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FAQ by Fast_Eddie

Version: 1.17 | Updated: 02/19/1994

--> Fast Eddie brings to you:   

=   NBA Jam FAQ v17    =
=    2 / 1 9 / 9 4     =


                       N B A    J A M    F A Q 
                       T i p s    &    I n f o
                       Written by:  Fast Eddie

                          Originally by:
       Randolph S. Vance and William G. Henderson and Carl Chavez

       E-Mail: fe@u.washington.edu (Internet Mail) - Fast Eddie  

                           Version 1.17
                     Revised: February 19, 1994
Are you tough enough to take on all 27 of the NBA teams? If you think you are,
get set for the most intense basketball video game you'll ever play!
Also, look for this FAQ to be posted and uploaded about every week, until the
NBA Jam SNES/Genesis code well runs dry (probably around June/July) or until
the 3DO/Jaguar version comes out! ;=)) Mail me if you have anything at all to
add to this FAQ.
If you want to get this FAQ first (the second it is released) contact Fast 
Eddie on the finest boards around and he will gladly upload this file the day
it is released to your board! This FAQ has already grown to over 55k, a 20k
addition to v13, which was the last FAQ from the original posters! If you 
appreciate this FAQ, let me know! :)

Table of Contents:

I. NBA Jam Arcade 
   1. Before you play
   2. Basic moves
   3. Special Techniques
   4. Secret Codes
   5. Winning the Game
   6. Special Thanks

II. NBA Jam Tournament Edition Arcade
   1. NBA Jam Tourament Edition General Info 
   2. Secret Players
   3. Secret Codes

    1. NBA Jam SNES Mini-Review
    2. NBA Jam SNES Passwords
    3. NBA Jam SNES Codes
    4. NBA Jam SNES Special Characters

IV. NBA Jam for Genesis
     1. NBA Jam Genesis Special Characters
     2. NBA Jam Genesis Speech

V. NBA Jam Misc.
    1. All players in all versions

Version 1.0: The original FAQ as posted by Carl Chavez. Informative but
some parts about power-ups were inaccurate.
Version 1.1 and 1.2: Corrected versions by Randolph Vance and Greg Henderson.
We updated the information on how to do power-up tricks. These versions
are unpublished and unposted, but if you go to the Kentucky Arcade, you
might find a hard copy we printed of these versions. Some of which were
HIGHLY INACCURATE, especially about the Tank Game.
Version 1.3: Posted May 1st, 1993. Corrections on some of the power-up
tricks, especially on how to do the Tank Game and the Fair Shake.
Version 1.4: Posted May 4th, 1993. Updates information on "HE'S ON
FIRE!", as well as informing of the new special guest star, Petro.
New sections, the Rumor Mill, and this History.
Version 1.5: Posted May 4th, 1993. Overall revision of 1.4.
Version 1.6: Posted May 5th, 1993. Confirms code for Defensive + Intercept
powerup at one time.
Version 1.7: Posted May 10th, 1993. Another all-around revision, this time
of 1.6, as well as what happens if you win the game by defeating all 27
NBA teams. Also information on how to milk the clock. How you can tell if
the NBA Jam machine you play on is in need of an upgrade, today on ROBERTO!
Version 1.8: Posted May 19th, 1993. Three new Special Guest codes, plus
information on abilities of Special Guests. Yet another revision. Man goes
beserk and kidnaps nineteen Game Show Hosts with slice of Lime, film at 11!
Version 1.9: Posted May 24th, 1993. Actually nothing new from last time, but
lots of rumors from between postings.
Version 1.10: Posted June 8th, 1993. New power-up combinations.
Version 1.11: Posted July 6th, 1993. Information on more power-up tricks.
Version 1.12: Posted July 20th, 1993. The first post VG&CE article FAQ.
New Codes, Tony Scott.

Version 1.13: Posted August 18th, 1993. Overall update of 1.12

Version 1.14: Redone by Fast Eddie on January 23rd, 1994. SNES NBA Jam Review
and codes for a 26-0 season. Possibly a defensive power-up trick.

Version 1.15: Posted January 28th, 1994. Corrects wrong defensive power-up 
trick published by EGM. All the names of the players in NBA Jam for arcade, 
SNES, and Genesis are included. New Powerup Dunks Code.
Version 1.16: Posted February 5th, 1994. New Powerup Fire Code, Shooting  
Percentage Code, and Genesis NBA Jam info. Also easier Powerup Dunks code.
More general editing.

Version 1.17: Posted February 19th, 1994. New Mark Turmell, President Bill 
Clinton, Vice-President Al Gore codes for SNES and Genesis. Also added NBA Jam
Tournament Edition Special Players and Codes, which include Loraine Olivia, 
the Playboy cheerleader! Updated info on Special Characters Patch!

A Special note:
Greg and I wish to dedicate this version of the FAQ to the late
Drazen Petrovic of the New Jersey Nets. The 11th leading shooter overall
in the NBA will definatly be missed.

This version is also dedicated to the late Reggie Lewis, of the Boston Celtics, 
who passed away on July the 27th, 1993. To you and Drazen, we hope to keep
your memories and your spirit alive in NBA JAM!

We also would like to pay our respects to the late James Jordan, father
of basketball superstar Michael Jordan, whose senseless death will
be felt by us all forever.

Fast Eddie greets:

Randolph Vance and William Henderson and Carl Chavez - Thanks for all the 
        great FAQs of the past. Hope I can continue to do as you have done!
Andy Eddy - Thanks for providing an FTP site where people can get this FAQ!
            Can I get a job at Gamepro? ;)
John _____ - From Usenet who provided the Powerup Fire code. If you get this,
        e-mail me so I can put in your last name!
Iguana / Acclaim - For making this great home translation! 
Sir Jinx - Whassup? Shock out yet? 
Those guys on #snes and #snes! - Keep it going!
The Blue Angel - For the nice cheerleader code!
Anthrax - Stop leeching!
Warlord - Got my tape?
Shredder - Cool board!
Warduke - Simply too fast! 
Que & Stix - GREAT patch! Now only if someone makes a trainer... ;)
Rom Kids - Mucho thanks for the release of NBA Jam for SNES!
All the other groups that provide for the scene - Keep it coming! Where's the
        NBA Jam final release?

Comments on this FAQ or additions to it are welcome! Just e-mail away!

Rumor mill.
The Rumor mill is where untested or unconfirmed reports of power-up's or
other things go. Stuff in the Rumor mill will be tested by us, to see
if they do indeed work, or if we can confirm their existance of them by
asking Mark Turmell. Something of note, Mark Turmell denies the existance
of Second Fatality moves in Mortal Kombat, classifying them under Vaporware.

I talked with Mark and asked him the big question; Is there a bug with the 
Offensive Power-Up. I asked if he could test it and look at the Assembler
Code for the game and he reported that there was no bug. I am wondering
if I may be in error when I say tap turbo 21 times, when it could
be a matter of tapping ANY button 21 times. I'll report back what I
find when I test my theory at the arcade.

As for Mark reading the Net, he now has more or less a direct news
so now he can read all the latest posts. This means he is keeping a close
eye on all your suggestions. After talking with Mark, and discussing new
ideas I'd like to see in a sequel, he said to post a notice and get
people interested in serious suggestions for improvements and power-ups for
NBA JAM II. Mark has said that if he likes the idea, not only will he put
it in NBA JAM II, he'll also give the person who suggested it credit
on the Design Team screen.

I talked with Turmell and asked him if Todd McClearan was in the game
as a special guest character. He confirmed my suspicions, but again, would
not divulge the information. Todd was another street ball player from Chicago
who helped model the digital players.

interest in the game, to keep from slipping in the polls. It's like when
Mortal Kombat was out for a while, play was low and Midway released the
info about Reptile Man. Voila! Renewed interest! Part of the game
is the process of discovering the female codes. It'd be no fun if you
called Turmell and asked him, and 24 hours later, your neighbor's
nine-year old nephew knows the codes.

Other rumors have been circulating on different ways to do power-up's.
All the power-ups that are listed here are either given to us by Turmell,
or have been confirmed to work by either Turmell or by us. Consider this
FAQ posting to be the FINAL WORD. Anyone else telling you another way to do
these tricks may be lying just to look big, your mileage may vary.

NBA JAM is being developed for the 16 Bit Home System markets, there are
versions coming out for the Super NES and Genesis that Mark is working on.
They showed a 25% completed version of Super NES NBA JAM, and it looked
very promising. Hell, I'd consider getting a Super NES if NBA JAM turns
out as good as it does in the Arcades. 

The SNES, Genesis, and Game Gear editions of NBA Jam will be released 
nationwide March 4th. There has been a NBA Jam SNES beta or early copy 
floating around, it is DEFINITELY not final, and it has been speculated that
this version (1.0) was leaked from EGM, however, if it indeed was, why didn't
the Def. Powerup Code they published in the Feb/94 issue work on 1.0? 
(Fast Eddie)

In addition, NBA Jam Tournament Edition has been released (maybe only in 
select cities) and should be at your local arcade by now. The game is overall
updated and there might actually be a bonus if you beat all 27 teams.

I. NBA Jam Arcade
1. Before you play.
NBA JAM is an multi-coin game, so make sure it's worth it for you. Some
arcades have their machine set at one coin per period, others may have more.
Look to spend a dollar to two per complete game, depending on location.
Also, ask your arcade owner about the version of NBA Jam they own. Versions
of NBA Jam that have been released to arcades are 2.0 and above. There
are some minor bugs in Version 2.0 that regard the machine swallowing up
an occasional coin and not giving a credit, and also problems with the
Tank Game killing off players and ending a regular game, along with correcting
a jersey color problem with special guests. Our arcade has two NBA Jam's
that were Version 2.0. Recently, the owner has put in 3.0 update chips that
correct the credit problems, fixes the jersey color of special guests and
prevents games from ending at the Tank Game. Our arcade owner recommends to
everyone with 2.0 release machines that they contact their distributor as
soon as possible and obtain and install 3.0 update chips. The coin swallowing
problem is also another annoying bug in the Williams game Smash TV. If you own
a Smash TV original machine or kit, check with the distributor for possible
update chips. Some assembly required, batteries not included.
Here is a simple test to see if your machine is 2.0 or 3.0. Put in enough
for one period of play. Enter the Turmell code, MJT, March 22nd. If Turmell
is in a purple color Lakers uniform, you are on a 2.0 machine. Inform the
owner of this fact, tell them of the necessary upgrade chips  and how obtain
them through the distributor.
If Turmell is in the color jersey of the team you select, such as a red
jersey for the Bulls, you are on a 3.0 machine.
If you play in a 2-on-2 complete game, usually four to eight dollars, the
winning two player team gets to stay on for free to face the next two people
or the Computer.
It is always best to enter your initials for the record keeping. If you play
in a four player game, and some dumb newbie selects NO for entering initials,
cold-cock him!
Enter your initials, followed by your birth month and birth date. This tells
the Computer who you are. If you have never played before, there will be no
record available of your statistics. If you have, the computer will show you
your record and winning percentage, followed by a streak of wins, if any,
and an update of your last complete game. Only complete games count in
records, partials do not.
Pick your team carefully. The 27 teams are made up of two of the best and
brightest of the NBA, although Jordan isn't available for the Bulls.
Each team has their strenghths and weaknesses. i. e. the Sacramento Kings
have a good dunker with Spud Webb, and a good three point shooter with
Tisdale, but they are slow. Golden State has an excellent three point
shooter with Mullin, and a fair dunker. Orlando has a terrific three
shooter (Skiles) and a terriffic dunker (Shaq), but they have worse speed
than Sacramento. In my opinion, the three teams with the best balance are
Charlotte, Chicago, and Atlanta.
People have been buzzing about, "Well, where's Michael Jordan?".
The official word from Turmell is that Jordan is NOT in the game. Neither
is Magic Johnson, who is rumored in the machine also. Reason being that
Midway got a blanket deal to carry two people from 27 teams, and that they
were VERY lucky to get Shaq. Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson apparantly are
seperate entities from the NBA Licensing, and so, would be entitled to more
money than it appears Midway had.

2. Basic Moves
TO PASS: Press pass. Press turbo and pass to throw a quicker, safer pass.
TO SHOOT: Hold the shoot button down. Shot is more accurate when player
is at the peak of the jump.
TO HEAD FAKE: Tap shoot button once. Unfortunatly, your Computer drones
will shoot if you do this while they have the ball.
TO DUNK: Hold shoot when running. Hold turbo and shoot for a super dunk.
(More on Super Dunks in Section 2.)
TO LAY UP: Hold shoot for a short time when running.
  1) Tap turbo twice.
  2) Tap shoot repeatedly (head fake seems to include an elbow throw).
  1) Tap steal to knock ball away.
  2) Tap steal and turbo to knock OPPONENT down.
TO BLOCK: Hold shoot button to jump. Hold turbo and jump to jump higher.
TO REBOUND: This is automatic if you're close enough; otherwise press shoot
and point toward the ball.
TO ALLEY OOP: Easier to do with two player teams. The player without the ball
moves under the basket and holds shoot (to jump). Meanwhile, the ball handler
presses turbo and pass to throw to the jumping player quickly.
3. Special Techniques
To reject a dunking player, it's best to wait until the dunker has reached
the peak of his jump before you jump to block. For example, if Barkley
starts a cannonball dunk, wait until he's coming down before you press
turbo and jump. Also, make sure you're in front of the player and near
the basket.
Another way to reject a dunker is to knock him down (turbo and steal) if
it's a low dunk like an "easy jam".
To block a shot, you need to jump at the same time you believe the shooter
will jump. I usually let the shooter shoot while I'm in his face (but not
jumping) and then I'll grab the rebound (or my teammate will). It is
possible to block the buzzer 3-point attempt. Right after the ball is passed
inbounds press turbo and jump and point toward the shooter.
To steal, there are three good techniques:
  1) stick close and press steal a lot. This is not my technique, so
  say much about it, but it seems to work well for others.
  2) knock 'em down. It's more fun, and can be done continuously
  to computer opponents until they drop the ball.
  3) let a player shoot while you're near their basket, and jump
  before it gets there. Hopefully you won't get called for goaltending.
To rebound, there are two good techniques:
  1) press shoot to jump toward the ball AFTER it has hit the rim or board.
  2) knock down opposing players near the ball so you can grab the ball off
  the floor.
If you are close enough to the ball your player will jump automatically to
SHOOTING: Try to have a screen when you're trying to shoot. There seems to be
a pattern with the computer in which you can usually go 3/4 down the court
and have a screen for the 3-point shot if you let your computer teammate
run ahead of you. This is great for players like Mullin...
Head fakes work great. Make sure you mix in a few elbow throws though, or
you may be knocked down.
If you're doing an easy jam with an opponent nearby, it's best to pass to
your teammate in mid-dunk. He's usually open and you won't have to worry
about getting knocked down.
SUPER DUNKS: Several different dunks - YOU MUST BE MOVING TO DUNK!
Easy jam: close to basket, hold shoot.
"Look out!" (360 dunk): near the second tick on the key, hold shoot.
Two-handed jam: from close and above the basket, hold shoot.
Tomahawk jam 1: from close and below the basket, hold turbo and shoot.
Tomahawk jam 2: from the middle of the key, hold turbo and shoot.
Tomahawk jam 3 (windmill): from 3/4 length of key (bottom of circle), hold
turbo and shoot.
Cannonball slam (fireball): from top of circle, hold turbo and shoot.
Really high 720 slam (also the "Tarzan yell" slam or "helicopter rotor" slam):
from a corner of the key, or from outside the key near the third tick mark
on the key, hold turbo and shoot.
Weird slam (don't know what to call it; he puts his knees up and spins 2 or 3
times): from outside the key near 2nd or 3rd tick on the key, hold turbo
and shoot.
Spreadeagled slam: From middle of key, hold shoot.
Really high behind the back slam (similar to easy jam): from middle of key,
hold shoot.
The dunk where the dunker hangs on the rim: near third tick on the key
(but outside the key), hold turbo and shoot.
In mid-dunk, if your teammate is open, you can pass the ball back to them by
pressing pass. Then, they can take an easy three!
In the fourth quater and in any overtime periods, you can break the backboard
in a spectacular display with any specialty dunks.
When time is running out in the period, dunking isn't a good option. If time
runs out in mid-dunk, you made a "bad decision". ;)
MILK THE CLOCK: In a one-player or a two person team vs. the Computer, you
can burn seconds off a clock and keep a lead from changing as quick as it can
if you play fast break basketball. If you have a lead of four points or more,
and get the basketball from a basket or goaltend, get the ball, stay at your
end of the court, hold your position, stay for as long as you can. The
Computer will stay in it's position and do nothing until the Shot Clock counts
down below 5, then it will force you to take your move. At 6 seconds, quickly
pass to your teammate if he's open, or if you are, take a shot. Even if you
miss, you get better a better shot at rebounding, then you can get the ball,
pass back to the man in backcourt, and milk the clock again. This trick works
best in the fourth quarter.
"HE'S ON FIRE!": When a character makes three consecutive shots in a row,
he is said to be "on fire". After that, all his future shots will stand
a much more improved chance of entering the basket, although I have seen
some miss while on fire. You can really open up a lead when on fire by
launching three after three. You will stay "on fire" until the other team
makes a shot go in their basket.
When you're on fire, to stay on fire, work in the back of the court,
goaltend any layups or three-pointers, steal and rebound when possible.
This also works if you're "heating up", i. e. you've made two shots in a
row and need a third to go on fire. Plus, when you're on fire, you have
the advantage of unlimeted turbo power, even if you're the kind of player
that holds down turbo during a game.
When someone else in on fire, the best way to get them off fire is to dunk
the basketball.
You don't stay on fire forever, you lose it after a period of time. A rather
long time, it seems, usually 30 points, but you do lose it.
4. Secret Codes.
All secret codes are done before the Tip-off, when the announcer says,
"Tonight's match up: (Team) versus (Team)" and continued right up until
the tip-off. You can use these codes and power-up your computer teammate,
or if you feel in a particularly evil mood and see someone on the machine
you don't like, you can power-up his Computer opponents.
BIG HEAD: Hold joystick up and hold down Turbo and Steal at "Tonight's
match up". Gives your player a head three times larger than normal. Some
arcades might have their machine set to have Big Head permanently on, as it
is also an operator-adjustable feature, therefore, doing this on such a
machine will turn Big Head off.
POWERUP DEFENSE: Tap Steal or Block eight times when it says "Tonight's
match up". Eight times only. Gives you extra defensive power.
POWERUP INTERCEPT: Hold down joystick and hold down all three buttons during
"Tonight's match up". Gives you extra intercept power.
POWERUP OFFENSE: Tap Steal or Block 21 times at "Tonight's match up".
21 times only. Gives you extra offensive power. This is a VERY DIFFICULT
power-up to get, so be patient.
got the formula for Defense-Intercept combo power-up.

At "Tonight's Match-Up", tap the shoot button seven times, then all at
once, hold down the joystick and all three buttons. This is one method,
there may be more to get Powerup Defense and Intercept.
POWERUP DEFENSE AND BIG HEAD: Tap turbo six times, hold turbo and steal,
then hold the joystick up at "Tonight's match-up".
FAIR SHAKE AND POWERUP INTERCEPT: Tap turbo seven times, then hold the turbo,
pass and shoot buttons, then hold the joystick down.
FAIR SHAKE AND BIG HEAD: Press turbo eight times, then hold turbo and steal
down, and hold the joystick up.
*Another way to do dual power-ups would be to enter the code for one
first, then while time remains, enter another code.
FAIR SHAKE: Tap turbo ten times when it says "Tonight's match up".
Turns off the computer's rampant cheating. This only works in four-player
games, three player games or two player games where they compete against each
other. It will say at the tip off, "All computer assistance turned off"
This will stop the computer from subtracting a percentage point from
your shooting percentage for every point you lead by and increasing the
shooting percentage for the team behind.

The Fair shake can ONLY be done in Human vs. Human (1-on-1, 1-on-2, 2-on-2)
games and ONLY on machines that are version 3.0 or greater. This cannot
be done on an empty space, a paid player must be the one doing this trick.

  Why do this? Well, if you have a BIG lead over 20 points versus an opponent,
  the Computer will try to balance out things by making your opponent's
  shots go in better, while making you go ice cold. ("Can't buy a bucket!")
  This happened to me when I played Mullin in a one-player game versus
  Minnesota. Very early in the first quarter, I went on fire and opened
  a 21-5 lead. Then, in the second quarter, I went cold, lost the big lead
  and the Computer kept a balance until the last quarter. I couldn't make
  any shot during the last minute of the game and lost by 5 points. *sigh* :(
SHOOTING PERCENTAGE: At "Tonight's match up", spin joystick clockwise and
rapidly tap all three buttons at once until tip-off. Whenever anyone takes
a shot (not a dunk), a small number between 01% and 99% will show below the
credit counter.
This is the percent chance your shot has on going in. I have seen some
01% to 05% shots from LONG range go in with nothing but net, and I have also
seen some 99% percent layups miss horribly off the mark, so don't take the
percentage at it's value all the time. It is now known what "Learning Mode 2"
is, so we know it doesn't matter if more than one person does this.
On older versions of NBA Jam (2.0 and earlier) the Computer would flash the
message, "Shot % display activated". On versions that are 3.0 and later,
the Computer will say, "Shot % display activated - Learning Mode 2".
The Shot Percentage IS Learning Mode 2.
This is the other powerup that can only be done by a paid player.

There is a Learning Mode 1 and a Learning Mode 3. Mark Turmell would not 
tell us what they are or how to get them. A small hint about the Shot
Percentage, it shows a consistent pattern from any given spot on the
court. In other words, Petrovic is consistently 50-55% from one spot
and may be 10-15% from another.
Your shot percentage is affected by the following things, being on fire,
proximity to basket, defence you face, and the lead of the game if the
computer assistance isn't turned off.

DESIGN TEAM SCREEN: The Design Team screen will cycle through normally
once every 10-15 minutes when no one is playing, but a shortened version
of the Design Team Screen can be done in this manner. Hold down
all three buttons on Players 1 and 2 side, and hold the joysticks up
at the same time. Then, you have to time this right, release all buttons
at once, and pull down on both joysticks at the same time. The Design Team
screen will come up, cycle out, then show the current version of the game.
There are 18 Special Guests in NBA JAM, there were plans for lots more
of Special Guests, including Godzilla, Dennis Rodman of the Pistons,
Jim Jackson of the Mavs, Raiden of MORTAL KOMBAT!!!! But, to save memory
and to make the game more challenging, the final cut was brought down
to 18. 13 are made public, in this guide, and in VG&CE August '93.
Five did not wish to make their codes public, including Felecia Turmell,
Lorainne Olivia and Kerri Kendall Hoskins. (Yes, three females). You
should check out the cover of VG&CE, in the corner is a shot of Kerri
taking it to the Hoop for a SUPER JAM, and knocking down Sir Charles
in the process!
The Special Guests are people who either work for Bally/Midway/Williams
in production of this game, or some of their good friends.
In machines that are Version 2.0, the special guests had their own jerseys,
but in 3.0, that has been fixed so that they wear the teams jersey. This
was a rather confusing bug, especially if you picked the Lakers to go against
Two Turmells on Charlotte. Turmell's jersey color was that of the Lakers,
although his favorite team is the Detroit Pistons. He made them the
strongest team on NBA JAM. :)
They can be found by entering their initials and birthdate before picking
teams. Though it may seem that the Special Guests inherit the stats of the
person they substitute for, the Special Guests seem to have their own
advantages and disadvantages over the character they substitute for.
We haven't yet found out the advantages and disadvantages for all the
special guests, those we know, we've listed. We'll put in the next
posting the complete list of advantages and disadvantages.
TURMELL: Enter MJT and the birthdate March 22nd. Mark J. Turmell is
the main designer and programmer for NBA JAM. Look for improved three
shooting, but at a slight cost of dunking and defense. We recommend you put
Turmell on in place of Mullin for the Golden State Warriors.
AIR MORRIS: Enter WIL and the birthdate January 1st. On older versions,
you may have to wait for seven seconds before entering January. You can look
for improved dunking ability, but at the cost of three shooting. You can
substitute him for any good dunking player. Try him in place of Shaq.
Also look on the scoreboard during periods for the ad for Air Morris.
The scoreboard will show his face in a side profile, a single shoe and
a jet plane.
CARLTON: Enter JMC and the birthdate August 5th. He's kind of small, so we
suggest you put him on in place of Spud Webb.
DIVITA: Enter SAL and the birthdate February 1st. Sal Divita did the artwork
for NBA Jam, as well as some graphics work on Mortal Kombat. All around, expect
more speed defensively and offensively from Divita.
GOSKIE: Enter TWG and the birthdate December 7th. During the game, he looks
an awful lot like U. K. Basketball player Gimel Martinez, but that might be
just my imagination.
HEY: Enter JWH and the birthdate Sept. 20th. This is Jon Hey, another
familiar face on the Design Team screen, the one in the checkered shirt
and glasses, sticking his tongue out to the rest of the world.
HOWARD: Enter HOW and the birthdate July 15th. Yes, this is the same Howard
that played basketball for the DePaul Blue Devils, now on the Utah Jazz.
If you play the Jazz with him, put him on in place of Karl Malone.
LIPTAK: Enter SL(space) and the birthday June 24th. Shawn Liptak is the one
on the design team screen with a basketball for a brain.
NEWCOMER: Enter JRN and the birthday June 18th. On the Select Team screen,
look for him in a yellow T-shirt, glasses, mustace and beard.
OURSLER: Enter SNO and the birthdate January 3rd. Turmell didn't know
who I was talking about at first, but when I told him we nicknamed him
"Snowman", because of his initials, he knew INSTANTLY who we were
talking about On the Select Team screen, where you'll see Goskie in place,
he'll bear a strong resemblance to old-time movie comic Oliver Hardy, with
mustache and Derby Hat. He even wears the hat while he's playing the game,
you can see this if you have Big Head set.
PETRO: Enter GNP and the birthdate October 8th. George N. Petro is the main
designer of Terminator 2: Judgement Day.
RIVETT: Enter RJR and the birthdate January 17th. Jamie Rivett helped with
the AutoStat portion of NBA JAM.
SCOTT: Enter TON and the birthday July 3. Tony Scott, another of the
Chicago Street Basketball elite, helped with digitizing the player movements
and performed many of the special dunks.

As of this revision, these are the thirteen confirmed special guests.

Special guests, such as Felecia Turmell, Lorainne Olivia and Kerri Hoskins
DO exist, but they did not wish to have their codes made public at this
particular time.
We are changing the policy on discovery of Special Guests.
If you know of any more guests, send us E-mail about them ONLY.
DO NOT post new codes, unless you can guarantee their authenticity. This
Prodigy fiasco recently brought a lot of complaints to me. :(
TANK GAME: Players 1 and 2 hold down all three buttons and hold down joystick
at "Tonight's match up".  Player 1 enters tank game, controls tank with
joystick; left, right, forward, reverse, fires at tanks with any button.
If your tank gets hit too many times, the message, "You are dead!" flashes on
the screen, so be alert. Spectre or Battlezone players should have no
difficulty. Shot tanks make the sound of a backboard breaking.
If Player 1 survives long enough in the Virtual world,  the game will say
"All players powerup". After the Tank Game, the basketball game should start
normally, plus any powerups, i. e. everyone has big head, defensive,
offensive, intercept power-ups, shot percentage is on in Learning Mode 2.
Version 2.0 machines can end the game at this screen, much to the dismay
of other players, especially if everyone has put in for a full game. And
if this happens, the winners don't stay for free, because there weren't
any winners. 2.0 machines can also end the game if the messages,
"All players powerup!", "You survived!", pop up.
NBA Jam machines that have a Version 3.0 update chip installed will no
longer end the game if the screen says, "You are dead!", nor end it if you
survive long enough to get "All players powerup!". On 3.0 machines, there
will be no message, "You survived!". Instead, it will just give you the
message "All players powerup!", then fade out and fade in the tip-off.
5. Winning the game.
If you beat all 27 teams, you are in for a treat.
Besides the two babes who offer you congratulations.
According to Turmell, one who has beaten all 27 teams can then face
off with the computer in new challenges.
The code checks to see if you have defeated all 27 teams.
If you have, the random chance of getting an All-Star team is a 5% chance
that you will get the random two All-Star team. This assumes you have
only a one-player game or you are playing with a teammate who has also
defeated all 27 teams.

As has been said before, there may be a problem in the code with this
feature. If you GET an All-Star team, by all means, tell us in DETAIL
what you see, along with conditions at the time you got it.
6. Special thanks go to:
Mark J. Turmell, at Williams/Bally/Midway in Chicago for answering every
question we had about NBA JAM.
People keep asking us, "Wow, you know Turmell? What's his number?"
I made a promise to Mr. Turmell not to give out his number to the Net.
I don't think he wants people calling him on the horn all the time, but he
does appreciate the Net, and our work to produce this, and the pats on the
back he's gotten from everyone for the great job he did on this game.
(Yes, he HAS seen this FAQ! :)
Ed Boon, also of Williams/Bally/Midway for correcting us on the Special
Guests and their duties at W/B/M. :)
foregone@u.washington.edu (Carl Chavez) for providing us with the bones
of the FAQ, where we corrected some general errors, along with providing
information on new power-up tricks.
jimhsu@athena.mit.edu (Jim Hsu) for helping us with info on turbo and fire.
Jon.Taylor@uuserv.cc.utah.edu (Jon Taylor) for giving us five new
Special Guest codes!
justin@seas.smu.edu (Justin Anderson) for providing us with the code
for Petro, as well as the confirmed Defensive and Intercept power-up
code combination, along with the new power-up combinations! :)
eric@parcplace.com (Eric Ching) for providing Shawn Liptak's code. :)
spam@ccs.northeastern.edu (The Immortal Spam / Eric Holma) for providing
Carlton and Newcomer's codes, although I got the Carlton code from some
unknown user at the University of Chicago, whom I'd like to thank too! ;)
The Kentucky Arcade, for providing us with two NBA JAM machines, as well as
two Neo-Geo's, two Street Fighter II: Championship Editions, two X-Men,
two Ms. Pac-Man's, two Galaga's and three Mortal Kombat's.
Is it my imagination, or is the Kentucky Arcade becoming more and more like
a Noah's Arcade? ;)

II. NBA Jam Tournament Editon Arcade
1. NBA Jam Tournament Edition General Info

With the huge success of the 1993 arcade hit of the year, NBA Jam, Midway/
Williams has brought out its sequel, NBA Jam Tournament Edition. Featured are
three players per team (with substitutions at halftime), even more secret 
players/codes, and sharper graphics. NJTE is guaranteed to be a hit, if 
arcade operators don't set the game to be $2.00 for a full game. :( Players
are also rated in more categories now, one of which is clutch, how able that 
player is to hit a basket with a short amount of time remaining.

-Fast Eddie-

2. NBA Jam Tournament Secret Characters

Unfortunately, some of these codes have *NOT* been confirmed. 

Grim Reaper: Initials GRM, birthday of October 31st.

John Tobias: Enter TOB and August 24th. NBA Jam Tournament Edition 

Kong: Intials KNG and birthday of January 16th.

Loraine Olivia: The initials are LOR and the birthdate is February 20th.
                To play as her, hit L with Turbo, O with Shoot, R with Pass,
                February with Turbo, and 20 with Shoot. This will allow you
                to play as the *ELUSIVE* Playboy cheerleader! Thanks to The
                Blue Angel for the code.

Raiden: Enter RAD with birthday July 9th. Of MK and MK2 fame.

Reptile: Enter RPT with birthday of November 11th. From MK and MK2.

Scottie Pippen: Enter initials PIP and birthday September 25th. Also in the
                regular version of NBA Jam and Tournament. If you use this
                code, you can have two Pippens on the same team (if you 
                choose the Bulls).

Sub-Zero: Enter the intials SUB and birthday December 5th. From William's MK
          and MK2.

???: Initials LTD, birthday April 30th.

???: Initials ML_, birthday May 25th.

???: Initials BCP, birthday May 9th.


???: Initials PCB, birthday May 9th.

???: Initials HAK, birthday January 21st.

???: Initials PAT, birthday August 5th.

???: Initials BRK, birthday February 20th.

???: Initials DCC or DCL, birthday June 21st.

-= Fast Eddie =-

3. NBA Jam Tournament Codes

Shrink Characters: At the versus screen, hold down/right (at the angle), and
                   press turbo, shoot, and pass simultaneously three times. 
                   The players on the court will be about 30% smaller.

Team Swap: Right and Pass. This allows you to change your team's players.

Tournament Mode: Right + turbo, shoot, and steal held down at VS. screen.
                 This disallows powerups, special characters, and other 

-=/ Fast Eddie /=-

1. NBA Jam SNES Mini-Review by Jonathan Owen:

Well, after finally getting to play with NBA Jam for about four hours on
Wednesday (11 to 3 am) I am prepared to do a mini review. I will break down
the game into several catagories and I would like the reader to keep in mind
that this is version 1.0 and not a final version.

Graphics: 10. The court looks incredible with great effects and all the
player animations are there, although the scaling is left out. The players
are smaller than the arcade, but every dunk and every animation is included.
Not to mention the quality FMV in the halftime show.

Sound: 8. The intro music and music throughout the game (intermissions, etc.
is cheezy and the voice samples are not straight from the arcade. Hopefully,
more voice will be added since all it says now is intercepted, wide open,
wild shot, 2 points and other plain sayings... No "Delivers a facial" or
"Is it the shoes" nor are there any names in the speech. The samples are
good, but many of the trademarks are missing and that's one thing that adds
to the game in my opinion.

Game Play: 9. The game plays like a dream... no more MK sucks because the
gameplay sucks... NBA Jam plays very well and the controller can be config-
ured so that you can become comfortable with the gamepad... for arcade feel
you can use a stick. I do have one reservation and that is that some players
with full or near-full dunk meters sometimes can't dunk from as far away as
others. Otherwise, I have no complaints as to the gameplay.

Fun Factor/ Replayability: 10. This game sucked down $350,000,000 worth of
quarters and definitely would get my money. The computer is very challenging
even on the normal level, and I consider myself a very good NBA Jam player.
Two player mode is great, and I'm sure 4 player is cool as well.

Overall : 9. Overall, I would give this version a 9 because the bone
shattering dunks don't have the same impact without the "Oh My"s and the
"Jams it in"s... add this Acclaim and I would have no problem giving this
game a perfect 10. I mean, a 16 bit machine doing this game so well...
hope to see it on the Jag by Xmas... :-) Anyway, the game is great and I
would recommend it to anyone out there. Although the die hard NBA Jam fan
may find the missing commentary unsettling at first, the gameplay, graphics
and fun will put that in the back of your mind.

Feel free to send any specific questions to owen@rex.cs.tulane.edu.

2. SNES NBA Jam Passwords! (for V1.0)

a. 26-0 Season Password
For a 26-0 season, just one more win to see the ending, type in the initials
DAN and enter this password:


I don't want to spoil the ending for you all, but it is pretty good, not
the best, but of course the game might not be final. As of this version 1.00, 
the ending does not depend on what skill level you put it on, so put it on 
easy and kill the computer.

b. Other Passwords

All with the initials DAN:
(W-L)  Password
 1-0   4QH3FCD / SYCGYCJ
 4-0   VQGZF3Z / RP31XYL
 6-0   XQG4C3Z / RMT1X2L
 7-0   2NBV32X / MPSYSDG
 8-0   QMF25LC / QM5DWBJ
 9-0   ZH115J3 / GSK4MLS
11-0   3PKG3MG / V5NG1RJ
12-0   RHZY5DV / FJFVL3Q
13-0   1VCX5BC / NQYCT3J
14-0   PNG4331 / RNV1XTG
15-0   YLBV32Y / MQTTS1G
16-0   N5QY4DV / FK1QLYR
17-0   XKR14J4 / LTMDMCT
18-0   Q3VCBFX / PRJ2Q3R
20-0   NW5G4MG / Z2QLW1K
21-0   XQT5445 / N3ZFK1T
22-0   QPR1BH4 / LPCDG1T
24-0   NF1F4J2 / Q1DGL1T
25-0   XWST4PY / HR1YCYR
26-0   Q4DDBGX / ZXJBT3H
27-0   Z354B2W / X445R3H
28-0   NKSW43Y / KM5CDPT
29-0   XH5442W / X2V5R1H
30-0   QF1VB1T / SJT3MRH
31-0   ZH54B2W / X4V5R3H
32-0   NY3T4YP / JKRYCPR
33-0   X5M442W / X2BTR1K
34-0   Q3HVB1T / SJ5RMRK
35-0   Z5M4B2W / X4BTR3K

c. Strange Codes

JML - DZRBS3W / D223LTW  --  168W-11L, Winning Streak 165
DAN - N4QY4DV / 4K1QLYR  --  16W-192L, Streak 16
MON - PXL1J1V / N335JS3  --  30W-244L, Streak 249 (?)
JWH - JVXX1C3 / NSD2ZWG  --  60W-203L, Streak 44
JWH - 1SXTDZT / JZZHQCM  --  151W-223L, Streak 125
GNP - VQ1S3VQ / NR15VYG  --  177W-127L, Streak 139

Once again, try hacking passwords of special players in the arcade, like WIL, 
SAL, and MJT. It surely won't be easy to find these special player codes 
without help!

--=/  Fast Eddie  /=--

3. SNES NBA Jam Codes (for V1.0):

a. Defense Power-Up Trick

At the "Tonight's Match-Up" Screen, tap the shoot or steal button eight times. 
If you do this correctly, there will be a Def. Power-Up signal before tipoff
under your player's bar. You now can effectively goal-tend everytime by just
standing near the net and jumping up as the ball comes near.

b. Powerup Dunks Trick

At the "Tonight's Match-Up" screen, rotate the joystick or joypad 360 degrees
clockwise or counter-clockwise starting from the top (making sure you hit each 
spot), then tap the turbo button seven times. If you do this right, there will 
be a sign stating that you have Powerup Dunks. The player that you powerup can 
now do ALL the special dunks, from as far away as half-court.

c. Powerup Fire Trick

At the "Tonight's Match-Up" screen, press the B button five times (no matter
what button configuration), then hold up and the shoot button until tipoff. If 
done correctly, there will be a Powerup Fire sign just before tipoff. This 
will allow the person with Powerup Fire to be on fire for the whole game. They 
will also have unlimited turbo and can goaltend for the whole game as well. 

d. Shooting Percentage Trick

Before playing selecting your team, turn on turbo for all three of your 
buttons. At the "Tonight's Match-Up" screen, rotate your joystick or joypad
360 degrees clockwise continuously while holding down all three buttons (for
turbo) until tipoff. If done properly, there will be a sign stating "Shot 
% display activated." Now everytime you take a shot (not including dunks
or layups) there will be a small square in the lower right-hand corner
telling you the probability of your shot going in, from 05% from past midcourt
to 99% when on fire. However, the % does not really mean much, since you can
often make an 05% shot and can miss 99% shots regularly. The shot percentage
is affected by being on fire, closeness to the basket, defenders in your face,
the difference of points between the two teams, and if computer assistance is
turned on or off in the Options screen. 

e. Other 

If anyone has any other codes, contact Fast Eddie on the best console
boards around or mail him through fe@u.washington.edu in Internet mail.
Try the initials for the arcade NBA Jam in the home version, then try and
hack the passwords.  Jam it home, guys! 

-=/  Fast Eddie  /=--

4. SNES NBA Jam Special Characters

One quick note: This DOES NOT work with V1.0 (Romkids version).

Mark Turmell (MJT): At the initials entering screen, put in M and J first. 
                    Then move the cursor to T. Before hitting T, hit button 
                    R, Start, and A. 

President Bill Clinton (ARK): At the initials screen, put in A and R first.
                              Then move the cursor to K. Before hitting K, hit
                              button L, button R, and X.

Vice-President Al Gore (NET): At the initials screen, put in N and E first.
                              Then move the cursor to T and hit button L,
                              button R, and A.

From Gamepro Magazine 3/94 Issue

Addendum: There has been a file named NBATRAIN.ZIP created by Que and Stix in 
          which you can make an .IPS patch for NBA Jam V1.0 to play as one of 
          eleven special characters:

       1. Carlton - from arcade
       2. Dilophosaur - ?
       3. Divita - from arcade
       4. Hey - from arcade
       5. Goskie - from arcade
       6. Liptak - from arcade
       7. Rivett - from arcade
       8. T-Rex - ?
       9. Triceratops - ?
      10. Turmell - from arcade
      11. Velociraptor - ?

What's with all the dinosaurs? Anyways, cool patch guys!          

IV. NBA Jam Genesis
1. Genesis NBA Jam Special Characters

Mark Turmell (MJT): At the initials entering screen, put in M and J first. 
                    Then move the cursor to T. Before hitting T, hit start 
                    and A. 

President Bill Clinton (ARK): At the initials screen, put in A and R first.
                              Then move the cursor to K. Before hitting K, hit
                              start and A.

Vice-President Al Gore (NET): At the initials screen, put in N and E first.
                              Then move the cursor to T and hit start and B.

From Gamepro Magazine 3/94 Issue

2. Speech found in Genesis version

Boom Shaka Laka! - (my personal favorite!)
Can't buy a bucket!
For two!
Grabs the rebound!
He's heating up!
He's on fire!
Head fake
Is it the shoes?
It's a turnover!
Jams it in!
Oh my!
Puts up a brick!
The nail in the coffin!
--=< F a s t  E d d i e >=--

V. NBA Jam Misc. 
1. Players in NBA Jam

From pictures in Video Games magazine (2/94):
(+?) means that they possibly might be in the SNES or Genesis versions

 1. Air Morris - Special Guest Star in Arcade +?
 2. Anderson, Kenny - New Jersey Nets guard, in SNES/Genesis
 3. Anderson, Nick - Orlando Magic forward, in SNES/Genesis
 4. Augmon, Stacy - Atlanta Hawks guard, in SNES/Genesis
 5. Barkley, Charles - Phoenix Suns forward, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
 6. Benjamin, Benoit - Seattle Supersonics center (now with the New Jersey 
                       Nets), in Arcade Only
 7. Brown, Dee - Boston Celtics guard, in SNES/Genesis
 8. Carlton - Special Guest Star in Arcade +?
 9. Clinton, Bill - Special Guest Star in SNES/Genesis version
10. Coleman, Derrick - New Jersey Nets forward, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
11. Coman - Special Guest Star in Arcade
12. Daugherty, Brad - Cleveland Cavaliers center, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
13. Divac - L.A. Lakers center, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
14. Divita, Sal - Special Guest Star in Arcade +?
15. Drexler, Clyde - Portland Trailblazers guard, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
16. Edwards, Blue - ????? guard, in SNES/Genesis
17. Elliot, Sean - San Antonio Spurs guard, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
18. Ellis, LaPhonso - Denver Nuggets forward, in SNES/Genesis
19. Ewing, Patrick - New York Knicks center, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
20. Flea - the singer?, Special Guest Star in SNES/Genesis
21. Gill, Kendall - Seattle Supersonics guard, in Arcade (with Charlotte) and
22. Gore - Vice-President?, Special Guest Star in SNES or Genesis 
23. Goskie - Special Guest Star in Arcade +?
24. Grant, Harvey - Chicago Bulls forward, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
25. Grant, Horace - Portland Trailblazers forward, in SNES/Genesis
26. Gugliotta, Tom - Washington Bullets forward, in SNES/Genesis
27. Hardaway, Tim - Golden State Warriors guard, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
28. Harper, Ron - L.A. Clippers forward, in SNES/Genesis
29. Harper, Derek - ???? forward, in Arcade (with Dallas)/SNES/Genesis
30. Hawkins, Hersey - Philadelphia 76ers forward, in Arcade Only
31. Hey - Special Guest Star in Arcade +?
32. Hornacek, Jeff - Philadelphia 76ers forward, in SNES/Genesis
33. Howard - Special Guest Star in Arcade +?
34. Iuzzolino - former Dallas Mavericks guard, in Arcade Only
35. Jackson, Jim - Dallas Mavericks guard, in SNES/Genesis
36. Johnson, Kevin - Phoenix Suns guard, in SNES/Genesis
37. Johnson, Larry - Charlotte Hornets forward, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
38. Kemp, Shawn - Seattle Supersonics guard, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
39. Laettner, Christian - Minnesota Timberwolves center, in SNES/Genesis
40. Laimbeer, Bill - former Detroit Pistons center, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
41. Lewis, Reggie - late Boston Celtics forward, in Arcade Only
42. Liptak - Special Guest Star in Arcade +?
43. Lohaus, Brad - Milwaukee Bucks forward, in SNES/Genesis
44. Majerle, Dan - Phoenix Suns forward, in Arcade Only
45. Malone, Karl - Utah Jazz forward, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
46. Manning, Danny - L.A. Clippers forward, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
47. Maxwell, Vernon - Houston Rockets forward, in SNES/Genesis
48. McHale, Kevin - former Boston Celtics forward, in Arcade Only
49. McKey, Derrick - Indiana Pacers forward, in Arcade Only (with Seattle)
50. McLearn - Special Guest Star in Arcade +?
51. Miller, Reggie - Indiana Pacers forwad, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
52. Miner, Harold - Miami Heat guard, in SNES/Genesis
53. Moon, Warren - Special Guest Star, QB for Houston Oilers, appears in 
54. Mourning, Alonzo - Charlotte Hornets center, in SNES/Genesis
55. Mullin, Chris - Golden State Warriors guard, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
56. Mutombo, Dikembe - Denver Nuggets center, in SNES/Genesis
57. Newcomer - Special Guest Star in Arcade +?
58. O'Neal, Shaquille - Orlando Magic center, in Arcade Only
59. Oakley, Charles - New York Knicks forward, in Arcade Only
60. Olajuwon, Hakeem - Houston Rockets center, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
61. Oursler - Special Guest Star in Arcade +?
62. P Funk - Special Guest Star SNES/Genesis
63. Parish, Robert - Boston Celtics center, in SNES/Genesis
64. Person, Chuck - Minnesota Timberwolves forward, in SNES/Genesis
65. Petro - Special Guest Star in Arcade +?
66. Petrovic, Drazen - late New Jersey Nets guard, in Arcade Only
67. Pippen, Scottie - Chicago Bulls forward, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
68. Porter, Terry - Portland Trailblazers guard, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
69. Price, Mark - Cleveland Cavaliers guard, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
70. Rice, Glen - Miami Heat forward, in SNES/Genesis
71. Richmond, Mitch - Sacramento Kings guard, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
72. Rivett - Special Guest Star in Arcade +?
73. Robinson, David - San Antonio Spurs center, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
74. Schrempf, Detlef - Seattle Supersonics forward, in Arcade (with Indiana),
                       SNES (with Indiana), and Genesis
75. Scott - Special Guest Star in Arcade +?
76. Seikaly, Rony - Miami Heat center, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
77. Skiles, Scott - Orland Magic guard, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
78. Smith, Kenny - Houston Rockets guard, in Arcade Only
79. Starks, John - New York Knicks guard, in SNES/Genesis
80. Stockton, John - Utah Jazz guard, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
81. Thomas, Isiah - Detroit Pistons guard, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
82. Tisdale, Wayman - Sacramento Kings forward, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
83. Turmell - Special Guest Star in Arcade +?
84. Vogel - Special Guest Star in Arcade +?
85. Weatherspoon, Clarence - Philadelphia 76ers forward, in SNES/Genesis
86. Wilkins, Dominique - Atlanta Hawks forward, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
87. Worthy, James - L.A. Lakers forward, in Arcade/SNES/Genesis
88. ? - Special Guest Star, in SNES/Genesis, seen in Video Games Magazine, 
        but no name
89. ? - Special Guest Star, in SNES/Genesis, seen in Video Games Magazine, 
        but no name
90. ? - Special Guest Star, in SNES/Genesis, seen in Video Games Magazine, 
        but no name
91. ? - Special Guest Star, in SNES/Genesis, seen in Video Games Magazine, 
        but no name
92. ? - Special Guest Star, in SNES/Genesis, seen in Video Games Magazine, 
        but no name

-- Fast Eddie --


  NBA Jam Tips & Info v17 [1/1]
New Secret Player Codes & NBA Jam 
Tournament Edition Codes
-= /  Produced by Fast Eddie  / =-

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