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    FAQ/Walkthrough by X

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                               Mega Man X2 FAQ
                                     By X
    *Updates to this guide can be found at the end.
    Story: It has been months since the destruction of (Sigma) and little
    has changed. The Maverick revolt by Sigma is over, but Mega Man X and
    the new generation of Maverick Hunters have yet to destroy all of
    Sigma's followers. Lead by information gained by Dr. Cain Mega Man X
    and the rest of the Hunters have tracked the last of the Mavericks to
    an abandoned reploid factory. There they hope to wipe out the last of
    the resistance. Little do they suspect that real war is about to
    Mega Man X's controls:
    A - Dash (In this game you start with the Ground Dash, though your
    boots do not show it like the previous game did).
    B - Jump (Longer you hold it down, the higher X will go).
          Wall Jump (Performed by touching a wall and then pressing the
    button, and you will climb the wall, able to be done multiple times by
    pressing the button again when you touch the wall again)
    Dash Jump - Performed by hitting the Dash button and the Jump button at
    the same time. This will let you jump much farther than a regular jump.
    Y - Shoot X-Buster shots. Hold down for more powerful (charged) blasts.
    Longer you hold it down, more powerful the shot will be.
    L or R - Cycle through the weapons you have earned from the Mavericks
    (explained below).
    Start - Opens the Status Screen. Here, the game is paused, and you will
    be able to select which weapon you wish to use (convenient if you don't
    have time to use L or R to cycle), absorb a Sub-Tank, or exit the
    Basic Things for Beginners: (those that have played the original Mega
    Man X need not read this section)
    - If no enemies are around, take the time to charge up your X-Buster.
    This will make it quite easier when enemies come, as charged shots keep
    going after destroying an enemy, whereas basic shots will not. Your X-
    Buster can reach three levels of power:
    1)	No charging. Small yellow sphere fired forward.
    2)	Charged to blue level. Larger, green rocket-shaped shot fired forward
    (does not stop unless multiple hits are required for enemy).
             3) Charged to yellow level. Even larger, blue and pink, circular shaped
    shot fired forward (does not stop unless multiple hits are required for
    enemy, much more powerful than the previous two shots).
    - Wall Jumping will be necessary to complete most levels. Be sure to
    get the hang of it, it's not that hard.
    - Sliding down walls will also help. To slide down a wall, touch the
    wall and press the direction of the wall on the control pad. You can
    fire your X-Buster while sliding down as well.
    -	You can select the Exit feature from the subscreen when you
    return to a level in which you have already defeated the Maverick
    there. Selecting Exit will cause you to teleport out of the level, and
    return you to the Maverick selection screen.
    -	If you Dash forward and fire while doing so, the increased speed
    makes a non-charged shot more powerful, equivalent to two non-charged
    shots. (Thanks to Freespace2dotcom at Freespace2dotcom@yahoo.com for
    pointing this out.)
    - There are five main different power ups you will see on the ground:
    White and Yellow Capsules - These will refill X's energy meter. There
    are small and large ones. Obviously, large ones will refill more life
    than small ones.
    Blue and Red Capsules - These will refill the Maverick weapon's meter.
    There are small and large ones. Again, the large ones will refill more.
    Extra Lives - These look like X's head, and are glowing. They will give
    you an extra chance to play the game. You can have a maximum of nine.
    - Bosses will be invincible temporarily after hitting them. You will
    see them flashing white during this period, so any shots used at this
    time will be wasted. Once the white flash dissipates, you may freely
    shoot at the boss again.
    Level 1: Abandoned Reploid Factory
    Nothing much to say here, just continue through, blasting enemies and
    recharging as they come. Eventually, you will fall down a pit to a
    horizontal boss door.
    Despite its size, this boss is not hard whatsoever. Its attacks barely
    harm you, and it is incredibly weak against your X-Buster. Four charged
    hits will destroy it. If the robot knocks you off the top platforms,
    just use the ladders to get back up.
    Once you claim victory, you teleport out and see additional story line.
    After that you go to a stage selection screen. This game, I suggest
    Wire Sponge as the first boss (thanks to Rubyheart,
    cadieux_philippe@hotmail.com for pointing out Wire Sponge as the better
    first pick).
    Weather Control Stage
    *X XX
    XX XX
    (Note that the above X's and * refer to where the boss is located at on
    the selection screen.)
    Immediately in the beginning of this stage, Wall Jump up the left wall,
    where you will land in a hidden ledge, acquiring your first HEART TANK.
    Heart Tank - There are eight of these in this game, just as the last.
    When you receive one, it will add two points of health to your energy
    meter for the rest of the game.
    This level has several weather balls in small rooms. Since all you have
    is a low power X-Buster, no effect will take place by destroying them.
    Once you come to the rocketing platforms over the spikes, get on the
    second one (hurry because it will start raining soon). Once it gets
    close to its maximum height, slide down the left side of the platform a
    little bit, then Dash Jump left and then turn right to hit the gray
    walls of the area above you. Climb up there, then go to the second set
    of gray area to acquire your first SUB TANK.
    Sub Tank - There are four of these in the game. If you are at full
    energy and you take an energy capsule, the energy will be used to fill
    a Sub Tank. You can absorb Sub Tanks at any time (if they contain
    energy) to give to your own energy meter. Unlike the last game, full
    Sub Tanks give almost your entire energy meter (though a few units
    However, it has come to my attention that some people have difficulty
    in performing this task. If you are one of those people, simply come
    back here later on when you have the Air Dash, and then you can easily
    pull it off.
    Continue through this level until you reach the Maverick.
    Power: 6400 rp  Speed: 4800 rp
    This boss should not be too hard. Walk in with the X-Buster fully
    powered, and release the shot right away.  Attacks include:
    -	Wire Sponge will pull himself to the ceiling with a stretching
    hand. Charge up the X-Buster, then jump and release to hit him. While
    up there, Wire Sponge will fire small projectiles at you, which are
    easily dodged.
    -	Wire Sponge will drop to the ground, then fire his hand at you.
    Wall Jump up, then drop down to the other side and fire.
    -	Wire Sponge will get red with fury. Lightning will then strike
    three places in the room. Get to the other side of the room to avoid
    being hit if he is completely on the other side. If not, you will
    unfortunately probably have to take a hit.
    Nothing else special happens, so just fire away and soon you'll win.
    The name describes the weapon. This weapon will fire a chain forwards,
    allowing you to grab onto walls. Charged up (see later), the chain
    becomes bigger and extends longer.
    Once you're done, I suggest you visit Wheel Gator next.
    Dinosaur Tank Stage
    XX XX
    XX *X
    The entire stage you will see the background shifting because of where
    you are. This may be confusing for a bit, but you'll soon get used to
    it. You will see a Heart Tank later in the stage, as well as a door
    that looks different that the normal boss ones. Ignore both of these
    for now. You will find a Robot Walker later as well, but this you can
    use. Keep in mind that these are different in this game than the last
    game, as it is the Rabbit model. Now the hands of the Robot Walker are
    spiked. These Robot Walkers can levitate for a short time, by jumping
    then holding the button. Also, you can charge up the spiked hands,
    causing you to do a Dash Attack. Soon you will come to Wheel Gator's
    room. Outside however, is a large robot. Keep sliding down and jumping
    back up onto the left wall and hit it with charged shots. Don't jump up
    so that the robot is off screen, however, otherwise you have to
    reinflict damage already done.
    Power: 9800 rp  Speed: 1800 rp
    Enter this battle with a charged shot ready. As soon as you go in, you
    will notice Wheel Gator jump up on the right side of his room, from a
    pool of red liquid (blood?). Release your shot as soon as the battle
    begins, which will result in Gator sinking down into the red mess. At
    this point, switch to the Strike Chain, climb the left wall, and stay
    at the top. Always stay on top of the walls during this battle. His
    attacks include:
    -	Wheel Gator, while under the red liquid, will send a Spin Wheel
    up the wall you are on. Drop off, then resume climbing. A second,
    faster one may come after that, dodge it the same way. Either way, now
    Wheel Gator will jump out of the liquid. Drop down to right beside the
    Maverick, turn around, fire, then Dash to the other side and climb that
    -	Wheel Gator (while out of the liquid) will send two Spin Wheels
    toward you. Drop down, then climb the wall again. Sometimes he will
    send two more, dodge them the same way.
    -	Wheel Gator will begin to flash, open his mouth, and then fire
    several plasma shots at you. Dodge these and return fire. (It should be
    noted that Wheel Gator can only be hit with either the Strike Chain or
    a fully powered X-Buster, normal shots will reflect now, and also while
    flashing multiple hits will work).
    -	Later in the battle, Wheel Gator will jump up, then whirl
    constantly in the air, eventually striking the wall. Dodge this at all
    costs. Wherever he hits on the wall will become damaged. Now if you try
    to touch that section of wall, you will be hurt. Only use the other
    wall at this point. If you can strike him while he is whirling, it will
    stop his assault on the wall.
    Get in a shot whenever you can and eventually you should claim victory.
    Make sure you are not close to the liquid when Gator comes back up,
    otherwise his mouth will grab you, immobilizing you and damaging you
    for a few seconds.
    This weapon is the same thing that Wheel Gator used against you. A
    razor sharp wheel will drop at your feet and travel on the ground.
    Charged up, this weapon will shoot spikes in eight directions around
    At this point in the game, you will see more story line and see the
    three X-Hunters teleport down onto three different stages, but only to
    ones you haven't visited yet. You can tell which stage they are on by
    following the dot with their logos by highlighting a new Maverick.
    Check to see if they are on Bubble Crab's level, "Deep-Sea Base". If
    one of the X-Hunters are, do NOT go to that stage. If they are, then
    revisit either Wheel Gator's level or Wire Sponge's level, and Exit
    them right away. The X-Hunters will teleport to new stages. Repeat this
    process until they aren't at the "Deep-Sea Base".
    The next Maverick to go after is Bubble Crab.
    Deep-Sea Base Stage
    XX XX
    X* XX
    As you go through this level, you will find a large fish going through
    the level to the right of you. The light it shines out detects
    movement. If you move while the light hits you, a laser beam shoots out
    after you. Shoot whatever part you can for the time being. Eventually,
    it will open up a gate on the ground beneath you and then descend. Do
    not descend with it, but instead Dash Jump over to the wall on the
    right. Climb up the wall and take the Energy Capsule there if needed.
    Go back to the wall, and slide down it just a little bit. Wall Jump as
    high as you can, so that you're still sliding, then Dash Jump left off
    the wall and try to hit some floating platforms. Climb the platforms to
    the right and you will find the second HEART TANK.
    Keep on going through the level until you reach the boss door.
    Power: 6000 rp  Speed: 4800 rp
    As soon as you enter the room you will see Bubble Crab come down and
    the room halfway fill up with water. Make sure you have the Spin Wheel
    ready. Bubble Crab will most likely start by surrounding himself with a
    protective bubble, but the Spin Wheel can cut through it. As soon as
    the battle starts, fire one off. His attacks:
    -	Bubble Crab will jump up and try to land on you. Dash out of the
    -	Bubble Crab will create three large bubbles in the air. Stay
    between them to avoid getting hit, and destroy them at all costs, as
    damage can be fatal.
    -	Bubble Crab will fire Bubble Splash at you. Climb up the wall and
    Dash Jump off to the other side to avoid it.
    Watch out for these and fire a Spin Wheel whenever possible. Notice
    that the water level fluctuates throughout the battle, which will
    change your jumping ability. Notice that it takes a few seconds for the
    Wheel to actually move, so learn timing here. If at any time you see
    Bubble Crab slowly coming towards you, climb the wall and Dash Jump off
    to the other side, then turn around and fire.
    This weapon will fire streams of bubbles, eventually curving upward.
    Charged up, the bubbles will instead encircle you, thus giving you a
    small shield. When the bubbles are around you, you can jump higher in
    Now it's time to visit Flame Stag's level.
    Volcanic Zone Stage
    XX *X
    XX XX
    Now this time you want to find the X-Hunters. Make sure that one of
    them is at Flame Stag's level, "Volcanic Zone". If not, then use the
    strategy I used above, revisit a conquered stage and Exit out until
    they are at this stage.
    Close to the beginning of this level, you will find a beetle shaped
    hovering robot trying to ram you. Jump onto the platform on its back,
    and it will carry you higher. Jump to the left and you will find the
    second SUB TANK.
    Continue through a short distance, and then you will hear a rumbling
    sound (have your Spin Wheel ready). QUICKLY climb up through tunnel
    above you. Lava is rising, (now you know why it's the "Volcanic Zone")
    which can quickly kill you. Halfway up, you will spot a Heart Tank.
    Quickly jump over to the ledge and use the Spin Wheel to kill the robot
    and take your third HEART TANK. If you are fast enough, you should be
    able to get up and out in time. If you do die, just repeat this
    process, only this time your goal is to get out in time. Keep going on,
    and you will find platforms that sink into lava when you touch them.
    Past there, Wall Jump up to find yet another hovering beetle robot. You
    will see some weaker areas of the ledges, lure the robot into smashing
    into them, thus destroying them. Here you will find a boss door that
    looks different. Enter there for the first X-Hunter Battle.
    The boss here could be one of three possible X-Hunters:
    Power: 10300 rp  Speed: 12300 rp
    Serges is a small robot that uses a hover platform constantly. When you
    enter, be sure you have a charged X-Buster shot ready. Shoot at Serges
    immediately and not at the platform he is on. Attacks include:
    -	Serges will change form, jumping up and shooting spheres. Stay on
    the ground and you will not be hit. You can damage Serges while he has
    changed form, so use that to your advantage. You can also jump onto his
    platform, but watch out for when he comes back down.
    -	Serges will float closer to you, dropping mines down. Do not land
    on the mines, as you will be damaged. Try to destroy them with charged
    X-Buster shots if you can, but only if you necessarily need to. Wall
    Jump up and Dash off to escape from being hit by Serges.
    Blast the X-Hunter whenever you can and eventually you can claim
    victory. Use the Sub Tank during the battle if you need to (providing
    you have some energy in there by now), you can always refill it.
    Eventually you should claim victory, though Serges will not die. After
    he teleports out, you get one of Zero's parts.
    Power: 18400 rp  Speed: 6200 rp
    Despite his size, Violen is not incredibly hard. Enter with a fully
    powered X-Buster shot, and release it immediately. But then immediately
    switch to the Bubble Splash. Violen has few attacks:
    -	Violen will jump up and try to land on you. Dash out of the way.
    -	Violen will throw out a spiked ball chained to himself. If you
    are close enough, it should not hit you. Use this time to unload Bubble
    Splash onto him.
    Violen shouldn't take too long. Like any X-Hunter, you will not be able
    to kill him, but your reward is one of Zero's parts.
    Power: 9800 rp  Speed: 17800 rp
    Agile is anything but easy. This incredibly quick X-Hunter will put up
    a tough fight. Enter his room with a fully powered X-Buster shot, and
    release it immediately. While charging, climb the wall, and stay there
    until he attacks:
    -	Agile will fling a huge beam at you, covering half the screen.
    Hopefully, you will be on the wall, so you can drop down to avoid it
    and fire at him.
    -	Agile will rush at you. Climb the wall and Dash Jump off to the
    other side, then immediately climb the wall.
    -	Agile will jump up with his sword pointed at you. Either you'll
    get hit or you'll already be headed away from him.
    You may have to use your Sub Tanks during this battle.
    Note: You do not have to fight these three bosses. It is not necessary
    to complete the game, and if you have a hard time doing it, just skip
    them. However, it will change the end of the game slightly and leave
    you with less energy for the final boss.
    Whoever you fight, keep going through the level and you will soon reach
    the next boss.
    Power: 3600 rp  Speed: 7000 rp
    This boss is not extremely hard. Enter the room with the Bubble Splash
    ready. When you start, immediately shoot the weapon (it is wise to
    usually press the fire button two or three times for a greater chance
    of a hit). Flame Stag's attacks include:
    -	Flame Stag will throw various types of fire at you. Jump to the
    walls and climb up, then fall back down and return fire.
    -	Flame Stag will turn into flame and start dashing towards you.
    Fire off a round of Bubble Splash to halt him.
    -	Flame Stag will jump up and go off screen. Dash around until he
    returns, thus preventing him from hitting you. Fire the Bubble Splash
    when you stop Dashing.
    A quick way to defeat him is to fire, then Wall Jump because
    projectiles are coming, then fall back down, Dash over to him, fire
    again, then Dash back and Wall Jump back up. Repeating this pattern
    will quickly finish him, though he could jump up and go off screen a
    couple times.
    This weapon allows you to shoot fire much like your X-Buster. Charged
    up, X becomes pure fire and Dashes forward (works in the air) like
    Flame Stag did during the battle.
    This time, return to past stages until one of the X-Hunters ends up at
    the "Robot Junkyard", Morph Moth's stage.
    Robot Junkyard Stage
    X* XX
    XX XX
    After the robots that are hanging from chains disappear, you will see
    junk being sucked up, while you are not. Right after the orange pillar
    you can pass through, switch to the Spin Wheel and then release it. You
    will see it cut through the ground. You will need a second one, then
    fall through the pit you just created. Down there you will find the
    first enhancement capsule of the game.
    GIGA CRUSH: In this game, the armor does not provide additional
    protection. Instead, it is a strong offense rather than defense. With
    the Giga Crush in your possession, any time you are hit by a projectile
    (laser, etc.) it will power up the Giga Crush. Once it is fully
    powered, activating it will send an explosion across the screen,
    damaging anything you see.
    In this level before you reach the boss, you will find two mini-bosses.
    Remember that mini-bosses do not have an energy meter, so you will have
    to guess how close you are to defeating them. You will see a large
    robot rise out of the junk from the ground. Fire at the midsection with
    fully powered X-Buster shots. Once it is destroyed, a small pink bug
    will come out. Destroy it as quickly as you can, because if you take
    too long another large robot will rise out. When the large robot tries
    to land on you quickly Dash out of the way.
    After the first boss, you will come to a ladder leading down. Kill the
    robots on the bottom ledge, then Wall Jump up and kill the robot on
    that ledge with a Spin Wheel (not an easy task, experiment with
    different methods). An easier way I recently was told about was to stay
    on the ladder at the level of that top ledge which you need to reach,
    jump off, and use the Giga Crush (if it's not powered you can use the
    robot's shield to power it up). The Giga Crush will allow you to
    momentarily levitate, then you can just barely make it over to the side
    of the ledge and Wall Jump up onto it. Proceed on and you will find the
    X-Hunter room. Defeat the second X-Hunter then continue on (scroll up
    to Flame Stag's level in this guide for the boss you are at).
    When you come to the large robot blocking your way to the next boss,
    this time use a Spin Wheel to kill it.
    Power: 3200 rp  Speed: 8800 rp
    When you enter, have your Speed Burner ready. You will notice that
    Morph Moth is quite small for a Maverick, jump up and fire the Speed
    Burner, while avoiding his swinging. When Morph Moth returns to normal
    color, shoot him again. Eventually you will knock it down. You can't
    hit it while on the ground, so just jump around to avoid it. Soon it
    will resume hanging and begin sucking in junk. Shoot the Moth as fast
    as you can, since you can't avoid this. Once you knock it down again,
    this time it flies up and morphs into its final form. Morph Moth can
    now fly and spread pollen. Dash under it
    -	Morph Moth will at first just swing, spreading junk. Jump up and
    fire the Speed Burner at the Maverick. Don't shoot it again until it
    returns to its original color
    -	After Morph Moth is shot enough, it will drop to the ground. You
    cannot harm it now, so just jump around to avoid it.
    -	Morph Moth will suck in junk from around the room. The only way
    to avoid this attack is by climbing the wall, and then Dashing off the
    wall in the direction of the junk's path. Then you can get in a shot
    and halt the progress of the junk. (I know some people reading this
    told me that you can avoid this, but none of the people I asked to give
    me credit for it sent anything back.)
    -	The next time you knock Morph Moth down, it will fly up and morph
    into its final form. In this form, it can spread pollen which and fire
    lasers. Dash under the pollen and hit it with a Speed Burner.
    -	If you suddenly see Morph Moth pause, quickly Dash away because a
    laser is being aimed at you.
    Also try to avoid being hit by the final form, as damage from him then
    is great.
    This weapon will fire some junk forward which will shoot in four
    directions when it hits something. Charged up, a much large piece of
    junk is fired, and it can draw in energy capsules.
    Now it is time to head over to the "Central Computer" to face Magna
    Centipede, so for the last time use the return to previous stages
    strategy until the last X-Hunter lands at that stage.
    Central Computer Stage
    XX X*
    XX XX
    In this level, watch out for the spotlights. If they touch you, cannons
    come down from the ceiling and fire at you. Fortunately, you can
    destroy the cannons but you will probably take a few hits first. Also
    watch out for large falling blocks, as they can easily crush you. Only
    the purple ones can be destroyed. Soon you will meet a sword mini-boss.
    If you have the Giga Crush fully powered, use it for a one hit kill. If
    not, aim for the hilt with fully powered X-Buster shots.
    Soon you will come to a part where you have to go down. Avoid all the
    spotlights here for good reason. First slide down the right wall, then
    use the left wall. Once you hit the ground, Dash all the way to the
    end, to avoid the blocks and the data receivers. The more spotlights
    you hit on your way down, the more blocks that come. You will have to
    fight a mini-boss again, and if you are hit by any of the data
    receivers, the boss becomes harder. Once you reach the end, you will
    hit the last X-Hunter door. Go in for your final fight, and scroll up
    to the Flame Stag section for the last X-Hunter's strategies.
    Leave the room after the fight and then Wall Jump up to the mini-boss I
    spoke of earlier. This strategy only applies if you did not get hit by
    any data receivers. The boss is relatively simply. Just use fully
    powered X-Buster shots on him and jump whenever he fires beams at you.
    Dash under him when he jumps up to avoid the rays he fires then. If you
    get hit enough, you can use the Giga Crush, which may or may not kill
    him, but will definitely inflict a high amount of damage.
    In the next section, watch out for the falling floors and the cannons
    coming. Soon you should reach the boss door.
    Power: 2900 rp  Speed: 8880 rp
    This boss is not going to put up an easy fight, but with a little
    practice he's not so bad. Immediately when the battle begins, jump over
    a little and hit him with a Silk Shot. This will knock off his stinger,
    depriving him of his ability to inject you with poison. Attacks
    -	Magna Centipede will teleport as soon as you hit him, so do not
    attempt to fire twice in a row. Then he will teleport back onto the
    battlefield. If he is on the ground, you can easily hit him again. If
    not, he will be on the ceiling.
    -	Magna Centipede will throw three throwing stars at you from the
    ceiling. Dodge these, then fire the Silk Shot on the ground, using the
    smaller projectiles to hit Centipede.
    Get in a shot whenever possible and after a little while you should
    win. If you happen to run out of Silk Shot, charge up the X-Buster.
    This weapon will fire a mine that attaches to walls then explodes. It
    will harm robots if it hits them however. Charged up, an energy ball
    will slowly cross the screen wherever you fired, able to inflict damage
    multiple times. You can aim this weapon, by holding up when shooting
    If you have all three of Zero's parts now, you will see more story
    line. Now go to the next Maverick's level where Crystal Snail guards.
    Energen Crystal Stage
    XX XX
    XX X*
    This level is not going to be easy. Once you find the Robot Walker,
    jump back up and fall down the hole to the left. You will land in a
    small area. Get as far to the left as you can on that area (the back of
    the Walker's foot should barely be touching), then Dash Jump to the
    left, jump out at the last second, and shoot the Strike Chain at the
    very small section of wall just before the pit, so you can be pulled to
    it, Wall Jump up and take the fourth HEART TANK. This is an extremely
    difficult task to complete, and will definitely take you many tries.
    Eventually you should come to a mini-boss, encased in crystal, and
    rockets above firing at you. Use the Giga Crush (it is probably powered
    by now) and also fire at the large robot encased in crystal using the
    Spin Wheel (get close). Eventually all will be destroyed.
    After you beat the boss, slide down the large ramp, and then slide down
    the wall right there. You will land on a ledge with crystal enemies.
    Kill them and proceed left to find the second enhancement capsule.
    ITEM TRACER - The helmet upgrade in this game is different. Instead of
    breaking blocks, it now will detect hidden passages by selecting it and
    then activating. It will be immediately used when you get it, and you
    will see it point to the ceiling above the capsule. You can jump up
    through the wall and to the left to get the extra life.
    Thanks go to Dan Leary (NeoGinyu1127@aol.com) for telling me what the I
    stands for.
    Eventually you will come to the next boss door. If you are not at full
    energy, use the crystal robots attached to the walls outside to fill up
    your energy tank (and possibly your Sub Tank) for you will certainly
    need it.
    Power: 6800 rp  Speed: 500 rp
    This boss is one of the harder ones. Enter the battle with a Magnet
    Mine ready. Do not fire though, as Snail's shell will block it. Only
    try to strike this Maverick when he is out of his shell. Attacks:
    -	Crystal Snail will pop out of his shell. Shoot him then. Then
    Snail will separate from his shell and rush at you. Shoot him again.
    -	Crystal Snail will jump up and spin inside his shell. If you can
    do two precisely timed hits with the Magnet Mine, you can knock him out
    for damage. If not, when he lands, time is slowed down for you. Try to
    hit him now. If you miss, he will Dash towards you twice with his
    shell. Avoid these.
    Following these tips you should claim victory soon. Also note that when
    Crystal Snail is out of his shell, he will try to get back in for
    protection, but you can delay this by Dashing against the shell (thanks
    to Rubyheart, cadieux_philippe@hotmail.com for pointing this out).
    Use your Sub Tanks if you have to.
    This weapon will fire crystals forward at a downward angle, encasing
    enemies in crystal, allowing you to use them as stepladders. Charged
    up, this weapon will slow down time for both you and your enemies.
    At this point, instead of going to the next Maverick, return to the
    Robot Junkyard. Go through a short distance until you come to the robot
    with a shield. Freeze it with a Crystal Hunter, jump on top of it,
    jump, and then Air Dash over to the wall. Wall Jump up, and collect
    your fifth HEART TANK.
    The last of the eight initial Mavericks to face is Overdrive Ostrich.
    Desert Base Stage
    XX XX
    *X XX
    You will find this an odd stage since you must ride bikes through it.
    Eventually you should see a Heart Tank among other power ups on spikes
    above you. Ignore these for now. Walk on the floor beneath the spikes,
    and then Dash Jump off the edge. Land on the ledge to the right with
    blocks that don't fit in with the rest of the walls. Use the Spin Wheel
    to destroy them and then go in to find your next enhancement.
    AIR DASH - This enhancement allows you to dash in the air, like you do
    on the ground. You will definitely find this helpful after exiting the
    stage. Just like the Ground Dash was essential to getting almost
    everything in the original Mega Man X, the Air Dash is essential like
    that in this game. It's a shame that you get it this late however.
    Continue through the level to find the next boss.
    Power: 3800 rp  Speed: 9900 rp
    Overdrive Ostrich is another Maverick not easily finished off. Once you
    enter his door, you will have to launch and destroy a rocket to reach
    his battle area. Make sure you have the Crystal Hunter ready, since it
    can temporarily encase him in energy. Attacks include:
    -	Overdrive Ostrich will run at you, knocking you back and damaging
    you severely. Try to jump over and Air Dash over him, then turn around
    and shoot.
    -	After hitting the Maverick, Ostrich will jump up and fire Sonic
    Slicers at you. Try to avoid them, though it isn't easy. Fire again
    -	If you stray too far from Ostrich, he will run out from the
    background and try to land on you. Dash out of his way and then fire at
    A good strategy is to hit Ostrich, then Dash under him as he jumps up,
    avoid the Slicers (if you can) and then hit him again, repeating this
    process. Or you can hit him, then run to another part of the
    battlefield so that you can hit him when you lands again. However you
    do it, you should win quickly.
    This weapon will fire three boomerang shaped projectiles forward, which
    bounce off walls. Charged up, you will use them exactly as Overdrive
    Ostrich did during the battle.
    After this fight, you should see more story line and you will learn the
    location of the X-Hunters Base, but do not go there yet. You still have
    a lot more to collect.
    First return to the Dinosaur Tank stage. Go through the level until you
    come to the part with a wall on the right which you can easily Wall
    Jump up, and a pit, which is the way to keep going through the level.
    Wall Jump up and then Jump to the left, Air Dash to the small section
    of wall that is lower on the left. Wall Jump up through that narrow gap
    and find the last enhancement capsule.
    X-BUSTER UPGRADE - This enhancement allows you to charge the Maverick
    weapons (the descriptions I have listed for every weapon) and will
    allow you to charge your X-Buster to a pink level. Once done, you can
    fire two fully charged blasts, instead of one, which are also more
    Note: You must hold down the charge button a little longer after it
    reaches the pink level. If you don't the first blast will be the
    smaller green one. If you wait long enough, it will be a larger shot.
    Keep going through the level, until you can see the Heart Tank above
    you. Go to the right on the small section of the floor that is higher.
    Select the Speed Burner and charge it up. Jump up, Air Dash, then use
    the Speed Burner. Hopefully you will have hit the very small section of
    wall that is not spiked. Wall Jump up and collect the sixth HEART TANK.
    Exit the level, and now go to the Deep-Sea Base. Follow through the
    level until you get to the part where the large fish robot opens up
    more of the level. Keep following it until you can see an energy
    capsule encased in a wall. Stand a little to the right of the capsule,
    charge up the Bubble Splash, and then jump. You can see a Sub Tank
    above you. When you hit the surface of the water, rapidly tap the jump
    button to hit the wall and collect your third SUB TANK.
    Exit that level, and now go back to the Central Computer. Go through
    the level and do NOT get hit by any of the spotlights, otherwise this
    won't work. When you see the moving blocks to your right, look back and
    you can see one of the turrets still in the ceiling, provided you
    didn't get hit by any of the spotlights. Just like how you got the
    Heart Tank in Dinosaur Tank, get on the floor to the right that is
    higher, jump, Air Dash, and use a powered up Speed Burner to hit the
    turret, then Wall Jump up for your seventh HEART TANK. Keep going on
    this level, however. After five sets of blocks fall, you will see the
    floor dip a little. Stand on the floor before it that is higher. Just
    like the last two times, charge up the Speed Burner, jump, Air Dash,
    and then use the Speed Burner to hit the small section of wall above to
    the right. Wall Jump up and collect the fourth and final SUB TANK.
    Exit this level, and now return to the Desert Base. Find the section
    with the Heart Tank above you on the floor of spikes. It was intended
    in this game for you to use the bike provided earlier to get this
    enhancement, but I find it too hard and time consuming, so instead
    (sorry to sound like a broken record), I get as close to the spikes as
    I can, power up the Speed Burner, jump, Air Dash, then use the Speed
    Burner to propel myself to the eighth and final HEART TANK. You'll die,
    but lives are easily acquired, Heart Tanks are not. Be cautious with
    this, though. Do not jump too high or else the Air Dash will slam into
    the small section hanging down from the ceiling, and don't go too far
    or the Speed Burner will slam you into the spikes on the right wall.
    However, if you want to use the bike as intended, just shoot down all
    the ramps in advance, then return back to the bike and use it to reach
    there. Hit the Dash button every time the bike hits a ramp to increase
    speed and jumping capacity. A third way, I was recently informed of, is
    to instead use the part of the ceiling that sticks out to your
    advantage. First change to Giga Crush, then jump and Air Dash to that
    section of ceiling. Slide down off of it, then Air Dash again. Once you
    are over, use the Giga Crush. The temporary levitation of it will allow
    you to float slightly over and acquire the Heart Tank, however this
    method will of course result in a death.
    Return to the Deep-Sea Base. Let the fish robot destroy the ground
    again, and this time slide down the left wall there. You will enter a
    secret location. Power up the Silk Shot, and energy capsules will
    continually be drawn towards you as long as you hold down the fire
    button. Take as many capsules as it takes to fill your Sub Tanks, then
    exit the level. Also get your lives up to a maximum of nine here. In
    the beginning, you should see that extra life above. Charge up the
    Bubble Splash to make yourself invulnerable, then Air Dash over to the
    ledge. Use a Spin Wheel to destroy the ground, then collect the extra
    life. Exit out and repeat this process until you have nine lives.
    Finally, go to the X-Hunters Base at the North Pole.
    XX XX
    Not much to say here, just go through the level until you reach the
    boss door.
    Fortunately this time around you won't have to deal with the speech
    from this X-Hunter. Not much has changed, except that now blocks form
    in the stage, which can block both you and Violen. Attacks:
    -	Violen will send out his spiked ball on a chain. Just avoid it
    and fire Bubble Splash at him.
    -	Violen will hover in the air and shoot downward. Move away from
    him to avoid getting hit.
    Basically what I do is Dash toward him, fire a spray of Bubble Splash,
    Dash back, then repeat. There are small chances of getting hit this
    way. If you need a Sub Tank, go ahead and use it.
    Kevinandrew@aimfree.com sent me an interesting strategy for fighting
    this guy. Instead of dashing back and forth getting in quick hits with
    the Bubble Splash, instead charge it up and just stand next to him for
    the entire fight. Though he can still hit you, the Bubble Splash shield
    does enough damage that as long as you have high health, it should
    destroy Violen before he destroys you.
    Once you destroy Violen, you'll return to the stage selection screen.
    If you used a Sub Tank, return to the Deep-Sea Base and refill your Sub
    Tanks and lives again. Then select the X-Hunter Base again to go to the
    second level of it.
    Travel through this level (no enhancements this time either) until you
    reach the boss door. Again, use the Spin Wheel to kill the large robot
    on the outside.
    This boss is a little hard, but not if you use special techniques. Walk
    in the room with the Giga Crush ready. Air Dash onto the platforms over
    the spikes right away. When the battle starts, release the Giga Crush
    to immediately destroy the cannons Serges is using. Watch out if the
    platform you are on disappears after that. If your Giga Crush isn't
    powered, your second best choice is to use Magnet Mines on the cannons
    (thanks again to Rubyheart cadieux_philippe@hotmail.com for pointing
    that out). Then, switch to the Sonic Slicer, and drop down to the small
    part of his machine under him. While there, power up the Sonic Slicer
    and constantly use it, thus effectively attacking him and avoiding his
    only attack at the same time (one again, thanks go to Rubyheart
    cadieux_philippe@hotmail.com for showing me the easier way to defeat
    Serges). Serges only main attack after destroying the cannons is firing
    a large green energy ball, which splits into four. Staying on the lower
    part of his machine will let you avoid it however.
    Again, once Serges is destroyed, you return to the stage selection
    screen. Refill your Sub Tanks and lives at the Deep-Sea Base, then
    return to the X-Hunter Base.
    There is one more enhancement in this game. You need all enhancements,
    all Mavericks defeated, all Sub Tanks, and all Heart Tanks for the
    capsule to appear. Go through this new level until you reach the part
    with two ladders, one going up and the other going down, with spikes on
    the right wall. If you don't have everything, just go through the level
    using the down ladder. Otherwise, lure a bat to the ladder, then freeze
    it with a Crystal Hunter. Use the frozen bat to reach the top ladder.
    Freeze another bat over the spikes, get on top, jump a very small
    amount, then Air Dash over and hopefully you will land on the non-spike
    ground. Kill the enemies there, then jump and immediately Air Dash over
    to get between the floor and ceiling of spikes. Wall Jump up to the
    small ledge which converts to spikes, where you can see spikes for
    ground and on the right wall. Here comes the hard part. These
    instructions must be followed precisely! Charge up the Strike Chain,
    fire it, and then jump JUST BEFORE it hits the wall of spikes. Once you
    get over there, turn around and Air Dash over to the ledge with the
    extra life on it. Use a Sub Tank if you need to (you must be at full
    energy). Slide down the left side of the wall until you reach a secret
    room. Inside, you will find Dr. Light's last capsule. If you're having
    trouble with this technique, use the one sent to me by BraveDiehard. Do
    the same thing up until charging the Strike Chain. Instead, charge the
    Speed Burner. Jump up, Air Dash over, then when falling through turn
    around and activate the charged Speed Burner before you hit the spikes.
    This will let you hit the left wall, and slide down (use a Sub-Tank)
    and enter the secret room also.
    DRAGON PUNCH - After hearing Dr. Light's strange speech (totally out of
    character for him), you will receive the Dragon Punch. This is the
    equivalent in this game of what the Hadoken Fireball was in the last
    game. Press Forward, Down, Down and Forward together, then Y to
    activate it. X's fist becomes flame and he shoots up. However, you must
    be at full energy to pull off the move. Also, X does not regain control
    until he hits the ground. If you shoot up over spikes, you're dead, so
    practice this and learn how to use it correctly (it'll pay off), as any
    boss left in the game (except for the final one) will be instantly
    destroyed by one strike from this technique. Also note, that like the
    last game, passwords will not save this enhancement.
    Continue through the level until you reach the next boss door.
    Agile is different this time around, as he hovers in the room. His
    weakness is the Magnet Mine, which can easily be aimed. Simply stand at
    the left side of the room, hold up, and continually fire. Do not charge
    up, as it will do the same amount of damage. Attacks include:
    -	Agile will drop spiked floors on you (not an instant kill). These
    will hit you. Just take the hit and then fire more Magnet Mines.
    -	Agile will summon spikes from the sides of the room. If you're at
    the bottom, they won't hit you. Keep firing Magnet Mines.
    The easiest way to beat Agile, though, is to get yourself at full
    energy (go ahead and use a Sub Tank, they're so easy to refill in this
    game) and then fire off a Dragon Punch for a one hit kill (I told you
    it would pay off).
    Refill your Sub Tanks and lives at the Deep-Sea Base, then go back to
    the X-Hunter Base.
    In this level, you will have to refight all of the Mavericks you
    previously defeated. Enter the capsule on the right, and you will be
    teleported to the eight other capsules. Use all the same strategies as
    before, only this time you may want to charge up your weapons. I will
    list specific new things below.
    Layout of the capsules:
    Morph Moth                             Wheel Gator
    Wire Sponge                            Overdrive Ostrich
    Bubble Crab                            Crystal Snail
               Flame Stag   Magna Centipede
    After defeating one of the Mavericks, small energy capsules appear on
    the platforms above the capsules. Always collect these after defeating
    the Mavericks, they always come back.
    -	First, go to Morph Moth. In the beginning, release a Dragon Punch
    to send Morph Moth straight to stage three. Another one will finish him
    off, or use the Speed Burner (charge up for extra damage). Thanks go
    yet again to Rubyheart cadieux_philippe@hotmail.com for pointing the
    Dragon Punch technique out.
    -	Go to Wire Sponge next. Charge up the Sonic Slicer to continually
    hit him.
    -	Bubble Crab is harder now because his ceiling is lined with
    spikes. You can charge up the Spin Wheel for extra damage, but it makes
    it difficult to dodge him.
    -	Use the exact same strategy as before on Flame Stag, be sure not
    to charge.
    -	On Magna Centipede, charge while he is teleporting.
    -	Don't charge against Crystal Snail, regular Magnet Mines work
    -	Note the difference of Overdrive Ostrich's stage here. Charge up
    the Crystal Snail to make it easier to avoid his Sonic Slicers.
    -	Do not charge up the Strike Chain against Wheel Gator. Doing so
    will draw you into the wall by him, thus causing you to hit him.
    Once you beat the last Maverick, you learn who the final boss will be.
    Refill any Sub Tanks and lives, then go back to the X-Hunters Base for
    the last time.
    You should recognize this as Magna Centipede's level. Travel through
    until you reach the part where you previously fought the sword mini-
    boss. Here is where the game will change depending on whether you got
    all of Zero's parts from the X-Hunters or not. If you did, then Sigma
    teleports down with his little speech, and a gray Zero. After he
    finishes, the real, fully reconstructed Zero comes and blasts away the
    fake Zero. If you did not receive all three parts, the real
    reconstructed Zero teleports down with Sigma, and you will have to
    fight him.
    Power: ???? rp  Speed: ???? rp
    Zero can be easy if you use the right techniques, but otherwise he can
    be hard. Get the Speed Burner ready, but do not charge as it will do
    less damage that way. Attacks:
    -	Zero will fire two blasts at you followed by his Beam Sabre. Wall
    Jump up and stay up there for a little bit.
    -	Zero will dash after you with his Beam Sabre outstretched. Here,
    jump off the wall, Air Dash in mid-air, land, then turn around and
    -	Zero will slam the ground creating projectiles shooting into the
    air. Get off the wall and Air Dash to hit him.
    Keep repeating this strategy and eventually you will knock the
    reprogramming out of Zero.
    No matter which way this goes, Zero will destroy the middle of the
    ground, and you will be able to fall down for the next fight.
    Power: 18500 rp  Speed: 18500 rp
    Sigma can be sort of easy in this game. Pull out the Sonic Slicer and
    learn his attacks:
    -	Sigma will start the battle by growing claws, then he will rush
    at you. If he connects, you will be flung across the room. Wall Jump up
    and avoid this.
    -	Sigma will create five purple energy balls. Use the walls to
    avoid them and jump around. Fire while he is creating them.
    -	Sigma will jump up and teleport out. Dash around the ground
    constantly. Soon he will teleport back down in an attempt to hit you.
    When he lands, fire.
    -	Sigma will begin to glow yellow, making himself invincible.
    Immediately Wall Jump, for a weapon like a charged Electric Spark in
    the last game will come for you. After he fires, drop down and return
    For an easy way in the beginning, try to avoid getting hit for a bit,
    and when he disappears, use the Dragon Punch. He will teleport back in
    and be hit by it for half of his energy meter gone. Do not attempt it
    twice, switch to the Sonic Slicer.
    Once Sigma's body is destroyed. His true form comes out, a computer
    This boss looks like a mini-boss, and unfortunately, you cannot see an
    energy meter for him. However, he will change colors as he is closer to
    defeat. The color red means the next few hits will destroy him. Get the
    Strike Chain ready (do not charge up) and watch out for attacks:
    -	Sigma will move across the room, then begin shooting a large red
    laser to the ground. The only way to avoid this is to climb up the wall
    and Dash off over his head. (Thanks go out to KidBuu015@aol.com for
    pointing this out to me.) Though, I find I get hit more using that
    strategy, so I usually purposely take the hit and then continue hitting
    Sigma. Figure out which way you find easier, and use it. However, if
    you are going to purposely take the hit, then make sure you collide
    with the head, and not the laser. The head does a mere one energy,
    while the laser does much more.
    -	Sigma will create small enemies. You can destroy them for energy.
    -	Once Sigma turns red, stand still. He will reform outside of you,
    constantly damaging you. Fire the Strike Chain repeatedly, but not too
    fast. Wait until the sound of it hitting him disappears, then fire
    again. Soon he will die. If you are low on energy, you can instead,
    continually dash around, preventing Sigma from forming around you, but
    it will take longer and you increase your chances of getting hit by the
    enemies he will create once he comes back again.
    Use Sub Tanks if you have to (you will). I will note that three Dragon
    Punches will kill him, but it's more worthwhile to use the Strike Chain
    since it is difficult to hit him and you will probably waste all your
    Sub Tanks trying to accomplish this.
    Once the Virus Sigma is destroyed, you win the game. Sigma will say
    some words about Zero while he is dying, but he doesn't finish and you
    never really know what he means. Watch the ending scene, and that's it.
    At this point I would like to include a separate order for Mavericks I
    was told about from Freespace2dotcom (Freespace2dotcom@yahoo.com).
    However, I will not include a long detailed FAQ about how to get every
    item, you can draw it out from above, and I should note I really don't
    like this order as some bosses are particularly hard without the proper
    weapons, like Flame Stag, since you need a whole new strategy without
    the Bubble Splash.
    1)	Flame Stag
    2)	Morph Moth
    3)	Overdrive Ostrich
    4)	Wire Sponge
    5)	Wheel Gator
    6)	Bubble Crab
    7)	Magna Centipede
    8)	Crystal Snail
    Another E-mail I recently received concerned another Maverick to start
    with. JTT410@aol.com pointed out to me that if you have a turbo
    controller, it's easy to start with Bubble Crab, because the constant
    hammer of X-Buster shots can eventually dissolve his shield. Thus, he
    will keep getting knocked back from the stream of energy and not hurt
    you. If he does, however, cross to your side, just go to the other
    This FAQ is by me, X. Have any questions, comments, different
    strategies I should know about, or find any typos? Please feel free to
    E-mail me at zero3052001@yahoo.com    I will not respond to any E-mails
    that have excessive swearing or anything like that. Also, if anyone
    wants to know the ending to this game, you may E-mail me to find it
    out. I do this because often times I have accidentally read endings I
    wanted to find on my own, despite spoiler warnings that I missed. If
    you wish to place this guide on your site, please E-mail me first for
    my permission. Although I will most likely give it to you, I need to
    know where to send updates and where it is headed first. Many thanks go
    out to Rubyheart for his help in seriously improving this guide. You
    can see points I particularly thank him for his help throughout the
    This FAQ is Copyright 2001 by X. Thank you to all those that took the
    time to read it.
    Most Recent Update: (this section was requested by Rubyheart)
    -	Replaced all Gear Crush entries with Giga Crush, the real name.
    -	Put my E-mail back in, you may now E-mail me again.

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