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The last thing you remember, you'd just morphed your ship through the interdimensional Hypergate. Now, your body is being experimented on by aliens. Where's the Intrepid? It's coming back to you. Your ship was ambushed and its components spread across the alien galaxy.

You see that these strange creatures are obviously very intelligent and very aggressive. If they unlock your secret of MetalMorphosis, they will be able to cross through Hypergate, putting the home planet, Earth, in serious danger. You know what you must do.

You've gotta morph your ship into new configurations to do battle. You've gotta jump, shoot and morph your body through alien space stations and planets. You've gotta find hidden areas through pipelines, encounter force fields, moving platforms and conveyor belts. You'll need tons of powerups, and you'll find them.

You've got one desperately slim chance to warn Earth. Get morphing!

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#38 lowest rated SNES action game (#74 on SNES, #4105 overall)


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#72 easiest SNES action game (#334 on SNES, #23824 overall)


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#2 shortest SNES action game (#17 on SNES, #2128 overall)


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