27 (Upper Byte) 0F (Lower Byte)
50000 = C3 (Upper Byte) 50 (Lower Byte)
65535 = FF (Upper Byte) FF (Lower Byte)

/ 3. Creating Super Rulers & Officers     [SUPER]

Use these codes to have an unlimited amount of points when creating a Ruler
or Officer. The codes are different for whether you're changing a pre-existing
Ruler or Officer, or creating a new one. Keep this in mind and use the correct
codes listed below.

When you are editing the Ruler/Officer's stats, turn on the 60 points code
for whether you're changing the Ruler/Officer, or creating a new one. Once on,
increase/decrease the stats to whatever you would like them to be. When done,
turn on the 0 points code and accept the stats. While it is still on "OK?"
turn off the 0 points code and accept again. If you accidently keep the
0 points code on, the game will freeze.

Creating a Ruler - Stats Codes:

  60 Points: 7E09A53C
   0 Points: 7E09A500

Changing a Ruler - Stats Codes:

  60 Points: 7E09A33C
   0 Points: 7E09A300

Creating an Officer - Stats Codes:

  60 Points: 7E099D3C
   0 Points: 7E099D00

Changing an Officer - Stats Codes:

  60 Points: 7E099B3C
   0 Points: 7E099B00

/ 4. Miscellaneous Codes                  [MISC]

These are codes that don't fit into any other section.

Change the Year:   7E6552--        (Lower Byte)
                   7E6553--        (Upper Byte)

Change the Month:  7E6554--

  01 = January
  02 = February
  03 = March
  04 = April
  05 = May
  06 = June
  07 = July
  08 = August
  09 = September
  0A = October
  0B = November
  0C = December

Keeping the month on December (0C) will constantly increase the Year every
turn. If the month is kept on March, June, September or December, then the
game will calculate Plagues, Locusts, Floods, Typhoons, and Rich or Scarce
harvest each turn (this is a bad thing). If you want to avoid time ever really
passing, then set the month to January (01). Turns will pass, but time will
freeze and no negative events will ever happen. This Technically gives you
unlimited turns to do everything. However, you will not gain Gold or
Provisions (not a problem with city codes, eh?).

/ 5. Battle Codes                         [BATTLE]

These codes can be used during a battle.

  7E373800 = Always Sunny             (Good for setting fire)
  7E373801 = Always Partly Cloudy
  7E373802 = Always Overcast
  7E373803 = Always Raining           (Good for putting fire out quickly)
  7E373804 = Always Thunder Storming

  7E378D01 = Always Turn 1   (Never-ending battle)
  7E378D1F = Always Turn 31  (Battle always continued next month)

  Defending Stats
  Gold Held:        7E3755--        (Lower Byte)
                    7E3756--        (Upper Byte)
  Provisions Held:  7E3759--        (Lower Byte)
                    7E375A--        (Upper Byte)

  Quick Info: 50000 = C3 (Upper) 50 (Lower) - 0 = 00 for both

  Attacking Stats
  Gold Held:        7E3757--        (Lower Byte)
                    7E3758--        (Upper Byte)
  Provisions Held:  7E375B--        (Lower Byte)
                    7E375C--        (Upper Byte)

  Quick Info: 50000 = C3 (Upper) 50 (Lower) - 0 = 00 for both

/ 6. Cities                               [CITYLIST]

Below is a list of all of the cities in the game and their editable stats.
See the About Changing Stats section [ABOUT] for information on which values
to use in place of the '--'s.

About Ruler ID's
For Ruler ID's, you must change the last 2 digits to a different value based
on the specific scenario you choose. Refer to the Scenario Ruler Values
section [SCENARIO] for a list of usable Ruler IDs.

About Gold/Prov. Income/Loss
You will have to keep these codes on at all times to gain their benefits. If
you want a city with no Soldier or Officer cost, then set the Gold/Prov. Loss
to 00 for the Upper Byte, and 00 for the Lower Byte.

  Quick Search List
  An Ding ............... [CITY01]
  Bei Hai ............... [CITY02]
  Bei Ping .............. [CITY03]
  Chai Sang ............. [CITY04]
  Chang An .............. [CITY05]
  Chang Sha ............. [CITY06]
  Chen Liu .............. [CITY07]
  Cheng Du .............. [CITY08]
  Dai Xian .............. [CITY09]
  Gui Yang .............. [CITY10]
  Han Zhong ............. [CITY11]
  Hong Nong ............. [CITY12]
  Hui Ji ................ [CITY13]
  Jian Ye ............... [CITY14]
  Jiang Ling ............ [CITY15]
  Jiang Xia ............. [CITY16]
  Jiang Zhou ............ [CITY17]
  Jin Yang .............. [CITY18]
  Ling Ling ............. [CITY19]
  Lu Jiang .............. [CITY20]
  Luo Yang .............. [CITY21]
  Nan Pi ................ [CITY22]
  Ping Yuan ............. [CITY23]
  Pu Yang ............... [CITY24]
  Qiao .................. [CITY25]
  Ru Nan ................ [CITY26]
  Shang Yong ............ [CITY27]
  Shou Chun ............. [CITY28]
  Tian Shui ............. [CITY29]
  Wan ................... [CITY30]
  Wu .................... [CITY31]
  Wu Ling ............... [CITY32]
  Xi Liang .............. [CITY33]
  Xia Bian .............. [CITY34]
  Xia Pi ................ [CITY35]
  Xiang Ping ............ [CITY36]
  Xiang Yang ............ [CITY37]
  Xin Ye ................ [CITY38]
  Xu Chang .............. [CITY39]
  Xu Zhou ............... [CITY40]
  Ye .................... [CITY41]
  Yong An ............... [CITY42]
  Zi Tong ............... [CITY43]

An Ding                 [CITY01]
Population:     7EB48E--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB48F--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB490--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB491--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB492--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB493--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB494--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB495--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB496--
Farming:        7EB497--
Daming:         7EB498--
Economy:        7EB499--
Technology:     7EB49A--

Support:        7EB49C--
Spirit:         7EB49D--
Training:       7EB49E--
Crossbows:      7EB49F--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB4A0--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB4A1--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB4A2--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB4A3--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB4A4--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB4A5--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB4A6--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB4A7--
Rams:           7EB4A8--

Gold Income:    7E43C8--        (Lower Byte)
                7E43C9--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E43CA--        (Lower Byte)
                7E43CB--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E43CC--        (Lower Byte)
                7E43CD--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E43CE--        (Lower Byte)
                7E43CF--        (Upper Byte)

Bei Hai                 [CITY02]
Population:     7EB284--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB285--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB286--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB287--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB288--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB289--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB28A--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB28B--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB28C--
Farming:        7EB28D--
Daming:         7EB28E--
Economy:        7EB28F--
Technology:     7EB290--

Support:        7EB292--
Spirit:         7EB293--
Training:       7EB294--
Crossbows:      7EB295--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB296--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB297--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB298--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB299--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB29A--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB29B--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB29C--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB29D--
Rams:           7EB29E--

Gold Income:    7E4374--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4375--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E4376--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4377--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E4378--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4379--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E437A--        (Lower Byte)
                7E437B--        (Upper Byte)

Bei Ping                [CITY03]
Population:     7EB07A--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB07B--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB07C--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB07D--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB07E--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB07F--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB080--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB081--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB082--
Farming:        7EB083--
Daming:         7EB084--
Economy:        7EB085--
Technology:     7EB086--

Support:        7EB088--
Spirit:         7EB089--
Training:       7EB08A--
Crossbows:      7EB08B--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB08C--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB08D--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB08E--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB08F--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB090--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB091--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB092--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB093--
Rams:           7EB094--

Gold Income:    7E4320--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4321--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E4322--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4323--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E4324--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4325--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E4326--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4327--        (Upper Byte)

Chai Sang               [CITY04]
Population:     7EBC5F--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBC60--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EBC61--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBC62--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EBC63--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBC64--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EBC65--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBC66--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EBC67--
Farming:        7EBC68--
Daming:         7EBC69--
Economy:        7EBC6A--
Technology:     7EBC6B--

Support:        7EBC6D--
Spirit:         7EBC6E--
Training:       7EBC6F--
Crossbows:      7EBC70--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBC71--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EBC72--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBC73--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EBC74--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBC75--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EBC76--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBC77--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EBC78--
Rams:           7EBC79--

Gold Income:    7E450A--        (Lower Byte)
                7E450B--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E450C--        (Lower Byte)
                7E450D--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E450E--        (Lower Byte)
                7E450F--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E4510--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4511--        (Upper Byte)

Chang An                [CITY05]
Population:     7EB437--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB438--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB439--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB43A--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB43B--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB43C--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB43D--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB43E--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB43F--
Farming:        7EB440--
Daming:         7EB441--
Economy:        7EB442--
Technology:     7EB443--

Support:        7EB445--
Spirit:         7EB446--
Training:       7EB447--
Crossbows:      7EB448--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB449--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB44A--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB44B--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB44C--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB44D--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB44E--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB44F--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB450--
Rams:           7EB451--

Gold Income:    7E43BA--        (Lower Byte)
                7E43BB--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E43BC--        (Lower Byte)
                7E43BD--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E43BE--        (Lower Byte)
                7E43BF--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E43C0--        (Lower Byte)
                7E43C1--        (Upper Byte)

Chang Sha               [CITY06]
Population:     7EB9A7--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB9A8--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB9A9--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB9AA--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB9AB--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB9AC--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB9AD--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB9AE--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB9AF--
Farming:        7EB9B0--
Daming:         7EB9B1--
Economy:        7EB9B2--
Technology:     7EB9B3--

Support:        7EB9B5--
Spirit:         7EB9B6--
Training:       7EB9B7--
Crossbows:      7EB9B8--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB9B9--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB9BA--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB9BB--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB9BC--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB9BD--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB9BE--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB9BF--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB9C0--
Rams:           7EB9C1--

Gold Income:    7E449A--        (Lower Byte)
                7E449B--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E449C--        (Lower Byte)
                7E449D--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E449E--        (Lower Byte)
                7E449F--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E44A0--        (Lower Byte)
                7E44A1--        (Upper Byte)

Chen Liu                [CITY07]
Population:     7EB332--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB333--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB334--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB335--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB336--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB337--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB338--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB339--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB33A--
Farming:        7EB33B--
Daming:         7EB33C--
Economy:        7EB33D--
Technology:     7EB33E--

Support:        7EB340--
Spirit:         7EB341--
Training:       7EB342--
Crossbows:      7EB343--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB344--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB345--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB346--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB347--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB348--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB349--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB34A--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB34B--
Rams:           7EB34C--

Gold Income:    7E4390--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4391--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E4392--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4393--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E4394--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4395--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E4396--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4397--        (Upper Byte)

Cheng Du                [CITY08]
Population:     7EBDBB--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBDBC--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EBDBD--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBDBE--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EBDBF--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBDC0--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EBDC1--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBDC2--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EBDC3--
Farming:        7EBDC4--
Daming:         7EBDC5--
Economy:        7EBDC6--
Technology:     7EBDC7--

Support:        7EBDC9--
Spirit:         7EBDCA--
Training:       7EBDCB--
Crossbows:      7EBDCC--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBDCD--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EBDCE--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBDCF--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EBDD0--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBDD1--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EBDD2--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBDD3--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EBDD4--
Rams:           7EBDD5--

Gold Income:    7E4542--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4543--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E4544--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4545--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E4546--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4547--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E4548--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4549--        (Upper Byte)

Dai Xian                [CITY09]
Population:     7EB0D1--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB0D2--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB0D3--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB0D4--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB0D5--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB0D6--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB0D7--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB0D8--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB0D9--
Farming:        7EB0DA--
Daming:         7EB0DB--
Economy:        7EB0DC--
Technology:     7EB0DD--

Support:        7EB0DF--
Spirit:         7EB0E0--
Training:       7EB0E1--
Crossbows:      7EB0E2--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB0E3--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB0E4--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB0E5--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB0E6--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB0E7--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB0E8--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB0E9--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB0EA--
Rams:           7EB0EB--

Gold Income:    7E432E--        (Lower Byte)
                7E432F--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E4330--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4331--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E4332--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4333--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E4334--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4335--        (Upper Byte)

Gui Yang                [CITY10]
Population:     7EB9FE--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB9FF--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EBA00--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBA01--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EBA02--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBA03--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EBA04--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBA05--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EBA06--
Farming:        7EBA07--
Daming:         7EBA08--
Economy:        7EBA09--
Technology:     7EBA0A--

Support:        7EBA0C--
Spirit:         7EBA0D--
Training:       7EBA0E--
Crossbows:      7EBA0F--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBA10--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EBA11--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBA12--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EBA13--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBA14--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EBA15--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBA16--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EBA17--
Rams:           7EBA18--

Gold Income:    7E44A8--        (Lower Byte)
                7E44A9--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E44AA--        (Lower Byte)
                7E44AB--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E44AC--        (Lower Byte)
                7E44AD--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E44AE--        (Lower Byte)
                7E44AF--        (Upper Byte)

Han Zhong               [CITY11]
Population:     7EBCB6--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBCB7--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EBCB8--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBCB9--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EBCBA--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBCBB--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EBCBC--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBCBD--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EBCBE--
Farming:        7EBCBF--
Daming:         7EBCC0--
Economy:        7EBCC1--
Technology:     7EBCC2--

Support:        7EBCC4--
Spirit:         7EBCC5--
Training:       7EBCC6--
Crossbows:      7EBCC7--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBCC8--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EBCC9--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBCCA--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EBCCB--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBCCC--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EBCCD--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBCCE--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EBCCF--
Rams:           7EBCD0--

Gold Income:    7E4518--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4519--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E451A--        (Lower Byte)
                7E451B--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E451C--        (Lower Byte)
                7E451D--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E451E--        (Lower Byte)
                7E451F--        (Upper Byte)

Hong Nong               [CITY12]
Population:     7EB3E0--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB3E1--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB3E2--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB3E3--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB3E4--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB3E5--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB3E6--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB3E7--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB3E8--
Farming:        7EB3E9--
Daming:         7EB3EA--
Economy:        7EB3EB--
Technology:     7EB3EC--

Support:        7EB3EE--
Spirit:         7EB3EF--
Training:       7EB3F0--
Crossbows:      7EB3F1--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB3F2--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB3F3--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB3F4--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB3F5--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB3F6--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB3F7--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB3F8--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB3F9--
Rams:           7EB3FA--

Gold Income:    7E43AC--        (Lower Byte)
                7E43AD--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E43AE--        (Lower Byte)
                7E43AF--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E43B0--        (Lower Byte)
                7E43B1--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E43B2--        (Lower Byte)
                7E43B3--        (Upper Byte)

Hui Ji                  [CITY13]
Population:     7EBBB1--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBBB2--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EBBB3--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBBB4--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EBBB5--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBBB6--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EBBB7--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBBB8--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EBBB9--
Farming:        7EBBBA--
Daming:         7EBBBB--
Economy:        7EBBBC--
Technology:     7EBBBD--

Support:        7EBBBF--
Spirit:         7EBBC0--
Training:       7EBBC1--
Crossbows:      7EBBC2--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBBC3--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EBBC4--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBBC5--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EBBC6--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBBC7--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EBBC8--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBBC9--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EBBCA--
Rams:           7EBBCB--

Gold Income:    7E44EE--        (Lower Byte)
                7E44EF--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E44F0--        (Lower Byte)
                7E44F1--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E44F2--        (Lower Byte)
                7E44F3--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E44F4--        (Lower Byte)
                7E44F5--        (Upper Byte)

Jian Ye                 [CITY14]
Population:     7EBB03--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBB04--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EBB05--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBB06--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EBB07--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBB08--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EBB09--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBB0A--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EBB0B--
Farming:        7EBB0C--
Daming:         7EBB0D--
Economy:        7EBB0E--
Technology:     7EBB0F--

Support:        7EBB11--
Spirit:         7EBB12--
Training:       7EBB13--
Crossbows:      7EBB14--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBB15--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EBB16--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBB17--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EBB18--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBB19--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EBB1A--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBB1B--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EBB1C--
Rams:           7EBB1D--

Gold Income:    7E44D2--        (Lower Byte)
                7E44D3--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E44D4--        (Lower Byte)
                7E44D5--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E44D6--        (Lower Byte)
                7E44D7--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E44D8--        (Lower Byte)
                7E44D9--        (Upper Byte)

Jiang Ling              [CITY15]
Population:     7EB8F9--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB8FA--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB8FB--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB8FC--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB8FD--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB8FE--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB8FF--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB900--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB901--
Farming:        7EB902--
Daming:         7EB903--
Economy:        7EB904--
Technology:     7EB905--

Support:        7EB907--
Spirit:         7EB908--
Training:       7EB909--
Crossbows:      7EB90A--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB90B--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB90C--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB90D--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB90E--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB90F--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB910--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB911--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB912--
Rams:           7EB913--

Gold Income:    7E447E--        (Lower Byte)
                7E447F--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E4480--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4481--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E4482--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4483--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E4484--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4485--        (Upper Byte)

Jiang Xia               [CITY16]
Population:     7EB8A2--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB8A3--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB8A4--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB8A5--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB8A6--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB8A7--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB8A8--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB8A9--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB8AA--
Farming:        7EB8AB--
Daming:         7EB8AC--
Economy:        7EB8AD--
Technology:     7EB8AE--

Support:        7EB8B0--
Spirit:         7EB8B1--
Training:       7EB8B2--
Crossbows:      7EB8B3--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB8B4--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB8B5--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB8B6--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB8B7--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB8B8--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB8B9--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB8BA--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB8BB--
Rams:           7EB8BC--

Gold Income:    7E4470--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4471--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E4472--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4473--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E4474--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4475--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E4476--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4477--        (Upper Byte)

Jiang Zhou              [CITY17]
Population:     7EBE69--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBE6A--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EBE6B--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBE6C--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EBE6D--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBE6E--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EBE6F--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBE70--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EBE71--
Farming:        7EBE72--
Daming:         7EBE73--
Economy:        7EBE74--
Technology:     7EBE75--

Support:        7EBE77--
Spirit:         7EBE78--
Training:       7EBE79--
Crossbows:      7EBE7A--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBE7B--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EBE7C--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBE7D--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EBE7E--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBE7F--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EBE80--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBE81--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EBE82--
Rams:           7EBE83--

Gold Income:    7E455E--        (Lower Byte)
                7E455F--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E4560--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4561--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E4562--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4563--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E4564--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4565--        (Upper Byte)

Jin Yang                [CITY18]
Population:     7EB128--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB129--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB12A--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB12B--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB12C--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB12D--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB12E--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB12F--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB130--
Farming:        7EB131--
Daming:         7EB132--
Economy:        7EB133--
Technology:     7EB134--

Support:        7EB136--
Spirit:         7EB137--
Training:       7EB138--
Crossbows:      7EB139--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB13A--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB13B--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB13C--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB13D--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB13E--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB13F--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB140--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB141--
Rams:           7EB142--

Gold Income:    7E433C--        (Lower Byte)
                7E433D--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E433E--        (Lower Byte)
                7E433F--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E4340--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4341--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E4342--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4343--        (Upper Byte)

Ling Ling               [CITY19]
Population:     7EBA55--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBA56--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EBA57--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBA58--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EBA59--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBA5A--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EBA5B--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBA5C--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EBA5D--
Farming:        7EBA5E--
Daming:         7EBA5F--
Economy:        7EBA60--
Technology:     7EBA61--

Support:        7EBA63--
Spirit:         7EBA64--
Training:       7EBA65--
Crossbows:      7EBA66--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBA67--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EBA68--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBA69--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EBA6A--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBA6B--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EBA6C--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBA6D--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EBA6E--
Rams:           7EBA6F--

Gold Income:    7E44B6--        (Lower Byte)
                7E44B7--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E44B8--        (Lower Byte)
                7E44B9--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E44BA--        (Lower Byte)
                7E44BB--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E44BC--        (Lower Byte)
                7E44BD--        (Upper Byte)

Lu Jiang                [CITY20]
Population:     7EBC08--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBC09--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EBC0A--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBC0B--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EBC0C--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBC0D--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EBC0E--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBC0F--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EBC10--
Farming:        7EBC11--
Daming:         7EBC12--
Economy:        7EBC13--
Technology:     7EBC14--

Support:        7EBC16--
Spirit:         7EBC17--
Training:       7EBC18--
Crossbows:      7EBC19--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBC1A--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EBC1B--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBC1C--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EBC1D--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBC1E--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EBC1F--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBC20--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EBC21--
Rams:           7EBC22--

Gold Income:    7E44FC--        (Lower Byte)
                7E44FD--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E44FE--        (Lower Byte)
                7E44FF--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E4500--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4501--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E4502--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4503--        (Upper Byte)

Luo Yang                [CITY21]
Population:     7EB389--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB38A--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB38B--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB38C--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB38D--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB38E--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB38F--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB390--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB391--
Farming:        7EB392--
Daming:         7EB393--
Economy:        7EB394--
Technology:     7EB395--

Support:        7EB397--
Spirit:         7EB398--
Training:       7EB399--
Crossbows:      7EB39A--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB39B--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB39C--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB39D--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB39E--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB39F--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB3A0--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB3A1--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB3A2--
Rams:           7EB3A3--

Gold Income:    7E439E--        (Lower Byte)
                7E439F--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E43A0--        (Lower Byte)
                7E43A1--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E43A2--        (Lower Byte)
                7E43A3--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E43A4--        (Lower Byte)
                7E43A5--        (Upper Byte)

Nan Pi                  [CITY22]
Population:     7EB17F--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB180--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB181--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB182--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB183--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB184--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB185--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB186--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB187--
Farming:        7EB188--
Daming:         7EB189--
Economy:        7EB18A--
Technology:     7EB18B--

Support:        7EB18D--
Spirit:         7EB18E--
Training:       7EB18F--
Crossbows:      7EB190--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB191--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB192--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB193--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB194--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB195--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB196--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB197--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB198--
Rams:           7EB199--

Gold Income:    7E434A--        (Lower Byte)
                7E434B--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E434C--        (Lower Byte)
                7E434D--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E434E--        (Lower Byte)
                7E434F--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E4350--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4351--        (Upper Byte)

Ping Yuan               [CITY23]
Population:     7EB1D6--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB1D7--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB1D8--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB1D9--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB1DA--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB1DB--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB1DC--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB1DD--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB1DE--
Farming:        7EB1DF--
Daming:         7EB1E0--
Economy:        7EB1E1--
Technology:     7EB1E2--

Support:        7EB1E4--
Spirit:         7EB1E5--
Training:       7EB1E6--
Crossbows:      7EB1E7--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB1E8--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB1E9--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB1EA--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB1EB--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB1EC--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB1ED--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB1EE--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB1EF--
Rams:           7EB1F0--

Gold Income:    7E4358--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4359--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E435A--        (Lower Byte)
                7E435B--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E435C--        (Lower Byte)
                7E435D--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E435E--        (Lower Byte)
                7E435F--        (Upper Byte)

Pu Yang                 [CITY24]
Population:     7EB2DB--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB2DC--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB2DD--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB2DE--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB2DF--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB2E0--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB2E1--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB2E2--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB2E3--
Farming:        7EB2E4--
Daming:         7EB2E5--
Economy:        7EB2E6--
Technology:     7EB2E7--

Support:        7EB2E9--
Spirit:         7EB2EA--
Training:       7EB2EB--
Crossbows:      7EB2EC--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB2ED--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB2EE--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB2EF--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB2F0--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB2F1--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB2F2--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB2F3--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB2F4--
Rams:           7EB2F5--

Gold Income:    7E4382--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4383--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E4384--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4385--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E4386--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4387--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E4388--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4389--        (Upper Byte)

Qiao                    [CITY25]
Population:     7EB698--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB699--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB69A--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB69B--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB69C--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB69D--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB69E--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB69F--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB6A0--
Farming:        7EB6A1--
Daming:         7EB6A2--
Economy:        7EB6A3--
Technology:     7EB6A4--

Support:        7EB6A6--
Spirit:         7EB6A7--
Training:       7EB6A8--
Crossbows:      7EB6A9--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB6AA--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB6AB--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB6AC--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB6AD--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB6AE--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB6AF--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB6B0--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB6B1--
Rams:           7EB6B2--

Gold Income:    7E441C--        (Lower Byte)
                7E441D--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E441E--        (Lower Byte)
                7E441F--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E4420--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4421--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E4422--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4423--        (Upper Byte)

Ru Nan                  [CITY26]
Population:     7EB6EF--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB6F0--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB6F1--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB6F2--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB6F3--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB6F4--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB6F5--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB6F6--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB6F7--
Farming:        7EB6F8--
Daming:         7EB6F9--
Economy:        7EB6FA--
Technology:     7EB6FB--

Support:        7EB6FD--
Spirit:         7EB6FE--
Training:       7EB6FF--
Crossbows:      7EB700--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB701--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB702--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB703--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB704--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB705--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB706--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB707--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB708--
Rams:           7EB709--

Gold Income:    7E442A--        (Lower Byte)
                7E442B--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E442C--        (Lower Byte)
                7E442D--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E442E--        (Lower Byte)
                7E442F--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E4430--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4431--        (Upper Byte)

Shang Yong              [CITY27]
Population:     7EB84B--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB84C--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB84D--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB84E--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB84F--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB850--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB851--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB852--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB853--
Farming:        7EB854--
Daming:         7EB855--
Economy:        7EB856--
Technology:     7EB857--

Support:        7EB859--
Spirit:         7EB85A--
Training:       7EB85B--
Crossbows:      7EB85C--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB85D--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB85E--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB85F--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB860--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB861--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB862--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB863--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB864--
Rams:           7EB865--

Gold Income:    7E4462--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4463--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E4464--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4465--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E4466--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4467--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E4468--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4469--        (Upper Byte)

Shou Chun               [CITY28]
Population:     7EBAAC--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBAAD--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EBAAE--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBAAF--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EBAB0--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBAB1--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EBAB2--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBAB3--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EBAB4--
Farming:        7EBAB5--
Daming:         7EBAB6--
Economy:        7EBAB7--
Technology:     7EBAB8--

Support:        7EBABA--
Spirit:         7EBABB--
Training:       7EBABC--
Crossbows:      7EBABD--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBABE--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EBABF--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBAC0--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EBAC1--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBAC2--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EBAC3--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBAC4--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EBAC5--
Rams:           7EBAC6--

Gold Income:    7E44C4--        (Lower Byte)
                7E44C5--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E44C6--        (Lower Byte)
                7E44C7--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E44C8--        (Lower Byte)
                7E44C9--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E44CA--        (Lower Byte)
                7E44CB--        (Upper Byte)

Tian Shui               [CITY29]
Population:     7EB4E5--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB4E6--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB4E7--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB4E8--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB4E9--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB4EA--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB4EB--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB4EC--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB4ED--
Farming:        7EB4EE--
Daming:         7EB4EF--
Economy:        7EB4F0--
Technology:     7EB4F1--

Support:        7EB4F3--
Spirit:         7EB4F4--
Training:       7EB4F5--
Crossbows:      7EB4F6--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB4F7--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB4F8--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB4F9--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB4FA--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB4FB--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB4FC--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB4FD--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB4FE--
Rams:           7EB4FF--

Gold Income:    7E43D6--        (Lower Byte)
                7E43D7--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E43D8--        (Lower Byte)
                7E43D9--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E43DA--        (Lower Byte)
                7E43DB--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E43DC--        (Lower Byte)
                7E43DD--        (Upper Byte)

Wan                     [CITY30]
Population:     7EB746--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB747--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB748--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB749--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB74A--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB74B--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB74C--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB74D--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB74E--
Farming:        7EB74F--
Daming:         7EB750--
Economy:        7EB751--
Technology:     7EB752--

Support:        7EB754--
Spirit:         7EB755--
Training:       7EB756--
Crossbows:      7EB757--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB758--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB759--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB75A--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB75B--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB75C--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB75D--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB75E--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB75F--
Rams:           7EB760--

Gold Income:    7E4438--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4439--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E443A--        (Lower Byte)
                7E443B--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E443C--        (Lower Byte)
                7E443D--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E443E--        (Lower Byte)
                7E443F--        (Upper Byte)

Wu                      [CITY31]
Population:     7EBB5A--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBB5B--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EBB5C--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBB5D--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EBB5E--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBB5F--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EBB60--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBB61--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EBB62--
Farming:        7EBB63--
Daming:         7EBB64--
Economy:        7EBB65--
Technology:     7EBB66--

Support:        7EBB68--
Spirit:         7EBB69--
Training:       7EBB6A--
Crossbows:      7EBB6B--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBB6C--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EBB6D--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBB6E--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EBB6F--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBB70--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EBB71--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBB72--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EBB73--
Rams:           7EBB74--

Gold Income:    7E44E0--        (Lower Byte)
                7E44E1--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E44E2--        (Lower Byte)
                7E44E3--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E44E4--        (Lower Byte)
                7E44E5--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E44E6--        (Lower Byte)
                7E44E7--        (Upper Byte)

Wu Ling                 [CITY32]
Population:     7EB950--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB951--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB952--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB953--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB954--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB955--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB956--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB957--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB958--
Farming:        7EB959--
Daming:         7EB95A--
Economy:        7EB95B--
Technology:     7EB95C--

Support:        7EB95E--
Spirit:         7EB95F--
Training:       7EB960--
Crossbows:      7EB961--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB962--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB963--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB964--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB965--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB966--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB967--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB968--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB969--
Rams:           7EB96A--

Gold Income:    7E448C--        (Lower Byte)
                7E448D--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E448E--        (Lower Byte)
                7E448F--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E4490--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4491--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E4492--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4493--        (Upper Byte)

Xi Liang                [CITY33]
Population:     7EB53C--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB53D--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB53E--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB53F--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB540--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB541--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB542--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB543--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB544--
Farming:        7EB545--
Daming:         7EB546--
Economy:        7EB547--
Technology:     7EB548--

Support:        7EB54A--
Spirit:         7EB54B--
Training:       7EB54C--
Crossbows:      7EB54D--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB54E--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB54F--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB550--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB551--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB552--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB553--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB554--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB555--
Rams:           7EB556--

Gold Income:    7E43E4--        (Lower Byte)
                7E43E5--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E43E6--        (Lower Byte)
                7E43E7--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E43E8--        (Lower Byte)
                7E43E9--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E43EA--        (Lower Byte)
                7E43EB--        (Upper Byte)

Xia Bian                [CITY34]
Population:     7EBD0D--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBD0E--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EBD0F--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBD10--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EBD11--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBD12--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EBD13--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBD14--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EBD15--
Farming:        7EBD16--
Daming:         7EBD17--
Economy:        7EBD18--
Technology:     7EBD19--

Support:        7EBD1B--
Spirit:         7EBD1C--
Training:       7EBD1D--
Crossbows:      7EBD1E--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBD1F--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EBD20--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBD21--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EBD22--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBD23--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EBD24--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBD25--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EBD26--
Rams:           7EBD27--

Gold Income:    7E4526--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4527--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E4528--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4529--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E452A--        (Lower Byte)
                7E452B--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E452C--        (Lower Byte)
                7E452D--        (Upper Byte)

Xia Pi                  [CITY35]
Population:     7EB593--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB594--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB595--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB596--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB597--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB598--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB599--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB59A--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB59B--
Farming:        7EB59C--
Daming:         7EB59D--
Economy:        7EB59E--
Technology:     7EB59F--

Support:        7EB5A1--
Spirit:         7EB5A2--
Training:       7EB5A3--
Crossbows:      7EB5A4--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB5A5--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB5A6--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB5A7--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB5A8--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB5A9--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB5AA--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB5AB--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB5AC--
Rams:           7EB5AD--

Gold Income:    7E43F2--        (Lower Byte)
                7E43F3--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E43F4--        (Lower Byte)
                7E43F5--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E43F6--        (Lower Byte)
                7E43F7--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E43F8--        (Lower Byte)
                7E43F9--        (Upper Byte)

Xiang Ping              [CITY36]
Population:     7EB023--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB024--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB025--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB026--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB027--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB028--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB029--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB02A--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB02B--
Farming:        7EB02C--
Daming:         7EB02D--
Economy:        7EB02E--
Technology:     7EB02F--

Support:        7EB031--
Spirit:         7EB032--
Training:       7EB033--
Crossbows:      7EB034--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB035--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB036--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB037--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB038--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB039--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB03A--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB03B--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB03C--
Rams:           7EB03D--

Gold Income:    7E4312--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4313--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E4314--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4315--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E4316--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4317--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E4318--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4319--        (Upper Byte)

Xiang Yang              [CITY37]
Population:     7EB7F4--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB7F5--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB7F6--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB7F7--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB7F8--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB7F9--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB7FA--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB7FB--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB7FC--
Farming:        7EB7FD--
Daming:         7EB7FE--
Economy:        7EB7FF--
Technology:     7EB800--

Support:        7EB802--
Spirit:         7EB803--
Training:       7EB804--
Crossbows:      7EB805--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB806--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB807--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB808--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB809--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB80A--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB80B--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB80C--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB80D--
Rams:           7EB80E--

Gold Income:    7E4454--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4455--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E4456--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4457--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E4458--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4459--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E445A--        (Lower Byte)
                7E445B--        (Upper Byte)

Xin Ye                  [CITY38]
Population:     7EB79D--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB79E--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB79F--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB7A0--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB7A1--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB7A2--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB7A3--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB7A4--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB7A5--
Farming:        7EB7A6--
Daming:         7EB7A7--
Economy:        7EB7A8--
Technology:     7EB7A9--

Support:        7EB7AB--
Spirit:         7EB7AC--
Training:       7EB7AD--
Crossbows:      7EB7AE--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB7AF--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB7B0--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB7B1--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB7B2--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB7B3--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB7B4--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB7B5--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB7B6--
Rams:           7EB7B7--

Gold Income:    7E4446--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4447--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E4448--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4449--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E444A--        (Lower Byte)
                7E444B--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E444C--        (Lower Byte)
                7E444D--        (Upper Byte)

Xu Chang                [CITY39]
Population:     7EB641--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB642--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB643--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB644--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB645--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB646--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB647--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB648--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB649--
Farming:        7EB64A--
Daming:         7EB64B--
Economy:        7EB64C--
Technology:     7EB64D--

Support:        7EB64F--
Spirit:         7EB650--
Training:       7EB651--
Crossbows:      7EB652--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB653--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB654--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB655--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB656--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB657--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB658--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB659--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB65A--
Rams:           7EB65B--

Gold Income:    7E440E--        (Lower Byte)
                7E440F--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E4410--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4411--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E4412--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4413--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E4414--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4415--        (Upper Byte)

Xu Zhou                 [CITY40]
Population:     7EB5EA--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB5EB--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB5EC--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB5ED--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB5EE--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB5EF--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB5F0--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB5F1--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB5F2--
Farming:        7EB5F3--
Daming:         7EB5F4--
Economy:        7EB5F5--
Technology:     7EB5F6--

Support:        7EB5F8--
Spirit:         7EB5F9--
Training:       7EB5FA--
Crossbows:      7EB5FB--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB5FC--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB5FD--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB5FE--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB5FF--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB600--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB601--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB602--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB603--
Rams:           7EB604--

Gold Income:    7E4400--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4401--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E4402--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4403--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E4404--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4405--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E4406--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4407--        (Upper Byte)

Ye                      [CITY41]
Population:     7EB22D--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB22E--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EB22F--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB230--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EB231--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB232--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EB233--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB234--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EB235--
Farming:        7EB236--
Daming:         7EB237--
Economy:        7EB238--
Technology:     7EB239--

Support:        7EB23B--
Spirit:         7EB23C--
Training:       7EB23D--
Crossbows:      7EB23E--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB23F--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EB240--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB241--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EB242--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB243--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EB244--        (Lower Byte)
                7EB245--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EB246--
Rams:           7EB247--

Gold Income:    7E4366--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4367--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E4368--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4369--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E436A--        (Lower Byte)
                7E436B--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E436C--        (Lower Byte)
                7E436D--        (Upper Byte)

Yong An                 [CITY42]
Population:     7EBE12--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBE13--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EBE14--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBE15--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EBE16--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBE17--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EBE18--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBE19--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EBE1A--
Farming:        7EBE1B--
Daming:         7EBE1C--
Economy:        7EBE1D--
Technology:     7EBE1E--

Support:        7EBE20--
Spirit:         7EBE21--
Training:       7EBE22--
Crossbows:      7EBE23--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBE24--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EBE25--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBE26--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EBE27--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBE28--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EBE29--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBE2A--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EBE2B--
Rams:           7EBE2C--

Gold Income:    7E4550--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4551--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E4552--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4553--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E4554--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4555--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E4556--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4557--        (Upper Byte)

Zi Tong                 [CITY43]
Population:     7EBD64--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBD65--        (Upper Byte)
Gold:           7EBD66--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBD67--        (Upper Byte)
Provisions:     7EBD68--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBD69--        (Upper Byte)
Soldiers:       7EBD6A--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBD6B--        (Upper Byte)
*Ruler ID:      7EBD6C--
Farming:        7EBD6D--
Daming:         7EBD6E--
Economy:        7EBD6F--
Technology:     7EBD70--

Support:        7EBD72--
Spirit:         7EBD73--
Training:       7EBD74--
Crossbows:      7EBD75--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBD76--        (Upper Byte)
Strong X-Bows:  7EBD77--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBD78--        (Upper Byte)
Horses:         7EBD79--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBD7A--        (Upper Byte)
Auto X-Bows:    7EBD7B--        (Lower Byte)
                7EBD7C--        (Upper Byte)
Catapults:      7EBD7D--
Rams:           7EBD7E--

Gold Income:    7E4534--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4535--        (Upper Byte)
Gold Loss:      7E4536--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4537--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Income:   7E4538--        (Lower Byte)
                7E4539--        (Upper Byte)
Prov. Loss:     7E453A--        (Lower Byte)
                7E453B--        (Upper Byte)

/ 7. Scenario Ruler Values                [SCENARIO]

Below is a list of what the Ruler ID is for each Ruler in each scenario. When
a Governor rebels and becomes his own Ruler, he will take on the ID and flag
of the lowest empty ID. There can never be anymore than 18 Rulers and 3 Custom
Rulers at any given time.

Don't ever assign a Ruler's home city as being owned by another Ruler, as it
will bug up the game.

  Scenario 1: Dong Zhuo Triumphs in Luo Yang
  00 = Liu Yong
  01 = Yuan Shu
  02 = Yuan Shao
  03 = Dong Zhuo
  04 = Wang Lang
  05 = Liu Biao
  06 = Cao Cao
  07 = Liu Bei
  08 = Sun Jian
  09 = Han Fu
  0A = Qiao Mao
  0B = Liu Yan
  0C = Gongsun Zan
  0D = Yan Baihu
  0E = Ma Teng
  0F = Kong Zhou
  10 = Kong Rong
  11 = Tao Qian
  12 = Custom Ruler 1
  13 = Custom Ruler 2
  14 = Custom Ruler 3
  15 = Nanman (Tribe)
  16 = Qiang (Tribe)
  17 = Niaowan (Tribe)
  18 = Shanyue (Tribe)

  Scenario 2: Turmoil Spreads in China
  00 = Liu Yong
  01 = Yuan Shu
  02 = Yuan Shao
  03 = Li Ju
  04 = Wang Lang
  05 = Liu Biao
  06 = Cao Cao
  07 = Liu Bei
  08 = Sun Ce
  09 = Lu Bu
  0A = Zhang Lu
  0B = Liu Zhang
  0C = Gongsun Zan
  0D = Yan Baihu
  0E = Ma Teng
  0F = Kong Rong
  10 = Custom Ruler 1
  11 = Custom Ruler 2
  12 = Custom Ruler 3
  13 = (Empty - purple on white triangle flag)
  14 = (Empty - purple on gold square flag)
  15 = Nanman (Tribe)
  16 = Qiang (Tribe)
  17 = Niaowan (Tribe)
  18 = Shanyue (Tribe)

  Scenario 3: Cao Cao Expands His Domain
  00 = Cao Cao
  01 = Liu Bei
  02 = Sun Quan
  03 = Yuan Shao
  04 = Liu Zhang
  05 = Ma Teng
  06 = Zhang Lu
  07 = Liu Biao
  08 = Custom Ruler 1
  09 = Custom Ruler 2
  0A = Custom Ruler 3
  0B = (Empty - green on gold triangle flag)
  0C = (Empty - orange on white triangle flag)
  0D = (Empty - red on blue triangle flag)
  0E = (Empty - purple on white triangle flag)
  0F = (Empty - purple on gold triangle flag)
  10 = (Empty - purple on orange square flag)
  11 = (Empty - purple on gold square flag)
  12 = (Empty - dark blue on light blue triangle flag)
  13 = (Empty - red on gold triangle flag)
  14 = (Empty - yellow on orange triangle flag)
  15 = Nanman (Tribe)
  16 = Qiang (Tribe)
  17 = Niaowan (Tribe)
  18 = Shanyue (Tribe)

  Scenario 4: Battle of Red Wall
  00 = Cao Cao
  01 = Liu Bei
  02 = Sun Quan
  03 = Han Xuan
  04 = Liu Zhang
  05 = Ma Teng
  06 = Zhang Lu
  07 = Jin Xuan
  08 = Zhao Fan
  09 = Liu Du
  0A = Custom Ruler 1
  0B = Custom Ruler 2
  0C = Custom Ruler 3
  0D = (Empty - red on gold triangle flag)
  0E = (Empty - green on gold triangle flag)
  0F = (Empty - red on blue triangle flag)
  10 = (Empty - purple on white triangle flag)
  11 = (Empty - purple on orange square flag)
  12 = (Empty - purple on gold square flag)
  13 = (Empty - light blue on dark blue square flag)
  14 = (Empty - dark blue on light blue triangle flag)
  15 = Nanman (Tribe)
  16 = Qiang (Tribe)
  17 = Niaowan (Tribe)
  18 = Shanyue (Tribe)

  Scenario 5: Birth of the Three Kingdoms
  00 = Cao Pi
  01 = Liu Bei
  02 = Sun Quan
  03 = Custom Ruler 1
  04 = Custom Ruler 2
  05 = Custom Ruler 3
  06 = (Empty - red on blue triangle flag)
  07 = (Empty - green on gold triangle flag)
  08 = (Empty - orange on white triangle flag)
  09 = (Empty - yellow flag)
  0A = (Empty - purple on white triangle flag)
  0B = (Empty - purple on gold triangle flag)
  0C = (Empty - gold on purple triangle flag)
  0D = (Empty - purple on orange square flag)
  0E = (Empty - purple on gold square flag)
  0F = (Empty - light blue on dark blue square flag)
  10 = (Empty - dark blue on light blue triangle flag)
  11 = (Empty - red on gold triangle flag)
  12 = (Empty - red on white triangle flag)
  13 = (Empty - yellow on orange triangle flag)
  14 = (Empty - red on green triangle flag)
  15 = Nanman (Tribe)
  16 = Qiang (Tribe)
  17 = Niaowan (Tribe)
  18 = Shanyue (Tribe)

  Scenario 6: Clash of Wei, Wu, and Shu
  00 = Cao Rui
  01 = Liu Chan
  02 = Sun Quan
  03 = Custom Ruler 1
  04 = Custom Ruler 2
  05 = Custom Ruler 3
  06 = (Empty - orange on white triangle flag)
  07 = (Empty - red on blue triangle flag)
  08 = (Empty - yellow flag)
  09 = (Empty - purple on white triangle flag)
  0A = (Empty - purple on gold triangle flag)
  0B = (Empty - gold on purple triangle flag)
  0C = (Empty - purple on orange square flag)
  0D = (Empty - purple on gold square flag)
  0E = (Empty - light blue on dark blue square flag)
  0F = (Empty - dark blue on light blue triangle flag)
  10 = (Empty - red on gold triangle flag)
  11 = (Empty - red on white triangle flag)
  12 = (Empty - yellow on orange triangle flag)
  13 = (Empty - red on green triangle flag)
  14 = (Empty - green on gold triangle flag)
  15 = Nanman (Tribe)
  16 = Qiang (Tribe)
  17 = Niaowan (Tribe)
  18 = Shanyue (Tribe)

/ 8. Spying Codes                         [SPY]

You can use these codes to always be able to view information on each city.

Information on An Ding ..... 7E68D605
Information on Bei Hai ..... 7E68D005
Information on Bei Ping .... 7E68CA05
Information on Chai Sang ... 7E68ED05
Information on Chang An .... 7E68D505
Information on Chang Sha ... 7E68E505
Information on Chen Liu .... 7E68D205
Information on Cheng Du .... 7E68F105
Information on Dai Xian .... 7E68CB05
Information on Gui Yang .... 7E68E605
Information on Han Zhong ... 7E68EE05
Information on Hong Nong ... 7E68D405
Information on Hui Ji ...... 7E68EB05
Information on Jian Ye ..... 7E68E905
Information on Jiang Ling .. 7E68E305
Information on Jiang Xia ... 7E68E205
Information on Jiang Zhou .. 7E68F305
Information on Jin Yang .... 7E68CC05
Information on Ling Ling ... 7E68E705
Information on Lu Jiang .... 7E68EC05
Information on Luo Yang .... 7E68D305
Information on Nan Pi ...... 7E68CD05
Information on Ping Yuan ... 7E68CE05
Information on Pu Yang ..... 7E68D105
Information on Qiao ........ 7E68DC05
Information on Ru Nan ...... 7E68DD05
Information on Shang Yong .. 7E68E105
Information on Shou Chun ... 7E68E805
Information on Tian Shui ... 7E68D705
Information on Wan ......... 7E68DE05
Information on Wu .......... 7E68EA05
Information on Wu Ling ..... 7E68E405
Information on Xi Liang .... 7E68D805
Information on Xia Bian .... 7E68EF05
Information on Xia Pi ...... 7E68D905
Information on Xiang Ping .. 7E68C905
Information on Xiang Yang .. 7E68E005
Information on Xin Ye ...... 7E68DF05
Information on Xu Chang .... 7E68DB05
Information on Xu Zhou ..... 7E68DA05
Information on Ye .......... 7E68CF05
Information on Yong An ..... 7E68F205
Information on Zi Tong ..... 7E68F005

/ 9. Legal Information                    [LEGAL]

This guide was written by Richard Moyer for GameFAQs.com only. You do not have
permission to use it as a whole or in any part on any other website except
GameFAQs.com. The codes within this document can be used and redistributed
wherever or however one wants to, however the lists or sections within this
document may not be copied or reproduced by any person for any reason other
than personal use.

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