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Reviewed: 12/30/00 | Updated: 12/30/00

Worst SNES game ever

The first time I reviewed Pit Fighter, I didn't do the game justice. I did give it a 1, but I didn't quite realize how horrible the game really was until I had the opportunity to play it again recently. I tried to find redeeming qualities but was unsuccessful.
Pit Fighter puts you in the shoes of Buzz, Ty or Kato, a pro wrestler, kickboxing champion or martial artist, respectively. You guys are fighting for prize money, apparently, against masked executioners, leather-clad ladies and other such characters. Beat them all, and you win.

Graphics: 3/10

The characters themselves look unimpressive, but it's the animation that really takes the cake. All movement is choppy and unrealistic, and a character that's punched is standing one second and on the ground the next. You can't really see him fall, probably because a bunch of frames of animation are left out. The backgrounds consists of one-color cardboard people, making the same gestures over and over again. The colors in the game are dull.

Sound: 2/10

The producers apparently likes the one track in the game, because it's used exclusively. The sound effects are, to be blunt, terrible. Screams of pain sound more like someone vomiting - seriously. Whenever your fighter connects with a blow, he yelps ''Hi-YA!'', which quickly gets annoying. Similarly, all of the enemies have a trademark grunt, which also gets annoying quickly, especially when they're stomping you into the ground.

Gameplay: 1/10

A game with terrible graphics and sound can sometimes redeem itself with solid gameplay. Pit Fighter, unfortunately, does not. The gameplay aspect causes the graphics and sound to look like positive areas of the game. Your health and the health of your opponent is measured in hit points; unfortunately, there's no way to gain back health, and your life bar is not restored after a successful battle. The result is that each opponent can hit you, on average, no more than twice if you hope to finish the game. That adds to the challenge of the game, right? In a way, yes, but it's not the ''keep trying until you finally win'' challenge - it's more like the ''pull out your hair because the bad guys are so cheap and the control is so bad'' challenge. In other words, the challenge is a result of the game's flaws. After an opponent knocks you down, he or she will stand over your body and pummel you. You can't fight back, and only if the opponent decides to back off for a second can you get to your feet and try to muster some offense. By this time, it's too late, because half your energy is gone and the next opponent will do the same thing and finish you off. When standing over your body, an opponent can punch straight forward and you'll still grunt and take damage - it's bad hit detection taken to an absurd new low. Each of the three fighters has several moves, but the differences are only cosmetic. Most moves take virtually the same number of hit points from opponents, and more often than not, the opponent won't be effected by your attack anyway. Ty, the kickboxer, bows to his opponent at the start of the fight as a sign of respect. Unfortunately, the opponent uses that opportunity to kick you in the nads, putting you on the ground and sealing your chances of winning. Bowing is inevitable, so it's best to stay away from Ty and pick someone else. An even better choice is to stay away from the game altogether.
The two player option adds nothing to the game - it just means that there are two identical opponents, and when you or your partner die, the surviving member will be double-teamed and destroyed by the twins. You and a friend can't fight each other one-on-one - the only options are to try to run the gauntlet of opponents by yourself of with a friend by your side.

Replay: 1/10

Chances are you'll get frustrated with the game long before finishing it. If you do finish it, there's no reason to ever want to play it again.

Overall: 1/10

THQ has produced some quality titles and some real clunkers. Pit Fighter falls into a category of its own: it makes you wonder how a company can let such an awful game slip through the cracks. I'm not exaggerating when I say that Pit Fighter is the worst game for the SNES. Needless to say, don't bother giving this one a try.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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