1. Nicheal Giacchino Additional Music (Disney Software)
  2. Dave Dootson Additional Programming (Travellers Tales)
  3. Chris Bradley Animation Consultant (Disney Feature Animation, Florida)
  4. David Molina Animation Director (Creative Capers)
  5. Terry Shakespeare Animation Director (Creative Capers)
  6. Rejean Bourdages Animators (Creative Capers)
  7. Ian Chistopher Animators (Creative Capers)
  8. Dave Kuhn Animators (Creative Capers)
  9. Mike Milo Animators (Creative Capers)
  10. David Molina Animators (Creative Capers)
  11. Natasha Sasic Animators (Creative Capers)
  12. Terry Shakespeare Animators (Creative Capers)
  13. Shane Zalvin Animators (Creative Capers)
  14. Kevin Ayre Artist (Graphics Southwest)
  15. Theo Pantazia Artist (Graphics Southwest)
  16. Annette Laguer Assistant Producer (Disney Feature Animation, Florida)
  17. Craig Annis Assistant Producer (Disney Software)
  18. David Poe Associate Producer (Sony Imagesoft)
  19. Bev Bush Conceptual Artist (Travellers Tales)
  20. Mike Giam Designer (Sony Imagesoft)
  21. David Jaffe Designer (Sony Imagesoft)
  22. Ron Fortier Director (Disney Software)
  23. Rich Robinson Executive Producer (Sony Imagesoft)
  24. Jon Burton General Managers (Travellers Tales)
  25. Andy Ingram General Managers (Travellers Tales)
  26. Dave Burton Graphic Artist (Travellers Tales)
  27. Bev Bush Graphic Artist (Travellers Tales)
  28. James Cuniffe Graphic Artist (Travellers Tales)
  29. Andy Ingram Graphic Artist (Travellers Tales)
  30. Linda Smith Graphic Artist (Travellers Tales)
  31. Andy Ingram Graphics (Travellers Tales)
  32. Simon Gardner Management (Graphics Southwest)
  33. Alex Schaefer Mickey Digital Cleanup Model (Disney Software)
  34. Matt Furness Music (Graphics Southwest)
  35. Blythe Joustra Music (Graphics Southwest)
  36. Shaun Hollingworth Music Driver (Graphics Southwest)
  37. Andy Blundell Office Organization (Travellers Tales)
  38. G. Sue Shakespeare Producer (Creative Capers)
  39. Paul Curasi Producer (Disney Feature Animation, Florida)
  40. Arden Ishimura Production Associate (Disney Software)
  41. Robert Rose Production Coordinator (Creative Capers)
  42. Cammie Cavallin Production Coordinator (Disney Feature Animation, Florida)
  43. Jon Burton Programmer (Travellers Tales)
  44. Steve Riding Project Managment (Psygnosis)
  45. Pam Darley Project Specialist (Disney Feature Animation, Florida)
  46. Patrick Gilmore Senior Producer (Disney Software)
  47. Many Ann Norris Senior Producer (Sony Imagesoft)
  48. Ron Fortier Software Production (Disney Software)
  49. Kathy Burton Special Effects Assistant (Creative Capers)
  50. Jon Burton Utility Programming (Travellers Tales)
  51. Dave Dootson Utility Programming (Travellers Tales)
  52. Chris Stanforth Utility Programming (Travellers Tales)


Data and credits for this game contributed by a0me, Bass_X0, Blueberry Buttface, Crazyreyn, Guard Master, nifboy, oblivion from aoc, odino, oliist, RFH, and steamliner88.

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