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Reviewed: 05/15/15 | Updated: 01/22/16

This game is not about pit bull fighting, it's just as bad, in a different way!

Pit fighter is a fighting game originally an arcade game, then released on many different systems. And I hear they're all pretty awful, and the SNES version is definitely no exception. Even for a very old game that came out around the time Street Fighter did or Mortal Kombat, it's still pretty bad. Luckily, I have never bought it and only played a rom version just to see how bad it really was then trashed it. Where do I start...

Story: 1/10
There is hardly any story at all besides a horrible series of fighting grudge matches against no-name gang members in an unspecified city where your only objective is to survive and fight your way up ( If that's even possible) and finally face the Chainsaw Master (or something like that).

Gameplay: 0/10
As the overall rating suggests, this game is literally unplayable. This is the absolute worst part of the game. First, you can choose between 3 different characters: Ty, a kickboxer who equals speed and power; Buzz, a pro-wrestler who is powerful; and Kato, a karate master who is quick. You simply can punch, kick, or throw. No special moves or attacks. The controls were god-awful. I am very picky about control physics and these are some of the worst I have ever experienced in my whole life! You have no warning of when the match starts, you may get hit or find yourself on the ground right when the fight screen appears! Seriously! Your health meter is displayed in numbers instead of the traditional bar and if you manage to defeat your opponent, you will earn money as part of your score. You cannot spend it on anything in the game. And...your health does NOT replenish for the next round! I am dead-dog serious!!!

Sound/Music: 1/10
For the sound effects, all you really hear for the most part are grunts. There is only one music track in the whole game and it replays itself at the beginning of every match, and once again, it's awful. I'd rather sit between 5 foot tall amps with elephant screams playing on full volume.

Graphics: 1/10
There are no graphics for the title screen. The characters are digitized ports made out of actual models to fit into the Super Nintendo, which turned out very sloppy. They should have just stuck with regular pixel rendering. The health meters aren't even the usual health bars, just numbers.

Overall: 1/10

Buy, rent, or play?
None! You may not find anything for rent nowadays, especially games that old. If you see this game in a pawnshop, ignore it. If anyone offers or sells it to you, decline it. If you happened to own this game for whatever reason, don't sell it, don't give it away, don't even give it to Goodwill. Just trash it! Better yet, blow up the cartridge with fireworks when the 4th of July comes.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Product Release: Pit-Fighter (US, 03/31/92)

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