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Reviewed: 05/15/12


Many fighting games require a degree of patience and skill to learn each of the characters' attacks, combos, strength and weaknesses, along with the enemies' attack patterns. The SNES version of Pit-Fighter is not one of those games. There is little of anything to learn that would improve one's chances at victory. In fact, the game is nothing more than an awful button masher, with poor graphics, animations and music.

Pit-Fighter is a standard fighting game where you fight one on one versus an opponent, until one of you run out of health. There is a two player mode, which makes battles two versus two but otherwise works the same way. You earn money for successfully defeating an opponent, but this is really a score counter and you cannot use it to buy upgrades, health or the like.

The control scheme is easy to learn. Just hit an attack button and pray that something useful happens. Each of the selectable characters have several moves that may or may not actually damage an enemy. The animations are so choppy and jerky that there's no way to know if an attack damaged anyone, unless you pay close attention to the top left of the screen where health is displayed. As for another odd design choice, health is displayed as a number and not a meter, as is typical for almost all fighting games. It's hard to read in the midst of fast combat.

There seems to be little tangible difference in the enemies you face, other than the amount of starting health and their sprites. Standing still and using the same attack over and over, preferably one with a short animation, tends to work well, until it doesn't. There's no strategy or skill involved whatsoever. You also don't regenerate your lost health at the end of every fight. This only occurs at the end of certain battles. Therefore if you barely win your first match, chances are you'll never win the second. There are also no lives or continues, so beating the game requires a long string of good luck. There is no menu to toggle the difficulty or other options either.

The music would be okay, were it not for the fact that the game only plays one song that loops constantly. After the first couple of minutes it becomes grating. The sound effects are fairly generic grunts, screams, and punching and kicking sounds. They aren't memorable but they are appropriate.

Even that one halfway decent thing about this game cannot make up for the fact that it is utterly broken. Yes, the game technically works as intended, and runs without glitches or crashes but it is such a poor port, such a rush job that the only people who should ever attempt this game are those who believe that Shaq-Fu was the worst fighting game ever made. They will be shocked.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Product Release: Pit-Fighter (US, 03/31/92)

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