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FAQ by Muff

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/05/2005

*_NHL '96_* (Super Nintendo)

General FAQ

Version: 1.00

July 6, 2005


I.     Introduction
II.    Version History
III.   Control Scheme
IV.    Modes of Play
V.     Team Information
VI.    Frequently Asked Questions
VII.   Contact Information
VIII.  Credits
IX.    Copyright Information  


     Heyo, This here is my attempt at a rather decent NHL '96 FAQ.  Hockey has
always been my favorite sport and hockey games especially bring back memories
for me.

     NHL '96 may not be the best in the series but it introduces new concepts
and abilites from previous versions.  This FAQ will basically describe the 
many modes of play, team roster and player attributes, and a few other 


Version 0.90:  Completed the guide to submittable status and thusly submitted
               it in hopes of it being accepted.
               (July 6th, 2005)

     NHL '96 adds a few new moves to the mix from '95, those being the quick 
stop, spinorama, fake shots, one time passing, and shot blocking abilites.

     The controls are fairly basic but change drastically whether you are in
control of the puck, on the defensive, or in control of the goalie.


Y button - Dump the puck or fake shot when past the centre ice line
B button - Pass puck, holding directionals aim the pass to specific players
A button - Tapping A shoots a quick but weaker wrist shot and holding down A
           unleashes a slapshot, which is more powerful.
X button - The X button plus a directional is a drop pass between the legs
L button - Quick stop
R button - Spinorama

(Defensive/Without Puck)

Y button - Hook the opposing player, impeding his progress
B button - Change player to the player closest to the puck, and poke check
           when you are in control of the player closest to the puck
A button - Speed Burst/Body Check
X button - No apparent use
L button - Shot block attempt in your own zone only
R button - Shot block attempt in your own zone only

(Goaltender Control)

Y button - Attempt to smother the puck with a dive, and when in control of the
           puck this flips the puck out of the zone
B button - Poke check, or pass when in control of the puck
A button - Save
X button - The X button changes your control to the goalie if you have it on 
           manual control
L button - no apparent use
R button - no apparent use

(Instant Replay Control)

Y button - Rewind
B button - Play/Pause
A button - Fast Forward
X button - Slow Motion

(Misc. Controls)

B then A - One-timer shot
B then Y - One-timer pass
B on the Faceoff - Take the draw, directions aim the puck if you win.

Using the One-timer pass in conjunction with the one timer shot can result in
some pretty sweet looking give and go style plays, give it a try sometime.


     NHL '96 has the standard modes of play, the exhibition mode, season mode,
and practice modes.

The Exhibition mode is just that, an exhibition game to hone your skills
either against a computer opponent or a friend.  There are three skill levels
to choose from as well, Novice, Intermediate, and Expert.

The Season mode lets you play through the entire NHL season.  You do not pick
a specific team, rather you check off the games you would like to play.  You
can customize the options to change the length of in game periods to 5, 10, or
20 minutes.  You can toggle goalie control to automatic or manual 
(You can always change it in game if you wish).  During playoff play you may
set the options so that the playoff series are best of seven format or single 

Practice mode is neat in that you can choose how many players each team will
ice.  For a challenge you can take control of a goalie against 3 or 5 opposing
players.  Or a one on one showdown is always nice.  For each team you can
choose between zero and five players.

Rules and Options - 

     There are varying options you can modify to your liking such as the 
ability to turn penalties, offsides, and or line changes off.

     Fighting is also an option in this game, if you liek you can have it on
or off.

Create a Player, and Transactions - 

     You can create your own player in this game as in NHL '95.  You enter
your players name, height, weight, prefered number and position.  After you
input the basics you have to distribute 360 points between 11 statistical 
categories for forwards and defensemen and 8 categories for goaltenders.

     You also have the ability to make team trades, even though if the cpu
determines the trade is too lopsided it may deny the transaction.  
And lastly you can release players to free agency and assign them to different


     The following section will list each respective team, along with the 
rankings of past season performance and a roster list detailing the players
position, name, and overall attribute rating.

     I may add a note to a team's profile if I want to point something 
out as well.

Anahiem, Mighty Ducks of

Team Skill:
Even-Strength:   19th
Power-Play:      26th
Penalty Killing: 26th
Goaltending:     22nd

Team Roster:

C. P. Carnback         59
C. S. Lebeau           72
C. S. Rucchin          63
C. M. Sillinger        65
RW. J. Sacco           71
RW. B. Corkum          70
RW. T. Krygier         66
RW. T. Sweeney         66
RW. V. Karpov          68
RW. T. Ewen            59
LW. P. Kariya          76
LW. S. Vanallen        69
LW. G. Valk            65
LW. P. Douris          63
RD. O. Tverdovsky      73
RD. D. Williams        61
RD. D. Karpa           66
LD. B. Dollas          66
LD. R. Dirk            62
LD. R. Ladouceur       65
LD. T. Kurvers         67
LD. D. Mcsween         59
G. G. Hebert           65
G. M. Shtalenkov       60

Boston Bruins

Team Skill:
Even-Strength:   10th
Power-Play:       4th
Penalty Killing:  2nd
Goaltending:      7th

Team Roster:

C. A. Oates            93
C. B. Smolinski        73
C. J. Stumpel          64
RW. C. Neely           86
RW. S. Heinze          70
RW. M. Czerkawski      68
RW. M. Potvin          60
RW. G. Murray          67
LW. T. Donato          71
LW. S. Leach           70
LW. M. Naslund         66 
LW. D. Reid            69
LW. B. Hughes          71
LW. M. Maleka          65
RD. R. Bourque         97
RD. J. Gruden          64
RD. D. Shaw            66
RD. J. Huscroft        61
LD. D. Sweeney         72
LD. A. Kasatonov       68
LD. J. Rohloff         67
LD. A. Iafrate         74
G. B. Lacher           72
G. V. Reindeau         59

Buffalo Sabres

Team Skill:
Even-Strength:   17th
Power-Play:      11th
Penalty Killing:  4th
Goaltending:      3rd

Team Roster:

C. P. Lafontaine       83
C. D. Hawerchuk        80
C. D. Plante           75
C. D. Hannan           62
C. B. Sweeney          71
RW. A. Mogilny         90
RW. D. Audette         73
RW. W. Presley         71
RW. B. May             71 
LW. C. SImpson         73
LW. Y. Khmylev         74
LW. V. Gordiouk        67
LW. R. Ray             65
LW. S. Pearson         66
LW. J. Dawe            72
RD. A. Zhitnik         76
RD. D. Bodger          69
RD. C. Muni            63
RD. D. Houda           59
LD. G. Galley          69
LD. R. Shmelik         71
LD. C. Huddy           68
G. D. Hasek            91
G. R. Stauber          66

Calgary Flames

Team Skill:
Even-Strength:    7th
Power-Play:      12th
Penalty Killing:  5th
Goaltending:      9th

Team Roster:

C. J. Nieuwendyk       78
c. R. Reichel          74
C. J. Otto             71
c. K. Kisio            67
C. W. Walz             66
c. M. Nylander         71
RW. T. Fleury          85
RW. N. Borshevsky      72
RW. R. Stern           65
RW. S. Mccarthy        63
RW. S. Kennedy         66
LW. G. Roberts         89
LW. G. Titov           72
LW. P. Kruse           66
LW. M. Sullivan        67
RD. P. Housley         80
RD. Z. Zalapski        76
RD. J. Patrick         71
RD. K. Dahl            65
LD. S. Chiasson        72
LD. F. Musil           65
LD. T. Yawney
G. T. Kidd             67
G. R. Tabaracci        58

Chicago Blackhawks

Team Skill:
Even-Strength:    8th
Power-Play:       1st
Penalty Killing:  7th
Goaltending:      1st

Team Roster:

C. J. Roenick          93
C. B. Nicholls         77
C. B. Sutter           74
C. J. Shantz           67
C. D. Savard           72
RW. T. Amonte          73
RW. J. Murphy          77
RW. D. Graham          73
RW. J. Cummins         57
RW. B. Probert         70
LW. P. Poulin          74
LW. M. Craven          72
LW. S. Krivokrasov     70
LW. B. Grieve          68
RD. C. Chelios         88
RD. E. Weinrich        71
RD. G. Diduck          67
LD. S. Smith           76
LD. G. Suter           78
LD. C. Russell         68
LD. K. Carney
G. E. Belfour          97
G. J. Hackett          56

Dallas Stars

Team Skill:
Even-Strength:   11th
Power-Play:      19th
Penalty Killing:  8th
Goaltending:     10th

Team Roster:

C. M. Modano           87
C. C. Millen           71
C. D. Evason           66
C. T. Harvey           71
C. P. Zezel            71
RW. T. Klatt           66
RW. G. Adams           73
RW. P. Broten          65
RW. S. Churla          66
RW. M. Kennedy         65
LW. D. Gagner          75
LW. M. Donnelly        72
LW. M. Mcphee          71
LW. B. Gilchrist       69
RD. K. Hatcher         76
RD. G. Cavallini       71
RD. G. Ledyard         69
RD. C. Donnelly        58
LD. C. Ludwig          63
LD. D. Hatcher         69
LD. D. Zmolek          70
LD. M. Lalor           60
G. A. Moog             66
G. D. Wakaluk          64

Detroit Red Wings

Team Skill:
Even-Strength:    2nd
Power-Play:       3rd
Penalty Killing:  1st
Goaltending:      2nd

Team Roster:

C. S. Fedorov          99
C. S. Yzerman          83
C. K. Primeau          74
C. G. Johnson          66
C. K. Draper           69
RW. D. Ciccarelli      79
RW. R. Sheppard        68
RW. D. Brown           70
RW. M. Lapointe        60
RW. D. Mccarty         69
LW. V. Kozlov          72
LW. B. Errey           72
LW. S. Burr            67
LW. M. Krushelski      70
LW. S. Grimson         57
RD. B. Rouse           66
RD. V. Konstantinov    72 
RD. M. Howe            65
LD. P. Coffey          84
LD. N. Lidstrom        72
LD. T. Carkner         63
LD. V. Fetisov         68
G. M. Vernon           75
G. C. Osgood           71

Edmonton Oilers

Team Skill:
Even-Strength:   25th
Power-Play:      17th
Penalty Killing: 25th
Goaltending:     26th

Team Roster:

C. J. Arnott           78
C. D, Weight           71
C. T. Marchant         72
C. M. Aivazoff         61
C. D. Mchammond        67
RW. K. Buchberger      69
RW. D. Oliver          73
RW. K. Maltby          66
LW. S. Corson          75
LW. M. Stapleton       65
LW. S. Thornton        70
LW. L. Debrusk         60
RD. I. Kravchuk        71
RD. J. Slegr           70
RD. F. Olausson        71
RD. G. Mark            54
RD. D. Kennedy         60
RD. R. Mcgill          62
LD. B. Marchment       68
LD. B. Mironov         66
LD. L. Richardson      66
LD. K. Sutton          64
G. B. Ranford          78
G. F. Brathwaite       57

Florida Panthers

Team Skill:
Even-Strength:   14th
Power-Play:      24th
Penalty Killing: 13th
Goaltending:      6th

Team Roster:

C. S. Barnes           70
C. B. Skrudland        74
C. J. Belanger         75
C. S. Niedermayer      70
RW. S. Mellanby        68
RW. J. Hull            66
RW. T. Fitzgerald      73
RW. B. Krudelski       68
LW. D. Lowry           67
LW. M. Hough           68
LW. J. Garpenlov       66
LW. B. Lindsay         65
LW. A. Lomakin         67
LW. G. Duchesne        69
RD. G. Murphy          74
RD. J. Cirella         62
RD. R. Moller          62
RD. K. Brown           61
LD. G. Smith           68
LD. B. Benning         69
LD. P. Laus            66
LD. M. Svensson        66
G. J. Vanbiesbrouk     78
G. M. Fitzpatrick      65

Hartford Whalers

Team Skill:
Even-Strength:   12th
Power-Play:      13th
Penalty Killing: 20th
Goaltending:     14th

Team Roster:

C. A. Cassels          73
C. A. Nikolishin       68
C. D. Turcotte         74
C. M. Janssens         68
C. T. Drury            74
RW. S. Rice            63
RW. J. Lemieux         72
RW. K. Chase           58
RW. J. Sandlak         61
LW. R. Kron            71
LW. G. Sanderson       75
LW. J. Carson          68
LW. P. Ranheim         70
RD. C. Pronger         74
RD. A. Burt            70
RD. F. Kucera          71
LD. G. Wesley          77 
LD. B. Glynn           65
LD. B. Mcgrimmon       62
LD. A. Godynyuk        62
LD. G. Featherstone    65
LD. M. Malik           62
G. S. Burke            69
G. J. Reese            57

Los Angeles Kings

Team Skill:
Even-Strength:   22nd
Power-Play:      14th
Penalty Killing: 15th
Goaltending:     23rd

Team Roster:

C. W. Gretzky          92
C. R. Lang             67
C. P. Conacher         62
C. K. Todd             65
RW. R. Tocchet         78
RW. T. Granato         78
RW. J. Druce           69
RW. K. Brown           62
RW. T. Crowder         56
LW. J. Kurri           73
LW. D. Quinn           69
LW. R. Burridge        68
LW. E. Lacroix         70
RD. R. Blake           76
RD. M. Petit           69
RD. S. Odonnell        64
LD. P. Boucher         66 
LD. M. Mcsorley        70
LD. D. Sydor           69
LD. C. Snell           65
LD. D. Tsygurov        66
LD. R. Cowie           66
G. K. Hrudey           73
G. G. Fuhr             73

Montréal Canadiens

Team Skill:
Even-Strength:   18th
Power-Play:      16th
Penalty Killing: 21st
Goaltending:     18th

Team Roster:

C. P. Turgeon          75
C. B. Savage           69
C. M. Lamb             67
RW. M. Recchi          79
RW. M. Keane           74
RW. V. Bure            67
RW. O. Petrov          63
RW. T. Stevenson       64
RW. E. Ronan           59
LW. V. Damphousse      77
LW. B. Bellows         73
LW. B. Brunet          66
LW. P. Sevigny         62
LW. M. Roberge         58
LW. D. Brashear        61
LW. G. Flemming        59 
RD. V. Malakhov        70
RD. P. Briesbois       72
RD. P. Popovic         61
LD. L. Odelein         69
LD. Y. Racine          71
LD. J.J. Daigneault    67
G. P. Roy              95
G. R. Tugnutt          59

New Jersey Devils

Team Skill:
Even-Strength:    5th
Power-Play:      23rd
Penalty Killing: 18th
Goaltending:      5th

Team Roster:

C. N. Broten           72
C. B. Rolston          72
C. B. Carpenter        65
C. J. Dowd             67
C. B. Holik            64
C. S. Brylin           68
RW. S. Richer          77
RW. C. Lemieux         76
RW. B. Guerin          76
RW. J. Maclean         74
RW. D. Cole            69
RW. R. Mckay           72
LW. V. Zelepukin       74
LW. T. Chorske         72
RD. S. Niedermayer     74
RD. K. Daneyko         68
RD. C. Mcalpine        64
LD. S. Stevens         83
LD. B. Driver          71
LD. T. Albelin         63
LD. J. Modry           60
LD. S. Chambers        65
G. M. Brodeur          79
G. C. Terreri          72

New York Islanders

Team Skill:
Even-Strength:   16th
Power-Play:      20th
Penalty Killing: 24th
Goaltending:     20th

Team Roster:

C. S. Thomas           81
C. R. Ferraro          74
C. M. Mcinnis          72
C. K. Miller           64
C. R. Sutter           71
RW. P. Flatley         73
RW. Z. Palffy          66
RW. B. Lindros         66
RW. M. Vukota          57
RW. B. Dalgarno        63
LW. K. Muller          76
LW. T. Green           67
LW. C. King            65
LW. M. Chyzowski       61
RD. B. Beers           67
RD. C. Luongo          59
RD. R. Pilon           63
LD. M. Schneider       75
LD. S. Lachance        71
LD. D. Vaske           61
LD. D. Kasparitis      73
LD. B. Severyn
G. T. Soderstrom       65
G. J. Mclennan         59

New York Rangers

Team Skill:
Even-Strength:   13th
Power-Play:       5th
Penalty Killing: 10th
Goaltending:     13th

Team Roster:

C. M. Messier          91
C. A. Kovalev          87
C. P. Nedved           73
C. N. Lafayette        70
RW. P. Verbeek         75
RW. S. Larmer          80
RW. B. Noonan          74
RW. J. Kocur           64
LW. A. Graves          78
LW. S. Matteau         70
LW. S. Nemchinov       75
LW. D. Langdon         64
LW. N. Kypreos         65
LW. M. Osborne         64
RD. J. Beukeboom       70
RD. S. Zubov           80
RD. A. Karpotsev       68
RD. J. Messier         63
LD. B. Leetch          80
LD. K. Lowe            66
LD. J. Wells           62
LD. M. Norstrom        65
G. M. Richter          81
G. G. Healy            65

Ottawa Senators

Team Skill:
Even-Strength:   26th
Power-Play:      21st
Penalty Killing: 22nd
Goaltending:     24th

Team Roster:

C. A. Yashin           79
C. A. Daigle           71
C. R. Bonk             65 
C. S. Larouche         64
C. D. Mcllwain         64 
C. S. Levins           60
RW. R. Gaudreau        70
RW. M. Straka          72
RW. D. Archibald       65 
RW. P. Elynuik         65
LW. P. Demitra         65
LW. S. Turgeon         66
LW. R. Cunneyworth     68
LW. P. Bourque         71
LW. T. Mallette        60
RD. S. Hill            65
RD. C. Dahlquist       62
RD. D. Vial            60
LD. J. Paek            59
LD. K. Huffman         64
LD. S. Neckar          69
LD. D. Laperriere      60
G. D. Beaupre          66
G. D. Madeley          54

Philadelphia Flyers

Team Skill:
Even-Strength:    6th
Power-Play:       8th
Penalty Killing: 19th
Goaltending:      8th

Team Roster:

C. E. Lindros         100
C. R. Brindamour       77
C. C. Mactavish        73
C. R. Dimaio           67
C. J. Montgomery       63
C. S. Podein           65
C. A. Semenov          70
RW. J. Leclair         77
RW. K. Dineen          73 
RW. B. Fedyk           68
RW. D. Brown           59
LW. M. Renberg         79
LW. G. Dionne          66
LW. P. Juhlin          66
LW. S. Antoski         59
RD. D. Yushkevich      74 
RD. E. Desjardins      74
RD. R. Zettler         62
LD. P. Svoboda         70
LD. K. Haller          65
LD. C. Therien         65
LD. K. Dykhuis         64
G. R. Hextall          67
G. D. Roussel          65

Pittsburgh Penguins

Team Skill:
Even-Strength:    4th
Power-Play:       9th
Penalty Killing: 23rd
Goaltending:     19th

Team Roster:

C. R. Francis          81
C. J. Cullen           77
C. T. Murray           70
C. L. Barrie           65
C. M. Hudson           69
C. M. Lemieux          92
RW. J. Jagr            97
RW. T. Sandstrom       76
RW. J. Mullen          75
LW. L. Robitaille      79
LW. K. Stevens         79
LW. S. Mceachern       72
LW. M. Naslund         65
RD. L. Murphy          77
RD. K. Samuelsson      65
RD. C. Joseph          73
RD. D. Berehowsky      61
LD. U. Samuelsson      72
LD. G. Hawgood         67
LD. N. Maciver         69 
LD. F. Leroux          66
LD. P. Taglianeti      60
G. T. Barrasso         77
G. K. Wregget          66

Quebec Nordiques

Team Skill:
Even-Strength:    3rd
Power-Play:       2nd
Penalty Killing: 16th
Goaltending:     11nd

Team Roster:

C. J. Sakic            85
C. P. Forsberg         76 
C. M. Ricci            78
C. B. Bassen           68
C. C. Lapointe         72
RW. A. Kovalenko       76
RW. O. Nolan           79
RW. S. Young           74
RW. D. Norris          66
LW. W. Clark           79
LW. V. Kamensky        76
LW. A. Deadmarsh       74
LW. C. Simon           61
LW. M. Rucinsky        67
RD. U. Krupp           67
RD. S. Lefebvre        65
RD. A. Foote           69
LD. C. Leschyshyn      73
LD. C. Wolanin         66
LD. S. Finn            66
LD. A. Gusarov         68
LD. J. Laukkanen       64
G. J. Thibault         74
G. S. Fiset            69

San Jose Sharks

Team Skill:
Even-Strength:   23rd
Power-Play:      25th
Penalty Killing: 14th
Goaltending:     21st

Team Roster:

C. J. Friesen          74
C. C. Janney           78
C. I. Larionov         71
C. J. Baker            70
RW. U. Dahlen          74
RW. P. Falloon         70
RW. K. Miller          73
RW. S. Makarov         75
RW. S. Donovan         65
LW. R. Whitney         67
LW. V. Kozlov          67
LW. A. Nazarov         67
LW. J. Odgers          63
RD. M. Rathje          65
RD. T. Pederson        70
RD. J. More            67
LD. S. Ozolinsh        74
LD. J. Kyte            64
LD. M. Sykora          64
LD. I. Byakin          63
LD. V. Kroupa          65 
LD. S. Cronin          56
G. A. Irbe             71
G. W. Flaherty         63

St. Louis Blues

Team Skill:
Even-Strength:    1st
Power-Play:      18th
Penalty Killing: 17th
Goaltending:     12th

Team Roster:

C. T. Elik             69
C. A. Creighton        67
C. G. Carbonneau       68
C. I. Laperriere       73
C. P. Stastny          66
C. P. Bozon            60
RW. B. Hull            76
RW. G. Anderseon       74
RW. V. Karamnov        62
RW. D. Chasse          70
LW. E. Tikkanen        81
LW. B. Shanahan        80
LW. G. Gilbert         68
LW. T. Twist           56
LW. V. Prokhorov       65
RD. A. Macinnis        75
RD. S. Duschsne        74
RD. D. Lidster         66
RD. R. Zombo           63
LD. M. Baron           66
LD. J. Norton          72
LD. B. Houlder         65
G. C. Joseph           84
G. J. Casey            68

Tampa Bay Lightning

Team Skill:
Even-Strength:   20th
Power-Play:      22nd
Penalty Killing:  9th
Goaltending:     15th

Team Roster:

C. B. Bradley          73
C. C. Gratton          73
C. A. Semak            67
C. J. Wiemer           67
C. M. Bureau           62
RW. P. Klima           75
RW. J. Tucker          70
RW. A. Selivanov       71
LW. P. Ysebaert        73 
LW. M. Andersson       67
LW. R. Zaumner         67
LW. B. Hankinson       60
RD. M. Bergevin        67
RD. E. Charron         60
RD. R. Poeschek        66
RD. A. Plavsic         63
LD. R. Hamrlik         71
LD. C. Cross           59
LD. B. Halkidis        61
LD. C. Lipuma          60
LD. E. Ciccone         63
G. D. Puppa            77
G. J. Bergeron         54

Toronto Maple Leafs

Team Skill:
Even-Strength:   21st
Power-Play:      15th
Penalty Killing: 3rd
Goaltending:     17th

Team Roster:

C. D. Gilmour          83
C. M. Ridley           75
C. B. Hogue            77
C. P. Dipietro         67
C. T. Yake             71
RW. M. Sundin          84
RW. M. Gartner         76
RW. M. Craig           68
RW. T. Domi            72
RW. R. Sutter          64
LW. D. Andreychuk      74
LW. R. Wood
LW. B. Berg            67
LW. K. Manderville     64
LW. W. Rychel          66
LW. K. Baumgartner     61
RD. D. Mironov         69
RD. K. Jonsson         71
RD. G. Butcher         67
LD. T. Gill            70
LD. D. Ellett          74
LD. J. Macoun          70
G. F. Potvin           87
G. D. Rhodes           65

Vancouver Canucks

Team Skill:
Even-Strength:    9th
Power-Play:       7th
Penalty Killing: 11th
Goaltending:     16th

Team Roster:

C. T. Linden           78 
C. C. Ronning          75
C. C. Ruuttu           74
C. J. Mcintyre         61
C. R. Courtnall        77
RW. P. Bure            90
RW. M. Peca            68
RW. T. Hunter          63
RW. J. Carbonneau      61
RW. R. Oksiuta         65
LW. G. Courtnall       76
LW. M. Gelinas         72
LW. S. Momesso         74
LW. G. Odjick          70
LW. J. Beranek         70
RD. J. Brown           75
RD. Y. Namestnikv      62
RD. D. Murzyn          67
RD. B. Hedican         68
LD. J. Lumme           72
LD. D. Babych          65
LD.  J. Cullimore      63
G. K. Mclean           77
G. K. Whitmore         69

Washington Capitals

Team Skill:
Even-Strength:   15th
Power-Play:       6th
Penalty Killing:  6th
Goaltending:      4th

Team Roster:

C. J. Juneau           79
C. M. Pivonka          74
C. D. Hunter           78 
C. D. Poulin           67
C. P. Peake            66
C. K. Kaminski         61
C. M. Eagles           67
C. J. Allsion          66
RW. P. Bondra          79
RW. K. Jones           72
RW. R. Pearson         67
LW. D. Khristich       73
LW. K. Miller          73
LW. S. Konawalchuk     71
LW. C. Berube          63
RD. S. Cote            72
RD. J. Johnson         68
RD. J. Slaney          63
LD. M. Tinordi         73
LD. C. Johansson       74
LD. J. Reekie          66
LD. I. Ulanov          62
G. J. Carey            79
G. O. Kolzig           56

Winnipeg Jets

Team Skill:
Even-Strength:   24th
Power-Play:      10th
Penalty Killing: 12th
Goaltending:     25th

Team Roster:

C. A. Zhamnov          85
C. T. Steen            71
C. E. Olczyk           67
C. R. Gilhen           62
C. I. Korolev          65
RW. T. Selanne         85
RW. N. Emerson         76
RW. K. King            72
RW. R. Romaniuk        61
RW. K. Tkachuk         80
LW. D. Drake           72
LW. D. Shannon         68
LW. M. Grosek          64
RD. S. Quintal         66
RD. T. Numminen        72
RD. S. Quintal         66
RD. N. Wilkinson       64
RD. A. Blomsten        62
LD. B. Thompson        59
LD. D. Manson          73
LD. D. Shannon         61
LD. O. Mikulchik       64
G. T. Cheveldae        66
G. N. Khabibulin       62

Team Note - No that is not a typo, this team acttually does have two 
S. Quintals!  They are exactly the same attribute wise, it may be a 
good idea just to release one too free agency as to not be confused.

All-Rookie Team

Corey Hirsch, Vancouver
Ed Jovanovski, Florida

Kyle McLaren, Boston

Daniel Alfredsson, Ottawa

Eric Daze, Chicago

Petr Sykora, New Jersey

This here is a list of actual players that made the All-Rookie team the year
of the games publication.  If you like you may add these players to their
specific teams by creating them.

Stat wise 
- Corey Hirsch should be in the low 60's overall rating
- Ed Jovanovski should have high checking and aggression attributes 
- Kyle Mclaren should have good checking and defense awareness
- Daniel Alfredsson should have good speed and offense awareness
- Eric Daze should have good checking skill
- and Petr Sykora should have good skating skill.

But again, this is just something I put in here for fun.

A few various questions here

Q: Which team is the best?
A: well if you go by EA's Team Skill the Detroit Red Wings have the best 
   rankings on their specific team abilities, but they may not neccessarily
   be the best team.  Just choose a team that suits your style of play, even
   though there is not really much difference between the better skilled teams
   certain players may stand out to you as skating faster, shooting harder, 
   or just plain scoring a lot of goals.  Check each players individual stat
   categories to compare skill.

Q: Any two line passes in this game?
A: Although there are offsides, there are no two line offside passes.

Q: Any way to get around the annoyance of the cpu denying your trades?
A: Well, you can release the player and the sign him on the other team if
   your trade does not seem suitable.

Anymore questions that anyone has can be mailed to me.


     If anyone out there has any questions or suggestions for me, please, feel
free to drop me a line at muff_jiggalo@hotmail.com.


Here I would like to give my thanks where they are due.

- EA/Nintendo for the game
- GameFAQS for hosting this FAQ
- Various friends and buddies for playing the game with or against over the 


All rights reserved to Jonathan Carter (Muff)
Copyright 2005

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