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FAQ/Walkthrough by MightyIndie

Updated: 08/14/07

Version 1.00

By Lil Randy


1. Version History
2. Introduction
3. Story
4. Controls
5. Items
6. Enemies
7. Walkthrough
   - Mouth
   - Trachea
   - Lungs
   - Bronchial Tubes
   - Lungs II
   - Artery
   - Heart
   - Artery II
   - Brain
8. Final Thoughts
   - Sequel?
   - VC Worthy?
9. About the Author
10. Legal Notes


1.00: I'm assuming this will be the only one. This is frickin' Rex Ronan, not 
World of Warcraft. It's not that long... But this is where I get the main point 



That's what ran through my mind the whole time I played this game. Yes, this is 
one of those god-awful Raya Systems educational games that was coming out for the 
SNES every two seconds that were overpriced and nobody bought them but stupid kids 
and soccer moms. But here's the best part about this game: You can turn the 
education OFF. Marvel concept. Raya did something right for once! Even then, the only 
source of education is in the "smart bombs" scattered throughout the action 

As I played this game, I noticed that it suffered from "one more level" syndrome. Yes, 
this game sucks almost complete and total ass when reviewed by the average player, but 
I liked it more and more with each passing level. Who knows why. Maybe it was the 
ridiculous  concept that cigarettes are full of nanomachines that want to eat your 
organs from the  inside out. Maybe it was the strange idea of preventing a heart attack 
as a boss fight.

Maybe it was the fact that you're tearing through somebody's body, cleaning up cancer in 
style with a FLAMETHROWER.

It does have it's weak points. Hit detection... You either love it or hate it. The tip
of the flame is what causes damage, but enemies only hurt you if they pass all the way
through Rex. You can just barely get by a crowd of enemies with no damage if you jump 
at the last second.

Either way, I loved it. Maybe you will too? Enough preaching! Let's get on with this 
thing already.

Oh, and for the record, this is the only "Fantastic Voyage" sort of thing where there's 
no "Hurr we have to leave through his/her poopy lolz" joke.



Ok, yeah. I don't care if it's the 90's or not. My grandparents don't say kiester. And 
my family is from Europe. Let's remember that, ok Raya? Alright then. Glad we covered 

So... Jake Westboro is basically the mascot for the Blackburn Tobacco Company. He's got
a beautiful wife, a big family, a nice house, blah blah blah, typical 90's dream life. 
All because he runs around telling people to smoke. Wish I could get that kind of money
for doing something so simple. But see folks, it's never that simple. The guy has been
doing this since he was 15, and he's brainwashed himself into thinking that smoking is
the greatest thing since sliced bread. And he's been smoking like 8944848 packs a day,
chewing his weight in snuff, beating his wife, blah blah blah...


Hey, what do you think caused that? I thought this guy was living the life? Dreaming the
dream? Now he's dying? I DON'T WANNA BE RICH ANYMORE, MOMMY! What is Jake going to do?
Who will save him, and how? HELP ME, ELITE BEAT AGENTS!!!

Enter Dr. Rex Ronan, experimental surgeon. ...Hear that, ladies? Experimental. Rawrrr.

Our old buddy Rex has come up with a novel idea. Arming himself with a flamethrower and
a ship that looks remarkably similar to the one that took down the Death Star (Making
crappy games AND copyright infringement? Curse you, Raya Systems! Does your treachary
know no bounds?!) Rex shrinks himself down to near-microscopic size and enters Jake's 
body, ready to save the day. In the immortal words of Miss Frizzle; seatbelts, everyone! 
We're going on a field trip to all the places cigarettes harm.

But this isn't going to be like your average episode of the Magic School Bus. Walking
around cleaning up cigarette muck? That's boring! Hell, even Fantastic Voyage has a fight
scene! ...What's this? Breaking news!


Hey, that's more like it! Suit up, boys and girls! We're off to learn AND kick ass!


- Action Stages -

D-PAD: You move around with this. I never would have guessed!

B BUTTON: You jump... No, this is ACTION! You flip through the air with such grace that 
ninjas bow down to you!

Y BUTTON: Ninja kick! Hi-ya! No, seriously. It's slow and it sucks. I never use it.

X BUTTON: Flying Dragon kick! Ho-yo! Ah, this is just as bad. At least it's faster.

A BUTTON: Here's where the action happens. Hold this to use your weapons. Aim with the 

- Flying Stages -

D-PAD: Move the ship. Up goes up and down goes down. Left goes left and right pays me 
$200... I mean goes right. Man that joke was horrible.

A/B/X/Y BUTTONS: Fire the "Laser". Kudos to whoever gets that. PSSHEW SHOOM ZOOM ZOOM ZAP!


RED MOLECULE: Restores ammo.

BLUE MOLECULE: Restores health.


PURPLE MOLECULE: Switch between flamethrower and blaster. Flamethrower is good for 
cleaning, and blaster is good for kicking ass. Don't ever try to clean with the blaster. 
It's HARD.

YELLOW MOLECULE: Weapon power up. It goes Blue-->Green-->Yellow-->Orange-->Red. The 
strength lasts for the stage, but it doesn't carry over to the next stage.

SMART BOMBS: Ha, ha. Real funny. Shoot these with your guns to get some kind of stupid
question like "Do cigarettes kill?" or a statement like "cigarettes make your food taste
better." Touch it if it's true to kill all enemies (except ships...) or ignore it if it's
false. Touching a false answer cuts your life in half.


BALL: It swirls around, Occasionally fires a ring. Fine by itself, but BRUTAL in packs.

ROBO-WALKER: The only "Microbot" that looks like a bot. It fires a small ray off the top
of it's head. Shoot the body to damage it, hitting the wheels do nothing.

SATILITE: It's a little known fact that Jake gets 5000 channels in his body. This 
annoying enemy can tear you apart in seconds with it's giant laser beam. Duck to dodge 
the beam and fire away.

SHIP: I guess this is some sort of boss? They wait for you at the end of the level, and
you have to kill them to move on. Their machine guns are some of the most irritating 
weapons I've ever seen on an enemy in a video game.




Ok, Rex got in his ship just to get out and send it away?

I think cigarettes damaged this guy in more ways than we think. I mean, look at all the
frickin' teeth he's got! You're basically cleaning up his bad breath here, as well as
scrubbing his teeth. You can use the teeth as platforms as well as walk across his gums.
The tongue moves up and down, you can walk on it to get to items in the mouth you
may have missed. At the back of the throat you fight a single ship, only to have your
ship pick you up and take you away.


Whee! We're flying at light speed down the throat. When you get the mucus blockages, 
fly through the biggest hole as far out as you can to avoid damage. Eventually they start
rotating. Hold down any button and stay towards the lower right after you pass all the 
mucus to avoid damage. When the paths start to break off, it doesn't matter where you go, 
just stay close to the lower right. As the tunnel gets darker, you get closer to the 
lungs, until...


These don't look like lungs. "Photorealistic organs" my ass haha. Either way, you're
deep into Jake's body now, so you're scrubbin' and bubblin' your way through pre-cancer
cells and lots and lots of icky tar. It's also a big maze in here, keep an eye on your 
map. Eventually, you will reach the last tunnel, and after dealing with a ship it's off 


Back to the ship! After dealing with more mucus you head through branching paths again, 
but once again it does not matter. Stay to the lower right and fire your way through 
the blobs like last time, and eventually you'll make it out alive.


Whoa. Ok, these look like lungs. This lung is inflamed, AKA this is a big, long level full
of tar and pre-cancer cells. It's also got lots of damage in it so there's plenty of holes
you can glitch jump your way through to painlessly avoid enemies and get to the end faster.
This time you have to deal with TWO ships! And a satilite. Yeah, it's a pain. But clear 
that mess up and we're off to hitch a ride to the heart on an...


Whee! Somebody's been hitting McDonalds a lot, because there's an almost never-ending set
of fatty deposits you have to squeeze your way through as you blast down germs that never
seem to give you a break. There's no safe spot you can stay in here, so grin and bear it.
Never let off of those lasers for a moment as you pray the next tunnel you fly through 
leads to the...


You wanna talk about open-ended levels, here it is. After you pass through the second 
"valve" you get dropped into the pit of no return. Never fear! Believe it or not, head
up towards the left and start climbing your way up the heart until you reach the last 
valve. There, a blood clot threatens to kill Jake, (Remind me, why wasn't this a problem 
while we were busy cleaning up his lungs?) so hopefully you don't have the blaster upgrade 
when you get to it, because if you have the blaster the clot is going to regenerate WAY TOO 
FAST for you to destroy with the tiny blaster shots. You also have to deal with a whole 
squadron of those damn ships during this already irritating "boss", but press on, Doctor! 
After you destroy the clot you only have to worry about whatever ship is left, they stop 
comming back. After you've taken care of the clot and the ships, head through the newly 
cleaned valve and into the artery.

*REMEMBER*: Jake's life is your life. If "HEART ATTACK ALERT!" starts to flash on the
screen you better clean that valve like you've never cleaned before. If the clot makes a
solid wall, you will have to restart the level, regardless of how many lives you have.


Damn. Wait, what? DAMN! If you thought the last artery was unforgiving get ready for one
HELL of a ride. The germs are literally endless and the fatty deposits will finish you
off long before you make it to the brain. And it's a long ride, too. Hang in there! 
Hopefully you'll have lots of lives to spare, because this artery spares NOTHING. 
Eventually, the fearless Rex Ronan will make it to the...


If the lungs were a maze, this is a fricking fortress. This level is one big boss battle,
everywhere you look you'll be scrubbing away Jake's regenerating nictotine addiction.
Eventually, and I mean eventually (this is a LONG level) you will reach a cliff of damaged
nerves/arteries with a whole stash of power ups, health and ammo. Seriously. One big line
of power ups to guarantee you have a red flame by the end, and if you have the blaster
make sure to grab the flamethrower power up, otherwise jump over it. When you make it to
the dead end, you see one giant mass... The final addiction. There's three or four ships
here that aren't too happy with what you've done, but Rex isn't about to give up yet! The
red flame will make short work of the ships and even shorter of the addiction. When it's
gone, finish off any ships still floating around and Rex will hop into his ship one last 

------------------- ENDING --------------------

Rex flies out through the ear and is grown back to normal size. Huzzah! Jake is alive 
and well and tells people that smoking is bad, and somehow single-handedly overthrows 
the Blackburn Tobacco Company. Yeah, that's a nice way to treat the company that make 
you fithy stinkin' rich! Speaking of riches, Rex gets all sorts of funding for perfecting 
his micro-surgery techniques, blah blah blah it's a happily ever after ending. Rex 
continues to save lives and Jake goes back to beating his wife, but without the annoying 
interuption of a smoker's cough!


Huh. That was one heck of a game, wasn't it? Now, I'm sure it could have been longer
or something but I'm thinking that there's not really a lot of "Fantastic Voyage" themed
games out there. Sure, there's "Blood and Guts" and then the actual "Fantastic Voyage" for
Atari but... hmm. But hey, somebody's trying to start something! A recent PC game called
"ReMission" is all about causing havoc in somebody's body to cure diseases, and it's got
frickin' rocket launchers! :D


Somebody's thinking about it. And I don't think Nintendo hated this game too much, it was
the Super Mario Sunshine of it's time! Don't deny it... Think about it. Rex Ronan wore
a cleaning device on his back long before our favorite plumber did so it had to have
gone through somebody's mind at Nintendo. They've also been joking around about it more
in their magazine and on the website, so hmm, you know? Hmm. Personally, I think if
somebody made this into a franchise, as long as they went sans education and you know,
sucked less, I think it would do just fine. Haha... Maybe this is the long lost franchise
Nintendo has been talking about it? You know they're capable of pulling these kinds of
stunts, so you never know...


As a proud Wii owner and a regular shopper of the Virtual Console, it got me thinking:
With all these "forgotten titles" Nintendo wants to resurface on the Wii's VC, could
long lost hero Rex Ronan show up under the SNES catagory? At the very least, make him
a AT Trophy in Super Smash Brothers Brawl...


Name: Randy Dearing
GFAQS: Lil Randy

This isn't my first guide I've written. A few years back I had some lying around, 
finished and ready to go but sadly my house burned down on christmas day three years 
back and I couldn't upload any. Other guides I have in the works are...



This guide can be posted at the following sites:


Keep in mind that no matter how much of a crappy guide this is, it's still MY guide and
therefore stealing it can get you punished under copyright laws.

Copyright 2007 Randy "Lil Randy" Dearing

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