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Time to Rock and Roll!
On The Ball brings you fast-paced arcade action like never before! Cascade through multiple levels of intense, brain busting rounds that feature tricks, traps and killer dead ends! Gravity takes a whole new spin as you manipulate the 3-D fields to guide the ball to the final hidden Goals. Build up enough momentum and you'll blast through bricks that protect short-cuts and valuable bonuses!
But Beware! Time is the ultimate enemy as you race the clock to defeat the puzzles! Danger lurks in every course as you navigate past Timer Drains. Power Bumpers and Rock-hard Bricks. Follow the guide arrows to safety and prove to everyone that you're really On the Ball!

- Share the excitement in the awesome 2 Payer Mode!
- Control 3 levels of speed: Fast, Really Fast and Watch Out!
- Password feature saves you from starting from scratch.
- Dozens of mind-bending Courses that will challenge the toughest players!

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