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Reviewed: 06/02/02 | Updated: 06/02/02

Half Good, Half Bad

This is my first review!

Good game. Bad gameplay. The game is based on a show on Nickelodeon called Nickelodeon Guts. Three kids get through many events to get to the Aggro Crag and win a cool trophy. It is off the air, while the game is off to h***


Great graphics. Since there is not much to the game, the makers had a lot of time to work on the graphics. 7/10


My ears are still ringing from an everlasting droning sound throughout the whole game! There is no real sound in the game other than a lousy ''oof!'' or ''unh!'' 1/10


All I can say is UGH!!! The music is low and not good at all. 1/10


The gameplay is good but hard to figure out.

Slam Dunk
You squat down and jump to try and make a slam dunk. Make as many as you can in the time limit

You squat down and jump to try and throw pink and light green footballs into a circular goal. As before, make as many as you can in the time limit.

You squat and jump again to try and throw small balls into a square goal with a long pole with a small net at the end. Make as many goals as you can in the time limit.

Basic Training
Run through an obstacle course by swinging, climbing, and jumping and get to the end in the time limit. You can collect Energy and Extra Time powerups. There is also 1 Bonus powerup that I'll explain later.

Tornado Run
Exactly like Basic Training, but longer and harder. Energy and Extra Time powerups again, but no bonus powerup.

Bonus Round
If you find the Bonus powerup in Basic Training, You'll go to the Bonus Round after you finish B.T. You are in a harness and you can jump really high. You move across the screen and jump and automatically swat(like MAD) at small white balls on a backboard. Knock down as many as you can in the time limit. If you get all 100 of them, you get 100 extra points. If you don't, you get that many points that you did knock down.

Aggro Crag
You get points at the end of every event. If you total the required amount of points to get to the Aggro Crag(Beginner-600/Advanced-700), you go to it! The Crag's color depends on what color you picked for your player(red/blue/purple). You jump around hitting 7 buttons while avoiding waterfalls, steam, and rocks. Get to the top and hit an 8th button and win the game.

You then go through very long credits and that's it. You only go through the two obstacles courses and two of the other main courses. For gameplay I'd give a 3/10


You'll rarely make it to the end. 3/10


It is a great game but it sucks at the same time. Good luck trying to beat it!

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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