Review by Viderum

Reviewed: 05/19/03 | Updated: 05/19/03

It took alot of quarters

This review is for the SNES and Arcade version, due to the fact I have not played any other version of it.

Graphics 1/10
Motion captured sprites do not work in a SNES game. They never have and never will (sorry Mortal Kombat). The characters all look stupid and ugly. Nothing unique or original. Just a pile or putrid stale animations and graphics.

Story 1/10
OK, ok now this is where it gets good ... so you are a guy who is a pit fighter who must fight for THE MONEY. In order to get THE MONEY he must beat up abunch of ugly dudes all with the same personalities who are also fighting for guess what .... THE MONEY. If I remember my character had suicidal tendencies since his life wouldn't be refilled after a match, he just fought untill he died which took MY MONEY for him to come back and fight for more of THE MONEY so in the end of the arcade version I was left with NO MONEY while he had all of MY MONEY (in the SNES version it was all a simple matter of using game genie). In the end when he finally gets all of THE MONEY it shows a picture of him doing a retarded flex and women hailing over him (this may have been taken out from the SNES version if I remembe correctly) then the words flashing GAME OVER. Now I wanna know, who's gonna get the movie rights?

Sound 1/10
RRRROOOAAARR .. HIGGH!.. do do do.. do do do do.. do do do do ... do do do .. yeah yeah ... psh psh psh.. OH! .. YEAH !!! ...OW

That should sum up all of the soundtrack and FX throughout the entire game.

Controls 1/10
Nice 2 second delay punches here. Makes for REAL FAST TURBO ACTION!! If you thought top fighters today like Street Fighter and Guilty Gear X was fast. You have not seen how fast Pit Fighter can be. Matches are a simply matter of punch and kick and one grab. Doing these moves usually gives a small delay between them,.. making the action super fast!!

Overall 1/10
When I beat this game and it took all of my lunch money, I was just simply not satisfied. What kept me going, I will never know. What made me want to rent the SNES version.. I will always wonder. Which version is better.. I will never care. So I will simply not bother to explain how this isn't even worth playing.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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