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When Keiji Inafune was designing the game, he wanted the new Mega Man to reflect the change. This resulted in Zero, but the character was passed over in favor of the more traditional-looking X. Inafune decided to make Zero a secondary, scene-stealing protagonist.

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The MegaMan X series were the first MegaMan games that actually allowed wall-jumping.

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This is the first MegaMan series game to allow you to increase your maximum health.

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When Dr. Light gives you the Hadoken, he's dressed like Ryu from Street Fighter!

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Various hints given throughout the introductory sequences of this game imply that MegaMan X arose some 100 or more years after his predecessor in MegaMan, sometimes known as Rock(man). X was one of the last-developed robots by Dr. Light - the creator of the original MegaMan - in an attempt to expand and improve upon the abilities of MegaMan. He would not live to see whether X would be a reliable robot, however, dying soon afterwards of natural causes.

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Intro: "X" is the first of a new generation of robots which contain an innovative new feature: the ability to think, feel, and make their own decisions. However, this ability could be very dangerous. If "X" were to break the first rule of robotics, "A robot must never harm a human being," the results would be disastrous and I fear that no force on Earth could stop him.

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Connection to Other Media

In Armored Armadillo's stage there is a mine cart at the start of the level and a line of bats on the ceiling that drop at you. If you walk down the ramp instead you can see one of the Bats is the Batton enemy from Mega Man Classic series

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X's secret Hadoken attack is taken directly from Ryu in Street Fighter II.

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