• Extra Lives and Continues

    At the Execute Mission, press the R buttons, then enter "System Configuration." Press L and R Simultaneously on controller 2 and will able to change the number of credits and live that you have in reserve when start the game.

    Contributed By: shadowcore76.

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  • Level Select

    At the Execute Mission, press the R button, then enter "System Configuration." Hold R and press B on controller 1 and enter the System Configuration option, then simultaneously press the L and R buttons on controller 2. Now press A+B+X+Y simultaneously on controller 2 and stage select will appear.

    Contributed By: shadowcore76.

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  • More Lives, Continues, and Full Stage Select

    After unlocking the 3 Special Environments (Lives, Continues, and Stage Select), Press Start and Select on Controller 2. This allows you to have more lives (up to 30), more continues (up to 99), and select any stage (instead of just the first 5).

    Contributed By: SirVG.

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  • Secret Area

    On Level 2 the Underwater Area, when you see a red box on either the top or bottow screen, enter it and you will go into a secret area. Their are two secret Areas in the Underwater Area. The first one's on the top. And the second one's on the bottom.

    1st- When you have to move and either destroy or dodge the poles that come at you, at the last one, where it stays and you have to be careful not to get hurt because it's a thick area and you have to move slowly, go up to the top and quickly into the red box .

    2nd- After you go pass the revolving circle of bones that don't connect together, go through it. To know which one it is, its the one where inside the circle of bones have a P power up there. After that, look towards the bottom of the screen and look out for it.

    Contributed By: Aznxknight.

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  • Secret Area 2

    In the last stage- Final Mission, there are 2 secret areas in this place. The secret place looks like a yellow circle with some gadgets around it.

    1st- When you have to slowly go through a series of bars, make sure you just don't take damage or if you do, just quickly cross it to the top to the Yellow circle .

    2nd- Can't excactly remember but its after the sub-boss you have to fight. The sub-boss is thi wierd looking ship where it spits a gravity whole in nowhere between the middle of the screen and then his two projectile users try to slam into you. I just know this one's on the bottom and its right before you go to these wierd monsters where they look like cubes and some digusting cube worms that drip acid water, which damages you so just dodge it.

    Contributed By: Aznxknight.

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