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Years after NBA Jam's heyday, Mark Turmell -- the game's creator and longtime Pistons fan -- revealed the game is rigged against the Bulls, his team's rivals. A special code is written so Pippen and Grant's shots "average out to be bricks," but only late in a contest and only against the Pistons. He told ESPN that it was his "opportunity to level the playing field".

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In 1993, the Nets' Draen Petrovic died in a car crash, making this is one and only NBA Jam appearance. According to Midway's Mark Turmell, after Draen's death, the game's announcer spontaneously started announcing "Petrovic!" over and over -- a software glitch that may persist to this day. This rumor that the game is haunted is based on this story.

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It's heating up!

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It's on fire!

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