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Game Script by Boco the Chokobo / Reeve

Updated: 07/25/2002

Mega Man X2 / Rockman X2 Script

Rockman X2 transcription by Boco the Chokobo
Translation from Japanese by Boco the Chokobo
Editing / Formatting by Boco the Chokobo
Mega Man X2 transcription by Reeve


The Mega Man X2 script is on the far left.  The Rockman X2 script and my 
translation share the space on the right, with the Japanese in the middle and 
the translation on the far-right if space permits; otherwise with the Japanese 
on top and the translation below.  Lines will seperate them in the second case.

The Japanese version does not label who is speaking and when; the colors, text 
speed, and speech patterns are instead used to identify characters.  Since the 
US version -does- list who is speaking, I won't bother adding it in to the 
other versions like I did in X1, excepting the rare instances when different 
people talk in the Japanese version.  Sagesse's name is changed to Serges in 
the US version, and X's to Mega Man, so be aware of that as you read.

A (p) in the text means a short pause before the rest of the characters are 
displayed.  Also, Sigma's next-to-last line slows down as it displays, having 
more and more time between each character (his scream is at fast speed, like 
Agile's text) - I've removed all mentions of speed from the script otherwise.
(for reference, Agile speaks fast, Violen speaks slow, and everyone else uses 
the same text speed except as mentioned above)


It has been 6 months since     saikyounoIREGYURA- "SHIGUMA"tono tatakaikara     
the destruction of (Sigma)     hantoshigo...                                    
and little has changed.                                                         
                               EKKUSUha SHIGUMAnosantouno IREGYURA-noshoriwo    
The Maverick revolt started    omonaninmutoshite katsudoushiteita.              
by Sigma is over, but Mega     ----------------------------------------------
Man X and the new generation   It has been half a year since the battle with
                               the strongest Irregular, "Sigma".
of Maverick Hunters have yet                   
to destroy all of Sigma's      X has been actively processing the third-class
followers.                     Irregulars who were under Sigma as his main duty.

Lead by information gained by  kyoumo mata EKKUSUha HANTA-kichikarano
Dr. Cain, Mega Man X and the   shireiwoukeIREGYURA-ga seizousareteiruto sareru
rest of the Hunters have
                               koujyouno chousa oyobi hakainotame
tracked the last of the        nakamano IREGYURA-HANTA-to tomoni shutsudoushita.
Mavericks to an abandoned      ----------------------------------------------
reploid factory.               Today also, X again acts on orders from the 
                               Hunter Base; to investigate a factory suspected 
There they hope to wipe out    of producing Irregulars,
the last of the resistance.
                               and to attempt to destroy it with the help of 
                               the other Irregular Hunters.

Little do they suspect that    shikashi sorehaEKKUSUnitottearatanatatakaiheno
real war is about to begin...  PURORO-GUdeshika nakatta...
                               However, this would become for X nothing but 
                               a prologue to a new battle...

MEGA MAN X2         ROKKUMAN X2                  ROCKMAN X2

An Observation (Behind the Curtain)

(SERGES)                       yatsuga EKKUSUnanoka... narubodo nakanaka
This is their leader.          yarioruwai.
His name is Mega Man X.        ----------------------------------------------
                               So that is X... I see he's becoming quite 
                               a competitor.

(VIOLEN)                       FUN! taishitakotonaiZE!
Those who underestimated him   ----------------------------------------------
are now nothing but scrap.     HAH!  He is no such thing!

(AGILE)                        tashikani kareno nouryokuha kikendesune.
We won't make the same         imanouchini taoshite shimawanakuteha...
mistake.                       ----------------------------------------------
                               Certainly, his abilities are quite dangerous, 
He is powerful, but he is      don't you think?  Surely we should not be giving
blind to what is happening     thought to defeating him now..
around him.

(SERGES)                       koyatsuno shoriha washirano bukani
Our Mavericks will keep him    makaserutosurukanou.
busy until we are ready.       ----------------------------------------------
                               I propose we leave it to our subordinates to 
                               deal with him and see how it goes.

(AGILE)                        ...tokorode anoREPURIROIDOga kanseisurunoni
Yes. How is the plan           itsumadekakarunodeuka...
proceeding?                    ----------------------------------------------
                               ...by the by, how long do you suppose it will 
                               take to complete that one Repliroid?

(SERGES)                       PA-TSUha hobo kanseishite irunojyaga
Collection is proceeding as    ...(p)seigyokairoga fukanzennanojya.
scheduled.                     ----------------------------------------------
                               I've almost completed the parts, but... (p)
However, we are having         the control circuit is still imperfect.
problems with the control

(AGILE)                        watashitachino mokutekinotameniha
We have little time.           anoREPURIROIDOnochikaraga hitsuyounanodesu.

We must finish construction    isoganakuteha...
on schedule.                   ----------------------------------------------
We must hurry...               For the sake of all of our plans, that 
                               Repliroid's power is indispensible.

                               To not hurry would mean...

A Challenge

(AGILE)                        ...(p)EKKUSUme!
I see now why Sigma fell at
the hands of Mega Man X.       ...sasugani ichidotohaie SHIGUMAsamawo
                               taoshitadakenokotoha arimasune.
He is quite formidable.        ----------------------------------------------
                               ...(p) X!

                               ...it is as expected in that he was after all 
                               once able to defeat Lord Sigma, hm?

(SERGES)                       bukadakeni makashiteha okennou...(p)
I am not sure our Mavericks    chokusetsu washiranotede taosushikanaika.
can hold him long enough.      ----------------------------------------------
                               Defeating our subordinates shows power...(p)
We may have to intervene.      Perhaps he will only fall by our own hands.

                               ku'ku'ku'... (NOTE: This is probably the sound 
                                             of their communications system.)

                  -- Meanwhile, in the Bat-Cave... --

(MEGA MAN)                     KEINhakase!(p) nanika oyobidesuka?
Dr. Cain! what happened?!      ----------------------------------------------
                               Dr. Cain!(p)  Why did you call?

(DR. CAIN)                     KAUNTA-HANTA-tonanoru IREGYURA-kara
A group of Mavericks calling   tsuushinga haittanojya.
themselves the (X-Hunters)     ----------------------------------------------
                               We've recieved a transmission from a group of
have just contacted us...      Irregulars calling themselves the Counter-

(SERGES)                       "... ...GAGA... GAGAGA   (Note: radio static)
Greetings. We have all of       ROKKU... E...KUSU..."     Rock...  e..X...
Zero's parts.
                               "...ZEROnoPA-TSUha WASHIraga teniireta
                               "...we have obtained Zero's parts, which we 
                                know you'd like to recover..."

           "EKKUSU,anatahitoride watashitachini      "X, please come and 
            aini kitekudasai"                        meet with us, alone."

(VIOLEN)                       "omaega OREtachini katereba
They can be yours,              ZEROnoPA-TSUwo kaeshiteyaruZE!"
if you can defeat us!
                               "If you win against us, we'll give them back!"

(AGILE)                        "tanoshiminishiteimasuyo...(p)
We look forward to meeting      EKKUSU..."
you, X!                        ----------------------------------------------
                               "It has been a pleasure dealing with you.(p)

(DR. CAIN)                     konokichini ZEROnokoudouwo seigyosuru
X, Zero's control chip is      KONTORO-RUPA-TSUwo hokanshiteorunojya.
still stored here.             
                               yueni yaturaha soukantanni
I doubt it is possible to      ZEROwo saiseisurukotohadekinaimazujya.
resurrect him without it.      ----------------------------------------------
                               We still have the Controller Part in the base, 
                               which rules Zero's behavior.

                               So for them, it isn't possible to revive Zero 
                               so simply.

(MEGA MAN)                     KEINhakase(p)
Dr. Cain, I've got to get      ZEROnoPA-TSUha orega torimodoshimasu!
Zero's parts back              ----------------------------------------------
                               Dr. Cain..(p) I'll recover Zero's parts!
at any cost!   

Challenge Accepted


(VIOLEN)             gahahahaha'!               AHAHAHAHAHAHA!
X, I shall crush     konoBAIORENsamano PAWA-de  The power of Master 
you like a tin can!  hineritsubushiteyaroZE!    Violen will crush you!


(VIOLEN)             gugugugu'...               Grr...
it cannot be!        dokonikonnaPAWA-ga         where were you hiding 
Now the unification  kakusareteirunoda!         that power..!
is in jeopardy!

You got              ZEROnoBODIPA-TSUwo         Obtained Zero's
Zero part No.2!      teniireta!                 body parts!


(AGILE)              yahari kimashitane         So you came after all,
Welcome X.           EKKUSU...                  hm, X..?
Your destruction is  konoAJI-RUga               Please let me, Agile,
at hand!             oaiteitashimashou.         be your partner here.


(AGILE)              konowatashiwo kokomade     That I was cornered
I may have failed,   oitsumerutoha...           this time.. I can
but you will never   shinjiraren!               hardly believe it!
live to see Zero!
                     anatawo omaku              It seems we'll need to keep a
                     miteitayoudesune.          closer eye on you from behind
                     tsugini autokiwotanoshimini  the curtain.  It has indeed
                     shiteimasuyo...       been a pleasure.  Until next we meet!

You got              ZEROnoREGGUPA-TSUwo        Obtained Zero's
Zero part No.1!      teniireta!                 leg parts!


(SERGES)             WASHInonaha SA-GESUjya.    My name is Sagesse.
I am Serges and I    nakanaka ikinoyosasouna    You seem to have a very good
cannot allow you to  yatsujyaga soremo          style, but how long do you
stop the             itsumade motsukanou.       suppose you'll be able
unification!                                    to hold on to it as well?

It is for the good
of all!


(SERGES)             sasugajyano...             As I expected...
You have merely      kokohaichido nigeruto      This is my only
delayed,the          surukanou.                 opportunity to escape.
inevitable. We will
meet again...

You got              ZEROnoHEDDOPA-TSUwo        Obtained Zero's
Zero part No.3!      teniireta!                 head parts!

Mission Accomplished

(DR. CAIN)                     oo! tsuiniZEROnoPA-TSUwo subete teniiretanoka!(p)
I can try to reactivate Zero  korede ZERowoyomigaeraseru kotogadekiruzo.(p) daga
to help, but I need more time 
                               sukoshi jikangakakarisouda. moushibaraku
before you can reinstall his   ganbattekure.  tanondazo EKKUSU.
control chip...                ----------------------------------------------
Try to slow them down!         Oh! Have you recovered all of Zero's parts?(p)
                               I should be able to revive him with these.(p)
Good luck!
                               But it will take a little time.  Try to hold on
                               for a bit longer is all I'm asking, X.  

A Father's Legacy


(LIGHT)                EKKUSU konoKAPUSERUni     Enter the capsule, X.
Mega Man X, enter      hairunojya.
the capsule.                                     Here, I will grant you
                       kokodeha PAWA-APPUshite   a power-up for your Body.
This enhancement       BODIPA-TSUwo sazukeyou.
will modify your                                 By converting damage recieved
body armor.            tekikarano DAME-JIwo      from enemies into weapon 
                       bukiENERUGI-ni kaete      energy, something like a
With it you can        bokuhatsusaserukotoga     large power discharge can be 
absorb damage and      dekirunojya.              executed.
transfer it into 
explosive weapon

(LIGHT)                EKKUSU konoKAPUSERUni     Enter the capsule, X.
Mega Man X, enter      hairunojya.
the capsule.                                     Here, I will give you a
                       kokodeha aratana me       part to replace your eyes.
This enhancement       tonaru PA-TSUwoataeyou.   Utilizing your internal energy,
will modify your       EKKUSUnoENERUGI-wo        a Radar will be produced.
radar optics.          riyoushita                
                       RE-DA-jya.                When used in various places,
It uses some energy,                             it is posible to find
but with it you        samazamana bashode        hidden items.
will be able to see    shiyousuruto nakusareta   
objects that you       AITEMUwo mitsukerukotoga  Good luck, X...
could not see before.  dekirunojya.

Good luck, Mega Man.   ganbarunodazo EKKUSU...


(LIGHT)                EKKUSU konoKAPUERUni      Enter the capsule, X.
Mega Man X, enter      hairunojya.
the capsule.                                     Here, I will grant you
                       kokodeha JYANPUryokuwo    a part to increase your
This enhancement       PAWA-APPUsaseru PA-TSUwo  jumping power.
will modify your       sazukeyou.
main drive unit.                                 You may now execute
                       kuuchuude DASSHUsuru      the Dash while
With it you will be    kotoga dekiruyouni        in mid-air.
able to dash while     naruhazujya.
in mid-air.

Use it wisely,
Mega Man X.


(LIGHT)                EKKUSU konoKAPUERUni         Enter the capsule, X.
Mega Man X, enter      hairunojya.
the capsule.                                        I will grant you a 
                       CHA-JISHOTTOwo               part to further power-up
This enhancement       saraniPAWA-APPUsaseru        your charged shots.
will modify your       PA-TSUwosazukeyou.
X-Buster.                                           By accumulting energy,
                       ryoureni ENERUGI-wotamete    you may continuously
With it you will       renzokude kougekisurukotoga  attack through the use 
be able to charge      dekiru DABURUCHA-JIjya.      of a Double Charge.
energy in both arms
at once.               arayuruSHOTTOwo              Since all shots are now
                       CHA-JIsaserukotode,          able to be charged,
This enables you to    yorikyouryokunakougekiga     this part can draw out
shoot a Double-Shot    kuridaserujyarou.            a more powerful strike.
or to charge any

Double-Zero Point


(DR. CAIN)                     suman EKKUSU...(p) tattaima KAUNTA-HANTA-no
I'm sorry X...                 hutoriga konokichiniarawarete...
One of the X-Hunters attacked
                               ZEROnoPA-TSUwo subete ubawareteshumattanojya...
the base and...
took all of Zero's parts       yatsuraha jibunnoAJITOni modotte
away...                        ZEROwo IREGYURA-toshite yomigaeraserutsumorijya.

They are going to rebuild      KAUNTA-HANTA-no kichiha DABURUZEROPOINTO
Zero at their base.
                               hokkyokutenni arukotoga wakattanojyaga...
I tracked them to location     ----------------------------------------------
00 - The North Pole!           Sorry, X...(p) the surviving Counter-Hunters 
                               stormed the base...

                               They stole all of Zero's parts, damn them...

                               They returned to their fortress, and they intend 
                               to revive Zero as an Irregular.

                               The Counter-Hunter Base is at 00-Point.

                               That's somewhere near the North Pole, but...

(MEGA MAN)                     KEINhakase!(p)
I can't let them tamper with   orega ZEROwo tasukenikimasu!
him Dr. Cain.                  ----------------------------------------------
                               Dr. Cain!(p)
I've got to save him!          I'm going to save Zero!


(DR. CAIN)                     EKKUSU!
Mega Man X! I've located       KAUNTA-HANTA-no kichiwo hakkenshitazo!
The X-Hunters base!
                               DABURUZERO POINTO(p) hokkyokutenda!
It's at grid location 00.      ----------------------------------------------
That's right at the            X!  I've located the Counter-Hunter Base!
North Pole!
                               00-Point..(p) the North Pole!

(MEGA MAN)                     wakarimashita KEINhakase(p) shutsudoushimasu.
Roger, Dr. Cain! I'm on my     ----------------------------------------------
way!                           Understood, Dr. Cain.(p)  I'm on my way.

(DR. CAIN)                     ZEROnoshuufukuniha mousukoshijikanga kakaru.(p)
It will take some more time    soremade ganbattekure.
to reactivate Zero...          ----------------------------------------------
                               Zero's repairs are taking a bit longer than I 
Slow them down                 thought.(p)  Take care until then.
Mega Man X!

Revenge! Counter-Hunters


(VIOLEN)               KISAMAga OREyori             You think you're so
What?! How could he    sugureteirutodemoiunoka!(p)  much better than me!
have overloaded my     konoOREnoPAWA-gatsuujinutoha My power is only starting -
Arrrggghhh...          guaaaaa~!                    GUAAAAAA!


(SERGES)               WASHIhakokode horobirunoka?  I'm being destroyed here?
This is impossible!
The prophecy must      RAITOnowasuregatamino        Being defeated by the
be fulfilled!          ROBOTTOni matahaiboku        robotic memento of Right..
                       surutoha... munenjya..       such regret...


(LIGHT)                yokuzo kokomadekita!!        Wow, you came here!!
Wow! You are so cool!  EKKUSU!                      X!
I'm not worthy!!!      konkainowasaha koreda!       The latest peacemaker
I'm not worthy!!!      hore!sassato hairunojya.     is this!  So!
                                                    Enter, quickly!
Step inside for
a special surprise!


(AGILE)                masaka...                    Never... has that 
NO!! This cannot be!   konnahasudeha...             happened...
!! Master,avenge me!
                       SHIGUMAsama                  Master Sigma!
                       douka warewarenokatasawo!    How.. with our toughness..!


(SIGMA)                ...(p)                       ...(p)
It has been a while,   hisashiburidana EKKUSU.      It's been a while, eh, X?
Mega Man X...

(MEGA MAN)             ...!(p) SHUGUMAka!           ...!(p)  Sigma!?
What?! Sigma!!

(SIGMA)                ...(p)                       ...(p) Somehow, the Counter-
It seems that the      douyara KAUNTA-HANTA-no      Hunter operation also seems
X-Hunters have         sakusenmo shippainoyouda.    to have failed.  But
failed.                daga anshinshitamae.         you can't relax just yet.
But don't worry,
                       omaenotameni tanoshii        I've prepared a
I have arranged for    shukouwo youishitearu        wonderful plan,
some new toys for      nodayo.                      just for you.
you to play with
...                    chuuouKONPYU-TA-de           I'll be waiting at
                       matteiruzo.                  the Central Computer.


(SIGMA)                hisashiburidana EKKUSU.      It's been a while, eh, X?
Look who I found       konohiwo machiwabiteitazo.   We've been waiting for this
wandering around                                    day, for your apology.
Mega Man!              shoukaishiyou
                       karegawatashino              Let me introduce him.
My friend here has     aratanaPA-TONA-da.           He is my new partner.
a small problem with
you.                   mukashino nakamadoushi       You were comrades in the
                       zonbunnitatakatte            old days, before he began to
It seems that you      kuretamae.                   fight as freely as he wished.
let him die and he's
not too happy about

Now I think it is
time that he repays
the favor!


(MEGA MAN)             ZERO...                      Zero...

(ZERO)                 ...EKKUSUka?                 ...X?

(MEGA MAN)             ! saokuga modottanoka        ! You've recovered from that
Do you remenber me...  ZERO!                        change in heart?  Zero!

(ZERO)                 aa... omaeniha               Yeah... You really must've
Yea... I guess so...   zuibun meiwakuwo             wanted to see me again if you
Sorry to cause you     kaketamitaidana.             risked your life with all
so much trouble.                                    those troublesome annoyances.
                       EKKUSU! omaehaSHIGUMAwo
X, you need to go      oikakero.                    X! Chase after Sigma.
after Sigma!
I'll try and           oreha konokichino            I'll destory the base's
destroy the main       MEINKONPYU-TA-wo             Main Computer!
computer!              hakaisuru!

(MEGA MAN)             shinukika! ZERO!!            You'll die!  Zero!!
Take care of
yourself, Zero.
I don't have time
to put you back

together again!

(ZERO)                 orekara daijoubuda(p)        I'll be okay.(p) Go quickly!
I'll be ok.            hayakuikunda!
Get going,X!


(ZERO)                 SHIGUMA!oreno COPI-nishiteha Sigma! You seem to have made 
Sigma, you should      dekiga yokunaiyoudana.       a mistake in copying me.
have studied the
blueprints closer!

There is only one

(SIGMA)                onore ZERO!                  Why you..! Zero!
Wait, Zero!            nazekisamaha watashini       Why haven't you
I know your secret!    KIBAwo mukeru!!              turned to my side!!
You were destined
to follow me!          kisamanohontounotekiha       Your true enemy
                       watashidehanaihazuda.        shouldn't be me.

(ZERO)                 oreha omaega                 But I still hate you.
Maybe so, but I        kirainanosa.
still don't like

(SIGMA)                CHIi!                        Damn!
If you will not
follow me, then
I'll watch you die

once again!

(MEGA MAN)             ZERO!                        Zero!

(ZERO)                 EKKUSU matasetana.           I kept you waiting, didn't
Sorry to keep you      daga aisatsuhaatode!(p)      I, X?  But the pleasantries
waiting, Mega Man X.   oretachiga                   will have to wait!(p) What
The greetings will     imasubekikotoha              we need to do now is
have to wait.
                       SHIGUMAwotaosukotoda!        to defeat Sigma!
We've got to defeat
all the                oreha konokichino            I'll destroy the
Mavericks including    MEINKONPYU-TA-wo             base's Main Computer.
Sigma!                 hakaisuru.
                                                    X!  You chase after Sigma!
I'll take out the      EKKUSU! omaehaSHIGUMAwo
main computer,and      oikakero!
you follow Sigma.
Let's go!


(ZERO)                 kokoda! EKKUSU!              Here! X!
Here it is, X!         konosakinoheyani SHIGUMAno   Sigma's true form is
Sigma lies just        hontaiga aruzo!              in that last room!

Repliroid King, take 2

(SIGMA)                dokomademo watashinojyamawo  No matter where, my annoyance
You are merely a       shitaitoiunokane...          wants to go at it and speak 
bothersome insect,     EKKUSU!                      sweetly... X!
Mega Man X!
                       naraba PAWA-APPUshita        In that case, this Sigma's
It is about time       konoSHIGUMAga mizukara       power-up will personally
that I crush you       kisamawo yamini              kill you and bury you in
beneath my heel!       houmutteyarutoshiyou.        the oblivion of darkness.


(SIGMA)                EKKUSU...                    X...
Mega Man X, I have
lost to you            konkaimo                     This time, too,
again...               watashinomakenoyouda.        I was defeated.

Each defeat only       ...dagawatashiha             ...but any degree of new
makes me stronger      nandodemoyomigaeri           power can be matched
and serves to bring    aratanachikarawo             by me.
you closer to your     erukotoga dekiru.
ultimate doom!                                      If you think your victories
                       kisamano shourinadohonno     and such at this time are
But, something is      hitotokinomonodeshika        worth anything - 
not right.             nainoda!                     they're not!
I... don't quite
understand...          shikashi ZEROhanaze...       However, Zero.. why...
Why did Zero...        yatsuha... saigono...        he was.. the last of...
                       WAI.. NAN...ZUno...          Wi.. num.. bers....
He is ... last...
of the doctor's        guoooooooooo~!               Guoooooooooo~!


A Time of Peace

Joined by his friend Zero,    futatabiyattekita SHIGUMAnokyouiwoshirizoke
Mega Man X gazes out over     shinyuu·ZEROwo sukuidashitaEKKUSU
the sea.
                              HANTA-toshiteno ninmuwomattoushi
Sigma has once again been     ZEROtomitsumeru asahinoumiga
destroyed, but X wonders if   EKKUSUno tooikiokuwo yobisamasoutosuru
the fighting will truly end.  
                              EKKUSUha kangaeru
Was Dr. Light's dream of a    tsumetaiBODYIkara afurederu atsuichikarato
world in which reploids and   atatakana yasuraginowakewo
humans lived together in
peace merely a dream?         ningento kikai
                              aiirenu futatsunoseimeiga kyouzonsuru
The price of peace is often   heiwanasekai sorehakatsute
high, X thinks to himself.    hitorinokagakushaga nozondeyamanakatta
Who or what must be
sacrificed for it to become   mizukaranitakusareta
reality?                      RAITOhakaseno negaiwo
                              yagatekareha shirukotoni narunodarouka
And when the time comes,      
will he be able to do it?     EKKUSUyo
                              aratanaru tatakainimuke
The future holds the answers  sonochiisanasonzainonakani
or...                         himerareta ooinaruchikarawo
                              imhayukkurito yasumerugaii

                              karisomenomononi owaranukotowo inorinagara...

Once again, the threat of Sigma has been dealt with.
X has rescued his close friend, Zero.

Having fulfilled his duty as a hunter, 
X watches the morning sun's reflection on the waters with Zero,
the sight calling his distant memories and causing them to awaken.  

X is thinking,
his cold body flooded with hot energy and
the warm sense of peace.

Humans and machines,
incompatible in their second try at coexistance.
A peceful world - one that
a single scientist wishes for and works towards.

Entrusted personally with
Dr. Right's wishes - 
will it eventually become clear to him?

You are destined for new battles
during your short existance,
but your great hidden power
can rest well a little longer.

This time of peace..
All one can do is pray that it never ends...

Special Thanks:
For translational advice and kanji lookup,
 EDICT ( http://rut.org/cgi-bin/j-e )
 BABELFISH ( http://babelfish.altavista.com/ )
 Boyer-Johnson Sensei ( pxb1203em@evsc.k12.in.us )
For Rockman X resources,
 Reeve ( reeve@megaman-x.com )
 Servbot 20 ( servbot20@rockmania.i-p.com )
For the Mega Man X2 script, 
 Reeve ( reeve@megaman-x.com )
For forcing me to translate Rockman X in the first place,
 TDOMMX ( tdommx@hotmail.com )
For GameFAQs itself,
 CJayC ( gamefaqs@gamefaqs.com )
For making life worth living,
 Heather ( amazonessduo@hotmail.com )

© Boco the Chokobo, 2002
This file may be freely distributed as long as it remains unaltered.  
Asking permission to distribute it almost guarantees a no.
This is a derivitave work of material © CAPCOM 1994, and is done with 
permission - not liscense.

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