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FAQ by CChavez

Rampart FAQ (edited from a USENET posting)

>: Are there some ships that should be shot at first?  Can fire
>: from the ships be drawn by decoys?  Any overall strategic
>: maneuvers or suggestions that are not immediately obvious?

From Oliver Wade <owade@ea.com>:

A couple of thing that are really helpful to know are:

1) The ships with the red deck (it's easier to see which ones are red in
the 2-D mode while your re-building you castle) will fire red connon balls
that leave a flaming hole in the ground. The hole takes 3 rounds to clear
and you can't build over it so it's important to destroy these ships as
soon as possible. I think it takes 4 or 5 hits to get rid of them.

2) The ships with the double sails are the only ones that can launch
landers (the little roming tanks). Be sure to take out any of these that
are closing in on your shores as soon as you can.

3) The last ships to take out are the little single sail jobs.

4) A good strategy to use once you have let landers come ashore is to wall
them in and cut them off as soon as you can and then re-build your castle.
Take them out at the beginning of your next turn and then fire on the

5) Another good strategy point to remember is that you don't HAVE to place
cannon that you are given. If you can't find a good place for it, don't use
it. The best places to place them is as close as possible to your castle
and as far as possible from your walls. And by all means, don't place them
next to a wall that's at the edge of a map. If a single section of this
wall is blown away, it's almost impossible to repair.

6) Practice turning and placing pieces as much as possible until you know
which button is turn and which one is place without thinking. This makes
building bigger castles alot easier. Also, single width walls are
preferable to double or triple walls. They are easier to seal up when

7) Finally, it is a good idea to place decoys if you have time. Put walls
where you don't need them and the ships will fire on them (hopefully the
red ones).

Carl Chavez (foregone@u.washington.edu):
8) The dark ships only drop troops off on beach corners. Don't waste
cannonballs on dark ships which are on straight edges of beach.

8a) Build walls along the beach corners. Not only does this prevent the
armies from landing, but sometimes the red ships will make burning
squares (which armies can't land on either) when they shoot at the walls.

9) On the lower levels, it may help to build a huge fortress, then shrink
it as holes are made it. After your fortress is really small, you can
make a big one again. (I don't know if the way I wrote that makes sense.)

10) Shoot your own walls if you're afraid that the red ships will clog
your wall building attempts. Your own walls won't be set on fire if you
level them yourself.

11) On the lower levels, it helps to surround one castle with four cannon
so that the armies can't demolish it. Build three cannon around the other
castles (to keep them compact 6x6 fortresses), and place "field
artillery" in empty areas of the map. Field artillery keeps extra cannon
available if necessary, and helps decoy shots from your fortresses.

12) On the fourth level, the right isthmus is harder than the left isthmus,
but it's a lot more fun, too.

13) The easiest path to go on Veteran is (IMO) NE/SE, NW, SW/NE, left
isthmus, island. If NW is the first level on Veteran, pick Beginner and
do NW as the second level. If you follow this path, castles are a bit
farther away from the beaches and the screen edge. For a challenge, do
the NW corner as the 3rd Veteran level/4th Beginner level.

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