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FAQ/Move List by Silpheed2x

Version: 0.9 | Updated: 02/09/2001

Ninja Warriors Again

General Gameplay FAQ
Written by Silpheed2x
version 0.9

I.Table of Contents

I.Table of contents
III.The Game
IV.The Story
        How to read key commands
        Basic Moves
        Intermediate Maneuvers
        Advanced Maneuvers
        Character Specific Moves
VI.Character Descriptions
VIII.Further Improvements I'd like . . ..

II. Introduction
        Finally . . . the version 0.9 of the FAQ is complete, thanks to SC 
and Sergio Ocaña for helping me out.  I am seriously doubting any more 
upgrades to this FAQ as it stands, so this may well be the final version.  
This is a somewhat momentous moment, as this is my first, and currently, 
only, FAQ to be up and running.  Time to move on to bigger (but not 
necessarily better) games . . ..

        This still stands, please ask me about posting this FAQ on your 
website or any other public forum, and I will generally be cool about it, 
unless you are trying to sell this for profit, which I will take action on.  
And if you, for some reason unknownst to yours truly, choose to use a part 
of my FAQ on your FAQ or anything otherwise, please give me credit.  Oh, and 
please ask permission just to be on the safe side.

III. The Game

        The game Ninja Warriors Again has been released for the Super 
Famicom/Super NES in 1994.  The game was published by Taito, and was 
developed by Natsume.

        The reason that this game is named Ninja Warriors Again is that 
there was a prequel called The Ninja Warriors for the arcade and PC 
Engine/Turbografix 16.  As far as I can tell, the game was developed by 
Taito, and as the androids (your character) received damage, they would 
reveal a little more of themselves before they self-destructed.  There were 
only two characters to play as, the Ninja, and the Kunoichi.  Admittedly, I 
do not remember much, seeing that I played this game on the Turbografix 16! 
{Knowing that some of you readers out there might not know what a 
Turbografix 16 makes me feel oh-so-old . . ..}  Let's get back to the sequel 
now, shall we?

IV. Story

{Being the lazy, lazy guy that I am, I've copied the storyline from the 
game's introduction -- so skip this section if you've seen the intro 

This once great and opulent nation, is now in the midst of a terrible 

Banglar the tyrant, having become the ruler of this nation, used his 
powerful army to oppress the population.  Having been brainwashed, the 
people had lost their power to think for themselves.  The society was in 
ruins, and what was once a great economic power lie in darkness.

However, there was a ray of light left.  A small but powerful underground 
opposition force led by Mulk was mounting a great campaign to overthrow 
Banglar and restore light to the nation.

Banglar was to be assassinated using the force of three androids.  An 
android strong enough crush Banglar's armed force would take a long time to 
develop, and by the time the testing stage had been reached, time had run 
out.  Banglar gathered his forces to crushs (sic) the resistance.  Here and 
there, the resistance force was quickly and severely defeated.

The resistance force was no match for Banglar's overwhelming force.  With no 
time left, the untested androids had to be used.

"Your mission is to overthrow the despotic regime and assassinate Banglar."

With this, the final battle had begun.

{So, basically, you're out to kill this dude who's been a jerk.}

V. Gameplay

{Unless otherwise stated, all the characters are able to do these moves.}
{Since I was unable to obtain the manual/other FAQs, all the move names are 
made up, so please bear with this.}


Left/Right/Up/Down/Neutral=Directions on the joypad.
Y= Y-button/Attack Button
B= B-Button/Jump Button
X= X-Button/Blaster Button
A= A-Button

How to read key commands.

A "Neutral" on the directional pad means that you press nothing on the 
directional pad.

A comma "," means that the buttons should be pressed after one another. For 
example, X,Y,B means that you should press the buttons X, then Y, and then 

A parenthesis with plus signs inbetween "(-+-+-)" means that a command in 
the parenthesis should be pressed simultaneously for the right action to 
occur. For example, if there is a command for the buttons (Y+B), the buttons 
Y and B should be pressed together.  And, there are times when I will just 
explain the actions.  For example, (While walking)+B, you should press B 
while holding left/right.

A question mark "?" by the command name means that there are specific things 
to note, which will be explained in brackets "[]". So for example,
?720 Dragon Kidney Kick Version 4.4= X,X,X,X,X,X
[These moves cannot be done for Ninja/Kunoichi/Kamaitachi . . ..]

A star "*" means that there is a follow-up move to be done.  So, for 
So there are three different actions you can take after you press Y.

A slash(/) means either one of the commands will result in the same action.  
For example, (left/right/neutral+Y) will mean that you can either press 
(left+Y), (right+Y), or (neutral+Y) and the actions will be the same.

Basic moves

If you've played the game once/read the previous section/played other 
side-scrolling beat'em ups/is over the age three and have an attention span 
longer than five seconds, you should already know this stuff.

Walk= press left/right

Crouch= hold down

Attack= Y

Pick up an item= (When close)Y

Jump= B

Blaster Attack= X


Intermediate maneuvers

You might know some of these, and some of these you might not know.

Crouch walk= ((While crouching)+(Left/Right))

Dash Attack= ((While Crouching)+B)

For Kuniochi= Y,Y,Y,Y,Y
For Kamaitachi= Y,Y,Y,Y,Y
For Ninja = Y,Y,Y

Crouching Combination=
For Kuniochi= ((While crouching)Y,Y,Y,Y,Y)
For Kamaitachi= ((While crouching)Y,Y,Y,Y,Y)
For Ninja = ((While crouching)Y,Y,Y)

?Block= (Hold Y)
[You can block while crouching]

Dodge= ((While blocking)+(Left/Right/Neutral+B))

?Grab= (Walk up to the enemy)
[Only the Ninja and Kunoichi are capable of doing this.  The Ninja can walk 
around while holding the enemy.]

?Throw= ((After grabbing enemy)+Left/Right/Neutral+Y)
[The Kamaitachi is unable to grab -- however, he is able to throw!  Just 
walk up to the enemy{a la Street Fighter/King of Fighters/Fatal Fury/Ect . . 
..} and press (Left/Right+Y).]

?Vertical Jump attack= ((Neutral+B),Y)
[The Ninja can control his attacks--press different directions on the 
directional pad while pressing Y and find out!]

?Diagonal Jump Attack= ((Left/Right+B),Y)
[The Ninja is not capable of jumping diagonally, so he cannot perform this 

Learned much?  You can actually beat the whole game knowing only about half 
of these moves . . ..  But wait, there's more!

Advanced Maneuvers

Ooh, the cool stuff . . ..

?Toss{Alternative throw #1}= ((After grabbing enemy),(up+Y))
[The Kamaitachi is not capable of doing this move.]

?Pummel{Alternative Throw #2}= ((After grabbing enemy),(down+Y))
[The Kamaitachi is not capable of doing this move.]

?Blaster Combination=
For Kuniochi= Y,Y,Y,Y,(up+Y)
For Kamaitachi= Y,Y,Y,Y,(up+Y)
For Ninja = Y,Y,(up+Y)
[For this special combination to work, the blaster bars need to be 
completely filled, and the finishing move will use up five meter bars from 
the meter under your energy bar, the one that says "blaster" on the left.  
So pay attention!]

?Crouching Blaster Combination=
For Kuniochi= (((While crouching)Y,Y,Y,Y)+(up+Y))
For Kamaitachi= (((While crouching)Y,Y,Y,Y)+(up+Y))
For Ninja = (((While crouching)Y,Y)+(up+Y))
[This seems complicated, it really isn't.  For example, for the Ninja's 
Crouching Blaster combination, hold down while pressing the first two 
attacks, and quickly let go of the down direction on the directional pad
and press up while pressing the last attack button.  "Sigh" . . ..  It still 
seems so complicated . . ..]

Did you know of these?  Well, if you did, how come you didn't make a FAQ and 
are making me make one?

Character Specific Moves

For Kunoichi= (Thanks goes out to SC) For her diagonal jump attack, she has 
a second variation where she can attack a foe behind her right after 
attacking her first target.  To do this, jump towards your first target, and 
press the OPPOSITE direction on your joypad and the Y-Button.

Triangle jump attack= ((Left/Right+B),(Right/Left+Y))

So, if she jumps to the right, you'd have to press (Left+Y) for her to 
attack correctly, and vice versa.

For Kamaitachi=  Kamaitachi has a different command {explained before} for a 
throw.  Instead of grabbing, he can walk up to enemies and the throw them. 
Also,                                           instead of a pummel, 
Kamaitachi has an overhead attack. When near the enemy, press (down+Y).  He 
will hop and kick downwards. So,

Throw= (When near the enemy+(Left/Right+Y))
Overhead Attack= (When near the enemy+(down+Y))

For Ninja= Instead of a diagonal jump (Left/Right+B), the Ninja has a jet 
boost that will make him launch across the screen on ground. If he runs into 
the enemy, he will automatically tackle the enemy.  If the Y-Button is 
pressed during the Jet Boost, he will execute a sliding sidekick.  So,

Jet Boost{For the Ninja only}= (Left/Right+B)
Tackle{For the Ninja only}= ((Left/Right+B)Launch into enemy)
Sliding Side Kick= (After "Boosting")+Y

VI.Character descriptions

6.89 ft.
1540 lbs.

japanese assassin - contrary to popular western belief, Ninjas were not seen 
in high regard by the Japanese.  Selling their loyalty for money, they were 
often seen as "dogs without honor".  Legends say that they are the 
descendents of the "Tengu", a mythical race of demons that were half-human 
and half-crow.

Play Type - Power

5.58 ft.
143 lbs.

Name given for female assassin - often hired by the Shogun and other lords, 
the Kunoichi/Ninja would commit suicide after an especially sensitive 
mission, to keep their objectives and their benefactor's identity a secret.  
In return, the lords/Shogun gave protection and money to the clan from which 
the assassin came from.

Play type - Balanced

6.07 ft.
220 lbs.

"cut caused by whirlwind" - it's also a folkloric monster/Japanese monster 
that looks like a weasel, although it moves so fast no one has ever gotten a 
good look. They usually assault a victim as a team, where the first knocks 
down the victim, the second slashes him with its teeth, and the third heals 
the wound. The word kama means "sickle" and itachi means "weasel".

Play type - Speed

VII. Hints/Cheats


The characters are "invincible" during these times; when they are flashing 
after being knocked down, when throwing/picking up items/enemies, and when 
performing certain "finishers" in combos. {"Finishers" are what I call the 
last moves a
character does in their combination attack(s). More specifically, finishing 
moves in regular combination attacks and "Blaster" Combinations.}

And during certain throws, you can toss/shove the enemy you're holding onto 
other enemies so that they may receive damage.

During blocks, you're only protecting the side your character is facing, and 
they may not change sides while blocking.  So be careful!

You can usually block the ememies' combination attacks after you've been hit 
with the first attack, so keep that in mind.

Some moves are unblockable.  Like the missiles from level 1, fire{from the 
fire-breathing guy in the later stages.}, and lasers{from the robots on the 
later stages.} and such.  Generally, look out for things that explode from 
the ground.  {Like one of the boss' attacks on stage 4 & 5.}

The dodge move is pretty useful in getting out of sticky situations, such as 
when you are cornered by enemies.  Try it!

If you get knocked down when your Blaster Meter is charging up, the meter 
will fall back to zero.  So be careful.

If you block, try to do so when crouching.  This will block every 
(blockable) move, including the jumping attacks.  But be weary, only the 
side you're facing will be blocked!


On the title screen, hold the buttons X and Y. While holding these, press 
the buttons A, A, A, A, B, B, B, B, A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B.  You've unlocked 
the stage select!  If you repeat this process while in the stage select, the 
area select will also appear.

(Thanks to Sergio Ocaña for this next trick!)  On the title screen, hold 
down the shoulder buttons (the L+R buttons) while pressing the Start button 
for a music test.  There are 23 BGMs' available.  To play, press the Y 
button.  To return to the title, simply press the start button.

One thing of interest: during an explosion(from the missiles/lasers/etc), 
pause the game.  If you pause at the right moment, you will see a reversed 
dollar sign within the explosion.  Hmm, wonder that that means . . ..

VIII. Further Improvements I'd like . . ..

This section will most likely be a pipe dream, but in the future revisions,
I would like to add in:

-Any moves I've missed

-Boss Descriptions

-Storyline from original Ninja Warriors

IX. Revisions

-Version 0.1  Re-typed FAQ
-Version 0.2  Added specific moves for Kamaitachi
              Fixed/Still looking for grammatical mistakes . . ..
              Got rid of technical errors . . ..
-Version 0.3  Fixed one glaring error in the advanced maneuvers section
              Decided AGAINST adding in level walk-throughs
              Looking for moves for Kunoichi
-Version 0.4  Still looking for moves for Kuniochi
              Added in little touches
-Version 0.5  Beginning to think that there ARE no specific moves for
              Had a little change in the moves section . . ..
              Actually got an email from someone that played the game!
              From that email, got a new trick for whomever's interested . .
-Version 0.6  Finally, after much frustration, accepted the fact that
              Kunoichi does NOT have any special moves of her own
              Again, more of the "little touches"
-Version 0.7  Grammatical fixes
              Added in Character descriptions
-Version 0.8  Grammatical fix
              Added in extra hints/cheats
-Version 0.9  Found email containing the ever-elusive Kunoichi exclusive 
              Re-Wrote the introduction
              Grammatical fixes

X. Thanks

To my hands - I wouldn't have been able to type this/play the game without
my fingers, thumbs, and other parts of my hand.  Thank you hand!

To my eyes - Again, I wouldn't be able to do this without my eyes.  Thanks

To my brain - Comprehension is a thing we take for granted, but this time,
I'd like to thank it.  Thanks brain!

To the rest of my body - I really didn't need other parts to type this, but
I think I'd be a little sadder without any of my body parts.  Thanks body!

To ma - For supplying this body as well as feeding it good food {Which I
miss desperately in the dorms . . ..}.  Thanks ma!

To pa - For supplying the other half of the body.  Thanks pa!

To my computer - for being upgraded!

To Sergio Ocaña - for giving me a sign that someone is ACTUALLY reading
this, as well as the nifty sound test trick!

To SC - for telling me that ever-elusive move for Kunoichi!

Natsume - For programming this fine game, as well as other fine games, with
their fine hands/eyes/brains/and other assorted body parts.  Thanks Natsume!

Taito - For publishing this game . . . say, what happened to them?  Well,
thanks anyways, Taito!

GameFAQs - Free game guides--whee!

Gameadvice - Again, free game guides--whee!

The Ninja Warriors Again is a (c) of Taito Japan Corp.

This FAQ is (c) of me, Silpheed2x . . ..

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