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Reviewed: 03/16/02 | Updated: 03/16/02

An All Out Brawl to see who Prevails

This game was alright at its time.I still play once in a while on my cartridge (or on my comp.) and it still has the fun it had 4-6 years ago.Theres no problem with the game.Its perfect and fun.Just pass,shoot,and score and thats all to it.I only wished they would have put more different combos for each team so we can decide if we wanted a 3 point team or Slam dunk team (I prefer Slam dunk of course.)Booya.


This game has pretty good gameplay I must say.Theres 3 main things to the game as I said earlier.Pass,Shoot,and Score and that is it.Theres no learning in this game.No needed strategy but getting on fire is pretty neat and that needs strategy.Its fun trying to slam dunk it and breaking the glass in every game and seeing all the glass come down.


The announcer is pretty cool.I believe it was one of the game that actually had an announcer back then and thats one good point to this game.Its funny listening to him after you go for the high-flying slam dunk.


This game has pretty good visuals.Theres the audience in the back and at least the player's faces has good graphics and we know who they are.I just wish also that they could have had varied color of balls and different styles so we can pick.The color is not too bright and not too dark so it blends in and no one gets color blind or have to go to the doctors because of light seizure which i have never had one.


This is the perfect game for has no end to the thrilling pass,shoot,score part.Just get a family member and play all day and night.It does get boring at times but see who comes out as the victor and see who comes out as the loser.Try different teams and see whos better and see what you like better: Slam Dunk or 3 pointer or 2 pointer.I have replugged in my Snes many times just to play this game and it always is fun to play and play over again.

Overall this game don't need that much reviewing but it does have it strong points.Just 2 easy buttons does the trick and this game can be fun for the whole family.(Well 2 players is alright isn't it)I suggest you buy it now as it is very cheap.(of course it is)So in the end this game is great and buy it for yourself or buy it for your family.Whatever you decided.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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