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Reviewed: 10/13/01 | Updated: 10/13/01

It's still a big bucket of....

Pit Fighter is one of those games that you wish you could forget, but it keeps getting thrown back up in your face. With crappy controls, animation that is both stiff and poorly done as well a battle engine that has very little promise, Pit Fighter is a waste of money and a waste of valuable gaming time! Taking control of one of three different fighters, you're thrust into a street fight to the death in which you're overpowered and outmatched about three fights into the game. If you can get through the insane difficulty, even when set at easy, you'll find that the opponents that you face off against are still cheap and always looking to knock you down no matter what you do! If you do manage to get into the story, you'll find that you've been invited to a Pit Fighting tournament where you take on several different generic characters before you face off against a huge muscle bound freak that looks like the masked guy in Mad Max. Either way you look at it, this is the type of game that you would boot into the trash upon the realization that you just wasted your money to buy it!

-Game Play 1/10-

Unbalanced fighting in a controlled environment, you take control of a fighter that is either a wrestler type, a kick boxer or a hybrid of both. In this, you'll face off agaisnt several opponents that use knives, chains and will basically whip kick your ass without much of a thought! The difficulty of the game is what makes this such a hard game to like, or even play, and the lack of focus in either attacking, or special moves just drives a nail deeper into the coffin. In between certain matches, you'll be able to face off against a friend {if you're playing two player} or if you'll have the chance to break something and earn extra money in the process. This isn't much of a comfort, because the amount of your points doesn't mean anything in the overall game play!

-Control 1/10-

The control is horrible to begin with, and the slow, unresponsive and stiff control of the SNES control interface just makes it worse! Gamers who are into this type of game will find it to be very easy to learn, but damn near impossible to use effectively with the lack of special moves or even the way that your character moves across the screen. When you're facing off against three other opponents, you'll find that there is no back attack, so if you're surrounded, you're about to have your ass handed to you without pause!

-Visuals 1/10-

It's gotten worse than the Arcade version, in which everything is grainy and choppy looking. The characters that you play as have no real detailing to them, and the only way that you can tell them apart is the way that they move! On top of that, the different attacks that you use look forced and poorly drawn as well as stiff and unrealistic when you use them. The battle ground that you fight on is the same one over and over again, and when you're fighting two or three opponents at once, it's a carbon copy of whomever you're facing off against!

-Audio 1/10-

Music? What music? It sounds more or less like elevator music played over and over again! There are some sound effects that range from taunts, to some sort of attempted bass drop when you get floored by a series of attacks. While it accompanies the game, it doesn't offer up any sort of great mind blowing audio track, and in the end, it more of less grinds on the ears than makes a good impression.

-Overall 1/10-

Pit Fighter is a poor excuse for a game, and anyone who finds this game attractive will probably be part of a very small minority. With choppy visuals, a poor soundtrack, control problems that number in the dozens and just an overall disregard for fun with the difficulty, SNES shouldn't think, they should run from this game and save their money for something more worth while!

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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