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A nice transition from the Classic Series to the X series. 07/19/04 Adori
The original Mega Man X! 04/23/10 AngelWitch666
In a word: awesome! 10/17/05 appear_offline
Perhaps the greatest series-transition ever! 10/20/08 Bkstunt_31
Rock, Roll, Blues, Proto, It's All Too Bloody Confusin... 02/25/03 Bobo The Clown
One of the Best SNES Games You Could Own 03/13/09 DandyQuackShot
The best original Mega Man game 01/31/07 darthjulian
Wonderboy, what is the secret of your power? 09/12/06 discoinferno84
A Classic Entry in the Mega Man Franchise 08/10/09 gamer4life018
Wow the first great Megaman! 06/12/05 gold21
A new story for the Blue Bomber 07/13/00 greatgame
A great introduction to a great series 05/07/10 King_Meteor
Best game...EVER!!!!! 11/25/03 Lardo the Clown
Become the Ultimate Maverick Hunter 07/30/14 leeko_link
The conversion from Mega Man to Mega Man X is an extraordinary feat. 08/24/05 Mortortex
Mega Man X: The Evolution of Mega Man 01/03/05 outback
Welcome to the new generation of Mega Man games 06/05/06 Rememberance
An excellent start to a series that would eventually drown in its own excrement 12/14/10 roadtosalvation
Unleash the Beast 10/05/18 SethBlizzard
The X is for eXtreme 04/03/08 SoulRaiderX
The Next Generation of Mega Man 07/19/10 Sour
Capcom makes the transition from the Old Series to a new Mega Man Series perfectly! 07/11/04 The Wise Tonberry
The BEST game in the X series! 03/23/03 Tokyo Fusion
The next generation Mega Man 05/22/01 Writer
The first in the X series, and one of the better ones. 06/07/05 ZB3000
Mega Man gets all Xtreme for his debut on the SNES. 05/30/06 ZFS

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Review Title Posted Author Rating
What a Great Game!!! 04/22/00 Andy007
Maybe the best Mega Man game of them all 01/13/01 Blackjack4x
Mega Man X - A whole new Mega Man world! 01/13/01 BlueEye
5 and 6 were bland, but X is just as good (if not better) than Mega Man 2! 05/28/00 Brak
Great change from NES to SNES! 05/22/01 Cactuar
My personal favorite in the series..... 05/13/01 dgiglio84
The best SNES Mega Man 05/20/02 Doodleheimer
A wonderful game! 02/22/01 FFrulz2000
One of the best SNES games ever! 01/04/16 gamerNSC
Good Ol Shoot em up action 01/30/03 hero of time 43
The perfect action game! 08/19/02 JetHyena
Change. 11/25/15 Kashell Triumph
Get ready for a new wave of MegaMan games, possibly better than the originals 08/22/01 MacDaddy Mike
Once upon a time, I played my first Video Game...Mega Man X! 11/05/10 MegaManXPowered
I was actually surprised how much better this game is then other Megaman's before it. 02/16/02 Ratking
Mega Man fan or not, try this game out!!! 04/09/00 Rikimaru13
"An excellent start for an all new Rock Man series!" 04/21/01 RockForte
Blue Bomber's début in Super Nintendo 11/21/00 Rockman X
A new revolution in the Megaman series..... 03/28/01 shigman
One really, Xcellent game 08/10/18 snesKING
The first game I can beat finding everything and not dying once. 04/12/10 SovaltheRogue
My revised reveiw- this game is much better than I originally thought! 01/24/00 Spektre
A New Age of Mega Man Has Begun 04/28/11 SuperPhillip
The Blue Bomber has never played better. 01/04/11 SwigGYx_x
Simply "Xcellent" 06/27/11 Tekneek344
The coolest MegaMan game ever! 12/21/99 Trunks564GT
My favorite Mega Man game ever 03/13/01 Vertabreaker
Mega Man X, A Great Mega Man Title 06/17/02 Warhawk
A New Era 02/22/18 Weltall548
A classic and important game for the platform-catagory. 01/13/01 Yakuza
Perfect. Period. 06/21/01 Z-Master3001
It's amazing how a great game can be. 06/30/04 Zylo the wolf

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