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Reviewed: 08/12/02 | Updated: 08/12/02

The name says it all

To be quite blunt, this game is the pits, rock bottom, ground zero. I've played many of action figher games in my juvenile days and this stood out at the bottom of the barrel even then. Allow me to tell a little story:

At a local arcade that I visited almost daily when I was 11, I walked restlessly, scoping the joint for a game I had yet to play. Walking across the soda pop stained carpet in the basement of this place, I discovered a game called ''Pit Fighter''. I knocked the dust off the controls, popped in a token, and not knowing what to expect. I picked a martial arts oriented fighter and soon entered ''The Pit'' aka a small screen in poorly motion captured fans that had two frames (one cheering and another in which they were not cheering, mixed together every other second to give the feel of a live crowd) surrounded. Jabbering at the controls, I figured out in moments you could do nothing else than punch, kick, or do a body slam, the later I never figured out how to actually execute. The first opponent, whom I honestly don't remember, dwittled my life bar down to about the half way mark. The second, was actually extremely difficult to fight, until I started to realize I could simply move my character up and down and do a quick jab when my enemy was parallel to myself, then quickly escape by repeating the process and occasionally stepping back. Doing this trick, I beat the whole game on one token, despite many levels in which I had to face multiple enemies.

Gameplay: 1/10 - After reading my little story, what did you expect? The SNES version of the game is no different (the trick still works). Not even the harshest Sultan would subject his peons to wasting their hard earned pennies (or their arabic equivalent) on this game. The worst part is, without doing my little maneuver trick, the game is actually extremely difficult, since the enemy will usually out maneuver you quickly in a melee style of punching and kicking exchanges, giving the gameplay more holes than an Afgahnistan tank.

Graphics: 1/10 - About as grainy as having sand thrown in your eyes. There are palettes for only about 4-5 enemy fighters, in Mortal Kombat fashion, the main difference is that there are many fights though. How did the developers do this? The developers pulled a fast one by using the same enemies after you've beaten them all again, but making you fight a couple of them at once, as opposed to the earlier levels. Imagine if Mortal Kombat made you fight Scorpion, Kano, and Raiden all at the same time and tried to pass it off as a bonus feature that took a lot of time to make. THQ, the makers of this game make the 1-800-COLLECT CEO that thought Carrot Top would be a good idea for a maschot look like Albert Enstein.

Sound: 1/10 - To be honest, I hardly remember the sound, but from the other reviews I've read, the most pleasing sound you'll get from the game is listening to it being crushed in a garbage compactor.

Final Thought: Few games have ever lived up to their title like ''Pit Fighter''.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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