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Play Guide by EQR5MALIKI

Version: 2.0 |

                       MORTAL KOMBAT II PLAYERS GUIDE V2.0

               8y ~|~|-|3 1|\/||\/|0R~|~/-\|_  /-\|</-\ P3R1[0|\/|

This file is Copyright (c) 1994. All rights reserved.
Distribution of this file, in whole or in part is permitted, provided
that it isn't modified in any form and that proper credit is given to the


This is a basic guide to help players beat the computer opponents.  It is
meant for versions 2.1 and Up, of the game.

This guide hasn't got any moves or fatalities of the game, if you want them
then get the latest FAQ from Andy Eddy's site [It also defines some of the

Type the following commands to get the FAQ :-

> ftp ftp.netcom.com
> Login:- anonymous
> Password:- [Your e-mail address, e.g. eqr5maliki@clstr.unl.ac.uk]
> cd pub/vi/vidgames/faqs
> hash
> get mk2faq.v16
> quit

If you want this guide by e-mail then send me your e-mail address and I
will mail you a copy.

This guide is my own account of how to beat the computer playing as Shang
Tsung, the strategies should work for all characters (except the ones with
straight legs... like Liu Kang, Kung Lao).

I also assume as you are playing on the right hand Joystick.....why? Well in
case you hadn't noticed, when you play on the left hand-side the computer is
very difficult to beat.  Try and jump into Baraka or Kitana and you will see
they will always get you.  Try the  same on the other side and you will see
you can always get them.

To play on the right hand side just press the 2P start button at the
beginning of your game.

I will also assume that the game is set on normal to very difficult.

1. How to Beat the First Computer Opponent

Whoever it is, it  can be beaten very easily.  For the first guy just Jump
Kick, then sweep and then crouch and Block and then wait for him to come
close to you. Then when he walks towards you  he won't throw you he will
just start punching the air.  You just  push the joystick down and then
press HP.  This will uppercut him.   Repeat this as he doesn't get any
smarter. You can do this both rounds and get a Double Flawless.  This
doesn't work if the game is set on very difficult, In which case look up the
character further down.

2. How to Beat the Second Computer Opponent

The Second Guy is slightly smarter,  he throws.  So you have to jump into
him straight away and do the jump kick deep into its stomach.  This will hit
it follow it up with a sweep.  Jump in again, before it gets back up and then
jump kick, sweep, sweep,  move back 2 steps, sweep, move back 1 step, sweep.
Jump back and  repeat from the jump kick.

3. How to beat Liu Kang

Block straight away don't attempt attack him as he will either bicycle  kick
you/Fly Kick.  In which case sweep him as he rebounds off you.   If he does a
fly kick then block it and give him an uppercut. Or he may fireball you, If
he does then you can't do much.....just block.

Anticipate-kick Method

(It works on all the opponents that use a missile weapon that travels
straight and at medium speed, e.g. Sub-Zero, Raiden, Reptile)  Once the
computer is a jump distance away.   Walk forward and now jump towards him
and aim your jump to land right in front of him (Forehead), but not touching
him [About 2cm Away] and press  Kick.   (When you reach the point shown on
the diagram) More likely than not  he will jump backwards to avoid your kick.
Wham! It will hit him as he tries to jump back.  It will knock back quite far
you may be able to sweep him. So repeat the method and get back into position.
(Done correctly you can get flawless without using any button other then
LK... hence useful for getting Jade)

Fig. 1
             *       *
        *                 *
     O    \                   *   O
    \|/   Aim for this position. \|/
     |    With a Kick.            |
    / \                          / \

   Computer                      You

           About this Distance.

4. How To Beat Kung Lao

At the start of the round bend down and get ready for him to teleport, then
uppercut him.

You can use the fireball method if you are low on energy.  Jump back into
any corner and then do two fireballs. Keep on doing two fireballs.  Lao will
teleport into your fireballs at exactly the sweep distance.  Continue  to do
this method on both rounds.

 Fig. 2

 | Shang     Lao
 |  O         O
 | \|/  O O  \|/
 |  |         |
 | / \       / \
   \Edge of screen.

If you don't want to do this method for some reason.  Then at the start of
the round jump kick.... prematurely.  It should hit him.  If it doesn't then
he should block and fire his hat at you.  Block it and Uppercut him or
roundhouse kick him.  Jump towards him and do the same again.  Sweep if he
lands near  then uppercut him.

With Raiden you can do the body launch into him repeatedly.  He always
misses you.

5. How to Beat Johnny Cage

At the start bend down and get ready to uppercut him.  He will most of the
time shadow kick or jump towards you, in which case uppercut him. Now when
you are about reptiles tongue fatality distance, jump towards  him and do a
deep jump kick (That's the one where you  aim for his bottom  part of the
body), It should get him as he will try to firebolt you.   If it doesn't then
press block straight away, he will  80% of the time firebolt you,  block this
and then stand up and press HK (You  should be next to him by now).  This
will knock him backwards.  Don't try to uppercut him as he will throw you.
Repeat this process from the  deep jump kick and blocking. Make sure you jump
backwards to get the right  distance.

6. How to Beat Reptile

The method I recommend is at the start of the round jump towards  him and do
a jump kick slightly early.  He will either try to go invisible  in which
case it will hit him and turn him visible or he will spit at you,  In which
case you should get him and then follow it up with a sweep. Or  he will jump
kick you, if you did your jump kick before his it will get him.  Now the hard
part.  The only method that I find works on him very well is the anticipate
jump kick method. Anticipate at the same distance as Liu Kang and it should
get him.  If he doesn't jump back then he is going to  spit at you, the
anticipate method if done correctly should land you in front  of him and when
he spits block it and sweep straight away.... otherwise  he will jump back.
You can also go for deep jump kicking, like Cage.

7. How to Beat Sub-Zero

Jump kick towards him and he will either jump kick you or freeze you,  If he
tries to freeze you then block and give him a fast uppercut.  You can after
he has landed do your projectile, but you have to be fast. Sometimes you can
do a deep jump kick into him and then sweep him.  If he's hard as he is just
before the question mark then I recommend using  the anticipate jump kick

8. How to Beat Kitana

Kitana is fairly easy to beat as she fires her missiles alot.  Jump straight
into her, as soon as you start the level.  She will either jump kick you  or
she will more often than not, throw her fans.  Your kick should hit her,
sweep after it hits her. Now dont jump into her if she is one of the last
characters left to fight, as she will do her fan lift on you. Wait until she
gets up and Jump back and walk back for 2 secs, now you can jump into her
and do a jump kick.  She will block it and throw her fan. You give her an
uppercut and (If in range) sweep. Jump kick again and block her fan throw,
then give her  an uppercut.  If at anytime she starts to punch you
repeatedly,  block and after the third punch do your sweep fast... that
should get her.

9. How to Beat Jax

Jump kick him early, and if it hits him sweep otherwise block and get  ready
for his energy wave.  After the energy wave hits your body, uppercut  him, if
he lands close sweep him once.  If he lands outside sweeping   distance you
can be abit risky and fire three fireballs (Not really   recommended if you
have little energy or he if near the end of the list).   He does the energy
wave alot and if your uppercuts arent getting him as  he keeps throwing you
every time you try, then wait for his energy wave and  then sweep and walk
back two steps, jump back once.  Jump forward towards  him and get ready for
an energy wave. Repeat this procedure.

NB: If you are using Jax then you can on all the characters (Except Kintaro
and Shao Khan) deep jump kick them and then backbreaker. Before they get up
walk back and then jump once, get ready for the computer to jump into you
again.  When it does, do the jump kick and then backbreaker combo.  Repeat
from  the walking back process.

10. How to Beat Mileena

She can be quite difficult at times, if she is further up the list.   If you
want you can either jump kick towards her and hope she does fires   her sais
and then sweep her or you can jump back and block and hope  she does her drop
kick and then jump-kick her. The only method that I have   discovered that
works against her is where you do a jump kick real early  and aim it so that
her heads hits the center of your leg...... she will  fire her sais, block
them and stand up and press HK.   Walk back two steps and then  jump back. If
you don't do this she will  kick you as you jump back.  She will often do the
ground roll,  keep on trying for the jump kick method.  If you hit her while
you do the jump kick, follow it with a sweep.

11.  How to Beat Baraka

Jump kick towards him fairly early as he will fire his bolt, and then  follow
it up with a sweep as it will hit him.  Walk back two steps and then   jump
back. Jump towards him, Jump kick and sweep.If he blocks then jump backwards,
he will  jump towards you so you jump towards and sweep him.  This is the
simple strategy you use for him, repeat the process from the deep jump kick.

You can also repeatedly sweep through the whole round and every time he fire
his bolt, he will get hit.  Keep sweeping, you should win.

12. How to Beat Scorpion

Jump kick towards him straight away, as he will most likely throw his  spear,
and then sweep.  Now jump back and wait for him to fire his  spear, now once
he has fired the spear, if you are close, uppercut  him and then jump kick
towards him and sweep.  This will get him most of   the time.  The basic
strategy for this bloke is jump kick and wait to  uppercut him and then
sweep. If you are desperate then go for the  anticipate-jump kick method.

13. How to Beat Raiden

The fireball in the corner works on Raiden, not as good as Kung Lao  but if
you time it right it works the same.  The main  method I use  is the
Anticipate jump kick,  mostly.  The anticipate jump kick method is   way I
beat him every time.  You can also deep jump kick him and then sweep.

14. How to Beat Shang Tsung

I will assume he hasn't Morphed into anyone ..... if he has then  beat them
using the method described.  I figured this guy works  slightly different
then the other characters as he has very good  defenses.  Now start the round
towards  him with a jump kick  as usual.  He should block it.  Now he will
follow it up with one   fireball, block this fireball and dont sweep him or
uppercut him as he will always throw you, before you can do anything. Instead
after you have blocked his fireball jump backwards and when you land get
ready for him to jump towards you.  When he does jump towards him and do a
jump kick and then sweep. I prefer uppercut and then 3 fireballs.  You can if
you want to fight him jump towards him and jump kick him deep  so it hits his
belt.  He should fireball you as you are about to kick  him.  You will see
the fireball fly past.... and your jump kick should  hit him, now follow it
up with a sweep.

NB:-  When you are in the corner and they are attacking you, bend down  and
sweep them.... they will throw you, now jump back. As this is the   only way
if I have found out to get out of the corner... you have to  sacrifice  this
energy as they will walk towards you  and throw you 3  times, if you dont or
jump kick you.

15.  How to Beat Kintaro

Morph to Kitana and do the fan lift in the corner and then fan throw and
uppercut.  If you morph back to yourself fire three fireballs.  If he starts
to jump in the air then jump back at the peak of your  jump and press HK. If
he is at the other end of the screen then fire 3 fireballs but watch out  he
may spit his fireballs.  You can do your missile attack at him in the  air
and aim for his head.

If you are using another character other than Shang, then take him to one
side of the screen and then sweep him, jump back, sweep him again etc.  Until
he makes a mistake, when he raises his chest up, Uppercut him.  If you sweep
too early he will spit a fireball at you and it will get you,  so make sure
your sweeps are timed.

When he tries to stomp you, you can uppercut him as he tries to stamp on you.
Timing is critical.

16.  How to Beat Shao Khan

The method I use is double buffering the two fireballs.  I wait for him  to
point his finger and I am at the opposite side of the screen.  I then   fire
two fireballs and quickly fire another two.  As soon as the fireballs  hit
him I fire the other two, this way he doesn't have a chance to   retaliate as
he keeps trying to fire his spear at you. This way you can  get double
flawless on him.

Or if you aren't using Shang Tsung, Bend down and block in the corner and
wait for him to do his shoulder charge, When he rebounds off, Uppercut  and
then fire your projectile. Repeat until hes dead. If he points his finger at
you, execute a special move.


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