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FAQ/Walkthrough by derekyu

Version: 1.11 | Updated: 06/30/13

                      __           __                _         
                   /\ \ \___  ___ / _| ___ _ __ __ _| |_ _   _ 
                  /  \/ / _ \/ __| |_ / _ \ '__/ _` | __| | | |
                 / /\  / (_) \__ \  _|  __/ | | (_| | |_| |_| |
                 \_\ \/ \___/|___/_|  \___|_|  \__,_|\__|\__,_|

                 For the Super Nintendo(R) Entertainment System
                             FAQ/Walkthrough v1.11
                                  by Derek Yu
                         Last Updated: June 30th, 2013


                               TABLE OF CONTENTS


0.0 Revision History

1.0 About the FAQ

2.0 Background

  2.1 Basic Game Info
  2.2 Story
  2.3 Characters

3.0 Gameplay

  3.1 Screen
  3.2 Controls
  3.3 Level Layout
  3.4 Items

4.0 Foes

  4.1 Monsters
  4.2 Traps

5.0 General Game Hints

6.0 Walkthrough

  6.1 Stage 1
  6.2 Stage 2
  6.3 Stage 3
  6.4 Stage 4
  6.5 Stage 5
  6.6 Stage 6

7.0 Endings

8.0 Nosferatu Lore

9.0 Cheats

10.0 Credits

  10.1 Game Credits
  10.2 FAQ Credits

11.0 Contact

12.0 Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

13.0 ???


                              0.0 REVISION HISTORY


Plans for Next Version

Currently, I have no plans to revise the FAQ (but feel free to point out any
mistakes I may have made or stuff I missed!).

Version 1.11

June 30th, 2013

- Added new section [2.1 BASIC GAME INFO]
- Added new section [10.1 GAME CREDITS]
- [11.0 CONTACT] Updated website URL
- Made some small layout and wording changes
- Removed some of my terrible jokes from 2004...

Version 1.1

November 19, 2004

- Added new section [0.0 REVISION HISTORY]
- Fixed even more typos
- [3.2 CONTROLS] Added new move "Forward Knee" (contributed by Zhang Jian)
- [6.4 STAGE FOUR] Added Alternate Strategy for boss "Phantom Mist"
  (contributed by Rryy)
- [6.6 STAGE SIX] Update to "Main Level 2" (contributed by Zhang Jian)
- [11.0 CONTACT] Updated e-mail address and website URL

Version 1.01

- Fixed some typos
- Changed some of the wording for clarity

Version 1.0

- The very first version of the FAQ


                               1.0 ABOUT THE FAQ


In the summer of '04 I decided I wanted to write a game FAQ.  Why?  God only
knows - I have a perverse interest in explaining things and explaining them so
well that no one would ever try to explain them again.  I knew, however, that I
would only be able to write one, and only one (well, time may tell), FAQ, so I
had to choose an appropriate game.  One that hadn't been adequately covered
before, that was reasonable in length and difficulty, and, most of all, that I
enjoyed and appreciated!

Anyways, to make a boring story shorter, I browsed GameFAQs off and on over the
course of a few days and finally settled on Nosferatu, for the SNES.  It's a
game that can be honorably described as Prince of Persia with a dash of
Castlevania, which I'd say is a pretty darn good mix.  I think the game is
great and terribly under-represented both.

The sheer number of moves that you can pull off with only two main buttons is
really inspiring in light of today's dozen-button games.  The graphics and
animation in the game are also superb - the atmosphere is appropriately dark
(perhaps a bit drab at times) and the characters feel very fluid.  What I like
best, however, is that the levels are short and sweet.  Once you get a handle
on the game's mechanics you can blaze through them, but they provide
considerable challenge the first time through.

This is my first FAQ, and, as I said before, my only FAQ for a long time.  I
think with this I've satisfied some kind of primal nerd deep within me and can
go on with my life.  As far as I know, I've utterly destroyed the game and
there are no more secrets within it.  Drop me a line if that's not true (see
"11.0 CONTACT").

Thanks for reading, and good hunting!  Enjoy this underdog classic of a game.


                                2.0 BACKGROUND



Name:          Nosferatu

Developer:     SETA Corporation

Publisher:     SETA Corporation

Platform(s):   Super Famicom (October 7th, 1994)
               SNES (October 1st, 1995)

Genre(s):      Beat 'em up

# of Players:  1

 2.2 STORY  \

From the instruction manual:

"As the passing day resides into night a cold and dark presence overwhelms the
land.  Looming in the midnight, shadowing the dead ground below, is the
accursed castle of Nosferatu.  Ancient in history, deadly in the present, this
remnant of times past has gripped the land with death and terror. 

Nosferatu, creature of night, a name feared by all.  His reign of terror
stretches across the land with unspeakable horrors.  Those few who have seen
him dare not speak his name.  Those unfortunate to meet him have never been
seen again. 

Only one races to end the terror.  Only one with the courage of many takes to
arms to rid the land of Nosferatu.  Kyle, driven by his quest, races to save
his fair maiden taken by Nosferatu.  Time is a factor as he draws closer to
the castle.  Many obstacles lay ahead, but Kyle has no remorse for those in
his path. 

An army of darkness awaits.  Kyle's Quest will be long and hard."



        From the manual: "On a quest to stop Nosferatu and his reign of terror,
        Kyle races to save his fair maiden Erin."

        Derek's Commentary: "He's just your typical bodacious 80's dude who
        likes to ride horses and run around in his pajamas.  Think David
        LaRusso from 'The Karate Kid' grown up a little."


        From the manual: "Taken in the middle of the night, Erin waits
        patiently for her hero to return."

        Derek's Commentary: "This former cheerleader/prom queen deserves an
        award for being completely useless!  Think every maiden in distress
        from every movie/video-game you've ever heard of."


        From the manual: "His army of darkness awaits."

        Derek's Commentary: "A sexually frustrated Dracula-impersonator who
        likes to kidnap young girls and scare livestock.  Think...  Bela
        Lugosi without the charm."


                                 3.0 GAMEPLAY


 3.1 SCREEN  \


  |                                  |
  |                                  |
  |                                  |
  |         [Main Play Area]         |
  |                                  |
  |                                  |
  |                                  |
  |                                  |
  |Time     Crystals   Life          |


         Time remaining before you lose.


         The number of red crystals you have (see "3.4 Items").


         Your life containers, where green is life remaining.


  |                                  |
  |                                  |
  |                                  |
  |         [Main Play Area]         |
  |                                  |
  |                                  |
  |                                  |
  |                                  |
  |Life            Life              |

Your life is displayed on the left, and the boss's life is displayed on the
right.  I'm pretty sure red crystals still have an effect, however.

 3.2 CONTROLS  \

There are two main buttons in the game, Attack and Jump.  Under the default
control scheme:

Attack = Y
Jump   = B


Left/Right                       - Move Left/Right
Hold Down                        - Crouch
Down (over crystal)              - Pick up Crystal
Hold Forward (against an object) - Push Object
Jump                             - Jump Straight Up
Forward and Jump                 - Standing Jump
Up (at chest/doorway/staircase)  - Open Chest, Enter Doorway, Go up Staircase
Up (underneath ledge)            - Grab Ledge
Down (next to edge)              - Lower Yourself Down Edge
Double-tap and hold Forward      - Run
Run then Jump                    - Long Jump


Note: the "A + B" denotes press A then immediately press B.  It's not exactly
simultaneous button-pressing, but very close to it.

Attack                           - Punch
Forward and Jump                 - Short Hop*
Left/Right and Attack repeatedly - Shake Off Monsters
Hold Attack and Forward          - Forward Lunge
Hold Attack and Back             - Backward Dodge
Jump then Attack                 - Jump Kick
Jump + Attack                    - Double Kick
Forward and Jump then Attack     - Leaping Side Kick
Back + Attack                    - Spinning Back Kick*
Down + Attack                    - Quick Uppercut*
Run then Attack                  - Shoulder Charge
Run then Down and Attack         - Slide Kick
Run then Up and Attack           - Flying Roundhouse
Forward Lunge + Double Kick      - Forward Knee (thanks Zhang Jian!)

Note: Repeated punches against an enemy results in a "strike combo", the most
powerful move in the game.  See "3.4 Items" for information on how to power up
your strike combo.

* These moves require that you get in a fighting stance first.  To get in a
fighting stance, simply initiate any of the other attack moves.  To get out of
a fighting stance, press Up.


All the stages consist of two "main levels" (that is, large rooms) connected by
a number of smaller "sub-levels".  The sub-levels are usually small left-to-
right corridors that contain some traps and monsters.  At the end of each level
is a boss.  Here's the breakdown:

        STAGE 1

 LEVEL 1            LEVEL 2 

 +------+           +------+
 |      |  +-----+  |      |  ********
 | MAIN |==> SUB |==> MAIN |==> BOSS *
 |      |  +-----+  |      |  ********
 +------+           +------+

Stage 1 has 2 main levels, 1 sub-level, and 1 Boss level. 

        STAGES 2 - 6 

 LEVEL 1                     LEVEL 2

 +------+  +-----+  +-----+  +------+  +-----+  +-----+
 |      |==> SUB |==> SUB |==>      |==> SUB |==> SUB |\  ********
 | MAIN |  |-----|  |-----|  | MAIN |  |-----|  |-----| ==> BOSS *
 |      |==> SUB |==> SUB |==>      |==> SUB |==> SUB |/  ********
 +------+  +-----+  +-----+  +------+  +-----+  +-----+

Stages 2 - 6 have 2 main levels, 4 sub-levels, each and 1 Boss level.  There
are two different routes you can take from each main level to the next main

In each stage, at the beginning of the second main level, your timer is
replenished.  At the end of each stage, your life is replenished.  The number
of life containers you have is carried to the next stage with you and does not
change even when you die and continue.

 3.4 ITEMS  \

Throughout the game, there are various treasure chests that can be opened that
contain useful items.


         Red crystals are your source of power in the game - for every three
         you collect, your power level goes up by one, increasing the strength
         of your strike combos.  The maximum number of red crystals that you
         can hold at a given time is nine, giving a total of four power levels.
         The number of red crystals you have is displayed at the bottom of the

         Here are the changes to Kyle's strike combos for each power level.
         Depending on the timing between the second and third blow, the
         finishing blow will change:

                                         |         FINISHING BLOWS         |
                  | Crystals | 1st & 2nd |  3rd Blow - A  |  3rd Blow - B  |
            |     |    0     |           |                |                |
            |  P  |    1     |    Jab    |      Jab       |   Power Jab    |
            |  O  |    2     |           |                |                |
            |  W  |----------|-----------|----------------|----------------|
            |  E  |    3     |           |                |                |
            |  R  |    4     |    Jab    |  Upper Cut /   |     Thrust     |
            |     |    5     |           |     Power Jab  |                |
            |  L  |----------|-----------|----------------|----------------|
            |  E  |    6     |           |                |                |
            |  V  |    7     |    Jab    |  Low Kick /    |    Knee Jab    |
            |  E  |    8     |           |     High Kick  |                |
            |  L  |----------------------|----------------|----------------|
            |  S  |    9     |    Jab    |  High Kick /   |  Power Punch   |
            |     |          |           |     Body Kick  |                |

                             (from the instruction manual)

         There are a few ways to lose red crystals.  The first is to fall on
         your butt, which almost always results in a crystal falling out of
         your pocket and shattering on the ground.  This can happen when you
         get knocked over by an enemy, or if you run into a wall.  Another way
         to lose a red crystal is to have one snatched out of your pocket by
         one of the gem eaters that appear in stage three.  Finally, if you
         die and continue your game, you'll lose all your crystals and restart
         with zero.

         If you have the maximum of nine red crystals, then collecting another
         one will give you half a life container.

         Enemies occasionally drop red crystals after they are defeated.


         Blue crystals are very rare, but are extremely valuable.  Each one
         extends your total life by half a container.  The total number of life
         containers you can have is nine.


         Green crystals heal you by half a life container.


         The hourglass extends your time limit by 60 seconds.


                                   4.0 FOES


 4.1 MONSTERS  \

(by order of appearance)


         Weak.  The first enemy you encounter.  Slow to react, but may surprise
         you every now and then when it jumps on your face and starts tearing
         it apart.  If one leaps at you, just punch it out of the air.


         A giant centipede.  There's no way to kill it, but if you land on it
         from above you can keep it from moving and watch it squirm.  Avoid
         its head.


         Weak.  Pops out of the ground.  Likes to choke the living, but it's
         pretty slow.  Use strike combos to send it back to hell.


         Laughing corpses that fall out of the ceiling to kick you in the face.
         If you know where they are, you can run under them before they hit


         These big lummoxes are pretty hardy, but easy to defeat once you know
         how.  Just let him come to you and make sure you're crouched.  He'll
         stop and throw two punches right over your head.  Stand up and counter
         with a quick strike combo.  Then dodge back, rinse, and repeat.


         You can't see these menaces until it's too late.  They'll reach right
         out of the ground and trip you, breaking your precious red crystals.
         Run past them to avoid them.


         Giant red eyeball monsters that float around and try to charge you
         and knock you over.  Basic punches don't work against the charge.  If
         one is charging you, you can use running attacks, uppercuts, or
         spinning kicks to stop it.  However, getting the timing right is
         difficult.  You can also avoid the charge by crouching and letting the
         beholder pass over you.


         He's big like Frankenstein, but easier.  Just wail on him with punches
         until he goes down.  Don't let him get too close or he'll grab you.

         Always positioned over spiked pits, which they like to knock you into.
         Wait for them to duck back into their windows before you proceed.


         Zombie with a big bone as a weapon.  His bone is a little longer than
         your arm and it does a lot of damage, so watch out.  Your best bet is
         to shoulder charge him and then follow up with a strike combo.  The
         bone does a whole life container worth of damage so stay away from it!


         Unbeatable, but it won't usually start chasing you until you're a
         few steps in front of it.  Start running when you see it.


         These guys fall out of the ceiling or come out of the ground to swat
         you, and they'll keep following you if you run past them.  They're
         usually placed near spike traps in the wall, so don't forget to stop
         running when you're out of the danger zone.


         These pudgy bastards are like beholders - they float around and charge
         you when you're close.  The difference is that you can't duck under
         them 'cause they're so damn fat.  You have to challenge their charge
         with well-timed running attacks, uppercuts, or spinning kicks.

         The best way is to shoulder charge him, then wait for him to recover
         and start rushing you.  When he comes in, hit him with a spinning kick
         and then follow it up with a strike combo before he can charge again.
         Or, try and get up against a wall - they'll rarely charge you like
         that.  Strike combo to your heart's content when they get close.


         Doesn't hurt you, but it likes to snatch red crystals out of your
         pocket with its long tongue.  The tip of the tongue has to hit you.
         You can punch it down when it hops up to fist level, or use slide
         kicks whenever.


         They appear in droves once you reach the library.  You can beat them
         up, but they keep coming back.  Your best bet is to run past them.


         These zombies are good fighters with a lot of moves.  Don't try
         anything fancy on them, just keep punching.  Alternatively, you can
         use slide kicks to get behind them.  Most other moves are useless
         against these brutes.  Don't get surrounded by them!


         Like regular gargoyles, with spears.  They come in two flavors: red
         and blue.  The red ones chuck their spears from behind gates, where
         you can't get at them.  Just duck when you see them winding up.  Blue
         spear gargoyles become regular gargoyles after they throw their spear.


         A possessed chair that floats up and down.  Slide under it when it's


         Like a ghost axe, only it's always alert.  Dangerous piece of
         furniture, it is.

 4.2 TRAPS  \

(by order of appearance)


         Huge red blocks with spikes on the bottom that get raised up and then
         dropped, ad infinitum.  Instant death.


         Pits filled with spikes.  Instant death.


         Retractable spikes in the wall.  Usually placed on walls that need
         climbing, or at the end of a long hallway.


         Gates that open and shut continuously.  Don't let it close on top of
         you or it's lights out!


         A platform recognizable by its worn appearance.  It breaks apart when
         stepped on.  Some platforms crumble faster than others.  Can be found
         over spike pits and large drops.


         Sharp swords that shoot in and out of the ceiling at various speeds.
         Instant death.


         That's not meant to be "booby" - this chest contains a ghost that will
         surprise you and knock you down when you open it.


         Small trap in the floor that has two retractable scissor-like blades
         in it.


         A lion's head mounted on the wall that shoots flames straight down.


         Giant saw blades that move back and forth on the floor.  Instant


         They shoot flames horizontally at foot-level.


         A paintings that will grab you, trip you, or shoot arrows at you as
         you walk near, usually with a ghoulish laugh.  The painting itself
         will reveal what it will do to you.


         A haunted statue of the Virgin Mary that tries to knock you over.  Use
         a short hop to get by it.


                            5.0 GENERAL GAME HINTS


. What's not obvious at first is that most chests contain more than one item -
  keep pressing Up in front of each chest until there are no more goodies left.

. Most things can't hurt you (or will ignore you) when you're hanging from a
  ledge.  Some traps may seem like they'll hit you as you climb up or down,
  when in actuality you're safe.

. Most enemies have an area that they won't walk past (either a gateway or near
  a wall).  Try to find where the edge of that area and pummel them from safely
  outside it.

. If you hang too long on a ledge, you'll fall automatically.

. Falling forward three stories or backward two stories will result in death.

. Above all, this game's about timing!  Timing to get around traps, and timing
  to defeat some of the more annoying monsters and bosses.


                                6.0 WALKTHROUGH


After stage one, all the stages have multiple routes you can take.  This step-
by-step walkthrough provides what is (in my opinion) the easiest way to go,
while still having the full nine life containers by the end of the game.  It
also includes in-depth strategies for defeating each boss.

 6.1 STAGE ONE  \

The first stage is pretty linear, and it has just one sub-level.  The gargoyles
are also less aggressive than in later levels.  Good practice!


You find yourself having fallen into some sort of cell.  Push the crates on
your left to reveal a hole in the floor.  Drop down it.  Once you're beneath
the cell, gargoyles will start falling into the cell and following you down.
You can get some practice beating on them, or just ignore them and keep moving.

Move right.  Jump up and pull yourself onto the higher floor.  Keep moving
right until you reach a little pit with a centipede in it.  Wait until the
centipede crawls into its little hole, then open the chest to get a red

Move right and pull yourself up onto the higher floor.  There are two
gargoyles here - beat them up or walk past them.  Move right until you reach an
open cell door.  Enter the cell and retrieve blue and green crystals from the
treasure chest within.  Leave the cell the same way you came in.

Move right and jump two pits (you can fall in and you won't die).  Then pass
the staircase and go into the door immediately after it to enter another small
room.  Open the chest inside for three items (an hourglass and 2 green
crystals), but watch out for the zombie that will pop out when you get near the
chest.  Beat him and then exit the room and the level.


Run to the right and slide through the gap to the lower floor.  Go right and
you'll encounter two large, red spike block traps.  Wait until the traps fall,
and then push into them and you'll walk under them easily when they start going
up again.

Make your way right and then pull yourself up to higher ground.  Head right.
Get blue and green crystals from the chest to the right of the staircase and
then go up the staircase.


Go right until you step on a trigger plate on the floor.  This will open the
gate on the floor above you.  Then go back and climb onto that floor.  Move
right and open the chest for a red crystal.  NOW BE CAREFUL!  Just to the
right of the chest a corpse will fall out from the ceiling to kick you in the
face.  And there are two more just beyond it.  To avoid them, just run (not
walk) past them.  Alternatively, you can drop to the lower level and brave the
three gargoyles down there.

Now there are two sets of pits with spikes in them.  It looks like the pits are
pretty wide across, but you can make it with a standing jump.  You'll just grab
the edge and have to pull yourself up.

On the other side is a Frankenstein.  Beat him up (see "4.1 MONSTERS" for
strategy) and he'll drop a red crystal.  Pick up the crystal and then slide
right through the gap to the other side.

Drop down and head right.  You'll see a gate and a high ledge with a floor
trigger on it.  Stand on the floor trigger to open the gate, but instead of
dropping back and going through the gate, keep climbing up.  At the top, jump
the gap and head in the door to enter a new room.

In this room move right and push the wall all the way to the right.  Then you
can climb up to reach a chest that has red, blue, and green crystals in it.
Get the loot and leave the room the way you came.

Now, go left and let yourself gently down the ledge.  You have to keep moving
right, but you can take either the high or low road.  The high road has two
pairs of wandering hands and a chest with a green crystal, and the low road has
three more kicking corpses.  At the very right take the stairs to leave the
dungeon for good.

The stairs take you out into a courtyard, where you'll be accosted by two
gargoyles carrying red crystals.  Don't worry, they aren't any harder than the
other gargoyles you've encountered.  Keep moving right to fight the first boss.


Life: [][][][]

Before the battle begins, three wolves run past you from the right side of the
screen.  They won't hurt you - they're just scared...

The werewolf has two forms.  The first is a hunchback with a big blade.  When
he's not inching toward you, he may do one of three things: 1) throw his blade
at you, 2) jump toward you and try to come down on you with his blade, or 3) do
a big leap over your head.  When he throws the blade, duck (watch out, it comes
back like a boomerang).  When he jumps toward you, dodge back to avoid getting

He's fairly slow and deliberate in his actions, so not that tough.  Just wail
on him with strike combos when he's close and watch for his attacks in the
meantime.  After half his the life is gone, the moon starts to get fuller and
he'll transform into his second form: wolf man.

The wolf man form is even easier than the hunchback.  He just lumbers toward
you and tries to claw you when you're close.  Just keep punching and let him
walk into your fists and he'll be a rug in no time.  Make sure you beat him
before the moon gets completely full, or he will recover all his energy.

 6.2 STAGE TWO  \


Move right and take out the gargoyle and the beholder that are waiting for you.
The gargoyles are now much more bloodthirsty, so watch out!  You should get
ready for one to jump you when it approaches.  Slide under the gap and leap
over the spiked pit right after it.

Now, drop down twice and go left, over a spiked pit.  Slide under the gap, and
take out the gargoyle on the other side.  Move right and push the wall trigger
to open the gate on the left.  Head left and get a red crystal out of a chest.
Then go back the way you came, to the spike pits.

Head right over the spike pits and keep going straight.  Skip the passage down
and keep going right until you reach a spike trap in the wall.  Pull yourself
up the ledge and head left.  Beat up the two gargoyles - the first will give
you a red crystal.  Climb up and to the left.  Slide under and beat up Frankie
for another red crystal.  Open the chest for a blue and two green crystals.

Go back and then all the way to the right until you reach a gate.  Climb up and
hit the wall trigger above the gate to open it.  Then run past the gateway to
avoid two wandering hands immediately after it.  Climb up the staircase.


Head right.  Beat up the mummy.  Hit the wall trigger to open the gate.  Climb
up, head right, drop down.  Exit staircase.


Beat the zombie for a red crystal.  Climb up and pass through the gate.  Be
careful not to let it hit you.  Drop down and beat yet another zombie for
another red crystal.  Head right and hit the wall trigger to open the gate
above you.  Climb up, go through the gate and drop down.  Beat zombie #3 for
red crystal #3 in this level.  Exit staircase.


Head right, over two spike pits (wait for the window monster over the second
pit) and climb all the way down.  Head left and beat up a Frankenstein for a
red crystal.  Slide through the gap and drop down.  You should now be in a
passage with a gargoyle.  Kill the gargoyle and head right to the edge.

Drop down - waaa-aay down - until you reach a corridor with a beholder in it.
Bugger the beholder or otherwise pass him for a chest with a blue crystal, a
green crystal, and an hourglass.  Head upward and then to the left.  Now you're
in a chamber with spikes, crumbling platforms, and window monsters.  Jump onto
the first crumbling platform and quickly jump up and pull yourself onto the
higher crumbling platform.  Jump to the right, being careful to avoid the
window monsters.  Keep moving right until you hit a dead end.  Push the wall to
the right until it presses the wall trigger.  Now exit the staircase.


This level is easy - just head right, killing zombies and passing through the
various obstacles in your way.  The first zombie has a red crystal.  There's
also a chest halfway through with 2 green crystals.

And now you're outside, in the backyard!  Head right, slap a couple gargoyles
around for crystals and then get ready to fight the boss...


Life: [][][][][][]

There are two bloodthirsty apes, one blue and one orange.  Why the hell the
designers chose to use apes in a gothic game is beyond me, but hey.  Maybe
they're vampire apes - I don't know.

Both apes have the same moves: 1) slap you, 2) roll into you, and 3) leap over
your head.  They really try to surround you by leaping over your head - try to
keep them both on one side of you by running past them.  If you can't get them
to one side, just make sure they don't both get close to you.  They enjoy
slamming into you when your back's turned.

Overall, this pair is quite easy.  Each one has three life containers - just
beat on them with strike combos when they're near, and shoulder charge them
when they're far away.  Once one's dead, the other will follow very quickly.



As soon as the stage starts, run right and shoulder charge the bone zombie that
will appear.  Then move right and climb over the wall.  Let yourself down the
other side gently, run past the ghost axe, and slide under the gap before he
can get to you.

This next part is a little tricky.  There's a ghost axe below you and you want
to get to the area directly to the right of him.  First, jump across the gap and
hang on the other ledge.  Get ready, 'cause you're going to have to move fast
from here on out.  Drop down to the axe's level and immediately start running
to the right, jumping the two spike pits without stopping.  On the other side,
quickly drop down before the axe can hit you.  You'll need good timing to do
this without taking a hit (and possibly falling into one of the spike traps).

See the little groove just to the left of the crumbling platform?  You can and
must hang on that, because there's a spike pit below that you'll fall into
otherwise.  If you're on the crumbling platform, let it fall into the spike
pit (don't fall in with it!).  You can do this by inching toward it from the
right side.  Then jump from the real ledge to the groove.  Once you're hanging,
drop down and then pull yourself up onto the platform.

Drop down to the left and keep going until you hit the trigger plate.  It opens
the door behind you.  Go in the door.  Inside, there are three chests.  The
first and third chests contain ghosts in them that will knock you down.  The
second chest has 2 green and 2 red crystals in it.  Get them and leave.

Head right and hit the wall trigger and immediately start running to get
through the gate before it closes on you.

Drop down and beat up the bone zombie.  Be careful of the gem eater.  Run past
it and climb up.  At the top, push the wall to the right and climb up on it.
With your back to the wall, dispose of the Abomination.  Then, continue left.

Fall down the crumbling platform on the left and collect an hourglass, a blue
crystal, and 2 green crystals from the treasure chest.  Then climb up without
hitting the spike trap and make your way back right.

Climb up to the next floor when you can.  There's another Abomination, which
will be more difficult to kill since you have no wall to back up against.  Stay
on the edge of the platform and defeat him.  Then run all the way left, because
there's a swinging corpse in the floor.  Run off the edge and grab hold on the
other side.  Drop all the way down.

Now there's a sword trap with a chest on the other side.  It's moving
fast, too fast to just walk under.  Stand a good three steps away from it and
start running at it while it's DOWN and you'll pass under it when it goes up.
The chest has a green crystal.  Hit the trigger plate on the wall to open the
door and go back left, past the spike trap, and enter the door.


Head right, past the two sword traps.  They're slow, so you can walk past them.
Get the hourglass and a red crystal from the chest.  Now walk left past the
first spike trap.  Run past it and slide under the gap.

The trap on the other side is a fast one, so run under it.  There's also a
floor trigger right after the trap that causes an arrow to shoot you.  Unless
you slide as soon as you reach the trigger, the arrow will hit you.  Drop down
and push the wall all the way to the right against the wall trigger to open
the gate.  Climb up and pass through the gate to the door to the next room.


Make a running jump to the right wall and hang.  Drop down until you're right
above the spike trap.  Pull yourself up.  Push the wall to the right and climb
up.  Then climb up the next ledge.  Make a running jump across the gap to your

Wait for the Abomination to pass right above you, then climb up and strike
combo him before he can charge.  Move right and step on the trigger, but duck
immediately to avoid an arrow between the eyes.  Then go to the edge and jump
to your right.  Hang and drop onto the crumbling platform, then jump to your
right immediately.  The chest has 2 green crystals.  Run under the sword trap
(it's fast) and head up the stairs.


Charge right immediately to hit the bone zombie and take him out.  Walk right
and avoid the next bone zombie.  Jump the gap and hang, then drop down twice.
Pull yourself up and move right.  Jump the first gap and jump to the right and
hang.  Then let yourself down.  Jump down to the right and open the chest you
see in front of you.  Blue and green crystals!

Now move right, past the two gates and slide under the spike trap, through
the gap.  Let yourself gently down the side and hang, then pull yourself up.
Start running left as soon as you can to avoid the swinging corpse and then
slide through the gap at the very end.  Keep your back to the wall and beat
the Abomination.  Drop down the left side.

There's a gem eater here - and a chest with a green and red crystal.  Slide
right, through the gap, and make your way past three slow spike traps in the
ceiling.  Let yourself gently down the right side, and pull yourself up before
you hit the spike trap.

Now get ready - you're going to have to leap across three crumbling platforms,
all the while getting chased by a swinging corpse from the ceiling.  Get a
running start and don't look back until you're safely across!  Once you're
over, jump to the left.  It may look like just a wall, but it's actually a
passage covered by a lattice.  Drop down and head up the stairs.


Climb over to the other side of the wall and push it left.  This will activate
a spike trap in the ceiling above.  Climb up the left and collect a red and
green crystal from the chest.  Then make a running leap over the gap.  Avoid
the spike trap (slow) and leap over to the right.

On the other side of the wall are two bone zombies.  Drop down and beat their
asses down for red crystals.  Then climb up and jump two spike pits to exit
the room.


Now you're in a library.  Run right past the books and climb up before they
can come off the shelves and start beating you (make sure you hit the floor
trigger on the way).  Head right through the gate.

Now, get a running start and leap over the three spike pits quickly.  The
floor triggers will activate the spike traps in the ceiling, but if you're
quick enough, you'll be past them before they come down.  Kill the bone
zombie for a red crystal and then leap off the edge.  Run past another set
of possessed library books when you get up.  Hit the wall trigger and climb
up to exit.

You're outside, finally!  As usual, two gargoyles are there to greet you with
crystals - how nice!  It's boss time!


Life: [][][][]

This nasty-looking guy first wobbles over to the center of the screen before
fighting you.  He only has four life and he's rather slow, but it's difficult
to win this fight without at least taking a few hits.  If you have full health
and nine crystals at this point, however, it'll be a piece of cake.

He has three attacks: 1) slapping you, 2) grabbing you with his long arms and
throwing you onto the ground, and 3) jumping on you and sucking your blood.
He rarely uses the slap, however, which is a shame, because it's his weakest

Running attacks barely do any damage to him, and he likes to grab you when he
sees you running at him.  They're good for knocking him down, however (have fun
watching him puke).  Your best bet is to use strike combos - they do massive
damage to this poor creature.  Just try and end the fight as quickly as
possible, since chances are you'll lose some health no matter what.  If he
jumps on you, hit Attack rapidly to kick him off.

Once his health is gone, his body will decompose, leaving the head.  You have to
beat his head with three strike combos to finish him off.  The easiest way to do
this is to back into a corner and just keeping punching.  Let it bounce into
your fists and then start kicking it like Pele on crack.  Hurrah, you're done!

 6.4 STAGE FOUR  \


Leave the gargoyles on your left alone and head right until you reach a
crumbling platform - fall down with the platform.  As soon as you drop down,
run to your left past the ghost axe and climb up.  Jump the gap.  Then jump the
scissor trap.  Jump again over the crumbling platform - this one's hard to see,
but you can't just walk over it, it crumbles too quickly.  Drop down and jump
the gap to your left.

There are two sword traps in the ceiling - walk quickly under these.  They're
pretty fast, so be careful.  Now you'll see a gate that opens and shuts, with a
scissor trap right in front of it.  Time your step so that the gate is up
(COMPLETELY up) and the trap is retracted before you walk through.

Climb up once you get to the other side, then jump the gap.  Step on the floor
trigger to open the door above.  Climb up to the door.  There's a beholder
there, but you can beat him easily by standing in the doorway and punching.
Run and slide under the wall for a blue crystal, a green crystal, and an

Now make your way back to the gap.  Don't jump across, just let yourself hang
down to the right of the floor trigger.  Now, wait for the spike trap below to
retract, and drop down to the bottom.  There will be a ghost axe waiting for
you.  When it charges, grab the ledge to avoid it (they can't hurt you while
you're hanging).  Then drop down and when you see it about to charge again,
jump and hang again.  It'll be harder this time, since it's a lot closer to
you.  Now run or walk to the right and grab onto the first handhold in the
ceiling - ghostie will pass right under you.  Then run to the crumbling
platform and keep stepping on it until it falls.  Drop down with it.

Hit the wall trigger to move the wall, and head left.  Drop down and leap the
scissor traps to reach the exit.


There are two scissor traps between you and the exit.  Jump 'em.


There's going to be a wall with a gap at the bottom for you to slide through.
There's also a floor trigger in the gap that will activate a sword trap.  If
you start walking right as soon as you finish your slide, however, you should
pass right under the trap as it retracts.  There's the exit.


Head right and start climbing down.  You'll encounter two spear gargoyles on
your way.  Just duck as soon as you're on the same level as them and their
spears will pass right over you.  Head right at the second spear gargoyle.

Start climbing up the floating platforms and to the right.  You want to be on
the rightmost platform when you're in line with the beholder so that he
doesn't charge you.  Beat him up and keep climbing.

When you get to the top, you'll see a door.  Inside, there's a chest with an
hourglass, a red crystal, and 2 green crystals.  Go in and pick them up if you
need them (just push the wall onto the wall trigger). Otherwise, just slide
through the gap.

Climb down the left side, and when you can, jump over and start climbing down
the right side.  When you get to a rather large alcove that you can pull
yourself up into, do so, then make a standing jump to your left (I promise you
won't get hurt!).  You should be right beneath a scissor trap.  Now make a
running jump to your right, where the chest is.  Collect a blue, a green, and a
red crystal.  Joy of joys!

Climb all the way down the left side, until you hit the bottom floor.  There
will be two brawlerss down there.  Either hang on the wall and wait until the
nearest brawlers is moving left past the staircase, or beat them up for red
crystals.  Exit on the righthand staircase (the one nearest to you).


As soon as you enter this level, move to the left against the wall to avoid
getting hit by a charging beholder.  Punch him to death, then head right.
There's another beholder there - either kill him or avoid him.  Watch out
for the spike trap near the door.


Final level before the boss!  Move right and duck a spear chucked by the
gargoyle behind you.  Beat up two gargoyles (which always seem to be guarding
the boss) and head out to confront...


Life: [][][][]

This boss can either be a huge, long, pain in the ass to fight OR, if you're
willing to take some hits, a piece of cake.  He has two modes of attack: 1) he
lays flat on the ground and lets loose a stream of ghostly heads at you, and 2)
he oozes toward you and tries to smack you with a lunge attack.

In the first attack mode, he shoots high and low ghost heads, in no particular
order.  The high ones can be ducked, and the low ones can be jumped over.  He
changes to the second mode either when one of the heads hits you, or you get
close enough to him.

Once he's in the second attack mode, you can hurt him.  Watch out, his lunge 
has an incredible amount of reach - the only thing that will hit him before he
hits you are slide kicks*.  Start your slides early.  If he backs you into a
corner, stay put.  He can't hurt you if you're on the very edge of the screen.
If you hit him with a slide or wait long enough, he'll go back to the first
attack mode.

(* Note: actually, this isn't true.  See the "Alternate Strategy" below.)

Unfortunately, it takes like half a dozen slide attacks to take off half a
life container, which means that you're going to be fighting him for a long
time.  The alternative, which I highly recommend, is to get close to him when
he's throwing ghost heads and get hit by one.  You'll take half a bar of damage
from this.  After you get back up on your feet, he should be right next to you
in his second form, and you can wail on him with a strike combo.  This will
take off half a bar from him.  If you have more life than him, it's a simple
matter of trading health bars until he dies.

 Alternate Strategy from Rryy

Rryy wrote in and told me how to beat this bastard easily without taking any
hits.  Quite frankly, it makes me feel like a moron for not figuring it out

Basically, just wait out his ghost head attacks until he enters his second
attack mode and starts creeping toward you.  Stay perfectly still!  His lunging
attacks won't hurt you unless you move forward.  Now, wait until he's at the
peak of his attack (his head should be about where your crotch is), and then
do two forward lunges (hold attack and press forward twice in succession).  If
you timed it right, you should be right next to him as he's recovering.  Strike
combo time!

The only hard part about this strategy is getting the timing right.  Remember,
you have to lunge at him right when he's retracting his head!  Thanks, Rryy!

 6.5 STAGE FIVE  \

Watch your time in this stage - it's long and there aren't many hourglasses.


Head right and fall down the crumbling platform (just before the haunted
chair).  At the bottom head right, defeating two bone zombies on the way.  (The
first one should have a red crystal for you.)  Climb up the right side.  At the
top, head left, dodging the lion's head.  Jump the gap and climb up.

Keep moving left, past the sword trap.  Head left and climb up to hit the wall
trigger.  This will move the false wall above you.  It will also force you to
step on a floor trigger that will activate a spike trap on your right.  Climb
down and head up where the spike trap is.  Be careful - climb up when the spike
trap is retracting, then duck and wait for it to come out once more before

Once up top, head left and climb the false wall.  Then pull yourself up the
next ledge on your right.  Head right and jump two gaps (each one guarded by a
window monster) to reach a wall trigger.  Hit it, then go back the way you
came.  Climb up the ledge right after the gap (the wall should now be out of
your way) and when you get to the top, move right.

There's a slamming gate and a floor trigger.  DON'T hit the trigger, as it
releases a saw trap in front of the chest and this one's rather important.
Instead, wait until the gate is fully up, and jump the trigger as soon as
you're at the door.  The chest has a blue and green crystal!

Head right again.  There's a lion's head and a saw trap up ahead.  The key to
getting past the saw trap is to make sure it's coming at you when you jump.
After that there's a rather sticky situation: a floor trigger that opens a
gate partially and a sword trap right in front of the gate.  Position yourself
in front of the trigger, then start running when the sword trap is DOWN.  You
should hopefully pass right under the trap when it's retracting.  Then slide
through the door.

Jump the gap, slide under the wall, dodge the lion's head, and you're through.


Head right and walk under the sword trap.  There's a slamming gate and a fire
jet right in front of you.  You're safe from the fire jet right after you pass
the sword trap and also when you're right up against the gate, so wait for a
flame burst and then get against the gate quickly.  When the gate rises pass
through and exit.


Climb up and you'll see a false wall.  Jump over the wall and push it toward
the LEFT, so you can climb up and get to a chest that's got a much-needed
hourglass and green crystal in it.  Then climb gently down the side and drop
to the beginning of the room.  Now you can go ahead and push the wall to the
right to exit the room.


Head right and defeat the bone zombie, then climb up.  Go left and hit the
floor trigger to open the gate.  Go through the gate and jump the first
small gap.  Then let yourself down and walk left behind the lattice.  There's
a door there that's hard to see - go in it.

In this level, there are two chambers - each one has a chest, a slamming gate, a
saw trap, and a floor trigger (that's impossible to not hit).  The triggers
activate the saw trap in the OTHER room, so you can really only choose one
chest.  Choose the chest in the second chamber (the one furthest to the right)
for a blue crystal and 2 green crystals, then leave the room.

Now climb up the wall to your right, then up onto the floating platform.  Then
jump left.  Now climb up to the top.  Head left.  There's a saw blade trap and
a flame jet right after it.  To get past them without taking damage, let the
saw blade come toward you and follow it as it heads back.  Then jump the saw
and the flame jet both with two quick hops.

Let yourself down the side and drop to the chest.  Inside is ANOTHER blue
crystal and 2 green crystals!  Slide out the right side.

There's a false wall against the platform that you want to push from the left
side.  Get around it climbing over it and dropping down on the right.  Push it
against the left wall and use it to climb to the overhang above.  Then make a
running jump to the right side and pull yourself up.  It's a long jump, but you
can make it!

Now climb up to the top again.  This time, head right.  There's a bone zombie,
a spike trap, and a small gap for sliding ahead.  You can run past the bone
zombie and slide through without taking a hit, or you can beat him up for a red
crystal.  Keep going, past the sword trap, and then climb down the side.  ALL
the way down.

Start climbing to your right.  Skip the first wall trigger - it activates a saw
blade trap under your feet.  Hit the second one to move the false wall to let
you pass.

Climb up until you reach a flame jet.  Pass it, then get under the sword trap
and hop into the pit.  Drop down into the lattice area and head left to pick up
a chest with some goodies inside: an hourglass, 2 red crystals, and a green
crystal.  Don't go on, however.  Head back the way you came and go right again.

Slide under the trap and through the gap.  You'll drop down onto some crumbling
platforms, so quickly move to the right and climb up.  Up ahead is a sword
trap and a floor trigger.  Get under the sword trap and leap the trigger to
avoid setting off another sword trap.

Now, when you're about two steps from the edge, do a standing jump to land on
the crumbling platform below.  It'll break your fall on the way down.  Now drop
left and confront the bone skeleton to exit the room.  (There's also a chest
with an hourglass, a red crystal, and a green crystal by the staircase.)


Head right and slide through the gap.  Beat up the bone zombie, then slide
again.  The chest has one red and 2 green crystals.  Slide again.  Bone
zombies.  Two of 'em.  Yawn.  Run right, hit the trigger, and slide under the
gate.  Slide under the haunted chair when it's up.  Bone zombie times two.
Slide.  Avoid the gem eaters and rush up the stairs.


Head left past the haunted chair and start climbing up.  Hit the floor trigger
and jump left.  Climb to the top and exit.  Easy!


Life: [][][][][]

This ugly pile of dirt isn't too hard.  He begins by launching his fists at
you.  The fists always come in pairs of high and low, alternating.  Just keep
moving toward him, jumping the low fists and ducking the high ones.  As with
the rest of this game, timing is important.  Once you're close enough, hit him
with a strike combo to break him up - he'll reform on the other side and

After two of his life containers are wasted, he'll change his tactic slightly
by turning into a big foot to crush you after each time you knock him down.
To avoid it, just make sure that you start running as soon as you knock him
down.  After one stomp, he'll throw fists again.

Every now and then, you'll find that you can't hurt him when you get close -
it means that he's about to lunge at you with a sucker punch.  Dodge back
immediately and then counter with a strike combo.

He'll be dead before you know it.

 6.6 STAGE SIX  \

The final level lives up to its name - it's filled with the worst beasts in the
game, plus a slew of new and terrifying traps.  A grueling ordeal that will tax
even the best players.


Beat the brawler and slide right through the gap.  You'll see three haunted
paintings.  Run past the first one and then perform two quick jumps to dodge
the next two.  Climb over the wall and outrun the ghost axe.  You'll need to
slide at the end.

Push the false wall to the right to make room for another slide.  Ahead is a
haunted Mary statue.  The key is to hop past this one.  Not jump, HOP.  Get in
the fighting stance (which you should already be in after the slide) and then
do a jump to perform a hop.

Now, there's an Abomination below.  Hop against the wall.  He won't charge you
if you're facing against the wall, so wait until he gets close and then turn
around and pummel him.

Head left, then jump down, past the scissor trap.  Turn around and slide to
your right.  You'll fall down in front of a door.  Head inside.  This room has
three chests.  The first chest has the final blue crystal in it (along with a
green crystal), the rest have ghosts!  Get the blue crystal and head back out.

Climb up the left wall while the scissor trap is down.  Head left past a series
of a scissor trap, a slamming gate, and another scissor trap.  Jump the gap and
hang, then let yourself down one level and pull up.  Pass up two rather slow
sword traps, then jump down over the scissor trap.

There's a series of nasty jumps past the scissor trap.  Get back against the
wall and then start running when the trap is down, and then jump, jump, jump,
and jump over the crumbling platforms.  Just hold forward and keep slamming the
jump button once you start and you should be fine.

There's an Abomination below.  Let yourself down gently and hang so you can spy
on him.  There's no easy way to beat this guy.  Just wait until he is far away
and then drop and get ready to kick his ass.  Be careful you don't hang to long
on the edge or you may drop too early.  When you're done with him, run to your
left and take a running jump over the spikes.

Now there's a long, narrow drop with a spike trap near the top.  You CAN drop
down without hitting it - just let yourself down the side gently when the
spikes are already OUT.  They can only hurt you when they're retracted and they
shoot out.  Then fall - a crumbling platform will make sure you don't take any

There are some swords traps and a scissor trap just ahead.  Just tackle each
one individually - there's enough space between them.  Then head right.
There's a  floor trigger above you - climb up and hit it to open the door.
Drop down and exit.


Run right and make the long jump over the spikes.  There are two paintings up
ahead, and you have to handle them together.  Run pass the first one.  The next
one is a painting of an archer.  Slide under him when he fires his arrow.  Be
careful, it's easy to start sliding too early.

Hop past the Mary statue and go through the slamming gate.  Drop down.  There's
a chest with an archer painting just past it.  You can get the red crystal and
the 2 green crystals inside - just duck in front of the chest and press up as
soon as the arrow passes over your head.

Head right and hit the wall trigger to open the staircase.


Let yourself gently down each ledge and you won't get hit by the two spear
gargoyles on your way down.  You'll land near a crumbling platform.  DON'T fall
down the platform, or you'll get a spear in the back as you land.  Instead,
jump over the platform and inch toward it from the right side until it breaks.
For some reason you won't fall with it from that side.  (Yeah, I don't get it,

Drop quickly down two floors to avoid the spear.  Then head left and open the
chest for a red crystal and 2 green crystals.

The exit's below.  Watch the scissor trap near the bottom.


Head right a while and then drop down.  At the bottom are some brawlers.  Beat
up the first one and then run past the next one, because new ones keep coming
after you defeat them.  Slide at the end.  Then push the false wall to make
room for another slide.

Now, run and jump over the spike pit, but time it so that the scissor trap is
down when you land.  Immediately hop to the right, leap the next gap, and hang
on the ledge.  Then drop down.

You'll land on a floor trigger that will send an arrow at you.  As far as I
can tell, this is unavoidable*.  There's just no other way to get down without
killing yourself or landing on this trigger, and you can't crouch fast enough
to avoid it.  Sorry, I know - it pissed me off, too.

 * Update from Zhang Jian

Zhang Jian pointed out that you CAN avoid the arrow - by walking off the ledge,
rather than hanging off the side and dropping down.  After you land, you'll be
sitting on your butt long enough that the arrow passes overhead.  And you WON'T
take damage from the fall!

Thanks for the tip, Zhang Jian!

 End Update

Drop down, past the spike trap (remember to climb down while the spikes are
OUT).  There's a door on your right that takes you to a room with a couple of
measly green gems if you need it.  They're guarded by a mummy.  Otherwise,
keep truckin' on left, past the sword trap and the verious scissor traps.

You'll reach a wall with a gap.  Slide under the wall while the spike trap on
the other side is retracted.  Push the false wall to the left until you can
climb up.  Don't move - there's a haunted painting that will hit you at the
slightest movement (even switching to a fighting stance will tick her off!)
The only way to pass her without taking a hit is to make a standing jump as
soon as you climb up the ledge.

Now run right and jump over the crumbling platform and past the second haunted
painting (the third painting).  Keep going until you can start climbing up.

At the top, head left.  You'll have to slide past a slamming gate to get under
a wall.  Easy enough.  On the other side is a brawler.  Dispatch him, then step
on the floor trigger and immediately run left and slide under the partially-
raised gate.  On the other side, keep climbing.

At the top is an Abomination.  No easy way to beat him - just hang on the ledge
and when he's far enough away, pull yourself up and get ready to lay the smack
down.  When he's dead, let yourself gently down the RIGHT side of the pit to
avoid breaking your neck.  Then exit the staircase.


Head right and climb up.  The wall trigger is a switch that slows down the saw
and also speeds it up again.  Slow the saw when it's on the right side of the
chest so you can grab the goodies inside (an hourglass and 2 green crystals).

Then climb back up and slide past the wall.  You'll fall and hang onto a
crumbling platform.  Pull yourself up QUICKLY and immediately jump to the right
to avoid getting impaled.  Climb up the wall and jump the next spike pit.  When
you get across, let yourself gently down the other side.

There's a brawler and a gem eater here.  Beat the brawler up and avoid getting
licked by the gem eater.  The chest has two red crystals in it if you need them.
Push the false wall to the right and climb up.

Stand away from the edge of the spike pit.  When the scissor trap is up, start
running and you should be able to jump while the trap is down.  On the other
side, run across the crumbling platforms.  The last one will break quickly,
causing you to grab the edge.  Pull yourself up and push the false wall to the
right.  Slide under it and then push it back to the left.  Then step on the
trigger and quickly run and slide under the gate.  (There's not much time
between stepping on the trigger and the gate closing again, so you may want to
dodge backward onto it to avoid the extra step of turning around.)  Exit the


Head right and climb down onto the crumbling platform.  Jump right to avoid the
saw blade.  Fall down the next crumbling platform when it's safe and then jump
over the next saw blade.  Drop down.

Beat up the brawler and open the chest for 3 green crystals.  Kill or avoid the
gem eater.  Hit the wall trigger to open the gate partially and immediately run
left and slide under it (you have to be FAST).  Drop down with the first
crumbling platform.  Then drop down with the second crumbling platform.

Holy hot damn, you've made it... go up the staircase to Nosferatu's private


Life: [][][][][]

"What is a man?  A miserable little pile of secrets!  Have at you!"
                                                            -Whoops, Wrong Game

This is it, the final battle!  Nosferatu is a tough opponent at first, so don't
get discouraged.  Once you know how to fight him, however, he's a piece of
cake.  (Especially if you've been collecting all the blue crystals up until
this point.)

Nosferatu spends a lot of time floating high in the air where you can't reach
him.  Eventually, however, he'll drop down to the ground and chase you a bit.
Make sure he doesn't land on you when he comes down, but stay close.

The key to beating Nosferatu (and which makes this fight easy) is to let him
get close you you and when you see him come in to punch you, dodge back and
then let loose on him with a strike combo (which takes off a whole life bar!).

Occasionally, he may grab you and start choking you as he takes you up in the
air.  If you get knocked over by his punches and kick, he can also use his
vampire magic to raise you into the air and then throw you to the ground. If
you find him doing either of these to you, press left and right quickly while
slamming the attack button to shake him off.  Once you know how, you can leave
these attacks unscathed.

Every now and then, he'll turn into a giant bat and start swooping around above
your head.  In this form, it's extremely difficult to hit him (you can do it
with jump kicks) and not worth your time at all.  His only attack is a swooping
kick and he can only execute it if you're far enough away from him.  Stay right
under him and he's useless.  Follow him around the room in this manner until he
changes back to his normal self.

Honestly, you can beat Nosferatu in like five minutes with the right know-how.
Then it's off to Erin and you're FINISHED!


                                7.0 THE ENDINGS


There are three different endings, corresponding to the three difficulty
levels.  However, they're only different in terms of what one screen of poetry
says, so you're not really missing out by not beating it on the hardest


           "The battle is over,
            while hard fought,
            'twas easily won,
             try now the two
            greater challenges"


         "The battle is finished
            Nosferatu is gone
            His evil banished
          As day begins to break"


        "His evil banished forever,
          to be forgotten never,
          'til he threatens again
           he remains a legend"

That's some bad poetry!


                              8.0 NOSFERATU LORE


The name "Nosferatu" comes from Bram Stoker's famous novel "Dracula" (1897).
Stoker claimed it was an Old European word for "vampire", although it's never
been seen before Stoker's novel.

In 1922, the German film director F.W. Murnau filmed the silent masterpiece
"Nosferatu" (full name: "Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens"), popularizing
the term.  The film was originally supposed to be an adaptation of Stoker's
book, but Murnau's studio was unable to obtain the rights to it.


                                  9.0 CHEATS



         During a game, do a spinning back kick by pressing Away + Y, and pause
         the game mid-kick. Then press Up, X, Right, A, Down, B, Left, Y.


         Any time during play, pause the game and press Up, X, Right, A, Down,
         B, Left, Y.


         Select the Configuration mode, and highlight "Exit".  Press L, L, R,
         R, R, L, L, L.  Press Up or Down to select the stage.  You can even go
         to specific areas within the stage, or to the demos (cutscenes).

         Note: L and R being the buttons, not the Left and Right directions on
         the keypad.


                                 10.0 CREDITS




         K. Isoda
         K. Igarashi

         S. Aoyama


         T. Nakamura
         H. Azumada

         Y. Ando
         T. Mochizuki


         A. Akahori
         (Opus Corp.)


         J. Enoki
         (Opus Corp.)


         M. Ohno
         N. Harada

         H. Shimogauchi
         M. Iwatsuka

         Seta U.S.A., Inc.

         and All Other
         Guys Who've Been
         Real Supportive


         J. Fujimoto


         Seta Co., Ltd.

 10.2 FAQ CREDITS   \


         SETA for making the game

         GAMEFAQS AND ALL THE FAQ'ERS for inspiration

         GAMER'S GRAVEYARD for the Nosferatu manual

         WIKIPEDIA for the Nosferatu lore

         VIDEO GAME MUSEUM for Mek <3

         SUPERFAMICOM.ORG for release dates and credits


         ZHANG JIAN for telling me about the Forward Knee move, and also the
         tip about dodging the "unavoidable" arrow in Stage Six.

         RRYY for giving me the Alternate Strategy for the Phantom Mist.

         Thanks, guys!


         Mom, Dad, Mad Dog, Junior Executive, Ollie, MarTin, The Catfish,
         N33sh, My Twon, Tsingtao beer, Percy, my pals at Pix Fu, Berkeley
         ("lookit what my college degree did!"), free pr0n, Bruce Lee, American
         Spirits, monkeys, Notepad, rap music, Primo, skateboards, Robert Mo (I
         know he will appreciate this), Cyrus from Cypress, Mykull Sexy
         Housemate, Jenn E Kim, the onion bread I'm eating right now, Stephen
         Hawking, Dell computers, Apple, Cabel Sasser and the Panic crew,
         Newcastle, the color green, Ender's game, jazz music, that baseball
         game for the PS2 (the one we've been playing all week), Shigeru
         Miyamoto, Pocky, the sun, which is now beginning to rise, Tecate,
         Arnold Schwarzenegger, all the ladies, and most of all, my bed,
         without which each day would have no meaning...


                                 11.0 CONTACT                           


Name:      Derek Yu

E-mail:    yu.derek@gmail.com

Website:   http://www.derekyu.com


                            12.0 LEGAL MUMBO-JUMBO                            


Nosferatu and SETA (c)1995 SETA U.S.A., INC.
FAQ (c)2004 Derek Yu

This FAQ may be freely distributed, copied, and displayed on any website
provided that it is not altered in any way and is in its original form.

The latest version can ALWAYS be found at GameFAQS (http://www.gamefaqs.com).





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