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Move List and Guide by MagusB

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 07/04/2010

                  __  _____  _______  ____     ________       
                 /  |/  /  |/  / __ \/ __ \   /_  __/ /_  ___ 
                / /|_/ / /|_/ / /_/ / /_/ /    / / / __ \/ _ \
               / /  / / /  / / ____/ _, _/    / / / / / /  __/
              /_/  /_/_/  /_/_/   /_/ |_|    /_/ /_/ /_/\___/ 
    _______       __    __  _                ______    ___ __  _           
   / ____(_)___ _/ /_  / /_(_)___  ____ _   / ____/___/ (_) /_(_)___  ____ 
  / /_  / / __ `/ __ \/ __/ / __ \/ __ `/  / __/ / __  / / __/ / __ \/ __ \
 / __/ / / /_/ / / / / /_/ / / / / /_/ /  / /___/ /_/ / / /_/ / /_/ / / / /
/_/   /_/\__, /_/ /_/\__/_/_/ /_/\__, /  /_____/\__,_/_/\__/_/\____/_/ /_/ 
        /____/                  /____/                                     

		Mighty Morphing Power Rangers - The Fighting Edition
			      FAQ/Move List/PAR Code List
		         Version 1.0 - Revised July 3rd 2010
	      by Guarocuya 'Frank' Batista (guarocuya.batista@gmail.com)

Table of Contents

I    -> About the author
II   -> Introduction
III  -> Options/Controller scheme
IV   -> Move List/Basic Combos/Basic Strategies
V    -> Codes & Secrets
VI   -> Credits
VII  -> Legal Disclaimer

I - About the Author

Guarocuya Batista Kunhardt is the author of several guides, such as Castlevania
SOTN Luck Mode FAQ and Star Ocean PAR guide, and he's also a student at the 
Western Michigan University where he is performing grad studies in Applied 

Mr. Batista, also known as MagusB in the GameFAQs boards, is also a budding
writer of several economic and public policy papers which are part of his
hobbies alongside movies, lurking, coding, playing his guitars, cultivating his
mind and body in Miyama Ryu Ju-Jutsu and enjoying life.

MagusB can be contacted via email at guarocuya.batista@gmail.com. He will try
to answer any inquiry concerning almost any matter and would appreciate
feedback concerning this FAQ or any future ones.

II - Introduction

Mighty Morphing Power Rangers - The Fighting Edition is a vs. fighting game
published in late 1995 by Bandai and developed by Natsume, which draws on the
first three seasons and the first movie of the TV show by the same name.

Unlike other games based on the TV series, here we can only control the Zords
or mecha/giant robots that are summoned by the Power Rangers, typically at the
end of an episode, to battle an enlarged monster, as part of the story.

This game has received good ratings but unluckily never became as known as it
could have been. The smooth and crisp game engine was used to develop New
Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Endless Duel for the SNES (Japan 1996)

There are nine characters from which to choose from and three modes of
gameplay: a Story where you only have access to two of the Megazords and battle
all the other characters (including a copy of yourself) until you face Ivan
Ooze, the main antagonist of the first Movie released; the Fighting Mode where
you can battle against another opponent (whether controlled by a person or the
CPU) or even make the CPU A battle against itself; and the Trial Mode where you
battle against an infinite number of opponents, only regaining a small amount
of energy after every round.

III - Options/Controller scheme

This game has several options to tinker around:

*Level - You can choose between easy, normal and hard.
*Time Mode - Where you can set a 60 seconds limit or no time limit at all.
*Face Display - Where you take off the Zords picture and see the combo counter.
*Sound Mode - Stereo and mono, self explanatory.
*BGM Test - To perform a BGM sound test over 12 tracks.

This game labels the keys used as Attack A, B, C and D. For this guide we will
use the following convention:

Y = Light Punch
X = Heavy Punch
B = Light Weapon Attack
A = Heavy Weapon Attack

And also the following move convention:

u = up
b = back
f = forward
d = down
df = down/forward
db = down/back
Y/X = Either Y or X buttons.

IV - Move List/Basic Combos/Basic Strategies

In this game you each character will have a Power Bar that fills and empties
itself constantly, and many characters moves will react positively to how much
of the bar is full, adding more punch, range or speed the move. If you execute
some of these moves while the bar is full you will perform an upgraded version
of said move, and the bar will increase a level, denoted by a different color,
blue, pink, green and finally thunders running through the bar), these
represent the level of the Power Bar.

When the Power Bar is at the thunder level it will only last about 8 seconds
before returning to the first level but any special move you do will be its
upgraded version and you can finally do the Super Move of each character, which
in itself will reset the Power Bar. As a general strategy, you should use some
of your upgraded special moves before unleashing your Super Move.

These are common to every character:

Press u to jump.
Press d to crouch.
Press f to move forwards.
Press b to move backwards.
Press f twice to dash forward.
Press b twice to retreat.
Press Y o X next to an opponent to perform a throw (you can immediately press
an f or b to direct the throw and some characters do different throws when
using Y or X)

For the moves that follow, KageKaze/Troy Ludwig devised in 1998 most of the
names used. The special moves that were not featured in his guide are named by
me following his defined convention. I will also rank each character using 3

Thunder Megazord	[Tier 2]
Originating in Season 2 of the Power Rangers TV show, the Thunder Megazord is
a combination of the five Thunderzords seen in the game intro sequences: Red
Dragon, Lion, Firebird, Griffin and Unicorn and also sports the Thunder Saber.
The Dinozords of Season 1 were transformed by Alpha 5 into the current

It is recommended to learn at least the basics of this character since it is
one of only two characters allowed in Story Mode.

Lunge             			--  f + X
Two-hit Uppercut			--  d + X
Fireball            			--  d, df, f + Y/X
Uppercut Barrage     	   		--  f, d, df + X
Rising Uppercut        			--  f, d, df + Y
Thunder Saber Combo     		--  d, db, b + B/A
Dive Kick (hits downed opponents)	--  d + any two buttons
Super Move - Thunder Crush   		--  d, df, f, d, df, f + Y/X

+Basic Combos+

While dashing Y + Y + Thunder Saber Combo
While dashing Y + Y + Two-hit Uppercut + f + Dive Kick
While jumping A + Y + Y + (d + B) + Thunder Crush

+Basic Strategy+

The Thunder Megazord resembles your traditional Ryu/Ken in that it has
projectiles and rising attacks. The Thunder Saber Combo is also a
resemblance. Thus, this is a perfect candidate for the beginner, seeing how
it can keep up with its speed but its reach is a little short (note that the
collision detection in this game is horribly coded). Be relentless and keep
pushing your opponent, Rising Uppercut if the enemy jumps a lot (Goldar,
Lipsyncher and Ninja Megazord) or else Thunder Saber Combo is your friend.
Also of note is that Rising Uppercut has the highest priority of any special
move in the game.

Mega Tigerzord  	[Tier 3]
In Season 2, Tommy receives from Zordon and Alpha 5 the Tiger Coin thus
obtaining the power of the White Ranger. As such he can summon the Tigerzord
and when morphed with the rest of the other Zords (sans the Red Dragon) they
become the Mega Tigerzord. In terms of strength, it is a level above the
Thunder Megazord.

It is recommended to learn at least the basics of this character since it is
one of only two characters allowed in Story Mode.

Wind-Up Punch           		--  f, d, df + Y/X
White Tiger Thunder Bolt             	--  d, df, f + B/A
Two-hit Elbow Strike			--  dash + X
Double Kick Dive               		--  d + any two buttons
Thousand-hit Combo (next to opponent)	--  b, d, f + Y/X
Super Move - Phoenix Strike   		--  d, df, f, d, df, f + Y/X

+Basic Combos+

While jumping A + (d + Y) + (d + Y) + (d + B) + (d + X) + Double Kick Dive
While dashing Y + Y + X + Phoenix Strike
While close Thunder Bolt with Y + Phoenix Strike

+Basic Strategy+

While it doesn't have much range nor speed, it is very strong and only a
couple of hits should be sufficient for almost all opponents. Your White
Tiger Thunder Bolt (I swear that's how it was called in the TV series!) is
quite unique: if you use it with the Y button, it will have a short distance
but it is a launcher which allows for juggling and if you use the X button
then it comboes with a longer distance without launching the opponent.

Ninja Megazord  	[Tier 1]
Through Season 3, a being known as Ninjor gives the Rangers five Ninjazords:
Ape, Frog, Wolf, Crane and Bear, which altogether form the Ninja Megazord.
This Megazord uses Power Gloves instead of weapons but features incredible

This character, based on my own experience and public observations online,
is termed Tier 1, mainly due to its speed and combo-friendliness.

Flying Kick             		--  In the air d, df, f + Y/X
Spinning Rise           		--  d, db, b + Y/X
Slashing Combo          		--  d, df, f + B/A
Spinning Jump           		--  In the air d, db, b + Y/X
Fire Bomb               		--  d + any two buttons
Energy Ball				--  dash + B/A
Escape Kick				--  retreat + X
Super Move - Ninja Clones    		--  d, df, f, d, df, f + Y/X

+Basic Combos+

Energy Ball with B button + B + Slashing Combo + Fire Bomb
Energy Ball with B button + B + B + (d + X) + Fire Bomb
While jumping A + Y + Y + B + (d + X) + Fire Bomb
Spinning Jump + (jump forward + A) + A + Spinning Rise + Fire Bomb
Spinning Jump + (jump forward + A) + A + Ninja Clones

+Basic Strategy+

This Megazord is all about speed while sacrificing power. But fear not, a
constant offensive will work on almost any opponent. Mastering all the
special moves it carries within proves to be helpful, like Spinning Rise
versus jumpers (other Ninja's, Goldar and Lipsyncher), Flying Kick again
for jumpers but also allowing you to quickly hit from afar and escape being
trapped in a corner. The Energy Ball, if used with the A button is a one
hit move that will make you rebound whether it connected or not, but using
the B button allows for up to 3 hits and is the most common setup for the
Ninja's combos. Also, if executed quickly, your Fire Bomb can be pulled off
several times in a row.

Shogun Megazord  	[Tier 3]
Through Season 3, after Ninjor is kidnapped by Lord Zedd, the Power Rangers
are forced to use Shogunzords for evil purposes, but after Ninjor is freed
the Rangers are able to use these Zords and together they form the powerful
Shogun Megazord. This character cannot be thrown and while it suffers from
a clear lack of agility, it is the most powerful of the Megazords.

Backhand            	 		--  f + X
Fire Wave           			--  d, df, f + A
Upper Fire Wave     			--  d, df, f + B
Sword Cyclone       	  		--  d, db, b + A
Low Sword Cyclone   	 		--  d, db, b + B
Stomp					--  d + any two buttons
Sword Stomp				--  d + A
Two-Hit Low Punch			--  d + Y
Rush Punch				--  d + X
Super Move - Spire of Fire 		--  d, df, f, d, df, f + B/A

+Basic Combos+

(d + Y) + Backhand
(d + Y) + Spire of Fire
While cornering an opponent (d + Y) + Fire Wave + Spire of Fire + X + Stomp
(the above combo damages for more than 100% of your opponents energy bar)

+Basic Strategy+

Your Fire Saber is capable of pulling some of the game's strongest moves,
but your speed will be a detriment to your overall ability. You should be
on the offensive with your massive range and powerful Fire Saber. Sword
Cyclone when cornered and liberally use your Upper Fire Wave versus
jumpers. One unblocked Spire of Fire should take about 50% of your
opponents energy. Backhand's, Two-hit Low Punches and Rush Punches are
quick ways to surprise an enemy.

Lipsyncher		[Tier 1]
With a not so notable appearance in Season 2, this is a lipstick monster
made from the Yellow Ranger's lipstick by Lord Zedd. Also known as Lipstick

This character, based on my own experience and public observations online,
is termed Tier 1, mainly due to its speed and combo-friendliness.

Double Jump             		--  u, u
Air Dash/Retreat           		--  f, f  or  b, b
Spinning Kick           		--  in the air d + X
Heel Kick               		--  in the air d + Y
Music Strike            		--  d, df, f + X
High Music Strike       		--  d, df, f + Y
Heel Dive               		--  d + any two buttons
Super Move - Energy Sphere   		--  d, df, f, d, df, f + Y/X

+Basic Combos+

While jumping A + Y + X + Heel Dive
While dashing Y + Y + Y + (d + X)
While  your opponent is in the air (jump + A) + (jump + A) ad infinitum
Heel Kick + Heel Kick + Heel Kick ad infinitum (use double jumps)

+Basic Strategy+

Lipsyncher is a great and speedy character. While not having tons of
Special Moves to perform on an opponent, the sheer versatility of her
speed plus her constant double jumps which combined with her Air Dashes
should prove this jumper capable of taking any opponent. It is of note
that the Computer A.I. does not use her to capacity so if fighting her
she should be Tier 2 just for the annoyance of a jumper, but on the hands
of an experienced user, she is amongst the best characters.

Goldar 			[Tier 2]
Also known as Flydar and Grifforzer. This character has been since the
start of the series and is the prototypical comical henchman. He showed
his power by defeating Ninjor in Season 3 and has always served the main
nemesis of the series: Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd and Ivan Ooze in the Movie.

Fly         				--  u + u
Straight Kick           		--  f + X
Sword Dive				--  in the air (B + A)
Elbow Dive				--  in the air (Y + X)
Air Dash				--  in the air f + f
Eye Beams               		--  d, df, f + Y/X
Air Eye Beams           		--  in the air u, uf, f + Y/X
Floor Stab				--  d + A
Sword Uppercut          		--  f, d, df + B/A
Dive Kick               		--  d + any two buttons
Super Move - Energy Strike   		--  d, df, f, d, df, f + Y/X

+Basic Combos+

While dashing Y + Y + (d + Y) + (d + X) + f + Dive Kick
While dashing Y + Y + Sword Uppercut + Dive Kick
Sword Dive + Sword Uppercut with B button + Dive Kick
Air Dash + Sword Uppercut with B button + Floor Stab

+Basic Strategy+

This character is a jumper, although not as fast as the Ninja Megazord or
Lipsyncher. He still has a couple of tricks up his sleeve in the form of
Sword and Elbow Dives. These are fast enough to surprise and can be used
while jumping in any direction (much like flying). Only fly when you are
at a distance and Sword Uppercut is your main weapon against other
jumpers. Energy Strike has quite a range also.

Lord Zedd  		[Tier 1]
Arriving in Season 2, he is a conqueror of worlds who comes to the Moon to
find out that the Power Rangers are the only thing stopping him from gaining
planet Earth. He restores Goldar's wings and marries Rita Repulsa. His Zord
is Serpentera which can be seen in the background of his own stage.

This character, based on my own experience and public observations online,
is termed Tier 1, mainly due to its speed and combo-friendliness.

Near Lightning Strike   		--  d, df, f + Y
Far Lightning Strike    		--  d, df, f + X
Magnetic Hand           		--  f, d, df + Y/X
Teleport High           		--  f, df, d, db, b + Y/X
Teleport Low            		--  f, df, d, db, b + B/A
Teleport Grab				--  f, b, db, d, df, f + Y/X
Staff Dive              		--  d + any two buttons
Super - Fingertip Spears		--  d, df, f, d, df, f + Y/X

+Basic Combos+

While jumping A + Magnetic Hand with Y button
While dashing Y + Y + (d + Y) + (d + Y) + (d + X) + f + Staff Drive
Near Lightning Strike + (jump + A) + Fingertip Spears

+Basic Strategy+

Lord Zedd is a fast character and probably the most complex of all. Mastering
him will take time to adjust yourself to his Teleports (when to perform them)
and his constant staff hits. He is fairly easy to combo with so keep on the
offensive and when at a distance you can try the Lightning Strikes and/or
Magnetic Hands. Also, his Teleports can be used while being hit or blocking.
If you are fast enough you can charge a level of the Power Bar and
immediately Teleport away. 

Silver Horns 		[Tier 3]
Also known as Ikazuchi which means Thunder. This is nothing more than a
Season 2 monster grown to huge proportions by Lord Zedd through a grenade
thrown from the Moon.

Swipe                   		--  f + X
Claw Whirl				--  X (hold)
Energy Ball 				--  A (hold)
Low Energy Ball				--  d + A (hold)
Ground Pincer           		--  d, df, f + Y/X
Pincers                 		--  f, d, df + Y/X
Claw Drill              		--  d + any two buttons
Super Move - Lightning Strike 		--  d, df, f, d, df, f + B/A

+Basic Combos+

While jumping B + Claw Whirl
While jumping B + Ground Pincer + Claw Whirl
While your opponent is in the air (jump + A) + (jump + A) + Claw Drill

+Basic Strategy+

Silver Horns suffers from being slow and not particularly combo-friendly. But
there is some hope still in  this character: his strength; while not the
hardest hitting character out there he is certainly not the slowest. His
Pincers are fast enough to combo them or surprise your enemies. Also of note
is that his Claw Drill can be rapidly executed several times and, alongside
his Claw Whirl, has enough range to make hitting your enemies much easier.

Ivan Ooze 		[God Tier]
A 6000 year old tyrant whose appearance in the Movie and subsequent
imprisonment of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa proved how powerful he is. He
created the lowly Ooze-men and the weird Tengoo birds. He was subsequently
defeated by a kick to the groin (a la Johnny Cage) by the Ninja Megafalconzord
(a combination of the Ninja Megazord + the White Ranger's Falconzord)

Spark Punch             		--  Y
Energy Ball             		--  X
Near Fire Collumns       		--  B
Far Fire Collumns        		--  A
Homing Fireballs        		--  d, df, f + Y/X
Invulnerable Strike     		--  f, d, df + Y/X

+Basic Combos+

You really do not need them...

+Basic Strategy+


VI - Codes & Secrets

Play as Ivan Ooze

While in Fighting Mode, select any character (with the Start button) while
holding down the X and Y buttons.

Select for CPU

While not much of a secret since it is featured in the manual, during Fighting
Mode any controller can press the Select button to make the CPU control said
character. You can even have the CPU battle itself while you watch.

Pro Action Replay Codes

Infinite Time

Infinite Life Player 1

Infinite Life Player 2

Infinite Super Bar Player 1

Infinite Super Bar Player 2

Stage Select
7E061000 - Silver Horns' Stage
7E061002 - Lipsyncher's Stage
7E061004 - Zordon's Stage (Blue floor)
7E061006 - Goldar's Stage
7E061008 - Lord Zedd's Stage
7E06100A - Zordon's Stage (Purple floor)
7E06100C - Lord Zedd's Stage (Ivan Ooze's theme)
7E06100E - Lipsyncher's Stage (Power Ranger's theme)

Alternate Colors Player 1

Alternate Colors Player 2

VI - Credits

KageKaze/Troy Ludwig - For creating the first MMPR: TFE guide on GameFAQs and 
naming several of the moves being used in this guide.

JZeth (Justin Zeth) - For his great FAQ's and for the book jacket idea.

CJayC - For GameFAQs, it's guides and its extensive forums; the best thing
since dating.

Natsume and Bandai - For giving us MMPR:TFE.

LUE, /b/ and other friends - For constant inspiration.

VII - Legal Disclaimer

Copyright 2010 Guarocuya Batista Kunhardt.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal or
academic use. It may not be placed on any web site besides GameFAQS.com or
otherwise distributed publicly without advanced written permission. Use of
this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
strictly prohibited, and constitutes a violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

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