Review by Yuber11

Reviewed: 08/10/04

Guts doesn't have it.

My friends and I love watching this show on Nick GaS. It’s a hilarious show with a bunch of overly motivated little kids, who for some reason think they are athletes. The kids have to run, jump, or swim their way through games that are way to simple to be considered any kind of challenge. I was extremely happy to see that this horrible TV show was made into a SNES game, and I purchased it without any hesitation from my local Game Xchange. I was expecting it to be bad considering the TV show that spawned it, but I had no idea how bad.

The graphics for this game were actually very impressive and compared to other SNES games the movements of the people are some of the best I have seen. There is also a good amount of detail, for example in some of the games you can see the Guts helpers in the back round clapping their hands.

The music in this game is not very exciting, however at the beginning of the game, it plays the actual Guts theme song! Also in each event you get to hear Moe’s voice start the challenge.

This game is divided into two basic modes of play, Elastic Sports and Action Sports. Elastic Sports consists of your character jumping off of a platform and then throwing a ball into a goal. The controls for these games are extremely awkward at first but once you get use to them it becomes way to easy for it to be enjoyable.
In Action Sports you must maneuver your character through a series of obstacle courses. These games are extremely hard and you will seldomly finish them in time. For the most part all you do in these events is jump your character from one hanging rope to the next. However the only way to get to the next rope is to have your character in the exact right spot on the rope when he jumps because if you are to low when you jump, you will not make it to the next rope, and if you are to high you will hit the celling and fall down. This is very frustrating because it is hard yet no gaming skill is actually required. In general the controls just don’t flow at all. One of the hardest parts of the Action Sports is climbing up ropes when all you need to do is press up (pressing up may not sound hard but for some reason it never seems to work the first few tries). Also theses events are way too long. You are given a seven minute time period to complete them, yet that usually isn’t even enough time.
Now for the positive side. Before the game starts you can pick your character from a roster of kids who each have unique stats including their favorite sports. You can even name your character. Another cool feature is that you can do trick shots in Elastic Sports. However, the best part is that you can execute a front flip in the Action Sports simply bt pressing the X button!!!

This game is hard!!! It is probably harder to play this video game then it would be to compete in the actual Guts events in real life.

No. You probably won’t even finish it the first time through.

Even though this game looks nice and sounds nice, that is not enough to save the terrible gameplay. Any one who loves a game with fun and fluent gameplay should stay away from this game at all costs. However hardcore SNES or Nickelodeon fans might find this game a little enjoyable.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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