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FAQ by The Evolution

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/01/02

v. 1.0
by The Evolution (wyltn3d@hotmail.com)


1. Introduction/History
2. Opening Screen
3. Let's Play!
4. The Games
   a. Slam Dunk
   b. Basic Training
   c. Spirals
   d. Tornado Run
   e. Attack
   f. Aggro Crag
5. Legal Disclaimer (AKA Keep Scrolling)
6. Credits

1. Introduction/History

Nickelodeon Guts started in 1992 as a simple show that allowed kids to show off
their athletic talents in all sorts of off-the-wall events, leading up to the
big finale, a huge mountain called the Aggro Crag, in which the winner would
recieve a piece of that "radical rock".  The show was hosted by Mike O'Malley
for its entire duration (1992-1995), and Guts head referee Moira Quirk also
stayed on for the entire duration.  Since this show was like a "cool Olympics
for kids", it was only natural that the next step was to take it global.  And
as the series winded down, it turned into Global Guts, as kids came in from all
over the world to take part in the very fun looking games.  At the peak of its
popularity in 1994, a little bit before Global Guts, Nintendo released this
game along with Viacom.  Now, even though this game has many flaws, it still
can be fun to play with a friend, since it did support 2 player play.

Enough with the history, on with the FAQ.

2. Opening Screen

On the opening screen, move up and down to select the options, and press A to
change them.

** 1 Player Game/2 Player Game

If only one player is playing, it is not considered an official game, rather,
you are in training.

** Beginner/Advanced

Obviously, these are the difficulty levels for the game.

** Music: On/Off

Simple, to the point.  Do you want the music or not?

** Event Setups: On/Off

If this option is turned off, you aren't told the name of the event, the object
of the event, or the scoring of the event.  Once you know your way around the
game, you won't be needing this.

** Start Game

This leads you to...

3. Let's Play!

After you select Start Game, you are given the option of either participating
in a complete Guts show, which will feature all 4 events including the Aggro
Crag at the end, or you can just practice at a certain event.

Once you have selected one of those options, you are asked to pick a color. 
There is no advantage to any certain color, it's just a style thing.

Your color is selected.  Now, you get to choose which player you would like to
be.  There are no names for these people, but there are 6 females...and 2
males. (Seems a little one-sided, eh? :)) They all have a favorite sport, which
may give you a certain advantage in the sport that is featured in the certain
events, though that has not been proven yet.  For your assistance, I have made
a map like structure of how I am going to break down the profiles.

  2  3  4
1         5
  8  7  6

Once you see the character selection screen, you'll know what I mean.


1. Sex: Female
   Weight: 97 lbs.
   Height: 5'0"
   Favorite Sport: Gymnastics

2. Sex: Male
   Weight: 98 lbs.
   Height: 5'1"
   Favorite Sport: Basketball

3. Sex: Female
   Weight: 104 lbs.
   Height: 5'3"
   Favorite Sport: Baseball

4. Sex: Female
   Weight: 105 lbs.
   Height: 5'2"
   Favorite Sport: Soccer

5. Sex: Female
   Weight: 108 lbs.
   Height: 5'4"
   Favorite Sport: Track and Field

6. Sex: Female
   Weight: 113 lbs.
   Height: 5'6"
   Favorite Sport: Football

7. Sex: Female
   Weight: 111 lbs.
   Height: 5'4"
   Favorite Sport: Football

8. Sex: Male
   Weight: 110 lbs.
   Height: 5'4"
   Favorite Sport: Basketball

Now.  Once you have selected your character, you may enter this character's
name.  The number of letters you can enter at a maximum is 8, so use them

If you are playing Guts: Training, you are told that you need 700 points to
compete on the Aggro Crag.  Shouldn't be too hard.  Right?

4. The Games

4a. Slam Dunk

Object: Score the most points
Scoring: Every shot you make is worth 5 points
Time Limit: 2:30
2 Player Mode Scoring: 300 points for 1st place, 100 for 2nd place

Yes, it's the basketball game.  When you are on the big padding, you can move
left/right across the padding.  Then, when you are ready, press and hold the
down button, until the power meter (on the left side of the screen), is filled
to your liking.  Release down, and then wait until you are near the basket
before pressing B to shoot the ball.

IMPORTANT!  Don't forget to hold Down on your way back.  You'll see the power
meter move up just a tad, but if you did it correctly, you'll get back up on
the padding safe and sound.  If you don't do it, or don't do it enough, you
might stagger up to the padding, or even stumble off, costing you valuable
time.  Remember, don't forget to hold Down on your way back.

4b. Basic Training

Object: Get to the finish line in the fastest time
Scoring: 1 point awarded for every second left under the 6 minute time limit
(ex: if you finish in 5:59, you get 1 point)
Time Limit: 6:00
2 Player Mode Scoring: 300 points for 1st place, 100 for 2nd place

Oh man, this can be very hard (and very frustrating) if you don't know what
you're doing.  However, if you do know what you're doing, this can be a piece
of cake, and can get you some serious pointage.

First off, let's go over some controls:

Left/Right move you left and right (duh), but they can also help you switch
your position while climbing up a pole/rope.  If you wish to move to the other
side of the pole/rope, simply hit the d-pad in the direction of the side you
are currently climbing up (for example, if you want to switch to the left side
of the pole/rope, simply press right, and you will switch).  Remember, that
when you jump off of a rope or pole, that you jump in the direction you are

Speaking of jumping, use X to perform that feat.  Your character will perform
and impressive, yet very cartoon-like flip before landing.

Use Up to look up (no true use there), and to climb up poles and ropes (plenty
of use).  Don't get frustrated if you can't climb up right away, because you
have to be in an absolutely perfect position to get on a pole or rope.  Using
Down will allow you to crouch, and if you use down with left or right in a
fluid motion, you can even slide under the obstacles in this course, which is
much more effective than pressing down, and then moving left or right by

You're probably wondering what that little orange guy's meter is all about. 
It's an energy meter of sort, but only to the point that when it is full, you
run a *little* faster.  Not much.

Ways the meter can go down:

1. Landing too hard on a jump
2. Sliding off a pole (you could do it on a rope, but the pole is far more
3. Getting hit by one of the swinging GUTS bags
4. Falling down some kind of gap
5. Running into the course (truly a funny animation)

Ways the meter can go up:

1. Just stand there and watch your character breathe
2. Get the jumping jack guy's item to refill the meter

So, should you worry about the meter?  No, it's just there to really scare you.
 And it can't run out either (and I'm doubtful that you'll ever encounter a
situation in which it would anyways), so basically, hakuna matata along the
lines of the meter.

Items you can pick up in Basic Training:

1. Stopwatches (time bonus) - These little items give you more time to complete
the course, which can equal more points in the end for you.  Very helpful.
2. Jumping jack man (meter refiller) - Unless you really want to run fast for
about 5 more seconds before you jump too hard and your poor little GUTS
contender loses a little chunk of his life, don't bother grabbing one of these.
 Simply run along.

As for a walkthrough of the event, you should basically follow the rule of
thumb of following the arrow signs.  They won't mislead you.  My best times
have been somewhere in the 4:30-4:50 range (time remaining), so you can score
some nice points in this game.

NOTE: The 2-player Basic Training is different from the one player.

4c. Spirals

Object: Score the most points
Scoring: 5 points for every spiral made in the "hoop"
Time Limit: 2:30
2 Player Mode Scoring: 300 points for 1st place, 100 for 2nd place

Hey, does this look familiar?  That's right, it's slam dunk with a little donut
that has a net in it!  And you're gonna be throwing little footballs into that
net this time!  Joyous, isn't it?  Just remember the Slam Dunk instructions,
press down to the desired point on the meter, then go along with the ride and
at the height of your jump, press B.

Need a little help scoring?  Here's a tip I have working for me.  Go to the
right as far as you can, and then push your power meter to the 5th notch, not
too much above or below that, just to be safe.  Then, when you get close to the
basket, let 'er rip.  Don't forget to press Down on your way back, so you don't
fall off the padding like some drunk.

4d. Tornado Run

Object: Get to the finish line in the fastest time
Scoring: 1 point for every second under the time limit
Time Limit: 7:00
2 Player Mode Scoring: 300 points for 1st place, 100 for 2nd place

That's right, it's another running event, and another chance to score some big
points.  Now, if you are an avid watcher of GUTS currently, or maybe were an
avid watcher, then this might've been your favorite event, simply because it
was messing with those poor kids as they tried to run around the track as fast
as they could.

And guess what, it's just like Basic Training, only a lot, lot more
challenging.  You'll find yourself getting a little bit more frustrated with
this event, but don't worry.  Unless you are truly a beginner, there's no way
that you can run out of time in this event.

Just remember, use X to jump, down to crouch, left/right to crawl while
crouching or to run, up/down to climb up and down a pole or rope.  That's all,

4e. Attack

Object: Score the most points
Scoring: 5 points for every point made in the contest
Time Limit: 2:30
2 Player Mode Scoring: 300 points for 1st place, 100 for 2nd place

This event is just like Slam Dunk and Spirals, only you're shooting at a square
with a net in it, and you're shooting balls into it with a lacrosse(?) stick. 
Same controls here, down to charge up meter, B to shoot, and down to get back
up on the padding.

Something that worked for me was to get on the far right side of the padding,
hold the meter to its max, and then shoot at the very top of my jump.  Of
course, you may have something that works for you, which is fine just fine.

4f. Aggro Crag

Object: Jump on all 6 actuators in the fastest time
Scoring: 1 point for every second under the time limit
Time Limit: 7:00
2 Player Mode Scoring: 725 for 1st place, 325 for 2nd

Yeah, this is the event that you've been waiting for.  However, it's just like
Basic Training and the Tornado Run, except it's even harder than both. 
Remember, you have to jump on the actuators, you can't just walk over the

So, at the end, whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins.  And
you get to see your piece of the Aggro Crag.

5. Legal Disclaimer (AKA Keep Scrolling)

Nickelodeon Guts is copyright 1994 by Viacom International Inc.  I have no
affiliation with Viacom or any of Viacom's little channels.

6. Credits/Thanks

Thanks to Nickelodeon for a great game show and a subpar video game based on

Thanks to Moira Quirk for sounding very English.

Thanks to GameFAQs for hopefully posting this FAQ.

Thanks to the Crocodile Hunter for being able to eliminated all of his
credibility with a movie about him saving the world.  Perfect.

Thanks to all who read this FAQ, because why else would I make it?

The Evolution

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